The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 10, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEA ST'ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL.-XXVIII—NO. 20 Blytheville Courier, BlTtheville Dally Nevs, Blytheville Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. E, ARKANSAS. FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 19:11 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ,St;ile Official Says Banks On Whole in Beltcr Sliapc Fhun in Yctus. r.lTTTE ROCK. Anrll 10 (UP) — A'tliosisli fe'v if airy nf Arkansas ••n'<s will dr-cbre a 1031 dividend IV-c-v fire .is whole in a vastly «'-ot>«-.»r (hnncial condition than "•>(?'• IIP.V.' been in vtars. iweordlnt: (n the minion cxnresvd today b.\ Pnfii<- O. n!rki"n«in. assistant slate V""klnc commissioner. Sti'nneelv the Immoveil stnlns of i'-e slate financial instilulions is n 'e outgrowth nf tlic unheaval of "ni-nmhT ar.d DPCfnilipr which racked the \v>rv foundation of the •\i-kansi.s hinkin? structures, causing suspension of busings bv more (bin four ^cn^n hank^. Of tint p'-nibor annrovimiilelv fiO have resumed operation following reor- eani7fitlnu. "Prneticativ every bank In the slate has srratlv increased its cash r n sen r <! in an »fforl to re-establish ^nurlenrr. of llu- deixisitors, "Dickinson raid, "ns a result t)n>v fuyrl I'lem.'Hvcs in splendid financial simp? " Have Hlph Cash Reserve Tn maintaining the hteh rasl: rcrorvp mnnv of the luuiks havo .-"nvorted from 3o tn GO n*r cenl of their deniaiv.l deixi'iits into fash items and rovernmcnt Iwnds. It Is rr-nnrlcrt that In several instances the fl»urrs will run well over 85 ppr rent. When asked what effect this up- huildintr of cash re.^erve win have o'i business Dickinson slid it naturally served to retard financial ventures to some, extent, but he believed U- would not serve as Will Confer On Plan For AirportHere Major J. Carrol Cone of HI tie Rock was exiKcted to arrive here from Little Hock by plane this nf- tcrmxm to confer wllh niytheville business men regarding the establishment of an airport here. Details oE the projwsal were not made kuo\vn today, but It is understood that recently enoelcd legislation will make iiossiWe the establishment of a number of airports in the slate under state supervision and ciiulp|)ed as bases for regular air line service.';. Senator R. A. Nelson nnd party were awaiting the arrival of Mtijor Cone this afternoon. Pit TRIBUTE TD First Girl Scout Meets National Head FBR1ES1ILL Schafer Conipanv Reatlv to Go Ahead Wiih Oil and Gas Project Here. A li?st well, to determine If the vicinity of Rlvthevilte has oil n ii'l gas In qiianlHIes warrantiiiK development, will l-i? slink ne:ir thii ciiy within the next 12 montlis if Hie Schaf;r Oil coriwratlon Is successful In obtaining leases on a 10,000 acre block of land. W. C. Cates of Oklahoma City, representing the Sehafer cori),ir:i- I'nn. lias arrived here to nssemblo the block. Leases which are sought are for oil and gas rlghl-s to the land only, and provide the usual royalties lo the land owners. The| .cnns provide a well must !•<» start-] ed on the leased laud within 12 montlis. and the leases arc to be Thousands Mourn as Lone- worth Funeral Tram Speeds Through Carolinas ABOARD THE LONGWORTI! FUNERAL TRAIN. COLUMBIA. S C.. April 10. (UP)—The funeral train bearing the body of Nicholas Longvrortn, speaker of the house of representatives, to Cincinnati s»e:l through the Carolinas txxlav receiving the tribule of saddened people as it went. Mrs. Longworth wearing a mourning veil and attired In black, remained in the seclusion of her private car which carried the casket containing the body of her husband. AIKEN. S. C.. April 10. (UP)— •trlm'rnt' to"businoss "gen" The body of Nicholas 'Longv.