The Times from London, Greater London, England on February 23, 1893 · Page 6
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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 6

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1893
Page 6
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THE TIMES. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 98, 1898. SPOBTDtQ IKTELLIGENCE. oouEsnra. WATEKLOO ccp. Exciting sport marked the opeuiag of the nncnoo Orp yesterday, and amongst the oddest u tkt flown'sU of the funotti ralltrtoo tad the second fevtwito. Fine Night. The iky ni overcast aad threuteaing for rain, whilst a aeerchl&gly cold wind we t eeroat Altter. Tbe rtmairig began oo Jf oak Crr, Hill - house, and u Ibbtom concourse of erectator wen ranxeid along the buk, when, at 10 SO, tie ffrvt rosiM between FnUertoo and Castle - martin tu nm. The favourite led to the hare, but it wst aj - rarTct directly the working trial began that be Lad loA kit dash. He (trailed gsmtly, however, to the rod, and won .decisively, but hit opponent u y a moderate gtaybonad. Fall Captain ran a rood trial, tut Tasmania did not gallop frely, and wa suffering from the efleeU of a fall. Character went with a good deal of daab, and Red River's gamenes rolled fcim through. Dillon wrnt fast, bat w not tight on bit game. Bodiseo and I'atrick Bine both performed creditably. Mutton Park fare a good all roaad display, and Fine Night ran a beautiful trial, while Pitt Fife wat very eaailj let oj. Wild Hornet, Young Hammock, and Texture won their rwvetieo trial well. The second round we entvrrd era - m wilboat a more. Fullerton wa favourite ecuo.t Pull Cant sin, but the latter led to the bare, rullcrtno ran like a fame, gallant dog, bot are told ; anil that be waa 'pan oat waa eviJeoeed by hit falling into a watercourse and coining down heavily soon afterwards. He ' decisively beaten, and a scene) :t wild etcitetneut followed hit defeat. 'CbaraiW again ran well, and among other notable prclormurn were thoe of - Ked River. li.idi. - b, Patrick Blue. Button Park, Fiti Fife, W ld Hornet, Yoobc Hammock, I Texture. It nay be sail that I ine - Xifht i rather unluckily put out. at she trii' - prd wbeu leading Pits Fife, and the latter got vp, Ittrned. wrnch - d. and killed a wrak. bare before Irk Night bad a fhance ot joining j0. Tit - ri:et tc - dy is t Cnnrrh - bouse, when tte Watf - rlro Pars ed Tlate will be added to the card, 'racking a total of 41 courses. Tfc - .ViiriiLooCrr for all - aged greyhound at 55 rah. Winner 560. aeeood t?00, third and fourth arh, lour dogs 30 each, eight dogs KO each, 16 dv I' 10 each. The iVATXRL PTRa't of 515, takea Irom the Ccp ttaket, for the 32 dogs beaten in tb f r - t mund of the Cup: and the WaTXBLOo IIate of lt - ' for the 16 dogt beaten in the Cnt tie id the Cup. 64 aubachbert. Total, 1,C00. FIEST ROCND. tv v4 Nenh FoIfto. W Orxl - k fat e rufclea. beat Mr. T Jfci" Mik - vaArUb. br Tofaorr Lm! Cmlra . CutiM MlVmoot tilt. t. ti knljnnil IW OtfUla. tr Htut WaW - Iira'UraBar.beat Air. U. Caw't BeuenM, tj Gar Olr Tnpt'T rc Mr. W. Tbai Mirauii. Im Mr. r. tirarc at Mr. W. IsaaU H Coaai tr MaUcar Muaer Mr. I'. Muoa't War 11 ry IlartiafKo Drar lanil of the rthasrora. ht Mr. E. M. Owe m (Im. U. 8. IXieU'i) Tanaa, If UrrwM - TkBMl Mr. T. U Kl rt IKrttn. II. and E. Fnllba) 8tjtlh Klnr, br Rofl fcine WjliU Ud, Ual Mr. 1L U. IMilu u (Mr. W. J. tinaa'alblacK lhaswed V. (Dr. Doucharti) I17 tiraeatkk OU ilnu Kr. K. r. CUdstOM'a Gim Caerrr, hr arvaUok - OarrT Girt, aaal Mr. E. Aadnton u (Mr. A. it Jooet't) Joha UaUiol, by Boral TtoMlVr Sir It. Jarlinr'a UnxWrrU. h Braotboln Morar, btat Mr. EL tUtaod lMlna 1'et, tj Keraltf II. U?w IIiXV Mulwr ( Mim. Hruop'it I 'don. It Doloa - RcooQaet, brat Mr. Hardlnc OI Di Rrit. er Him VirMrr IO. J. If faalt - r M (Mr. A. eturt',1 frwaUlj. by llmrbxl Kna, Wl Mr. J. Uatcbtaa'f did 6taarl. bv lchie Lnoo Mr A. II. Joent Jom Bonn, br ;reBiici - Uleocuie, brat Mr. J. H. rUtbiMlMr. M. rielchrrt) friar la Order Crtr. BjCren - mck - u ia Mick Mr. C. E. H - rlM aa (Mr. J. Boub4m) Bodlaoa, br Rrataaraat Uapcr Taoucat II. brat Sir T. i!roc4febek at (Mr. J. Uraa - 4rti') Ttrttt Km bjr Ilmrbel Wwie SUUon Mr K. laa u (Oolorwl .North ) Kr Prwt Plot, br Rremtlck . Bit rf hubioa. beat Mr. IL A. rimrui i air naakcr. br OreaoUck Mr. K VT. Jt'rQ tiMr.CIlHria'i Teua Hrr - rkrl Mte J IU brat Mr. O IterUuoa u (Ur. A. llrowai) Karal ISral' II Hod lAtbt Mr. A. F. I'up.. rained lUa. br UenoMl - Ia.biatMr.T. J.CotUt at 'Mr 11. Ilardytl llcran Trrasarv. br Grerauok Uutton Lan. Mr. W Oahema I'oiDt to Poiot. bjChareh'ar - IVnb 1'ooh. brat Mr. T. McwtWI na.(Mr. T. (.toulaoa t) CLarurfjeld, bj UmUiLt - h - a - 1 ioi lirot Mr. Lutada't Lutua Co'imt, hj PJt Uark - IIandr Qbms. brat rr W. C. Aarrcltrr'l Achu aa4 rainn, by Ar!thiaoelEnM Villa Mr. W Kn - lM Cr - DUr lady Iobri brat Mr. A. tiraco na (Mr. J. Itwart ) Uimaf Karal Chief Su.tibrooi Aaaia, aftrr aa uadact - el Mr. T. EatkTt lata Park, br JraUr Brampton, boat Mr. T. Graham uKr. J. A. Portertl Pilata White, b BU EcaePrida at tialonmt Mr. u. r. FaweMt't Fitt Tilt, by Bnya - 'tf IL Bad Uxbt, Wl Kr. W. Iaura u 1 Ham. Tbosuaoa'il Tablet, by Kratorrr Tuuwl Mr. M. t Iwbrr'a Fui Nuht. by Mrrarhel - llarratrioc twat Coaot 8. A. Stmtaaaa na (Mr. P. Ward a) Wild Caralirr, bj tame Mao - pbarioo Ujriti Marata of AntlcarM Aooihalatiir, by llarathttAaaia Laoru XL, brat Mr. U h lcnoUt u l!ral l'a, by Dol.o rUroUect Mr. W. 8. oith ( na Wild Horaal, by William I'arrrr - Pretty WaiKbaat Mr. W. H. 8raiU a(kLI Dooald U'Kaoa, by XorthOT Kxpraaa Drary Shaairack Mr. L. HlkinwWn t fsri - aima, ly Irarnaby - rotada, brat Vr. J. unbwlTMlMr II lloal KlarkW. by t;r - Btlck - GlU Mr. W. Ward'a Yraa( Hammock, by Ilamm'c Hand to Haad, beat Mr. W. Ingram Iraatbaiirrat, by Uraater Boot Itota Captaia Ulia aa (Mr. Malrillaal Mam, by Tbornwood Haiidytidra fru tet Mr. B. hviaburna u (Mr. T. J. Farley a) Philip II, by ApolloIry Bank (I '.raal air. A, J. ttumphrry'a Hooks and Praa, by Boravwark HaUali, 1 tat Captaia Arcbdala na (Mr. UuotioKtoat) Uidai(o U, by Cbnrcbaratar Hrraeif Mr. J. Trarorna (Mr. W. II. Pmlth'p) Torranoe. by Kilnkla U4y Bnanaar. beat Mr. 8. H. Hrla u (Mr. T. Vuihampton a) QaeUer, br MuClnrar - Wooi Vl lt I1L air. T. P. tlalr'a Uaodkrrrluet. by MuUiacar HrmaUtch, brat Major E4wmrJat nt (Mr. J. Jamral) Vfaita Kifht, Ly Kllehiei tuuc cyoa Mary Mr. M. .. Hal na (Mr. 8. Praaicf a) Tartnn - . by Hrracbrl - Ttoaal. beat Mr. IL Palartoo na Wain Lack, by Jim ol the Uill Miat Webstrr Malor Uolmaa'a Harrriac I !.. by Puddlatuo u Baart Audrey, beat Mr. H. ft Camtbr ea (Mraara, Aaioa aad alcauiady'tl Soot, by (jrcataT booa Mwa Jeaait II. FOOTBALL. 