Evening Star from Washington, District of Columbia on February 20, 1915 · 12
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Evening Star from Washington, District of Columbia · 12

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1915
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LOCAL MEITTIOJ. Sapertor Developing and Enlargement?. Columbia Photo Sup. Co.. 1434 N. Y. ave. V. 8. Order No. 431^45 l?a? ju^t been secured by C. A. Muddirnan A Co. to place electric wires in the Army War College. Phone Your Want Ad to The Star. Main 3440. ? * Income Tax. < V Soon I'll have to make report of mv earnings, every sort, to the cold official clam who collects for Uncle Sam. And. my nerves are on the blink, as I till my pen with ink, and prepare to till the blank with some figures from the hank; for I hear the Preacher say : "Be as honest as the day! In your age or iu your youth, never jump upon the truth! Though temptations you beset. Truth is still the one best bet! You would profit by a lie? It will wing you by and by! When your falsehoods are unloosed. they will homeward come to roost! Tell tlie truth, whate'er the cost! Falsehood always is a frost." So 1 sit here in my den. Jfcm! I sadiv chew my pen, for 1 know not what to do?does that trouble trouble you? I could beat <ihi l/ncle Sam. fond of fiction as T am: 1 could till this blooming blank with some figures lean ami lank, which would scarcely represent more than thirty-nine per dent of the coin 1 have amassed in the gold old year that's passed. Tint the Preacher says, savs he: "Prom the taradiddle flee! Do not stoop to tell a lie?it will swat you by and by!" W hat's a wearv soul to do?does this trouble trouble you? W ALT MASON. LEADER IN RIFLE SHOOT. Washington State College Heads Race for TJ. S. Championship. Washington State C' ege still is leading the field in the race for the college rifle shooting championship of the country, though closely pressed by Iowa State and Michigan and Massachusetts Agricultural colleges. Results of this week's matches follow: Class A?Iowa State. 973. vs. Purdue, 934: Washington State, 987, vs. California. 953; Michigan Agricultural, 971, vs. Naval Academy. 965: Massachusetts Agricultural, 977, vs. Minnesota, 939: West Virginia, 966, vs. Cornell, 960; Norwich. 949, vs. Illinois, 936. Class B?North Georeia. 971. vs. Yer niont, 935; Pennsylvania, 945, vs. Okla- 4 lioma. 921; Notre Dame. 910. vs. Wis- 5 cousin. S7T; Maine, 925. vs. Dartmouth, ] 903; Princeton, 902, vs. Worcester Poly- 1 technic, $99. * flass C?Tale, 914. vs. Nebraska, 906; 1 Idaho, $55, vs. Lehigh, 835; Kansas Ag- * ricultural. 909. vs. Arizona. SS3: Uni- ? versity of Washington, 875. vs. Missis- 1 sippi. 869; Washington, 913. vs. Rhode Island State, defaulted. 1 t 1 ALONG THE BIVER FRONT. ' Arrivals. Schooners L. J. Stewart and B. W. Bramble, oysters from the lower Potornac, at 11th street wharf for the market; steamer Newport News, from Norfolk and Old Point, with . passengers and freight; steamer Volunteer, from Mattawoman creek and river wharves with merchandise and passengers; schooner Lola Taylor, at the wharf market from the eastern shore of Chesapeake bay with oysters. Departures. Schooner Copia, light, for a lower river point to load and return; schooner Josephine Keas, light, for Occoquan, Va , to load cord wood for the market here; schooners Willie C'larance and J. T. White, light, for Blakistone Island and Ragged point after oysters for the local market; steamer Southland, for Old Point and Norfolk; steamer Frederick de Bary. for Colonial Beach, Mattox creek and upper river wharves; power boat Grace, from Alexandria for a river