Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 23, 1959 · 26
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 26

Oakland, California
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Friday, January 23, 1959
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t26 - j .. ...I - . .i .. '-ttuDf- I - 1 4 ' J , ,;V ' K'; RICHARD WALPOLE Award of Achlavtmont Street Repair Plan Outlined 'ALAMEDA, Jan. 23 City ngr. Mark Hanna is prepar-jhtf a comprehensive 10-year program to repair all Alameda secondary streets. The project, Hanna said, would cost an estimated $468,-000 'and would result in resurfacing, futter raising and replacement of wooden gutters jr145 miles of city residential streets. Councilmen, who heard Hanna'i initial report, indicated the project could be financed over 10 years at a maimum 9-cent increase in the tax rate. they indicated, however, that they will seek supple-7inental funds for the project vtfeyor William McCall . sug-jjelted an a-ppeal to the .Alameda County Board of '"sjJfrvisors for an appropria-"vboti'from the county highway tfejparrment "hardship fund." f ;.City Mgr. H. D. Weller sug-jfesttd the council request the Board of Supervisors to free "a5fxtion of county funds ear-jpOpked for the Lincoln Ave-jfiighway project for more serious needs elsewhere. JtJttie problem the city faces, ylkr says, is that the state Jfpula for expenditure of yZ&'- tax funds limits the "jjfyDunt which can be used for yair of secondary streets, fhe result is that primary fltw ' streets are in good repent- while the secondary sireats continue to deteriorate. O'Neill Renamed i jiASHINGTON, Jan. 23- iYancis A. O'Neill Jr., New !3?pVk City Republican, was nominated by President Eisenhower today for another term as a member of the National Jfediation Board. The new terms expires Feb. 1, 1961 Alameda's Orral Anwyl Heads City Recreation Commission ffeetr elected chairman of the Oakland Recreation Commission. r-Anwyl was elected to the p'ost at the commissions' Wednesday meeting. member of the commission from 1944 to 1948, when 'it ' was known as Board of ijiayground Directors, Anwyl served as board president for IV year. He was re-elected to the commission in 1950 and j has been a member since that "time". Anwyl lives with his fl, Lela, at 996 Grosvenor Place. - He succeeds Lew F, Gttbraith. , voshua R. Rose, executive director of the North Central YMCA, was elected commission vice chairman and Jay M. tlQef Lee superintendent of secreation was re-elected sec-rCary of the commission. Rose has been a commission member since 1947. "sit! a subsequent joint meeting of the Recreation Commission? nd the Oakland Park jebnmission, it was decided fehat Anwyl and Raymond H. jUer, park commission chair-jtrjiiy appoint a subcommittee to coordinate projects of mutual concern involving present and planned operations at Lake Merritt The subcommittee will be. staffed by two embers from each com-rffiaofa,-- : : ., r GOP Women to Hear Talk on Red Regime .BERKELEY, Jan. 23 Theodore Cimos, a native of Russia now .awaiting United States citizenship, will address mem-bei&of the Berkeley Republic jiCusiness and Professional WjSien's Club at a meeting at 8&m. Tuesday at the home oWtfs. Leola Steele, 1443 Mil--viarSt. ' ; Clrfios will discuss the structure and administration of the Sjvjet regime. fMri. Vera Bullis, Mrs. Lois JCkett, Mrs. Amy Greene, Mrs. Lela Btin and Mrs. "SUva 'will be hostesses. E Oakland Tribune, Friday Jin. 23, 1959 R. E. Walpole Cited by Park Executives Richard E. Walpole, general manager of the East Bay Re gional Park District, has been given the annual Award of Achievement by the California Society of the American In stitute of Park Executives. Walpole, a past president of the state organization of park and recreation officials, was cited by his colleagues for his "outstanding contributions in park administration and lead ership in the life of his com munity." The group's Award of Merit went to Walter J. Barrows, park superintendent in Whit tier. Announcement of the awards was made at the president's banquet, concluding the So ciety's tenth annual conference which was held at the Vet erans' Memorial Building in Redwood City. William Jenn Mott Jr., Oak land park superintendent, re ceived the CSAIPE'S achieve ment award in 1957. ' Couple Observes Golden Wedding BERKELEY, Jan. 23 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Albee of 11 Alvarado Road will be -guests of honor at a reception mark ing their golden anniversary tomorrow at 4 p.m. in the home of their son, Marshall, at 1111 Hill View Road, Albee, 79, operates a Berke ley real estate and insurance firm. The Albees met while they were attending the University of California here and were married in Santa Ana on Jan. 24. 