The Times from London,  on October 8, 1890 · Page 8
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The Times from London, · Page 8

London, England
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1890
Page 8
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8" THE TIMES, "WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER g, 1800. SPORT1KG INTELLIGEyCE. JTEWARKET EBOOND OCTOBEB MEET1KO, Tcxiat. run (I 100 sors., added to a sweeretake of S ion, each for starters. Uretby btakes Course. Mr. BniBntoa'a Oto PrxLOw, by Barcaldine 0Uimnia,J yrs, M. Mb. (Q. Barrett) 1 Ool. North's Ladt Yakmoctst, 4 yrs. Sst. 111b. . (T. Cannon) 5 Mr. Weixbell'a LlXTBO&rt, S yrs, Sst. (Morgan) 3 Mr. Ablagtoa'e Bobbin, 3 yrs. 7t. 131b. (8 LmIm) 0 Ilaron Rothschild's Galeotto, 4 yn.'rt. 151b. (T.Loatea) . 0 Mr. A. Taylor' Gentle Mj, 2 yrs, at. 111b. (U Chaloner) ... 0 Betting. U to X agst Untoorpe, 73 to 20 test Lady Yenawuth, 4 to 1 agst Odd Fellow, and 12 to 1 each Kfit the other. , OA1 Fellow took the lead, u never headed, and wo by three - quarters of a length. Lintborpc. three lengths away, u third, tost In front of Galeotto, f north, and Gentle May wee lest. Maidix Platx of 103 sots.. for two - jrar - olds ; eolU, $rt. ; till. Sst. 111b. Koo Course. General Byrne's CJMIC,byCambaIlo iloxinia, $st. (Bradbury)... ... ... - . 1 Mr. Ahington's lURWOXT. ?st (T. Cannon) 2 Mr. James Joieey'a Vxanc, et. (Kobinaon) 3 Mr. Arthur James's Pvalenee, 9st. (J. Wood born) 0 Mr. W.P.H. Lyone'a Carmen, Sat. 111b. (S. Loates) 0 Mr. A. M. Singer's Scrouge,?si. (Celder) 0 Prince goltykoff'a Zamet, Srt. (Webb) 0 Betting. 5 to 2 agst Harmony, 5" to 1 each apt Capsicum and Heronre. 6 to 1 agst Balance, 100 to 13 agst raeifie. aad 10 to 1 aft Carmen. Catittm eat oat the work with a alight lead of laeifle. Harraooy, and itaiance. mini order tney ran to tbo Itusbas, whre llarmocy ami Balance joined Pacific, and commencing the descent, where tbo lest - named pair were in trouble. Harmony took second place, tot could never get on term with Capsicum, who' came on with the race in hand, and won all the wit bv a length and a halt ; three length separated the second and third. Carmen wai fourth, fccrouge Efth, Balance sixtn, ana garnet laJt. Pltiso Wn.Tra HlNMCar of 5 sovs. each for starter, with 150 ot. added : half the swecp - (take to tlia second ; winners - extra. lions Course. Mr. W 31. Kedfern's MAaimtATt, by Disrcrd Serpolctt II., 3 yrs. 7rt. 101b. (J. Woodbnrn) LoH Oalthorpo'a HlEtST, 3 yrs, M. - 21b. (G. Ctaloner) . ... Mr. Ityde'a VPniTr Stajs.3 xn. "rt. (P.. Cbaloner) Mr. A. M. Singer Wliistle Jaeket.O rn.Sst. 101b. (Calder). Mr. J. II. llooldsworth'a Carrie k, 3 yr, 8t. Sib. (Warne). ... . Lord recrhyn'i Far Kiente, 3 yrs, 8rt. 71b. (T. TVeldon)... Mr. Deacon's Maypole, 4 yrs. Set. 31b. (G. Barrett) Mr. lUberta Carnival, 4 yr, 7t. lSlb.(S.Loateo) Mr. U. II. Marki - Jnlia.S yn. 7(t. 111b. M orpin) Hr. A. Greailey'a Yorkrfu reman, 3 yrt, 7t. 21b. CKakef Sir C Uartopp'a Bed Cherry, 3 yrs. 7it. fear. 7t. lib.) OV. TV ood) ... ... Mr. IUondell Maple' Barbette, 3 yn, 7t. (car. 7t. 21b.) (T. Lote)... ... . .... . Sir B. Jardine' Salataton, 3 yrs, 7st. (Allsopp) Betting. 0 to 1 agt Magistrate, 100 to 15 apt Heresy, 4 to I ant liarbeue, s to I eacn agst n mstle Jacket, Carnival, Julia, and Yorkahireman, 10 to 1 actt Whito Staz, and 100 to 8 each agst Far Kiente and Salutation. To a cood start Heresy cat ont the work, closely attended by N Lite btar and .Magistrate, wild 1 ork - ahireman on tbo far side, heading Julia ; then close np in the centre lay Barbette, in front of Carnival, talotation, Carrick, Maypole, and Whistle Jacket. In this order they came to the Bashes. where Magistrate took a slight lead of Heresy and White Star, the three coming on together, with Yorkshire man, Barbette, Julia, and Carnival heading the remainder. Halfway down the hill the last - named pair and Barbette cv way, and, with Yorkahireman beaten entering the dip, the three leaden drew away and ran a Sne race home, which Magistrate eventually won by half a lencth ; a neck divided the second ana third. Bar - bette was fourth, Jnlia fifth. Carnival sixth, York - ihireman seventh. Whistle Jacket eighth. Far Kiente ninth, and the last four were Carrick, Maypole, Salutation, and Bed Cherry. SrLl - Iso PIatx of 103 sovs. Ab. M. Mr TV. Clowe' HrrTARCHT, by Fetterlock Mereia, 4 yn, 8st. Ulb. (G. Barrett) " . 1 Mr. T. . Jennings, jon.'s, LoosiSTEiri, 2 yn, 6st. 31b. (Peake) . ... 2 Betting. 7 to 4 on Heptarchy. Loosestrife showed the war with a clear lead to the Boshe, where Heptarchy challenged, and, having her opponent directly in difficulties, took up the running ana won easily cy inree - onanen oi a lengtn. ins winner waa sold to Mr. T. Jennings, jua., for 210 guineas. CxixmnLL Staezs of 30 sots, each, 20 ft., with 200 sort, added, for two - year - olds : colts. Sst. 101b. and fillies rt. 71b. ; winners extra : the second to receive 50 sots, ont of the stakes. T.Y.C. (21 sabs.) air. itoei renwiea aimi, cy arcajaine, asm by Lord Lyon Sadie, 8st. 131t. (Bickaby) ... 1 Prince Soltykoff' Woolstboste, 8st. 101b. (J. Woodbnm) . ... '2 Betting. 8 to 1 on Mimi. TVoolsthorpe, on the inside, was .first away, bat after going about a furlong was joined by Mimi. The pair lay well together until entering the rails, where Wools tbo rpe was in trouble, and Mimi, forging ahead, won in the easiest fashion by three - quarters of a length. CmaniDCEsiiiXE Tb.hl Plati (handicap) of 300 sovs.'; the second to receive 30 sots, ont of the plate ; winners extra. Kew Camlridgeshire Stakes Coarse.. Mr. J. Hi Hoaldsworth's Etzbgkkxs, by Spring - the Bushes, Increased bar ad rants re coealng down the bill, and woa u a canter ny two leegin. ORDER OF BCKKIKQ THIS DAY. tamlsjbakM i Hlc - rkt natkaa .. 1 13 Mimt IVU 4 2X Sora. .. I 0 MMd trark riat .. ..IX Utu mk i c DitekMBaKanrTT .. Mini rial (Lasiiftfur. iMSSOftXlLl .. .. BETTING ON TUB COUBSE. CxaxKXwiTCii. teao U 1000 an AUoaU (a.) utx - 1 OCO IPX ti ralWv Cbat fla .AOn 1,000 to 10 Itosal atar (M JO hmn)vto.) 1 BncUrrle.JBM I m.tton fa) U00 U S ast Ehaa VT XLn . att. a I raaoiaarfr I UM - X !! Jllica l (V) i I'anincsoa il Pan rua 111 3 KWa (a, after 1.0U) to 33 laid tofcrtima) 1 Cireaauaa (0 ) Sir B. Jardiners Plato, 3 yn, Cst. 101b. (Allsonp) bib. (U. Mr. T - Cannon's Tu worth, 3 rrs. Cst Brown) ... . ... 3 Lord Fenrhyn's Carmine, 4 yn,8st. 71b. (T. Weldon) 0 Mr. J. E. Savin's Bingmaster, aged. Sat. lib. (Tomer) . ... . 0 Mr. W. Cooper's Lady Betty, 5 yn, 7st. 131b. (T. Loates) . ... o Cher. Giniitrelli's Sturton, 4 yn. 7st. 91b. (Blake) 0 Mr J. Hammond's Crimea, 4yrs, 7st.51b.fVV. Wood) 0 Mr. G. Meadows's Speculator, 3 yrs, Cst. Clb. (car. 6st. 71b.) (R. Chaloner) 1 . . 0 Prince Soltykoff' Losigcan, 3 yn, Cst. (Peake)... 0 Mrs. T. Chaloner' Miss Kellie, 4 yrs, Cst. (R. Chaloner) . mA o Lord Gerard's Shortbread, 3 yrs, Cst. (car. Cst. 31b.) (G. Chaloner) . Jo Lord Durham's Bona venture, 3 yri, Cst. (A. Watts) 0 Mr. W. H. Manser's Symphony, 4 yn, Cst. (G. Manser) . . . 