The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1933
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Served by the United Press ;vn THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIS3OUIU BOMEM1 VOL. XXX—NO. H3 WyihevlUe D»Uy, New. Mississippi Valley Leader. Blytheyttlt Courl«, BLYTHRV1LLK, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, SIOI'THMHKK SINGLE COPlfiS .FIVE- CENTS STORM STRIKES CUBA, Held for Shooting Statement Expected From Largest Industrialist Still Minus Blue Eagle. • MAHQUFMTE, Mich., Sept. UJP)—An, tiimniincemenl of Henri Ford's attitude toward President PooL-c-vell's national recovery Viol-am v.-o'i crr.;ctcd icduy as the ti-clnr iiKmiifiielurcT and lamest :-ini) L . jndusiriallu without the blue ra^te i.-'coir^d for a council with 'he executives of ninny entcrpris- Thtre was no inkling. of-..»'hat F'-.-d intended to do *ln. tn<f : " of effoits of N R A .of! bvng him "'i'hin ths cede, to which all ia except the FO'd Motorist hiwe Mibserilicd. &*~ Word vas recoivf'l in'thfs Where Eight Were -Killed In Train Wreck i'uru From Lu]uor 1 Fields. Fiiding Illicit rade Into New i(jh shooting Joseph __irBJer policeman, with :»lstoi,on a "dare," IB 21..,--.,„., -Marj Caisper (above) ot upper Michigan village by Ford| : ,tfp'||aJelplila. " Wood, a '"brlga- that President lloosevclt' had sjonci 4\ er general' In tUe khaki shirt to sea for a brier cruiw without.] orKaniialion *a» candidate tor coving srhcilier he contemplated the Democi - c {jiomtnallon for ffClion against llic man who for >'. ha* ';"«:' v-;own m the coun- ttv's leading industrialist. MY. liMiF.evelt had reuucslcd Ad- :nin!?tralor Johnson of the N R A Ic submit a full report of Ford's rx'.ition. Ford lias until September f> to comply" with the code. NOT I-:: Tills Is I Iw scnmd uf two slorirv un ncu 1 forms t of racketeering that liuvr dcvi-lopMl i ihict the introducliun of the UA. 1 IIV WILLIS THOKNTOX NEA Seivitf Writer ; WASHINGTON. — Rackets, always ccnlemptible. becpin'i! (toubly ] JD when hiding.under, ihe' Blue Eagle's wing. What could be cheaper t^ian this one. unearthed and scotched hv'a Better Business eau orhc'." : Solicitors 'w e r L- found '•': ."-tig around among NRA iignirs. asking lhat they pay to have their names ]M(d on "honor lists" of an official NRA magazine. T.'.cre Is, up to 12,000 March at netroit DETROIT, Sept. 1 (UP)— Fifteen IhcuLund marched in Detroit's now at leas NRA pu' no official national ')n, and anyone so- Mail Cotton Checks at Rate oi 5,000 Daily WASHINGTON, Sepl. 1. IU1'>- Wllli live I'li^ck signers funcllonlnu |K-r(iT(ly the 1 agricultural depart ment has begun to mull checks lu southern rntlou funnels at Ihc rale ti MXO per day lu pay for ik- Mvuyi'tl cotton. 'I'M ugrU-iilliiru iHljII.Slmml IlllmllllslrallUII llOlllUXl , out Uiai with l,o:<1.0UO check!) lo I verily llinl ihi; tusk of preparln' [tinin is cnurinc-iis. Shin Reported in Distress; Disturbance Moves Toward Florida Coast. .. TO THE THE Alove is n picture taken after .thc,-:cM bound-Gnl:icn Btulc. LlmUcd nlnniicdMtiraugl. " 'l° otl weakened g .. in any"such-,'';JVT 1: '•."official NRA Ib r fii 3? near Tucuinca;-!, New Me:;lco. killing eight and injuring tv.u score pcrsdivs. The big wrecker seen Sct'ks 'Prisoners Held In j Illinois'{or Attack On i Ai>ed Woman. HOlilNSON, 111.. Sept, 1 (UP) — A rapidly gathering mob today threatened to tilorin thc Crawford ' county Jail and seize three prls- ! oners held In connection with ati attack on an ngcd woman, her daughter ad her brother al Newton, III,, Tuesday night. highway police reenforced authorities to prc-vcnl the HAVANA, Onto, Sapl. '• 'III')-A severe tropical disturbance slruuk the north const ot Cuba with danu aging fury and moved westward lo Jlnvmm today, hcnrtlns lownrd tlft [south coast of Florida, • At noon Havuun was In Uarkiin-is under hovering Wnck douds, The wind velocity Increased terrlflciilly and there was uo Jljlblllty from . shore. The national observatory >| warned that Havana might lic'.