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The Times from London, · Page 1

London, England
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Thursday, August 5, 1909
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mm K. 39,030. (4.0 A.M.) LONDON, THURSDAY, AUGUST 5, 1909. PRICE, WITH LITERARY SUPPLEMENT, 3d. n CHARGE far AXXOVXCEMEXTS in cWw - fS "I JilKTNS. UKJ liu Til A Lo, MAKKIAUM. I DEATHS (continued). RADCLIFTR On the Irt Auir . at HwImiIl eni HEATHS (wAicA wf r atttitnttd by A m ! Atgburth. UwpooL Sasah. the beloved wife of Atata. .Mre of tt gendVrl it SIX SHILUXOS Aw sir j max Wiluau lUtxrurrK. I, or leas. aW 0.VK SHILUXQ and SIXPENCE tor trrrv itfitiml Kite f mbtmt rijkt tmrrlt. Crossed cAe?v o Art. (Mf, fwyaM to Afr. J. . H. GooaVAtij. Printinf If 5?srr. London. E.C. TtUjAon. Hc&om 2870. Jnlr, at Burleigh wife of Hcxkt . BIRTHS. nn.L. On Sondar. the 13 th House. Harapton - on - lTiarBesv the Urtx - eon. C LATHAM. On the 4th Aug., t 10, CarlWe - road, Ilcv. th wife of RobKMO Arau Cur - tAM, M.A., M,l - . tf daughter. COWELL. On tho Snd Aug., t St, Marjraret'a, Ipswich, tho wife of Chajuxs Brtxs Cowxix, of son. CROOKENDEN. On tho Snd An., to Isabel and the Krr. OroiwiK Ft - Uiah CaooaraDEX, Malvern Cottage, Stapleford Abbot daughter. FARACE. On the ith Aug.. at 30, Hens - road. 8.W.. v wife of tho Jlinntut Alfredo Faxace Dii VitiArcuwrt, of Rome, of a son. FKRGUSSON. On th 2nd Aug., at 1, Hanj - crowewnt Mansion, to Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm FEaocasox, of J ohniwbnriJ a daughter. FINNIE. - Ori the 1st Aug.. a IVrnmbuco, Brazil, the wife of T. J. FlNMlZ. of a daughter. GRVRR On th 2nd Auz.. at 6. Sax Weimar - road.. 8ouiho. th if of Lifxtexaxt Reginald Wateins l ,r, R - N,. H.M.S. Diamond, of a daughter. HUNKS. On th ltt Aug., at 72, Marine - parade, Wcrthtng. .the wife of C. F. Haixr., L.D.S. K.C.S. a on. HALL - On th lt Au$ - .. at Went Bank., Whitefield. nesr Manchester, to Mr. and Mr. Pgacr B. Hall a dsughter. HENDERSON. On tha lt An.. t S, HuMt - rod, KtKurn. th. wife of Lt. - Colo.vei. S. 1L HiaDXso.v, l.M'.S.. f n. HERVKY. On Vdnndar. th 4th Aue.. at Tho frnw. Huh HH rrk. Enrirld, the wife of Cbaklks B. lrvEV. of daughter. HOLMES. On the 3rd Aug. - . at 14, Woodlands - road, IliuTrwvmmon, th wife of Cbaklei IIeoinalo HoiJiE. of a dti"ghtpr. !NfiR.M. 31st July. 1SM. at Brouehton. Gwxlnd - road; ralmcr'n - green, N., to Mr. and Mrs. YirrC H. Iscram a on. KENT. On th ind Au.. at 39. Kensinstonquare, W.. th wife of l BKmrpox Kejtt, of a eon (stillborn). OMMAXXEY. On the 30th July, at Tanglin. Addle - iloao, th wife of FAxas F. OMXAJorrr, of a daughter. riLCHER. On th 10th Jul jr. at Shanghai, the wife of H. W. riixau:. of a son. riFER. On the hflL to Mr. and Mr SEARE. - r - On th 31st July, at Macliff. Winton. Bournemouth, ".to Mr. and Mrs. W. Whittle Seaius :' 30th Julv. at Gullann. Kincston. STAVtxyiSyE a daughter. 5HAWE - TAYLOR. On the Irt Ang at Bwhop - vtrov Botw. Warminstr, the wife of - CATTACC Joax Shwe - Tatxo; of a daughter. SMITH. On th3rd Aug.. at Walney Island. Barrow; ra - Furn - w. the wife of the Retd. OoDrKET Scott Sxttk, Vicar of Walney - - a daughter. STARL1XG. On th 3rd Aug.. at 61. Station - road, TVcu - hraere - hill; Gkact Mkxtoxz. th wife of Chas. 11. Miiio. of a dushtr (Muxiei. Grace). STROXG. On th 3rd irtst,. at Waltair, Beddington, Bear Croydon, th wif of J. B. Stsoxo. of a eon. THOMAS. On the 2nd Aug.. at Calcutta, the wife cf Robext G. D. Tbohas. of a on. MARRIAGES. ACTOX BOXD : TAME. On Monday, the 2nd Aug., ijuk - tly. at Stratford - on - Avon, Acrox Arrox BoxD to Err Take. Canadian papera, please oopy. ANDREWS: JfECKHAJI. On Wedrtfwday, the 4th Aug., at St. Mrgaret"s, Westminster, Grace Eloise rzcxEAX, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Peckham, cf New York and London,to Fxaxcm Stetart Axdeews. second son of the late Jamea Stewart and Mrs. Andrews, of Scotland. BIXY0X t SNOWDKX On the 8th July, at Ora. ku:if!oii, Cap Colony, by the Lord Bishop of the Kocre, the Rrrc. Fbaxcis Docsbay Bixyox. Warden ef S. Mjittbw College. Kist ma Hok. son of th late IVrd. Frd"rick BinTt n, to Ethel Makgaket Faxxt, . d.ofhtrr cf the late Ret. Fxebexdiky Sxowdkx. GRIFFITH: WAIH.On the 2Sth July, at St. Slanr'fc, Cadogan - street. S.W.. Crarlcs Fox. eldest son rf Fraxk Griftith. of Mimbridg House. Chobham, forrey, and Elsie Joskthine, youngest daughter of the Ute Corxeucs al&R. of Rutland - squar. Dublin. Jit bcm on edneMay, cptember lotu, at ZZ, iiea dif - vjuar. 8.W, HOCBEN : COLLEY. On the 3rd Aug.. at St. Jtrues' Church. Hereford, by th Rev. A. 8. Weather. lead. Viear, Fraxx. voungest son of the late JosEra Hocbex. of Brighton, to Gertrude Eliza, eldest daugh ter ci aixreo .collet, ol llerelonL, RIBERETTE : WRAY. On the 3rd inst.. at the Chwh of Our Lady of Grace and St. Edward, by the P.evad. Carton Egan. Gabriezxe Riberette. only son of Jlozjieur Alfred. Kiberette. of ORA Kloise What, only daughter of the lateMr. Charles John Wray, ti tn tJiplonjstic bmce. RICHER : MACLEAN. Ob the 4th inst.. at St. Like s Churrh. CheLea, by the Revd. Donald Gotto, M.A., Rector of Shenley. Herts.THCMAS Hexrt Riches, rf KitweUs, Shenley, to Katbarixe Axxe, widow of Tbhxas X.elsox MacLeax. and eldest daughter of the Ute Wil'ism Linnell. of II ills Brow, Redhill, and tO, Era I'ark - gsrdets, S.W. MXNETT - JONES: MURRAY. On the 3rd H'jIv Innocents, South Norwood, by the Revd. John Warter. Vicar, the Revd. David Sivnett - Joxe. of Kdy Trinity. Aberystwyth, to Florexce Mart, third usUghter'of y.T. and Mrs. S. Mixrat, of Anerley, and p fj - daughter cf Miss Ambroee, of Avenue House, Quy, Cauibriige. STEPHENSON t LAWRANCE. On the 3rd Aug.. at Grfat Ayton Farih Church, by the Rev. Richard M. Wrthicirton, Vicar, William Stephexbox, M.D., T HX S E , Profeor. University of Aberdeen, to Alice litjtt. third daughter of the late James Lawraxce, Ej. . if Melbourne; and niece of tbe late R. B. Lawrance, Esq... 