Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 30, 1959 · 15
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 15

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1959
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OAKLAND'S LOCALLY OWNED AND LOCALLY CONTROLLED DAILY NEWSPAPER THIS SECTION EDITORIAL, FEATURES, COMICS, TV AND RADIO , . . lTAIt.INJ ftw ! ASSOCUTI S .WUIMQTO , .. MHITIft MESS IWTttWATtQMAt .. .CHICA60 OAIIT NIWS fOlClfiM SIIVICI VOL CLXXI OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1959 15 E NO. 153 Crime Rate Down 3 Pel. In Oakland Drop Sharper Than Rest of Nation, . .FBI Survey Shows -, DoubleKiller Kisses Sons, Ends His Life Truck Driver Slays Wife and Boy Friend With Shotgun Blasts r V c fSr;;T.r JFK" V5 Trlbant rhtUby Back Jeupk' FOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, SOUND This spectacular teens will b repeated daily through the holiday leaaon, beginning Thurtday. It' the Haler Memorial Fountain in City Hall Plaza, now quipped with "Aquatonet," wh ich coordinates dancing, colored vater with tape-recorded Yule music. It's the first in the Nation. Tunisia Asks : Broader Talks For Algeria By BI AX HARRELSON '"" 4 tlNITED NATIONS. ' N.Y, Nov. 80-HL-Tunisia appealed to France today to broaden proposed talks with Algerian rebels to include political problems .'as well as a military cease-fire. Tunisian delegate Mongi Slim, recognized as chief spokesman for the Algerian in the U.N., made his Rppcal at the start of the 82-nation political committee's debate on the Algerian problem. The sea,ts of the French delegation were vacant, as the French carried out a threatened boycot. They contend the Algerian dispute is a domestic problem and therefore not within the jurisdiction of the United Nations. ' STEP FORWARD Slim expressed belief President de Gaulle's offer of self-determination for the Algerians was'a'step forward, but backed the Algerian rebel government in exile in its de-mands that any French-Algerian talks must include political matters. He said he did not believe these demands presented insurmountable difficulties. Slim told the committee a number of delegations will ' present a resolution aimed at aiding in a negotiated settlement of the five-year-old con flict RESOLUTION ASKED The Asian-African group of 23 delegations has asked its nine-nation standing commit' tee on Algeria to draw up a resolution. : The committee hoped to finish the job toward the end of the week. The committee debate is expected to end during the weekend at the latest Last year a 17-nation Asian-African resolution favoring independence lor Algeria got the simple majority needed for adoption in the committee but faXed by one vote to win the Two-,thirds majority necessary for final aproval in the Assembly itself because the sponsors refused to water it down. This year the strategy w s expected to be different U. Tfcant of Burma, chairman of the committer said he thought it would try to produce a isolation that could get the final two-thirds vote. OAKLAND'S TRAFFIC TOLL At TV, Pit 1931 40 1,987 This Year 44 2,070 O O 0 DANGIS ZONE MacAr-fhw and Park Bovltvirds. VIOLATION Signals ard Improper turninfl move-swefWs. i 'ii 3 It,:- Fountain to Take On Yule Color "Aquatone," a unique three-dimensional combination . of tnusic, color and the cascading waters of Hassler Memorial Fountain, will add to the holiday flavor of downtown Oakland beginning Thursday. The. fountain is in the City Hall Plaza. Aquatone, invented by Scott Beamer of Oakland and Fred Clapp of Berkeley, is described as the first successful integration of a fountain with tape recorded music. It was set up by the Oakland Park Department in cooperation with the merchants and property owners of the area. During the Christmas season the electronically - controlled Aquatone will feature tradi tional holiday music, as tne fountain dancet and red. orange, blue and green lights play through the water. Rebel Carpenters Ask Court Appoint Monitors for Cleanup INDIANAPOLIS. Nov. 30 -Iff Two Baltimore members of the huge Carpenters Union asked a court today to appoint monitor fr tbeir unio to halt what they described as widespread corruption. A suit filed in Marion 'Coun ty (Indianapolis) Circuit Court accused top carpenters off irrrs of running the union with bribery. hreats and intimidation. It was filed under the new La.idrum-Griffin labor control Uw enacted by Congress. High among the charges in the suit is the allegation that union money was used to bribe Indiana officials to orevent prosecution of carpenters officers in the Indiana highway scandals. ' L Named defendants by union Mother of 2 Tortured, Slain; EstrangedMate Arrested STOCKTON, Nov. 30 Mrs. Edie Morris, 32, the mother of two small children, was tortured,' bludgeoned and knifed to death in her home here yesterday. Her estranged husband, Fre-lon, a 39-year-old roofer, was arrested in a Sacramento bar, and is being held in San Joaquin County Jar! for investigation of homicide. The murder was discovered yesterday morning by Mrs Morris' 2 'i -year-old daughter Renee. "who awoke to find her mother's body lying in the living room. She ran to the hone of her aunt, Mrs. Edith Steele, who called sheriffs. deputies. Mrs. Morns". throat