-|n danger from n ixisslule tidal way;.. Virtually all communication with tl;« interior nnd the north ccn=t was severed. Shipping nt all port's- - i magazine" is -a 1 X'.r. In Cleve- ( ]land. where several such chiselers | in th2 b:r:ksrmmd is belrr; usi-rt to right tin- cora thrit dra|i|»:l Ilirou^h the bridge. NRA victory parade last night N urr) b er to -Get Ax Withjl: which ec-rbrnted almost 100 per; , ^,f cent cooperation with the NRA.' Next 1'CVV UaVS As ,i Employe.- of Henry Ford did not . . • •* inaich. They were barred by par-i ''CllSIOn Appears, ade officials. ' 3=K*A . ,1-^-ere. uriearlned, they were scared I iffaut of'business by warnings of the! '. ! -Better 'Business Bureau nnd there- [ fore no arrests or prosecution:;. v<ere necessary. | Bui Better Business Bureau olll-1 :als -Ure already calculating •with a- 1 Jig "buy now drive" in pros-! •peel, people wSll fcc more likely than ever to become viclims oi the; Lit LETTtRS Tfl Report Earthquake In ! ll|T| [D [Central American Region [1111.1(1 Sleeping Sickness Toll P* ^ 'f • ~iiik erable iin | ol busirg tj A shakeup drTiexecutives ; of the! Attract O I national recovery adm'ihlslvatitm > ™" > ' * .„ |Tenderly Phrased :ted to set cuns:d-, ^ 1 1 • C '• oiiehiatcd In tin: Wtst frcm Ihe coJifyinj! CS KeVCaied 111 Suit'. conli-al America. Against Claire Windsor. WASHINGTON, Sept. 1. <UI>> — Intelmlllent i>nrtlii|tinkcs of mod-j ' wale Intensity have bun registered | during tlie past M hours nl George- j lown University! it was disclose;! [,,„ r r\ ;-• today, scientists saw -1\-- puisi-s j rermeni , ol Dec iposi- selzure of Harry Shelby, 44. of Tillon, III., his nephew, John Allen, 23 of Danville, and Henry Peck, of Indianapolis. The prisoners wens brought here last nl(jht to avoid a mob organized at Newton, awaiting their re turn. Many armed men were re- was suspended and one ahlp. J«- sephla Gray, In distress live mile:; oil coast, flashed an SOS thai wns answered by tile steamship Athle- foam nearby. . . The slorm was cx|»cted 10 strike llio Florida coast between Miami and Key West tonight or early tomorrow morning. The gitint Hner Mnuretanla oh a cruise to Panama, hovered off Cape Stin Antoilio, ou the e::lremc of west Cuba, lo a\valt the ••lorm's ported hiding "long the highway nur Newton throughout the night, .hoping to halt the officers. 'or Bootlegger retail code, which is HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 1. sales tolow I Romance which Claire Windsor and . • T J No Hesitancy m trade •I i C .<uo v j Movement Forward long series of disagreements withj a j ng O f merchamiise Johnson and other NRA officials. i Tllc impending shake-up will !n- not " only mcn nol whol]v in The industrial bootlegger is the infin who. by fair means or foul, gets hold of merchandise thai can der piirases, were paraded before the middle nged jurois in the plaintiff's uticmpl to show that her home lift; was wrecked when the ian:lard prices. 1 actress accepted ihe love of Al- Set Up Pay Of For r - - 1 an lion" German Chancellor Tells Nazi Par^y. NUREMBERG, Germany, Sepl. 1 IUE)-Chancellor AdolpJi Hitler, In a proclamation read to his natjon- /ijtat-soclayst-parly, today charac- | terlzcd Jews as a "ferment of iln- ' composition in thc life of nation;." ! The proclamation indicated tint , | Hitler believed the- "formqnt'-' 1 was I0r | threatening Insidiously to cause the of t'r.c western worl:l, IN BEEII5 The port ot Malanza:; mwrtoil heavy rain. Virttitilly all connnuni- ciillon will) the rest of Mnlruizvi province was severed and tr.e late of Cardenas and Jbvellanos in the path of the storm was uncertain. Tides in small slr».un'j-c:iused residents of lowlands surrourjdini: 'the city lo have to seek rc-iugf : on higher ground.' . ' " ' . Injured;in ColBiion •• asavvba District ot i r' i D _,!i^ Issue hvsl t eimits. o.. OSCEOLA, Ark., sept. i.