The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1934
Page 3
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29, 1934 (Afcfc.)' fot&ifefc Kfrfrs New Ford V-8 De Luxe Tudor Sedan (Continued From P.iee one) slightly higher than two 'years ngo, but relief rolls are ilslnp,, Farm prices and farm income an; materially higher. At any rate, we have tho word of Dr. Raymond Moley—and he's very close to— thut on the votes of this Congress "will rest,, to a large extent, the future destiny of tlie American economic .system." WHAT'S IN THE WIND Information to daU? Is that Congress will— 1. Provide a relatively large rcllrf-w'ork, relief-public u-orks appropriation, •>.. Kxptrlmciil gingerly wllb facial security. '',. Pass full soldier bonus puymt-nl over a veto—or perhaps accept u compromise which won't give the Vflrians so much. \4. Provide for u permanent f ' NRA. retaining lint present essential fr.iturcs, Ijut dropping certain past practices. 8- Pass collective bartalnliij; and other legislation which may be more pro-labor than the administration ilfslrfs. C. Oo easy on new tax legislation. I. Pass minor, but significant, banking measures. ft, Consider, but perhaps not legislate, a transportation program involving regulation of buses and trucks. 9. Provide easier credit for small industries. 10. Adopt munitions manufacture control and "lake-llie- profHs-out-of-war" legisla- • lion. II. Act (o. build up the 11117. n. Ratify the si. Laurence waterway, treaty. <13. Sock tlie "pnn'er trust" whenever 'it gels a chance. H. Provide for a. new National Planning Hoard as recommended by the National Resources lioard. 35. And u» a feu other things you don't now' expect. DEMOCRATS IN SADDLE On the Job for this are 69 Democrats. 25 Republicans, one Progressive, and one Farmer-Labor- Ite In the Senate and 322 Demo- crals. 103 Republicans, seven Pro- PAGR TnRBK Photo shows the new Ford V-8 de luxe Tudor KCdan for 193J, which was put'.on display loduy by Ford dealers throughout the country- The tally linos are distinctively modern nnd a 'departure from previous Ford standards. The cars feiitnre many engineering improvements providing greater riding comfort and increased case of control. The engine luis i>ccn moved forward. Passengers ride closer to the inkcase seduii Is ulso available without <le. luxe e<|iil|iment. Sinking Body Lines anil liNToasetl Comloit Arc Major Fcahivos. The new Ford V-8 for ISM was put. on display hero today for tho Ihsl lime In Urn showrooms of the Phillips Nfolor Co,, local Ford dealer. Mtvst slrrtdiiR feaUnc nf the new car Is IXKIV lines wlileh are distinctively modern nnd n definite upaiiure from any previous Hvd ilcs'sn, The new ear also embodies n 'omblnation of nm.lor cnf>lncerliu. r lcve)opmeni,s aimed nt Increased Idhar comfoii—which hns been 'iilleil tho "center-poise" ride. Numerous Improvements chnsslf deston to provide Increuscd case of control also arc Included Two InijKHlant Improvements' have been mmle In the Ford V-8 ennlne, of which more than 1, 300.000 are now on the road. In anuearaucc, the new cars an THE I IT/ NEXT a/ Blytheville's Theatres A picture heralded ns ft thrill:il! revclftllon In musical .speo- nclrs come.s to the- HilK tlientev unday and Monday wllli lhi< First Intlonnl production of "Fllrlatlon Valk," There Is an all star cast icadcd Iry nick Powell, Ruby Kre> :-t- Hlnylng the roinnntln lend op- oslte hhn, and Pal O'Tlrlf-n In Hie nli' enf n hard-boiled nrmy scr- eant. Thcra are two went S|XK'l(iIly : lumbers Unit nre unld lo niltdn nnyllilne ever presented taforo For orlfilnallly and 'novelty. One is nil authentic Hawaiian Ixivc Pcust with Its traditional iml«iu native dances performed by sixty lUuvallun beauties nnd us many men, AKO old folk son?s arc sunn to the rhythmic heat of eotird drums In n selllnn of u moon-Ill coeoanut urovc and u rippling In Morrison, lo spile her, proposes to Jlnirl, another Bill In thn office-. Supporting the loiullhi! elmran- as the Brills!) aviator, and Paul Uikns as the plillosoplilcal