The Times from London, Greater London, England on January 23, 1905 · Page 10
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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 10

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1905
Page 10
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10 axxtt Circular, WDOMKM CArTTLE, Jab, a. TheAr kisses. Ik DhmI . Hill I ay aha w fhniisiai raatipa, Penes snShsBS. B .jbWiMw i infill tolnewAnsnnMev rUeyta WtMfcw, Hon. SyWi ferswsea, en th IIm. My Lvfc Vakw W Hoasnu ka Wat, the krf of aWl vUoH to Wei ;), VhMM Eet - r (Tuy flu wm in ead Cewrtnhls of Wkejkse. Ceatlr), fJsnml Bir tlontrey Oerk (Orowa ia WaltinxJ, Mi UmUOoIomI c.Fdwtqiijn Miiiorifcn nii). Bar Royal Wlgwiw hlaowa Louise (liohai of Argyll) aas the Dakeof Argy,Hw Royal UiffaMM llshas Prince Artnwr of CoonancU, 11 OwdDnl Ills Serene TTlgr,Wi Maes baste Bstbwksig, wtth Iheir callers., knw, else anW. MksktiMteCoAwMui Oolenst bo WOHmiOhB were to lUonsnnre oponllw IWyaJ H.ifhn I Prfcasws lleefcrice, Prisons Haw? of fintSesswrg, ana Miw Son Krr w in sUandbnos qpgaHw ttrand Data! Hiafcnew rrtenw Look of Batteakorg. TV AreaUabop of Canterbcrr and Mm. RenrhJl tkwW - u, ttH(M. Harriet Phir - pe, aad CeptaJa Yalter Caiup - a in Waiti, had U twoour of siniaf. witk the Kiaj: an4 Queen and the Royal PaaUy4 Qb Majesty the King, ax Bockiagham PfcWvy this jaocniog received Viscount Halifax and tho Hon. Sir SchoaabrR McDoaaell, and the U on. Sir Walter He! v - Hatokinaoa, Gkoearnor and - Obiaf Cape of Oood Hops, had an andlanoa of Bia Majesty npea his if a to neU Africa, WINDSOR OASTUB, Jan. & To - day herrrr Om Anuivsraary of the Dontfa of Hey TarossHiirt Majesty Qosen Victoria Their Majesties The Klag and Qam, Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Pilaw - nf ftalaa, with Prinoa lidward sad Prinoa Albert i of Wales, Prion and Princess Christian of SoMaawif. liotstaia, Prinonw bouiao (Dachswof Argyll) and lb Daks of Argyll, Pituooaa Beetrio (Prinoaaa Henry of XkUtanbwgJ, . the Dex heas of Albany, Priae Arthur of f oonaupht, Prinoaaa Alexander of Teck and Hie Serene TTifVTT Prince Alexander of Tech, Her Grand Dual Highnew Prineese Look of BeUeaheig and Hie Bona tiighnsw Prinoa bonia of Batlenbarg with their children, Their BtJOTM Priaooa. Viaioriaand Ptiaeaaa boutea Aujnrta of eUawi - Uobuin. Prinoa Alexander. Prinoa Maurice and Prinoaaa Victoria Eugenie of Batteanetg, wax to the Royal Mananiorrra at Profnwre at 13 o'clock, ben a special Service waa performed by vU Archbishop ef Oanterbnry, aaaiatit hytne Vary Bar. tna Dana of The foDoiria( moarvad inritatioaa to bepraaaaft i HU XseaQeneytha Ganaaa Ambassador, tna Hon, Harriot Pbippa, tba Hon. Ura. aUUaa, Lord and Ldy KaoOya, Hi. Hon. Sir Fleetwood Edward. General the IU. Han. Carincton, Bir Jamca Raid, Bu, MaJox - neraJ Sir Henry Ewart, Uenu - Cokasel Sir Arthur Bo. the Raw. Omwm Dalian, MJL (Dapoty Clack of toe CJoaK to The Ktag), kfajae P. Ponaoaby, and itr. R. Hohaaa. Tna Do wacer Lady Sowthaiapten, tn aX Hon, Sir Epanear Ponaoahy Paaa, and Sir Pranete Lnktas, Bt, MawiaMWOjir f i una oeirj pjoseax. BeCbedr of 8b Qaorp, Gbapal. nndnr tha dtenotlan nf Sir Walter Partatt, jaaaaia ittunrtaana andaaag th Dearia dnafk, T5 haat thy part Tat ia Rfe, to cheer Hanrt that held thy genfla heart Daw. Tiaatand chance may nr Hop with rief, and death may pa Hownteatararhey Bto Than, 0 bard. Their oamorlal Uf Alleluia, Allaraia, AllataU. Hia x3aUency the Oermaa Ambaaaador plaond a wreath ia the Royal Manaoleora 'by eonunand of HU Inrparial