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Oakland Tribune, Sunday, Nov. 1, 1959 By Your Townsmen Jack Burroughs (text) Frank Ketttewell (art) Old ones 2-M Many St ouse terian Church at the corner of 15th Ave. and East 14th the site of the Church of the Advent, now St. James Episcopal Church, at the corner of 17th Ave. and East -14th St, the lot for the engine, house on East 14th Se near 13th, Ave.

and Larue's HilL later known as San Antonio Park, and also called Inde-" vpendence Square. Among his many interests Larue found time to engage actively in politics. He was at one. time a member Of the State Leg- islature." That is the over-all story of the old rooming house at 1318 East 14th St, as it exists in the' archives of memory and the annals of the past As for the countless stories that have had their fleeting moment in its many rooms most of them lie forever hidden in the dust of oblivion. TALE WITH A SEQUEL Acircus advertisement -1 B.unches and Sunday wallops delivered by the winds and suns and rains of decades, there is still a trace of the gingerbread beauty of other" times.

How long has this old house stood its ground? Almost 90 years. Construction was started in 1870 by James Bus-kir Larue, business' man, transportation executive and, philanthropist, The property on which it was erected was the blodc bounded by East 12th St, East 14th St, 13th Ave. -and 14th Heldicf not live to move into his new home. His death occurred 'on Jan. 7, 1872, and he was survived by his wife, four sons and One daughter.

His son, James Larue Jr. and family' moved into the house upon its completion. From Albert E. Norman, local historian, Your Townsman obtained the following biography of James Buskirk La- rue: An old rooming house has more stories than a skyscraper. Greatest rooming house story of them all perhaps, is O.

Henry's poignant 'and tragic tale "The Furnished Room." Town's old rooming houses have their share of stories too, but most of them will never be told, two reasons. First, though walls have ears, they have no tongues with which to reveal their secrets. Second, there is "bo O. Henry to weave the stories into lasting form. The best that can be done Is to delve into past records and set down the simple facts which the old saw assures us are stranger than fiction.

Let us take, for example, the time-battered, weather-beaten structure at 1318 East 14th St with the 'Furnished Rooms" sign hanging beneath its street address number. It has a coat of blue paint which matches the dominant mood of its deelining yearsjanda-fireescapeon its upper-story front as required by law for old dowager mansions whose reduced circumstances have forced them to take in paying guests. In spite of the rabbit in 185L He bought land from Antonio Peralta and settled there withthe Idea of developing a town and establishing commerce. "lie was born in Bergen county, New Jersey, on February 6, 1800. Before he left New Jersey he was engaged in the manufacture, of paper.

In Oakland he "kept store," sold lumber and dealt in real estate. In 1857 he became associated with a group that established a ferry line and San Francisco' He was elected president of the line which was known as the Oakland and San Antonio Steam Navigation Co. The main thought in Mr. Larue's mind was to reduce the' fare from San Francisco to Oakland in to bring prospective buyers of real estate to the east side of the bay. "He reduced the fare to 25 cents, which wasone-half Jhe "ratechafpd by the Minturn ferry line, started by Horace Carpentier.

Larue gave freely to all well-planned enterprises for the upbuilding of the community. He gave the site for the Brooklyn Presby- souped up with high power adjectives, appeared in The Tribune of Sept 2, 1876 Here are a few of the calli-thumpian phrases "in that masterpiece of old-time big top press agentry: "Monster "In 1850, Brooklyn, now East Oakland, was -known only as the Embarcadero of San Antonio, so named after the Peralta family. Mr. Larue came into this peaceful en- Leviathan Coming! Great International Allied Shows I The Only Big Show Ever in the West! Double the Size of Any Other! A $200,000 hippopbtamus-i-the only one upon exhibition in America! The Only Living Gknffes in America! Largest Elephant! The Smallest Elephant! Colossal Combination of Enrapturing Attractions! Exhibition Replete With Four Acres of Exhibition Tents! Spectacular Vision of Splendor! Grand Street Pageant! Genuine Steam Piano All Others1 Are Frauds! Colossal Exhibition of AH Nations!" In The Tribune for Oct 28, 1878 the following story appeared under the head The Circus Sold: "The Sale of Cooper, Bailey and Circus at San Francisco yesterday aggregated about $20,000. -The as sold to Adam Forepaugh, 'of Philadelphia, for $4,000, he having sent a telegraphic dispatch to go as high as that in the bidding.

The sacred cow and calf went for the hyena for $5, subsequently disposed of privately for $100; a white camel for $20, a red camel and calf for $47.50. A "few birds cockatoos, were Isold prices ranging from $2.50 to $11.50. The sum of $150 was taken for the African Bear cage. The rest of the effects, including wagons, harness, canvas, was sacrificed. The 65 horses that -were sold brought very fair prices, indeed ranging from $75 the single horse to $490 for a matched pair.