1 ASSOCIATION RULES. I 8 TEE IT V. UlDPLtSri, At Reigtte rriory, yesterday, there counties played their match in an almost continuous downfall of tleet and rain. Vet in spite of this drawback, the torf was so food that the came was not to much affected as might reasonably hare been anticipated. Play began at S 30 (three - quarters of an hour after the time announced), when Surrey, who had won the toss, defended the lower goal with the wind in their favour. Middlesex started the ball from tte .town end, but it was soon returned, and Cotterill ftct it orer the line. The Tia.tom next acted on the acrressiTe ; Vr'ilkins passed to Fry and the latter sent the ball to Nolloth, who was storped by Eyre. A further attack on the part of Hyslop and Atter caused Carter to throw the ball away. Kngluh and 3Iayo made excellent runs for the borne county, but Washbourne tad Stirling returned the ball out of danger. The rame hariur lasted for a little over ten minutes, Ilyslop headed the ball bet ween the poets, and soon afterward! a second goal was kicked for Middlesex by W'ilkins. Surrey alter this double reTrr.e, played better together, and a throw in fell to them close np to their rivals' lines. This Was well, made, but M'Gabey butted the ball away. Atter then passed to HytKp, who sent to Fry, and the last - earned kicked the ball about three yards the wrong side of the pots. The Surrey forwards occasionally broke away, but were well met by Sullivan and M'Gahey. Middlesex again attacked, and Ilyslep passing the ball to Kolloth, that pltyer kicked the third gpal for Middlesex. Just' before half - time Joyce was slightly hurt, and toon after the exrhanre of positions his place was taken by T. Arnold, of Guildford. Early attaekt were made by the rititors in the second half of the game, and the fourth coat was quickly secured for them by Hyslop. F'arnfield and Robinson effected a few good rant tor Surrey, and once or twice the ball was sent oxer the line. Middlesex, however, resumed their aggressions, and Atter made two groi centres, from the last of which Hyslop kicked the fifth goal. Determined efforts were made by Surrey to score, and more than once their fcrwtrit seemed tt have a good ripening, but they shot the 111 oxer the bar'. Nolloth thru ran well down the ground and Fasted the ball to Hyslop, who kicked the sixth goal r the riaitor. Surrey continned to play a losing gtme very gallantly, but they were unable to register a point, and the call of " Time " left Uiddlesex victorious by six goalt to none. Colonel Ilandley and Mr. J. G. Sbuter were the linesmen ; and Corptral of Horse Tomlin, Royal Horse Guards, wat the referee. Sidet at follow! : Middlesex. C. M'Gahey, City Ramblers and J. Sullivan, Old St. Stephen', backs : H. M. Waahbourne, Crouch End. J. M Kwsn.Id Scot Gnardi, and J. Stirling, ?d Scott Guardt, half - backi ; F. Wood, 2d St ots Guards, goalkeeper ; T. Hyslop, 2d Scots' Guards, and J. Atter, Crouch - end, left wing ; AV. N. Nolloth, City Ramblers, centre ; E. W'ilkins, Crouch End, and C. Fry, - 2d Scott Guards, right wings. ' Surrey. A. JI. Paniel, Guy' Hospital (captain), H.' G. Andrews, East MouUey, and A. 11. Joyce, Reira'e Priory, half - backs ; H. II. Jupp, Surbiton, and K. - B. Kjre, Weybridce, baekt ; E. Carter, Surbi - ton - bill, goalkeeper ; F. 8. Mayo, Vampire, and A. English, Iteifate rrioryPleft wing : L. Cotterill, Weybridge, centre ; E. K. Robinson, - Surbiton - hill, and A. S. ParuSeld, Guildford, right wing. Loxnos r. Krxt. "Bad weather did much to (poll thi game yesterday on the .Maidstone - road Ground, Chatham. Kain fell heavily throughout, and, although the field of play ia situated high cn the chalk hi lit, the wet left the turf in a condition quite unfitted for good football. However, the play proved interesting to the speeta ton, who were well sheltered in the pavilion and on tb stands. London took down a very good side and were able to claim a victory ; bot it matt be noted that Kent bad to vary their team at the last minute, and the change by no mean enhanced the probabilities of tbeir success. Beginning at half - past 3, with the wind in tbeir face. London quickly forced the plav, but they found the home baekt very ttrong, while E. F. Frail, at half, proved troublesome to the forwards. Casseltoa and Ilty did well tor 1 .rind on, whose quarters were kept prtttj free from the ball. Howie, on the right wing, and Hewitt, centre, shone conspicuously in the London attack. Howie made one very fine thot, and Hewitt passed with great skill. Although Albert defended well and Hobexl fame out strongly at half, London continued to press. Marshall cleverly saved one shot, while another from Hope struck the bar. Then Hewitt made a farther endeavour to score for London, bat' hi effort failed, while the visitors found no profit in . M.alt. VirW near roal. ThirtT - five minutes bad paaaed (inee the trt when Hewitt ent the ball out to tbe left wing, and Blount, utiliiinj good opening, cored with a one shot for London. In the last tw sslntM of the firrt half the tui player xim took an aim from the left. and. tha realkercer blnader - ing, pot the ball between the poet. That London were note to leaa a ine interval try two gvaua w bob. When end were changed the game ruled nor) vea. Tbe bard work of the home defence ia Terr considerable mamser made ap for the creator (kill of the London forward. Howie, Hope, and Hewitt got en well for the visitors, end the last - mentioned, ia more than oo instance, nearly scored. Kent rtrov hard to drew op (a their rival, Stirling being called upon to use hit haad. However, the second period produced so goal, and Loadoa thus won by two goals to bob. Meter. P. Leekie (Kent) and B. Scott U'Pbcrsoo (London) were linesmen, and Mr. E. Coaqner (Chatham) was the referee. The team were I Kent. 8. Whitehead. Chatham. E. F. Frail. Chat' ham, aad 8. Lloyd Owen. Chatham, half - back; Lien - tenant Gargitberg, Royal Engineers, and J. Albert. Chatham, back ; G. Edwards, Ebeppey United, and II. ilobart, Cbatham, left wtngt ; U. Allen, Chatham, centre : VT. Harris, Folkestone, and E. Garrett, Folkestone, right wing ; A, W. Marshall, Chatham, goalkeeper. London. O. Bvket, Crusaders, A. E. Castelton, Clapton, and C. H. Brown, London Caledonian, halfback: W. Hay .London Caledonian, aad E. J. Watts, Clapton, back ; W. Stirling, .Leaden Caledonians, ot l Keeper ; r. tuouat, umiaaert, ana r. uoiitnat, dillwall Athletic left wings: W. V. Hewitt, Clapton, centre : R. B. Hope. Casuals, and R. U. uowie, aonaon iAjeaoniant, ngnt wing. Ertaix t. Essxx. Tetterday, in very bad weather, at Upton, these counties engaged in a well - contested ' match. At tbe outset Essex bad the wiod at their backs, and at half - time the (core stood at five goal to two in their favour. After change of end the visitors played op very bard, but Essex were eventually left the winner! by six goalt to four. Mr. T. Gunning, London Association, was the referee. The side were aa follow Essex. F. R. Telly, Old Foresters (captain), and W. H. Russell, Clston, backs ; A. II. Hoassck, Woodford, F. MarkLam, - llford, ard H. Ixard, Romford, half - back ; C. J. Ambler, Clltrn, goal - , keeper ; A. K. Guy, Old Foresters, and J. D. Hotebens, llford, left wings ; T. N. Perkins. Cambridge University, centre K. C. Torter, llford, and A. G. Milton, Clapton, right wings. Sussex. Rev. W. N. W illis, Eatourne, G. T. de Meaurier, Hurst College, and K. II. l'olcbampton, Dolphins, half - backs : A. W". klaldco, Cbicbesttr, and D. F. Shaw. Chichester, lack : F. Mitchell. Dolphins, goalkeeper'; G. L. Wilson, Sussex Martlets, and J., P. Wilson, Brighton Hornets, left wing ; G. 21. Robinson, Brighton Athletic, centre ; H. W. Bryan, Eastbourne, and A. F. Bryan, Eastbourne, right wings. . Tnt A KMT Chalmsge Ccr. Yesterday, at Birmingham, the 1st Royal Scott beat the 2d North Statlordshire Regiment by two goals to none. At Lingfield, Belfast, yesterday, the 1st ScnU Guard and tbe West Kent Regiment met to play their match in thi competition. Result, a tie of two goals each. Charterhouse School gained a victory over Magdalen College, Oxford, at Uodalming, by ithtce. gpals to one. ' RUGBY UNION RULES. ToBKsniaE t. Rest or Escl'ask. The team chosen to play for the Itest of England gainst the champion county at Hoddrjrseeld on Saturday