1909. They also have a daughter, Mrs. Marjorie Albee Blizzard, and three grandchildren. . NRO School Begins New Term Monday ALAMEDA, Jan. 23 Spring semester for the Naval Reserve Officers School at the Alameda Naval Air Station will open Monday at 8 p.m. The school will offer two new courses this semester, in personnel administration and logistics. The school is open to reserve officers of all ranks and classifications and - students -may earn promotional and retirement points by successfully completing classes in the program. Those interested may register for the school at Building 101 at the Naval Air Station. Some 180 reserve officers were enrolled in the program last semester. AP Wlrpkto ORRAL M. ANWYL Nw Racreatlon Chairman - LEGAL KOTIC18 ORDINANCE NO. CM S. AN ORDINANCE FINDING AND DETERMINING THAT A PORTION OF GRANDE VISTA AVENUE IS NOT NOW NEEDED FOR PUBLIC STREET PURPOSES; DECLARING THE INTENTION OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF OAKLAND TO ORDER THE VACATION OF SAID PORTION OF GRANDE VISTA AVENUE AT ITS NORTHERN TERAIINUS. NORTHERLY OF EAST 27TH STREET; REFERRING TO A CERTAIN MAP FOR PARTICULARS OF THE PROPOSED VACATION: ELECTING TO PROCEED UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF PART S OF DIVISION CiV TPP tTPIT lAND HIGHWAYS CODE OF THE HTAIB OF CALIFORNIA DETERMINING THAT THE PUBLIC CONVENIENCB An6 NECESSITY REQUIRE THE RESERVATION IN THE CITY OF OAKLAND OF THE PERMANENT EA8EMENT AND RIGHT TO CONSTRUCT AND MAINTAIN -LINES OF PIPE, CONDUITS. CABLES. POLES, KTC, FOR THE OPERATION Of1 TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE LINES, WATER PIPE LINES. OAS PIPE LINES AND ELECTRIC LINES, IN AND OVER THE PORTION OF GRANDE VISTA AVENUE PROPOSED TO BE VACATED: FIXING THE TIME AND PLACE FOR HEARING PERSONS INTERESTED IN OR OBJECTINO TO THE PRO-PORED VACATION: AND DIRECTING THE CITY CLERK AND CLERK OF THIS COUNCIL TO CAUSE NOTICES TO BE POSTED ALONG THE PORTION OF GRANDE VISTA AVENUE PROPOSED TO BE VACATED. oOo WHEREAS, Grande Vlita Av. nut from But 27th Strett to Iti northern termlnui ) not a formally dadlcattd public atreat; and WHEREAS, tha public baa ac- If John Bull Has A Scientific New Look, Says Noted Briton By JACK KTAN Tribune Staff Writer The man responsible for the face Great Britain shows to the world says it has been lifted. , According, to Dr. Charles Hill, the British Cabinet minister in charge of public information, the Britain of the red-jowled Beefeater has been supplanted by the clear-eyed, serious scientist But largely and even In tha United States, laments Dr. Hill The new English look hasn't been completely successful Dr. 1U11, who looks something like the American public image of John Bull himself, complains that most Americans still picture England as pursuing the tradition of Stratford- on-Avon and the Tower of Lon don. Actuahy, says the former head of the World Medical Association and sparkplug of the British Medical Association, for many years Great Britain has given the world radar, the jet engine, penicillin and other fundamental marvels of science. But is this understood? he asks. Dr. Hill answers his own question with an emphatic ho." In America, he says, if we give one of our colonial na tions independence, then we are judged as a weakened world power. If we hang on to it, then we are condemned as colonial oppressors. Dr. Hill's job is to try to change these impressions not only in America but in the rest of the world. LSQAL HOTICSB quired certain preacrlptlye rtfhta in ana 10 me aDove-menuonea portion of Grande Vlata Avenue: and WHEREAS, tha owner or tha DroDerty abuttinc on tha north am termlnua of said avenue and adjacent to the moat northern forty (40) reet of aaia avenue; on both aldea. baa petitioned the City of Oakland to varata the moat northern forty '.0) feet of said avenue: now, therefore, BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the City of Oakland aa follows: SECTION 1. That this Council flnda and determines that the herein after described portion of Grande Vista Avenue is not now needed for public atreet purposes. Bt,unu. z. it is tna intention of the Council of tha City of Oakland to order the vacation of said portion of Grande Vista Avenue, aald portion proposed to be vacated being mora particularly described as follows: Beginning- at the point of intersection of tha northern boundary Una of that certain parcel of lanej aeecrinea in tne uecrea rer. mlnatlna Joint Tenancy In tha eatate of Paul Beechen. deceased. dated April SO, 1964 and recorded April !r-li in Book 7301. of Official Records, at para 23, in tha office of tha Recorder of Alameda County, California, with tha western Una of Grande Vista Avenue: and running thence along tha last-named Una northerly 40 feet to tbe northern terminus Una of said' avenue: thence along tbe last-mentioned line easterly 40 feat to tha eastern Una of aald Grande Vista Avenue: thence along tha last-named line aoutherly 40 feet to tha northern boundary line of that certain parcel of land described In the deed from Russell W. Gilmore et ux, to Clara M. Lyhack dated January 31. ItSI and recorded February Z(. 