point with merchandise; schooner Klondyke has left Alexandria with bricks for a Potomac point. lugs ana lows. Tug Eugenia arrived from Alexandria to the Eastern branch towing a Smoot dredge; tug James O. ?'arter arrived from down river with oyster-laden craft n tow; tug M. Mitchell Davis arrived at Baltimore towing schooner from the capes; tug I.ouise arrived with lighters laden with bricks for the District, andwill leave today with lighters laden with material for the workhouse; tug Capt. Toby left with lighter laden w ith shells for the Alexandria crushing plant. Memoranda. Schooner J. A. Parsons is on her way to this city from Norfolk with lumber and laths for dealers; schooner Grace G. Bennett has arrived at Baltimore from Norfolk with lumber, schooner Mary Lee of the Carter fleet, laid up at a bay point, will return to service tins week; schooner Martha Avery is due at this city with oysters from a downriver point; schooner Mildred is reported on her wav to this city from a bay point with railroad tigs for the dealers; barge Calvert is lying, light, at Georgetown, waiting a tug to take her away, schooner Maryland is at Georgetown discharging gas coal. DIES AT AGE OF NINETY-EIGHT. Mrs. Hannah K. Lewis Buried Today in Congressional Cemetery. ,Jli>. Hannah Knovtles laewis, ninety- i eight years old, died Thursday at the j hipr.r of Prof. L. D. Bliss in North ' Tpkoma Park. The family to which \ Mrs. i^wis belonged was noted for its longevity. Funeral services were held this afternoon at the Bliss home in Takoina Pjirk. and were conducted by Dr. Granger of the Gunton Temple and JCev. Dr. Gre*-ne of Calvarv church. Interment was in Congres- j fetonal cemeteryMrs. I.ewis horn August 11, ! 1 >517. and was a native of New York state, her father being K. Knowles of Greenville, N V. After residing with her parents for fifty years she became the wife of Milo Lewis, and came to this city in lfcTL', making her home on Chaplo street. Mrs. Lewis had been identified with the North Presbyterian, Unity Presbyterian and Gunton Temple Memorial churches. Restaurant Opens "February 30." Some one lias given the calendar a new date. Tt Is either that, or we have two days more to live this year than any one suspected. On the second floor of a building on Pennsylvania avenue Uiis sign is spread across the front: "Chinese Restaurant Opened Here About February 30." The question is, just when does February SO coxne? Der Cj Hsri A Fl praiseofacIwitTes for child welfare; Supt. Thurston of Public Schools Addresses Association at Congress Heights. fcT. i- Thurston, superintendent of | schools, delivered an address last night | before the members of the Child Wei- j fare Association of Congress Heights, i in the assembly hall of the school in j that suburb. His address contained j many suggestions to both the parents I ind the teachers and enlightened them j :>n many subjects of which heretofore j they had known but little. He spoke | >f the value of the child welfare asso- j ciations throughout the District; the j necessity of regular attendance on the i part of the pupils at every session of i school: the value of home study, calling special attention to the methods'! idopted by some families, which he j .onsidered the best, whereby a certain j lime was set aside each day for the ! study of the lessons at home, and also | Iwelt upon the harm done in the vari- j >us classes by. the teacher being inter- J *upted during the school hours. He ! strongly advocated the visiting of the { schools by the. parents, but said that ( vlien so doing they should not inter- | ere with the lesson periods. Differ- i ;nces. he said, should be