had been cut, and slashes covered her body. Her face was beaten I. Performances will be from 11:50 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. rand frofa 4:15 to 10 p.m. . daily through Dec, 28, Music will be provided by tapes in a stand ard hi fi set The . tapes are played completely, "without special adjustment, Beamer said. " ' ' Only previous exhibition of the device was a preview at the Hassler fountain on Oct. 8. Dedicated on Nov. 19, 1956, the fountain is the only one of its kind in the world. It won an award for night lighting in international competition in 1958. Projected from a base 28 feet in diameter, the jet rise 'to a maximum height of 30 feet. The control panel connects with lights drawing on the entire spectrum to create the fountain's kaleidoscopic effects. members Joseph' K. Huntsman and Harry Riley of Baltimore Loral I ) xt President rice A. Hutcheson. Vice President O William Blaier, Treasurer Fpnk M. Chapman and 11 i i'irr international offke. Hunt ivsn and Rilev also rharced that '.k union leader-shin dominate-1 the carpenters by tlma'.ening opponents with injury or even death, gassed rivals at union convent "ns. withheld pensions of elderly members- who fought them, and destroyed key union records. The sui said the union officials accepted $107,935 in "gratuit es" from employer? and paid h--k income ta.x - for persons who knew too much about their actions. severely and there were four cig&ret bums on one leg. A neighbor said he had heard Mrs. Morris scream, "Don't kill me," about 8 am. yesterday, and later saw a man run from the house and drive off in a car. Morris said he knew nothing about the murder. He had not been in Stockton frr several days, he told officers, and had gone to bed about 10 p.m. Saturday, not rising -until 9 45 a.m. yesterday. - Henry Johnson, a state criminal identification technician, said there was dried blood on Morris watchband, under his fingernails and on the seat of his car. Relatives . told the deputies that Mon-is was extremely jealous of his wife. Police rec Oakland's crime rate went down 3!4 per cent in the first nine months of .1959, according to a report released today by the FBI. " This is far more than the national decrease of 1 per cent in the same period over January to September in 1958. . The FBI survey covers cities over 25,000 population and in eludes seven categories: murder and non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny (more than $50) and auto theft. The national report shows that Los Angeles led the state in every major crime category during the nine-month period. And it was first in the nation in the number of rape cases 745 compared to New York's 581. . Here are Oakland's figures: . ! 1959 1958 Murder 11 18 Rape ............ 45 ' 38 Robbery .277 350 Assault - 391 314 Burglary ....... 1893 2058 Larceny 735 482 Auto theft 744 980 FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover reported in Washington, D.C. that vicious crimes murder, rape, stabbing and violent assault were on the increase. CRIMES OF TERROR Hoover declared these terroristic crimes have risen 7 Pr cent in the first nine months of this year even though the over-all crime statistics dipped 1 per cent for the same period of 1958. - , The FBI chief stressed that murder showed an increase of 4 per cent , through September; forcible rape, 5 per cent, and aggravated, assault. 7 percent Only a decrease In 'crimes against property1', such as lar cenies, burglaries - and auto thefts offset the increase in "crimes against persons," Hoo ver said. He termed the over all 1 per cent general decrease "almost insignificant. , Of nonviolent crimes, Hoo ver said reports for the first nine months of the year showed a 7 per cent decrease in robberies, 2 per cent in burglaries, 1 per cent in auto theft, and 1 per cent in larce nies over $50. But Hoover said, "Violent assaults against the person continue thjir upward climb." A breakdown of crime statistics for 134 cities of more than 100.000 population showed New York and Chicago led the list of murder cities. New York reported 303 cases of murder and non-hegligent manslaughter; Chicago, 247; Philadelphia, 91; Los Angeles and Houston, 89 each; Detroit, 84. L.A. RATE LEADS Los Angeles had the highest number of rape cases 745. New York reported 5814 Philadelphia, 483; Chicago. 441; and Detroit, 198. For aggravated assault Hoover listed these statistics: New York. 8.668.; Los Angeles, 4.959; Detroit. 3.563; Philadelphia, 3.345: Chicago. 3.243. The FBI, cooperating with local police forces, issues the preliminary crime statistics every quarter. The FBI report showed the heaviest increase in murder occurred in cities with a population of from 500.000 to 750.-000 where a 16 per cent increase was noted ords indicated he had been arrested once for assaulting his wife. Mrs. Morris and her husband had been separated since last summer. Their ether child, Kevin. 