1951 in Book 6io or ornciai Records, at page 214. In tha office of said Recorder; and thence in a direct line westerly 40 feet to tha point of beginning. .Reference is hereby made for particulars, as to the proposed vacation, to that certain map entitled "Map showing the particulars of the proposed vacation of a portion of Grande Vista Avenue at ita northern terminus, northerly of East 27th Street, Oakland, California. January, 1959. aODrovedfbv Resolution No. 3705 CM. 8., of thla Council and filed in the office of the City Clerk on tha 15th day of January, 15.- SECTION 3. That the Counoll of the City of Oakland doea hereby find and determine that the public convenience and necessity require the reservation in tha City of Oakland, pursuant to tha ? revisions of Sections S330 and 331 of the Streets and Hlsrhwsvi Code of the State of California, of tha permanent easement and right at any time, or from-tlme to time, to construct, maintain, operate, replace, remove, renew and enlarge lines of pipe, con duits, cablea, wires, poles and other convenient structures, equipment and fixtures for the operation of gas pipe lines, tele- rraph and telephone lines, and or the tranaportatlon or dis tribution of electric energy, water, and Incidental purposes. Including access and the right to keep the property free from Inflammable materials, and wood growth, and otherwise protect the same from all haxards in. upon and over those portions of the street herein propoaed to be vacated which are In use tor said purposes at the .time of said acatlon. SUCTION 4. All nroceedlnrs for the herein-mentioned proposed vacation shall be In accordance with the provisions of Part I of Division or the streets and Highways Coda of tha State of California, and shall be subject to tha reservation of the easement and right hereinabove set forth. SECTION S. Notice is hereby given that the 24th day of Febru ary. 1159, at 7:30 p.m.. Is hereby fixed as the time and the Council Chamber In tha Cltv Hall, Oakland. California, aa the place for hearing all persons interested In or objecting to the herein-proposed vacation. - SECTION . Tha City Clerk and Clerk of thla Council la hereby directed to cause notices to be posted conspiouously on- tbe portion of Grande vista Avenue nroDOsad to be vacated. Such notices shall be posted not mora than three hundred feet apart, but at least tltree ahall be Poated. 8a Id notices shall etate tha passage of thla ordinance of In tention and the time and place of the afore-mentioned bearing. In Council. Oakland. Calif.. January IS, l5. - Passed to print for two days by the following Ayes: Council-men Hoover, Houlihan. Maggiora, aiarovicn. usoorne, tuiea. Tripp, Youell and President Rlshell . Noes None. Absekt None. , GLADYS H. MURPHT, . - City Clerk. No. S9(. Jan. 22- (it) RESOLUTION No. 105H2 RESOLUTION AND NOTICK OF - INTENTION TO DEDICATE EASEMENT TO THE CITY OF OAKLAND FOR STREET PUR- BE IT RESOLVED hv tha Board of Education of the City of Oakland and of Oakland Unl- nea Bcnool District of Alameda County. State of California that it ahall and it doea hereby de clare its intention to dedicate to r TrtkaM DR. CHARLES KILL British Publicist Hx And his success? Well he says it is going very well for Britain. The Asian world, he feels, is beginning to change its viewpoint, as is most of the West Dr. Hill, known in his native land as the "Radio Doc tor because of his program on health problems, arrived in San Francisco yesterday on part of a world tour in behalf of his far-flung mission. This trip, however, he visited only Ceylon, Columbo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chicago, Ottawa, Washington, D.C., and New York. He was in San Francisco en route to Chicago. Dr. Hill's title isn't minister of information or anything so LSQAL MOTl CIS the City of Oakland, a political subdivialon of tne mate of can fornla, an easement for public street purposes upon, along and across the following described fiortion of real property belong-ng to aald school district to wit: That certain real property alt-usted In the City of Oakland. County of Alameda State of California, described aa follows, to wit: PARCEL A. Commencing at the point of intersection of the Northwestern boundary Una of that certain parcel of land described in the deed from Sacramento Northern Hallway, a corporation, to Oakland Unified School District of Alameda County, California, a public corporation, dated May 20. 