The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 6
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-TAGE SIX _ ; ^ m,YTHEVIU,E, <ARK.) COURIER NEWS DEFECT ,510 4; IE O'Doul's Single Drives in Winning Run; Braves Trounce Cincinnati Reds BRUSHING UP SPOKTS By Laufer Tlie New York Glanls beat the PI. Louis Cardinals in a thriller Ql New York yesterday lo continue on their way toward Ihe National League pennant. . 'All American League teams. In- eludln; the leading Washington Senators were idle yesterday. T-i! Oiants won over the Cardinals 5 to -I. A single in the ninth Surfing by Lefty O'Dou! provided I'; 1 ! winning margin. O'Doul lill a libmer in the fourth inning follow- in?! a circuit clout by Manager BUI T-rvy of the Giants. The Giants scored four of t^eir mis In tho eventful fiurth s'.an/a. Srhiunach- er went the route to receive credit; for the victory while Dim 1 Dean was the losiny pitcher. CrHa not fnir hits out of five trips to t'.u plate. The Boston Uraves detailed iho Cincinnati Reds 3 to 2 ut Boston. A f'nplc bv Marnnvllle In the nlnlli | pushed Ihe wldiln^ nm aprons the plate.. Hwk Bests was the winning p!lcl:cr and Johnson was on Ihd wrono end of the inoini-, 1 duel. Suiters held Ihe Redlegs to five hits, Pittshcreh's Pirates defeated the PlillMtlphi!) Phillies 5 to 1 at, Philadelphia. It was the Burs' fourth s'ralcbi victory. A ninth Inning run : keot tlie Phils from a shutout. Blrkover limited the Phils to four hits. Tlie Brooklyn Dodgers and Chl- w.a Ciibs snllt two Barnes at Brooklyn. Tlie Cubs won ilic fii-sl. ramc. 2 (o 1 wlfn Root emernln<! tlw winner in a nitchiui! duel wiih Tlmrston. The Dodeers won the ^cojid. 7 to 3, with 13 lilts off two Bruin hiirlcrs. Rvan was t'-c wln- nh^ nili-her of the second gome aiid Buih was the loser. How They Stand Southern 1t»r*i, W. N^w Orleans 39 Memnhls 35 . Nashville . . ; . ' M M Atlanta National New York Pwtnn Chicago l-'ittsbureh St. Louis Brooklyn"'.' 33 31) .in 2S 32 29 38 22 40 W. U 73 47 . C9 55 . l>9 57 67 Bfi .010 .563 ,5« .501 .500 .475 .433 .380 With the County Agents •/. K. Grit/, f: (M .j] I,,,, f'.ilomun Tvnlp Sour Krut turnip sauer kraut can Recruit Stops Pebbles; Nashville Vols Trounce InnL«,,»c ,,,; t u D- D n ! '"-* icct y 01 "^ te " a « r swect w LOOkOUtS With Big Rally turnips. Shred or grind Die fleshy • . part of the turnips nnd mix wllli Tlie second place Clilcks I snlt nt the rat* of four ounces of walloped ihe fourth place Little \ fM lo 1" pounds of turnips. Hack Rock Travelers and the flflh place hi Alone Jars, press down •' '• a "sales record" displayed with It. ,__-., . . * Every home demonstration club ion mrZ m Pl ' rP ' member ln lhe « tale ls i" rt '«"i U lop turnips. | U ke a "sample" or ihe product that young tender sweet, juicy, she has used to make -pin money" to Die Slate Home Urmonsirailuu camp for this exhibit. No prize's will be offered mil no Judging dim;. Nashville Vols trounced the seventh place Chattanooga Lookouts In Die only tv;o Southern league gnmes plnyccl yesterday, The Chiefs bent ly. and sprinkle a small amount, of salt over Hit top to old in keeping the product. FK a wooden or stone cover down Inside the Jar. weight tlie Travelers ll dow " *' ilh n stone, and allow Hie 5 to 3 at Memphis. 'The winning' product to ferment. If the lur- rims were scored In the seventh n 'l' s " s ed arc of good quality, there ImiliiK. Tyler Robinson, Chick re- - should be enough Juice to cover . Tlie exhibit is planned lo help home demonstration club member's who have salable handicrafts in help advertise their wares. The display will be In charge o! Miss Mae Blakely, district, hcmc demonstration agent. T11UU3DAY, AUGUST 31, 1933 men who are regulldlng the structure and the surrounding gardens v | The estate, known as Pennsbury , Manor. Is located on the Delaware i Klver near Tullyiown. \vheii re- siorccl, It will be listed as Punns- i l:ury Memorial J'ark. fn Town! KOrll fMJOiUll'ins liave H-v.