0 Betting. ( to 1 agst Lady Betty, 11 to 2 agi Ringmaster, 8 to 1 agft Plato, 10 to 1 each agst Shortbread, Crimea, Carmine, and Sturton, 100 to 9 agst Eeergreen, 100 to 8 agst Bonaventore, 100 to 7 agst Symphony, and 20 to 1 agst Tedworth. To a fairly good start Ringmaster showed the way to Tedworth, Plato, and Shortbread to the Bashes, where Bona venture, Lady Betty,, and Carmine lost their places, and passing that landmark Tedworth headed Bingmaster, with Plato and Evergreen lying next. In front of Sturton, Shortbread here giving way. Directly they commenced the descent Sturton was beaten and Ringmaster was in trouble, and Tedworth, Plato, and Erergreen came into the dip almost in line with Bingmaster. In a desperate finish the three leaden ran almost head and bead nntil a few strides from home, where Evergreen shot out and won cleverly by. a neck from Plato, who defeated Tedworth by a similar distance for second place. Bingmaster, woo nearly came down a few strides from the chair, was fourth, 'close op. Sturton fifth. Shortbread sixth. Lady Betty se Tenth, Symphony and Specnlation next, and the last four were Lusignan, Miss Kellie, Crimea, and Bonarentare. SO03rr pcroBER Kcesebt Staiss. Rous Course. Mr. T. Jennings, jon.'s Galliard Lad . Milly. Cst. 21b. (Peake) ... 1 Mr. Koel Fenwick's Kovkeki, 9st. (IMtkaby) ... 2 Mr. T. Cannon's Alice AtnuiTOX, Cat. 131b. (G. Brown) ... . 3 Mr. Abington's Maconeas, 8st. 31b. a Loates) ... 0 Betting 13 to 8 agst Koverre, 3 to 1 agst Tre - earran, 100 to 30 agst Macuncas, and 10 to 1 bar three. Knight of Kerry was weighed for by F. Bout, but bolted, and did not come under the starter's erden. Maconeas, who showed temper on his war to the post, delayed the start, and when the Sag fell Alice Atherton a bo wed the way to Trenamn aid Noverre, bat on settling down Trenarran axaum! tmmnl from Norerre. At the Bushes Trenarran was the Erst to give way. and, with Macuncas in trouble coming down the. hill, Trenarran drew away from Jforcrre, and. increasing his advantage out of the dip, won easily by four lengths ; half a lergth divided the second and third. Maconeas waa last. EETXHAiaPxATX of the auMimam value or 400 sovs.; ?lnc, 4.,OT?" f - only forfeit if declared, with 100 sot, added from the fund ; for two - rear - olds : colt, 8st. 121b. ; fillies, 8st. 91b. ; winners extra the second to receire ,25 sots, oot of the plate. Boas Coarse. Mr. M. Dairy' Ixtzrxxss, by Cymbal Belle of Scotland, Sst. 81b. (G. Barrett) . .1 Mr. E. W. Baird's Floddbt Fixld, 9st. lb. (T. " Cannon) . n Lord Calthorpe' Ba&BATKLXO, Sst. 121b. (Bobin son) . ... 3 Mr. Henry Milner' Gavotta, Sst. 61b. (T. Loates) 0 - Betting. 11 to 8 agst Inverness, 6 to 4 agst Flodden Field, and ,6 to 1 agst Garotte. Flodden Field, on the right, made the running, with a slight advantage of Barbate I lo, with Inverness on the left, Jurt heading Garotte, the four running almost in line to the Bashes. Here Inverness joined Flodden Field, the pair coming away together into the dip, where Flodden Field held a slight advantage, bat Inverness, Strugs ling eaurht him again, and won a mtgniflecnt race by a head ; three lengths divided the second and third. Ocrowt Post Psorm Staxxs of 100 sovs., h. ft. ; colts, Sst. ; fillies, 8s t. 111b. Rous Coune. Prince" Soltykoff' Dorotht Vnxojr, by Mask Flltaway, 8st. Ib. (J. TVoodburn). . 1 Mr. Manton'a Cjlovx Fujrcxss, Sst. 111b. (T. Loates) M . - . 2 Betting. 6 to 4 oa Dorothy Vernon, who Jumped off 2 laidl 10 t BaracM (O 20 I Marrrlt ) Z.0X - 100 Jvlitii (L) CAMBBIIKIESnlBE. K0 U 100 axst AHcaaU l&l ZJH UO ktzBonn ka.a(liT I UHUiw laid) LATEST SCRATCHING S. Ditch Mils Ncrskt. Gone. Coon, Adieu. Tableau Vivant, apd Ragimunde. Mimilk Park Plats. Fnse, Las Palmas, Simon de Montfort. Lady High thorn colt. Kissing Crust colt, Choralist, Enclosure, Miss Mcnck, BeTcrend. Lo Jtutard, ISlsnkney, Lcieorn, Forester, taster, Bridget, Isolation, China Rose, - Annual, Paramour, Golden Garter, Ilalmorat, Aobert, Swiftsare, Caithness, Simon Magus, Charm, Masetto, Satr.arcande', rays - bury. Bed Prince, Order, Ordinance, Oregon, Gnro - tnont. Friar Lnbin, and Salamis. SELSCT STAKSii. Formidable, Hidden Treasure, Fear Disgrace, Marvel, Morion, Far Kiente, Ucaume. IIicn - wsionT IlASDicAr. Lightfoot. Hkatu Stakes. Middlesex. Kixset Plats. Marvel. Ciiaktiox Stakes. Paloma, Challecge, Hidden Treasure, Ornatas, Far Kiente. Jocxtr ClcbCct. Morion, Carmine. ACTTMX Haxiicap. Westminster, Elissa. Staxi Kcrserv. Moss Trooper, the Foil Colt. FOOTBALL. THE ASSOCIATION CILLLEKGE CUP. The southern rommttteo met last night at the offices of the Association, CI, Chancery. lane, and drew the ties in the second round of the qualifying competition for the National Cup in the Ninth and Tenth Divisions. Two protest were lodged in other divisions vis., Attercliffe against the Rotherhain Swifts and Birtley against Sbankhouse. In the following draw the matches are to take place on the first - named club' ground, nnl ess otherwise arranged, atxl are to be played oh Saturday, October 25, the ball to le kicked off cot later than 3 o'clock. Division 'J. Swindon r. Great Marlow, 93d Highlanders v. Watford Rovers, Windsor Phoenix T. Hunts County, and Norwich Thorpe v. Ipswich. Division 10. Crusaders v. Folkestone, London Caledonians t. Old Etonians, Ilford v. GraTesend, and City Ramblers t. Old Carthusians. The annual Old Well inctonian football match will be played at Wellington College on Saturday, Nor. 8. uia vteiiingtonians desiring to play in tni match are requested to give in their names to the "Captain of Football, Wellington College Berkshire." THE SALFORD HAIUERS. (THROUGH DilXIEL's ACEXCT.) BUFFALO, Oct. ,7. The team of Sal ford Harien arrived here lastf night, and .were met by a deputation from the Buffalo Athletic Club, who drove them to the Hotel. Iroquoin, where they will stay during their visit, and scbse quently to ibe club house. An entertainment committee has been appointed by the club with the object of rendering the visit of the Harien here an agreeable one. . SWIMMING. OTTER SWIMMING CLUB. Last erening at the St. George' Paths, Buckingham Palace - road, b.W., were held the 22d annual competitions of the Otter Club, whose meeting ranks as one of the chief of the season. All the events were keenly contested. The officials were : President, Mr. George H. Rope ': captain, Mr. C. D. Willis ; judges, Messrs. J. J. Rope and S. Willis ; handicapper and starter. Mr. F. Sachs. Brief details Sixty Yards Members' Handicap. Final heat. T. (J. Batt, 4sec. start 1 ; C. E. Macrae, 5sec, 2 ; A. C. Cattle, 2sec, 3 : L. M. Leggatt, 2sec, 0 V H. B. Wilson, 3sec, 0. Batt got in front Jn the last few strokes and won a fine race in 49 3 - 5sec. Plunging Race (40ft. ; inritaticn and club). Final heat. . A. ISlake, Lewisham, 1 ; W. T. Bird, Imperial, 2, 8. Willis, Otter. 3. Won by a few inches. Time, 12 l - 5sec. Ninety Yards Invitation Handicap. Final Heat. E. C. Wagner, Ealing, ISsee. start, 1 : C. A. Baker, Tadpole, 12see., 2 ; J. - P. Reid, Ealirg, lGsec, 3 ; E. A. Cave, Priory, 9iec, 4. Won easily by a couple of yards. Sixty Yards Boy' Bace (under - 16, for public school and introductions by memVers. II. T. Reed, Whitgift, 1 ; M. J. Paine, Dulwicbv 2. Won easily by half a yard. Sixty Yard Obstacle Race. Final Heat. A. L. rrince, 1 : P. II. Fulkes, 2 ; T. A. M. Forde, 3. The priies were prelected by Miss Florence Fell, captain of the Norwood Ladies Swimming Club. BILLIARDS. THE NATIONAL AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP. At the Prince's - hall, Piccadilly, yesterday after - coon, the competition for this championship began with a contest between Mr. F. A. Lindner, Birmingham, and Mr. W. D. Courtcev, London, of 1,500 up'. Play started at 3 o'clock. Courtner completed the required half of the score for the afternoon's play m inuuuiiHjra orras oi o. uame : Courtney, 752 : Lindner. 