'BrmoraI. Ceylon. TRACY : MILLER. On Saturday, the 3 Irt July, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, by the Rev. R. Knox, Horace Erxest Humphret Tract, of Bury St, Edmunds, lo Ckrys'tabll Mat Filler, of Thames iMUm. RAMSDKN. On the 3rd inst.. at WorksopL Fraxcesca Romama Maria Ramsdkx. widow of th late Ilob - rt Henry Rainsden. of Carlton Hall, Workaop, and eklert daughter of the late Charles William Jebb, Fq., of Clifton, aged 6S reara. Sineral at Carlton. Friday, 6th intu, at 2 p - m. ' 'KOSEXHKIM. On the 3rd Aug. - . at 72. Belsit.park. gardens, Hampstead. X.W., Florrie. belovd daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tke'oporc Rosexheim, in hr 19th rear. Funral the house 10.30 em. to - dsy (Thursdav), Aug. 5th,. for Willeeilen Cemetery. ROWEiOn Friday, the 30th July, o.n the eve of her 65th' birthday, at 27, Hillraarton - road. Camden - road. XI. Carouxk Euzabetb. eldest daughter of the late James Kowr. M.R.C.V.S. SUCKLING. On the 30th July, at his residence. Barsham; New South Wales,, after prolonsed, acute sufferirtg; .Johx Lionel, youngest son of the ' Revd R. A. St'CKLixd. late Vicar of Uussage, Ulouctwtershire. ILL!. (By cable.) . . TAYLOR. On the 2nd Aug., suddenly, at Folkestone, the Revj Jonx Tatlor. M.A.. lat Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford, of 13. Mountneld - gardens, and formerly of Cambridge House. Tunbridge Wells, apetl 72. Funeral will leave S. H and C. R. Station', Tunbridge Welti, on Friday, on arrival of London train, at 2.1. WOOI)MAXi Onlhe 39th ulL. at Broadstairs. Kent. Charles Octatics, son of tlie late William Woodmax, Surgeon, (of Exeter, aged 64. New Zealand paj.ers, please cop) - . IN MEMORIAM. STONE. In unfading memory of IToxor Rtoxe, Died August 5th. 18S7. Adevotodwif and self - sacrificing mother. Dearly loved and deeply mourned. ; A sorrow too deep for words, too great for time to ever heaL" .WHITWHAM. rln tender loving memory of mv dear husband. - Fraxcm Georoe Wbitwham, of Poplar ilouse, Blechinirley, who passed peacefully away August PERSONAL VATIONAL HOSPITAL for th PARALYSED ap4 EPlLKTTtC ( AlhuiT Urmnrlil) rtivenmisra. Wom - igthorpe Hill, the HFAVEIFT of the fojknrow ANNUAL StJJWCRIKTIONHr llrtpspcrUllr In th torn of Annual Hutsrrttn lon.urerntlr ncrtJeU. OOIiritEY II. II.UtlI.TOX. ftwrrUrr. JtOTICT. TO KUBSTRinEnS. OSTAL CHANtJES of ADDRESS. Those suheerfliers to whom Tbe Ttmes Is !e!!reri by Tt rnsr obtain, on spt'IK - stJon to th Manser. The Times Office. lYlntlnt - hou - wjusre. F..f. a supplr oC fostcanls speclaBr printed for notllrliut rtium of uMnw, SPECIAL. ANNOUNCEMENTS (continued). IMPERLVL international EXHIBITION, BnEPrtEBir busil w. . . . Open' li a.m. to u i.m. Admteioa is. (1 BEAT WllTri CITY. ' - i tux sr.KsvnoN - or nrr cesttht. tiLEKIcrr MnN(iPKSK. nncn suro'jwrui j.v enow eu ti i k channel, AT 1UE PALACE OY MUrtlC. 0 PAI ACES OF . INTERNATIONAL ARTS A?tl rnKTBIW. ITALY. DENMARK. SWEDEN. NORWAY. AU8TBL4, BCiSSJA. IIQlLAND, CHINA. PERSIA. C MCSIC from It s.m. to 11 p.m. Y FAMOCH MII4TARY BANDS. ILLCMINATIONs UY 100,000 ELECTRIC UanTS. THE GREAT ATTRACTIONS Including MOUNTAIN' RAILWAY, FLIP - FLAP. RPntAL. U ItJOLK - WOtXlLE, PCJflC RAILWAY. TtIIOikI AN. ARCTIC RJION(i. MOTOR RACK TRAt'W. NUMEROUb VJIXAOKS. .WATER WHIRL, CAPTIVE BAIJWJN. e. T'O - NIUIIT. AT .S0 p.m. AT THE 8TADIUM. . . PAIN'S WAR IN THE AIR." R DEATHS. BALDWIN. On the 2nd inst., at Glasgow, suddenly, 3'ks ( Hjirlts Campeell, Baldwix. eldest son of the it fspteiti John.TimiV)S Baldwin. Madras Horse Arvry Friends will please accept this,, tbe only iet.. - .utKn, BOOSKY Or. - the 3rd Aug.. at Knighton, Keston, K' tALb ArrrRBinr. infant son of Charles T. Boose t Julia M. Boosey. liOVrf; On tL 1st Aug.. at 44. Mildenhall - road, CUpt. - . .N.E.; Svdxet Lea, eldest son of Svdxet T. 'rE, srd 1 4 yar. Funeral at Abney Park Cemetery to - dty 'Thursday). Aug. 5th, 12:30. CADUY On the 3rd Aug.. at his residence, 21. St. '"???'riW. llammersmith, Pbillp Cadbt, in his Vth yer. - v4 t'OPK. - - On tl 3rd inst., at "1. Erpingham - road, rutr. . , s W.. Fav.v y I'eatkice, th w ife of Frank Trew Art. nnd cMnt .daughter of the late J. L. Moore. "1. J I'.. o Nr.w port. lale of Wight, FHASLR. - Oa the 27th Julv. at New York. Hexrt "ILLUK FRAfcea, of tiie Jlocgkong and Shanghai' Backing Corporation. C00 DM AN. On tlje 4 th Aug., 1009, at " Crsnfield." HiMet - etenue. Woodford - green. Herbert, fourth son w Jomab and Lcrv Goodmax. after 10 months' illness. Patiently borne, aped 41 years. Interment at Ching - f d Mount Cemetery. Saturday.Augut 7th, at 2 o'clock. .pVAUDOn the 30th July, suddenly, at "Ses - fcagWn." Meads. Eim bourne. Catherine, wife of App Jonx Howard (of the Eastbourne Water ttorks Company j. Intermd at Ocklynge Cemetery Wlugust 3rd. Friends will please accept thU intima - ISAAC8. On li 2nd Aug., at his residence. 17, MtfJwy - gardens. Hove. Sir Hexrt Aarox Isaacs. W4ay i f - cjfc1 WiU UJ" pUc v,'latmitaCnatlUty - p JKFFREYS, On the 3rd Aug., at Sleningford R'Pn' tl - - residenre of lier daughter, TCuxx rTRrri, aged 8L Interment, August 5th. at Chapel - ...KK.Vr - " the 2nd Aug., at 39, Kensington - aquare. Jabet Ljiiit, the beloved wife of H. Brerxtox SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. THE TIMES of TO - MORROW Will contain in the FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL SCTPLEMEXT An . Article on THE SOUTHERN CONGO: "MINES AND RAILWAYS. IMPERIAL AND FOREIGN FINANCE AND TRADE. T O YAL COLLEGE of MUSIC PATRON'S FUND. At (Founded br S. Ernest Palmer.' Esq.) FOR THE ENCOntAOEXENT OF BRITTan OOM - I "USEES AD EXECUTIVE AUTUTS. NOTIfT TO COMPOSERS. ' Compositions (not more than three br one Composer) for the next iDinm ixem in xieeerattrr. iwe. - snoujd ee sent in to ui Sec istrsr an or before Octobrr 1st, with Um Composer's bsme sad address en tha first page. NEW REGULATION FOR 1I0. Compositions (not more than tares br one Composer) for the next Orchestral Concprt should he sent la (br registered post) on or before Januarr 1st; 1910. without name or address, but beartiur a ramtn, and accompanied br an enrrlope bearing the same motto outside and the Composer's name and addren bvlde, Th asms reculsUnn will apr4r to works for the Chamber Onocert of l10rxtrpt that the last data for sending in Is Julr Irt. 1910. All cotrespoudence. msrked Patron's TvsA." shoold be addressed to th RecUtrsr. Royal College of Music. Prince Counrt - road. South Kenslntton. 8.W. FRANK POWNAM Registrar. K KING EDWARD'S HOSFITAL FUND for LONDON. HJt.IL the President and the Committee thank all whose generoFttr b enabled the Fund to reach Its prexent pneitlon. AddlUonU SUBSCRIPTIONS and DONATIONS for current expenses art much needed. Attention Is dr sm to the care exercised In making grants. Ertrr elislble Hospital snd fcmatorlum Is lnsmctedbT a medical maa aad a Urmao : expendltura Is examined : economy Is encouraxed. . .. . : . ... AU cnmraunicauons to De saaressea jtou. sees., jtmg xiwaru s Hoeplul Fund. ?. Wslbrook. E.C. IHILDREVS FRESH AITi MISSION (Est, 182). J The Treasurer WALTER TIA7.EIA. Esq J.P. St. Peter's Schools. Osslow - street, Orkenwtll - road. E.C) heartllr TITAN KS all who hars RESPONDED to the BISHOP of STEPNEY'S APPEAL. ' Further help much needed w - rl the looraUlng. children ef liolborn. Oerkeawea. snd St. Lake's a lortolctit's rbanrc of air. School boUdars wr becva. President, the EJCV. E. CAN NET. T7RESH AIR The CHTRCTI ARMY Froh Air S Tlorres sire chance arid rest br sea and In emmtry to sresrr aad alltnc mothers and little one. from London Shims. Mothers par what tber can. . Will ron HELP tbetn 1 AM also earnestlr ilestred fr our 120 Labour Hon s, c. offerln work to men sad women leartng ssoLor rtesutute. KKCIMATIUS or cruimms snd TacranU. Tbe LAST HOPE of thousnnds. FCNP. cJd clothes, firewood orders (3s. M. per 10O bundles) aad waste paper fnr snrttag irlrtne work to unemptored men. urrtntlr. NEEDED. Cheques crossed BarrUrs. to Prebendarr Cartlle. Hon. Chief Sec. or Mr. W. F. IUnilltoa. K.O. lion. Treas.. Ueadquvten. MartUa Arch, W. - . - ' - . 