-ri iivcr ll:.' Nm-lli I 1 "!- 1 - TOMMY AUMOl'lt H liiiuwn ;is tl.c Hl:.'k wares. The|; Sun. T!u> imn ;-li!i- "< ;< - 1 "" ' H I In- l.l-::-T SI UK c.ull, relieved Kelly, who was Ills sist .victory, In tit he the turnips well under the brine rlxth liinliiir with two on bases and! l « iirevent discoloring and dryin; trtlre the Travelers, holding them ------- lu check the rest of the way. and (((.•tllnp/crdlt for the victory. Wll- loiighby was,, the. losing pitcher. tlie Travelers; More the jar,in a cool place or pack kraut in glass Jars und store The Chicks • outhlt 12 lo 8. . Tin; Nashville vols scored all In u cool place. A cool .storage ihcir runs in one Inning lo defeat I'':".' 1 is essential for successful Hie Oiullnnoogn club D to 4 hi keeping. ^M'I 1 ",'"";, T ,'! C i. Vol;i b ™ kc ' lo ?' st '! Tuim P saucr kraut has a sharp " '""" ""'* ' """ flavor • closely resembling goo;! cabbage saner kraut. Most of the lur- kraut Brint Surplus 1'ejipcr? . Green peppers ean bs preserved tup lit about 24 tsours. Keep for future use h-j lirlnhi" If they '•"" "' - |U - '"•'•" ore properly brine:), tfcoy can IK substituted for fresh pgppm in plekle.s of salads, or they can be used for stuffed pepper nlt;-r ih;y arc freshened In water, state 1 ! Mrs Ruby Mendenhal! Smilli. extension From 15 to 20 days will be required for complete' fermentation if it Is i-arrlcd out at room ternperalure.' After fermentation has ceased, nnd ilrovu Coleman fruity • the mound, lie was icplaccd'jby Hen- _ rick who held inc. Vol., .scoreless' ii'lp" flavor" is "lost wiicVihe iiftcr ihe big Inning. Chaplin was (ii-rmeiite the winning pitcher. " The slugging Athletics 1 lirsl sticker ruletl 'the roost In homers last year....with 68—and lost the America]) League batting title to Dale Alexander by only n couple of perctmngc points. ..'.So lur this year he has nearly 40 homers....which won't break Riith's record.... but will probably lend the league ngiiln....FIIs batting mark of uiound .300 will probably win him swatting honors this year, tco. SLIDES BRffUCHSR . Briefly Told Washington played before a 00.- er who ha.s just Joined the Nats, may turn oul lo be another Wiley Moore during those fading dnys of September when Ihe going may be tough . . . thc-o!d limn is from Chattanooga . . . and while they •say he used to pitch lo Old Hoss Hadbourne, he won't admit belli; on the worse side of 39. The tip Is out that Dave Harris may be (he Pepper Martin or this Firpo Wip.Tako • On Nev$|omer.Qn Mondays Card In Home demonstration women attending the stale Home Demonstration camp at Camp Pike, Ark.. September 0, 7, and 8, will have an Emil Flrpo, the .wild nnd wooly Eoiilli American, and Cyclone Burns will nicet'-ln the headline bom on next week's wrestling card h-.-re while Roy Welsh will take on Wlldbill Ctintrell In the opening match, promoters announced today. • : Firpo, according to Promoter O. W. Sinkey, is the middleweight champion of Soullj America. The nromnler nlso snys .a good word for Welch who he announces has not lost a match In his last forty bouts. ' • .' ' The rought 'nml ready. Firpo Isi i"he boy who lost a decision to- David Dooley. the bewhlskercd House of David wrestler, in n .fast •EITZ) Thursday & Friday .MAT.—10-2-Jc N1TE—1O-.'iOc liige Avalanche Drained Mountain Lake in Oregon economist In food preservation. EUaENK On- duos uvaliiiid:' 1 llf( .. , .. . ........... -••• nnn s-j- am i University of Arkamns college ofiv.atcr willi v r,:,i (,uanlilies of ac- ! ' • Ui'i- A iromcn- .Muilnl by the iiuiiM MIII lwe :i gicnt ilii- .