The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1933
Page 2
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SEPTEMBER 1, 1933. BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.). COUTilER NEWS PAGE THREE i Tlffl. IS DLL IHE 111 Inventors Share Credit For New'Safety Records With Careful Pilots. Accused Kidnajwrs Camera Shy ly NEA Service NEW YORK.—Flying Is getting afer. more dependable, all the ime. Just two passengers 01 \merlcan-operatcd lines were kill •d in the flying of 10,642,393 pas m°er mile.? In the first half o 333. In all that flying Ihere wen •nly 48 accidents, five fatal, am •nly one" involving loss of passen |.fr life. " •• ; When. Lindbergh Hew the Atlan- ic. ft was like a Mazing rocket ienallng that aviation had got omewhere. Yet planes have prob- jbly improved more since loat 'ime than they had in the six years *fore 1927. The improvement has *tn gradual, however, and the_ tunt flights since that of Una- have somehow failed '.o il- •imlnotc thai progress with quite same brilliance. :!llols Prove Worth The robot pilot, for Instance, had t een well developed before Wiley 'osl's recenl round- ihe-world 'ighl. Post's feat called attention i it only momentarily. Ycl gyro-equipped planes are be- ornlns fairly common on the refiu- ,ir airlines, and the various pieces jf gyroscopic equipment have con- dbuted a great deal to the really 'emarhable safety record which :fie American air llr.cs ate making c« days. The automatic pilot as used by i'ost and as installed on several big •I. S. airliners, is the latest dcvel- 'pment of a principle thai has been 'pplied to airplanes almost ever | : '.nce they were firsl mode. By set- ing proper dials and turning on ; ,ie robot, the pilot may leave the controls, assured that it ''111 continue on its course as set ||niil he turns on" the robot. I i:nc3iuiily "Human" I PIG6LY WIGGLY Isidore Biumem'eld. atove. tried lo hit the photogr.ipher Mho •'Continued from Page Onfil i Inr In 'the denl. These stolen prod; ucts nmy !w mixed with regulnr j stocks and 6old without a susp I clon. i Few |>eople realize how much i coiinierfel'.lnB of inetchandlsc SOM en. The toilet goods and cosmetic trades Milli'r most Irom this. Bome' '.hne.s thf I'onnUM'Icil product np- ]>ruurlws tin. 1 inh'i'rtlsi'd article in i iiiiulliy. bin often- it is inferioi or ! . even hintnfiil. Tlie Libels mid pavkiiBfs ol the standard {jocds urn cleverly IniltnUitl. Sftmetiiiii's evoii ll.p iiniiiulai'lurci' of Hie iji'iniiire ^Cruds cull SL'urcely tell till 1 tlllfi-r- cnce. "Kxport" Slwks llflurn Mui»i[:ictt:rL>r.s olttn "dwup" surplus stocks or merchandise In foreign countries at Mich low prices that the Industrial Ixm'.lcjKcr t . an buy these aocds abroad and smuggle tVuin back into the United | Statles for profitable snltr. " ! In ether cau-a, a shrcu'd wind- , !er organuM's a dummy export company and buys the jjoo;ls «t low prices, ostensibly lor cxfiort. Then In simply Unas them .back thru devious channels Into domestic retail trade. There is a complex trade, thru "brokeis," among certain merch- ', anus who arc-unable lo buy certain j articles direct from the nionutac- J turer because of exclusive territory granted a competitor. , Suppose Merchant No. I can't gel BloU's Oat Flakes because Merchant No. 2 has exclusive right to them in Ihe territory, lint Merchant No. 2 can't get Orisplu Crunchles because No. 1 hfls exclusive right to that. So each merchant orders :\ surplus supply of was | this article, and