for- Blving luubnnd. The Gnppoiting cast Includes Jean lioieholt, as Ihe Countess' father,'•yioU-l Kemble-Onorwr as HIB mother, Kara lladen as a jealous sister ' In love with 'the disabled fJnii'nl. fliid Ralph Foihrs us iiiidther Interned . EnglMi ohieer. '"I'lm V'onntnin" 'Is' nKO-Tladlo's plcturl/.atlon of thn classic, by Charles Margnn whleli hns been hailed as one, of the, foremost pieces nf contemporary llteialmi liclateil In (i hl|!h society atmosphere, iigalnsl exclusive) Long Im In the Him are Arlliie Judge, Island e.stnte backgiounds, swanky" Call Patrick, Edward Craven mid watering place.s nnd melronolilnn' [New York, "I've Been, Around," lo jhe nt Vim Tloxy Titosilny, \Vedne.s- Oni! of tho llnesl, mast, humnn, <l"y nnd Thursday, Is a story of most heart-warming - fllms In u 'ui'Blnl u"d dlsapiwlnted love, drcude, accordlni! lo critics, will Romance, which Is nivcii a strong be shown at the Hit/ Thursday dramntlc twist, motivates the yarn, nnd Friday. It Is tlm story of an engaged girl, Tho picture KO hearllly endorsed swept nil her feet by a fortnne- "llrleht Eyes," fox Film's IHIW- limning Interloper. Her Illusions, cst niul vehicle for the Rimm-Mis well a.s those of her nance, talents of Shirley Temple, child crumble when both discover they star extraordinary. jaro Iji'lni; victimised. They marry, riio action of "IlrlQht Kye.s" As "" "Wlmiid <l'-""te himself takes placn nt a largo commercial lo i»«uths of. wild philandering, airport near U>s Angeles nnd In a vwallhy I'nsademi liome If they can gel him in. IIU.HO'I.I' BE TI1ERK Then llicre's tlie famous nilbo of Mississippi who has left everyone agog by promising to keep quiet, for a year. Bilbo must either keep that promise or tlie iroinise he made lo his con.slitu- snts to flglit like the devil for redistribution of wealth, exposure of the "invisible government, 11 and solution of all other major problems. ' . | You'll probably be hearing of Senator Lewis Schwellenbach of who favors a plan similar to Upton Sinclair's EPIC and backs up his colleague. Senator Homer Bone, in favoring na- tionalisation of the munitions in- dustiy nnd federal control of credit. Other new senators Include: .Joe f.;n Hey of Pennsylvania, :/lo'ri, plump political Iwss and able patronage-grabber, who ha.s been accused of friendship with the G. O. P. Mellons, bill is the first Pennsylvania Democrat the Senate has seen since Ihe Civil war. Vic Donahcy of Ohio, a great vote-getter who licked an administration candidate in the prl- marie.s and .seems lo be » cross between Cal C'oolidge and Hiicy Long. absslves, and three Farmer-La- IPfite.s in the House. As compared with past the; Republican opposition Is aMdennUton'or"lhe was?" r ™T ,°o«#£. * ™ - - ™- _ „ „ , . „ r , E - n - u " rke of NcBraska, politi- ! cal minion of Lobbyist- Avtlim !Mullen ami author of a. celcbrntci New J ? ord V-8 De Luxe Coupe Sliown above is the new Ford V-fl de luxe 3-window coiipe, which lias just been announced. The new Ford V-B care have new body lines with graceful sloping rear quarter .treatment. Chassis improvements, including moving the engine more than eight inches forward, characterized bv a freshness of conception utilizing flowing curves .0 rarry out the modern motif, plus a new treatment of Interior mrt appointments which sound nn 'iithely new note In Ford body Ivllng. The engineering advances In en- glue and chassis arc comparable importance. Principal ninom: there ts the new "ride" effected L»y Ihe new s[ir]ng suspension svs- tcn>, proper cav wclnl\i. Imlftiw.e and nassniiKer wel»ht distribution and the location of the pas-sengcis closer' to Ihe center of the car— so thai they ride between the wheels. Key to the changes made In outward dc^lim is found In the relocation nf tlie front Hiring and rnglno. This has nermlll"tl mov- liw tlw bodv forward so that p»s- rens;eri ride between tlie axles, and the development of rear er jiane] lr"{Uinenl aloni< inif lines. The car Is approxl- inalelv plant Inches longer from bumper to binnpur. Uodlcs are materially wider, a'ntinii vertical louvres with horizontal stainless steel bcadinv frc romblned to form an ultiactlve hood-side ndornnienl. The radiator ornament Is fixed in position Dick also sings a Hawaiian .lames Dunn Is mice again oast "opposite" Shirley, 'and di'llvern one of the ablest performances of number lo the accompaniment of|hls notable Hollywood career, Jan^ Sol lloopll's famous native orches-1 Harwell, who registered so em- trti. 