next is as follows : J. J. Robibton, Cambridge L'niversity, F. Evcrsbed, Blackbettb, P. Maud, Blackheath, L. Pereival, Rugby, WVA'iend, Durham, F. Soane, Somerset, J. Davidson, Cumterland, .T. Kent, Lancashire, and J. H. Greenwell, NorthumMr - land, forward ; E. V. Taylor, Korthumberland, and C. M. Wells, Camtridge University, balf - bark ; Croropton, Cheshire, Jones, Cheshire, and Nicholson, Northumberland, thrce - quartcr - back ; and another; back. Oxford Univertity were defeated by Gloucester City yesterday by a goal (from a penalty kick) and one try to one try at Oxford. GOLF. ST. ANDREWS ROYAL AND ANCIENT GOLF CLUB. The monthly handicap took place yesterday, in cold and ttormy weitber, which deterred many from entering. Remit ': Captain J. R.Scott, 1122191; Mr. W. R. Sharp, S7 403 ; - Mr. C. E. Gilroy, 91, scratch, 91 : Mr. W. Ballingall, 94, scratch, 91 ; Captain F. W. Marshall, 97196; Mr. It, Smart, 1101298 ; and Captain P. J. C. Livingtton, 100208. LACROSSE. . Lancashire were victorious over Csmbridge Uni. versity yesterday, at Cambridge, ty 11 game to nonea BILLIARDS. Plsr in the (pot - barred championship of the Billiard Association, 9000 up, between XV. Mitchell (the Egyptian - hall, Piccadilly. At the close of last night's plsy the record stood : Mitchell, 4,501; North, UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE. OXFORD, Feb. 22. Some rears aco - a sum of monev was left to the University by Mr. Ford, to bo employed, when it should have accumulated to a sufficient amount, in founding a rord s Professorship of tnitlith History. The trust was accepted by tbe University, and to - day it wat proposed to Congregation that effect should be given to the bequest by establishing a professorship, the professor to bold office, for one year, and not to be re - eligible for five yers, to deliver eight lectures, and to receive 100 as his stipend. The scheme was opposed by Professor Holland as degrading the honourable title of professor. He would rather the attempt were made to get power to convert it into a lectureship. Professor Borrows hoped that something might be done before Jong to prevent the professor from lecturing to empty benches. Tbe tutorial system had never yet been brought into harmony with tbe professorial, and a professor, after two or three years' lectures he could not complain for himself found hlmelf without an audience. The President of Corpus agreed with Professor Holland 'in deprecating the introduction of so incongruous an element. Mr. Lodge thought that the annnal course would be most useful. Too much importance was attached to the title of processor, though, if there had leen free choice, he would have' preferred that of lecturer. After all, the danger of cheapening the title was quite imaginary. Mr. G ami en pointed out that there was no special aanetity or antiquity about tbe title. (Tbe President of Corpus. " It is in our founder's statutes." Professor Holland." It was used by Henry VIII.") As' to the shortness of tenure, what essential difference was there between five years (tbe period of soma other rirofessorshinti and one f Mr. Robinson. ' Tbe one year' tenrjre was not stipulated .by Mr. Ford, but wa upgeitea to tne council. . rroiessor Holland. isy whom ? On a division the preamble was carried by 42 to 9. An imnortant statute was promulrsted. nrovidinr? that grants of money exceeding 100 shonld 1 approved by Congregation before being submitted to Provocation, Congregation having the power to amend and the Hebdomadal Council the fower to withdraw the amended decree, and not submit it to Convocation. Tbe statute would require the approval of her JIajestv in Uouneil. Mr. Robinson observed that at present member of the University had no opportunity of proposing amendment of details, and teat money grants - came only before Convocation, and that only once. The proposed procedure wss less simple, but far more satisfactory. The Provost of Queen's deprecated so great a constitutional change, abridging tbe powers of Cocvoca - tiou. It wa convocation mat was taxed, not Uonjre - ratton. wbich body, as such, had nothinr to do with money questions. It wat contrary to all analogy, a, for instance, that of the House of Commons procedure. Congregation did not interest itself in simply finan cial questions, umy inree times in du years naa a financial matter stirred Convocation once on a question of religions heterodoxy, once on a question of scientific heterodoxy, the third time on a question of rivalry between department of stndy. It would be limply a powerful weapon in the hands of wirepullers. Tbe Warden of All Soult thought the Provost's reference to the House of Common was unfortunate. The University was now at tbe merry of .a eisual body, unacquainted with tbe subject, on which it was cauea to vote witnout stnay or preparation. The Provost of Oriel agreed with the Provost of Queen's. He denied that there was sufficient interest taken - in financial matters byCongregation to make this a satisfactory change. The present state of the House was ' proof of this. (Those interested in the Ford' Professorship statute bad left in a body on the conclusion of that business.) Where, he asked, were the 100 memorialists who had asked far the change ? Mr. Grose replied that they had not expected opposition, and that this very change would create an interest. The preamble was passed by 25 vote to 13. Mr. XV. R. Hardie, M.A., classical tutor and junior dean of BaUiol College, and Mr. Arthur Hassall, M.A., student and tutor, of Christ Church, have bees to - day elected by tbtir respective societies proctor for the ensuing year. CAMBRIDGE, Feb. 22. X meeting, of graduate member of the University was held thi afternoon at Trinity College lodge to take step to procure a permanent memorial to the late Dr. Hort, Lady Margaret' Reader in Divinity. Tbe Vice - Chancellor, Dr. Feile, Muter of Christ' College, presided. Tbe Bitbop of Peterborough proposed and Professor Jebb, M.P., seconded the first resolution," That step be taken to perpetuate in the University the memory of Dr. Hort, late Lady Maxes rot 'a Reader ia Divinity " After sneeebea from the Master of Trinity and the Master of bmmanael we resolution was carried unanimously. The vecond resolution, proposed by Professor Lnmby, the tuccaasor to Dr. Hort, and leeonded by Dr. (1) donation he invited toward a personal memorial of Dr. Hort, a portrait to aVe placed in the Divinity School at Cat. bridge I and (2) donations and anneal subscriptions toward a faad to b knowa aa the Hort Memorial Fund, from which grant nuy he toad front time to tima fog the prorates, of Biblical and patristle research, especially by obtaln - Cing collations of maanaeripta aad assisting the Uleatioa of smrwatunarrativa work, and that any lane which but retoaia over after the rsroriaieB of the personal memorial ha placed to the credit of the faad." Thi proposal wa supported by Professor Klrkpatrick and Professor Ryle, aad carried. A committee wat also appointed to carry out both branches of the ehem with power to decide cpon all (natter of detail. ECCLESIASTICAL INTELLIGENCE. The Guardian announce the following preferment and appointment ia additioa to other which bar already appeared in Tkt Timet : Rev. Ernest William Brown, rector of Montgomery patron, the Earl of Powit ; Rev. J. H. Cheadle, minor canon et Westminster Abbey, theological tutor in King' College, London ; Rev. P. A. Clarke,, vice - principal of Well Theological College, reetor