ntajasty tha Oermaa Emperor. A anaHi ww also plaoad In the Naraolenm on behalf of Ber Royal mjmm Prfaoaw SVphaala, Oaantaai Captnia R. Q. Hoopar, raprawaUa; th Slat (Kaiprwa )f India's) Lamer, placed a wreath in the Royal Maeeo - aacm en behalf of the Regiment, and LianAXVdowd Gordon Gihnonr, eoiamandins 2nd Battalion Grenadier Gaarda, alaa placed a wrwdfc en behalf of th Brigade of By (he King's Command, (ha Royal Mansnlemn - waa opened betweoB Uw hotrm of 1 and 4 o'clock ia th afternoon for th sarraot and their faaxOlw to rial t it, when panaBadannan extended to many nerident of Windsor nd the aeihborhood. Their alajvtias "Hie King and Qanen, Their Royal Hifhnewn Princess Beatrioe,' Priacens Honry of Batton - knrg, and Prince Arthur of Connaojht were present at Divine Serrioa in St George's Cnapal this ormin;. baa Alio Stanley, the Earl of BrroU, and Ooionel th Bon. H, C bagge wans ia attendance. Their Royal Uishneeaea tha Prinoa end Princess of Walea, Prinoa and PrJnoaas Christien of Sehleswig - JioUtein, the Dor hews of Albany, Prinoeaa Alexander of fecaaad LLU Sorene Hiahrjea IVinoe Alexander of Teck Their lligbnetara Priaoaas Victoria and Prinoaaa Louise Angoata of SchlecAie - UoUtin dined with Their liaeetiea Ibis evening. Indy Katharine Coke, Ueot - Cklonef6lr Arthur Bigga, and Gnnunander Sir Charles Coat, Bart, (ia attendance pon Their Royal Ilighneawa (he Priana and Princes of MSalos), Lady Keelyn More ton (in attondanoe upon Her lleyal UighnMS the Irochaes of Albany), and the Very Bar. the Dean of Windsor had tan honour of being km ted. 0walier da Martino had the Lonour of haiag reonlred ky His Majesty to - day. The Kinc - will po by motor from Windsor CaaMo no - day to Hail bam, Ueanunafleld, for a day's anootiag. Tha Kinj and Oneen arrirod at Wlndeor on ftabrrday. The King left London front Padding ton in n special saloon attached to th - .'. j.ra. ordinary train. Pnnowa Ixuie, Duchess of Argyll, the Duke f ArrH, Prince Artfanr of Oonrwit, and Prince and Priuocw bonis of Ikittenhert, with room ben of tholr family, wrns at Paddinftoa waiting to race ire his Majeslr, and trrIJed with him. Th train reached Windsor at I Mpan. Bis Majesty waa met by th Jtayor and Ueuu - muiu Colonel Gordon Gilmour. Th Queen, accompanied by Prioceea Victoria and th Prince and Prinreei of Wales and thoir chlldron, and attended by General Kir Dighton Probya, the Hon. Charlotte Knollya, Commwow Charle. Oust, Lady Katharine CoLa, and other mernbnr, nf the suite, drove from Sandringham to Wolferton and traveUcd in a special Great Raster train, which arrived a Windsor, via Aoton and West Drayton, at 5 7 pjn. The Priuoaea of Wales prooo The Kfatc ad Queen yntkardaT cotnanmoratfd fhe f oorthitni vrsary of the death of Qaaan Vlotori by tan iftar a memorial eanriee at Froemor Mausolourn. steTby the Dean nf Windsor. Besides their VVaU - 6 their Arrril. Prince f Albany, and Prince Arthur of Comnwght. rT.'n...ilara tha aaamkars ef the Uoral kTa wawr of SC Oena OaweL tewskaated Vyaeeswaf "God aaa tan Kaag.'' At tnednw of the fste tan Uf nad Qaoaa natenwn to taacaau. aaawrawiai aslaar JzTS?!? Taiaawsief aisalks bad been kaUTonad th. Usah - The Prince of Waien mitt ranch Tl afcul faawPaiahl at 4 II te gaiiiiuaj afternoon, and wttl drive with kwkUrdArdUaaa. to Cong. At Oarwjorria, people of th district between BaUinrnne end Ashf ort ehooUngbtbuV'te edld oTSJult week baa driven the bird down from the mountains iher Lord Ardtlana's hoiies nty daring thi week will inrtade the Karl of Hatuion, fionel (An Hon. Robert