1SSS. and recorded June 2e. 195J under Recorder's Series No. AP 42891 in the office of the Recorder of Alameda County, California, with the Southern line of Chabot Road aa it now exists Immediately Westerly of said Northwestern boundary line, and running thence along said northwestern boundary Una North 32 09' East (tha bearing of North 32' OS' East being taken for the purposes of this description) 9.34 feet to the point of Intersection thereof with the Southern line of Chabot Road as It now exists within the boundaries of said parcel of land eonveyed to Oakland Unified School District, last said point being the actual point of beginning of the parcel of land being herein described and designated as Parcel "A"; thence from said actual point of beginning, continuing along aald Northwestern boundary line, North 33' 09 East 21.41 feet to the Northern boundary Una of said parcel of land: thence along the last-mentioned boundary (being,- also, the center line of Chabot Road as it now exists) the following three (3) courses: South 79 07r 20" East 29.54 feet. South 37 43' 20 East 50.00 feet, and North 84 41 40 East 3S.6I feet to the Southeastern boundary line of aaid parcel of land conveyed to Oakland Unified School District: thence along the last-said boundary line South 32 09' West 25.19 feet to said Southern line of Chabot Road as it now exists: thence along the last named line the following three (3) courses: South 84 41' 40" West 22.S9 feet. North 87 43' 20" West 52.83 feet, and North 79 07' 20" West 38.83 feet to the actual beginning. Containing an area' of 2.305 aquare feet, more or less. , PARCEL B. Beginning at the point of intersection of the Northwestern boundary line of that certain oarcel of land de scribed In the deed from Sacra mento Northern Railway, a cor- poration. to - Oakland Unified School District of Alameda County, California, a public corporation, -dated May 20, 1958, and reoorded June 26, 1958, under Recorder's Series No. AP (2899 In the office of the Recorder of Alameda County, California with the Southern line of Chabot Road as It now exists Immediately Westerly of said Northwe.tern boundary line, and nrnnlng thence along the direct extension Easterly of said Southern Una of Chabot Road South 83. IV 24" Eaat (the bearing of 8outh 85 W 24" East being taken for the purposes of this description) 22.22 feet to a point from which the center of a circle having a radius of (39.(2 feet bears North 4' 48' 3(" East: thence along the circumference of aaid circle East erly 94.28 feet to a point on the Southeastern boundary line of aald parcel of land conveyed to Oakland Unified School Diatrlct distant thereon South 32 09' West 29.21 feet from the most Eastern corner of said parcel; thence along said Southeastern boundary line North 32 09'-East 4.03 feet to the Southern line of Chabot Road aa It now exists; thence along the last-named Una the following three (3) courses: South 84 42' 40" West 22.(9 feet. North 87 43 20" West 62.33 feet, and North 79 07' 20" West 38.83 feet' to a point on said Northwestern boundary line distant thereon North 32' 09' East 9.34 feet from the point of beginning; and thence along tha last-mentioned boundary line South 32 09' West 9.34 feet to tha point of beginning. containing an area of 499 aquare feet, more or less. - AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Board on the 3rd day of February, 1959, at 8:00 o'clock p.m.- at its regular plaoe of meeting In the meeting room of aald Board in the Administration Building located at 1025 Second Avenue, In the City of Oakland, County of Alameda, State of "California, and In aald Oakland Unified School District, in public meeting will hold a Subtle hearlnr on the question of edlcatlna? aald -easement -to the aald City of Oakland for ; the aforesaid jurposes; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that said easement will be dedl. cated to the City of Oakland In consideration or tne oenema to accrue to the said school district from the construction and maintenance by aald - City of a publio street upon, along and across said real property; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that at aald time and place such public hearing shall be held and at aald time and place or at any otner meeting or this Board held within sixty (40) davs thereafter, this Board will adopt a resolution by at least a two-thirds vote of all Ita members authorizing and directing the trite, Instead he is the Chariot Dor of the Duchy of Lancaster. The veteran physician-polit ico explains that this title dates back to the year 1399 and in ciudrt administration or an rea belonging to the rrown. But the position also carries subsidiary dutiesand to the current Chancellor of the Duchy it means heading tha department of public tela tiona. . But naturally, being physician with a background of executive administration in the health field. Dr. Hill responded readily to questions about the program of nationalized med icine In England. Called socialized medicine In the United States, Dr. Hill says it has been an unqualified suc cess in Great Britain. "We don't regard national ized health as an installment of socialism at home," he says. "We