85 0 297 OYAL SOCIETY for the PREVENTION of CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. Return of CONVICTIONS for the month of Julr. 1908. Horses Heating, kkklns. stonlns. Abandoning when IncursNr dlssssed. compelling to search for food with Injured limbs, oter - drlTlng. starring br wlthholdlna food . . TriTeUuig decrepit bones (1,126 were exported, (hiring the month). trsTtlllnt (unharnessed) when lame Working la an unlit state .. .. Wounding mouth br lagging with bit : br using Improper bit: br pulling tonrne out, c. ,. Donkeys Beating, kick! nr. stoning, omiosdlns. woundinc br itsbbln with souse . . . . . . Cattle Beat lnr, klcklns. stonloc. &c. ,. Oompelllng to search for food with Injured lhnts, nelecttng to kill when Injured. traTtlUng when lame snd ortrdrlTUif,and wounding by dragging oncrotmd ... .... . Sheep Alsuidonliut when InmrsNy diseased : neglecting t dress margot wounds . . . . . . Pics Beating, starting br withholding food, trarelllsg when lame an Joverdrlrlng .. .. Docs Beating, kicking, stoning, suffocating In box during transit br rail ... ... .. .. Cats Beating, kicking. - stoning, torturing br drowning unpropertr. wounding br stabbing with Suffocating In box during tianslt br rail .. Stoning .. '.. .. .. .. llumlrr sllra In a cue Wounding with hair rope through nostrils Offences during rlnsa season; wounding linnet br bracing as Oecor Causing in shore (owners) . . .. .. .. Nejlectlng to notlfr mange Obstructing Inspector in tbe extcution of his dtttr HsbMts P.ta Camel Birds Various 5 1 & 1 1 12 . 143 & 1 883 34 offenders were committed to prison, and bt9 offenders paid peeunlarr penalties. . .... 14 persons were aciultted. but the Soctetr's costa were remitted, which Justine the Soctetr's action. " ' . , Its persons of minor sets of crucltr were admonished in writing. Tbe Council. lnrtte the cooperation and support of the public. The namss of Complainants are not siren up when letters are marked "PrlTste." . E. O. FAIRnOLMF, SecreUrr. IPS. Jermrn street, H.W. . BOARD OF EDUCATION. NOTICE. In the Matter of ALLEYN'S COLLEOF. OF OOD'R C.IFT AT DCLWldl. In tha Metropolitan Borough and Parish of CamberweU. in the inuntrnf ixmoon : in id Jjaitrr oi ine uisnpn inw Art. IS. "is tn 1S0J xtul In the Mstter of the Rosrd of Kdncatkin Act. ls0. snd the Board of Education (Poweri) Orders to Council lOOOtolSOS. Hr rflfwtlrm of the Ttrn1 nf Mnestton. Notice is herebr siren that the Estates Gorernort of the shore - mentioned gradation propose to ORANT a BUILD INQ LEASE of the Propertr mentioned fo the Schedule for a term of 99 rears, at an arulual rent of 14 Its., the Lessee agreeing to expend not tess than O0 In building. " . Further partlcuUn mar be ascertained from A. . SarUt, Esq.. 10. BlUlter - sausr. KC. ' . Anr ohleetlon or susrfatlon relatlre to the proposed Lease mar he transmitted to the Board In writing, wjtwu i oars irom me first rMihOcstlon of this Notice, addressed to " The SecreUrr. Bosrd of MuciUon, wwtehsu. ijoaaoa. n.w. DatedSSthJnlr. lo. . II. M. LIND3ELL. A Principal Assistant SecitUrr, fsruiRnnrje. A Ptere of land baring a f rentage of 42 feet or thereabouts to the South. Wet sWe of Court - Une. Dulwlch. tn the Metropolitan Borough andParUh of CWnberwfU. ami hartag a depth of S09 feet or there - snouts. . A'Tl ilKSH AIR FUND. For nnrkllnc REST snd CTIANGE and NTw I.ITT, TllR REA for sTek and wearr no.r of S. stsrr's. Plalitow. .E. The bore of penlmg.a lew weeks - HoIHsr in 1. S. MARY'S lloIJDAY HOME FOR CHILDREN, or 2. S. MONICA'S UOUK.OF REST FOR WQMi. at Southend. fS. In our SEASIDE CAMP FOR BOYS at Drmctmrch. where ther cn hare tender care, good food, anl pure sir. Is for thousands the one bright bore of the retr. Dncior TWts Homes. Cheques and orders to tbe Rer. T. CIVEN - WILSON. Vk - sr of PlaWow, London. E.. crossed Union of London and Smiths Bank. SO. Corehin. E.& ..... TJWKSH AIR for CHILDREN and INVALIDS. FUNDS EARNrjTLY ROUCITfcll to sena to oor ln - Tslescent and Ilolldar Home at Sorthendn - Sea our DELICATE and SICKLY CHIIJREN snd TIRF.D MOTHERS In tufa Urge Dock Parish for a THREE WEEKS" REST. ' The Wear and Tear and tiring circumstances' of the Winter make this Change DOl'BLY WEIXX5.MK. snd h theonlr CHANCE of UECliVEUY and RESTORATUlN to HEALTH. ' The BEV.I STEWART SMYTH. THE VICARAGE. ST. MARK'S, VICTORIA DOCKS. LONDON. E. . EMERGENCY APPEAL. . , QUEEN'S HOSPITAL for CHILDREN, Hackner. road. Bethnal - green, E. ltt Beds' atwars occupied. Ualrss help is forthcoming srreral Wards must be closed almost tounedlatrlr. T. tjLENTON KERR. Seeretarr. WOMAN'S 3IISS10N to WOMEN. The Christian Missionaries of the FEMALE MISSION to the FALLEN and FEMALE AID SOCIETY visit the parks, street, potle - cnuru. hospitals, and Infirmaries. Ac, seeking to rescue the fallen of their own sex. FUNDS sre urgentlr needed to sustain the work. Banker The Union of London snd Smiths (Ltd.). 117. Victoria - street. S.W. AJtTIICR J. 8. MADDISON. SecreUrr. ' OfBce. Victoria Ilouse. 117. Victoria - street. S.W. DR00KWO0D CEMETERY, admitted to be the JD ' most beautiful and peaceful. Prtra'e grsres from 2 10. d. Loodon Necropolis Co. Uead Oface. 121. Wrstmhuter - bridge - road. Tlsihone. SS Hop. TrVrmms, " Necropolo, 1wdon.' REFORMED' FUNERALS, aa - carried out by Halford L. MM" for the past 30 rears, now br MILLS and SONS, st the same address. 