of Duntetboorne Route, Gloucestershire patrons. Corpus Christi College, Oxford ; Rev. Herbert E. Copinger, curate of All Soul', Clapton, curate - in - cbarge of the Church of the Holy Spirit, Abbejhill, Edinburgh ; Rev. J. L. Hodgson, priest - vicar of the Cathedral of Et. George and Et. Michael, and assistant matter of the Cathedral School, Urabamstown, precentor of tbe Cathedral, and headmaster of the Cathedral School ; Rev. William Jenkins, reetor of Llaafair - jnxta - Harleeh, Merionethshire, rector of Llangristiolni - with - Ccrrig Ceinwen, Anglesey patron, the Bishrp of Bangor ; Rev. John Jervis, vicar of Oak tnrton, Cambridge patrons, Queen' College, Caml ridre ; Rev. Robert Jones, curate of Llandegfan, Anglesey, reetor of Llanfair - juxta - Harlecb, Merionethshire patron, the Bishop of Bsogor ; Rev. R. M 'Cleverly, curate of the Collegiate Ctnrcb, Wolverhampton, vicar of St. Chad's, Stafford patron, the Bishop of Lichfield ; Rev. G. II. Marwood, chaplain and naval instructor to tbe Royal Arthur ; Rev. C. J. Tarsons, vicar of Stockleigh English, Devonshire patron, the Lord Chancellor ; Rev. Thompson Phillips, M.A., vicar of St. George's, Barrow, Archdeacon of' rurness ; Rev. Arthur Roger Tomlinson, rector of Lanurran, rector of St. Michael's, Penkevll, Cornwall patron, the Lord Chancellor, for this turn only t Rev. J. F. Wells, reetor of St. Peter', March. The Duke of Fife ha cent 25 to the fund of tbe (octal scheme of the Church Army. A beautiful work in opui itclilt has just been presented to Archdecon Farrar, a reetor of St. Jlsrgsret's. Westminster, for the decoration of the church It is placed over the vrttry door, and represents " Christ blessing little children." A tablet records that it is " the gift of two sisters, A. and E. L." It has been designed by Messrs. Powell, of Whitefriart, and form permanent and conspicuous trnament to tbe historic church of tbe House of Commons. The Rev, John Lloyd, curate of Corwen, bat been presented by the Lord Chancellor to tbe rectory of Dolgelly, Merionethshire, fn the diocese nf Rsngor. At the recent meeting of the Poor Schools' Relief Fund Committee of the London Diocesan Board of Education, at the Chapter - house, St. Paul's (the Dean in the chair), the secretary ' report and financial ttatement for 1892 were adopte'd and passed. It wat tated that, including the grant of 700 from the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, the subscriptions and donations to the fund amounted to 4,000 Grant to school were made during the year amounting to 2,493 ; a sum of 500 wa transferred to the loan fund. Among the donations received since the beginning of the year should be mentioned Sir F. Sharp Powell,. M.P., 100 ; Rev. Ctnon Heygate, 10 ; Clothworker' Company, 50 ; Merchant Taylors' Company, 21 ; Mr. U. Huek Gibli, 50 ; and Miss L. K. Stopford, 20. A memorandum, signed by Bishop Hare (of the American Church) and Bitbop Edward Bickerstetb, with regard to tbe Church in Japan, has just been published. The Bishops say that tbey are of opinion that "it i better that the Church should be presented tb the Japanese in it composite form, a exhibited in it English nd American branches, than in the specific form in which it would be represented by either branch alone. Neither Church will be adequately exhibited unless, a at present, its organisation has been completed by the presence of a Bishop. Hence we regard the' presence in. Japan of a Bishop ot each Church a highly desirable. Further, each of such Bishop can obtain recruits from his own country most readily and supervise them most acceptably and efficiently :. and both Bitbop can together secure more missionaries than either could obtain alone. Moreover, the different questions wbich require solution in introducing and developing the Church among an Asiatio people in the state of intense activity of thought and rapidity of action which mark the Japanese, can best be met' in the council of Bishops representing both the English and American type of social, political, and ecclesiastical life; We regard the work of such Bishop at provisional. Tbe whole state of thought and feeling among the Japanese forbids the introduction into Jspan, as pennanrnt institutions, of branches of. either the English or the American Church, and nothing would offend the national feeling and. hinder the extension of the Church more than the giving tbe Japanese just cause for suspecting that we desire or intend to impose upon tliem a permanept foreign episcopate. Every wise principle of propagating the Gospel in Japan demands that our work should be regarded as that of so directing the missions of the American and English Churches that a Japanese. independent and self - supportingsupporting Church shall be tbe result. Indeed, these Churches have so far committed themselves to thi policy that a Japanese Church with it own constitution and canons has been in existence for four years. Tbe English and American Bishops are not regarded by the Japanese, and should not bo regarded by us, as baring jurisdiction over dioceses finally delimited, .but rather as forerunners in tbe episcopate of Japanese Bishops who will exercise jurisdiction over such pennancntly - deCned dioceses as tbe expansion of the Japaiiese Cburcb may in future demand. Hence, as it seems .to us, the residence and jurisdiction of the American and English Bishops respectively should, for tbe present, be determined not by tbe precedents of Churches long established, but rather by present expediency, convenience of comprehensive survey by both tbe Bishops, and ready access to ea:h other and to centre of life and population. Japan it about 1,700 miles in length and has a population of 40 millions ; but the government of the whole empire is highly centrsliied, and there is practically but one great centre of thought, i;r. . - a :.n i.i.:. i, - ..:.! ti,; moreover, three times as large a any other city in Japan, its population being about 1,1UU,IWU, and, as all of its inhabitants, except a very few thousands,are outside the pale of Christianity in any form, the city affords full scope for the activity of two Bishops without danger of overappimr. In view of these' facta, Tokio should, in our opinion, be tbe residence of both the English and the American Bishops. It is highly desirable, however, with a view alike to efficiency of work and simplicity and clearness of administration and discipline, that there should be assigned to each Bitbop territorial limits within wbich he should exercise jurisdiction.' Tbe memorandum conclude with a lecommendttion as to tbe division of the' country for the purpose! of ecclesiastical jurisdiction. The Rev. W. Garrett Horder. who for 20 year ha held the pastorate of the Wood - rreen Congregational Church, ha intimated hi intention of accepting tbe invitation to College Chapel, Bradford. ' A SHITISH TOLAR EXPEDITION. TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir, I (hall be obliged if you will publish the following letter which I have received from Admiral Sir Leopold M'Clintock, with hi permission to make it pablie. At testifying to tbe great value of the Fran Josef Land route, nch a letter from so dis tinguished an Arctic discoverer will be read, I feel sure, with special interest. Your faithfully. FREDERICK O. JACKSON, F.K.U.S. Imperial Institute, London, 8.W., Feb. 22. " Frans Josef Land does almost certainly approach more nearly to the Pole than any other land yet dis covered. Therefore I think it is the only