DUten. Major Acbad - Uood, Br. Percy U Touch, and Lord Prinoaaa Henry of Bat tenberp.Pr i neee Victoria Beapkne, and two of her Royal lLghneWa sane, aUended Ly Lord William Cecil and alias Cochrane, travelled by the Loadoe and SoeWestetn Rairany from ta maory ef (lueen Victoria, The Duchea of Albany arrhmd at 'Wlndaor ffomCUrsraoot, Kener, on Bahxrdar en a short visit to Priae and Priuoass Alexander of Teck. Toe funeral of the Grand Docbeaa of Saxe - , alter a roneraj aervtoe, Ducal house at Wetmar. seating the German Emperor, the King of Saxony, nuaaeson ether Royal psraoengae and reeweeenteiivea of fonig Ooueta, end the aMeaber of the Diplomat! Body, gcluaiag Sir Prank Teanallat, British Ambasaador la Princess Dnleep Singh left Tletoria y inter day nwaipg for Paris. The bard Lien tenant of Ireland returned to Dublin Cjutle on Saturday evening from Newcastle, county Down. On the sean evasriag the Oountess of ltedley returned to Dublin from Rockingham. Their Exoelleaobs will reoaiv tha Prince of Wales at the Cntit to - morrow morning, and will afterwards tears for ice they will return early next week for that the resignation of the Duke HteKxosOnney wttl be Villa - Arm tie, the Dream Our Rome Correspondent, writing under date January 90, says H seems to be definitely settled that th Resale ftmtonwiiir ia Rome. Prince Cruaoff, will b trenaferxed to Vienna ia place of the late Count Kapnist. Nothing orjialn Is ret known as to his successor, but it is believed that the poet will be filled by M. Murerieff . The Atnrtro - Huniprina Ambassador loft town on Saturday for Northamptonshire an a snort visit. The condition of Sir Constantino l'hippa, the Britbh Minister in Brussels, has still further Unproved, ills liioeiiencr passed a good night on Satnrdav, end tha imprpvotaant waa maintaiaed yosterdaj, and he te now considered out of danger. The Duke of Sutherland left Sbafford - houso on Saturday for Worksop, Notts. The Dnke of Rutland left London on Saturday afternoon for Bel voir Castle, Grantham. Karl Kenrton and the Dueheaa of Bsrekir;haxn and Cbandos hare left town for three weeks, for a few vteita in the south of England and Cornwall. ' The Countess of Kimberley left London yesterday morning for the Continent Connteas Howe, who ia still an Invalid and had Wwtnffiu?. Christ Church. Wulma auanta. i, Weak Ulngten Liberal Unionist and CVaiwi nftea B J., preaiaae, PaaiieTwh. Caledoeaaa - eaad. I M. Br. Items, kLP., an ' Labour v. Paw Trade," Essmv hanVar' PunereJ of Lord Cairr.1 at nmTnemouth Cemetery, 2 3ft. Boeioierioal Soriety : Br. Cnartea Booth, P.rbfb, ainidu at a lecture by Professor Patrick TGendea en "Civics : As Applied Sociology, Part H," banana Royal Iaatitute of Brits AreMtoete Mr. James aVaaeeeaa, tiewUtog wehMaataa the Government nf India, on " Luropaan Architertnre in bidia," 8. of Arts : (Cantor Uectme), Mr. Jamas F. Royal Geographical Society 1 Mr. Richard H.HaDe The Great Zimbabwe and Other Ancient train express for Marseilles on her way to Egypt. She will to joined at MareaUtea ky Earf Howe, who has arranged to leavo London on Wednesday, and will aooom - pany her on the voyage. They will embark in the P. and O. etrrenship Marmora, which leaves there on Priday. Lord How and Mr. Churchill, M.P., were at the station to see her off. Sir Emeu Cnasel, who will go to Egypt by the same Teasel, travelled In the same train. Saturday's bulletin ropnrding the Bishop of UandaO stated that there had bean a decided low of s;rcn'Ui throurhont the day and that the heart's action was failing. Yesterday