have had a form of this program since 1911 .Then it covered only the wage earner, now it covers everyone. According to Dr. Hill, while there are criticisms of the program in England today, even the physicians generally rec ognize it as part of our chang ing social structure and en dorse it The British physician, who is also a member of Queen Elizabeth's Privy Council, says he believes that what we call socialized medicine in the United States will never be repealed in England. "Both parties (political) "wholly endorse it," he concluded. LBQAL NOTICE President and Secretary of this Board to execute a deed of dedication of aald easement to the said City of Oakland and to cause the same to be delivered to the aaid City:- provided, however, that If a petition protesting against the proposed dedication, signed by at least ten per cent (10) of the qualified electors of the school district, aa ahown by the affidavit of one of the petitioners, be filed with this Board at the meeting held at the time and place herein fixed, thla Board, before taking any further action on the proposed dedication, will submit the question of whether the proposed dedication should be made to the Superintendent of Schoola of Alameda County whose decision shall be final; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of thla Board be and he la hereby directed to post or cause to be poated coplea of thla resolution signed by at least a majority of the membera of this Board in three (3) publio places In aald Oakland Unified School Dlatriet of Alameda County not less than ten lit) days before the date of said meeting, and he la- hereby further directed to cauae thla resolution to be published once not less than five 5) daye before the date of said meeting in tha Oakland Tribune, a newspaper of general circulation published in said school district. DATED at Oakland Unified School Diatrlct thla 13th day of January, 1959: CARL B. MUNCK P. C. JURS KENNETH L. THOMPSON CORA A. RISER RICHARD L. GRODIN MARJORIE M. HIRSCHLER JOHN J. KING. Prealdent, Aa and comprising all of tha members of the Board of Educa tlon of the City of Oakland and of Oakland Unified School Diatrlct of Alameda County, State 01 lauiornia. PASSED AND ADOPTED at a regular open meeting this 13th day of January, 1959, by tbe following called vote: AYES: Directors Grodin, Hlr-schler. Jura, Munck, Riser, Thompson, Pres. King. NOES: Directors None. ABSENT: Directors None. SELMER H. BERG, Secretary of the Board of Education of the City of Oakland and of Oakland Unified School District of . Alameda County, State of California. No. 400 -Jan. 23 -(It) NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Education of the City of Oakland and of Oakland Unified School District of Alameda County hereby calls for sealed bids to be delivered to the Secretary of said Board at his office ' In the . Administration Building of aald District. 103 Second Avenue. Oakland, California, until Tuesday, the 10th day of February, 1959, at 4 p.m., at wnicn time and place said olds will be opened for the furnishing of all labor, materials, equipment, mechanical workmanship, transportation and services to be used' in the demolishing and removing the three story main building on the Longfellow Elementary School Site. 3860 Market Street, Oakland, California, for the Oakland Unified School District of Alameda County, and for the purchase of all materials comprising and contained in aald building, except those to be left on the grounds under the specifications or to be removed and retained by tbe District. Each bidder for tbe completion of aaid work shall agree In bis bid to purchase and to remove from said school grounds all old materials comprising and con tained in aald building required by tha specifications to be removed from said building except those to be left on the grounds under the specifications or to be removed and retained bv the Dia trlct, and shall state in his bid the amount which he will deduct from the price bid for the work aa the purchase price of said old materials, and the contract will be awarded to the bidder whose net bid is the lowest after deducting the amount bid for the purchase or said old material, provided aald bidder la a re sponsible bidder. - inese oias snail be presented In accordance with the plan and apeclfieatlons for aaid work which are on file at the aald office of the Secretary of the said Board of Education located aa above-mentioned, and in the office of the Director of Architectural and Engineering Servloea, located n aald Administration Building as above-mentioned. - The plan and apeclfieatlons may o bad by any prospective en application to the Director of Architectural and Engineering Services, at his office hereinabove mentioned, and in each case shall be returned within five (5) days after securing same to said Director of Architectural and Engineering Services, If