route which offers a possibility of success to a North Pole attempt, and this because tbe Tolar Rack baa been found to be so ragged to render all attempt to sledge over it urface extremely (low and laborious. To explore the northern shores of Franx Josef Land alone would constitute a success, and one of no ordinary interest. Tbe explorer would in all probability be enabled to approach nearer to the Pole than ha hitherto been accomplished. " A study of the current and of the position of the drift - wood from Siberian rivers upen the shores of Spitxbergen would throw light upon the supposed expansion northward of Fran Josef Land. My impression is that a vast deal of' that drift - wood must hare reached it destination by passing northward and westward of Fran Josef Land r if thi it so, it seem improbable that it extends very much further northward thaa is at present knowa. Bat all geographical speculation is extremely unreliable. ' An expedition wintering at Frani Josef Land, with well - prepared sledgmg equipments, wonld, la my opinion, b in tbe very best poeition for" adding to our stock of geographical knowledge in a high a latitude a has ever vet been reached, end with the possibility of a (till farther northern advance. " Such aa exneditioB would commend itself. I think, to all Arctic explorer, and command their best wisnes lor lu success. Believe tne, dear Sir, truly yoote, P. Lxoroto M'Cimtocx. Jf. Q. Jaekios, Esq., F.B.Q.B." NA VAL&MILITAEY INTELLIGENCE Her Majesty' ahlp Orlando arrived at Bohert twi ob Tuesday, and will tail for Sydney on Hareh M. Bar Majesty' ahlp Daphne arrived at Thursday Island ea Tuesday, and will sail to - day; X Beater telegram from Kurraehee, dated yesterday, y r " Her Majesty' Indian troopship Croeodil arrived here thi afternoon." The Sandfly left Malta yesterday for Alexandria to relieve the Dolphin. The iron gunboat Trent, 3, tender to the Ebeernea School of Gunnery, has been examined ty diver to ascertain the extent of the damage sua Uin ed by colliding with the floating gas buoy oa Eheerne middle ground on Tuesday afternoon. It has been found that one of her plate on tb starboard aid I torn for a distance of Kin. by 4io. The leakage has been (topped with collision mats until arraxgement can be mad for taking the Trent Into dry dock for repair. The Repulse, one of the ship of the Royal Sovereign class constructed under the Naval Defence Act, tried her machinery, which was manufactured by Messrs.. Hmnphrys, Tennant, and Co.. alongside, at Portsmouth yesterday. As the preliminary test waa satisfactory, the will proceed out of harbour next week to undergo her contractor' steam trial under natural and forced draught. A Ferrol correspondent telegraphed last night with regard to the salvage of the nowe, stating that the gale (till continues and is now blowing from the north - west with heavy teat. The talvage steamer Hermes is still m .the harbour. The discharging of the forebolda was resumed yesterday for the purpose of tightening all tbe compartments fore and aft of the stokeholds and engine - rooms. It is intended to make further attempt to float the vessel on the approaching spring tides. No reply haa been received to tie application made to the War Office for the Woolwich ? instead of the Portsmouth floating sheer for the i salving of tte 67 - ton gun. No other sheers in existence which are equal to the present exigencies are available. A new nickel - steel, tbe tecret of tbe manufacture of which ha been secured by Herr Kruno, of Essen. hat been experimented with at Meppen. Two 3 - 4in. tuells, each containing Co, of picric acid; were placed, one in a gun of ordinary Kropp steel, and tbe other in a gun of the new nickel - steel, at a distance of 12in. from the msxxle. Upon the shells being exploded, the motile of tbe gun of erdinsry steel was blown into a number of pieces, but the only effect produced upon the nickel - steel gun ws a loeal enlargement of tbe bore to the extent of a quarter of an ineb. In tbe next experiment a 3'7in. shell, containing 63ox. of pierie acid, was burst in a nickel - steel gun at a point 19'5in. from the bott m of tbe bore. The results were an enlargement to the extent' of one - third of an inch and a fissure 3in. ia length. Trials of plate of this nickel - steel have also been made and have given satisfaction. Tbe auxiliary cruisers which are ordered to be held at the disposal in war time of the. French Minister of Marine, and for which executive ofEcert and armament will be provided, are the Normandie, Touraine, Gascogn', Champagne, and Bourgogne, lelorging to the Compagcie Trantatlantique, and the rolyc'esien, Australien, Armaivl lie hie, Ville de Ci&tat, and probably two other Tet. - elt, belonging to the Metsagerie Maritime. The guns for all these vessels are of two type B.L. guns of 5 - 4in., with each of which 25 rounds, will be supplied, and Win. Hotctkiss revolving cannon, with each of which 160 rounds will bo supplied. Tbe new first - cists protected cruiser Blenheim, 12, 9,000 tent, 20,000 - borse power, hss been officially reported by the Chatham Dockyard authorities a fully equipped and ready for immediate service. Instructions have been given for the. Blenheim to be inspected by Vice - Admiral Sir Algernon C. F. Ueneage, CommanderCommander - in - Chief at the Nore, and, if the result is satisfactory, the ship is to be passed into tbe A Division of the Medway Fleet Reserve until required for active service. Tbe Blenheim at her official trials attained a mean speed of 210 knots, which is the highest rite ever attained by a British war vessel. Order have been given for the 7th (Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards, under Col. Creagh, to embark at Bombay to - morrow for Egjpt. The regiment, which has been nine years in India, and is about 70Q strong. will be conveyed in the Indian Marine vessels Canning and Clive, and will be landed at Sue. On the arrival of the 7th, the squadron of the King's Dragoon Guards, ISO strong, at present the only British cavalry in Egypt, will be Irought home. The Queen hat approved of Ma'jor - General E Hop ton, C.B., being appointed to the command of the' Infantry Brigade at Gibraltar, in place of Major - General Ncwdigate, C.B., who vacate the pott on the 1st of April. Major - General E. O. Hewett, R.E., ha been elected to succeed Major - Gcneral Dawson - Scott, R.E., as commandant of the School of Military Engineering at Chatham. Capt.R.D.Turtcn,2d fattalion Cheshire Regiment, has - been selected for the Adjutsney of the 2d Volunteer Battalion at Chester, vice Major A. S. Brunskill, West India Regiment, deceased. Capt. A. W. D. Maclean, Connanght Rangers, Adjutant of the 3d Battalion, obtains his majority consequent on the recent decease of Major A. II. G. Anton. Surgeon - Cart. J. F. Bateson, .now attached to tbe Coldstream Guards, has been placed at the dispcsal of tbe Khedive' Government for tervice with the Egyptian Army. Capt. II. H. G. Heygate, 1st .Battalion Border Regiment, ba been selected for aerrice with the Egyptian Army. Capt. II. H. Francis, of the Rcyal Scots, has teen directed to take up immediately the Adjutancy of the 3d Battalion at Glencorte. The Commander - in - Chief has selected Lieut. J. P. Robertson, Connaugbt Rangers, for the appointment of Adjutant of an infantry battalion in Queensland. Capt. A. de S. M'Kerrell, Cameron Highlanders, has been selected for service with tbe Egyptisn Army. Capt. T, G. P. Glynn, Liverpool Regiment, has