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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 36

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 36

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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ar" a i Sudan Rcognli Reds! ,36 rccc Oakland Tribune, Sunday, Nov, 30, 1958 CAIRO, Nov. 29 iff) Egypt'! semi-official MiddU CASH FOR CROSSWORDS Eait Newg Agency reports from Khartoum tonight that the new Sudanese government has recognized communis China. Want to Get Rich Quick? Try the Puzzle for $2,400 Chas. Martin Heads Easter Seal Society Charles W. Martin has been elected president of the Easter Seal Society of Crippled Chil-dun and Adults in Alameda County.

lie succeeds Dr. Charles L. Dimmler and will serve a one-year term. BICYCLES At ALL sizes Cash for Crosswords Schwinn Rwlelgh Rocket Th Tribune's" Bif Triple DividpjrnCfcih for Crossword "best seller" li worth MAXI. MUM of $2,400 this time.

Because what is a "best filer" but combination of j( Indian U' Oikrr lUtm Dr. Douglas Toffelmier ws named first vice president; winning words words words and that just what the Tribune's Big Fun contest is too a combination of the right word. Ralph B. Hoyt. second vice president; Mrs.

Marshall Rob inson, third vice president; Mrs. George L. Fraser. secre So if you write the right tary; and Wtllard McPherson, words in the ritht space, it reasurer. certainly could be up in the BEST SELLER" category for 11KADS COMMITTEE you.

SPECIAL! iac Mai Hal Ttl wm gagBjgaagagfgggaggjnjgjaji Dr. Christopher A. Adamson a director and chairman of And you would win fame lT Al fG A IR rRE EDI lEl 1 1 nd fortune up to a possible the society's community ser vices committee. 1.400. The big fun word game ap Martin has been a director for the past two years.

He is also treasurer of the Oakland pears with clues and blank in today's Tribune with the dead V- IIW-UHD-MIUIIT OVER 200 BICYCLES ON DISPLAY line set for tomorrow. The old Red Cross Chapter, a member of the board of directors of the Canadian professor who orig inates i I cet rich quick Oakland Area Boy Scouts and chairman of the board of the Laurel Methodist Church. EASY CREDIT TgXMS XMAS LAY iff AYS Special C-rd Worth $75 Bruce W. Leppla was ap If the right answers to The pointed chairman of the society's medical advisory com Name OFFICERS Incoming and outgoing oificort of tho Easter Soal Society lor Crippled Children and Adulti In Alameda County check hoapltal reports. They are (teated from left) Dr.

Charles Dimmler and Charles Martin; (standing) Dr. Douglas Tofielmler and Dr. Christopher A. Adamson. Martin is now president of the society.

Tribune'i Big Triple Dividend mittee. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Cash for Crosswords puzzle game are GLUED to a postcard, it will be worth an extra Address East Bay Association for Be tarded Children and the Oak $75 this time. U.N. Asked to End News Censorship land Area Council of Com munity Services. OPEN EYE.

SUN. till PARKINS IN RIAt Hank fit Frank 106 E. 14th Oa Viand Camr af la? Ave. TW 3 3856 Phone ate censorship and lift secrecy UNITED NATIONS, N.Y jCity scheme may have included a Mrs. William B.

Phillips was on developments behind their few tricky clues watch for named historian for the society and Mrs. Rudolph Steinmetz them. This is somethings it national boundaries. A U.S. resolution to this pur Nov.

29 1 The United States wants the General Assembly to recommend that all the U.N.'s 81 members observe delights him to do in an effort was appointed parliamentarian pose- was published today for consideration Monday in the to catch the unwary. Be wary. Clip and mail to: PuzzU Editor, Oakland Tribune, P.O. Boi 1289, I Oakland 4 Calif. CtUES ACROSS: New members of the board of directors elected to serve But if you escape the few Assembly's social committee, freedom of the press, elimin three-year terms are Mrs.

Willis H. Gillette, Dr. Robert R. scattered pitfalls and complete the word blank correctly you 3 1 In certain jobs you must have It; you really can't afford Hampton, Mrs. Robert stand to win either $750 or Heath, Lowell H.

Lass, Clifford M.D., Kurt Steindorff and Chauncey H. Whitner. Elected to the board two years ago, and starting their final year as directors of the society are Mrs. Betty Anderson, Wallace I. Atherton, Mrs.

H. O. Boghosian, past president Charles L. Dimmler, M.D., Mrs. Harold W.

Jewett, Chaises McGonegal and Lewis E. Renner. The Easter Seal Society aids physically disabled men, women and children regardless of the causes of their handicaps. In Alameda County the Society operates a rehabilitation center at 5017 Grove St. where patients receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, orthopedic appliances and other services.