31. Cambrirtge - pUce, Paddlngton. Telephone. See Msjfslr. Telegrams. " llalfonl Mlll. London." G AUSTIN and SONS (Est,' 1834). FUNERALS. . Cremations. Embalming, Memorials. , 4B. Wigmore - street. W. Teh. Pad. eeO. mlS, FlneMer - msd (rpp. Public IJIrirrl. Tel.. P.O. IIsmp.'4237. JA3IES SHOOLBRED and Co.. Tettenhara - court - rcsdf W, Undertake FUNEKALS throtwheut in town and count rr. Cmioiiah, Monnmeatsl Work. I ami I r and Serrants' moumlns. Telem ms. SHOOLBKJ). lyindnn. Telephone. :HRAlD MO. - TEMORIAL BRASHES and BRONZES and iJL MEMORIAL niFTH FOR CHURCHES. J. WIPPELL and CoM Ltd.. Manufacturers. .Exeter. n 4 sn4 .. lwincnnontrt. Chsrlns - cmss. Tiondon. TO H EXECUTORS. BOOKS BOUGHT OK' VALUED FOB xwsy PRORATE. ENR Y SOTH ER AN and Co.; 37,Pirndillv. iu 140. Strand, secono - nana noonseuers. rxjtuMLABt. uhkakiki or - Smsller OpUeeUntvi of Books. Pstvts, or ALTonaArns in toTiTr counlrr. glrlng tbe bet TSlue la cash ; or VALUE FOR PilOpA IX. upenenm uuen nnu nenwran without trouble or expense to sellers. New Books. English and Foreign, supplied at full discount prices when .subject snd a secood - hsnd catalogue Issued monthly. Thorough bookseeking at home and abroad. Telegraphic sddress, Bookmen. London. Telephone. Central lili. . TO - EXECUTO iRS; VALUATIONS FOR PROBATE. . WATHEKSTON and bON, Jewellers, Ooldsmiths, and ?Urer.mltM VALUE. J Oo. Regent - tt. to Burlliagton - gardens and Bond - st,). London. fm - tte Pall - maU East, adjoining National C.sllcry. Taa'Aarr or Tax; Jewattxa Axn Silteiwhttb. ConnolsKuw prefer Hatxadk SiLria Puts axd JEWtUKBT of patterns XOT lllu - itratej nor dvmjcatmj. Original eloigns such as are leor to be obtained elsewhere nnoi tie purchased from WATHEKSTON and SON. BOARD OF EDUCATION. NOTICE. a.. . r . . . . tm . r - r - r m , , i. o...,m a t mJmi a the Matter of the Charitable Trusts Arts. 1W3 to IHM : and n the Mstter of the Bosrd of Education Art. 199. and the Board A E - timtkm (Posers) Orders In Council. 1000 to 1902. Br direction of the Board of Education, notice la herebr siren that the TRUSTEES ofthe'abOTe - mentloncd Foundation PROPOSE to ORANT a LEASE of the Propertr mentioned In tbe Schedule tir a term of SI rears from SMh Mirch. 1911. at an annual rent of tfco the IflW paring a premium of 1.S0O. ." t Further particulars msr be asrerUlned from tbe Clerk to the Mercers' Co.. litttii' Hall. London, E.C, ... Anr objwtltm or suggestion relative to the proposed Lease mar 1 transmitted to the Board In. writing, within IS days from the first puUii - stlori of this Notice, addressed to " The Secretarr. Board of Eduotluu. Whitehall. London. B.W . Dated 3rd August. 1909. - - .iT. H. M. LINDST.LI. A Principal Assistant Secretsrr. Bi - Trcnnr.p. A messuage or tenement and premises erected thereon known as the "Coach snd Hons" Public llmise. 199. Illgh - atrcet. Miaa well, E.. and rrrmlses known as 27. King Parld's - Une. BOARD OF FJ)UCATI0N. NOTICE. in - ne aiaiieroi oi. rAuii m. iiiwl, in wipvwuhj vi muwi. Tr. tK. u.ttr f tji 0,.rlt.hl Trusts AiU. !Ri3 to 1894 : and In the Matter of tbe Board of Education Act. 1199, and the Board of E.liKtlon (Posters) Onkrs In Owrs - ILIWO to 1904. Br direction of the Board of Education, notice Is .lie reb given that the TRUSTEES of lite . aliore - inentioitou rounuttion rjnti - ' DjWl' Ia iVT . f.FA(l e9 th Prntwrlr mentioned In the Schedule for a term of 21 years from Midsummer. 1909. at an annual rent of 135 the lessee paying a premium or teau. Further particulars mar be ascertained from tbe Clerk to tbe Mercers' Company. Mercers' Hall. E.C . Anr ohloctlon or susrrrtlon relatlre to - the proTnsel IiCas mar be transmitted to the Board In writing; within 15 days from the first publication of this Notice, sddrtssed to " The Secretarr. Board of EdKcatlon. Whitehall. Jxodou. S.W. Dated 3rd August, 1909. ' n. M. LINDSELU A Principal Assistant Secretsrr. SCHKnCLH. A messusye or tenement arxl prembvs erw - teil thereon and known JERNARD UAKITLII, 11. URAFTON - STREET. NEW BOND - STREET. W. purchases small and large collections of Books, Prints, and Auto graphs. Telephone, C - errard eiS. NOTICE of REMOVAI - MeBsrs. ARTHUR TOOTH and SONS. Art ThmIim snd Publishers, W - 2 to announre tnat ther hare REMOVED to their New Oalleries. 155. NEW BOND - STREET. PENCIL with LASTINO tHK MCTU'S. KOH - I - NOOR. In serenteen degrees. 4d, abera. POINT. HARDT - each ererr - TARIS Mile. EXl'ULSON and Miss METHKRKLL X recelrs a few YOUNO LADIICS to studr languages, knil 1 rt with ttrtliss Prof ensors. LAree Fretirh .tjifT house and grouwls. 49, tluo du Docteur Blanche. Paris. .Music lieauufu TJfARCLAY'S DETECTIVES and privnto inouiries AJ fold esUbJ. Prirate matters conftdentlallr conducted. Shallowing, Information. InTeitlgatlons tiulctly.' JOHN ' BAR - CIY. Manager, aaw. mkami, iisi. - mone. rasa utrrard. TOR TO - DAY'S SmDIARY SEE PAGE 7. FOR INDEX TO ADVERTISE3IEXTS. SEE PAGP C. ENTERTAINMENTS, &Cs EARL'S COURT. THE GOLDEN WEST EXHIBITION. . , , II to 11 n.m.. U Children, ad. Admission, Inchidhig return fsres from 1M London Stations. Is. A magnlrlornt (ir - plsy of AAnerlca's prudticta end inrenUuns. THE LAST TIME EC EUROPE. THE RED 3LAN. BY PERMISSION OF THE UNITED STATIX IJOVERNMXNT. GRKT ARF.N1C SPJXTACLE. S jo. 7.50, and 9.30 p.m. BLACK HAWK MASSACii: . AJeDTOICA'S CP - TO - IIATE" AMUSEMENTS. TTTE DELUGE. rvN JR.tNCISCO EAltTHQUAKE. SUMMER BALL ROOM. Illustrated Travel through the Golden West Daily. UtEE. .HAND. OF H.M. IRISH GUARDS. ' COCGIfLI.VS lan REliT. N.Gj. NEW VOIIK BAND. ,.TIIK VOLEND.LJ! LASSIES' OUailXTK.. THE FINEST CUISINE. THE FINEST MUSIC CRYSTAL PALACE 5L HLERI0T. To - i.Uht 9.' To - night, 9. To - night. 9. M - HLEIUOT DESCENDS IN HIS MONOPLANE ..... In lines of Firs. MAMMOTH FIKK PORTRAIT OF M. BIRIOT. ' . . Invasion of England." I... Peacehil nilage. llsppy bctnes of Rural life. NA.AHION OF ENGLAND TO.NIGHT. ,. . Svcue changes to War. ii - nlght Betrared br a Spr. Attsck from lhe Skr. T. - nltht. RcmarlaM - Sight. Abwi - ite Noveltr. Crytal PaUne. Crrrtsl Palice. Variety Show. J - aolng Artists. CxH lstream Oiiards and other Bands. Gramophone Concert. Ac. LONDON HIPPODROME. Daily, at 2 sod 8. BECONSTRrcTED. . REFURNISHED.., KEDECO RATED. The PremW Variety Theatre of ths Wodd. Debut In Ixmdon of Die 3 SCHWEhTEUN WIESENTHAL (ACS WTEN). In their own " DANCE POEMS." FANNIE WARD and company In ' THE FLAG STATION." CHAS. IIAWTREY and ronipanr m TlMil lb MONEY." M. and M DM E. X. DE PARIS. Tbe Paris " CD Bias " says : - "Since - the King of England came earlr for . the e J press purpose of seeing thh extra - ordinary pair of monkeys, be has set tbe fashioa tor purple to come to Otrmpla at 9 o'clock." . EIC.IIT REAL C.EISHA. A Sheer. Delight to Lot en of the PeUta and Fxqublts tn Art. CLASS KUAlMERTArnerican Entertainer. HENRI LEOKL Chanteur Angto - Francals. AIJEARN TROUPK. ECIIENK BROS. IINOOONITA. Coisedr CrcUsts. Eotilllbrtsts. eopraao VocaUrt. JACKSON FAMILY of MusWans. BRAATZ DOGS. ANIMATED PICTURES. T ONDON HIPPODROME. Daily, at 2 and 8. JLi Box office 10 s.m to 10 pjiu Telephone X)i, Gerrard. Prices: Erxerved Boxes. 1 to 4 guineas: fauteuOs. 60. ; stalls and dress circle. 5s. : circle. 