The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1952
Page 9
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WEDNBSCAT, MAY tl, (ARK.) COURIER Jungle Feuders Are Flown After Turrr as Prisoners Out ...the Spirit of St. Louis. ..4M jtMons of gasoline ind ZM horsepower... 25 Years Ago Today, Charles Lindbergh Flew Atlantic to Set Foot in Paris PARIS (ff) —/'Twenty-five years ago—on May 2l, 1927—a shy 25- year-old flier landed at Le Bourgot Airport outside Paris from New York, and announced, "I'm Ch a rlcs Lindbergh.' ' That simple self-introduction was one of the most superfluous statements in history. For 33 hours and 29 minutes Lindbergh's name hnd been bla- , zoned in newspaper headlines around the world, from the time he h^i* lifted his tiny monoplane off ft&fcvelt Field, New York, and announced he was flying to Paris. Each succeeding edition had recorded the progress o£ the Spirit of St. Louis—Providence, R.T., Brockton. Mass., Nova Scotia, St. ny, Nfld., over the Empress of Scotland, 500 miles at sea, County Kerry, Ireland. Lindbergh Sighted When word came at 5:20 p.m. on Saturday, May 21, that Lind. bergh had been sighted over Ireland, thousands of workers were just leaving Paris stores and offices for the week end. They headed for LR Bourget-by streetcar, bus, automobile and on foot. Maurice Tiesche, then as now en employe at the airfield, recalls that the -"airport was black with people. The cars were packed bumper to bumper for a couple of miles." Fence Knocked Down Of the 50,000 people at the airport, about 25,000 managed to get inside the iron fence. It was knocked down in places. « \Vhen the plane stopped rolling,' todbergh recalled in his book "We," the pilot had to cut the switch to keep the propeller from ktlllng somebody in the crowd that rushed up. "I started to cltmb out of the cockpit of the plane but as soon as one foot appeared through the door I was dragged the rest of the way, without any assistance on my , part," he recalled. "For nearly half an hour I was Unable to touch the ground, during which time I was ardently carried around in what seemed to be very small area, and in every position it is possible to be in." Decoy Set Up Finally, some French military pilots set the crowd on & deco> by snapping Lindbergh's helmet on a newspaperman. They got the flier away to the U.S. Emr. and to bed. Lindbergh flew a high-wing Ryan monoplane which carried 430 gal Ions of gasoline and weighed 2 tons when loaded. He hnd a 220 fea^sepower radial aircooled moto l^?i flew at about 120 miles hour as his pas load lightened. The doub?3-deck Boeing Sir a to cruisers that some lines now us to fly the Atlantic carry T.79Q gal Ions of gasoline, have four engine tach developing 1,750 horsepowe RIO DE JANEIRO, «V- Members of two feuding expeditions to the wreckage of a Pan American Stratocruiser were being flown one by one today out of the thick Brazilian Jungle where they had been taking turns holding each other prisoner. The bizarre sequel to Brazil's grim air disaster appeared to be ending happily 'after an aerial shuttle service began flying out the tsvo men left front Hie official Brazilian-American search party and the remnants of 35 or so armed members of a private expedition financed by a wealthy presidential prospect. Latest reports said all but two of the official party have been hauled by helicopter back io their base at Lagoa Grande. Still In the jungle were Brazilian Air Force Maj. Miranda Correa and Scott Magness, U.S. Civil Aeronautics Authority official from Miami, who reportedly were held hostage for a time by the freelance group as Insurance for their own rescue. Three planeloads of parachutist* dispatched Io rescue the hostages were called back to Rio de Janeiro yesterday after the pair radioed their captors had released them. 4 Bodies Found From Lost Boat Thrte Oth«r* Now Presumed BELLINGHAM, Wash. (/Pi — The wind-whipped wake of one of Pii Sound's worst yachting tragedies has revealed the bodies ol four of seven persons aho »ere aboard the W-foo* Millnc tloop Preludt when It vanished Sunday »venlng. An extensive search for the other three persons—now presumed dead —and the boat'£ wreckage Is continuing. Th« bo<1 If* of Mrs. Ellen rordyce, her son Kenneth, 12, Ed. K. Jukes and Mrs. Donald W. Card were found yestcrday_ In the waters between here and Orcaa Island, some 15 mtle» to the southwest. Only Jukes was not wearing a life pre- S*rVe*. Still ml&sfng u* PtuC the owner of th« Card and Mrs. Juktt. 