t.irough a broker. taking his picture as he left federal court in Minneapolis afler bs- j they swap that surplus. Each then j ,ng arraigned for conspiracy in the kidnaping of Charles F. Urschel, | "as Plenty of both oat flakes and wealthy Oklahoma City oil man. Pe'.er Hackelt. below. Indicted on i r the same charge, also was camera shy when he left court behind his | N p crimchics to sell. New conditions, new rackets. The I A specially-designed version of |ne robot made for United Airlines ,nd installed on some of their big Joeing ships, inckuks automatic irn control, automatic climb and .escent control, and specific eleva- jon control. In olher words, the Hot can set his controls before •iking ofl. i He takes off with the robot dis- mnected. Then, safely in tr.e air e connects the robot and takes hi. ands on the controls. The- robo ^ntinues. the ship's climb, to tr.e ''iude set on Its dials, levels oft a course .as dialed, and maln: .ins level flight qri that course. Baking automatically any mansu- .ers that a pilot would make in ach flight. On landing, of course. r»e robot is disconnected, and Ihe lane landed by hand-piloting. loon to Ihe Pilot It was' CMs "set-course" fealure .iat saved Post so much fatigue on .is round-lhc-'.vorld hop in the Vinnie Mae. Maintaining a steady and on the controls hour nfter our. is just fls tiring as piloting hen many maneuvers have to be tade — : perhaps more so. The fugue of holding the stick ->nd gas jntrols level for long periods is .real. . The robot enables Liie pilot to 'oncenlrate on study of v.-eather Auditions and of his course, turn- ig to actual control when somc- • ling special is to be done, like & nange- of course or a landing. ' The automatic pilot consists of •A'O gyroscopes, ne perating on a srltca! axis, the other on a hon- >nta) axis. Everyone who has snun toy gyroscopic lop knows 'ersistently and strongly it pull' ') stay in its original position. II 'i this force that is used to stft- ilize planes. •tvlattoons Are Cnrrrctcd These two vertical nnd horizon il gyros, housed in a small cas ig which is integrated with the ull of the ship, are the "artificia orizon" and tbe "direction gyro, slightest movement ol thi away from its prescribed results in n correspond!!!' of a shutter adjoining Bin to the gyroscope. The motion of the shutter cause [ variation in air pressure, whicl .its in motion hydraulic control I j pplied to ailerons, rudder, or tal In. whichever is required to cor- f'ct the course and restore normal [ 'ressurc in the shutter, and normal binning of the gyro. All Ihis Is automatic, and in rnie ways seems even more sensi- ve than the trained fingers of a ilot. adlo Control Vlstontd . Further improvements on even lis remarkable device are planned. !. is hoped to combine it with TRIO beacon signals, so thnt a ro- 3t-piloted plane in flight v.ill nM nly adhere lo a definitely-set raight course, but actually int course from lime lo time in isnonse to signal* from the air- ay beacons along a commercial >vte when they lie on r course. ; All this seems a fabulous r.tcp >r\vnrd in oir safety. But fev; rcal- e how long this has b3in in dc- •lopmenl. In IMS Elmer Spsrry 'ut Ihe first Ryro.ttone In an air- lane. Even before Hie World War p was winning n-i?es in France )r gyroscopic stabilizing devices >r planes. . War nying, which brought such dvances in speed, power, and iianeuverftbllity. aimost retarded In stability. It was n')t attorney, Ernest. Carey. It is claimed thrit some of the Urschel ransom money passed through their blinds.' is nut at work any loo soon to enlist n!d in squelching both Hip NliA racketeer and the merchandise bcotlegger. 