no bid Is submitted in the bidder's name for tha completion of the work, or not later 'han two (2) days fromeand after the date of submitting the bid. If a bid is submitted in the bidder' name,,. Bids most be made on forma obtained at the said office of the Director of Architectural and Engineering Services and must be signed by tbe bidder and accompanied by a bid bond In the form Charles Wells to Charles A, Wells, Journalist, editor and Illustrator, will present series of seven conferences on "Christ and World f eed," beginning Sunday morning at the Oakland First Baptist Church. He will speak at the 11 a m., and 7 p.m., Sunday services and at 7.S0 Monday through Friday evenings. His entire training and experience have been in the fields of journalism, television and radio, through which be has brought to the field of religion the professional techniques of tha layman. Wells often illustrates his talks with large pastel sketches. ' ' Conference subjects will Include: The Power of Christian Leva vs. Politics, Militarism and Science in the Hydrogen Age; The Power of Christian Love in Business the New Capitalism; The Power of Love KEW wmnjT CEZZZ ENROLL NOW Classes Stirring In January PUBLIC SKATING IWKMT MMmtS-1IM1! aniMtwt - nan. I rru t is M St I SM.I I M ( I VIHINU-Ta!. Bin tttt I I iM auiIHS-aa, torn It to l) tint tits svnut meuit -' 11 m. mi mm - U N t t M. riuiiY tuNMY mciiu 1:11 a.a. H I . Naaf Md Difev-ta rt S-llll Ml U mUl Ikirp m Saaaar SaMld Crahaaftt M. ff N. Mahi SI.) LBQAL NOTICBS procured from said office, duly ezeeuted by the bidder aa principal and a corporation authorised to do buslneaa In the State of California aa surety, naming the Oakland Unified School Ulstrlct of Alameda County aa obligee, or by a cashier a check or certified check, certified without aualift ration, drawn on a solvent bank of the State of California or on a national bank doing business in the State of California. In the amount of TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND NO100 Dollar . (32,500.00). and made payable to the Oakland Unified School District of Alameda County. Should the party or parties to whom the contract should be awarded fall to enter Into the contract after the award and to file the required bonda, tbe proceeds of said certified or cashier's check or tha amount paid by the bidder or hla aurety pursuant to the terms of aald bid bond, either voluntarily or pursuant to the Judgment rendered by the court In any action brought thereon, will be retained by aald Oakland Unified School District aa agreed and llauldated aamaaea. - Tha contractor and alt sub contractora under him must pay all laborers, workmen and me chanics on aald work, or any part Ihertor, not less than the general prevailing rate of per diem wagea and not leas tban tbe general prevailing rate of per diem wagea for legal holiday and overtime work, for work of a similar character In tke locality in which the work Is performed, to wit: Oakland Unified School District of Alameda County, which per diem wages ahall not be less than tha atlpulated ratea contained in a schedule thereof which has been' ascertained and determined - by said Board of Education, and which la now on file with the Secretary of said Board of Education and by reference Incorporated and specified herein and made a part hereof. ana wnicn said general prevail Ing rate of Per diem wages, as hereinabove referred to and adopted for each craft or type of workman or mechanic needed to execute thla contract, la herein specified aa follows: ALL FOR AN 8 -HOUR DAT EX CEPT AS NOTED CRAFTS OR . HOURLY TYPES OF WAGE WORKMEN RATE Engineers: Compressor ,. 3.10 Otlera and Firemen 3.00 Shovel Operators (up to and inc. one yard) 3.15 Shovel Operators (over one yard) 2.95 ' Truck Crane Engineer.. 3.85 Tractor Operators 3.55 Laborers: - General Laborers ' Z.lgVi Jackhammer Operator (and handler of pneu- ' matlc tools) ' 2.93'A Vibrators 2.78ft Truck Driver Dump (8 hours) Pr Day Under 4 yard " r (water level) ., 22.00 4 yds. and under 8 Iwater level) 23.1! 6 yds. and under 8 (water level) 24.80 8 yds. and over . (water level) 26.80 All skilled labor not otherwise mentioned shall be paid at tbe rate of at least 82.6(5 per hour. The working day ahall be 8 hours unless otherwise specified in the wage scale. The per diem rate shall be the hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours In the working day. When less than the number of hours constituting the working day, a herein stated. Is worked, the wage to be paid shall be the hourly rate multiplied by the number of hour actually worked. All overtime and work on the following days shall be at the rate of not less than time and a half: Saturdays, Sundaya, New Year's Day, Decoration Day, Fourth of July. Labor Day, Admission Day, Veteran' Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. For legal holidays not mentioned