settled after chool hours, when the teacher could jive her whole time to the conference, ind should be settled when the pupil oncerned was not present. He said that it only did harm to the pupil to have it present when a conference was being held to settle a dispute. Other ProgTam Features. Mrs. E. E. Richardson, president of the association, presided at the gathering. which was well attended. The program was opened with a piano solo by Miss Emma Bender. Words of greeting were expressed oy vr. n. .?i. j Johnson, supervising principal of the i ninth division, and C. S. Purdy, chair- ! man of the school committee of the Public Improvement Association of Congress Heights. Mrs. W. T. Reed and Milton J. Fillius contributed a number jf vocal selections, accompanied by Miss Bender on the piano. W. W. Price, president of the Citizens* Association of Congress Heights, made remarks, praising the work ??f Lhe Child Welfare Association in the community and pledging the support jf the citizens to everything that was lone by that organization. The assembly hall where the exercises were held had been specially dec- j rated with palms, flowers and flags j fur the event, and at the close refresh- | ments were served. - - ( < onvenlrnt Branch \Ke?ry. Taylor's Pharmacy, cor. *Jd st. and Md. 1 *ve. n.e.. id a convenient Capitol Hill ! agency for Star Want Ad patrons. A penny a word a day is all it costs for rlelp and Situations Wanted, For Sale Miscellaneous, Rent Rooms. Lost and Found, etc. W. H. HADAWAY SUCCUMBS ! SUDDENLY AT HIS HOME1 ; Lifelong Resident of the District Victim of Acute Indigestion. William H. Hadaway. a lifelong resident of the District, died suddenly yes-: terdav at his home, 120.? North Capitol; street, at the age of sixty-three years,! as the result of acute indigestion, from ! which Mr. Hadaway had suffered at in-j tervals for a year or more. Funeral services arc to be held at thOj home Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock, j Rev. Mil ward W. Rlker of St. Stephen's j Kplsropal Church officiating. Interment j is to be In Congressional cemetery. j Mr Hadawav was born in South i Washington, and attended the public schools there. Since 1K70 he had been employed by Murin & Co., publishers of the Scientific American. Officials of the company spoke highly of him today, saying that he was a "faithful employe ?always 'on the job.' " His only near surviving relative is a sister, Mrs. J. E. Hergesheimer. He was a member of the Episcopal Church, but belonged to no organizations. Important Change* la Schedule? W. S. Ry. Effective Monday, February 22, 101 r?, local trains leaving Washington 7 a.m. daily for Richmond and - p.m. Saturdays for Fredericksburg will be discontinued. Accommodation train now leaving 10:00 a.m., except Saturday, will depart at 0:10 a.rp. daily, running to Fredericksburg only.?Advertisement. MRS. MARY E. STRONG DEAD. Funeral Today From Home of J. S. Easby-Smith, Her Son-in-Law. Mrs. Mary K. Strong, widow of Maj. ; Frank Strong and mother of Mrs. James S. Easby-Smith, died Thursday at the home of a daughter. Mrs. Hoy E. Lethermun, ut Walkeraville, Md.. following a brief Illness of pneumonia. Funeral services were held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Easby-Smith, 1721 8 street northwest. Rev. J. J. Dimon, rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, officiating. Interment was in Arlington national cemetery beside her husband. Mrs. Strong was a native of Louisiana. As a young girl she went with her father. Col. Sterling H. Tucker, to Little Rock, Ark. She had lived in Washington for the past thirty-live years. She was one of the oldest and