^Mrs. Earl Moore of Gftry. Ind., and Mrfi R B Cook of iMempn i s hoth _ -- ' ' received cuts nnd bruises, and two Approximately SlWO hos becm of Mrs Moore's ' children ' received co ]t cc t c d In the Issuance of permits . m | nor injuries when- their auto'-, I coll!1 l lsc . j Agalnrt sud, cnllniisc, he said, his to scll bc( . r ln t\ a chickasawba dls- 'mobiles collided on Highway V 61 ! Na/ls had fought and would eon- tr ] c t o f Mlsshaippl county since the; ot Bassett, about 1 o'clock, Thiifs- tlnuc to fight "with fierce duter- 1 n( i vcn i O f the legal bnveragc it was! ^ ny evening." '' ' inlnnllon. i the spirit of the recovery drive ' t , S ol u well under siaiiaara prices, j NEW YORK. Sept. 1. (UP)—! | ju t those 'Whose jobs are done. "Naturally, not all "cut-price" i Ired C. Head jr. ,„,, tul "There has been no hesitation in | _ j merchandise comes throug.i ihe in-! The screen actress claims slMMlltl ] ^^ for Ginniug openilions here the forward decisive movement of ^ - "| «--. — . .-.-..-.i ...K...^ ' """ ;r of ParaKOuld who Blytheville collon ginners nt a : "' T hc proclaiualio,, wns the one tr.e forwara aecisiv,- HIOVCJIH;JII, it n trade." Dim and Bradslreel. Inc., II I said today in theii' weekly review ; ! j T of business conditions. i u ' u .' National action has been limed to a nicely, Ihc review declared, lo receive thc full impact of the normally heavier force of fall .b'.iying. | Closing Stock Prices j p ees> Expenses of Drainage A T. & T."" i27i-2 I District 17 Receiver (or '18 Months Reported. I dus'trl'aT'b=otreVsc7. liiit" much of it [not know Read was married wlwn I i|,7s*reason." dees, and there is reason lo feur she first' accepted his kisses, and] 18 40 1-2 Anaconda Bethlehem Steel Chrysler ........ •' ...... 48 Cities Service .......... 31-8 Coca Cola ............. 9 ' General America nTank 39 1-2 Gc-neral Electric ...... 25 1-4 General N5ctors ....... 34 1-4 International Harvester 41 7-8 Montgomery Ward New York Central . Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons 25 7-3 51 5-8 ... 5 1-4 . 17 1-4 ... 93-8 . 28 3-1 Bt Louis-San Francisco 5 3-8 Standard of N. J 41 3-8 Texas Corp 27 5-3 U. S. Sleel 55 3-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 1. lUPi—Cot- ton closed steady. open high .• 937 940 . 968 961 Oct. Jan. Mar. Mnr. July . 982 . 999 iOlG 987 lOfM 1016 low 934 964 931 998 1013 close 935 9C4 931 998 1015 LITTLE ROCK. Ark.—Fees, salaries and other expenses of the administration of Drainage District No. 17 of Mississippi county for ttp 18 months ending June 30, amounted to more than $35.000. a financial statement filed by Clifton H. Scott, federal receiver for the tlislrlct. In federal court here disclosed. Wes allowed Mr. Scott by the federal court, fcr the 18 months amounted to S12.090.96, the records showing S7.99.98 in 1932 and $4.009.98 for the sis montlis ending June 30. 1933. E.- B. Downie, at- orney of Little 'Hock, was allowed fees totaling $6,000. for the 18 months while Harrison, Smith and Taylor. Blytheville law firm, was allowed S2.COO for services in 1932 Salaries than fees paid tc Mr. Scott. Mr. Do\vnle and the Blytheville law firm which were not itemized or 'explained in the report, amounted to S6.650'in 1932 and $3.537.50 for Hie first MX months of 1933. Dues to the National Drainage Association, of which Mr. Scolt , that with legitimale industries strictly limilted by their codes, an iiiL-ri'Ejiiig amount oi such goods may gei afloat. , The inilustrial ' bootlegger, of | course, works hand in hand with i the industrial racketeer. • * • A Typical Case Here is a lyplcal sstup: Yon run a drug store. You liave on hand a considerable quantity of Hair Tonic, a standard. , , ig loin a els to r ™" llon - tnc first since 1023. t,:en she understood he would hi I w ' divorced when he continued shnv:- ering | with them. seuati« | "hud been forward to for ixjaKen nun iun.v, (l .—..„..-well-advertised article which sel!