474. In the evening the former anir. mented his incomplete Ireak to 90, in which were 14 spot strokes. Ultimately Courtney won by 437 points, toe match having lasted four hours and a quarter. Mr. Courtney will to - day play Mr. A. P. Gaskell, who (including one walk over) tas won the Challenge Cup. five times in succession. FOKE10X COMMERCIAL JUTELLiaEXCE. (XXVTZA'l TXLXGXAXJ.) NEW YORK, Oct. 7. Stocks opened strong and active on London buying, u. .i. .lt - .!! little snDTJort from outside. there Ixine - . moreorar. only limited corering by aborts." The bears " later In U day were again enabled to seenre declines from theghVst points to the extent ct 1 to 2. sugar truaU and Chicago. Turlington, 2d Quincy share leading the f" rZV Mature. Tt Interert. The .u'.. - i - . - j i.t int rm at. on the whole, small chaoses from the first price. The, day .busines amounted to 193,000 shares, wciumn? Atewsoa rr.C. . ss.JV. V. 13.000 t Delaware an , . '. i. . ' . in ncm - Ijiniiville and Nashville. 23.000.: Cbicago.'Milwankee, and St. Paol, 1K.00O ; and Union Pacific, 18,000. Money ranged irom to o, k . I.., done at the former rate. The closing rate was 2 offered. Petroleum has been firmer. Flour a firm market at the advance. Sugar continue a firm though quiet market. Tin a dull market, closing weak at the decline. Iron a firm market, wita. price mamiaioou. ipvr a nominal Wheat at the opening was Sc. dearer, and a further npward morement followed owing to increasing ' bull " speculation, firmer eablea, and rumours of MMffLiniriiMa. i.ooti miiiinx urnjnuu aiii me larse decrease on passage also favourably affected the market, whicb, with a good trade having been put through, closed strong at a gain in value of lc. Corn wa ic. dearer at me commencement oi Dull ness. Toe advance was maiuiaineu turoagnoai, aue io bulls " speculating more ireeiy, ana closing tone was firm, with prices snowing an appreciation of gc. to C. Export demand naa ocrn rauier oetter. Tjtnl market has had only a poor innuirv. but. vmnathiiinff with the strength in maixe. ha had a firm tendency, and closed steady, current month show ing a lots oi l point, uvner punmons, nowerer, were 1 point up all round. Coffee Quotations have advaneed owing to the strength in European market. Trading, however, has not been very brisk, but tho market closed firm and unchanged to 10c. up. Cotton firm and advancing market owing to unfavourable weather reports, there being too much rain, and values at the close were 0 to 7 point op. Spot market closed steady and unchanged. Petroleum Pipe Line certificate opened steady and 4c doirer. The market has been more active than yesterday, and closed steady with November quoted at bVe. QnoUUcna. Oct. 7. Oct S. LABOUR AND WAGES. The delegates of the National Amalgamated Sailors' and Firemen's Union resumed their conference Jester - day in Glasgow, Mr. Samuel Plimsoll presiding. The president, in the course of his address, said that one of the Cnt things which . they must attempt in the future would be to extract the return which had hitherto been refused of the magistrates who sat on the bench in seaport towns, stating those who were shipownen and those who, so far as could be ascertained, were cot interested in shipping property. Another subject to which their attention ourht to be directed was that of better accommodation for CU1 Monrj.UJi. Government Boods to. Other Securltirs .. .. Eichass on Loadon, 6C dars" sight . Catla Transfers Eiehaot on Berlin, ti data' sitht , Eichanj on fails,' 67 dars' slht Four ir Cent United States Funded Loan .. .. .. .. M'ratcra Colon Telf graph Share Alchiaon. To pel a, t gaota T ELShs. Do, 4 p.c. Ceo. Vort, Bonds .. Do., S p.c Incotua Bonds Canadian Pacific ,. .. .. Caoada Southern .. . .. Central at Xaw Jnej .. .. ' Central Pacifi ,. .. Chicago, Milwaukee, aad 8L Paul Do, rrcfamd .. .. .. Chicago and North - Wrataro. Ord. Do riefrrtcd tihaiva .. Cleveland. Cincinnati. Chicago, and Bt, aoula, unuoarf .. .. Deovtr and Rio Grand .. .. Illinois Central .. .. laka Shora and Michigan Southern Louiavtll and SaahvUla .. .. . Miehigao Central .. - .. . Muaonrl, Kanf as, and Texas .. Sv York Central and Hudson Biver Kew York, Lake Xrie, and WesUra Do, Second Mortgage Bonds.. Kew York, Ontario, ant Weatera Korlolk and Western Preferred Northern Pecine .. ,. ., Do., Preferred ,. ,. ... Ohio and Miaaiaairpl .,, ,, Philadelphia and Beading .. Do, t P.C lit Income onds.. Do. 4 s.0. Mortgage Bonds .. St, Louis and Ban Francisco .. Do., Prefemd .. .. .. Unloa Pacifio .. .. ,. Wabash, SL Louis, and PacUSo, Com mon .. .. .. Do, Preferred .. .. Co9a, fair Bio .. .. Do, good Bio .. .. Corn, new Western.. Cotton,' daj's receipts at Atlantic porta' Da, daj'i reosrpu at Golf porta Do, dar's siport lo Grrat Britain Do, dav'e export to the Continent Do, mlddHag spland .. Copper O'ov. delirerj) .. .. Floor; extra BUU ahjpping brands Freight for grain, steamer to. Liver pool, per niunai Da, steamer to London, per buahell Do, for eotton to Liverpool Do, pMroleom lo United kingdom. wni, larva veaaels .. .. Iron, Coltneaa, No. 1 .. .. ,. Lar0. Wee tern Steam' .. ., ,. Petroleum, crude .. . Do,Pipe Line Certificates IKov.ept. Do, standard white .. Silver BuUioa .. ; " Spirits of Turpentine Steel Balia .. .. Suiar, fair reflnlng muscovados .'. Do, 54 pc centrifugal.. .. .. Tallow, prims dlj .. .. Tin, Straits .. .. ... .. Wheat, red winter .. .. .. Da, spring Ka 1. Korthern, new .. KomiuaL 2 pc 4 U 4 8, WH 5 23V. 12? tlK 35T' tr S!4 W4 a 115?. 33 6J 103 140 Vi icjv; u tai is 104 23a 1C1H n .69 2SK "5. MS 25; an 24.000 36.000 9.000 (.000 10 ' Nominal 3 65383 Nominal 2d. 23 60 6 50 12S 60 74C HI 41 33 11 615 - 15 6 23 EC ICS IC954 7 P.C. 7 p.c 4 62 4 U'4 1221 ,Wi '3554 62, M'a 73 6 US SV4 6154 1N 106. 1. 65S i:h 1C1 ii tou S2S 1( ti ma 173. S7V, 28H 74U 215. 33 66 UVi I0V4 21K 674 34,000 33.000 2LU0 6.C03 10 Xomlnal 36637S KomlnaH 23 60 I SO 7 3 79K 740 111 41 X w 615 - 16 6 24 40 1C6 Oct 6. Oa. V 3 p.e. 3 p.0. 4 62 4 66 sir; s nr. I22H ns 36'. 64 684 76 S3U 114Vi 30 !. ioev; 106 6CV. 17 103S 106V4 62i S2, 16H lo?; 231i ' IClii 17 69 28 74i 23 3st; 66; tin Si u 61 1C 20; 20 66U 22,003 16.000 2S.CC0 10, OM IDS Nominal 345366 Itm 23 50 8 427 25 60 7 40 112V 41 31 5S S 16 - 16 S Nominal 154V. 106X Oct. 4. 62; 740 reanerlTanla Railroad Shares., Petroleum, standard whit .. .J 7 43 I 7 40 NEW OBLEAK3. - .. . . " I Oct. 7. I Oct 6. I Oct 4. Cotton, mlddUnf j iai - 16 I 10 I 10 . SAVANNAH. I Oct! 7. I Oct 6. 1. Oct 4. Spirits of TnrpentuM . ,. S7V4 I 37Vi I 37 NEW YORK, Oct. 7. Piiicxs ron Fctcbb Delivery. Wheat. October, 10CJ ; November, 107J ; December, 108J. lbOl. - January lOSA ; Felruary, 1101 : March, 111 ; May, 112. Receipts, Atlantic ports, 7 , . " """"" , "".ww "iuiruj eauie aay last year, - iu.uuu ouacelj. loari a great number of shirs that were engaged in I Clearances, Atlantic ports. 10.0U0 bushels, the dead weight business and had found the accommo ! Corn. October, 67J November. 