most active members of 8t. Andrew's Church. Besides her two daughters, a son, Charles B, Strong of this city, survives I her. iptain Star MISTER MU5ICKEK, COMEI ~7jfc LJND AT 5HARP MIDDLE f??" IT UND I SET TOR YOU ) (jjJJ NE MONKEY TOR A ^ V SENT.' MONKEY5,DOTS0fRV^\ G. W. U. CHEMICAL SOCIETY HOLDS ANNUAL BANQUET President Stockton. Several Professors and Others Address the Organization. Rear Admiral Charles Herbert Stockton. U. S. N., retired, president of George Washington University, spoke last night before the Chemical Society of the university assembled at the Continental Hotel for the annual banquet. Other speakers were: Dean William Allen Wilbur, Dr. Charles E. Monroe, dean of the school of graduate studies; Dr. Howard L. Hodgkins. dean of the college of arts and sciences; Asst. Profs. Otis Dow Sweet and Hiram C. o. r irtuwotu di ucnwcii, president of the organization, and Dr. F. W. Clarke. Under the title of censor, L. F. William Pahl. treasurer, acted as toastmaster. Members of the organization present were J. M. Taylor, Elmer Stewart, L. T. Leonard. Paul Cathcart. Paul I'rattain, R. M. Mehurin, Carl F. Snyder, J. F. Brockwell, Reuben Shmidt, L. F. W. Pahl. John Baker. Paul Ramsdell, Peter J. Donk, Charles R. Brennernan, George W. Phillips, Walter Brown, Charles Hummer, John McCoy, Charles Tonkin, David Mitchell, P. R. Coleman, P. Levy, Charles Hindel, Paui Harris, Charles Cross, H. H. Shinnick. L. F. Kirschner and the Chinese member of the society, Wu Ging, and Miss Kain and Miss Karger. The dinner committee was composed of Carl F. Snyder. C. R. Brennernan and Reuben Shmidt. The officers of the Chemical Society are: J. F. Brockwell, president; George W. Phillips, vice president; P. J. Donk. secretary, and L. F. W. Pahl. treasurer, and Mr. Pahl, Mr. Brennernan, Mr. Shmidt and Carl F. Snyder, executive committee. Money to loan at 5 and 6^ on real estate. 1 Frank T. Rawlings Co., 1425 N. Y. ave.? | Advertisement. $1.ZUU I5> UUIM I KIBUTED TOWARD CLEAN-UP FUND Advertising Campaign to Be Waged Last Week in March?$5,000 Is Desired. Contributions amounting to SI,200 towards the fund for the "cleaiv-up, paint-up" campaign scheduled to start Easter Monday were received at a meeting of the general committee in charge of the campaign last niglit in the Builders and Manufacturers' Exchange. An effort is to be made to raise a fund of $5,000. An advertising campaign to be waged the last week in March was outlined. It was decided that 4.000 signs to be displayed on wagons and automobiles should be purchased and that an order for 70.000 clean-up campaign buttons be placed. These buttons are to be distributed among the school children of the. city. Lantern slides advertising the campaign are to be shown in many of the motion picture theaters. The following executive committee was selected: A H. McGhan, chairman; W. F. Andrews, secretary: George K. Russell, treasurer: K. R. S. Lmbrey. Giles Dyer. Hugh Reilly, Dr. <\ Murray, Maurice Flynri, George H. Mark ward and \V. W. Kverett. Contributors to the campaign fund were the Master Painters* Association, 5300; Hugh Keilly Company, ?300; S. Kann. Sons & Co.. 5100; Woodward & Lothrop. $100; K. J. Murphy Company fine.), $100; W. H. Butler. $100; Dyer Brothers, $50; J. W. Hunt foinpanv, $35; George F. Mutli A Co.. $25; W. \V. Mansfield. $3'.; Journeymen Painters' Association. 