-iili- uf Soulh SislL-:-. hii^h mo"iin:nit! :;r-:ik I-UM o! hiue. The sir:!', liimlsiuii 1 d'.uhu-d si mcunlain lsl> ami poured Uiei Agnciilture. The method of brinin opportunity >W make their own Christmas cards, or a beautiful I pers and' weightedTdo-i, .stenciled or block, printed pillow kmuenslon. they will lc<=e th->ii- top. In a two day course offered on "' ' '" lows: Remove ihe .stems an:l sceJ and pack pads wit.i the bln:.som ends down in a crockery Jar. har.i- wocd kes;, or glass fruit |».-. Cr.vcr with a brine made by ncliiri" two pounds of salt to cacli p.ciilcir & voter that has been bo->d and cooled. If a keg or crock is us---;l. suspcml a hardwooj cover in the I brine so that it will keep the paupers well below the surface. Thf tender pbds crush easily, an:i if tlie cover is put directly on the m>p- wllltim i cumuiulcil si!i as fcl- Ihe McKtn/ir \ for days. The ilniMcl-'i inji uoi.'.e ol nviihinehi- v. ;r-. licairl lor i miles. Wednesday and Thursday after- shape. Add more salt to the cover until no more will be dissolved. I'. ti?e pods are put into fruit jars cr some oilier non-metallic thai can be sealed, to . pllt . '"' noons. MIES Sybil nates and Miss Wilma Kr-hultf. liome demonstration agents or Crawford and Franklin conn- ..... „ ,.„. ,„ Lllv ties, who have hail special train- I When the 'pepper'- m,- Ing In this work will supervise the fruit jars, leave the li-l classes, first demonstrating the method, or making linoleum block prints and then teaching the art of printing and stenciling to the members of the class. Each member of the group will carry home with her a completed pillow top or a group of harxl blocked Christmas cards. planning to take advantage of the ccurse may .want to bring a heavy bleached 'sugar sack for their pillow top and a small oil paint brush. it ir nut ncn-*- a-Jditlonn! .':il'.. mtiie for three or four day. !o allow "as to escape as , '<.rm-. when "as bubbles qnii ',„,,. m t|i,, ,.,,-, perfectly full a t brine mi-' ?•••:] tiehl. Kegs thai have n oo-.'-l tiprh 1 fitting head can bf. filled iul! wl-.'i pcopers and, brine and Hie ]| ?a( i ' Buses "I've seen the dirtiest man STATE wn.1, HESTOKE-H th at ever lived turn into tho llAHKl.siJUKCi I'a. .UP..-The cleanest man .hat ever died, IjOjiK' 'Ahert- '.Villiam I't-tln |ivi-:i t , . . ' with hi-; tnmi'.y ii-oin iiiffl to iviu «jiat his daughter, the one woi saoii will |;L- a'ddt-u lo ihe'lisi ol ^ man he loved, hl£lorical »llniciionr> in Pelinsyl- Im. • i vaiiia. : |^7 might marry it Ls beliis; rcslorcd through the: i^^j^h^. : me, the ong SSor^L^i o^ii^^ - a » ^ ***£ Ij!.«truc[inii and .sla'e leaders. Charlts lleiny Moon, member of tl'.e Ilislnrical CuMimis-bn. nni! Uaiiald A. Ca^ir.i-. Stale Archaeologist, j.jivi- jjpi'iu much or th? Mimiiifr ia i hi- sup, diluting work- MEMPHIS KOl'N'lf - I'itll 1 $1.50 ?:„ nailed in. Pr'esh pcpoers .may h ..J-ravc ndde-j to keps or crocks from t!:nci "IJlhevtlle lo time as tliev world -scries .. Dave, who will 8ive you- simple answers lo slrnpln .fiftS 000 crowd on a .'recent Sunday liil'inestlons any time, Ls another of .657 Cleveland . . . jyjilc;i Clark Crlf-| tlln sc luds right out of Ring Lard- .548'nth .will admit Is'more than the j ""'s baseball books. •MB' Senators will draw at home in tlie I '• nnd furious match here lost when All members will need a supply of when ihe biggest crowd of the clean cloths for cleaning ' their sci-son sat in. • | brushes. Materials may be secured Flrpo'.s weight Is announced at ai tlie class room, if pieferred. > 110 and Burns 173. Welsh will I An exhibit of handicrafts and welch 180 and Contrell 175 ac-'home products that have added cording to Sinkey. »carh to farm families incomes in The first match on the. armoryi 1833 will be one of'the features of program will.start at '8!3<j o'clock. the State Home Demonstration It will be the first appearance I Clubjcamp. according to Miss Cora here of all but Flrpo who has showed here once. , - . mature, b'lt k?