'phatlcally In "The White Parade" The second bk specially Is the >[ rcceul inomory, contribute.'! i])]enclld work, and olher members of H line east are Lois Wilson, Judith Allen, Charles Bollon. Dorithy Olnlsly, .lane Withers and lonely pair aro brought, lo- 'neii'rliy K 1 ' 11 "' 1 ' when they rente the folly "I their Individual .sulfei'lntj.s, nnd under the peel of chimes toll- Ing the birth of n new year understand that true love will efface the memories n,' many blUer plus relocation of passenger seats closer to center, of tho car, pro virie a more comfortable rido and give greatly increased ease of eunlrol. Crankease ventilation has been added to the Ford V-li engine. presentation of West Polnl'r, Hundredth Night Play by members of the cast In which Ihero are mnre beautiful girls. The story Is a romance of glorious youth and Is filled with thrilling adventure: and dramalle. itnatlons. Others In 11 in casl In- Itide Ross Alexander, Cllrm Holes, lolm Elihcdgc, Henry O'Neill, julnn Williams and J61in Artatge. An entertaining blend of drama ind comedy on the .subjects of of- Ice life and love, Paramount'^; One Hour Late," comes Tuesday i ml Wednesday to the fill*, with Joe Kforrlson. Helen Twelve!rocs nnd Conrad Nngcl In tlie leading featured roles. The picture, wlileh has its ex- i.'illni! climax. In n slnlled oiflcii olevatnr, tells the love story of j two ordinary people, played by' Morrison and Miss Tvvclvclrecs, Morrison hns an extraordinary singing voice, very little ambition unit a desire lo murry Miss Twclvctrces. But, she won't r,cc tlie radiator filler cap being unde Ihe hood. Wheels are smaller, tires lender Tlie bub caps arc adorned with i new and modern treatment of (hi Theodore von Kit/.. son of Mtsslisippl, and Jimmy Byrnes of South Carolina will be the ntlministration leadevs, with Byrnes furnishing most of the which brains and fast footwork, and Vice SI,,,..™ I Jjflp aiDUSC-Llttle things his wny until he makes a radio star of himself. As a result of one of their numerous quarrels, she. accepts an invitation from her insignia. The result h n, ['« ^ < Johnny Mack llrown, txrern fa- 'orltc since his fmuons .ixirtraynl of "Hilly Ihe Kid," returns lo modern outdoor iicllou pictures with 'ARainst the "Law." tense drama of the heroic llfo of emergency ambulance crews, which shows al tile nit/. Saturday. "Asalnsl the !,aw" pictures n hawudous culling never before shown on the screen, and of whlcli Ihc public rcallMs little of tlie dangers involved, the courage re> (|Ulrcd, and the unselfish, self- saerinelnn dangerous Job iierfomi- ed dally by ambulance crews In a work of humanity, Nol only svcrc the ambulances, c^ilpmcnl and buildings of Die Los Angola Police Receiving Hospital used In milking the picture, but the services of Chief Driver Hob llcbcrls were loaned lo Columbia Studio to act as technical advisor thru- out (lie three weeks shooting of the picture. Lovely Sally Diane, blonde George Meeker, suave Bradley Page Chester Morris and ftochello are teamed ' In tlie leading rolcii. none I.ockliart Is tlie third party to tho triangle. Phyllis Brooks will infike her screen debut. '•Tho Man From tllnh" will .he .shown Friday and Saturday. Uop|w-lnfes(«d states n! Hie mid- dlewesl received .:il,0(in tons of ; mixed grasshopper bull [his year. !)tli^sident.i ^i-ii^iurs. most likely to make for| discord "are a smaller amount of patronage to hand to Democrats— patronage being somelhmg of a club—and an unusual amount of especially In the Senate,, which frequently outruns ;the liberalism of Roosevelt. . The election was a great, Roose.