= ( oOVernm ent .jVlOVCS well. One day n couple of toug'i-l looking fellows come into your; store. They represent Croakes'l Hair Tonic, a product made in' frank imilatkm of IJoakes'. but c '"I pro-1 ;i[ n icccnt Wnslilnslon lienrinr. on tlio Dinners code was al last night's session. The ginners agreed on n locnl code for fair competition, wages nnd hours of labor with Ihc undemanding lhat each would sign up under the NRA president's agreement.; . The local agreement Cor lulior ir.tes. cosl of ginning nnd fair competition follows: Twi-ntv cents p:r hour for com...... T n . j mon labor. I OltV Millions Into bllSl-! Twcntv-nve cents per hour for r> Ecml-skillcd Inlior. ness J\ecoven r . weeks before it w:is read today at prcscni ''. thc o |ilcl!l1 opening of ihe convcn- ticn. estimated today by Francis Car- 1 an ^ Mrs. Moore and their peuter, deputy state revenue com- /our childfen. returning to their mlssloncr, stationed licre. • home In Gary, Ind., from Califor- , Mr. Oarperiter rcpcr'ed that a ,,ia t stopped nt Bassett for gasor check of permits he has Issued andi line. When they drove onto Hlsli- thosc feucd by Floyd Smith, who, way 61 headed north they collided is employed in a similar capacity ] with an automobile driven by -Mrs. in the section of N ..... ......... '"'" iy west of nig Lake, nmtcly 41 retail and eight wliolc- snle permits granted. II is also possible that a few permits sold lere by other department officials in of Mississippi conn-1 Cook of Memphis. Mr. and fltrs. ,g Lake, shows approxi-'cook, who travel this territory.for duced in a sweatshop factory of WASHINGTON. Sept. 1. IUP>- Spots steady at 945. unchanged New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 1. (UP)— Cotton closed barely steady. open high tow close 930 935 927 930 cheap material, and with no standing in Ihe trade. They tell you very plainly that they expect you to exchange uottlc- for-bo'.t!e a large part of your stock 01 Doakes 1 Tonic for their own brand. Yu don't for Throw Off Parly "Dictatorship" And Take Charge of Convention. does not include the actual tax on beer which is collected separately. Neltlier does it Include the total for the year as thc permits are Is sued on a sliding scale based 01 the volume of business. Thc large majority of-thc original permits is- Thirtv-flve cents per hour r.killrd labor. Tlilrlv cents ]>er hinulred for KANSAS CITY. Sept. 1. IUI') — Uacs-inrr and Mrs, SI. 10. j Delegates to the national convcn- Dcduct 10 per cent of net seed''tlon of young Do:nocrats v.-cnt in The government prepared today to j::nr millions of dollars Into III" nation's credit stream to spur ils recovery program. Under present pla: mcnt will provide thc ^- _. - , -banks with money and credit in i Each talc shall be bought o" Ils The rebellion fbrcd shcrlly after —"- for loss in manufacture. | lo open revolt afeilnsl party "dlc- ,ns thc govern-1 Haiilini; per talc iu and within i tatorship" today :uid decided to he thc countn's 1 five miles of Blvlhcvill'-. 15 cents. | come masters of their own meeting •mrt <:iv so "'eh a measure that trey will be individual merits. . Ullu .-UIJ ow. , ^ Attnv tll/> trinlll vii don't like it and say so.| :llt " •' "'<:»=>"": >•"•" i>-i-> »•" '"But they mention some well-known wil»»g W push it out Into business local Politician who can do you'with little fear of-impairing their Oct. DCC. Jan. Mar. MOV July 955 '".'.'. 985 1002 1015 957 970 988 1002 1017 948 958 975 090 1011 951 959 975 996 1011 Spots steady at 920, oil 4. Chicago Wheat Is president, paid during Iho 18 months period amounted to $4,697.'41, that amount including dues for part of 1931. 