1. also was sleeping in the home at the lime of the murder. Typewriter Made With Half-Space ; SYRACUSE, N Y. Nov, 30 A Syracuse typewriter concern has developed the first typewriter with a half-space key. It says the half-spacer simplifies the correction of common errors made by typists skipped letters and spices cr extra letters in words. SACRAMENTO, Nov. 30-A 36-year-old truck driver kissed his two yqung .sons .goodbye last night and then shot himself to death. He had just killed their mother and her boy friend in a jealous rage. Police said the jealousy-rid den trucker, Jack Congalton, drove to the home of Mr. and Mrs. David McGrew , in the North Highlands section, where his estranged wife, MaXine, 37, was staying. ONE FATAL SHOT Congalton burst in and shot her once in the abdomen with a 12-gauge shotgun. She died instantly. He then took McGrew as a hostage so Mrs. McGrew wouldn't call the police and drove five miles to a tavern where the man he believed to be his wife's boy friend worked. Forcing McGrew to accom pany him inside, he thrust McGrew aside as he sent a shot gun blast into Phillip E. Holm-gren, 37, a McClellan Air Force Base sergeant and co- owner of the tavern. SECOND BLAST As Holmgren slumped to the floor, Congalton leaned over the bar and fired another blast into his victim. He then fle,d alone in his car. According to authorities, Congalton then drove to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schaeffer, where he had been living, and kissed goodbye his children, Clark, 6, and Jack Jr., 7T and left. Officers said he drove a few blocks away and fatally wounded himself. His body was found slumped on the front seat of his car. Torturer of Nurse Back to Mental Ward Melvin Bakkerud, 23, pint-sized torture kidnaper of a pretty San Francisco student nurse, today was ordeied recommitted to a state mental hospital. Bakkerud, who was released two months ago after spending two years in Atascadero State Hospital, was to have gone on trial today in San Francisco Superior Court However, Judge Harry Neu-barth. found that the reports of Dr. Theo Miller, superintendent of Napa State Hospital, and Dr. Walter Rapa-port, superintendent at Agnew, showed Bakkerud to be still insane. Bakkerud was charged with kidnaping and torturing the young girl in Golden Gate Park after tying up her escort. Edward Cregan,. attorney for Bakkerud. informed Judge Neubarth that plane trips made his client "ick and nervous," and Bakkerud was given permission to return to Atascadero by prison van. Livermore Builders Win Sewer Fight Alameda County Superior Judga Donald J. Quayle today ordered the city of Livermore to refund the Associated Home Builders of the Greater East Bay Inc. $102,700 in sewer connection fees paid under protest The judge ruled the city ordinances establishing a $150 connection charge were illegal and unconstitutional In his finding. Judge Quayle said the fee was levied for residences only, noi businesses; that there was hj reasonable relation bet veen the amount of the fee and the cost incurred by the city, and that since all insp-tion and other collection expanses were collected umfer other ordinances, that the contested ordinances mere unnecessary and served no police power purposes. The suit was filed by the Home Burden Organization on behalf of six Southern Alameda County builders. HELD ILLEGAL Judge Quayle also held the ordinances were illegal as a fund raising measure. John Hermessy, executive vice president of the builders Liwiiiw mmm wiHiiiim iiiin" m r imiirioi nwn "fir rr'" S&SS- Trlbaa heU ONE YOUNGSTER DEAD, FIVE HURT McrtUe Evans, 19, of North Richmond was killed last night and five other teen-agers were hurt when the car in which they were riding slammed into a truck at intersection of South 16th St. and Cutting BlvcL, Richmond. Girl Killed, Five Injured In Car Crash RICHMOND, Nov. 30 Mat-tie Evans, 19, was killed and five of her teen-aged compan ions injured last night when the car in which-they were riding slammed broadside into a truck and double trailer rig. Police ordered the car's driver, Wilkie Hunter Jr., 18, of 944 7th St., held for investigation of manslaughter. Young Hunter is in Contra Costa County Hospital with a severely lacerated leg. According to Richmond po lice, the accident occurred when Hunter, southbound on South 16th St., ignored a stop sign at Cutting Blvd., and stfiuck one of the truck's trailers. Witnesses estimated Hunter's speed at the time of the crash at somewhere between 40 and 70 miles per hour. The truck driver, Alfred Medeiros. 42,' of 3294 Claudia Drive, Concord, was not injured. He said he was unable to get out of the way of the car as it shot into the intersection. The auto was dragged 106 feet by the truck, the car's hood wedged beneath the trailer. All six occupants of the car were thrown to the pavement. Others injured in addition to Hunter were Elmer Poole, 17, of 761 Eighth St, serious head injuries; John Watson, 17, of 581 Sixth St., serious head injuries; Edward Jenkins. 