-ortl' started home to Cincinnati for Inir- ial today. The special funeral train chartered bv the government left here at 11:36 a. in. Just before 11 n. m.. j a simple hearse drove uo to the I home of Mr. and Mrs. James F.! crnlly. "Maintenance or a large cash reserve will tend to reduce the earn- insr n-wpr of banks, "he said, "and it is likelv many Arkansas banks will not make expenses this year, but such a policy will prevent wholesale closings as occurred last fall." The banking c'enartment official declared that Arkansas formers will h&ve. plenty of money this com™ year and that agriculture woi"'rl not suffer as a result of the banV-? lightening tfo oh loans. "The credit banks will provide omnlr: funds lo farmers." he said, "nnH it is mv oninion that these institutions v;ill be continued in the future as a means of financing crops. Should such a system prevail the small country banks which heretofore have financed crons will have lo turn to other fields to make their loans," thecommisslon- cr paid. cm mm ARE OpHGEI Cormak Starts Slashing Payroll; Big'Bill Leaves On River Cruise. CHICAGO. April 10 (TIP)—Anthon J. Cormak's administrative broom became n sytlic today ns the n>'W uinyor of Chicago slashct il:;lH and lelt In his determination to make the city hall n 'place of Iji'sliicss" Instead of Uw "three rlnn el-ens" he said it liad been under Big 1JIH Thompson. With one grimd sweep ol exceu- I Ire power Ct'r'inak slnslud 2,200 Georgia Peach Miss Mary Myers. 17-year-old University of Georgia treahnum. was born lu Honduras, where I'.cr fn- ther was slnlloiwd In the consular .service. Uut Hint didn't prevent nuiiics from the city payroll un Ills nrst day In office and Indicated j |1(M . fellow-students from Judging •.nmllicr omluuKhl today would rc-M,^ (ll( , most ix^utlful girl in tin move possibly BOO more. Establish- lmlvm | lv tor i, cr parents were nn- Ing himself quickly In the office to placed in escrow, not to be dollv-l wt wilh Mrs Frederick Etley, national president of the Ghl Scorns, of "cleaning up" by rld< S ,I°,UT C .«d B C ° mPa " y »'»» visited Savannah to inspect the .lioneer troo,, Mrs. Luwrc,>ce 'f^^^l'^^SKfif, The Schafer company, a large a niece of Mrs. Juliette Lowe, who ursmilnccl the Girl Scouts In this ltn(ltlll He dld concern distributing its own products In many states, has had gco- ologists at work Iwrc and across the river in Tenncsssee for the past year. On tlie basis of their recommendations six lest wells are plan- Tad. Lenses have already been obtained to n 10.000 acre block near Tiptonville. Other tests will probably be made near Dover. Torn., and at a third po'nt In that stale, and near' Blytheville, Jon,?sboro and Piggott, In Arkansas. The first test In northeast Arkansas will be made at Blytheville. according U> Mr. Catcs, if no difficulty Is experienced In obtaining the necessary leases. Mr. Gates declined to state couhlry. The firs', member of the first Girl Scout troop organized tn America j^.^, ).,, wtt ^ clec'tcd Tuesday by a is Mrs Samuel Lawrence of Savannnli. On. She is pictured above, at record majority Ccrmnk began tho 1 " •- ridding rc- admlnls- not Immediately nil nil his cabinet positions but sc lectc-1 men for the most Important ones and left others vacant. He will leave next Monday for a short vacation. Thompson was not present late veslerday when his successor pre- sided.over his first council mectim; and became mayor. Big Dill and 70 of his friends had left town early on n cruise of the Mississippi and tributary rivers. live Georgians. the Hundreds of Northeast Arkansas Junior High Students Here for Meet. sludent' are ir. uaies aecnneu 10 oi^ "•<-, Hundreds of junior hlah slud ..._ct location of the land on which I throl , ellollt northeast Arkansas .,.