- -v'elt victory, but there were s'tron; Indications that many voters fell the New Deal still too closely resembled the Old Deal. Tills feeling .will be reflected especially by the i who was Senate progressives, members of I Hague. ment ;ai5d the Declaration of Independence. -''-'•• ---•'' _""''-"^ Unity $'• 'Ti-iiman ot Missouri, fair-haired lioy of tlie notorious Pendergast machine in Kansas President Jack Gimier can-yinj! n l large hod behind the scenes."- . •Sennlor AftlfUr 1 _yah'iIeiibeiTr" 'of Michigan will 1» w'ntchrd closely. Buys Adjoining Building i i Tlie ' Shousn-TJUlc Chcvrolcl I impression of mass and stability t meat iileaslnir to the eye. because he is supposed City. Sherman Minion of Indiana, public utility regulator. !lml James E. Murray of Montana, n'er. weallhy ellteen. jus Peter O. Oeny of Rhode Island, an able consei ratlvc and the only rx-senator in 1!)M who recaptured his old feat. A. Harry Moore of New Jersey .sent here by ttoss Prank ambitions for the to hav/ P. presi- i company bus purchased the- brick (building adjoining the firm's homo .Walnut St. The SO by "one story building was d from O. fihnnyo. ilnintcly ..'$5.000 - will 'be Kill-! niprest Turkey HURRICANE DECK, Mo. (UP) —The pme for bagging the , lai-g- all parlies, who Include the ablest Congress and are a more potential source of trouble to noosovell than the regular Republicans. "WII.UNESS" EXAGGERATE) The tale thai there's a lot of wild new blood in the new membership Is exaggerated. There's some, but most new members arc Tun-of-the-m'me .politicians. Nearly all the really "wild" blood is old. You'll probably be interested in watching the Republicans, ns the most spectflcular part of the lib- cral-eonservalive light for G. O. p cbiilrol will be made hi this Con- ";rcss. Moderates such as Sena- McNary of Oregon and Vnn- lenberg. of Michigan, may worl -Jcorge L. Radcliffe of Maryland, who will be no bettor than average. OU) TACKS THE BEST The old faces, for the present nl least, arc certainly the best, party will be represented by Senator Bob LiiFollettc and seven members of the House. Their platform calls for social insurance, public ownership of railroads nnrt basic utilties, a central bntik. quick The House Republican leader, usual, will be snnrling Hen iiell of New York. The new Wisconsin Progressive North Dakota, McCarrnn of Ne- ndn. Clark of Missouri, lione of Washington— and Iluey Long of Louisiana. Advance Indication's arc that .his will be the busiest season for lobbyists in the history of Congress. Many pockctbooks are beitig llircntcncd in these awful days That's why. tho Progressives, which would leave- the die-hard Old Guard Remnants—fellows like Hastings of S?laware, Hale of Maine, and {Dickinson of Iowa—In rather a lonesome hole. • The'Housc is nearly always more docile than the Senate, so there's a good chance that progressives will take n licking -through a tightening of House rules >o prevent legislation Roosevelt doesn't want from coming (o a vote—for instance, the 30-hour-week or tlip McLeod bank deposit payoff bill; MAY CURB PETITIONS" It now requires petition' signatures of 145 members to drag n bill to (lie floor when leaders undertake lo Wiry it' In committee. but the 322 Democrats will be n-sked In an early caucus to make that number 218— a .House majority. . Such a change would help Joe Byrns. who will be Hie next speaker and Is rather easy-going. But leaders may not be able lo Jam it through. Some of the new faces arc impressive, others rather funny. There arc no new representatives, including 76 Democrats, and 13 new sectors, all Democrats. wnator-elcct Rush Holt otWcst V rginia won't be 30 years old un- 11 June 19, whereas the Constitution says nobody shall be a senator who hasn't reached the age of 30. Naturally, t , lere . s ^ plentj lialif" " Whcthcr Holt - WQllld -He is the son of a Socialist, a T? ,P .P", 1 " 110 'iltlHy bonus payment, nnd big public works. Judging from past performances, the most effective individual members will IK LaFollette. Norris of Nebraska, Borah of Idaho. Costi- i- gnn of Colorado. Cutting of New -k lexico, Black of Alabama, Nye of «st as the old vocal chords will by far the most active. Joe Robinson of Arkansas, Pat Harrl- • Tills gives the. firm a building ISO by no feel in .addition, to tlw used ear sales • quarters directly across -the street. Cornier New;-, Want Ads Pays boss to iic- and Arthur Hohl give stellar sup- to his conn- port lo Brown In the tense, |K>\V- wcek-end. And erfully di-aninllc action picture. THE "Tho 'Fountain," lo be shown at , i .wild turkey- of. the reason goes !.