the following was issued: " The liishop has pasaed a fairly comfortable night, hot the heart's action is feebler." At 9 o'clock teat night the following bulletin waa issued : " The Bishop is lying ia a aenu - conacions condition. Psiiure ef th Mr. Balfour returns) to London art Wednesday Lord George Hamilton, M.P., haa eonaeiited to preilwitttomeottng of the Society of Arte on Wednesday, when a paper is to to read by tha Hon. Robert P. Porter oa " Union Eiectrio Railways." Mr. Porter's paper is expected to contain n great deal of novel and interesting information about the recent development of the tubs system ia America. The Karl of Uoeebery left Bustou on Saturday for Montmore, beighton Buazard. The Buckinffhamsliire Arebjtwlofleal Society, of which the Rnri of IWbery Is preefaertt, eelebrates its jubilee ia Jo !y, and nrrangarnenta are being mad for an exhibition of aroiqaitiea from all parte of theoouatry. The week - end guoata of Mr. Leverton Harris, M.P., nt CrlUa DorJ. ided bard Stanley, Sir EVlward Canon, K.C., M.P., had imand to tear King Woes on rjeterdey for Leeds, bat d.d not make the ioamey owing to indlnposiUon. Sir Edward Cnreoa will to the guest of the evening at a dinner of the Manchester Carlton Club on Saturday, Pehrnary . A Carnarvon trlrcram ttntea; that Mr. EngUth Harrison, ICC, who U acting as Commissioner on t bo North Wales Circuit, met yesterday with an accident, lie waa takins an afternoon walk on the A ber Marine - road when he slipped on the gruai and retained a compound fracture of the p2 a little ahore the ankle, lie was con - veyed to his lodging in a wagon 1 to. Inst night Mr. English Harrison was reported to to suffering no pain, ana his recovery is expected to to speedy. Sir Arthur TatvW. Lonronmt - iioTT.rnoi'r.f tha Transvaal, acronrponiod' by Mr. Philip Kerr, his prirsto his leave of absence, for South Africa to raeum his official duties. He travelled from Waterloo by tha Wermoath express, which left at a ouarter - oest 2. and a portion of the train was detached at Southampton West Lnwley, Colonei Lam - ley, Mr. A. Iwtey, Mrs. Waiter Forbes, Mr. Paulton, M.P., Iiord Ralph and Lady Anne Kerr, Admiral of the Fleet Lord Walter Knrr, and Lord Edmund Tulbot, M.I'. Sir A. Inwley leM Sonthamptoa by the Unioo - Caetkt ateemer Oariabrook Castle. Sir Frank Laaeelles. noon whom thn Emorror William corJerrod tho Prussian Verdi enst Ordon on th oeecen of the King's visit to Kiel, was present yester - dav at the Ordeiisfest or annuel State ban cruet in Berlin Gut !, to which those who have received Prussian order Sir Clements Markhan wfll preside at a meting of the Royal Georrraphical Society on Monday evening, Fobruarr 13, at the f hnatre, Iterlington - sardena, when a paper will bo read by Sir Frank Yortnt:Vu:!rnd ..a the recalls of th Tibet mission, with lantern il lustra - Sir Alfred and Lady Harmsworth will return from Italy in March. No letters are being forwarded. Dr. A. W. Ward, M:tsterof Petcrhouse, who is acting chairman of the Preaa Syndirate, was among thoee present at Die funeral or Mr. C. J. Clsv, formerly of the UtdvoraiLy Pre. - , at Uunhridge, oa Friduy. Profeaaor Boyce, with tho otlier members of the rormuisslon depat bad by th Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to investigate the conditions of Uf L!turduv. In a retried conrer - iatlon at Plvntntitb. Profeaaor Bo too ha been erroneously credited with anylng in fubtre people would go to West Africa for health, lie waa qumtioned with regard to thin statement on his arrival In