>. he will seek leases here, but said arr i vlng ncrD t(x i nv [o . lnp annua i that it was within a few miles of mect , of alsMcl . t thls nftcmoon the city. in Toner Curtis where Longworth died ves- lerday. The casket was moved to I the bearse from the flower bankH drawing room and carried to the railroad station where it was pine- in tfie private Clark. ( Second Election to Be Held.atCardwell ire u \va, pine- _, n IT car of Charles uovemoi' rarncll ...-[• Leave State to Attend Memphis Ball Games. Deniss Lease nf Lot LITTLE-ROCK, April 10. (UP) — The state government will be di- CARDWELL, Mo.—A' second el-! reeled by an'.actlng governor Mon- rctiop will be necessary to deter- day and Tuesiay for the first tlm; rnne this township's new tax collector. At HM regular township election held Tuesday each of twojEon will take over the adminlstra- raudldates. Mrs. D.;C. Mickey and \&an execnliveship In the nbsenc: J,,D. Grady received 400 votes. ! of Governor Harvey Parnell who The second eviction will be held | will leave the state to attend the in more than, two years when Lieutenant Governor Lawrence E. Wil- for Filling Station Tuesday, April Hth. A report, which is said to have c.iused quite a flurry among members of the board of stewards of the first Methodist church, was proved groundless Thursday afternoon when Mrs. Edwin Robinson denied that a corner lot. at Main and Seventh streets, across from the Methodist church., had been sold or leased to Harry Bailey. According to reports, the reputed sale or lease of the property to Harry Bailey, well known in this section and particularly along the Arkansas-Missouri border, was the basis for an emphatic protest by the Rev. P. Q. Rorie and members of the church board, which they had ulanned to tike m> with cit.v officials. Bailey the rumors said, was to erect a gasoline filling station at UK site. [opening game of the Southern Association season between the Little Rock Travelers and the Memphis Chicks at Memphis. The last time Arkansas was gov erned by an actlnj executive was in January 1929 when Governor : Parnell toured eastern and south eastern states prior to the opening of the 1929 legislative session. Dur- and tomorrow. The first nrosrram was Given at the city auditorium this afternoon and others will bo heard there ir jorujfTiims (his evening anJ'ln the I morning. Athletic event? arc sched: uled for Saturday afternoon nt Halley Field. The seventh, eighth and ninth grades of schools nt Jonrsborn. Par- ngould. Enrle,' Trumann, MnrJei") Tre". Siiawnee. Wilvm. Osceola Yarbra and -. Blytheville. havR en ?red 278 contestants for lltefnr' 'vents, nnd 120 for the fie'.d con ests. The Hterarv And puts'ral Hum >ers for tontelil's and tomorrow' )r^c r ir»s follow: 7:30 •}. m. Anril 10, city Hall Violin Cnnt'st .«el«"Mr>ri: "nnvotte No n D fnnus 23>" by Ppnuer-Auer 1. Air Varlo No. s. Orj. 89 (Dancla James Stnllcuo. Jbne=.boro.- 2. of picardv—Liovtf AVxaudeiv BU theville. 3. Rene D'Amour (Du'prei —Favorita Pavne. Marked. Tree. filrl's Voice Contest rdecttnn: "Merry Malde ir!n»" hv Macdowell. 1- Swc M'ss Mary (Neldlimier) — Ziila Mae Gatlln. Para'onid. 2. Eves of Irish Blue (Co;k)—Fiorine Cravens. Osceola. 3. To You (Speaks)—Mar- 'uorite Qulnlan. Wilson. 4. Tlie Old Refrain (KreislerV Christabel Harthe past two years Governor ~"."!", j Pa'rnell remained within the state Kingsiorn-omi'h S I ™ldon-|due to the political differences be- n j' tween Lieutenant Governor Lae Ca- Kecord Z0 rt and himself. Australia An Broken bv C. A. Scott. Time !or Pavment SI 50,000 Asked By Kidnapers ROCKFORD, III., April 10. (UP) I —Fred J. Blumcr. 