been directed to take np on the 1st prox. the Adjutancy of the London Rifle Brigade. Capt. W. D.Sellar.lst Battalion king's Own Scottish Borderers, ha been (elected for the Adjutancy of the 8th Volunteer Battalion tbe Royal Scots, at Linlithgow, vice Capt. n. R. Dsy, who completee his period of (ervice in the pc(t on Msrch 1. Cajt. A. H. W. Lovrdcs, Rifle Biigade, i( about to be seconded, frrm November S, 1S1'2, for service as aide - de - camp to Major - Gen. G. Clerk, commanding the Belfast District. The Queen, on the recommendation of the CommanderCommander - in - Chief, has bestowed commissions, dated yesterday, cn the following non - commissioned officers : Sergt. G. H. Brush, East Kent Regiment, and Squadron Sergt. - Major C. Dick, 4th Hussars, who are selected for Second Lieutenants in the Liver pool Regiment and the Royal Irish Fusilier respec tively ; and Quartermaster - Eergt. J. J. Grubb, Royal West Surrey Regiment, who is promoted Quartermaster in the regiment with the honorary rank of Lieutenant. ! The following appointment were mad at the Admiralty yesterday : Lieutenants. Cress well J. Eyres, for special gun - nery duties at Malta, Robert L. H. Armstrong, for special torpedo duliet at Malta, Herbert L. Heath (T.), Philip n. Munro, and Chaxle J. Collin, to the Victoria, undated. Sub - Lieutenant. nugh D. R. Watson and Montagu L. Hulton, to the Victoria, undated. Midshipmen. Norman M. Lewis, Leslie Inglii, Arthur C. Grieve, Aytcough G. H. Fawkes, James O. Lumsden, Hon. Cvril A. Wsrd. Herbert - M. Lanyon. Harold O. . Innes. "Walter E. Henley, and Harold W. Gambier, to the Victoria, additional, undated. Naval Cadets. Oswald W. Ormslr, Laurence J. P. Scarlett, Fraser S. Stocks, and Philip D. Robert West, to tbe Victoria, additional, undated. THE VOLUNTEERS. The Earl of Denbigh, who formerly served la the Royal Artillery, is about to be appointed to the command of the artillery batteries of the Honourable Artillery Company, in plaee of Liect. - Col. the Hon. K. Allsopp, who retires. Thk Fokdcx Tkadz of Jafajt. nr 1892. According to the Japanese statistic of the foreign trad of the country for the past year, the total value amounted to $162,428,840, of which the export amounted to (91,102,753 and the imports to S71.326.0S7. Thus export exceeded import by nearly 20 million dollars'; but it is to be remembered that the Japanese custom enter imports at tbeir invoiced price ; in other words, their price ia the market from which they come, and not at their prices ia Japan, which would be about 19 per cent. more. The total value of tbe trade ia 1893 was nearly 20 million dollar, or about 14 per cant, more than the previous year, aad .tha statistics far the past five years show a steady increase from 131 million dollar in 1888 to 162 million last year. Darius: the decade ending with 1892 the growth of Japeeese foreign trade baa been very rtnurWabla ; la 1883 the. total wa S64.712.861, or V6i per bead .of the population, while last year It wa S4 per bead. MAILSd 8SIFPINQ INTILLIBMNCX. ' "' - - V - - - ' - ' ;(Tcar Lxor, Xc J THE HAILS. The P. aad 0. a. CX.TCZ, front London aad Napl, arrived at Calcutta yesterday morning. Tbe KoXTTA. Calcutta to Marseille. Plymouth, aad Loodoa, arrived at Aden 5 p.m. yesterday. Tho AciTHAUA, 8ydney to Briadisf. Plymouth, and London, arrived at Adea 5 bjb. yesterday with the China aad Australian mails. The Malwa left Bombay jreeterday afternoon lot Shanghai. The JATA, from China, left Marseilles at 1 30 yesterday for Plymouth, where she il do at ( a.m. on March land in London tho followiag day. Tbe Royal Mail a. ATJtATO from the Wert Indies, arrived at Plymouth at 143 p.xo. yesterday, and arter - wardt left for Southampton. . Tbe Orient Line t. Acstxat., Australia to Nap lea and London, arrived at Colombo 4 a.m. yesterday. The New Zealand Company' BlMCTAXA, from London, arrived at Wellington. N - Z., yesterday. Tbe Queensland Royal Mail . AtoC A. London to Brisbane, arrived at Cooktown ea Tuesday. The African Company' . Brsiy, for Liverpool, left Lagos yesterday. Tbe Anchor Lino s. DrroxiA. from New York, arrived at Moville 10 25 a.m. yesterday. a. The British and African Compaay'i . BoatA left Si - rra Leone yesterday for Liverpool. Tbe Canard Company' . CataLOXIA, from Boston, arrived at Queenttown at t a.m. yesterday. Tbe Pacific Company' . Galicia, Liverpool, to Chili, left Vigo yesterday morning. Tbe White Star Company' . MaJXSTXC left New York at noon yesterday for Liverpool, riJ Queens - town. Tbe Canadian Paeifie Railway Company' . Kumiss or IsbIA left Hongkong yesterday morning for Yokohama. The Cempagnie General . La NoB.MA!nir, from Havre, amvea atiav aora - w awewaj. The Messarerir Maritime s. Villi DX LA ClOTAT. from New Caledonia, left Aden for Marseille at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. The North German Lloyd J. NlCSAB, from Antwerp and Bremen, ba arrived at Hongkong. Tbe Lah left New York for Southampton at 11 a.m. on Tuesday. The Ants left Southampton lor new lorx at t p.m yesterday.. QUAEA5TIXE 30TTCXS. Lisbon. Fsh. 11 Sanitary latroctios of staui'i eetrrlsg tho country ty rtdvsy trrcuja Valencia, Earca TA1 fa. Vfflar Forssoao. sodCaaUBa d Tide re - aatatuaard la accordance wita ootiee or Jaly 27. but aasdicsl otstrratioo Is radaeod to two days. AI cn, rsb. IT. Vesarla trot Marseille ar new admltsad t trse praUma. WEXCKB, CA8UALTTZ3. la The Wan - Ins (Hatter) aahore at Bbarriat haas. total loos. Tbe steamer Olttru (seailslcut thrituh by ice and suaavaVarbens Bay. TkaschooserBuaaaocalcoalsaad troal aahore a BaByaslada Point, ceaaty Down. Haaburx, Feb. 22 A steamer (coai) r - porUd M round at Bokj. OVERDUE V ESSEX. Tbe Parr A. Oakfont, of Bristol, abkh aailrd from rtaacaa lor tho Cbaaoel, lor orders, oa Jaly 24,1132. and as spoken on Ana - ua U ta 31 &. (3 vr. TrsEUs bpokxx. Tb DaaTroao. Carry to Catlap, boand B an vtO. Fabraary It, 3 i'.. 16 W. The Eta its, CardiS te Straits cf atsgtCaAttetrlag i. Tabroary I s y, io w. Tb lutvtttl, Eydary to Leadon. fabraary T. 1 14 30 W. PASSINGS nOME AND FOREIGN. COSSTAXTIJiOPIX, fTlh. - sfrrrrJio. a. for Cetta Cfconisr. a. tram Umi - Crajcaaom a - from iXLAa. fall a. a from Seboa - t'pol !:.r.. a., from Bato - m Irelyon, a. frnm staliaa. 20UL Jamrs Cameron. aJoba AUaaaaoa. a. root Ksstcsdja Ckorg K"rie, riem l ort rain. TXlVF.IL SM Fasten, Mrjaarrb. Portland. Orema. to HalL DCT.OS y F.S. nrl - - MiDitrr Mayback. a, " York to Bottrrtara. CIEKALTAR. 23d S. Hubert, a - Cardiff to Hoaahst litnubab. a .Montevideo to Marseille lleepdal,a. fruppuardl fmaa Trlpiiii DowlaJt., from Alrttrs - Eellcaim. a. Smyrna, ae. retmun. a, root lleooa Cape Comorin, a. Philadelphia te Japan, ibis morn. iiw cit; XIXSAL IMnn ta tinmrnL 11 10 a.aa. LIZARD, ad. Manama, I , Fan aad User to Uvsrpooe - Misais - si pot, s . .e rort to Losaon. n.m. praaroaam. a ianppoech New York to Kotirrdam, tbta asoraiBC oicinboft, a. (irraoaioilja N.w York to fljmhnr.T 1 20 PKAWU: POIST. Jlat. JclaDsa, a Ifamoaadl, Ixmdoa Uv Malta sod Mauritius. Ud. Darten, a. New (Tleana lo Ilare, this r - t In rlabrioa. frrm Ltsaoa and etkomba Clao atsetrare, from Sar. Kiaor ro America. Jitw York to Kotterdam Straiu of Gibraltar, a. Xew Orleans to Dnnklrk. BAUKt M. Ainwoia, a., from Bomray and MarseuVa. Oat. dan Maeannor. a., i ltd aad lafrrpooi totaucatta. t .m. ST. t ATlltmSfc POINT. oL - trUa,a. Calcutta morairj Olga, Toaaii to Loadon Iona. a. 2faw Orisons to isremea coamopoutarj. a. rvraaaoioa to uuu. POREIGN ARRIVALS. APJC. JH - Eiffel Tiwrer. a. CarJiS - Sararjc. a.EoUerdaat to rials'la Hnodearatn, a. rorsatalto tlaatonrf - AKYAMSth. - T - rra,. Adeo. A.V INDIAN I'OKT. - rUasbeo, s, Barry. BIXIrlAF, CiL - Taiarera. a. M i M H A Y. - Inira. s . r blrlds. Kit. - EJenbrkUs, S - , MaravClaa, prMTOX, rat. Bnttaa Ooeea. a. Irjlon. BRKMtKUAVEN, rid. i:ienb - iav. a. Buenos Ayraa, P.Rr.HiWICK. Wlreoboe. s . Madeira, CADIZ. 