Mverpnoi, ana be gave the tmlOWtng erpl; tlnn I am credited with savins Ihnt the WW C will broom a hculth rr. ort. H v i 11 not become that, thoti"li f i;ne phtJt in certain seasons may be very goooT The iioalth of Kuropeaas in many of the coast, towns now shows a marked improvement, and will no doubt continue to imrirove. This is attributed to Increased sanitation, Including all flnU - moaquito measures, new rerioances ia selected quarters, and more careful selection of thoee wbo tropical climate end to avoid infection from malaria an A marriace haa been arranged, and will shortly take place, between Mr. Alexander Brrxtrick Leriie - MelTille, eideet son of Mr. and the Hon. Mr. Alexander S. Lejdib - Molviile, and Adteen, widow of the tete Mr. Allan doit, oernsxer - eviaw, ana onry oangnseroi t late Colonel Harrey - Kelly and of Mrs. tbuvey - Kelly. weeks in Ireland. The funeral of Colonel H. C. C. Someraet, eldwt son of the late Prebendary Lord William Somerset, took ford oa Saturday 3 temoo n. Be buui aw eondricted bv the Raw. Fmaote 8. Pavnter. fast ooGn was covered with a Union Jack, nad an escort was provided by . ffieers ana mea ef th htesex Oenatekiiliry. MaurioolaTwardlMr. nde,SJi Hepuiuen, and Mr. mure no THE TIKES, KONPAY, JANXJAKY 23. 190a TODAY'S AJIEA lfGIBii M TB. ZZ lLr - " ; eaTtrtro. re - .een - d - , - ' Ikn IswTfhaaf Jatlm ainwteiw a nnrnkwr of awavbm J'rZT 1 S? Ciromt at dhww at hia hewn tj Jmt rieaiasttrni uianaiiae, unns nxhrvmjtiumM . Hinjia. i ' - oeUl to fbamrel KWkalL lrri - hZST mmu. ta. - Virfiaie. s, dm i Tanawn a, namana. . 1 14: r Cni versity Cettegn, London i Dr. W. lei iilsianl an " PuliaS Uterature Bicktewtea w Moral Xaeefaw and Political Leader, 1334 - 1850," 3. London Iwtitrtica Mr. Hugh fll.illilll an Arehi - Odontolopoal Society of Gnat Briteiat Meetiag, , WdcJnal Technical cteal Tech oy Mr. I Countv Borough of Weet Bax Institute Sixth ausoal prix Society of Yorkxhlramen : Anwad meeting, Hofboc Great Leichtor - boure Chamber Concert. 5. The Coronation Picture, painted by Bdwta Abbey, - 1 , bow being exhibited by Messrs. then. Agaew and Sons at No. 47 rN ew PavUtreet, 10 to 5. Company Meetings : and RMtern Shipping, Liverpool, 12 SO. n2a. - ir Uure - t ttewxam , iasnj TuUuj Brt rcftteSSt Uaahrg - cotU?33aarcb. fruea Boaatef. YT). KT tls. - rrXjB. jGlr gaf Basil mT FOREIGN SAJLDCGB. Crown Brewing, Bury, il Hoi man (John) ami fW Hotel St. Ptershonrg, Paris, 94, Electric Light, Weetmiaster Palace Hotel, 2 30. Shipping, Liverpool, 11 5fl. r. Thonrton, end CteJ Old Biisad stiat, a. Reliance Marine Insurance, Liverpool, 11 SO. Standard Marin Insurance, Uvepoe R. Stead and Simpson, Leioeeter, IS 4A. Union Bank of Australia. 71, Comhill, b MAIL A SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. To Para and Manaos, by British rasJtot, via Iisbea, Supplementary mails to Egypt, Sapensllea, Maitaaemw, imdauaribaa, by Fans rjototV To MauTitiu, parcel mail a, via ManwClni and Colombo, J.ISJKV..fcth. .!wna.a..rara. MALTA. 1' - V - Tabor, a.. Liwpoak oru a, ttekCte, tksa - M .AViTlKal - oraoria. - . GUssi. . Mjgw"TfB,K, KA - VicmrJeea u JTraae. Mb kaU .. Hffifinffil - rrmTtao r,net, , nonktrt . HOME ARRIVALS. Tot?1' '("bv Auatrten packet. To hUrtfipse. Gaastelowne, Veaeanate, Colombia, iSciilc, 4c, by French packet. To Uni ted States, pan mails, no Urerpool, per a. Den Trironnow now Canada, by Canadian pecaet, Prom Ckiaa, tw v ancourer. (Trow Lujtb'b, &c.) P. and 0. . MaXACOB arrived Koto Raturdav. Cbcsak, Bombay for Hong - kona. errived Singapore yesterday