63 December dation in some cases utterly disgraceful. The number 58i. I891. - May, 6'jJ. Keceipts, Atlantic ports', of cubic feet of air allowed for seamen was not anffi. lflll Onn Imthsl. - 1... nnn l - .l.,.' b Lroct, and, having Crown Srinctwii la Uoable atXtcxminatloa el tha ahoitira.atsv cient even if it were good, and, bad as it now was in many eases, it was utterly insufficient. Although it might be taken for granted that co care and no legislation would ever put an end to loss of life at sea he was satisfied that at present a very large proportion of that loss of life was dne to prevettalle causes, and ne and otners would give tnemselTes no rest un they had eliminated that proportion from the tot The annnal report by the general secretary was after, warjs submitted. With regard to under - manning and overwork the report recommended the adoption of the eight - hour system as an effective check on both. The report was adopted, and afterwards - Jlr. W. Chapcr, Hull, moved tbe following resolution : M That in the - opinion of this meeting, the provisions at present supplied to the mercantile marine are insufficient, and, in many instances, unfit for human food, and urges upon the executive council to secure that tbe same supervision be exercised over tbe food supplied to all ships as that now in force in respect to Teasels carrying passengers." Mr. A. Bicbanan, Aberdeen, seconded the resolution, which was adopted unanimously. Mr. M'Gregor, Glasgow, moved as follows : " That in the opinion of this meeting, tbe present system of deck - loading i tbe direct and indirect cause of great loss 01 ine amongst our seafaring community, and it is resolved that steps be taken to bring before I'arlia - tnent the nrgrnt necessity of so amending the Acts re lating to deck - loading as to prt nibit the dangerous practice and to make it a penal oOenco on the part of shipowners and captains engagirg in it." Mr. J. Blade, Grays, seconded tbe resolution, which was carried unanimously. Mr. Flay, Liverpool, moved : "That in the opinion of this meeting of delegates from branches throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, tbe almost universal practice of under - manning vessels, both in the stokeholes and on deck, is a fruitful source of loss of life and property, and It is resolved that the executive committee of this union be instructed to take such steps as may be deemed necessary to bring before l'arl lament the fact regarding this pernicious practice on tbe part of shipowners, and to prevail on the Legislature to put a stop to it by legal enactments." Tbo discussion on this motion had not been brought to a close when, at 6 o'clock, tbe conference adjourned till to - day. pool, and business at tbe docks, warehouses, anl railway stations is seriously tampered. It is pointed out by the masters that while tbe union last week rejected an offer equal to a rise of 3s. Cd. per week, men are allowed to work for the railway companies for leas wages than those raid by other employer. Yesterday the men on strike at the shipbuilding yard of Messrs. Ramage and Ferguson, Leith, held a meeting,, at which it was resolved to remain ont. None of the. men have returned, to their work. Another meeting is to be, held on Friday. Tha directors of the Shropshire Union Canal Company, on their men resuming work yesterday, hare resolved to pay the fortnight's arrears of wagea stopped la eonaeouenca of tha Batmen leaving work - without notice. Tho men general I v express satisfaction at tha Clearances, Atlantic ports. 100.000 bushels, Lard. October, G 61 j November, 0 56 ; December. 6 C7. 1831 - . January, C 81. Coffee. Oetober, Id 03 to 18 15 : November, 17 50 to 17 63 : December. 17 IS tn 17 "O 1RU1 , and ! January, 16 50 to 16 55 ; February, 15 U5 to 16 05 i until ' March, 15 85 to 15 90 ; April, 15 CO to 15 70 : Mar. tal. i 15 60 to 15 65 : June, 15 25 to 15 35. cotton; October, 10 24; November, 10 23 ; December, 10 29. 191 January, 10 35 ; J ebruary, 10 42 i March. 10 49 ; April, 10 56 ; May, 10 63 : June, 10 70 : July, 10 76. ' Sales. Wheat, futures, 5,320,000 bushels : ditto, spot, 84,000 bushels ; corn, futures, 2, 6o0,000 bushel ; onto, spot, 128,000 busbcU ; entree, 10,500 bags: cotton. 66,800 bales; lard, 1,200 tierce ; petroleum, 140,000 barrels ; ditto, l'ipe LineKuns. 1)6,000 barrel ; ditto, shipment from regions, 106,000 barrels. . t t v . CIIICAGO, Oct. 7. Wheat at the opening of the Board wa Je. higher. Later the market became irregular and fluctuated till tte close of business according as bulls " or bears - got the lead. The closing tone wa firm, and triecs were lc. dearer all round. w Corn opened at an advance of later, however, as in wheat, ruling irregular and fluctuating throughout according as ; "Lulls T or "beer" gained the advantage. Final Une was steady and price were unchanged to it. up. Lard ha had a generally firm market all day, and J,1,IM showed a gain of 2Jc. to 6c. Tork baa had no special feature worth mentioning, but a generally firm tone ha ruled throughout, and closing figure were. 2Je. to 6c. better. l.ib have been generally firm in sympathy with other hog product., tut the market ha Been featureless, closing, however, unchanged io 5c. dearer. Bacon dosed without alteration, but light and heavy nogs were easier. The 1 1 revision market, although without any noteworthy feature, has been generally firm all day. if I t FCTm DIITXKT. X, inirrft0br: ' December, 104J. 1891. - May, 1 081. Receipts Western points, 640,000 boahela : same day last year, 800,000 bushels ml i79i: - Ji.r;. 53: SI.5e!ifc?. 40&.000 briar!. V ... A ", - .." V."1 t 11a ri - .m T7,V i. 1 yr, oiu,vw Duscei. 6 5. W' 6 2i 91. - January, 6 65 ; May, C iVl" Ocob"' 5 1891 - - Jamary, 5 80 ; May, 47:4' 15 Bidd,e - 6 80 lt - " Hog. - BeeeiDU, WesUrn eitie, 80,000 J tame day Jut year, 41.006 ; ditto, Chicago, 52.000 - aami daV last year, 20,000. ' ' PASIS. Oct. 7. 10 TJ.m Rmtr.... .V - Petite Bourse this evening as follows : Three per E7ptlan Unified. 493f. 75c. : Turkish Group IV., 1M. 75. : Bio Tinto share, 64T. 35e. : four per Cent. Bpaniah, 76f ; Do eer share, 478f. 75c. ; roar per Cent. Hungarian Gold Rente, 9CJ. BlBLIw, Oct. 7. In spite of greater abundance of moosy, weakness prevailed in all local speenlatirw seeuTities, mainly owing to heavy ' bear " selling of mining shares, foreign Government stock were generally well sm ported. The closing wa unsettled. Hungarian Gold Rentea were per cent. lower, and Credit shares nearly 1 per cent. Short exchange on London, 20 S6J ; three mouths' bills, 20 15. St. Petersburg exchange lower at 250 70 : rouble 253 30 for money and 233 60 for the account. Private di - j eouni i per cent. lower at - ij per cent. it was. The special rata to which the CHy doe sot cos tribute, but tbo rest el tha county does, la raised from 86,029 to 345,374, and It I clearly about 303 per cent, more than it vat. Yon will obaorva that tha total revised estimate for tha year It leaa than wa estimated ia April by 23.184, being bow 1,709,403, instead of 1,731,652. Tha figure do not quite tally to the extent of 469, hot tha explanation of that i that alter the April estimates had been settled some slight alteration were mads in tha estimates trpoa appeal, and had to be taken into account. Tha difference between these two estimate, tha 23.184, is only a fraction, and 'a small fraction, of a penny on the whole of the county. The Finance Committee were of opinion VirrNXl Oct 7 tw. . . " that for the rake of that diHereuee it wa not ir "f:1". " rwon..0Pwf? - o,th while to dirturb the rate for tha half - year movement on to - day's Stock Market In sTmpathy with the advance in the exchanges; Sight bills on London were quoted 115 10,and sovereign 11 43. Home Fund gained g to fully 4 per cent., and Lombard 211. Anglo - Austrian Hank and Credit share were each 18. higher. The closing prices at the evening Bourse to - day were as follows t Four per Cent. Hungarian Gold Rente, 102 40 : Lombardo - Venetian Railwav 1M . nafIron. 