18, of 774 Sixth St, minor injuries, and Joy Ann Coleman, 16, of 518 Lucas Ave, minor injuries. Hunter, Poole anfl Watson were taken to Contra Costa County Hospital, Martinez. Miss Coleman and Jenkins were re leased after treatment at Kaiser Foundation Hospital here. Miss Evans, who was dead on arrival at Kaiser Hospital, lived at 1629 Truman St., North Richmond. organization, said he protested the ordinances when the city council passed the laws two years ago. All payment were made under protest, Hennessy said. Livermore City Manager William Parness today said the city will appeal the judgment Fames said the sewer connection fcs, which the city has beejj collecting since 1957, have been kept in a special fund in case they must be refunded. He said that the fund includes connection fees which were not paid undr protest, and hence do not figure in the current suit CITIES AFFECTED Parr.ess said" the outcome of the case will affect many cities in the sta'e. and some others m Alameda County, mho also are levying the connection fees. Parr.ess said he mill confer today or tomorrow with the city's special counsel in the case, attorney Robert Anderson of Berkeley. He said they will recommend further action to the city council next Monday. Brown in Meeting at L: A. :z LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30 (UPB Gov. Edmund G. Brown, conducting his first meeting of his "council" in Southern Cali fornia, said today he intends to hold such gatherings on an annual basis. "I have no intention of mov ing the State Capitol to' Los Angeles," Brown said. "But I must emphasize that Southern California is a part and a big part of our state." RECOMMENDATIONS Brown met with leaders of his council and heard some of the following recommendations: A sweeping reorganization of California Highway Patrol field units by Highway Patrol Commissioner Bradford Crittenden, Crittenden pointed out that one of the important shifts to. become effective Dec. 2 will be the division of the patrol's present southern zone into two known activities one headquartered in Los Angeles and the other in San Diego. Director DeWitt Nelson, of the State Department of Natural Resources, informed Brown that decentralization within his department is "effectively providing a greater degree of service to the public and protection of the state's resources, including its forests from fire." Nelson said this is especially true in the division of forestry which is one of the two. units within the department now decentralized. The other is the division of oil and gas. AIR POLLUTION Dr. Malcolm H. Merrill, state health director, informed Brown that California's proposed standards for community air quality and motor vehicle Small Boat Flips; Two Boys Missing CRESCENT CITY, Nov. 30 Two sons of an Air Force radar station commander drowned yesterday after their fishing boat overturned in heavy surf at the mouth of the Klamath River. Stephen Cahvll. 19, a Stanford University student, had reached shore safely but plunged back in an attempt to rescue his brother. Rein, 16. Neither mas seen again. An intensive search by a Coast Guard cutter and Air CALLAS ANGRILY DENIES SHE IS EXPECTING BABY MILAN. Italy, Nov. 30 CP! Opera Prima Donna Maria Callas today denied she waj expecting a baby and threatened to sue Italian magazine which said she might be. The soprano went wit this morning to bur a copy of the m omens masazine, "Anna-beHi and read its article entitled "is Maria Callas expecting a baty?" When she returned home, she mas hopping mad. "The- interference with my privacy has row reatihed an unprecedented point," Madame Callas told CniJed Press International through her-maid. 'Council7 exhaust "represent a pioneering effort in air pollution control." Merrill said such stand ards must, "be the first attempted nationally to attack the air pollution problems by setting allowable concentration of pollutants." William E. Warne, director of the Department of Fish and Game, said "The time has come to clear up the Confusion and controversy concerning fish and wild life and recreation in regards to water development" Warne proposed a "bureau of rights" for fish and -wild life in connection with water development : ; f " , Woodland Official Sent to Prison "WOODLAND, Nov. 30 (CPU City Treasurer and Tax Collector Ray E. Humphrey today was sentenced to one to 10 years in state prison for grand theft and embezzlement of an estimated $25,000 in public funds. Judge C. C, McDonald gave Humphrey the identical sentence for each charge but specified that they run concurrently. He will be taken to the Medical Facility at Vacaville Wednesday. The shortage was discovered in an audit after Humphrey disappeared. After a two-month flight through the Southwest, he returned to Sacramento where he was arrest ed. He pleaded guilty to taking the money over a five-year period. Force rescue units is under way. . The boys mere sons of Maj. Robert CahilL commander of the 777th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron installation here. LeRoy Hodges, of Klamath, saw the boys' boat overturn and Stephen's losing effort at rescue. The Cahills came to Crescent City in August from Hamilton Air Force Base, Major CahilFi former station. "The repor of my pregnancy purpose which those who is completely groundless. The spread it want to attain is just a full-fledged defamation. T am. now considering a legal action against the rex-soni responsible for the publication cf this false report" Madame Callas "is IeaBy separated from her husband, Giovanni Battista MenegMu, although they- were living together until late las summer. Last night, the soprano laughed when first told of the pregnancy rumor, then burtt into one of her famed fits of temper. " -I- ;

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