morning. Moldavia, Sydney for T.D pesaed Grareaend yosterday. Manila , for sJngi Graresand Saturday. Malacca, Antwerp for Japan, left Suex Saxnruayarening. Purs, for Hong - kong, left Bombay Satarday morning. Boasao, from Calcutta, arrived Plymouth Satarday morning, and proceeded for v aens, saasaeille for Malta, left Naple Friday. Malta, Shanghai for Bombay, left Smgapera Friday. Cbvlon, Yokohama for R.A.U., pawed Urnesa - end Satarday. Earrr, from London, arrived Bombay Friday. Cassia, Yokohama for London, and Stoia, Calcutta for London, arrived Sees yesterday. tmenwsoine a. umbajl irom eyonsy, arrived BareeiUw 6 p.m. Saturday, and left 7 p.m. for London. K.M.S.P. - S. Tamah, for Santos, loft Gravwend yesterday. Maodalika, from Bruxil, arrived South - anrpton 10 20 ajn. Saturday. La Plata, from Southampton, arrived Jamaica 10 a.ra. Satarday, Cnion - Castle s. CAntaaTtooit Castij and TrrrAaaT. Castiji, both for Talis Bay, left Southampton Saturday ai temoo n. i una t. astix, uucntu lor uomuurg, pawed Malta Satarday mosaing. Coara Castls arrived Daiagoe Bay 0 Mm Friday. Gtumx, Hamburg ard Southampton for Algoa Bay, arrived Teneriffe ? a.ra. Saturday. Gcrmas left London 1215 p.m. Saturdar for Middles - broogh. KJRlLwotmt CA5TLB, from Tebl Bay, arrived Southampton 6 50 a.m. Saturday. Sbs)ukiiajc;a, ChiUa - gong for Boston and Now York, passed Malta yosterday. pawed Gmvesend Satarday. Mombassa, Middlesbrough and Southampton for Calcutta, arrived Port Said Satarday. Paciuo a. StEwxanro, from VaJparaiso, arrived In the Mersey Saturday. Obissa, W.C.S. America for Liver - pool, loft St. Vincent, C.V Stiturduy. OarrA, Liverpool for Valparaiso, passed Fernando Noronha 7 42 a.m. Friday, OnUSA and Okbllaxa, both from Liverpool, arrived Montevideo Friday. Gaucta, for Liverpool, left Lebu Tuesday. White Star e. Rmrauo, from New York, arrived Ft, Michaels 8 p.m. Friday, and proceeded U p.m. for Mediterranean ports. BtTJOC left Teneriile S p.m. Friday for Plymonth and London. Cakotic left Naples for Alexandria midnight Saturday. Cunard s. Etkcuia, from" Liverpool, left Queonstown noon yesterday for New York. Campasia, Liverpool for New York, passed Fire Island 12 12 p.m. Satitrdny. L'mbeia left New York 8 aun. Satarday. Llcama, from Now Vbr!;, arrived in the Merv Saturdav. Stt.vai a, Liverpool for Boston, pasaed Fastnet Satur - Xnchor s. nnnortA. from Glatgow, arrived Movill 12 M .m. yesterday, and left for New York 10 20 jn. Algxtua, for klrseille left New York Saturday. Bavabxa, Coloutte for Liverpool, arrived Saw Saturday. ClBCASSIA, from Bomtov, arrived In the Mer3 - y ytter - day. BoitnitiA, for Calcutta, left the Mersey Saturday. bAXMATXA, Calcutta for K.A.I)., passed Gavesend yestordiiy, African a. PAJrnm, from Africa arrived In the Mersey reaterday, NiQtaiA, for Africa, left the Mersey British and African a. Volta, for Llverpoe!, left Madeira Friday. Allan a. CAltTitAorsTAN arrived Philadelphia Friday. SaRxi ATI an, for HoKton, left Glasgow Friday. tanadian - Piu ino a. Mooxr Tiutrut, St. John, N.B., tor London and Antarerp, passed Prawlo Pohtt yesterday. Nnrth - Germati l.lerd - n. Gkosrmi KrnrtTtFT. Pydoev for Bremen, left Port Said Satnrday. Cassii. New York for iiremati. paod Dover SaVurdav. Nouperskv, Bremen for River Plate, passed Cutout u a.m. yesterday. Wimmntnn, from Bremeo. passed Dover Vaturlnv. PlUKA Kn EL FktKlRlCM, Kobe for Bremen, arrived Uib - raltar Saturday. l'BLNZEW iRXXa, New York for Genoa, passed St. Michaels (Jan. 21). Basaist, Bremen for Sydney, arrived Port Said yesterdav. German East African a, PRASIDXWr, Hamburg for iVKHWWU i)th. - yTM - m. , UMI Cteaa Jfcwa, a. SOUXAkrpTQN. 