^|i al! pods well under tlie bri'ie. Before using, freshen itm i: 'aler to rcmov? execs? salt 1:3(1 A.M. 8:1.1 A.M. 12:SO I'.M.j i)al| y !:SH I'.M.j Cliililren Agni S (o 12 Half-Fare Cincinnati . vfa Ellington' Nm York '.. Cleveland .. Philadelphia netroit fil ft!) .5321 world series . . . business hasn't 51 70 .421 been .so good at home for the Nats 50 72 .410 \ . ; Helen Wills Moody really b Chicago ;. so Hoste.ii 61. T.oills -.'. 47 82 48 78 .381 Pet .656 .594 .515 .402 .488 .472 .425 .304 W. Tj. . S2 43 . 73 50 67 63 . 61 63 6.1 One-third of Ihe Indian Empire rinslsts ol 708 states of various rlze and rharncter governed Indian rulers. - n DID YOU KNOW THAT— Those Braver are 'battling everybody, including the nm- nires ... in a recent game In Boston, Umpire Charlie Mornn signaled to Habbil Maranville, who was on his yay in tho dugout, to toss lum a ball that was about 10 feet nwav' from the plate . . . Hnbbit seiz»<j the onion firmly br the htm- . dte and pegged U at Moran. . . It was a high Imrd one and thudded against the umoirc's protector . . . Moran uhinrfd It right back al thn Rabbit . . . .wlio ducked and i!id the words blaze back and forth- high-strung and sensitive under Uiat Poker Pace . . : and thp boa- ing of [he crowd nt Forest- Hills hurt her feelings. In a Trap Thai wasn't a bad crack by Machine Gun Jack McOurn's caddy - , . the law moved in on the Western Open and snalcl-cd Mister McGiirn rl?ht out of l|. . . . Jack turned to his bov and nskeil "What do I use here?" . . . and the caddy camp right back wilh 'Use your No. I lawyer." Blues songs ore beginning lo drift in from the colleges . . . one of the first long-drawn notes of pessimism comes from Wisconsin where Dr. Patty Spears Intones that his material Mils vcar is it>i> poorest al that school in a c'ccade . . . nml Alabama joins the chor with a few well-chosen blasts about that terrific schedule . . . with n flock of hard games in a ro\v Includini; • Tennessee. Fordhnm Kentucky. Viretnla Poly. Georgia i Tecli and Vnnderblll. Madison Bell, coach of Texus Ag I pies, sounds oul optimistically '. . declaring lie hopes and believes the Aggies will finish amoiij! (he leaders In the Southwest Conference. Anrirnt Arrives Alex McColl, Hie veteran pilch- Today's Games .. Soottierri . Little Rock a't Memp.nls. Chattanooga-a't NoVnvlllo. Knoxvllle . at 'B'lrmlniha'm. New Orleans 1 at Atlanta. Amerlcmn Boston at New York, narolt nt'St. Louis. Cleveland nt Chicago. Only games.: ' llend Courier News Wnnt Ads. Signs Cause Caution HAREISBURC, .pa^fUP)— ' The new highway, signs'. -warning, mo 1 torisls that" aii mte'rsectiqn'''.is'but a short distance ahead i not intended as crosses ,to mark accl- dent sites, according- . to/ .Secretary Sam S. Lewis of the Highway .Department." But autrorities" believe the signs may .serve as-'a reminder' to motorists lo use caution': National Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. ..SI, Louis at Brooklyn. Only gnmes. Lee Coleman, county home dcmon- sjratioh agent. The exiiibit to be displayed In the Memorial Hall at Camp Pike September G, 7, and 8 •S<11!.. include .hooked and li:.iided »tig_s., 'and. '.fabr|c hats, honie- rnaile.'.foys.-'jellies; preserves', sand- V-Ichj spread.' farmed ; pecans ,.,bram- Plf 'jam ai'id' other canned products that have sold readily when money *os~: scarce. • : The dbpla'y will also Include soap,; handiwork of various '' Oklahoma Farmers Grow To' OKLAHOMA CITY, .