3s. Prices : Cniwerred Amphitheatre sUIU. U.: sxnpbltheatrs. Is. Children tinder 12 hslf - Drica to all carts (except amphitheatre) st afternoon performances unlr. Managing inrecjor. usriAU) biiilj. ART EXHIBITIONS, &a THE FORD MADOX BROWN EXHIBITION aud ExhJJJtion of Plnttis by BOrTDIN and LP1NE - lOtlU. Adiorsdon Is. TTIE LEICESTER (iALLEKlKS. Lekesterqoara. AT aO NEW G, l Vjr, ,22nd SUMM bCnjTtjh.E. DE.WIN( Artlds. 10 toe. VLLEP.Y. 121. Recent - street. suMurji txiiiprnoN "t paintings. WiMa. and HANltiCRAVTM hr Urtn. Is. Last Tsrr) Woks. TA ill Close August 14. HOTELS. BEN RHYDDING vo3Sv HYTJHO ROTkf. 9 - bole Golf Course free, to vWfjrs. BONCnURCH. near Ventnor. South aspect. BONC'HURCH HTL BUXTON. TITK PAI.ACK HOTF.L DUBLIN. First Claaav Best position, IMPERIAL HOTEL LEAMINGTON REGENT HOTEL. MaxnWrent (iaragc. VHaI Om..m HOLBEIN . ENGRAVED PORTRAITS in COLOURS. Elizabethan Mips In Colours. Scenes from rakepesre tn Colours. NOW on VIEW at the ANNEXE GALLERIES. , FRANCIS HARVXY. 4. eu Jemes'street. S.W. E. SL H0DGKINS. An rXIIlBrriON of ENGLISH MINIATURES Of the leth. 17th. snd lata Centuries. litSb. New Boad - ftreet. Londoo. W. Admission br card. . 10.W to S. FAMOUS BOER GENERALS. Drawings and paintings fnn life br ANTUON VAN WKLIK. Now on Tlew at XUE O0CP1L. UALLERT, 5, Eetent - trrt. 108. THE TENNYSON CENTENARY EXHIBITION. "0t the highest 'interest." Gnanflan. "A remsrkable collection." Westminster. " As complete as it could possibly ba made." The Times. PORTRAITS, pictures. S1SK. letters. Ksra Editions : sJso ths Summer ExbiNtioa of W ater - Cokmn br eminent artists. NOW OPEN st the Fine Art Soctetr's. 143. New Hond - treet. . fine signed MILLAIS AltTIST PROOFS. Bargain care of C J. Walker. 24. ( lman - street. Ixtxlon. )X rrtWO very . J. Owner going i abroad. - FINE OLD CHINESE PORCELAIN. MR. T. J. LAP. KIN. 104, New Bond - street. W. SULLKY and Co 1 59. New rood - street. W. Plctnres of Early English. French. Imtch. and Italian Schorss. PLEASURE TOURS, &c. NORWAY and hart; 1SITING FINEST FJORDS. Xfa tbemaenlneentnesr - . A, rTTi'vi - a s S.8. OTR ANTO." 1 2.000 tons. 12' .iJ From Grlmabr. aM. Hth 5Sth AugTsrf. upwsnls. LUXURIOUS ACCOMMODATION. Write for free Oust rated booklet to ORIENT S. Xi Co.. S, Fen - rhnrch - arenuc. Lomlnn. E.C ; and ZS. Cockspur - street, S.W. Manage rs. F. t;reen and Co - , snd Anderson. Anderson, aad Co. I'U.lllAJl LAO ; - ?l ii 1 4( 8 - CHRISTIAN IA, r&Xl , - LO COPENHAGEN, IS STtK KHOLM. and ITANSKAT1G TOWNS, .S. DUNOTTAB CASTLE. UOTHENBURG. ISLE OF GOTHLAND. VS. I1ANTZII1 IJTKFl'K sou iiAianijiiu. isui ur Atu.i, i Am - la. - r - eit. salirng from Grimabr. ' Full particulars from tbe Secretarr. ;.Endsk.tardens.N.W. R4. Plcradmy. W. 82. Strand. W JX Ti. Cannon - street. F - C. COLISEUM. TWICE DAILY. t 2.30 and 8 p.m. Till I OIJ I AUCE I CONSTANCE WORLD DANCEBS. I PONllEirR. COLLIER. TIIE ZANCIGS. GEO. ALI and Co. - BELLA and BIJOU. MOhRIS CBONIN and Co. Last Three Dars of TURKISH DANCERS. And SO Star Co. liases four nersociai II 1. irvi ins. fld. aest. d. to fa. CjrtMren urder IS half - prVe to Fatrteuila. Balcony Stalls, and Bora! Citric afternoons only. Boi - omce, 10. to 10. ItMoe uerr. siansgug iJirector. DswaM stoO. PIKRREPONT. Enquiry Agent to the Nobility snd Rentrr. entrusted with confidential Inquiries and delicate negotiations In ell parts of the world. 87, Chancery - larie, Iondon, W.C. T. N., 109TS Central. REFERENCES TO LEADING LONDON BOUCITORS SANITARY ASSURANCE. .ivrrnv rvniKUlUNn Co. .(established Si ream thoroughir examine and test the DRALVAUE of Town and Country Residences kod CERTIFY when satisfactory (II,CarterrA.M.I.C.E.. Managerl. 6. Vlctorla - t reet. Westminster. Telegrams. Santtatluo. Loo - Ion. Telephone. 1 West JilrtrtCT. HOSPITAL NURSES. LONDON HOSPITAL . PIUVAlK AU'iM.Mi KTAKF. .ana vs - ttV ttTtaro kAttM . suwl fillkIrM for MftliCstl. Surtlcst. Mraernltr. or Massage Cases i can he hsd.taimediatly. Arrlr Matron. London IlospltaL WtltechapeL The nurses ra rt he irtvstestsrl reiirrn'to the warfs between their eiiieVsfter sufflrfent rest. o that their work and knowledge sre kept Uo glilr up to dste. . .AIP - T - On the 2nd inst,, at Ardoe IIouso. near Awween. Katbksuvk Axxe Mrrcxxu. Rkvkik. wie h.rsTlXA1,DE Mujns OoaTosr. - ol Ardoe, Kincardme - A.Y8rn 3"1 Aug., the JIovBUC Thoka AtTcrsi PowTt, aged ia. BrKC;r0a Srd Au - EagttrsH. f"rt.EiAirouxAtTT (Nrttrx) Parse. WU1 iffrswj accept this intimation. arsss "sssSssts tssf sssia. LUKE'S HOSPITAL. OJd - sttwt. London. TRAINT - 'D NURSES for MENTAL. NERVOUS, and MAS - CASES can ne bm immaoisieiv. apiij grama. Envoy, ixwdon. Tuepnone. i"""OF NURSES. ta private nursing, Al Iso Mk Nurses mHE IXJNDON ASSOCIATION I - tfnnit.l.iMlnd Vursna. evwrlenoed . i,MnwM.ilv fnr t sr. - inA of llinesa. ana Masseurs, aptur wr niwnowBwsj, i:?rv7 TeHrrsins. Firth rs Assorts tloo. IjonOca. Tckphooe.li60crtard. T. THOM A8'8 HOME, Lambeth PJee - rod. S.E. FOR PAT IN O PATIENTS - Fun articuiars. orymaws spiJlcstlon. - ehher prrsaulfir st It oVkxk. tethe Ketlrtent Uedlcal Officer, or br' UtUr to the fwa. w. xnomaag uos - pHsl Albert tobankment, 8.E. Telephone Hon. 137 s THE HOSPITAL lor SICK CHILDREN. Great Onnond - street, WJC, TRAINED NURSES caabs had SDpUCSlMSI to SOV SWWliiwqjnfaw BHWNii XcjepassN AO, assjv awsmsBa i TOR TTIE HIGHLANDS AND NO H WAY. SHOOTING ' AND I FISHING LODGES SUITABLY FURNISHED FROM STOCK WITHOUT DELAY WARlKGr & .GIL LOW. Ld., Near Oxford 'Circus, W. MADAME TUSSAUD'S EXIIIRITION. New Attractions. A - Startling and TteslWle Tableau representing AN INCIDENT tn THE SOUTH POLE EXPEDITION, containing a Lifelike Portrait Model of Lieut. E. II. Boackleton. upen v a.m. tui id pan. "f ASKELYNE and DEVANTS MYSTERIES. St XfJL OEOROES' HALU W.. DAILY, st S snd . Magnttcent froframme. larluding Mr. BAECIAY GAMMON, tbe famous humorist, at tha jjano; DOBASWAML Indian Musidan: Mr. OCR FOWLER. - The Watrlunaker" : Mr.NirV'lL MASKELYNE. to the BAI.ISIIAM BUDDniSTS : snd Mr. DEVANT. Seats, la. w ft. uiiMren half - price to maUnees only. Pbone ISii Marulr. TJOO LOGICAL SOCIETY'S GARDENS, open DAILY mJ from t ajn. until sunset. Admission on Sundays. FeRowt and Fellows' orders only. Monday. taL. other dars Is. Cnildrtu fid. A milturr band will perform every Saturday horn SM to 0 o'clock rru usui runner duucb. OYAL UNITED ''SERVICE MUSEUM. Whitehall. Open 11 Id 1. BHINOjoeif BOYS to see the NAVAL AND MILITARY F.XHIBIT3. EDUCATIONAL. COLLEGES, PUBLIC SCHOOLS, && (FOUR LINES, 3s. ; EVERY EXTRA LINE, Is.) TECHNICAL SCHOOLS. 