50, .wealthy prcs-1 dent of the Blumcr Products corn- any. Monroe, WIs.. was reported leld today by kidnapers who dc- nanded $150,000 for his release. Search for Blumer, who dlsap- »ored on his way t oa country club nectlng, extended over northern lliuols and southern Wisconsin. Blumer was last heard of from Preeport, 111, about 25 miles from rtohroc. Several hours after he had left .'or the meeting an official of his company received a mysterious telephone call from Preeport explain- ng that Blumcr wa.s being held for I Kv | a trlx. was unofficially credited ransom and would not be harmed today with having established a if the money was paid. The caller new altitude record lor both men asked .thnt: Blumer's wife be noli- nn d women to shoot at In com- fled and said his car would be found nicrclal planes." In .Freeport. '"' • I Undaunted by a crash two weeks Authorities Tound the car bul]agb when she lapsed Into uncon- A. G. In^alls Accused of Embezzlement in Sedal- it, Mo., Court Charge. Renort Deputy Constable. Indicted: CouiUv Judge Praised by Grand Jury. Tlie sprlni! term of • criminal ronrt was slowlv drawing to a c'o^e ' trwlnv with urolnhly one more IHal «r.beduled for thU aflcrnmn after Hie Jlinmlc .Tows r.isc Is plnced iii tlin hands nf n Jurv. The pranrt jury was dLsclnrsed IIK| before nrou today bv Jud^« Nclll Kll'miph nlt»r rewrOng 15 liKliclmenls returned and 11 no true bills. Tlv. Jury. In .session six dnvs. exmnhi' 1 '! )?l wlt'iews. R^v- enlv of the T5 Indfctinent.s riturn- "d bv the .liivv wrre i-pllnhly ro- 'wrtcd in ronlaln Iniilclmonls for burqlnrlo.s, thefts. eml)f;?:/l n ment and malesfean. OI'A indlrhncnt for n^ur- iler was returned and four indlct- 'nnits therein? statiitorv offeiiK'>s. AltlioU'li officers refused In dl- i-iilac the Identity of persons Indicted uixm whom warrants hod not brvn served Hits afternoon, It was iscncrnllr rumn't'l that n dc- •mty rou.'lab'n had been Indicted (<i v malcffennce In office. Tin grand Jury comiillmented '.nl B. Hnrri'on. county judce, won '.he eslili'.lshment of a rounlv own- it and operated prison farm and also introvert of the action of ths county In furnishing pauper . cos- SEDALIA, Mo., April 10, (UP) — Two former officers of the Bankers Guaranty Lite Insurance company were at liberty today under bonds awaiting a preliminary hearing next month on charges of embezzlement. A. G. IngalU, former president. and O. E. Burson, former secretary of the company, were narhsd in af- fadavits signed by J. K. Coolldgo. \ counsel for the stale Insurance dc- ( . :ff, , II I VUIU13C1 1VL LIIV alUM. Illalll UIII.U til.- Elinor Smith Unolnciallyipartmqnt. and B. R. Williams, of Credited with Altitude Record for Com. Planes ROOSEVELT FIELD. L. L; April 10. (UP)—Elinor Smith, 19,'darl:ii! could find no trace of Blumcr. L 'One Hieh School for Osce- .ola District Next Year Offered as Problem Solution OSCEOLA, Ark.. April 10.—One central hlsh school for the south half of Mississippi county located at either Osceola or Wilson looms isclousuess five miles above nnd spl- [ ralcd. lo earth, the youthful flyer took. her'Bellanca plane to a Height of 32,500 feet. The prevtus' record for women wn's held by Ruth Nichols who leached a celling of 2B/M3 feet. George Haldeman climbed to ! an altitude of 30,453 feet to set the men's mark. Both of these were 'or commercial planes. Lieutenant Apollo Soucck attained man's greatest' height by flying lo 47,150 feet. Australia. AnrM 10 mp>__o. W. A. Scott, youthful av- intor. brok" Commander Charles K Kln<?fnrd-Smith's record for fliRht of Taxes Extended LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Governor Harvey Parnell yesterday issued