1932 arxt all of 1333 the statement showed. The cash on hand as of January 1, 1932 amounted to' $15.229.32. Receipts during the year amounted to 493,007.45. while disbursements amounted to S43,170.53. Cash on hand as of January 1, 1933, was S33.702.19 while . disbursements amounted to S20.470.06. Cash on hand as of June 30, 1933. amounted to J78.2D8.32. -ccal harm if he wishes, and perhaps they also make mention of strong- arm wor i; or window smashing that they have done in the past: You »ive in You exchange a couple of hundred bottles of Doakes' Tonic for Croakes', and you have to sell tr.e inferior stuff In competition with the legitimate article. Thus the racketeers have obtained, very cheaply, a large number of bottles of genuine Doakes' Tonic which they are prepared to dump on the market through "boot- standing. The government-owned After the ginnlnc -'"son starts _ uo hired solicitor shall be used In an airplane for Washington. James A. parley, postmaster gen left with Ills party aboard was understood, will agree the gin business. Recon^[Roosevelt Will Try ,re not Included. The revenue already collected thc Remington . Typewriter Oo., were returning from Blythevil|e~to Memphis. Mr: Cook was uriin,- Jurcd. ' Both carSiWere traveling slowly which accounted for the fact that none of the parties was seriously Injured, witnesses said. £ Negro's Partner Wanted For His Death, Police Say sued to"retailers were for $10 each,! 'Definitely identified si* the slay- the minimum, which Is subject toi rr of Hftwk Santler3p nc?ro snd Increase later as sales lnnr:asc. Andorra Asks League to his partner in what officers say was an Illegal business, Benh'le Holmes, negro, was the object. of .- n . . " n . • a renewed search today. Keep French Army UUIl Sanders bodv was found near I thc Frisco right of way between ANDORRA. Sept. 1 <UP>^-An-iFirst and Second streets a short ^.ileggers" at tow rates. There Is si-'—Trie two men accused, as the i wavs a supply o f Perfectly repul-tflr'.ual kldnaiwrs of Charles F. I * " ' ' was miueisvuuii. will ngri'f in u-i _ M. • . due? from 4 1-2 to 4 per cent the! Luck at Tima fishing interest rate on J8.000.000 now • loaned to banks. New loan would ' poRT BOND BAY. Sept. 1 (UP) be encouraged at the lower rate. _ p rcs j(ient Roosevelt nnd his - — . friends aboard Vincent Aster's Kidnapers to ' Nourmahal. .which spent the nlRhl r c. r>l_ i nl anchor in Ihc bay. planned lo race Mate Charges ! trv their luck tMay at tuna flsh- ing. OKLAHOMA CrrY<Scpt. 1 IUP> open high Sept. 85 1-4 85 7-8 Dec. 89 1-2 SO 1-2 low 85 85 7-8 Chicago Corn oncn high low close Sept. 48 1-2 '48 7-8 47 7-8 48 5- I>c. 54 1-4 S4 5-8 M 3-4 54 l-'i District 17 recently applied to thc Reconstruction Finance corporation for a loan of $2,000.(>00 to finance refunding of its bonded indebtcd- To Preach at Number Nine The Rev. J. o. Vance will preach at umber Nine Sunday morning, 11 o'clock. If weather condition!) psr- mlt. he announced today. cost nothing. Such merchandise arc deposed of to bootleggers and, tj the tlrr.e they have passed througl several hands, may ba bought by, a reputable merchant as bankrup stocks or whatnot without hi knowing there is anythhig irregu late courts able products on the market al un- Urschel w! fair prices. ' these gcods having ...... "" been obtained by some such procedure as this. Stolen Goods Re- Sold Of course outright stealing provides a constant source of genuine standard articles which can be offered at cut pricss. A dark night. a slugged watchman, and a truck backed up to the rear door of a warehouse, and you have a large supply of standard goods which may be sold at any price, having face prosecution on armed robbery Atlanta Police Chief Is Accused of Swindle '• The revolting delegates swep i aside the program prepared and inctioned by tlie Democratic nn- cnal committee and named a roup to formulaic a new program or the remainder of thc conven- on. National pnrty leaders, sensing he revolt that began to develop oslcrday. called congressmen and allonal commlltccmc nto Ihc scene, o talk down thc rebellion. Their fforis were fuMle. The storm jroke today simultaneously from he floor at convention Hall an;! n the caucus of the Youiu