9 14.. Tho prospect of a settlement of the currency question siimuiaira prices. PBAJCKFORT, Oct. 7. The Bourse wa dull and eloaed weak. with a reduction in nine of tha maioritr of foreign Government securities ranging from 1 to 4 per eent. Portuguese and Italian, however, closed firm at small advances. Credit share receded 23. Short exchange on London, 20 37. Private discount Ij per cent. MADE ID. Oct. 7. Four tier Cent. Interior. T7 Four per Cent. Exterior. 78 30. Exchange on London (three months), 23 57. THE LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL The usual weekly meeting of the Council of the Administrative County of London was held yesterday afternoon at the County - hall, Spring - garden. Sir John Lubbock, if. P., tho chairman, presiding. The Financo Committee reported that Treasury. Bills for the amount of 100,000 ami maturing in three months had been purchased by the treasurer, at a discount rate of 4 9 - 16 per cent, per annum, subject to a charge of t per cent, per annum for commission. It was agreed to lend the Vestry of St. Pancra of C625d., which had been the rata for the preceding half - year. You will sea that, taking the difference of charge and differences of receipt together, on tbe whole there is an increased charge of 107,566 and an increased receipt of 129,750, leaving that balance WBlCCl a MTV JWt UXmiVIKU V, .,11 . . . WW h vw sidur only the working of tbe Council on the estimates of April last, there is an increase of outgoings on our be felt some of tfcoee obfoertoos bjjDsatf, aad faaHv we came to tsxis basis of understand inf. that if aay sum was to be set aside at all It must be oat of the balasjee which wo had to our aeeount, and aot af set any assets that were la the future, and whisa already had their own destination. Well, I consider teat that amendment is a very great Improvement trpoa the lrtt which was proposed, and If there is ts ha any amend, ment at all of that kind I do aot think that It ean be put ia a less objectionable form. Bat, a I told Mr Spicer so I must tell the Council now, I an entirely, as far as my own opinion go, against tarrying any portion nf our funds to a suspense aeeount on the ground of technical edaeation. What I wast to pat before the Council is this Is technical education oee of the most argent subjects with which we have to deal ? (Cries of " No') I woald venture to suggest to the Couneil some few things which loom before as. in the near future. The Couneil have decided to set the whole world rolling to acquire the water monopoly ; we have not laid tha ghost of tbe Thajnes tunnel (laughter): there are farther txpn - s la no verr distant future at Barking (hear, hear) ; the outfall of is creating a bar Its re it Udolat - more the sewage than that, it ia rjnlsoninir all the water h - lnw V estimate of 41,599 and a decrease of receipt of : bear), and I cannot help thinking that we shall a bo 1,000, making an increased charge of 43.699 ; but, j distent date have to deal with it. Well then, if 1 14 on the other hand, we hare increased receipts and de - ! to pick out an urgent question, one that we should creased payment to the extent of 34,166. leaving j address ourselves to in preference to all others, I should on the whole of our own estimates a decreased balance nrefar to baein with imnrnvinrr tha rfnlila. r of expenditure of 8,443. Eutthi on the total account working - classes. (Hear, bear.) When we look at these is covered by tb balance which I have just read to subject water, tunnel. Barking, open space, and yon between 107.566 of increased charge and dwellings for the artisan classes, I am struck with 129,750 of increased receipts. Now, on the increased this, that there is an elective body la London, and a receipts, ami cipcciaujso mum 01 mem aa coawiai very poweripi body, dealing - witn very large foraU, the balances, the Council would no doubt expect me to say something, and it is very difficult indeed forme to make a clear statement on the subject. However, I will trr and do my best. In the first instance we must bear in mind this, that - when we talk of deficits, deficit is an odious word. I hope it will always be so in this Couneil, but the word deficit here does not exercising very large powers the School Board. New is it not toleraniy evident teat until we bad this legislation of the - last Session, throwing out this random suggestion, Yon may apply this money to technical education," i it not qaite plain that tbe functions of this Couneil were intended to deal with health ar4 urban convenience, making the city more healthy, ami mean that we had not money to go on with, because if D0t education ? (Cheers.) It may be that ultimately you look at the cash paper of the week yon will find , we may make grants for technical education ; I d mat we nave goa a creuit at mis time 01 ntw,w not wisn at all to close tnat question, but I do say it with our treasurer. But the word deficit means this, i is not among the subject which the legislation of that when we Come to spend our money and also re - I the last Session imposed upon this Couneil. (Hear eeire our money there is a considerable number of I bear.) Now let me just say we expect to re accounts to which we have to carry these receipt and eeire from these new wine and spirit duties 140.000 these payments. As between tho general county j this ,ear. We have got the random offer of 140.000. but we have not the very slightest - pledge of its continuance next year. Now supposing we Impound a very considerable sum of money this year, while we are considering the subject of technical education ; tne only reason why I could swallow that rather unwelcome account and the special county aeeount there are differences I think very unfortunately, so far I see no necessity for the rrt there are differences between 7,500 to defray the cost of paving with wood the j the exchequer contribution account and the general .niijTheir of Tolt,r.1,,n...n.i.,A,.i . ! . - county acsonnt. of whieh the exchequer aeeount is a 3J per cent., the principal to be repaid by equal ""YV"1 . . A "lxu wnT ule ! P". to ne. Is tnat when this committee have finished innnal instalments within five rears ldl0aIJ l Pr0Pntn ut exchequer aeeount 1 their labours and have made their report it will still nstaimenis witnm live years. M fo ear - marked money, because I think that if ! rest with the Council to sar whether ther will let tha isEwj r.rtim.r of'fh"6;1 t1Li hy t,A eon; ; wert p, 05 "phn M of pJT - ",t, MiXiJ idered tbe estimate of the receipts and exnenses of that we have to meet, rmbieet aa wa ara to andit. a .v .... - j ,1 . " - "6 '""""'i Vf l. complete accural couiu oe laaen 01 our naving maue la not a final decision on the question. rcicicrubw iw Miwuuk rriuirru id oe raisea m ice of pauper u"""""""i rcTiamn ui me eaumaiea near.; row mere are two causes wmen nave very ; information The C e necessary. Certain net charges in respect ; much complicated these accounts. One I have alluded Urge sums for this lunatics, industrial schools, coroners, Ac, i to in the exchequer contribution, and I should like ! treat variety of sehe votinz purpose ; they have pot forth a schemes, munificent contributions have whtrn it waa eatimaffHl w,nnll fall un,. a - ... . .V r. I. v : l f - . 