a authorizing county frnm London to Australia today.. "It'll- a new mark of nine days,' Proclamation two hours and 55 minutes. j collectors )udges and c erks t. Scott started his flight from LOT waive until May 10th. all tax pen- Ion for Port Darwin April I. He allies which may accrue after to lamVrt at Fort Darwin at 5:50 n. m.. lor"l time. 1:30 n. m. G. M. T.. Reiser, Shawnee, Wilson and Osceola next year. The consolidation was proposed at a meeting here yesterday by fifty or more directors representing practically every school district In the sout' hend of the county, and met with almost unanimous aporova from directors of the districts affected. It is understood that mcm- .. . . . sfte'r flying from Sumatra yester- record flight. dav. Kln'sford-Smlth's made after his trans-Atlantic venture, was made In nlrw days, 2! j last date upon which taxes may hours and 40 minutes Scott flew a Gypsy Moth plane. Blue vSimmons Held for Killing PascoJa Merchant CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.—At a second preliminary hearing. Blue Simmons. Caruthersville youth, who wilh two others not yet apprehended, is charcrd with the murder of U. J. Hayncs at Pascola Jan. 22. was bound over to circuit court under a $1,000 bond. The second preliminary was dc-j mantled by defense attorneys at-' ter Simmons had lieen bo'.md over before • Justice Hollis Baird on the unsworn affidavit of SherltT W. p. Robertson. The defense attorneys raised a technical objection, necessitating the second prcllmln-1 weekly payroll of the Victor Dru? company, and escaped. Maechlln 1 ? wns taking the money from a tan's to the drug company offices. day, the final day of t!ie statutory perold for paying state, county, municipal sir.d school taxes on real and personal property. The last day of the extended period will fnlt on Sunday. !i?i'.c= the i Bandits Grab $5,000 Payroll at St. Louis ST. LOUIS. April 10. (UP)—Two men held up Burl Maechling today, snatched a bag containing $5.000 t3 have been used in meeting the pnid without penalty will be May 9. Tlie governor's proclamalion said many people throughout the stale riav ereiiresented that it would b? Impossible without great hardship Patrol Chief Boasts of International Family NEW ORLEANS. (UP)—Miller S. Baker, assistant superintendent of the United States Border patrol for New Orleans, has tion« family. a leagxie of na- Milier. a native of Georgia, mnr- rlcd a Russian girl In Edinburgh. Scotlnu;!. hls Irst . daughter, was born n Constantinople, In French hospital. Ruth, the ri-cond child, was born In Warsaw, rifon. .TnncsWo. 5. Roses of cardy (Wood) - - Virginia 1 Mar!c»rt Tree. B. Little Hills son)—Jewell Russell, BytKivtllp. BOYS' Voice ' Contest selection: "When My Ships Come Sailing Home" by Dorel. 1. Out Where the West Begins 'Chaoman & Phillips) — Hugh Lamford. Jonesboro. 2. In Canter- bun' Siuare (S^otO-.Rsx Potter. Parogould. 3. Sylvia (Speaks) — Boyd Godwin. Blytheville. 4. Belli of the Sea (Solomon)—Ti?d Douglass, Truniann. Folk Dance 1. "Spanish Dance"— Jonesfcoro. 2. "In a Chinese Tea Garden" I matter under advisement. A mect- (Grey) - ParaEOuld. 3. "Highland ling will be held here at I o clock rilng'"—Blytheville. on April 20th. for further consld- n o m Am-n 11 r»» iiiii eratlon of the plan. 9 '• m -'Dcdarn 1 at.o C n Uy ' W. W. Prerttt. president of the 1. Subject to be selected-Rich- Osceoln s^' 1001 board P r °P° scd tlie ard Wcstbrook. Wilson. 2. sociillPlan as the only solution for con- and Industrial Justice (Roosevelt) tlnuance of high schools In the —Jiminie Scay, Paragould. 