18-Year-Old Vo*+ SANTA ANA, Calif, (4V-6M. tes Kcfauvor said last night h* fors etxending voting prlvllcgM 18-year-oldi, Uruguay has no pure-bk>od»d to- diana within Ite border*. NOTICE OF FILTNf! OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell nnd dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described: 112 S, Division, Blytheville, Arkansas, Application Is for a permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July, 1952- and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1053. B. S. Simon, Applicant Courier News Classified Ads JAPANESE AMBASSADOR— Eikichi Araki, above, has been named to the first post-independence ambassador from Japan to the Untied Stales. Araki, Gl, a former governor of the Hank of Japan will bo formally appointed as soon as the United States approves his selection for the Dost. J A CARTON OF GOOD COOKING^ Its Got to be ( hs Guaranteed io Satisfy! Yow he tht judge fill* Phillip* 66 Heavy Dmy Premium Motor Oil for (en days—or np Io 1,000 miles. If you aren't satisfied on firry count go (o any Phillips (A Dealer and lie'll arrange lor a refill, using iny available oil you want, at our txfienitf New Phillips 66 Heavy Duty Premium Motor Oil actually es the lubrication recom- mendations of car mamifacTurcTi for all can! It's a new high la Lubri-ttctionJ Phillips 66 Heavy Duty Premium Motor Oil is truly "heavy (hit)'." IT does an uutseandina; job In trucks, as well as K' v ' n S your car an extra margin of protection. Try Phillips fifi Heavy Oiuy Premium Moior Oil today. We guarantee satisfaction! for 5wnM«r wftfc "66 S«rvJc«" Hear Rtr Al\tn «*/ tbt S*m if the Piatttn <ner C.ti.S,S*t wvr »r tin ._ &' B ...the Lone Eagle..."I'M Charles Lindbergh" .(NBA Photo) t cruising speed, and weigh 65 H ons unloaded. They burn up more asoline in an hour than Lindbergh, sed for the whole trip. But Lindbergh was the first to ly solo non-stop from New York o Paris, and that made history. Spokane Battle Looms for GOP Taft Supporters Fight 'Ike' Men SEATTLE (>P>—One of the bitter- ist Washington Republican convention contests in many years is prospect for the state session at Spokane Saturday. The struggle will be between groups .supporting Sen. Robert Taft and Gen. Diviarht D. Eisenhower for the party's presidential nomination. Of (he state's 24 national convention delegates, Eisenhower leaders claim at least 16 will be committed for the general. The state generalissimo for Taft, Atty. Chnrlrs Pnul of Seattle, contends It will be a wide-open battle with convention alignment about even If Taft forces can break the unit rule commitment for the big 292-membcr delegation from King County {Seattle!. Ask tbf sst/tsgirls at KRESS the} 1 can ttll you all ttbout this fabulous new permanrnt it STRAIGHT old familiar sign new meaning Whit* Never before such a joft, niruraMook- Ing wive rh»t holdi the set JQ long. Come in today ind ask tbout New Tooi with Pncel«i Pink lotion. 5« lovely! 5s lively! So lasting! Holds the set longer than any other permanent FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell Tkat Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land It gives this W OULD you be interested in getting one gallon free with each tankful of gasoline you buy? Then we can tell you this: It will certainly be worth your while to read this brief story of Buick's new Airpower carburetor. Truth is—a skillful driver can just about double the bonus we mention, if he makes the most of what this year's ROADMASTER has to offer. Ihe reason you can get such a bonus traces to a pair of simple facts: (1) It's a mixture of gasoline and air that gives you power. (2) Buick engineers have come up with a four-barrel automatic carburetor that lets you use more gallons of air per gallon of fuel. Most o£ the time, only two of these barrels are needed —and they fee.d such a thrifty mixture that you use less gasoline at 40 mph than you'd formerly use at 30. But — when you want a quick burst of eager power — you can double the air supply as well as the gasoline feed —and come up with the highest horsepower that Buick's Fireball 8 Engine ever delivered. course, any man who's buying a car as fine'as a ROADMASTER wants a lot more than extra miles from a tankful of gas. He wants the distinction of extra room, extra comfort, richer fabrics and all the other refinements that make a car truly fine. He wants to ride with solid security, confident poise and lordly silence. And, while he may not admit it, he yearns for a car that's full of fun. All this, we promise you, and more will be yours when you take the responsive wheel of a ROADMASTER. How about doing that — soonP Equipment, accessories, trim and models arc subject to changi without notici. Custom Built flOADMASTER bv PVICK WHIN IITrf* AUTOMOIHFJ 4KI JUIIT BUICK Will tUtLD THFM LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK Co., Walnut & Broadway, Phone 4555

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