1 . . . county .ccount.had b, arrangement witVthe Guardian, myself now to the conflicting legal opinions whieh we of money will U reeowe? SaTSSiuaSZ of the City of London Union and the Corporation of received after the rate in Afril. 189J. had been fixed, lelve havrnoVet heardhat itnded to tbe City of Londori been transferred to tbo special j In tbe first instance we assumed that .11 tbo, subject, give techni county account. This alteration reduced tho amount for whieh the City had not contributed under the fU justify and call To'inqufrT N w is itTgilai required from parishes within the City. There had if the aM ennrtiA. nl ih. f th. ia.. ' - v Jt."''J??fT; ,wt" " iog,eV wna our nuances , . - ..... . . . . . , rr. , . : - . : : - . - .u. wc njuuiu uie any step aniiozi th Wi.Tatior. A rt vf .r!? '5 via - m T? . Metropolitan xioard of norks it would not contribute until this inquiry has taken place ? That seems to mo o . CZ 1 - - : m " u. u vu, yi ; id put tne questto Session, by which a proportion of the new taxeson ; estimate, were framed and were printed upon that ', Council, on the whole, be of opinion that we beer and spirits Vcame payable to the county. The position. But before they eame before the Couneil ought to Uke some definite step ind show, as Whole sum tXV ted to. be thus received Within the . an nirn waa taken from tha ennneal wa ffana. I 1 . iTj a Uia!r T1 " financial year 18a0 - Jl was. 140,000. As a set - off rally consult on these matters. Mr. Lomley Smith, and , ILn I hav. TZZ ."1 tbis pcreased receipt tbere was the sum of i hi opinion was that after the change which had been . better way of earryinc out that object than Us 74.532. portion of probate and licence dut e esti - I .to, tha Wit Gnmmnt Art f ifcm ik. nil, i .Sli t. .Z. .Jf mated for in April but not now expected to be received was li.W. Well, that was a rather serious thing i aliryyi 11 till after the close of the financial year ; 10.250, when all our estimates were printed and w re worked Air, II Z. estimated decrease of such duties and increased charge out. but if you turn to the original estimate Ton will 1 rece,T would be toa certain extent pledged to ilances ,eea memorandum inserted there bearing out this ! ;V:: .::" expenditure and reduction in tbe amount to be levied accordance with it. In accordance w I V. ,V ecount, 4f. S5e. ; Five per Cent. I reduced for the year from 1,643,493 to 1,464,091 1 Spleer with Mr. Gura I stated these objeetieoa to JJtalia&s, 95f.l2ae Ottoman Bank aiuLraa.63&I. 75c j.j in other words, it is less than 89 per cent, of whaijhim at once, Certaialj ha met raa wry handsomely .i i'tn ui? . - i i.: i.i .. r. ; r 1T - - carry it out. imes oi " ro. 1 II tna reoort was. carried forward to next year. The remainder was ! opinion which had been given, and stating what 1 f " i? U WO'on, mute incorrect, they ought accounted for by difference".! estimated receipt, and binges in lJJ$nio)ZJ lffi,1 "MSll eap - ouiiuro auu rraucuon m im imrai ra w leviea accordance witn it. In accordance witn Mr. Lomley ' l .'); of , k - ..T; . . . " . ; . V ... . by rate in the City parishe. ; ami it would be seen i Smith's opinion the general account was liable to an i redaet.,on,vof. tb '""mate so as to prevent an that of the total Exchequer contribution for 1890 - 91, 'aSiHonaPcharge in if "S. pr'eep? - He understooa the noble there would I receivable' after tlra - cleaa of the year j Ulanee of the Vneral ViMLdtheSiti Zl ItVFAtlTSl0 "LI that extent - namely, from 158,523 to 81.522 and - j therefor - b - wanM foVttFttl 7Z.ZiZlil the sum of 136,124. The result of the revision of the canmaiea waa uiai, as regarucu mo parianea ouuiae too balance or tne special account to be correspond - Tl.v i T. 7. ti T7 . the City, the contribution required for the second six j ,"ly increased. I should tate that the iVnlrtJrt! - ' 7 .P"1 " 1 "ld - nUl eonsidered months would le at the samer.te in the pound as for I mite. a. printed were not alteedbVcause it was too 1 th VIe.rt,?,!MW w" proposing, how - the first six month, of the financial year - .. 6 - 625d., j fate to do so, but on the expIaUon - hlch w Z gjv , TJ' ' lt' onceaintlaee and as regarded tho parishes within the City the eon - the original report Mr. Gunn altered the book. Uie " "lT" . of .th?. P""1 - They were frikntian wanM inni ..lmt ta . ,.. af A - 1M s. j . - .. - TTv ' iV" T"? certain enough never to get it back a rain if ther the pound, as compared with 6'25d. for the first six month. The committee recommended : (a) That the estimates now before the Council of the receipts and expenses of the Council for tbe year ending March 31, 1891, be approved, and that tbe Couneil do hereby estimate the amount that will be required to be raised in the second six months of the said year by means of contributions, to be a follows : General county account, 641,569 ; special county account, 202,073 ; total, 843,642. ' U) That the - Council do appoint Tuesday, October 14, to p&ss an order for the making of a county rate of 4'd. in the pound for general county purposes, and ljd. in the pound for special county purposes. (c) That the Comptroller be. instructed to ascertain the amounts of contributions to be levied at the foregoing rates on the several parishes and places liable thereto, according to the valuation lists f pre pared under the Valuation of Property Act, 1869), hifh r,ma intn fn... Srtril K 1 BOO . .n4 1 accounts. our if i ia , . . .1 . , . , - , When, however, the cbaniro that had been I S"5tV"T .f""cc - 'Jfw.' bad been previously exempt. They did not accept this ? V.tT, - C V5t J'". f3?l ViifJ! J5J? disputing between myself i game law is for anybody, and how particularly expensive it is between corporate bodies, who, perhaps. uu not cgut quite so aeenij aa private litigant oo tbe growth of charges, it was arranged on both aide that the counsel who had been consulted by tbe City namely, the Attorney - General, Mr. Pollard, and Mr. Griffiths and the counsel who had been coo suited by ourselves, Mr. Meadows White and Mr. R. S. Wright, should meet, and they being the eminent Ii - t.m Ih.f thaw era .rut I nnnnaa th,t tha n. which came into force on April 6. 18U0. and accord inir '.? wM .ntiralw annnart tha aninlan to the county rates and other rentals now in force ; more competent gentlemen could ndt be brought together and to prepare preeenU in accordance therewith, a to come to a decision on the subject - that whatever moiety of the same being made . payable on Novem - ; decision they arrived at should be conclusive and bind - Uf.rirv rS ? ma,e on.J?ur7v31.. ,A. ; ing. Well, nractically speaking, they set aside Mr. (d) That the Comptroller be instructed to aseer - Lumley Smith's opinion and they restored that basis tain the amounts payable at the foregoing rates to the I 0n. which the original estimate had first been framed. Council in respect of Government property excluded d . peat many of the complicated figures before the from the valuation lists. ..... Council are really bookkeeping statement, showing ' (0 That the Comptroller be instructed to inform how we got back to the estimate with which we now the guardians what rate lir the pound is required to have to deal and in respect of whieh we have to frame meet the purposes of the Council for the ix month, m estimate for the next six month. But the second ending March 31, 1891. cause of the disturbance i. the irregularity with whieh The committee had referred to the Aet 53 and 54 , we have hitherto received the Escheuuer