3- Lee, south end of the county next year. ptaT^ thr^on Of direc^ •«<»/«» to tors of the Luxora district who stated that they would take the Hold Mississippi Bank Head on Fraud Charge MEMPHIS. April 10 (UP)—A bank president and two other men from Oxford, Miss., arrested hen In connection with embezzlemcn charge.s will not be returned I Mississippi for several days police said today. The decision to delay the pris oners' return was reached when police learned thnt S45.000 mor in bonds were missing from Ih Guaranty Bank and Trust com pany. Police believe the bond were sold here. The men held arc John A. Small wood, president; Graver C. Lan dreth and his brother S. D. Lan dreth, all of Oxford. They wen j arrested here y The American (Durham)—Benjamin Walker. Jonesboro. 4. Individ- for them to pay their taxes within j ,, am ,, (A ' T nold>— Jlmniie English, the statutory period because of -- • -- drouth and unfavorable conditions. High School Students The present financial flatus of th> respective districts together with the extremely doubtful prospect of normal •eclndcr At' t » i if ilShawuce. S , 0! A. I0r ITleei I rtw . Wilson Ear'/?. 5. Character—Mamcs White. I collecting anything 111:: a Marl-.^d Tree. G. Our Rcsponsiijt'.i-! amount of taxes this year pr tics as a Nation (Roosevelt'— Rus-lthe possibility of hieh schools next fell Blair, nlvthevllle. 7. The Nn- 'year in any of the six districts. The tlonal Flag (Bsecher)—Alex Snlibi, Luxora district. ap-me:itlv In the Town Streets Rough FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.. April 10. • (UP)—More thnn 1700 high school students gathered here today to t.-ike part in 52 contests of the annual University of Arkansas high school meet held under the dlrec- -^ p _ _ i scilODl ineev IICLJ un«c. mv^ tops J>eek Grader tlon of the general extension ser- DEFIANCE, Ohio, (UP) — Somebody has misplaced Ihe one good street grader the town owns. What with the city treasury somewhat crlppkd and the council reluctant to vote funds for a new grader without knowledge of what became of the last one, the dirt vice In cooperation with various departments of the university. Today's program will bo devoted to preliminaries with the finals slated for tomorrow. The state high school track meet with more than 250 athletes participating will be held Saturday afternoon. Awnrds will be made Sat . Vindication of Wood- best financial condltirn of th? six <Fcrgi:soiO — Sidney probably could maintain its schrnl bonds. acon, a policy holder. Tlie complaint charges Ingnlls ntxMled 42.000 nnd Burson mls- •ypropdatod $3,000. Tlie former dl- ctors nnd officers of the company ave . resigned and a new board elected composed of Scdalla busies? men approved by the state In- urance department. In gal Is Is mayor of Eureka prlngs, Ark., his home city. • 'ducational Leaders td" Gather at Arkansas Spa Wllllsrh • J. Cobper, commissioner f- education,.-'has!called a meeting f Parent Education forces throu 1 ;!!- ut .Ih? TJnltid..Sinter to b." r>eld n Hot Springs, Friday and Satur- ay. May 1st. and 2nd. This meeting /.will precede tfie latlonal convention of Pirent- 'eacher nssoclatbns to convene or Sunday, May 3rd. Several leaders in cudcatlon from his city arc planning to attend. Proposss Island for Recreation CHICAGO. (UP) — A 300-acre recreation island in Lake MlchK'an. costlnc approximately $30,000,000 cxnluslve of buildings, his been en vlsloned here by J. E. Cahlll, a Great Lakes Dredge nnd Dock Company engineer. The project has been under consideration for many years and tentative plans provide for n summer hotel and yachting facilities. A suitable Island could be con- .sintcled cither three miles off Devon Avenue, where the water Is 18 feet deep, or two mils off 55th Street, whore It is only eight feel deep, Cahill snld. Tlie 500.000 cubic yards of dirt from the city ea Direct...