„., -Tobacco can be grown in Oklahoma nnd for a profit If n nini-V . was developed, experiments •, ate. Two men In widely u-p-i., 1 d sections .successfully have s/iu'.ui ood crops tills year. T. A. Jordan. Kay County, made ,000. pounds on. 4'.i acres, as good yield as he ha s made in any of he several years lie has grown obacco. E. H. bavcnnorl, former ^enluckian. planted an acre near Oklahoma-City nnd says he "never aw finer tobacco raised in Ken- ucky." '. baskets; pillows,. honey, .children's clothes, • hickory bottomed foot stools, and will show the many Ingenlbus'wiys -home deiiip'nslralion 'club ' members have us«d material Jt hanc! to make n salable 'product. Each'product exhibited 1 will At The Home Of The Mayo Clinic (Rochester. Minn.) Ilic licalth orticcr. Dr. D. c. Lockhcad. rerei\l)y said in n st.-ue. ment ihrougli tho press. "\Vc in itic heallh department are concerned nlxml milk from two angles. Bccaiuse il is ilic best food obtninablc. we want to see it consumed in greal quantities, and because of the possibility ol Its spreading disease, we want to fcnow that our local supply is produced under all the refinements of production commercially possible and that it b« paitruriird so wr c»n fuiranlrr il s»fe." Toiephon* No. 74 Bennett's milk is rate, — it's properly pasteurized. Bennett's Dairy THE COMPOSITION OF ESSOLENE IS PROTECTED BY U. S. PATENT PENDING AroU tom-up roalt, ant tfit iclajl and dttcomfotH of it- loan, br g"t'"g E*.M> Tours anil Df- toun ol EMO Slcrioni nnd lending dealer*. A prnfuiel) illui- trated 4-pagf. tabloid containing official map of current read conttructimi — /ree. Inf oil OT|«n!ulio« STANDARD OH. CO. OF LOUISIANA Ksanlene can guarantee smoother performance Kccauac it has a ditlinclive and superior composition, to unique among motor fuels thai thi* composition is. protected by V. S. Patent Pe nil ing. '['lie world's leading prtrn- leu in research laboratories, with unlimited facililirs at thrir com- ^^ AT «I»UIA« I mand, are responsible for this new achievement which guarantee* smoother performance. To distinguish it from other motor fuel* it li only neceiwry to put your foot on the accelerator after filling your tank with Kasolene. Try it today. Eatolene is colorrtl orange to prevent Gipr. 19)5, EMO, Ire. WRESTLING Kmil Firna vs. ' ' f'ycloni 1 Burn..; ant! •Roy AVclsii vs. Wilt! [Jill Ciinlrcll Armory, Monday Nile ClAUDtrre COLBER- BEN LYON ERNEST TORRENCE Prtitmttt ly Joitpk U. Fl*l,«d ty Fron tlit f*m»*i • feel h Ha M,Ua SCKAIM'.Y CARTOON SKNNETTCOMKDY i FfCL- .Matinee for All Chili dren Thursday .Morning, Aug. 311st.,- itt -10:30. Get Your ! Vickets at J. C. I'ennev's. LABOR SEPTJ © Don't postpone getting fhe tires you need now. Enjoy your last summer holiday on a new set of Good years. Prices are still lower than they were l-.':Si faih Play safe. Before you start Q-J$J drjva in and let us ic-ok over •••our tiw*. ' mileage • safety • value • • price • good looks • lifetime guarantee The New GOODYEAR PATHFINDER Goodyear All-Weather Supfrl»|.r( Cord Tirts 4.40-21 $6.40 4.50-20 6.80 4.50-21 7.10 4.75-19 7.60 4.75-20 7.90 5.00-17 7.80 Olhfr «1ies priced In proportion. Full Ovtrslie I.JO-21 $5.00 4.50-Itt $5.40 $6.05 •1.75-p.n §6.35 S.03-19 $6.55 n.oo-20 $6.75 ' 30x3H §5.95 0 Prices are marching up. Hut if you act in time you can still buy Goodyears at prices shown here—and most of them arc lower than they were last fall... Look at this new 1933 Goodyear Pathfinder. With FULL CENTER TI<AGTION,2l)%thickernon- skid tread, and stouter Su- pertwist Cord body, it turns iii more miles, more blowout protection, more safety, than you couiil get from any tire costing four times as much a few years a£o . . . Now is certainly the time to replace worn, dangerous tires with Pathfinders nil around. No one can guarantee how long today's still low prices can last. \Ve have your si/e. Be sure to get Goodyear quality tubes, too. GOOD YEAR SHOUSE-UTTLE CHEVROLET CO. RlythrviVo. Ark.

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