contribution. vie., cap. tt. ruis Act enabled tbe Council , The Exchequer contribution arises from taxes, and to contribute the whole or part of the rrant arising ; te, have to be collected, and they have to be col - from the new taxes on beer and spirit for the Jecte,l by the Inland Revenue Board, and after they plJe40vt? edn - "t'?n:wJtoholn mn8 are collected by the Inland Revenue Board, and before of the Technical Instruction Act, 1889. The amount they p.j over to us. the Local Government Board expected to be realixed within the present financial ha, got a good deal to say. I have no doobt the Go - Tear .H iimlW, aim sum naa oeea inciuaea in vernment Boards are very excellent ig it. A good many communications passed i ; " ., . , nTii 7, ni Vt tv 1 i the Couneil and the City, and between I IfFYZL 3 a ( V Oh."J They and Mr. Clarke, who wa, gooOf enough to come i i.V.S. '"TL"" iLrS't""8, .w. to the assistance of both tart result of it was that, considering what a very expensive vue receipts on wnicn me estimated rate lor tne , i... narann ta ear they are not. tmt I do not think a ! second half of the current year wa. based. But the hasty procedure is one of theirJemeriU. (Laughter.) , TrrtJo 000 xI'kT ultimate application of any such receipts, if renewed Certainly despatch is not one of their merits? But, ' . i I: - .;,: in the present or any equivalent form, required ! .tartinrr. I think that these difficulties are creater I careful innuirv and consideration, and tne committee i.t,r .i ,i k. .. recommended that a apecial committee be appointed these .irregularittes we could not well tell what the V'tfirt? to consider the subject, with expres reference to the wi?l be and when they will eome. Still up i g Mr rcBLiDa purpose. They proposed, again, to throw away that. If this 140.000 had not come to their assistance their precepts for the next six months must have Jeea at least Id. more than they had anticipated. He wanted to know whether that fact was clear, because, if so, it wa no credit to their financial ability. (Hear, hear.) They had got their finances new into that state that unless they took money which was intended' for another object they must put another penny oa tha rate. He was not satisfied with the report, he was not satisfied with the way the rates were going np, and he was not satisfied with the rates being kept aa they were by money which had nothing to do with them. Mr. Cahtbill at considerable length criticised the financial arrangements of the council, maintaining that Lord Lingen had been disloyal to a resolution of the council that the system should be altered. Tha way in whieh the accounts had been presented was, ia his opinion, dishonest finance. Mr. Fou congratulated Lord Lingen and the eonr mittee on the very able report which ther had submitted. Mr. Clahk stated that If the 167,000 debited tha aeeount to whieh the City had to contribute had not been cancelled the City would have paid twice over for those objects to which the 167,000 related. After some further discussion. The report was received. On the second recommendation of the committee, Mr. SriCBB altered his amendment, and moved that I should be the Pe'l committee should be appointed to consider ed, tnat tne ram of 60,000 out received from the aew taxes on be placed to a susoense ae - i.,. ; count, wnu view oi miiixmg it ior tecnnieai eanca eaqoel. Because of tl lh.t th. Hlm - . .hsmM k. ri.iat ta. h. tothi. point they have doubt, a yerycoi ! aecoxwea xue ameiiaraen. siderable amount of difficulty, and the delay is not I . Mr - r0, Bum regarded technical education as aa wholly chargeable to the fault either of the Inland ! JnPn question, and any sum less than 20,000,000 Revenue or to the Local Government Board, because ! 'or "racn..a? obJe would be only tampering in tha there was this complication. In Michaelmas, 1888, i mort Ptiogging way with It. If they asked the tha anlw r.nt. hirh wara muta hw tha man in the street what should be done with tha directly to the . local bodies in aid of certain services 1.00, he. would say erect public conveniences fee - came to an end. but this Couneil did not eome into men, women, and children vote it to the vestries so question whether any and, if any, what proportion of suen lurtner amount a. may ne received pursuant to the said Act should be applied to technical education. On the motion to adopt the laat recommendation, Mr. Spicer had given notice to move as an amendment " That a special committee be appointed to consider the subject of technical education, with express reference to the question whether any and, if any, existence till JIarch 31 following. There were thus i Uukt theT eoald devote it to such purpose ; and in so what proportion of the amount to be received from : w. tl,.' I. . .. ,v. doimr they would be doinr mora rood far tha naanla the new taxes on beer an.1 spirits should be applied to commencement of the other, and there was a question i London PP,7"'P any portion or the whole teeLnieal education : an.1 that in the meantime the on, pendinir through the best part of a year how that ' cf ' to technical education. II the Couneil voted 140,000 to be received from the new taxes on beer ,U months was to be paid for. On the part of the 10,000 of it to Mr. fpicer's purpose, would not Tkt and .pints for the year ending March 31, 1891, be , eoantv councils throughout the kingdom it was con - 1 Tiuu$ laugh in their leeve ? They would be doing the placed to a suspense account. j tended that the Government ought to make it good T"7 that the Council's enemies would like them LORD Liscrjf, the chairman of the Finance Com - till they came into existence. On tbe other hand, the to mittee, in presenting the report, said, The Council Government held that that was not so. that they would ' Aftr om" """Mr discussion, the amendment waa will, perhaps, allow me to occupy some portion of its i b"e tho new allowances, and that they must make up ' "'F,1'1 - , ..... .. Mi,pcri,.i..m Vi v .wuuiiM payments, but until that question ha.1 been! Jlr. Coebitt moved that tho recommendation be time in giving such explanations as may perhaps save , - Tthoueh we had at the Bank of FlanH i ! referred back to the committee, with an instruction large sum of money standing to our account, it was ' to consider bow the precepts of tbe new taxes on beer impounded ; we could not touch it, and we did not get and spirits can be best applied to relieve taxation. it from the Bant of England and pass it into our ! $r. Toeraxci seconded. books, althoujh it was in our possession, until after 1 The amendment was negatived. March 31, 1890. The net result is that the Exchequer i 3,r; F aadxil moved " That a special committee be contribution received since March 31. 