525; John J. Smith, $30, and the New Fork Decorating Company, $5. Flower* for Feb. '224 Entertaining. Many appropriate novelties. J. H. Small & Sons. 1Mb A H. Washington; Waldorf-Astoria A 1153 B'dw'y, N. Y.? Advertisement. TOLD OF ANNIVERSARY PLANS Alumni Awcneifltinn of Wnrrp?t.M "Poly" Holds Annual Meeting. Plans for celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, to be held next June, were outlined at u meeting of the alumni association of that institution at the annual meeting and smoker at the Cosmos Club last evening. Dr. Ira N. Mollis, president of the institute, who was the principal speaker, stated that President Wilson is expected to be present. "Student Life in Germany" was described by Dr. G. C. Spencer. Officers 1 of the association were elected, as follows: President, Dr. Spencer; vice president. J. K. Schofleld, and secretarytreasurer, Victor Cobb. i ? ?? ?? i LiEALT 1J CANDIES 100% PURE. Health Candies, 40c & 60c Lb. ij Wc Have Made a New Line of Red, I White and Blue Candies for the 22d. 1203-1205 G St. Parcel Tost. Matiae* Sodaa. ted It H .UOW MUCH "S ^ OBLIGE = To Be Continued in SCHOOL PUPILS OBSERVE WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY Celebration Yesterday Afternoon by Those of Anacostia?Addresses Are Delivered. Pupils of the Ketcham School of Anacostia gave a Washington birthday celebration yesterday afternoon in the parish hall of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, on V street southeast. Rev. W. O. Roome, jr., rector of the church, delivered the address of welcome. Dr. H. j M- Johnson, supervising principal of the ninth division: S. E. Kramer, assistant superintendent of public schools, and Rev. G. Deroy White, pastor of the Anacostia M. E. Church, were also present and spoke. Dr. Johnson paid a high compliment to the pupils, teachers and parents of the Anacostia schools for their keen interest in school work. Mr. Kramer told of Ibis visit to the Virginia schools as a ! means of comparison, and called nar ticular attention to the good manners of the pupils of the schools iri the Vir-| ginia towns The program included a recitation,! "The Twenty-second of February." I Mary Goddard: tableau, "Drilling His J Playmates," pupils; tableau. "The j Cherry Tree," pupils; song, "Chop Tti Down," pupils of the third grade; tableau, "Battle of Great Meadows," pupils; chorus, by the school; tableau, "Crossing the Delaware"; song, pupils of the fourth grade; tableau, '.'Valley Forge"': chorus ' and drill, pupils of sixth and seventh grades; tableau, "Surrender of Corn wallis"; tableau, "Washington's Birthday at Home." including minuet dance by pupils of the first, second and third grades; flag drill and "Star Spangled Banner." Capitol Hill Agency. Tou ran leave your Want Ads Cor The Star at the pharmacy of McChesney & Joachim, lith and K sts. n.e. It costs only a penny a word a day for Rent Rooms. For Sale Miscellaneous. Help ! and Situations Wanted, Dost and j Found and other private and individual ! wants. ? OFFICERS ARE INSTALLED. j Woman's Relief Corps Ushers in j Newly Elected. 1 The Department of the Potomac, j Woman's Relief Corps, met last night j j at G; A. R. Hall for the installation of : | officers for 1315, which took place as j follows: President. Mamie P. Dorsev; senior 1 vice president, Alice Stine; junior vice j president, Carrie M. Gury: secretary, Augusta B. Palmer; treasurer, Julia | West Hamilton: inspector, Jennie T. ! Thompson; counselor, T. D. Entreken; j I. and J. officer, M. De Marzo; press . correspondent, Isabel Worrel Ball: pa- j triotlc instructor. May V. Fanch; chief' of staff. Nera B. Atkinson; executive! board. May A. Van Ness, May E. Grlf- j fln, Lucinda Gruter. Amelia Paling, j Nellie Krusrer: deleft* ut Ur' | Eleanor Morgan; delegate, Julia Mason i ! Layton; installing ofhcer. Nera B. At- j 'kinson; chaplain, Alice Burgess. ^ ! Many gifts were exchanged between I I the newly elected and retiring