2rah. - TteaVr. a. Osleatte. HOME SAILINGS. HIGH WATEB AT LONDON - EIUDGE THIS DAT. for Hamburg for New York, left Dover 5 30pjn.yeeterdsy. Saturday. SasBOAMWA, Yoaohama fc arrived Sue Setnrdav eveninr. Calabrj Hamhorg, passed Dover Saknrday. Blocmr left New - soof (Jan. i;. rsnrn v between dnal arrived Madeira (Jan. 21). SintviA, Aatw La, Honttauiiuton for New i weet of Lizard 5 10 kn. - from rhwUannpton, arrived New i via Viymouth ead wilba, arrived Skwattoi ( Terk, waa sieaalted SO wika yesterday. St. bocis. from U12 aja. Satarday for Southampter leWllMllsje a IsrniA, Piame for Bombay, errived Aden yesterdar. PnstA, from Fiame, arrived Hongkong (Jon. 21). Tsnxa, from Trieste, arri red Bomtov treaty - Koanann, Kami for Xriaata, arrived Snea WRBCKS, CASTJALTHM, ho. ' wijni llnnw Vajni laaKaaw nuieoelBhteHtoadBB, a, thshs Bettaura, a. Bneiite Cam tT TALBOT, Bta. - Loral Hrttoa. a. AteDtarlaao. a. - . eoc?iiAAU'ruABl iHasrHae, Maiji at LARGE SniPBUILDISG ORDERS, Oar Glasgow Correepondeat ladersjtenda that Means Borrell and Son, George - equam, Glasgow, have ooatracted for aiae cargo steamers, each having a carrying capacity of 7,300 tuna. Tore of than steamers are to to constructed at the Greenock yard of the Grsngemonth and Greenock Dockyard Company, two by Messrs. William Hamilton and Co. (Limited), Port Glasgow, a sixth by anotnw uyue arm, reported to a on tn nppw raeanaa, and three with builders on th north - oast of England. Enginw for five of the tteewera ere, it te said, to be supplied by Heearj. J. G. Klnoaid and Co., Greenock, Messrs. iuurau ana eon were very large wlnownam n number of yean ago. According to Lloyd's Register of 1306 - 00, they then owned 28 steamers, ranging in aiae from 1,44 tons net register to 8.2K4 tons net register, ia addition to which they had the Auatro - Amoricaua Steam. amp vompany, wnica conns tea oi etgat steamers or i,rm to 2,814 ton net register. Shortly before the outbreak of the South African war, however, Messrs. Burrell sold tnoir enure :iet or steamers, and nave remained out the ahin - ownin: business since then until now. wh no - reported above, they have resnmed baatnow by urderiag number of other shipbuilding eontracte are retood to hero been given out bv Glasgow ownei nee the of the veer the CI vae shinbi booked new orders for 150.000 tons of shiimins the remarkable that the bulk of the order are for steamers 7,000 tons burden. These are found to to worked with the greatest economy. One Clyde builder who started the SHJPF1HG DISASTERS. A telegram from Constantinople states that the recent ime low of life. At Heracles the steamer Caiipso, of the Austrian Lloyd, andj the Government transport Garb and Djeddah hare gone on the racks. It is hoped that vessels sunk, damaged, and radio re at 33. Assistance has been font from Constantinople, The fate of many vessels from black Sea ports, which have not beau reported, is Madame Val Smith (Li sura;). The directors va decided to recommend a dividend for tha half.vea enuou ueociEuur oi at uie rate oi u prr cyu. per annum, making t; per cent, for the year, placing 11, iOO to msarvn, Loud Stanlbt at Boltox. Lord Stanley, LP., addmi - ririg the Wwthowahletl Division Council : Uolton on Satnrdav nttht. mii the Govern merit wnnld not go out until they were tearen. Yby should they make way for men wore then themolvos ? The Unionii party re omtod on Mr. BnUOW retelkitorv propos - ds. Tbuy i not Infringe free - trade