'Blond Tigress' Faces Court Diversified Grid ! "Old Ironsides" Fulfilled ntt m r .• uiu 1IUIISIUC5, i uujiiea UHense Is forecast; ur , r . . ,•.• , Womans breat Ambition PHILADELPHIA (UP1-A more; • diverrifled offense wilh (luiciitian' MEDFORD. Ore. os the dominating factor will be i Alice Hull \Velc:i, (UD — Mrs. 82. fulfilled a used by the University of Pennsyl- ' life-long ambillcn when the frigate vania football team this season,, "Old Ironsides" anchored In 1'orl- according to Harvey Harmon, land harbor. head coach of the Red and Blue. Escorted by members of the Football will be faster and more^ Daughters of 1812,' she stosd on deceptive than ever In the past. : the bridge of the o!d snip where Harmon thinks. The old days of her great-grandfather. Caplain the crashing 220 .pound backs have: Isaac Hull, stood as he commanded passed before speedier maneuver- • the Constitution during the battle in?s of the ball among the backs. . with liie Guerriere Wil'n her were The shift which has been used her great- 3 rand nephews nonnld by. many teams in the past will; H ull Saner, 8, nnd Gcorgc'w Hull more in evidence this year tlian;]4 ever before," the Penn coach said,; ' __ 'and will plan to employ a double. r» r\ • i shift at Pennsylvania." ! UermailS OH Lasl year the Red aiul Blue used; a modlfird shift in many games. ; Trim D->n<>n lrue fdnce Ozark Doctor Using His ISthBuBCV P 6 - 7 tUP)—"What are To the foreigner, who Ins \vitch- | cd rural festivals or tre ivnll?, as j danced in iis homeland, German i dances are characterized chipllv liv A eu- years .iter cc • eee te' ^ „ Q aavice of oM Doctor McCord. pa- „, „„ ' , P ° ln - h *'."' ° ( P hyslcmns aml bousht Dance Teachers here lecently. G'.?a buggy. • man dnnccs. came the derision certainly not loxtrols ollc . 5tei)s or I3ng( ^ s .,,,„"„ '°' For almost. 60 years Dr. Whe=l=r continued to mix medicine, kindly Philosophy nnd plain common-sense ! for the folks who camo to see him j in his home. Even after the spread of medical practice brought additional c'oc- tors with town offices. Dr. Wheeler continued his practice, driving his buggy to 5e? the filling, j Now. nt 83, he ras retired, but i -Hill is called upon frequently by I persons \vho cherish Ihe family doctor ideal. At the time of his retirement. identified with "sotillcfs jazz" and as such in bad favor in Nazi circles. The Faculty cuiniirtol a true German dnnre list. Including: marches, wal'tf.os and s!o«- waltzes. nnd the "change-step," adapted to I 4-4 ' " Here are two rcmnrfcalile rnmcni stitilles of Mrs. Eleanor Jartiinn, 30. Chicago's "blond tigress." who la on trial for lior life for a murder committed during a series or holdups In which she Is alleged to have tixken part wtth two men companions. Tlieje pictures nf Mrs. Jnrmnn, mother of two children, irere takeu In the courtroom. . .til this war dritt was over that ! yros for suability were further de- ,elop«d. Tl« Impetus for this de- velopment came from increased niles of "blind flying." Spcrry—Inventive Genius More than 2000 ships now carry the little dashboard gyros thol are the "artificial horizon" and Ihe "direct'jnal gyro." But only a few have added t'rc attachment which enables these little instruments to control the plane themselves instead of simply telling the pilot how to do so. Flying owes a great debt