all work may be at the rate for single time. It shall be mandatory upon contractors to whom a-contract Is awarded, and upon any subcontractor under them, to pay not less than the said specified rates to all laborers, workmen. and mechanics employed by them in the execution of the contracts. Properly Indentured appren tices may be employed upon this work In accordance with the state law. Such apprenticea shall be properly indentured as called for by law and shall be paid not less than tha atandard wage naid to apprenticea under the trade at which they are employed. An ap prentice snail be employed oniy at the work of the trade to which he Is indentured. The initial wage to b paid an apprentice shall be not - lens than twenty-five per cent (25) of the journeymen's wage being paid and ahall be Increased eacn six months in .an amount not 1cm than fifteen per cent (15). Helpers shall be paid the standard wage for helpera established under the regulations of the trade at which they ar employed. Tha Board reserves the right to reject any and all bid. By order or tne atoara or education January 13, 1969. (Signed) SELMER H. BERG, Secretary of the Board of Education of the City of Oakland and Of Oakland Unified School Diatrlct of Alameda County, California. ICE Mill 'j No. ISS Jan. It, 23 (It) Open Series of Talks Here and Broken Homes, Broken Nerves, Broken Lives Lessons from Russia's Years of Free Love; How God's Love U Destroying Communism Behind TElirDA ALAMEDA TICHNICOIOSI TMI BUCCANtU" YUt. SYMMIB.CHALI5 BOVU CXAIBI IIOOM CHARITON KW9H "WILO HIIITA6I" . CUi1cmI Catvrt Will RfM it. MurMn O'felUvaa' IfT-DTTTlIt Cani'd at Wabttw Uur Hints TicMHicotoai TM TTH VOYAOt Of SINBAO" KIR.WIN MATHIWS-KATMM VN StAKT "INCMAHTIO IIIAND" DANA AMDBIWl.MNt fOWlU TUIlUL Phona tAkafcurtr 3-7337 In Color! BBMITTI SAROOT m TMI HIOMT HIAVIH Mil" "JWIIITTA" - OANY OBlN BOX OfrlCI OPINS a 14 P.M. JLL1AIY Hf DRW Solano Ave. LA 4-iiii RJUDAa I IMHCIR TflACT ia nt LAST HUSSAM" Jettiev MUMTIB Pet CBBIIM Dianne FOSTIB . Bull BATHBONl Htm Oae Owhr et t:l a.m. 'TMI HAKID AND TMI DIAD" Aldo RAY B Cliff lOBIRTSON Sheva Owes Only at 7:00 Betereey Malmae fef CMMrea 1 s.M. Assrmd I te 3:41 Berkeley Council Show! BUBT IANCASTU la "CSIMtOH PI S ATI"- In Color! WAIT DISNIV 8 CABTOOH . USTIVAll 4 ST006U Csansyf urnoci STAMM PSS Andy SBISPITH Felicia 'ABB H0M IABTN TO THI MOON" -It- EEIULE7 l)T Euclid near Hearst tili I TH 1-2448, Open 6 4J Studio A "A PASJIONATI IUMMIK" Madeline ROBINSON-RAF VALLONI "PAPA, MAMA, TMI MAID, AND V Studio B BRIOITTI BABDOT "ANO COO CBIATIO WOMAN" BEEKHEY Shattuck end Halts AShberry 3-4300 IN COLOR! MKHAIL TODD'S "ABOUND THI WORLD IN SO DAY!" CiUlTOBNIA MsclS "TMI INN ef the (TH HAPPINIS5" Cinemascope! Color! laerM BIRCMAN Stsbeit DONAT and Cart JURCIN3 Shows at 7:00 and 10:4)0 p.m. Plus Walt Dimey's "PAUL BUN YAH" DOORI OPIN TONIOHT AT 4:48 - Jkmi CmtlWl Prise Wmaerl - TMI HUNT WORLD" . Technicolorl Jack Hawkins in "THI 3RD KEY" II II l7C Solano at The Alameda UlilV Phone LA netscape 6-1 834 "CIISHA BOY" with Jerry LEWIS Sidney Poitier . 'MARK ef rhe HAWK" UNITED ARTISTS L olo "AUNTII MAME" Tecasleelerl ROSALIND RUSSELL FORREST TUCKER. PEGGY CASS Of TH J-6267-Univeriity A Shattuck Va Deers Open 4.45 p.a. "VERTHSO" Technicolor! Jamet STEWART I Kim NOVAK "MERRY ANDIW"-Danny KAYE CiSTIO T1LLET CHABOT 6540 Cattro, LU 2-2555 "BOOTS OP MCAVfN" cRRUL FLVNN - JULIETTE 6RECO "RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE" Kledie Matinee Saturday 1 p.m. "Battle Circus" - "Geedeye My Lady" CENTERTDJ.E CENTEB PH SY cemore 3-3833 "TUNNIL OP LOVI" DORIS DAY & RICHARD WIOMARK "BARBARIAN I GElSHAVIohn Wayne KIDDIE MATINII SATURDAY! COIC019 DIEAN Phone MU 5-5411 TH! CIISHA BOY" JERRY LIWII . MARIE McDONALD "PARTY CRASHERS" -Bobby Dritcoll Kiddle MATINII SATURDAY 1 p.. UTt OJLDJUD FAHrrAY Foothill Blvd. A Fairfax I tXIMl KA KE3-4787-Open4:45 -"TUNNIL OP LOVI" Doris DAY - Richard WIOMARK "THE GUN KUNNERS"-Audie Murphy Kiddle MATINII SATURDAY 1 p.m. "HELLCATS OF THI NAVY FBUITVAIX E. 14th A 37th Ave Phone KE 3-4724 j Terra CHlhlEftll "SCREAMING SKULL" "THI BRAIN IATERS" . Kiddie MATINII SATURDAY 1 p.m. "3il0 TO YUMA"-GLENN FORD fiRANATiA 9th Ave. A E.) 4th St. UIUsnAUA Park Free - LO 8-5324 "LIANI, JUNGLE GODOESS" "MAOIMOISILLl STRIPTEASE" LAUREL AAacArthur at 38th Ave KE 3-1 392-Ooen 4:45 "KATHY Or with Dsn Duryea "RAW WIND hi IDEN" . Jeff Chandler EL CEBSITO CERRIT0 Un Pablo at Flrmount "fUSt IfIMM WILLIAM HOLDEN"- SOPHIA LOREN "THI BADLANOERS" - ALAN LADD 6BAMD LAKE GRAND LAKE Grand -M' Arthur GL 2-3S4A skiwii it rakdot stars in 2 Daring Hits! CanemaScope A Color! "mAM'ZILLE PIGALLI" "LIGHT ACROSS THI STRUT" Recmended tor Adults only! DOORS OPIN AT 4:45 TONIGHT Kiddle Matinee SATURDAY at 12:30 "KNOCK ON WOOD'. Danny Kaye "NO HOLDS SABRED" Bowery Boys DARVW&V ft'k Blvd. A E. 19th rAJUalfAI GL 2-339 1-Ooen 4:45 "MARDI RAS".PAT