4 GRICTJLTURAL BTOCK - RA"lSlNU rustrict. "COLLEGE, ASPATRLA, AHKTCGT. Cumberland. FABMTNO and LANT Accessto S.000 seres: of HIGHLY FARMED LAND la a NOTED poae lo the JjAJUSS snd SEASIDE. QITY ENGlNEEniNQ AND CHEMISTRY, and GUILDS of LONDON INSTITUTE. SESSION 1900 - 1J10. The courses of Instrnrtlon st the Institute's Central Technical College (ExblblUon - roadi - are for Students not tinder 16 years cf age; those at the Institute's Technical Cnllege. Flnsbury. for Students not under It years of age. The ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS to both Colleges are held tn September, snd the Sesslcsis commence in October. Particulars of the Entraoce'Eiamlnatkms. Scholarships. Fees, snd Courses of Study, may be obtained from the respective Colleges, or from the Head Office of the, Institute, (iresham College, Rastnghall - stret, E.C CITY AND GUILDS CXNTKAl" TECHNICAL COLLEGE. (Exhlblriou - rood. S.WJ A College for higher Technical Instruction for Day Students cot under in - preparing to become Civil. Mechanical, or Electrical Engineers. Chemical and other Manufacturers, snd Teacher. Tha College hi" School of the University of London." snd also form the Engineering Section of the ImpcrtU College of Science and Technoiogy. Fee for a full Associatesuip Course, US per Session. Professor Civil snd Mechanical Engineering W. E. DAI.BY. MJU, Bio, M.Inst. CK. Electrical Englaccrlcg .. .. T. MATHER. Whch, FJLS. (Acting Professor). Csembtrr .. B. E. ARMSTRONG. FhJ. LID..F.KJi. Mechanics and Mathematics .. O. HENR1CL PhD - LUD,. FJt.8. CITY AND GUILDS TECHNICAL COLLEGE. FINSBUBY. (leonard - street, atr - road. E.0.1 A College for intermediate Instruction for Day Stodents riot under 14. preparing to enter Engineering and Chemical Industries, and tor Evening btudcnt. Fees. tZQ per Session for Day Students. Professors' Phrtla and Electrical Enjlnccrlng S. P. THOMPSON. DJSe. ERA. PrindDai oT the OrJlm. Mechanical Engineering and HattemaUog K. G. COKElt, XIJU M Inrt. Sf.VL Chemistry .. .. ,. .. R. MEIJXlLA. F.BV&. TJ.C. JOHN WATNEY. lion. Secretarr. City and Guilds of London Institute. Grerham College. Basing hall - street. FX. VTomvAi. DENMARK. and SWEDEN. CO NT) UCTED TOURS kart at frequent Intervals throughout the season. Inclusive fares from tit 14a prerlding travel hotels, drives, excursions, hotel and railway serrants fees, tcansfers. ccoveranee of basvage. eonductor, tr. A SPEOAL ro.VlirCTKD TdCR has also been srranged tT the NEW CTIKISTIANIA - BEBXIEN RAILWAY. riu Ijz .booklet oc conducted tours to Scandaarb gnus. .. U . . . INDEPENTjENT TOURS, wJPXjf 2TCE.1 rtllwrj stestmhlp and carriage routes, to tto NOft WrljIAN. FJORDS. NORTII CAPE, and alt part of SCANDI - NAYLAArttb Ot without hotel accoraroodatlaa. I PT.Tiarrnv rurrvsirsi Learbsx it fmroent mtcrrak throughout tie juuowinK nrsi - cia. st earners ; . VECT1S. OTBANTII, AMAZON. MIDNIGHT DAjLkiON V1U IRilA. br tt SUN. DesfTiMiv rirustrated Pmgrarames tree on 'appacaUna. ,11108. COOK and BON. Ludgste - circus. London, snd Branch OfflOBS. JA1MAICA.THE NEW KrVTERA. IMPERIAL DD3ECT MAIL SERVICE.'' PK1STOL to KINGSTON Mamsjesi. PORT ANTONIO. Aug. 7 I PORT KINGSTON. Aug. XI fht PORT KINGSTON rails at BERMUDA out and home. Magnificent acecgnmnUtfonfor Saloon and Secood - ciass . , PsssesgcTs. Fares moderate. - fTTJCUL SUMMER TOCTSS 22 gutneaa. indurang' Hotel accommodation tor - six cars. Applr ELDER, DEMPKTKR, and Co., OVwlal Honse. Llrer - pool: 4. 8C Marr - axe: West - eod OfBee. 14. W aterino - sJace. pafl. rnsu. ivnoym; rtsinwirMra.. wwnj an, stor - t.. atancsissser. RAMSGATK. Facing sea. PassencerIIft.THE HOTEL ST. CLOUD SIDMOCT1L A hading note! ; SO acres. THE ENOWLE HOTEL TIIE 4 LEADING HOTELS AT , GRAND HOTEL EULER. Ts 4CI XTI I GRAND IIirTELUNIVERS. J3 IjVj i 1CTORIA k NATIONAL UTL. CILVTUAL STATION HOTEL SCHWETZEgnOF. LArs.iXNE. Nr. Station. Bath Suites. Up to date. HTL. VICTORIA PARIS. Champs - Elysecs. HOTEL DAL3E. Modem comfort, JILN.(Pern - )beriaodl HtK tlctorta Baumgsrtrn. IJrr gard - n. TlltNew.scwgfcTts.cintetarflteTrrcf.CAjmrREI SIDMOUT1L SOUTH COAST. DEVON. THCTORIA HOTEL. Firet - eUas HoU - 1 - on sets ' front. Fr - cted ira. Near to the Brine Baths, sol con - T"?' !" f?8 Bnk (special terms st baths and golf Bnks toe visitors at this hotli. FJectrle llsht. pasiwcger lift to aU floors, nd bal - conies snd rerandahs to many rooms. Fine lounge snd reception rooms, twet chefs. . . Tariff on application. SIDMOUJH BATHS. Hot and Cold Sea Wa'.er and Jther ball. The onlv bstlrs m England where AIx massage sod Nsuheujj treatment are adnUBtstercd .with sea water. Opta aU the year. Hlgblr trarnsd attendants. LONDON HOTELS. THE 4 FINEST POSITION IN LONDON. ALEXANDRA HOTEL HYDE PARK CORNER. SAT. Inau, Txmx Hotsu 3I0DERATE TARIFF. INCLUSIVE TERMS. HOTEL EUROPE. LEICESTER - SQUARE. First - cl Timily Hotel. Most Central trr Theatres aad West - end. IUadcrrlr FurnisheiL PMsenget Lift. French and. English Csisi n. Moilerate charges. Telephone No. 333A Gerrard. HOTEL LIFE WITH HOME COMFORTS. LONDON. land 20. HYDE - PABK - PLACE. W closi to Marble Arch, oreriooklns Hyde Park and tha Row. unrivalled position. Btnta liO to iS2i px, or 13 3s. to a. weekly, lnchaling valeting sad attendance. Furnished snitei ta be let, consisting of sitting nun. Ud mas, bath, and a PROVINCIAL HOTELS. ADELPHI HOTEL, LIVERPOOL. The most comfortable snd modem Hotel la LrrerpooL Adjoining the Central and lime Street Stations, close to XxcLang: Static and Prince's Landing Stage. LOUIS XV. RESTAURANT. FRENCH CUISINE. GRAND DINING ROOM. - POPULAR RESTAURANT. CONCERT LUNCHEON AND DINNER. PRIVATE LAUNDRY. AMERICAN BAR, Copies of The Times are received dally sad kept on file at this and other Midland Railway Hotels. Curat! ban also (br arrange, cirnt) tie use of The Times Book Service. Telegrams: " lidotel. Liverpool. WILLIAM TOWLE. Manager, MJR. Hotels. T OUND THE .WORLD TOURS. Tho TraoaaXlantlo, Xti East Asian. AnstraBsn. snd Pacifle Set ikes of the Nord - oeutacbet IJoyd enalile travellers to visit an unusually large number or interesting countries. ATpir to Reuvr. waius. snd crx. Jos. s ana zt. iwsrur - sireex.i. 3. riing - PUBLICATIONS. rjinE TIMES LIST OF PUBLICATIONS : .OFFICIAL INDEX TO THE TIMES. , V.J Published during the year In MONTHLY PARTS, each ef these appearing a few days after tbe close of the month Indexed. vt Ren tne year is over tne twelve montnry issues sre recast, re - ecntea. snd amalgamated into a single volume of over 1.200 closely (but rerr clearly) printed double - column cages1 ia a single abhahet and 'forming one organic whole. The Annual Subscription to the 12 monthly parts, with th sraslsamated volume for the nrecedrnc rear, is 2 10s. nost ma 10 me raontniy pans sjone, me Annua 1 buoaenpuoa is post rrss. NOW READY. THE LETTERS OF QUEEN VICTORIA. BY TTfE KING'S COMMAND. A National Fdltlon of the letters of Queen Victoria has been rmhitahed by Mr. JOHN MUiiRAV. la conjunctloo with THE . This Edition is in three rnlrime crown Rvo.. contains is nmstrs tlons. aa well as the complete text of the larger work carefully revise! ii.juo pagesi. ana is sou at os. net. nouna m rea aocn. . Annllcstlnns for this work mar be addressed to the Manaser "The Times" Book; Club. 376 - 34. Oxford - street. W ox to the rupusner. ine limes, r larnouae - rsro. ru. THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS of PUNCH.' 