< every effort of the miiri. l^wnrd relieving the con- "cslcil ilockot (is much ?s pAss'bln vmr nT ., ndlournment. Judiv: Nelll Kllioiifh held .a nMit session of court Th"«'lav nlcht. ; . Nlirht SMslon lirM Evidence In the casr ft the state n. .Timnile Jones, local man. ac- cuffd of snfc robbery al the office nf the Gulf Refinlnt! comnany here wa.s offered last nteht oflc'r a .lufv was flnallv selected nt G o'clci;k vwtirday nfternoon. Alexander arid Cooper, dcfemc counsel, had exhausted their fomplcle quotn of:-.20 • challrnces before a jury was': impaneled. The state offered evidence of .witnesses la=t night to show 'that .Jones borrowed tools Mir. found.- -. hidden under' a culvert 'near the oil' company "off itn 'after the'.rob- In 'a'-eorhrillfaiioirriip'hUftsisis the one remover! frcm (he Gulf company safe, Special ngcnts for tire Frlico railroad testified that-Jones confused to .thp robbery qf the Gulf office while held by them in the Crlitendcn county Jail at Marlon. It was Ihrrfieh this confession, the state purported, to show, that the hidden tools were-found In the culvert.. . . Jones testified that he .was.beat- en and Intimidated by the special agents Into signing a prepired statement, the content of 'Which was prepared by the agcnU. He testified he was. at his home the n!ghl of the robbery and denied borrowlnj the tools from a witness who testified for the state. Both the state and defense paraded ft number of witnesses who testified as to the treatment Jones received v.-hte at Marion in the . cuslody of officers nnd physicians were also called upon to testify as lo his physical condition after the confession was made. At 2:30 o'clock this.- afternoon Prosecutor S. L. Oladlsh was closing the final argument in the case. This morning Iks Gordon, negro, entered a plea of guilty to a charge of grand larceny and was sentenced to on-v year in the state prison. 11 No True Bills Eleven no true bills returned by the grand jury. It v,as rjvealei by the final report of the jury sub- 111. L (IU tlJ\J,\rvv k-nuii^i-"" -* .... and stone dumped milted today. No true bills were reach year would fur- unied in the CMOS of John ^.j- Slips on Bananna Peel, Fractures Hip in Fa LUXORA, Ark.. April 9th.—Wed- nesday afternoon, Elliott Williams, retired farmer, slipped on a banana peel on the sidewalk In front of Bogan's pharmacy, fell and fractured his right hip. he was rushed to Memphis to Campbell's Clinic, where his condition is regarded, serious. Mr. Williams is 67 years old and. one of th: oldest and most prominent cltir.ens of Mississippi County. He has served as Justice of the pea« in richer township for many years. nlsh the filling material, lie believed. Would Gain in Check of Vote Says Mayor Reed Broussnrd. Osceo'.a. Oral English 1. Billy Colliers. Wilson. 2. J. P. Lusk, Shawnee. 3. Effie Chapman, Ynrbro. 4 Thelma Lackey. Jor.?v boro. 5. Helen McDonald, Pnra- gould. 6. Dorlne Coulter, Blytheville. 7. Lawrence Pierce. Marked Tree. 8. Katherim Jones. Osceola. Girls' Reading 1. Hmrv's Frst Long Pants (Harbour)—Elizabeth Adams. Paragould, 2. B>:ddy and Waffles (Mnroso)— Cynthia" Jnne Scott, Earle. 3. Some One Wants .You at the Telephone —Rosamcnd Barton, Jonesboro. 4. Cherokee Roses—Beverly Hopper, i If the current ve?,r's Isxes could be collected in full. \ ~ Argentine Experts Form Type of Fuel Oi! Pclniid. In an English hospital. neglected streets are In a fair way to go,tirdaj- night by J. C. FMtrall, pres- | Marked Tree. S. Tlie Borrowed Stovall Named Chaplain By Funeral Directors w H stovai:. vice president of the Arkansas Funeral Directors sacl)ltlon cent gasoline and ;., (UP) —! of 90 per! 10 per yeftr was of the group in the an- j ident of the university. The con And Mrs. Baker can describe In. When last seen the grader was testants will vie for honors in th: Russian, Polish, German, French, standing In the city bsrn. Th at following divisions: home cconom ' (Pierce) — Oretha Olbson, Trufivsnn. G Daddy Doc (Klmbil) —Jaiv> Finnnigan. Osceola. 