BOONI GARY CROSBY - SHEREE NORTH "MAN OF THI WEST". In Color! GARY COOPIR. JULIE LONDON -II- HATWAKB HAYWARD WiSS , 1 TERROR THRILLERS! "SCREAMING SKULL" "THI BRAIN IATERS" Kiddle Matinee SATURDAY 11 a.m. "ROGUES OF SHERWOOD FOREST" I7IT7 " 22331 Mission Blvd. Ol 1 It Phone LU cerne 2-0420 "THI BUCCANEER" - YUL BRYNNER CHARLTON HISTON.CHARl.ES BOYER "WILD HERITAGE". Will Rogers Jr. CONTINUOUS FROM 1:11 P.M. LAFAYETTE DRTQT Lafayette AT lantic 4-4533 tr AHA "THE BIG COUNTRY" GREGORY PICK & BURL IVES "RAW WIND In EDEN".. Jeff Chandler LIYESHOBE TOE Hilltop 7-2545-Open 4:45 "GEISHA BOY" JERRY LEWIS A MARIE McDONALD "THI MATCHMAKER" Shirley Booth .ni- NABTHEZ STATE w Ward and Ferry Sti. INGRID BERGMAN "INH OF THI 4TH HAPPINESS" WALT DISNEY'S "SCOTLAND" -IV- , taxi , tffirt ' 741 First Street iltlaaatl TECHNICOLOR! "RIVINGI OP FRANKINSTIIN" Van Hsflin in "GUNMAN'S WALK" KMdle Matinee Sstarday 1 te 4:41 the Iron Curtain report on the Church in Russia; and. Christian Love in Race Rela. lions from Here to India and Africa. ioiti Sixxjlib "TMI OOO Dili" KIM ITANIIV - LLOVO SRID4MS "ONLY TMI FRINCN CAN".Jn Cblj KMele She SATURDAY Ni I PIATURI FILM CARTOOHSI I1U0A nnniTlfl Tunnel Hiwy 1 Orlnda Cental tat Celerl "MARD4 6r Pet SOON! Gary CROSBY Shores NORTH FROM TNI IARTH TO TNI MOON Joeph COTTIN . '.' George lANOlll larae Free Parties Are IMOW STARTS AT t P.M. rrTTiBoic tfairnr hi mp.ttd -uf VUUUas "THI OIIP IIX- ALAN LA CD S DIANE FOSTIB "DARBY'S RANCIRI"-Jamet Gemef -It. 1BEIM RHED1 Near St. Mary's College MOKAGA. DR ake 4-4464 Northern California'! NIWIST MOST COMFORTABLI Theater! "MOUSIBOAT" VtareVliNM! Tecamleolerl Cory 6 BANT Sophia LOB IN "MAN OF THI WUT" CraemaScepel Colefl Gary COOPIR Juh LONDON laree Free Parkas Are SHOW STARTS AT 7 P.M. IICiKOXB rox BE aeon 2-312 7th 4 MacrJonal peers ope S Free Pantree IRIGITTI BARDOT m "GIRL IN THI BIKINI" iOPHIA LORIN in "SCANDAL IN SOU II INTO" LATI SHOW TONIGHT DAB 17 DAM ROAb, EL SOB RANTl: riiilA ' BE 4-774 7-CisemaSceMl "MAROI CRAS" . PAT BOONI "DARBY'S BANGERS" -Jamet Gamer, KIDDIE MATINII SATURDAY! TT 9th and Macdonald, BE 4-4322 w -aa. Oarn 4:41 a.m. REVOLT IN THI BKj HOUlK "JOHNNY BOCCO" EODEO" BIO Parker Ave., Tele-phone 4121 TUNNIL OP LAVL UONIJ PAT.Rir.HAHD WIDMARB. "ONIONHEAD" . ANOY GRIFFITH MM LLAKD10 BAL East 14th St. at 148th Ave. Teteohone EL ein 7-4400 ''THI BKa COUNTRY Technicolor! . . Gregory PICK Jean SIMMONS Charlton HEST0N Burl IVIS 4 - A NICE IITTLI BANK THAT SHOULD BI ROBBED Mickey ROONEY Tom fWIll DOORS OPEN TONIGHT AT :4 KIDDIE MATINEI EVERY SATURDAY AT !l:3 A.M. ' B COLOR CARTOONS. B fin MAP SAN LEANDR0 UUl FUiU J. l4th-Euclld-TR2-25So 2 TERROR THRILLERS! i 'SCREAMING SKULLS" "THI BRAIN EATERS" KMdle Matinee SATURDAY 1 1:4 J a.m. "NIGHT THE WORLO (XPLODIIT 1AM LOBEIZO TILLACE LORrNTO San Lorenzo Village hUaiailtU BR owning 6-447S --"HOMI BEFORI SaRrA I-Jean SIMMONS Rhonda FLtMINOj "RELUCTANT DEBUTANT!" KMdle MATINII SATURDAY 1 pje. " "KILL THI UMPIRI" . Wm. BendE WAUDT zmi aPPV YE llowrtone 4-444S Sill I THI BUCCANIIR"bl YUL BRYNNERHARLTON HISTOH' LAST PARADISE". In Color! r"; laAjjJJjfc,, I ALAMEDA ALAMEDA DRIVE IN Webster at Alameda Tube LA 3-9444 - "QUIIN OF OUTER SPACt" .in,'Ei5co,! Color! z 6 FRANKINSTIIN W0". Boris Karloff Louis Prima In "T14I WILDIST" ISLAND AUTO MOVIE 3 Blocks from Tube, Alameda, LA 2-7205 Galea Open 4:1 S . Shew Starts 4:4S ."GIRL IK THI BIKINI" Starrina BRIGITTI BARDOT -' "A NICI LITTLE BANK .' . ' THAT SHOULD II ROBSID" . . MICKEY ROONIYTOM IWIlC , IN-CAlT 44IATIRSI ' ' AITIOCH itr'AI!1.. UiU AUl"1 MURPHY "KANSAS RAIDIRS". Technicolor! ' "REBIL WITHOUT A CAUSE" .. HATWABfi HOTlR MOWS East Tennyson Road at Million Blvd.-- 1st Show Starts 6:45 LU 1-S973 "TUNNIL O' LOVE" D9,RA.?A.YLCHARD widmark ; "A NICE CiTTLI BANK THAT SHOULD BE ROBBED". Tom Ewe It V IN-CAR HEATERS! . . OAKLAND AIRPORT AUTO MOVIE LO 9-3622-98th Ave. nr. Oakland AirpSrf ?5?.0V(,: 11 ttH 2 HIH m ClnemaScope and Color! , ; "MARDI GRAS"-Z- J : - ,PAT BOONI-SHEREE NORTH U v GARY CROSBYkTOMMY SANDS --rllN L0VI AND WAR" RqBERTWA6NER DANA WYNTIR OARI AMU Driv,"in - EL 1-7030. Gate. Open 4:00 - Show Starts 4:30 v 3 FEATURES! 3 CARTOONS! , "STEEL BAYONET" - Leo Genn " "SHOTGUN" - STERLING HAYOEM "HOT CARS" . John Bromf ield H " STADIUM AUTO MOVIE E. 14th and 154th EL gin 1-7030 Gatei Open 4:00 - Show Starts 4:30 "TUNNEL OF LOVI" Doris DAY - Richard WIDMARK -A NICE LITTLE BANK i THAT SHOULD BE ROBBED" Mickey ROONEY & Tom EWILL - - PLEASANT BILL MOTOR MOVIES 2S?.c!n, Ce HIV MU 5-8011 "OUN RUNNERS". AUDIE MURPHY- "ESCAPI FROM RED ROCK" " SAN PABLS - ww I earn th H OWSWf i Dais at .H0 IATS AT slas-M 1 "MARDI 6RAI" . in ri PAT BOONI - GARY CROSBY," MARTIN A LIWIS m 1 Lsff Hltsl , JUMPING JACKS"- "SCARED STIFF" SMI PABLO Atiio Movie "Gc.M7M CITY HEADINGS AND THlATlR C . NAMES ARI ARRANGED IN ; ALPHABETICAL ORDIR ,

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