for nil this to the late Elmer Ambrose Spjrry. who died three years ago after a lifetime devoted lo invention with such Intensity that he held literally hundreds of patents. Sperry. inventor of many other kinds of machinery, got interested in gyros from playing wilh the same kind of gyro top lliat every-1 one has playtd with. Today the I delicate robot pilots which guide planes through the air, and the massive gyro wheels that hold ships steady against their will in rough water, nre alike monuments to his genius. his 18lh buggy was r.nlf worn out. Sale of Wharves Closes Chapter of River History SALISBURY. Md. (UP)—Sale of Ihe wharf property of Ihe Baltimore ii V.rginia Steamboat Company brings lo n close a rcmanlic chapter of navigation history on C'r.rsapcaXe Bay. when a Irlp to Baltimore was an event nnd a night on the toy a breathtaking experience. ! Anfcng Ihe wharves so3d were 'hose on the choptank. Wicomico. Pocomoke. Tred Avon and Honga rivers, as well as property on Tan- i 3ier Sound and a number of: wharves in Virginia. I linoslfr Was flnld Miner DJLLON. MOnt. (UP) _ 'if. Sopor had to kill a priz^ spring rooster before he discovered Ihe fowl was no mean pros)ieclor. A fair sized gold nnggot was found in the bird's gizzard. Soper is making plans lo do a little prospecting of his own in hb poultry yard. Kean Ojiiricr Hews Want Ads you wanl—and you'll want plenty for PURE ECONOMY get Eagle and get results! can, MALTSYRUP Special For Friday, Saturday and Monday KROGER STORE POTATOES Beautiful Red Triumphs, Smooth and Sound, Large Size, Limit Ib. 2ic Oranges Cul. Viilvncltis Sl/.e i>KS Do/on Cabbage Coffee Maxwvll House or Cimnvii 2llf (,'. (.'., Cim Lemons f'ri'.sli, .liii •l.'U's. Do/on (iimrunti'i'it I'laiii iir St>ir Rising 2.1-Llj. Sack FreshEggs Dozen (.'olden Dvikiims vikiims CC G RAI'KS Cnnrord. 171 ' Uu. Hskl. Sl.l'J; .1 <|(. II 'I PEACHES KiSSl Avondale Chiarl e 10 C iint 1U CO! IP Tomato, Harbara "OVlir Ann. Can I)evil F(H)rt |lar and Anulu Fnod. Kti. CARROTS "'"TLi. T filtlXi I'V.v. (Jutility OCi: :t I.hs. L>} APRICOTS ^a-i 1,'ornurt Hcuf ICC Armour's. Citn !•) FRUIT BARS "Tt 12 Fresh 1^li: CANDY "- '£. If Lni'Mv HUilk 10K Kuch \.L'L BEETS Hif; Hunches [Cutmore. Limit 1AC IN HAITI,10 J1I1CK C. C. 19H; N«. 2 Can lua COOKIES EXTRACT Cake" l.:ic 22-07. l.oaf'-lilf 17-n/. Lnaf Kye Klc !"•»/. W Whuitt Hlc I'nii Roils Pltf fif i ivC. u\j (lelatine ; " Dessert All Flavors 41'or 15c Stoketeys No. 2 Can 2 for Wesco Tea ' Soda Water All Flavors 2<1-iw.'ltoUU! For k& Beans Largo 2V, Can 2 f(ir Fancy Blue Rose "Rice 10 Lbs. 33c' drape Juice Hock.v Ilivur '... t Quart or . 2Pfcs.for25c. FIECH!IRIES N c,,nO l ' " iVt IJnrs Z/ ' MEAL 39 c: p EAN|jT i.,,rrKi, jar21 c WESSON OIL «•« IT Small Can 0 PURE LARD BRAN FLAKES ^ 10' PfyTTFD MEAT Armour ' s ^ 2 Cans 8n/nn ISox WAFERS Vanillll K,19 c FLOUR 'ViA&85 c PURE LARD SerSS 1 SARDINES Amer S 4 C VIFNNA SA » SA(!E • V ILllil/l Kcguliir Size CRACKERS 2-IJ). TOMATO Hams Swifts (S) Pound Beef Roast Hrislict Pound Hams lioiled. Sliced U). 20c Hnlf or Whole. LI). Bacon The IJest. No linds Sliced. Potind BoxBacon IMorrclt's round Salt Meat Tlest Itellios I.h. 7'/ 2 c Butts, LI). Spare Ribs I''rcsh & Meaty Pound Sausage Mixvil Pound Pork Chops Tenter Cuts Kril Cuts Pound Steaks Round, Lb. Cheese Wisconsin No. 1 Pound Pure Lard Swifts or Annours round Fresh Beet Pound Bacon Smoked liy the Piece Pound SPRING CHICKENS Nice Size, Full Dressed, Lb.

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