1841 - 1S91. Twenty - five quadruple volumes, containing 100 of the half - yearly Tohimes. Printed and sutmned exrmslveir to The Times or the Prourietors 01 runcn. irom tne oruinai piaies. Now offered br Tbe Times st about half - price. To which is added a Twentr - slxth volume, consisting of "The History of Punch. by M. II; Spietmann. aa Invaluable ker to '' Punch." the lane rarer edition, enriched br numerous rjortrslts. faeMmiles of autographs, spd other curiosities of nterature. The' 21. vols, now offered for 6S. cloth. 9 half morocco. ii.jiss.ruu morocco ; witn a special oax coogcase 19 ra soojuou. GIRLS' SCHOOLS. PRINCESS HELENA COLLEGE, EALINO. W. rresl.'ent H.B.H. the PRINCESS CHRISTIAN. VUltor Tne IIKD BDIIOPof LONDON. Principal Miss PARKER.. BOARDING and DAY SCHOOL - for the DACGHTERS of GENTLEMEN. Sneclal terms for oClrerk dsiirhters. Excellent eilucatlon. with special attention to languages. KiuIHi and music. Large grounds. r res nor. to 1 . - irs. per r"ar. ,uiumn ima nn;ins rfpucmccr Ma. SANDECOTES SCHOOL, PARKSTONE. Held Mistress Miss A. GRAINGER GRAY. Board ami tuition .. - .. .. 100 s rear. A School for tlie Daughters of Gentlemen. The buildings stand ITT over ten acres of grounds, on gravel mil. high and well drained. Parkstone bone of the healthiest and mot beautiful places on the Ssith Coast. The NEXT TERM BEGINS September if - ad. .EDUCATIONAL. A' T. ONOAR GRAMMAR SCHOOL. 20 miles from London. Commerclsl training. 30 guineas. (sundress and books. Seduction, for brothers, l'larlng fields su acres. Healthr locality. Milk and vegetables from own .farm. Diet best and unlimited. Covered playground, swlmmmt beth. cricket; tennis, fishing, workshops, gymnasium. Address Dr. Clark. rjHE and CYCLO CENTURY DICTIONARY P.VJHA OF NAMFS. ISSDEI br TIIE TIMES. In Nine or Eighteen Volume. IVflnes 553.000 worrls and 50.000 IdlomsUc nhrsses. Presents over 300,000 quotations from the classics of English IJtratiire. More than tno.noo encyclopcdle deflnttlons. &0.000 Proner Names. ' Etlited br PBOFESMOB WM. D WIGHT. WHITNEY, assisted by sou specunsis. 7.500 engraved illustrations. At once the most compact enerelopsMlia of facts and names, snd the Isrcest. handsomest, snd most complete Jetton of the Eneflah language. ! Offered br Th? Times for s pretlmlnarr payment of Five RhCSngs and Si monthly payments of as. Co. each, or for 9 lis. Bd. In cash. li mHE TIMES HISTORY of tha WAR in SOUTH JL AFRICA. 5 S. net the set of seven volumes. TNCTi'CLOPEDIA BRITANNICA. includine; tho new J VOLCMFS. thus forming the 10th edition. Prices r In cloth Undine?. 57: In half - Tnornrro. PB : tliree - juarter Israat, 73: full morocco. 101. Only through booksellers. THE MAIL. ) reproduction of the) substance of TTIE TIMES, with the latest intemgeuce, rs published on Monday. Wednesday, and Friday ia each week. Price Sd. BRUGES. PEMBROKE SCHOOL. All tl best features of sn Fsllsh Public Schoul with seeds! attention to conversational French and German, Prospectus Irom Headmaster It . H IrjP.FJvCF M - A.l. EDUCATION (CHOICE OF SCHOOLS AND TUTORS . ;RATIS.PrnSpectusrs of Enslish and Continental Schools snd of Army. Civil Serrice. .and University tutors sent (free of charge) on receipt of details br Smith. Powell and Smith. School Agents (Ear. lK3i). 3. Bftlford - strcfft. Strand. TeL 7011 (err.rd. THE TIMES WEEKLY EDITION. A Summary of the news contain ed in The Times rf the merlons gjx dars. issued ererr Fridsr morning In s form suitable for binding as an annml rewire. In eddrllon to the Home Edition, three Special t - ,l,ii - : puppiemeais ni i i - r j irrri eeiv rmssi mnj riiuii - noi every ' week for Australasia; snd India. South Africa, and Canada and the United State. A SERIAL STORY, br a nJu author. Is a MARKED FEATPRE of The Times Weeklv Edition. THE SIC. - Er.INS. - br MBS. ALFRED S IDG WICK, commenced on Jure II. ' : THE TIMES WEEKLY EDITION. Price 2d. SrTisriUTTtore : lis. rer annam. U.K. only, or with literary Suppletuer.t. l - 'i. 4.1 Abrawl. liv, or with 'Engineering. .literary, or FlnsacUI Supplement. 19s. ftL ' Ttese suvplenieiits sre Hentlcal with those tssued with The Times, without evtra charge, on Wednesdays. Thursdays, and Fridays respectlvelr. orGli DUCATION. - Parcnts and Guardians desiring accurate Information relative to the CHOICE of SCHOOLS for Hoys or (ilrta, or tutors in rasiana or Atrcsa. are inniea to cau upon ot send lull detailed particulars to Messrs. UABBITAS. TTIRING. snd Co.. who for more. than 30 years harcbeen closely In touch with the leading educational establishments. Adrtre. free ot chirse. U given by Mr. Thrine. Nephew ot the late Headmaster ot - Lipplns - hinu No. .10, k villus! reel, London, AV. ARGATE COLLEGE (BOYSL THE TIMES WEEKLY EDITION. Bound VoL 32. for the rear IOCS. Now Beadr. prkw 12s. ftd. M MARGATE LADIES' COLLEGE (GIRLS). KM1J. 1 TT a T ( .1 ' f I I MJ. I Marmte College Clrr Omcrs. LwUateMirnis. Tel . HoD? 7. ! THE TIMES LAW REPORTS. A weekly Re - prmlactliTn. tn cnnrenlect form, of aU eases atroesrtng m The : Titnes of erins.nent tT.terest to the legal Prrrfrsiton. Bankers. Merrtots. ar.d the puhUc generiar - Edited br J. S. BENDER - ! SON. ot the Middle Temr"ePjrrtteT - t - lJw. The rrrsjru for tbe I trekly rnrpl - r ere revl - ed snd srresr with fcesdnrsea. table of I caes. and dices. Annual Subscription 1 fa. post tree. Single j numbers price L each. SUMMER HOLIDAYS BRACING B0SC0MBE BOURNEMOUTH. HOTEL BURLINGTON HIGHEST ELEVATION (ft. abort tea level). - Sal OT THE FAST CLLTT Umryd goals" snsf ft aGarsW gsV Oasi md d Ajseossoe. Dailt Trrrrrstr - g. The notel BurCngtoa cen tains 2O0 rooms, and acres of beaotffullr shaded grounds sloping to the pter surround thehoteL Splendid sandy besK - hT Garage la grooada. Magnificent Coif Links adjacent to Hotel. VERY MODERATE TERMS fpeeUIIr revised for Famllr Parties en arrnfieatlon - to the Manager. Tariffs mar be obtained at the BURLINGTON aad BCCXINO - HAM PALACB HOTELS. London, TrJepoooe 17&0. special yoncx, BRACING 'BOSCOMBE. TANCESV'ILLE BOARD INO ESTABLISHMENT, annexed to llotet BurMagton, wtth Its seven acres of lovely grounds. Inclusive terms trota two gsiaeas! per weak. Tun firom Manager. BRIGHTON. GRAND HOTEL. Finest position on front. Splendid public room. Orchwtrx twice 'daily. (Urm rojumuniratlon with the HoteL Private suites with bath room, write foe lllost, Broehnre. En pension terms from aligns, per week. BRIGHTON. NORFOLK HOTEL. Oid - eeUblished Cormtr and Famllr TTriteL The best sltustlon. ItenUla wltn comfort, style, aad luxury. Moderate charges. JULES A. ciutliiirros, Xsnaeer. D OVER. LORD WARDEN HOTEL. huts' on the South Coast. Work! renowned stopping pUce fog rross - vnarraei passengers, urcnestra plays aaur. uarage. Tile grams. " Warden. Dover." Telephone. 