7. S'.ib- pure nlcohol has been formulated by experts of the Argentine Nn- lional chemical office, according to rrports to the Commerce Department today. Tlie Idea Is to use alcohol derived from agricultural products. Linseed and corn have been He returned home this morning. Presbyterian Pastor Temple Israel Speaker The Rev. Marsh XI. Cillaway. "Personally, T would welcome n contest that would so In'o a r.hec'i of every vole cast." declared Mayor Nelll Reed, when advised that a contest of the miyoral race on half cf A. B. Fairfleld, whom Reed iefnxted by six vryes, was planned "I am confident that a check of the entire vote cast in the electlar would mean a gnln in votes Instead of a loss lor rac," Mayor Reed said "but I am sorry that such a ques-' tlon should arise as U not only involves Mr. Falrfleld and myself, but all citizens of the city, the Judge? and clerks of the election and the Integrity of the ballot." "I had hoped," Mayor Reed snld. "that my opponent and his supporters would take their defeat In good spirit and put aside their own j Interests and c,o-opcrate for the betterment of the city." The mayor declared he had not mour, Joe Tanner, Clarence Dinkins, Robert C.alncf. H. L. White. John Ford Clark. Bill Singleterry, John Tommie Thompson, Robert Horton, F,linor Cheneworth, Omer Statlcr. To Hon. Nelll Killough. Circuit Judge:— We, the Grand Jury for the Cr.lckasawba District of Mississippi county. Arkansas, for the March term. 1931. bj? leave t3 s;;toiii this, our final reoorti— We have born In session six days, during which time we have examined 121 witnesses and have returned 15 true bills. We have Inspected the jail and report that v.e found same in most excellent condition frcm a sanitary s'.andp'o ". the prisoners ore well c?red : ".e buildins is in good shape \.iV-, the exception of one w.ili tn the northwest ccrner of the Jail, which shows evidence of a leak either In the guttsrinj! or the roof; sams should have Immediate 'Continued on P»-»a Thre-:> WEATHER ARKANSAS-Fair and coWer In southeast and eastern portions Bi'.h frost tonlg'nt. Saturday fair. pastor of the ami EvHfch Ihc work her husband | was last summer. City police have j Ics, vocational agriculture, music, j Ject to be selected — Onlc Mur- [ the mixture would be feasible even found vrry useful for this purpose.! church, will speak nt the Temple Some chemical experts have said Israel tonight. 8 o'clock. H!s theme did with the American lied Cross been unable In Europe during the war. | menls. to trace its move-'. public speaking, journalism, aca- dough, Yarbro. 8. Madam X—Mar- with as high alcoholic content as | (lemlc nnd nthlcllc contests. | garet Shaver, Blytheville. 30 per cent. had. an opportunity to study (!•- Accordln? to the olflclsi weather legal proceedure necessary In an ; observer, Chfrlcs Phillips jr., the F^rst Presbyterian ! election contest and did not care ' minimum tcmperfture here ye;to discuss tha; phase of the mat- terday was 50 degrees and the ter. Ho added, however, that in the maximum. 81 degrees, cloudy. A event the election was contested he • yi:ar nto todav the minimum tern' will be "A Proven Religion.' ^r^lnbcrs nnd friends of the congregation are Invited to attend. would Insist that the entire voto bc.'perature ws>.« 51 dc-irees »nd the Investigated. j maximum. 89. clear.

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