officers. Boy Accused of Stealing Wash. Complaint was made to the police of a robbery committed at 16th and Monroe streets yesterday morning by an | unidentified colored boy about sixteen years old. It is stated the boy took the family wash of Mrs. R. P. Wright, 1S1*> Newton street northwest, from Ernest Coates. a nine-year-old colored boy, who was on bis way to Mrs. Wright's house. ! It matters little what it is that you want?whether a situation or a servant ? a want ad in The Star will reach the person who will till your need. SRfliHBHnBBQSSi P II Fiirlrlin/ H XVIViMIKi | Through ??jj ?The mos g eventually lan ?Start bid ? ?Put your ' ?They'll c business wher m ?The "Ad; I backed by the producing pow THE SERVICE Si i oprrlsM, iftt, Ptms Publirblos Co. <H- T. W?Mt) \ 1 $ SVT.'k ^ <- L06K MICE 6A j| T^FO \) i The Sunday Star Comic Secti CITY ITEMS. 3 Doz. Safety Matches. 10c: 4 Lbs. Choice Eva p. Peaches, 25c; large cans Cal. Peaches. 10c; 4 large cans Tomatoes, 25e; 4 cans Corn, 25c; 4 cans Peas, 2.1c; 3 cans Peerless Milk. 10c; 3 cans Asparagus, 50c; White Potatoes, lrtc pk.; Onions. 20c; 4 cans Baked Beans, 25c; Navy Beans. 7c lb.; Lima Beans. Hn Pominv ?li.c 7 IHc "Rimlr u'hau t 2^-lb. cans Karo Syrup, 10c. 412 4th st. s.e. and all the J. T. D. Pyles Stores. Portfolios. Schmidt, 719-21 1.1th st. I-llftinger** tow Price* on Lumber ?enable builders to realize bigger profits on jobs. Auto deliveries. 2109 7th. Keystone Daily. Virginia, 608 9th. Phone Your Want Ad to The Sta*k Main 2440. FIRE "LOSS REACHES $10,000. Home of Thomas W. Stubblefield Practically Ruined by Flames. Fire in tta home of Thomas W. Stubblefield, 4 610 16th street northwest, last night about 9 :30 o'clock, did damage estimated at $10,000. Members of the family were at the theater when the fire occurred, and when they returned home they found it necessary to accept the hospitality of neighbors, their home being practically ruined. Private John B. Weismiller of No. 24 engine company was overcome by gas fumes while in the house. It was necessary for other members of the company to assist him to the street. He quickly I recovered and did not have to go off i duty. The fire started in the basement and burned through the roof. Firemen removed some furniture and other articles from the burning building. The loss is covered by insurance. GUILTY OF EMBEZZLEMENT. Masters and Kinnear. Former Fra ternity Officials. Conviced. Samuel J. Masters and John B. Kin- j near, former chief workmah and chief scribe, respectively, of the Modern Workmen of the World, were convicted last night by a jury in Criminal Division 1 of the District Supreme Court of embezzlement. The jury deliberated four hours 5jver its verdict. This is the second trial of the men, the first conviction having been set aside by the Court of Appeals. Pending a motion for a new trial the accused are at liberty 011 bail. The indictment on which tlie men were tried contains fifteen counts and charges that wtafle making loans of the funds of the fraternal organization they appropriated to their own use eomrnrssions and bonuses charged the borrowers. The defendants were represented by Attorneys Wilton J. Lambert and Henry E. Davis of the local bar and Judge J. K. M. Norton of Alexandria. The prosecution was conducted by Assistant United States Attornevs Hawken and Laws. Friends of Humanity to Meet. The Friends of Humanity will hold J a meeting in the rooms of the Wash- j ington Chamber of Commerce at 8| o'clock Monday evening to consider | "The Federation of the World," with i all mankind bound together "by a! world postal service." STAG HOTEL Jl 80S 9th Street. firijPRwJ Or?r Virginia