22.1. - Ciadsd dt Cadiz, s.. liueaos Ayrrs. CALtXTTTA. 22.L Mirs. a. lIvrrrjorL CTX HAVEN. 23d. W.xford. sl. Biver PlataClara. Bavaanak Jnhaooa rJortrSTddaa. rwanoa Ayraa loaca Swam, a. DIEPPC B.OADM 22d Anatria. GENOA. JCh. Ixamnra. Ssrsnnab Merrbant Prlnee, a, Charleston T - nlo, PhiU'elptla Pnaaas Bopbw - , a, Bauvia. GIBKALTAD, 21t. - MaUard, a. Palermo. Ed. rraimoro, a a aataaa, ae, aauan, a. HAVKt - Aoo.e Camnr, a. rTawOrbwia, IIOXOKONO, JJil. Tel. moo, a. Lrrrrpool Cyeups, SL,toodaa. Kl'STINDJE. i(th. Trrmayae, a. gmjrna. LAS PALM AM. il btorra Leo, a. CardiS. MADRAS, Clyde. , Laadoo Tbomaly. a Mlddlanbronsa uaverrry, ., Lwtin etaa - rjr. a., atmaacatfoaan. MAIJIGA. JCtlL GHann. a.. BnJL MALTA.23i - Deabasiiir.a. Ustabarf tad Loodoa to Jasaa i.iraoaii, a M ATAKZAfC rndborta, a.. Baltlaoro, MEWORLEASIk Cvpuj do LCme, a. Aatwrrp Raraprvood. S - . laapalinaa KEVT YORK. Adrsnee, a. Paeaos Ayres YifOasea, a. tar, too. ODKSSA. 3Ctb. - laio. a. Shicbla. PEKIM. JJd. Skidby, ai Baurooo. JVwd. - BaoIatic. s, Loodoa t Hlne - e Nit, a. Ilarrr to Kalaria BodeabairaaT. a. Calcalla. TT.nyAyi.VVt, ad. - Ikllucia, a. Userpaut. PHlItDEU'HtA. - Baaboe, a O. Biaelva. POKT AID. Cd. Loody, s Barry Vrj.nioeb. a. Cardiff to Boiav - bay Cmtsia, a. Genoa to Maaaovab Tongue, a. t - Nraosa, a. Parry Ardorao, s. MraoYaterveg to Bauvia. aad Alf ana. a. Crdo and lirrrpool to Calcutta, lart nigbt. KasARlo, Slat. Enteroriaav a. Karaoa Ayraa, SAUiMCA. tb. Br - norr, a. Clnta Vjohla. SINGAruBE, itlb. MtarUaae, a, lanlia. Hat, Cyras, a. Mlddlas - reMigh. KM TBS A, 20h. - ItrJla. a Coosuotinrp,'. . SUEZ, 22d. Pimlari. t. CaJeutta to Lsadoa. last nUbl Bsbia. a. Caimtta to I on Uw and llasttnrc. lanveen 3 and b asa, Axlaia, FORI IGN SAILINGS. ADEN. Jftk Clio, a, Bombay to HalL ALKX AM'KIA. at Wbirkham. a. Malta. BA1.T1MUKK, t2L Paraeoae.s Para, Uia. Nerano. a, Graaroar. BAl'CM.2:at. - Mantvis bociuaa, a. Uolud Bugdom Fabbav, .. Pomlay. EENISAF, Bd. - Trorji. s. Cantos. BOrtTOX. ZlaL Camhroman. t. Lirrenoos Aoarrlan. a. Glaseow. CALCVTTA. ZL Boyoton. a, Baogkok Clan Bncbaaaa. a. (Jnlomro aoa loonca, tnia roorBlog. CARTHAGE A. JCtb lxrvlata, a. Boacaa CEarounal ELBA. 21t. VI soda, a. Bottavdaav. FFJtNANDlXA. 21at 4.arteora. a. II am bo rr. nAKBUCHA.Slat - Tblcaa. Sl. Middlrabrougtt. GENOA. Jlat. Motherland, e, tiOK EE. 20tb. - Ihindia, s., MaraeuVs. KKWCA'TI.E, xak, na. Beacon Bora. Baa rrsnrlsse. NSW ORLEANS. :i - - t;orrjor, a.. UrerpooL NORM LK. ZCth. AMencat. a. Urerpool. POKTLAD, MAINE. Hat Alctdra. a .uiaarow. PORT HAID. 21st. Aaloa Hail. a. Bomtay to Genoa and Uvercoot. tbia craning Red dcaa, a, BaUam Hadroe, a 22d. Benoa - a. a , irom i,aaoran. H011E ARRIVALS. HLirAni, aao. ixro va.11, a. Miuawira DTTNDEF. 21 at. Kniiht cf Ft. MicbaaL Calcctta. FALMOUTH, 23d. Glenrmrn aad Mount Carrnef. Innliaa Matador, lleta ssoona fcali or Arvoa. naagaa Clara ort(beiat. a., llamburr fur Cardiir. Off. Nnrd. laaiatat to Dunkirk. ORANTIIN. 21a!. Glonkde. . Cartbaeeaa. GBAVESBNIi. 22d. A. J. Ball or. a. r - bOadalnbU fee B.W.LD. 1 lyaars, a, Totonama tor it. A.U. c aau. a. Malaga tor I.D. Briskkarn Priory. Tnaidad tor K.C Voi.r. a. Lite (or M.D. aitoeta. a. Gobesburf for n.d. Enphrorytie. ban Prsociaoo for V.I. faoa KanaW aad Craaoa, a Baaiba'g Camelia, a. New York r Clan Maeoab. a. Maens : and Clan MaejmtaaU. Calcutta. foe T.LX Mianeaota, a, I'ltimorv Mwik. a. Bombay, v Irua - t". re I.U. siyrtw unor, A tte ia Mir tor 1.1 J. GKEEXOCaL ilau Maaitosan. a. PbBadelahia. Macinryre. a , Lowln. BDIJ. 224 bro, a.. Bombay - Frackforr. a, Ba Michael'. BINCBUAD. B'dar, a. Pbiladalpbla for AToamoata Was. renok. 1 - . izaca sea lot roeuaaeaa. LIVERPOOL tlst Lord Otra, a. PbOadolnbla. 224. AstraL a. Batoum Asglaoaa. a. Eoatno Branawmo Halt, a. Karracbao and Marilaa fiaroia. a. H.lifar, a Haatbmora, a. Ualsaaton Jaxea Wart, a. Natal Mrraeot". aura, via liaboa. I,YN. 2". . - Pandora, a, MaraeiJea. NEWCASTLE. 214. 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DordncsV Sola. Hsmbiira - nnaaa Im. QCEX'MTOVX. 22dV Loeb Baasn, Ostans Bonragwnod, Aaaararn Beniuurt Hrpat. Newraatla BriUnnta, Li'viiamt. tBIELpa, Z2d. - Kaiebt of . (jeorga. s, Boaaeay ' Aatvrt'ji, aaa - iasu a vaprv ura waa. HJCB WATER AT LOXDON - BXIDGE THTX SAT. Moraiag.. lt - d. rM 1 Earaiag Statin, naa I Wrxri. The lata Mr. Baxtlx Joe Lacxei PXXBZ, of 8, Bedford - tquare, tenior partner of the trm of Pre re, Porstcr, and Co., Liracoln's - lna - Celdt, solicitor, who died in Jaanarr last. left cersonalty valaed at 11(32 Tha vain baa aeea sworn at 9t.slD 01 in personal estate of the VZBT rr. - w r n t - , tt.iL.... Tbe testator berrnea'thed tioo for private aradtrBblie enanties. jar. johx baiii ithitx, um i Bmtf end. Cant erbnry, laft personal estate valaed at C1C3.9M. The frnater part of bis persoaal estate be left in trust for each son of bis a should erst attain the are of 21 Tears. The trustees axe prohibited fmta Investing oo the Mcarity ot landed aetata ia Inland. Tbe hwie of 'xraanMlsn!aIac. wUek 1 tome year aaa H tM yaW MaaHiH af tka. 1 Beard far IaaraCtiie City aad Qiiid f tmUkZ Technical lasVitBte, aad. the Dnpcri' r ftm i met wita eonaiderable occe, a was ahewa TMVtraaa - wnea aa eaBiblMoa of tpeeimea of woodwav S qneterie, drawlnj - s. Be., wa opened, and tb at4ae4la aa, wiaa 10 aoya ana girim atMoaisa; use slaaoet W lSna e Lonlsa at the Draper Hall, 'OrotaottomikZt' TheobjecU of tbe joint cosntnitUe are ttTfaatyw" bey la wood aad metal work, aad fir Is 't koaiTl wifery, ke., without maUrialiy trttpassiaj no, Ik time devoted fo tie ordinary coarse cf - tn - .t? wwnw, ouotuw aromcrra ctraaiiy fas Caildrtn in non - Board and Board schools, sad ever t78 t, aad 0 ritls from Board aad ,jq lev fr&an IZ! Board schools attended the elar last year free af, simi(u. ! ana a ui joins eorrrnimee crfrhutrd from an appeal addressed by the chairman of H School Board nearly lix jeari aro ta the City apt Guild cf London Technical Institute, and at a later date to tbe Draper' Compaay. At that period tha Z - chool Board were not tmponered to clarre ILa expense of any macnal training cptn the MnarJ fund, as tbe subjects were not provided for ta la. Government Cod. Tb appeal was liberally responded to, and from time to time tbe Drapers Cor. pany hare, in addition to Terr rubtuntfal svtae frsnt for tbe rrneral purposes of the eecrmitte w. Tided tbe aecesaary Icnit for the devtlcrjoettaf special portions of tbe work t.f.. tie laudry ttd housewifery work. On tbe ether hand, the Board andertook to pmvide premise soil bo carryoa the neceasary eorrerpocdccce, kc, for the joint roat - mittee. Durin; the past year tbe eoramitte tu been strenrthened by the addition of a rtpreaeatstiv of tbe London County Council and two eo - eptatad members. In tbe Crst instance, tlx centre (.thrf ea each tide of tbe Thame) were "fitted a woed - warkit. shoes, with tools, beaches, Ac, for about 30 bey at each centre. Darin; the past year a centre de - rated to instruction in both wood and metal work ba keen opened at the Central Hirker Grade Sekoolt, UarjU - bone. Special icitrnctor sre engaged. Boy srs drawn from urroundinff