They were mostly draught horses. The seven -ponies brought low prices. On the whole the sale was considered quite satisfactory." MOLEHILL SUMMIT The founders and confound-ers of the Pegasean Riding and Writing Club are about to hold their first molehill summit meeting. They may not come upjwith anything but they are determined to come, down with something, Jtf it's only a case- of hyperventila-tSori from trying to breathe that ratified atmosphere. YOUR LETTER FROM HOME By RAY HAYWOOD cent higher than the original project budget established there years ago.

College Ave. area merchants have had enough of the no-armed bandits known as parking meters. They have petitioned the city" council to have the meters removed, charging they are driving customers to nearby meterless shopping areas. Constnictionof a facility near Dixon for the Bomarc, a high-altitude, anti-aircraft weapon, is scheduled to begin this month. A Detroit construction firm was low bidder.

Richmond police questioned a teen-aged extortion gang known as the "Al which forced other youngsters to pay for protection from the Al Capones. Last rites have been held for Mrs. Paula Silvio of Martinez who lived her entire life without taking a single pill, visited a doctor only twice and was ill only once, the day of her death. Mrs. Silvio was 110.

University of California physicists Emilio Segre, 54, and Dr. Owen Chamberlain, 39, will divide a $42,060 Nobel Prize for work on -the atom. We would like, to explain their prize, winning project, but if we did nobody, including even Serge and Chamberlain, would be able to understand us. California Highway Patrol Commissioner Bradford M. Crittenden is highly critical of court practices which-aUowW motorists to pay moving violations without appearing be- fore a judge.

He claims most of the 5,000,000 citations issued last year were handled without court appearance and charged the practice'not only fails to hold down the traffic accident rate but gives some drivers the idea they have license to violate the law. The Sheraton Corporation informed the city Its plans for a $7,000,000 hotel might be changed if the city leases the Snow Muleum property on the Lake Merritt front to a rival chain. "We can't spend $1,000,000 for a site and expect to compete with another hotel paying only $100 a year," said Richard Boonisar, Sheraton vice president. Kezar "Stadium will be jammed today 49ers seek 1 to defeat the Detroit Lions and thus keep at least a tie for the National Football League title. The 49ers kept pace with the Baltimore Colts, who also have a 4-1 record, last Sunday by nipping.the Chicago Bears 20-17 with just 61 seconds to go as they scored their final touchdown.

It came on a 46-yard pass the mortar shot variety locally known as the Alley pop from Quarterback Y. A. Tittle to R. C. Owens.

It was one of the most exciting games in 49er his- tory. And, that does it for another Only 54 days until Christmas. Weather Bureau experts blamed an east wind for a brief pell of Indian Summer hot enough to send a cigar store chief inside for a bottle of suds. The Metropolitan Oakland International Airport recorded 92 degrees at 2 p.m.- for the hottest Oct 23 since 1929 when it was only .87. Just what the east wind had to do with the unseasonable heat wasn't completely clear unless it came all the way east from Suez.

hot spell followed one of history's hardest single September rain storms, hard enough to end the forest fire hazard in normal1 years. However, this isn't a normal year. Here it is November and the forestry service Is still urging extreme caution be used to prevent another, series of timber fires. The state provides a new population total for Oakland now 408,400, and growing with every arriving autobus, train and airliner. The new total, compiled so the city will receive additional allocations from vehicle and fas tax funds, is a 6.2 per cent or 23,825 residents higher than when the last official census was taken in 1950.

Now you know what happened to the parking spaces. Bay Area smog sufferers that includes all of us are watching the Los Angeles County Supervisors with some interest. The LA boys are talking about demanding a state law which would require all 1961 alitos sold or driven into California be equipped with exhaust control The proposal prompted a Detroit manufacturer to remark: 'This particular device is in the prototype stage, hasn't been tested on cars. It would be a bit premature to consider a law re- quiring its installation." That remark prompted a L.A. supervisor to counter: "The auto industry can have highly efficient controls installed if it is required." Many Alameda County home owners were more than tlightly shocked when they received their new tax bills.

They will pay an all-time high total of $106,294,560. The county's highest total tax, rate county, city school and special district nips is in Hayward where the rate is $10.49. Emeryville has the lowest total rate with the tax-collector taking $5.37 for each $1,000 of assessed valuation. Other total rates are: Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Newark, Oakland, Piedmont, Pleas-anton, San $8.09 and Union City, $7.99. Well, like the guy down at the County Courthouse Said: wIf you don't like it move." i A San Francisco housewife who' received no argument when she said she needed mental help at least had a better reason than most for arson.

There was plenty of kindling around, was hef explanation for trying to burn a complete stranger's house.hejpakland Bo.ai4.of discovered the loftger you are forced to wait the. higher the cost of things. The lowest of five for construction of McChesney Junior High wasMl per THE COVER ft ISWSJT, i 5 i it iiii pin 1M mm i This old rooming house on East 14th St. had more prosperous days back in the 70s. When it was the residence ol on of Tour Town's pioneer families.

5y 'A Ever Nov. 1, 1959..

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