principles, out would protect r goods in n arkoU abrotuf agahwt unfair deeiing. Thay re aleo united on a conferemo with the Col units. TltK Nonni Sia Incidext. A nartr of about alLnnd tha ritti.'urt uf tho lnu.m!itional tinmiDR inquiry un.o mo ucii t i uvoanu tney iuciuobU Zero. Too nertr leftLondon 'M train from b.u - iuc - crosB for Paris, tru veil ins bv Folkeatoae and Boulogne. Launch or an hum Drrarwrra SrszAMaarr. The cargo steamer Chama, btnlt for Messrs. Elder, Demp - . The Cham ia one of tl lister vessels built by I'alraar s Company for the same owners, and has been specially designed for the West Africa trade. Her dimensions ere Length, SSOft, ; canacitv is 4. G00 tons dead welsht. The Chsxes i vided with the moat modern facilities for the quick despatch of cargo. Her engine, made by the ship, builders, bare cylinders 2n., 4zim, and 79tn by iSen. stroke, steam being tuppUed from two steel boilers at port. There had a grow I I a of Tu.OCO tons, and an 4 - 000 hand were ewpkuysiL and nan aUfh of th popubv Uraof Hsll ww wpnsrW by tha akhkag i Ha ujVW fMWj of that indw&weewliJ, te te. epinken. en th question of railwav carnae. It ww owing to the eroaa - iave railway rates that wh was now sent direct ky waaer it was C.m tnafthaU ef the prodnsn f THE PERFECTION OF WHISKY W & A GILBEY'S Pure Malt by AmJorrMerrr to H.M. THE KiNGL SPEY ROYAL Pure Highland Malt Whisky W mtnmgij approve of tho plan adopted by this Aral of Distillers - that Is, of stating exactly upon tho label of tho bottle tho material from which it Is made. Oar analyses establish tho bona - fldos of this g - uaran tee and indicate a well - matured spirit. JUawsaV hUy 2nd. 1903. Guaranteed by W & A QILBEY and sold by 3,000 Agents throughout the Kingdom, and all Licensed Dealers in London gCOTT'S iff EMULSION 1 for Soott ' EsSawSa j fxtupa any cold oa c"S HI htk B c&eases that been V with coafhj and celtk H U Scott's Emulsion throws out H rickets; stops wastin" awry 7 .W&L tcrofala. and rants aoU fiexh en body. Scoft'.WlrEimao. M bvwdt ttrencth pSaSBl who 4w are wcajc firoB any caose partkukriy after abas. Scott's Easlm SW usifs si kfrothsnc boobies - - restores children to U bloom Mrs. & Prince, 9, BascJdxtvj Road. Sklcsp, Kent, wrote us on June 7th, 1904 : " My Bttta boy two yean old, was very bsalwsid with bis teeth, peernh and fretful. atvJ when I started frricf bia Scott's Eaassos ho bad not the least idea of wsikxao. My doctor said that was owsssj to mte wwsirnrsi of the lews. I nobced a (inference a the child alter be bed taken Scott's is a very short time, soon be cotnnTrnred to walk and now nans abotst a&ywhess. Also Dowjaerer have a bad night with barn. But for Scott's ExnsJaoa my cbaU wesid not be wsJksnt to - day. It has thoroughly btnlt Bp bis constitution." Tho axVorins eletneno in Scott's Frnisniiw are cod krer csl made palatable and drgatible blended with bypopho - phrta of kmc and nods. To prow it is agreeable to you send 4d. (for postage) to - day to SCOTT 6c BOWNE, LuL, 10 - 11, Sfcecxnter Street, E.C Lnodoo, and if you mention this paper yon wfl receive "The Spirt of the nasi iifj ewer 300 hospitals and Swntork. a qrnte eoechnly reeonv Bcnded by mere than 1000 certficntrd norsea and is preaedbed by over 5000 mrrfral men. (The lettcn rccordmg these facts can be inspected). If you befit Scott's FniiaSai a to - day yossr can beanos to - day! Therefore with mat cold yoa hare and your run down ccadi - km Scott's Fsasiii ia wht yon snost need to - day 1

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