Demo- national committee. * rctra ntroduced at the trials. |)lng jn conn=c[ , on ft .,, h solicitations for advertisements In the p-lice year book in a grand 'jury indlct- - Employment Mario In Iiilv Av*r limp mc ^ on fllc hc " to:l:iy ' ^ ix °^' C " inaae in juiy uver June pro-mot^. Ol lh(! \ m . : - f . wc -re m promoters of the hoch dieted. ' NFAV YORK, Sept. 1 (UP)—The , largest perccntaKC gain In employ- : r . .. .i... . . mcnt record* for a single month, FIVC Men MHed in was made in July over June, the; industrial conference baord announced today. The gain was 10.2. - Explosion on Tankei per cetil. It was the fourth YOKOHOMA. Sept. 1. (UPi-Th successive British-tanker At.:l Queen, damag (Continued on Page Three) |ctnt. monthly Increase. Thc increase ed lost night by a gasoline exp!o shown since February was 19 per slon lhat killed five of I'.rr cre\ cent. The automobile Industry led returned here tod.iv. The «p!f In July with a gain of 19.1 per slon was attributed lo inli'i-nal con,_.^ ; , busUon. tlorra's general council appealed to the League of Nations today to invoke thc Kellogg non-aggression pact against Prance . for sending an army of 30 to keep order at he national election. Because Hie French su|X>rvlsors were armed he council maintained they con- ;tltntcd an Invading army. lime after residents of the vicinity heard shots fired. • . Holmes was sought for question- Ing the case but had disap- Gives Order to Build 17 U. S. Naval Vessels WASHINGTON. Sopt. 1. (UP)— Secretary of Navy Swanson tcday signed contracts for the construction of 17 naval vessels, including 12 ships authorized by the provisions of the recovery act. four de- slroycrs authored in the 1926 naval program, and one heavy cruiser authorized In 1929. Italy Continues Drive To Grow More Wheat ROME IUP1 — Fascist Italy's campaign for more wheat, must be accepted in a larger sense so as to embrace all the multiple factors of agricultural production. It Is now pointed out. Progressive Increase in the production of wheat which figure soared from 44 million quintals In 1922 to over 75 millions in 1932. or from an average of 9.5 quintals per hectare to over IS, was accompanied by a corresponding progress In other branches of ag-i rl culture. There also has been a considerable Increase In the production ot wine grapes during the ten years' period from 100 to 129.T. peared from his house. Police announced this morning that Moten Farbar. negro, had admitted that Holmes came, to his house Jate Wednesday night declaring he-was in trouble because he had killed a' man nnd seeking to enlist his aid in escaping. Postoffice Closes Monday The postofilce, which is closed each Saturday afternoon, will also be closed Monday for celebration of Labor Day, according U> announce' mcnt today by J. H, EJklns, South Carolina Also Starts Tobacco Holiday RALEIGH. N. C.. Sept. 1 (UP)^South Carolina today followed the lead of North Carolina for a to- tacco market holiday until higher Trices are obtained. Governor Blaclrworxi of the form- cr state Informed Governor Eh- rlnghaus of North Carolina over telephone this afternoon that he v'ill Issue a proclamation today to close South Carolina markets effective Monday morning. The largest tobacco markets In llic world are located In " these states. • - Tripk-Yoktd Eras Found i ^ WEATHER ANCASTER, Out. (UP)—A March pullet which has produced three-1 AHKANSAS-Generally fflir • to- yolk eitgs is owned by T. A. Stew-| n)?ht and Saturday. Memphis and art. Two such eggs recently W5re.. vl p lnl(y . f a i r t on ijht and Satur- found and the owner hopes the'day. young producer will continue tr.el generous measure. Double-yolk eggs' The maximum temp3raluTe h?re are not uncommon, but thc triple!yesterday, .was 90. minimum 67, variety is something to boasl about, i clear, according to Samuel F. Nor- Stewart belltves, ris, offlclAl »*»th«r otaurver.

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