Theater. Take Elevator. TK/'AfflP Heat ROOMS in elty. Parquet ioort steel erllings; nhowrr Wtrl bath, toilet and lavatory; tele j I phones; French windows; writing tables; metal lockers; "hoes whined while yon sleep* 2iT"?f etc. Kverythinjc sanitary. Sl.OO JtflLJSJi and Sl.SO per day. Special weekly rates. Look 'em over. writiwrrswr aasaoaB 7 fnr Mnrp R j m vr m ^ * VT m V Good Prints t persistent bidder is tbc ds the business, ding for more spring busin bids in printed form, ompel more attention an< i tbey are printed in tbe Ac ams way means faultle sort of service that develo er in printed matter. BY HOP. ' By R. Dii on Tomorrow. AMUSEMENTS. ? THE FEMINI^P PHYSICAL m CHAMPIONS i . *' ,'r\ Will Roehm's ^W, Athletic Girls vlt v A A tine exhibition of V ' self-defense and physi- h <al culture. Exports in J^r Fencing. Boxing. Wres- p tling, Bag Bunching. " ) All Next PflS Week LlHD BALDWIN'S BEAU MUSICAL COMED "Fun in a C A brand-new musical comedy. Co Kirls. Yjtlier acts and attractions. COLONIAL THEATE Sunday and Monday "The Birth of a Nation" Shown. ( "The Birth of a Nation," a motion picture lilm which took eight months to produce, and which is based on Thomas Dixon's book "The Clansman," was shown before a private assemblage ( by David W. Griffith, the producer, at the Releigh Hotel last night, under the auspices of the National Press Club. In the reserved seats sat Chief Justice White of the .Supreme Court of the United States, who was guest of honor, and Mrs. White, together with many members of Congress and members of the diplomatic corps. Reeves Chocolates Their quality is only sur- j passed by their delicious_ 70c a Hound j Pure Cream < nrainel*, 40c lb. ? Reeves, 1209 F Street j f ARCADE Dance Auditorium (14th St. and Park Road) SPECIAL DANCE ORCHESTRA! TONII.HT?l.adirM Krrr. FRIDAY ?Kiddle*' Mjsht. SATIRDAV?Week- ' end Special; i'hildren'* ( lax* in tlie ; rnornioK. Special Matinee* 25c, including Dancing. 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STUDIO DE DANSE.f;"1^;^ " Now hesitation, maxixe. ..m-stey, Lu Lu Fado, ' >x trot, taiii-'o, wait/, aid all latest dances taught; orreetly. 14211 Rhode Is?iaud are. j ,i.<tit v. ti..: i iT li-j. 1'i'n> .kii ! lessons any hour. ">0-. l-':sh Walk. l-step. Boa- j tot. Tan to. Hesitation. etc. ria>a a;.d dance, Tuea.. Tbi:r? . s* even.. "0\ Ladles free. <. II Ai'PiiLliAK, 1312 g .t. PhODe North 6S44. A V N1JJ-1AM BROS. STUDIO.' Every modern dance taught correctly. 712 G ST. N W Phone M. 6062. , :hk capital city clf:f clib. lewis tT i Thomas. manager. 94G Tea n.w. (N. 6SS9>.? Music furnished for teas, banquet*. dances. , Located Jardln de Danse. Banjo*. violins.drums. NAT L RIFLES ARMORY. ! I?A\< E AI DITOKIFM. <i NEAR #th V U\ MON., FEB. 22. (dl.OMAI, MASK BAI L Moo., Tbura.. Sat. eves: dan- iug. Sto 12. Two band-. U'-n'-. adtn . .*?<>< : ladles, idm.. free. \1KS. ROWLAND. ! 1202 P ST. N.W. essons. tr, each. Ph. N. 4NU9 Bv r?j-pdnfrnenr | MVISON'S, 1329 M n.w. h. N. 6514.- All dances correctly taught. Prtate. any hour. Select <-ia-a A: danee. lues. evea. MISS MABEL FAIRFAX Standardized Mer bod ClaM. Saturday night. 8:30 o'Horl. Mine. Weaver, chaperon. Pboue M. 5H8S. 1210 <* st. n.w. Also evenings. 1.160 Fairmont st. tbl. 42S*. KOF. WYNDHAM. .MAIL. BUHSAY AM) MISS MILI.KR. Private lesaous. ALL P. M l.ROOM DANCES. Lesaous. 50c. Class Thursday eve.. 7:30. SI6 12th u.w. Phone Main 5670. ui v atl only. MILLER^ bKi.fct.rr. ALL BALLROOM DANCES. Belasco Theater. Phone M. 5822-W. i Phone ROBEY'S You j N. 1863. ?t 16th. tmerlj with Q. Hepburn Wllaao, M. . i of the mer KJd* ' )=/pas5af?