214 Dover. ProptraOOKlWNnOTELB.Ltd. SEA FORD. SUSSXX1 ESPLANADE HOTEL. Flrtt - class. facing and within 40 rarde of sea. Bight sunshine. Two roll links. It heads the " Sonshtne Contet." XjTASTBOURNE. Tho CAVENDI8H HOTEL. First. JLU class. Unrivalled poaiticn on sea frcot. In Centre of Grand Parade. Grand lounge, facing Sea. Passenger Lifts. Moderate charges A la rxrte or mchMtrs. Illustrated Brochure on spnllcatlco to Manager. PEEBLES HOTEL HYDROPATHIC THE MOST SCirPTUOtJSLY - APPOrNTED ESTABLISH MZNT OF THE KIND IN GREAT BRITAIN. Magnliicent situation - amidst eharcnln scene iv Pura hrvhs sir. Penghtrul trounds. TENNIS. CROQUET, snd BOWLINE GREENS. GOLF. IS - hole course. FISHING. MOTOR GARAGE. MOTOR - CARS on Hire. A romp let Installation of most raodern BATHS DOI7CHR. TRKIStl RCSSIAN. nOWSIVfJ. ' RADIAVT.HEAT Pfni., BLERES.FANGO DI BATTAOLIA MTHJ RATHA e hrdd.n. Thomas D. Luke. M.D FJt.C.H. niustrated Urlff from A. M. THIEM. Resldsnt Ptrector. SOUTHSEA. ROYAL BEACH MANSIONS HOTEL. Largest In Soothsea : srtlendldtT sitnstari oat 18a twai - h MA yards nearer the sea than any other public bote! : gardea. croquet I taclag new rVr. EaUrely redecorated. Psaeennr Bft. Garaga.1 at us a. a. HOljgKW. Maaageress. AMERICAN (U.S.) AND HOTELS. CANADIAN OTEL BELMONT. iSnd Street and Psrtt - s. venue. NEW YORK CITY. The fATorrrlte renderrous of members ot the British Embasrr sm9 Offlrers ot HAL Array and Navr. - The most central and coo. renlentlr situated Hotel In the Metropolis. Absotutelr lore proof, Tanir rmm 13. Bd. urrwaid. Cable address. " MONTBEL," NEW YORtT - ' FOREIGN HOTELS. LES GRANDES DALLES Ssaaide resort. GD. HOTEL de la PT - AnT fWn Jiiii.Kt in forts, mod, priors, post. Telegraph A 'phone ta the HtL Eiee. llcht Between Dieppe - and Fecamp, Ideal Famllr PARIS. Mrurlre Hotel and Restaurant. 228. 'Rue de RrroH. PARIS. Continental Hotel and Restaurant. Sue Castijllraie. PARIS. EIr.ej Place Hotel. Avenue des Champs - Elynces. PARIS, fct. 3xnt and Albany. 111. E. St. HceiorS 1 202. R. Sl - rolti PARIS. Tlfitel Astoria. Avenue des Chanws&rtgVs. PABJS. H6tel Cajnpben. 47. Avenue FVWl.n.1 CtRLSBAD. Savor Westend Hot - L TROCYILLE. Hotel des Roches Nolres. CAUTIONS AND NOTICES. flAUTION. BRAND and Co.'s ESSENCE of BEET l aad ether invsJId areelslltlea. Beware ef !satttloa Vitm. aezlon with anr other Arm. Brand and Co., Ltd. 11. littkt Btsa nooe - saeeT.3iariair.ianasinT voTaj.vaanna.aoanoB.a.w fXAUTION. GENUINE CHLORODYNE. Each botUa V ef this well - known remedy for dtorrixv - . dysentery, coughs, cold. Ac. bears on tbe stamp the name of the tavestotv Dr. J. COIJt IS BROWNE. Of all Chemists. Is. 1 HL. 2s, aad sa. 64. M t - VT YF - VRS5 DIGEST of THE TIMES LAW ORG ES. FRENCH SWITZERLAND. LADY LV - A BEPORTS. 1WH to li.SpecUnr CcrorOca sod edited would take charge cf ONE or TWO Uttle GIRLS. Fieri - . with laaex oi ctscs. iw.ruuBurj.ioe iirnesumca. s FINE EJIERALDS, PEARLS. DIAMONDS. - KUBIXS. C VALUED or PURCHASED FOR CASH. SPINK aad BON rahae for Probate. SPINK, and SON value for Famllr Division. SPINK and SON value for. Burglary and Fire Insurance., SPINK aad SON value for cash purchases. Appointments made with the Lent Profession. Xncutort. fcc. la ear part og tba amtir. PINK aad:S0X. Ltd.. JO. C0KNHILL. E.C. aad 17 aad It. PICCADILLY. W. Zatahllahsd 177X. Ht educational faciUtles. Refined Chrmlsn home. IflirVst : : rrferrncuu Address during this month. Mil!. . 31 - J. JMJt Ulff. I Broadstairs. Kent. CiTAMMERING and DEFECTS of SPEECH. O Mr. C A: KENDALL ODARAXTEE? to.CCHE the above br personal tuition. Woodertnl cures. Excsnmt tuaoclal - . A Public School Bor could be received after the 10th ef Augufl. ATtCarth. IdTn - x - r't - HoTf . Urishton. - 1) . frice CJCHOOL TRANSFER s3 AGENCY fEst. 16331. No ennunlaalnB dumd to rjureriasers. IJst of ISO Bor and CtlV l Schools snd psrtaeraups lor saje sent graaa. rcrros hwsskxtsu. Addrews C.rifflths. Smith. Powell and Smith. U. Bedford - tt.. Strand. IGEST of THE TIMES LAW REPORTS for theCnNCrT'NlCSf.OcL. 1900 Aug 1905. to now reads - . rice 2Ss. Tbe vr.lnrre for the i - reredbg. Sre rears (Oel lsai. ' ConipOpq aad edited by WIU JAM F. B.VRRY. Batristw si - Law. REPORTS of COMMERCIAL CASES. Edited by J. S. HENDEE30N. Barrirter - at - lAw. PubGsbed u short bterra's. "VT'OTICE. NATURAL HISTORY TROPHIES. i C ENCINT, CLEARANCES. Sattabla tor ErWMrlo - or Science. AT GARDNER'S. 29 and 31. Orf ord - streec Londoa. W. TO EXECUTO RS. Ao. Meears. J. and E. BUMPUS. Ltd. (BookscBers to HJL, the King), SSft. OXFOSD - STRZXT. W Durrnas libraris or szaaUer cdirdicoa of books in anr nut ox us jaura avnsum. srvms; tar, jam ITM3 PARENTS. A LIST, rivinir nartictilars aa to the I terms: ste.. of some of the best BOARDING SCHOOLS for GTRI.5. ta England and oa the Continent, free of charge ouappnea - Uon to the SchoUsUo Aasu.Lto. 22. CrargiMtrett, mfasrar - XTTTNCH ESTER. WANTED. GLBL, abotw 12. to It work with otwers tn small prirato school: langttagttaad mssie a speriaHty; achool erchssUa: bam. leg, Miss Burtaad. MtaersV Yearly shscTteUon. 15s mchrdiag postace: price ss. no. goay oe oosaossv. PABT IV. OL. JUV. separata saaustrs, Jnlr. 1909. SOW READY. YOL. XUL back asrobezf aad gerller bossnd May be ordered of tar.iwaeaatut; of Messn. B Co, 12, Heil - yard. Teairpas - bsj. Londoa ; ogotthe a uact. ummt. s ant sta Butter worth sad FTiMstber. The rrui abova eaa be OKDERED . thrangtt anr JL BOOKSELLER nr HEWS AGENT, eg Obtained fjea th - rirnrrrrr Tal Oaos. Priatiiia Uaise equsts. E.q h. iuh T it i , i i . Ut(iK STOCK of NEW BOO&CdSx - tmii arts' of standard and pooular authors. &. at DfcCOCNT PRICkSl. Orders - br cat prorapQr attended to. CMakansra post trea. CARTERS' INVALID EORNITORE. TID3 FTYPESTKNCE OF OYE2 FIFTY YEARS has given CARTERS. aa OVERWHELM Dtp ADVANTAOg l - i the avaaatacterre tf IXV ALID FTTItNlTCKK" and XXQCTSTTiS to apedal cgder or otherwise.. The brmt stock ta th world at BATH CHAIIW. WAJfl. TMCYrXlSir a" a SPLNAL CABJtLiOJB. aXLT - PBOPELLXNG CHAIRS. AMSCJUAXOssVaad ew ssrrMa eg . Owt - door trraBd AisjMarrva. - ASTISTIC DFAIQNeT. NR. KrXLIJST W LOWBdTaUCHa. W0SX3USSO?. Write for rafsWras W0 2. 4. aad a. NEW CA' posttresv Jit OtPrsyaad - nT

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