schools, betas liberated frasa tbeir ordinary lessons to attend the manual tratataf centre d urine one half - day per week. There ar sen about 900 tots from non - oard aad Board schools hi attendance, free of charge. Laundry work bad We included ia tbe Code, and the joint committee have re - linoaisbed it, a far as teaching children! concerned, bat in the autumn bf last year they instituted claaaos bold ia the ereninr for instructing; teachers (both Board aad non - Board) in laundry work. A further step waa takaa by tbe committee in 1831 by the establishment af classes for giving instruction to girls la bonaeaifery. Rooms were - fitted up in one of the Board scbeel - - one a a bed room, on aa a sitting or day room, sal one for reneral - work (kitcten, te.) The room are furnished timilarly to those of a workman' bcrae ; and girl are icttructed every Saturday in tbe varices duties bed - making, preparation of are, el anise of grates, blaekleading, dusting, scrubbing, polishing, washing of tea thing, setting of table for van out meal, ice. Although the class ia thi aobitct have been in existence less than two year, they give promise of great usefulness to girl who seek citation is domestic service, or who may ia time have the responsibility of managing homes. The committee have reason to believe that tbe great practical soects attending their effort largely prompted the Edoeatio Department to include manual training aad laasdry work in the Code of Subject for Public Elemeatary Schools issued in 1891. An extended syllabus ra wood work beyond that which is immediately practicable under the Code i contemplated by the ccav mittee. and the question of adding other subject i also under consideration. It is moat gratifying te the committee to find that the result of tbeir la boon bare aided ia so conspicuous a degree the introduction into the work of publio elementary school of tb Cnt principles and .the ground work apea which farther technical education may proceed. The Master of the Drapen' Company. Ifr. C. A. Murton. presided over the proceedings ta tbe Drapers Hall, and there were present, beside Prince Louise, tbe Marquis of Lome, Mr. G. XV. Kekewicb, Mr. J. K. Diggle, General Moberly, Professor 0dstoae, and other members of the Indoa School Board, Kr. II. C. Saunders. Q.C., tbe Wardens of the Drapers' Company, Canon Barker, Mr. W. BouaCtld. tad a Urge company. An ddree of welcome to her Royal Hiphness having been read, Mr. Kkxiwich moved a rote of thank to the City and Guild of London Technical Institute and to the Worshipful Company of Drapers for contributing tb fund necessary to establish ami maintain tbe msaesl training classes, and to the Master of the erjmnasy for presiding. As permanent bead of tbe Education Iepartment ba begged to offer to her Boyal Highness the thanks of the Department for her kindest la being present on that occasion, aad for the constast interest which she bad taken in education not aseraly in manual instruction, bat also in art, eveaiag schools, and needlework. (CbeeTs.) The work which tbe joint committee on manual training had carried out wastif great value, but it would have beea impossible for the - London School Board to catakUtk these classes without the pecuniary aid given by tb Draper Company and the City and Guild ef Loodoa Technical Institute. The example set by th joiat committee had been followed in many urge era. vineial towns, and 334 centre bad been established throughout the kingdom. These received grant from the Science and Art Department. The Education Department bad not yet recognised the subject of "boast wifery," but be wa turn that all wished tbe etas - mittee snrees is tbe coarse tier were taking wrbk regard to it. Manual training, be considered, weald make tb boy more intelligent and self - reliable, ud the girl better wive and mother. (Hear, bear.) Mr. J. G. Lainc, member ef the Lasaoa Seaewl Board, seconded the motion, which wa carried unaai - tnously. air. bacbdib. ci.u., in reply. ipreeao tne nana that housewifery " would soon, be admitted iat the Code. Priteta Louise .then distributed the prixes. wbick consisted of baskets of carpenters tools, books. desks, aad work - baskeU. Ttw UABQCIS of LORN IT, responding to a Tote g thanks to the Prince and himself moved by Mr. Dim II and seconded by Mr. XV. Bcar 1 1 LP. complimented the pupil upon tbe good work which tbey had dots sad tbe teaeber' nron the sueees of tbeir instruct! . Tbe specimens of work exhibited showed eicelleet solidity and good, Boneit tnglun wortmsnsnia. rsn hoped that all thi labour would Iad ap to a good scberoe' of secondary edncatien by wbich af pupil eould continue their Mrork. Tbey Bros look to London for the lend in thi matter. The work of manual training now being carried eat, a they tad teen evidence of it that afternoon, mutt tend to secure for the future that Eaglisb work should not be of a shoddy character. (Cheer.) ' The proceeding then terminated. DISASTERS AT SEA, Between 4 and S o'clock yesterday moraiag tB Norwegian barque Id, bound front Chrutianasad t CardiS with pit - prop, struck on the Sanaa net w tan Sheringbam and H'ej bourse, and the it likely to beeeaa a total wreck. The captaia and crew were reteaed by tbe Sheringham nd Weyboume life - MTing oea - paniea with tbe rocket. - Lloyd agent at Sierra Leone te!egrrAed yeetet day : " The Coanxa, s., belonging ta toe cruisa a African Steam Navigation Corcpany, Uand tnm Hamburg to the West Costtof Africa, ba beea wreekel and toUllj lott on Laiyah Koek, near Binon. the paatenger and crew were tared, but tbe reataiadtt are missing. The Coarjia was a stuns erww --of 1,518 ton gross and wa built at Govaa ia A xteuter uicrram, u . - T : Tbe Allan Line stesmer estons U 1 ..... j t ha wt everai aav overuno a lighted by the itm eocpny ' temer Coreja c forenoon of tbe 15th Inst. 180 mile " Sable Island, On no surjaeuorjt now, - - - - eelved or ber. vessels arnrir; ""..""' - - - J - , port terrific weather in the Atlantte. Th ' rvat Transatlantic Company's steamer La NormaoO ea. :vjet i?aV7arteIlhT were eompleUly went, the lifeboat sad a aamb - l of dek fitting being danuged." TBE CIVIL SERVANTS UNDZB IflJ JIO ME RULE BILL. TO THE EDITOR OF THE IMS. .. , n - J' - n. arise tb Kir, air. uryce, replying so mi. , aa debate on the introduction ef the Hosae last week and referring to the proptsted """" Government ofSeiaU in Ireland. id f aware ef the obligation which larperi! VT. ba imposed apen u in their (the c7' regard, and we propose to abide J those U7T! . a. Av r - n umrb anal The same remaras ppiy to inn . Judges. TV reeognite our liability to make I""""" m .a. t V... .. H.f. (tut liability. tor r them, sod w nave aananea tut sa - v - .. Now, on turning to the Bill for the Ci " "J Irulaod, Bow da we naa tru nnaeni - Certain ef the higher oBciab are undtrsWrfiyw prevideo: lor, trus grva, n. - . t . servtnt. tb jrenen whom k W,V " JL straticB tnd obloqvy baa fallen, are tbiewa to too wolvrt. csoer eeesiana, . rastiag ef tho Act, six months notice - T 'tTj en any er all of then by the Iriah Gonanwwt - men who hare entered into tbe tem'e of tb "JT! believina - la the jnatice of Eland. will U from their ciHees to make room for hangry - r"" wbcoe main patsTrrt 'to efflco will to taeir " T: loyalty to Ut Crown tbey r bow ready to rve " a ersasideraUonv - 1 - Are tbe Enjlisb people end tb lbHA.mTjZ ready to aascit to thi iajuftlee, are, irta t baste Year te.' . - -

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