18y0? is - PP"Bted to consider how tbe 140.000 derived from 214,766, and we have pent out of it since then , 00 l5r nd "Pint snonld be dealt with, and in them trouble in investigating these printed stat ments. There are two documents which I must assume that the Council are generally acquainted with. One is the original estimate which was presented in April last, and the other is the revised estimate which we have now got before us. It is that alteration of the estimate, - and that alteration of the estimate only, which is the subject - matter before us. Now, among some things which complicate these accounts, I think one of the first, and which is an enduring cause, i. the distinction between the general and the special county rate. The Administrative County of London ia one, and the Administrative County of London includes tue city, ine estimate ior tne year includes the 151,439, whieh leaves us a balance from that aeeount of 93.327. We expect this year to receive, besides, that balance of 112.932 which became doe to cs in 1889, and we expect to receive net from the united sources of licence and probate duties in tbe same year 237,068, anl we eipeet to receive through the beer and wine duties, net. within the same period, 140,000. making together 490,000, which, with payments that the meantime the amount received should be carried to a suspense account." Mr. BcACHCKorr seconded. Loud Liscrs thought the Couneil should aot forget that if they put this money to a suspense aeeount they would reduce the estimate to a deficit of AUb.uuu or 17.000 j that if they bad not received this 140,000 they should have had to raise tbe rate aggregate number of services for which we .have got to account amounting to 158,405, leaves transferable provide and the aggeaato estimated cost of them. This fc the general aeeount and in aid of tbe rates aggregate estimated cost must be raised somewhere in I 331,595, which, added to the' talanee, of 93,327, its locality, but the incidence of it varies a between I makes available to tbe rates 424,922. But this is the county outsjde the City and the county inside the j somewhat redaeed by an adverse balance which we City, and the special rate which yon might think, and . have to redress of 18,000, and if we add receipts wmcu a aiwaja taxi njjrcu - prone to uiiax, woma relate to the smaller area of the City does" not do so. The special rate is that which affects tha whole county, the general rate is tnat which aJIects the City only, and to which the City; along with our - .a h. .,v. ,u,e af thi T,'h.r 1 1 ' tor the six months which thev were now eaumiwiiTM m.j a" wacipairaai piece OI 1UCK Oa 110,600 he could not help feeling tempted "to say. Why in the world should they not give tha ratepayers the benefit of it ? ' selves, has to contribute. The total of all those outside the City have to pay to. Of that total rate the people inside the City do not pay for certain purposes, because for those purposes they rate themselves, but we have to pay an additional rate for those same purposes becsuse we have got to provide for them. If that is clearly borne in mind I think a good deal of the complication whieh we may have before us will prove more clear than perhaps it does at first sight. The estimate for the year, whieh ended in April last, made the general rate, which includes the City, 1250 per cent, of the pound, the special rate, which excludes the City, "75 per cent., and it made the total rate, which we outside the City have all got to pay, 13 - 25 per eent. The estimate therefore in the first six months tn April last was the halt of those percentages, and. then for the general rate 6250d. in the pound, for tbe special rate 375d. in the pound, and for the total rate 6'625d. in tha nnnTki. Now I do not propose on the r re sent aeration tn un tawand the estimates of April last I able to assure roe. and I wa very rlad to hear it. further than to make plain tbe reasons for such change and I aa quite sure that this Council woald not wish as we have now to consider. The new proposal for ; to fall o2 from the rood example of their rredeeesaors, the second half - year is for the total rate, the same as the Metropolitan Board of Works, which had never H was pejore, nut in taw uuuiuuuvu i t cuvw ta i crougns lerwim aa euaan containing a oencii. i The Couneil divided and there voted Por the amendment from other sources, 58.680 estimated, we have' to' the I Against ... 63 good of the six months 465.048 from other sources I Majority as - ainst 40 than the rates. We need a rate for the general account Mr. Bur moved that tha CounciT disagree with of 1,461.094, making with the special rate.and added j the recommendation, but this was negatived and tha to it, 1,929,142. Now, I believe I have gone through, recommendations of - the Finance Committee adopted, with regard to the general account, all that, as far as On the motion of Mr. Makes it was agreed that I ean judge, I need bring before the Council. But there ; it be referred to the Local Government and Taxation ' a subject of very considerable - importance for. which , Committee to consider and report bow the Council I must ask the Council lo rire ni a few rnmutes. I t can best acquire tbe power to control and regulate waa not aware until last inday that anjthwg of the the bosiness of advertising oo hoardings in Lotidoo, by sort was in view, and I have since then had to give ; the granting of licences, the proceeds of which should a great deal of consideration to it. Too are aware in relief of the county rates, that Mr. r?pieer ia toe amendment which he has stow . The CormeU adjourned at 7 o'clock, placed before the Council has somewhat varied tbe terms of the amendment which he proposed, aad that 1 has been the result of a conference and considerable ! po - iaso, Fbzzxaw AT BnumoHAXw - Pro. correrpondenee between htm and myse f . I certainly .,,0, Freeman Laat ni.t 1! 1 ECJwaTt irmingham and Midland wishd. if I ooaaibly could, to entertain il ont To ! 'fT'Sf0,," t1"?6? xam n"f?r - ! a. a ' 3 - i a. . ... tsKJUTVM M A7IXB.UI1 OX lA - 49 mimmrnsm M JllllaUbl respecs to mm, ana auo o a uorougn eonvietlon Inrtitnte. and dewotarl himaatf to . - ft R? Utween ancient and dernJif.: r??""," .","1" l?P " ' ,m?'lT?MtlT' . X one who had known somsthin of Birminanm m HitTarant. because for the reueral rate, whieh Includes the City, it Is 4 - 875d. in the pound. Instead ef 6 - 250d. in the pound, and for tbe special rata it is l - 750d. in the pound, instead of 375d. in the pennd. Mr. Cahtbxll. That i for the half - year. Sir, not tor the whole year. Lokd Lisorx. In these latter figures I hare taken the whole year. They will have to be divided for tne nail year, xne general rate, exc inning tne City, to which - the entire county contributes, is reduced for the year from 1,643,492 to 1,464,091 therefore told Mr - Spieer that I could not cosaiblv agree, a far aa I myself was concerned, to an amendment whieh woald have that result ; and, farther than that, the amendment as framed appeared to me to be inconsistent with cur present system of keeping accounts. I do not wish for a moment now. to go into the merit of tha different systems of keeping our accounts, but aa long as wa have business in hand aa men of bnsiness we will say we mast not mix np two eta wi accuuaie terctacr ; toe more, wnea i met Jar. suggested many points ia the history ofcities and ta ueir constiruiion. it eamea tnern back to the beginning of the history of oar land and beyond our land to too history of lands beside which our earliest memories seemed modern. ' Tho' lecturer' proceeded to review tho history aad growth of tbo ancient cities of Greece. Italy and Sicily, and Northern Africa, and to trace the eocnexion ia later times between cities and biahoprie and the origin af war great Kaglish towns and cities Zxrsssiox or Puhtixi ArHOTjx. Th memorial stones of the aew buiidisga will be laid by S 5', ? - , t0" Baroness Botdetk:rte and Mrs. W. H.CoIhngrWge oa Saturday, ttva 18 itsrt.. at Wood - iru It is also axreeted that 84r Pwiyoere De Keyser. Mr. littler. Q.C.. Mr. W. CWwws. eeanrer.

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