^^^^ tt (-a-da-gent^^a fmto give- a 'wfjkf AMUSEMENTS. lajLUMB^l In Her Famoua p Prices This Week: 0 Next Week?Twice Dally. 2:lft and 8:1? =| All Seats Ueserved. Mats., 25c; Children, 16c. M Ergs.. 25c. 35c. 50--. 1 LYMAii I. HOWS ! = ?..**. ' - -? ? __ ? I =i * uj auunnii) oi luc .>a*y i?ep*. II OUR ILW iiAVY In 191S First ' ompletp reproduction in moving p;?25 tun-* of l'n-lo Sam's tight lug forces at sea i mksm < 011 m 111 \ i hi:\ti:k Vt/fcD. O Vf PROMPT AT 4:30 feb. ^r,:sixG N. Y. SYMPHONY WALTER i >AMROSCII OONDL*?T? til JOSEF HOFMANN The World's circatest I'ianlst SOLOIST {Special Film Features! 1 Lyric* I41h and Irving vts. \.W. t ITIH'ai iiv sfh i \i. ilix^I est "th?? ? COI'XTRY MOI'SE." I'?tworTli Feature; r#- f leased by i'ramouut 1'iini <.' ?. Orchestra. ? Oltrmplr. 14.11 Vow ?t. V.W. ?TODAY rilAULIK FIIAFLIN. in HIS NhWi t A1.K K J??Y?'K. in The Saiuggkra."4 ? Also "Runaway June." 1-ipisode N?. 1. f f i Savoy. 14th and Columbia Road. ? f today by si*f.< ial iiiiqi kst - flaraa KIMBAI.I. YMl \\?j. In T:,. |j*ep Purple," ? f 5-aei World l-'ilni. Orchoai.ru. ? t ? Prlncoau. I -I h anil II S?v X.K. ? f T??I?AY "Tho Leked l?oor." Vit Broadway ? Star Feature. Orchestra. ? i rirolf Theater, :i?r> Pa. Ave. *.?. J TODAY A Orand 'ialaxy ? ! Features A: I ? L' hour show. Mat.. ."?? ; Evenings. Br : ? and Irt. TOMORROW < HARLES RICH t I ? M<?NI?. in "The Man From Home,"* in 8* ! I Lender. Ofh Met. ? : and K St*. W.W. 7t?i|?a\ TWH E UI> I KD." featuring* i x .lamvs Mi.ttI.mhi and Dorothv Kellcv .\W. ? CKUTIllKE M.i.iV. ill "Hit llushaod't, ii S,'D " ? t ? Pens (iardftiK, Ave. at 21?t St. >'.\V. # , ? TODAY?"The prince of India," in 4 parts,* ' * and 2 reels of Es^anay. * ? SI'NDAY -"Tii Iioosn-r Schoolmaster,** fea- * ! turiuic Max Figman and l>ollta lU?b?*rtisoti. ^ f ; Resent, isth A California Nta. V.W. ^ T"I?A^ -AriMur .l?vin>-ni :,-id I.<vrl<- Rr>.-... : in "? -Hi ad- Kittv." '!"??>1? ?\A ? IIAli : | i l.li; < 1IAPLI.V in "His N? w Job." ? i ~ .->4 NATIONAL ANNETTE ,Hrr.'n KELLE&MANN ML$2?,T TIME MODEL GIRL SO? ALL STAK < AST - 50 J Prices: SOc, 7.%.-. $!.<*>. $1.50, $2.00. NEXT WHK -EATS SBIL1NO 1 Extra Mat. Monday. \Y*>hiiigl<>a's E rtbdajr. Oihi I. s Fr??;.tiJH!i t" THE GREAT 'I HKEE-STAK ? OM BIN ATIOJ^ I JU1.IA SANDERSON DONALD BRIAN J OS K I'M LAW THORN .n THE <ilRL l-'KOM UTAH Tuesday?4:30, Feb 23 THIRD CONCERT UF I'HH Philadelphia Orchestra UftlPOLD STTHv?iWSKI. ?V?dtt<*tor. Soloist: OljijA SAMOltorr The Diet inxuixbed Pintiist. Tickets. $2.50. $2.00, $1 ..VI. $1.00. at T. Arthur Smith's. l.'iotS ?i *t. n.^ B-LASCO Za,,Zblh%" I < HAS II Wl ERZ Frcvms 1 be New York Casino Musi-a' -u<*cea3. , LADY LUXURY WITH FLORENCE UEBBEK BROADWAY CAST? BEAUTY < HoRCS. | NEXT WEEK SEATS NOWMAT. MCIN U'?,hlncton'? B -tbd?J'. 25c to J H 11 I RAZEE I'rt-Muls EDWARD I-EPI.ES ROYAL FARCICAL A FAIR OF SIXES WITH RALPH IIKItZ j, TVK?1^MMiU:OU !'? $1 ^ a tt r *mr /f~r. a irt? ttv TP Ba u ivii y a k o 11 I' M. ROME. 8:3? I' M. ST. PETEKSBL KG. MOTION PICTURES OODOR VIEWS II BIT irriTU'Q r. NLlin J 8UN - 3:0U*s IS 2 Phunr??Main 44M nod 4485. Mat*.. 25c. Evening*. 25c tm 91 "Micrbty Big 4 tid fence."?-->tar. EVA TANGUAY ( rcatcnt Eccentric ( omfdirnne. & WItcbto. Kesnc & Window. Tea 1-Vatun* Stellar Bill. Next Week- Joan Sawyer, Trixie Frlgansa. Ac. SAPHO ?&D?Y CAi.VTlXliOCS. s TO 11 P.M. NEW AMERICAN THEATER 1st and Rhode Island Ave. NAV. POLI'S TWICE DAILY. 2 15. 8:15. PriefK: 25*'. 50c (With the einpUon if Monday Mat . all seat*. 25c.? Erg* . 25c. 50c. 75c. U KKK EEBRI'AKY 15 M:w POLI I'l.AYKRS. IN- John 1?t*w'k Greatest Success. "THE LIARS" By Henry Arthur Jones. Meat Week?*Cohan and Harris' Greatest ? * ona Idea."

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