| lie rtoxy Sunday nnd Monday, lo Miss Sylvia Clmndet, JelTerson 'goes down In the annals of film City. Shu brought nil IB-pound hen down nl 40 feel with a 2(1- gitage -.shotgun. ••-.'' . • lilslory as another Ann Harding Irlumph. In the role of Cnuuless Von NurwIU.' a victim of n lovc- lc;s! . -nim-rin'Bc,'.' slic''finds herself delineating a cliarajler of high spiritual quality who his a 'glean- llc struggle wllli her Instliicls for lomnner. Intel-lied In Holland she i-linnce.s _ lo mod an English avlalor, n f**- aovenunem, U Is liner childhood swcellifnil, while. I her husband, n Oeniian officer, Is To fay Convicts OTTAWA, Ont. (UP)— 'Hie ques- I Ion of paying eonvicls In Canadian penal institutions for labor, probably nt the rat lli'ejr of 5 crnls a day, Is being considered by Ihe Dominion understood: nt the -front. Thrown !n,to dully a.woclnllon, she rtlscorers the!.sp:irk of her erstwhile romance rekindled. A crisis coaies when her husband returns as a war crlpplo and discovers the situation. Ills nobility In accciitiin'. tlm ultmillaii rntiscs the wlfe-lo-stlf] love " surest way 16 clrtvtj ooltljt anil I-UHCJ out "I" your I'-ni In lo i-n«iil:tto llui illKCMIvpnml ml-. llto Hy.sU-in noxl (1-n.v nut llic Konn.s nail liol.sonotis u-nnlo In a rnllil, yr-t effcf- llvo rnanuor. Try ono h.H suiiGl-Loi- inci-lt v.-ln yon. nH li ni!lllr>iks nt o t li o r t men ancl nmct). Ijnncl's I'lU.t nsl only i5u. Sold hy il- i; for llio Ul eaLs . mnn,"'Yhoiii;h It licnrl. Hoiv this Im- NK.VT: ItclieF, Sccmily, and Hnnus. th LONG William Meanest Thief LANE, Mo. (UP)—While lluiclilnson. federal re- r u for Ihe ,-ackets. r - "" d Senate progressive lief recipient, was attending funeral services for his wife, n thief broke into his house and stripped it of all loose furnishings and food. Ilutchinson has a number of small children to care for. More than 120,000.000 pounds of soil, at u loss of more than S200,- 000.000. is removed annunlly by erosion. Meat Curing Service \Vr, arc rcnilv We will pi-p-cnfit. ir.'im :mil' 'o , . yoiir • nio;H' fin'nKVii's HIP' ; |jrtckifi;v x linnsc's -ciiro. .Charges wiU IIP made only on |>icres rnrpil. dim- niiiiKs rcdinicd (o owner. I'rires- Dry Salt nnti Sugar Cine 2c per Pound. Morion's Prepared Smoku, Sugar Cure 2i/,e per 1'nimd. Morgan Utilities Ice Plant N. HiRhway 01 • Phone 183 linsse Is finally penelraled malren for n poignant cllmnx. OnjKKIle Miss Hardhuj the Imi innle roles are. portrayed by Brian Aherne, RiiBllsh .star, who Is Men DR. N. L. CISSELL QRitlHIATR VF.TF.niNARlAN "lioc'nied, at Eob Harris* ; Sales SlaWe Phono 400 Illylhcvlllc, Ark. Start the New Year With a Clean Slate At tho close of each business year your mercluml has lo make a financial statement lo oul-ol'-lown firms with which he.does business. Obviously it is lo his benefit to make as good a showing as possible. You Can Help Him Make a Belter Showing By Paying Your Charge Aceounts Promptly On the First of the Year. •.' ' i ':••.•: I'-, 1^4^ A V".'' •' -^ ^ /; . ^'-' \ i$t.' • '' ' ^ ' ! ' I If yoiii 1 hicrchanl has been kind enough to let you ' j '' •••: open a charge account for your convenience and has not grumbled about,your being slow al limes you should show your appreciation by l a k i n £ eare of present obligations promptly on the first. THIS SPACE BOUGHT AiND PAID FOR BY MERCHANTS OF BLYTHEV1LLH WHO HAVE BEEN EXTENDING CREDIT •A.JJL

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