D. Maactoll ttmllm Mmnmlmetmrera Our Low Ovtrlitad Brings You Special Savings for Christmas Nelson, Robert G. Riss, Mrs. If the right answers are sub to be without it 4V-Route or method. Tenda to be associated with cattle-rearing, To incite.

1hA wager. lbWill surely interest a wine expert Alden F. Simmons, Gordon H. mitted anything else Whitehead and C. Mason Whit they will be worth at least on winner's share of $750.

But ney. BOARD INCUMBENTS they will be worth at least Perhaps taken by a man who does a certain thing much winner's share of $2,250 if you Directors elected last year better than others. who will serve for two more MARBLE TOPS 18x30 $15.00 26x48 $34.95 li Usually you can those who have grievances with include a subscription to The Tribune for anyone who hasn't been a subscriber for at least years are James E. Holbrook, Donald E. Kessler, William li Complete Table as If Complete Table 30 days.

So much for that Metcalf, Mrs. Walter H. Oil roses son, Thomas E. Richmond, Illustrated 18x48 $49.93 And what with the ap little difficulty. 18 Because they are not just exactly the right could fail to be judged perfect.

1 a Short for "Abraham." 20 A word expressing denial. 21 A man will naturally be pleased if his prize in a show. proaching holidays it certainly isn't necessary to tell you the difference between these earns a amounts. 36" or 42" Diam. Group $34.95 rWowy more to cAoose from.

At ow JJOiXX NEW STOCK of MARBLE I EASES Jni errvW from TREMENDOUS SAY1NOSI Then there are two bonuses THE PLACE THAT WAS BUILT with your XMAS PARTY in MIND Luxurious Marble Top Tablet Vi OFF Naw York Priaat 22 It's a mistake to be too self-righteous in condemning of $75 each which bring the total to the nice big round fig another man's CLUES DOWN: 1 Might sometimes be described as "blind." ure of $2,400. One $75 goes to the winner who is a Tribune Big Party Rooms made to order for your group banquets or any special event. Dinners from $2.00. Call today for Info. subscriber.

The other $75 goes 2 A suspicious sort of customer may occasionally query it to the winner who submits the i right answers attached to postcard. Also selection erf ImportteJ Indian Tablet and Souvenirs cfratHcally rtoWW D. AAASCIOLI 420 'l" Opan Daily In Sunday 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. 3 To fit out 5 Up to now.

6 Certainly of significance in the world of music. 10 When celebrating, people may well Hags. So when the cry of author THE HAPPY VALLEY LAFAYETTE INN AT 3-8268 author goes up. Be sure It ia YOU who steps 12 Large numbers of these are turned out regularly for up to collect the big check. WmBS3BmmmSmstm tale to the public.

13 The whole family may possibly share it 15 Looked at, possibly, when buying socks. 16 Life can be very boring if always this. 17 You wouldn't normally, five dollars to a plete stranger: 19 Past tense of "eat" Cprri(kt, list, fey Tha Bell Syaalcata, Iaa. com Toyland is Filled With Wonders! Cash for Crossword Rules ma aatwittiaa aacn claa. itm Km Mta nail aa fatal aa canrMtann takwa aart aaraa atcaal trim rabja aa a arnaWaa af a try.

i fttat yaw aatvan claany. Intrtat 1 iahra aaaaa aa yaa twM far any iiwwti pvuia. 2 Chn aurry aarafariy atena aottaa Hum, fill la mtm; aaVraaa ana1 pnaaa aaataar anal auH fai Paula Utter, Oakland Triavaa, f.O. Baa lis Oakland 4. CaW.

Or yaa may brina an try ta fha May at rka Triawia IJrii ad FraakUa Sra Oakland. Na an try wiN a atcapiaai at branch afftcaa. Moadry la tfca aaaauna tar aacb waafcly pauia. MaH aatriaa MUST aa parr-nurfcaal nat latar than ailaalpM Man-nay; thaw arenaM ht paraaa MUST ba attn armaraa ar mllaaraii nuy ha ahaiMlltiaa. a Vaa aa aa naa ta any a aaay For Every Boy 6 to CO Thrilling American Flyer Pacific Freight Train 1 OAKLAND.

CONCORD I i i i i i jiiii hi 11 I 'iBjiM i iii ii' in tmwm i ni--- -ii 1 i fuiij I af Tha Trlaaaa ta antar raa aaatatt. Caanx af Tna Trlaaaa ara arattaata far eapaaltaa by a.m. 1 A art at $50 vi ba awaraa SD98 60 pieces ta tha wniaar at aach waakry pazxla. It Mara thaa ana aarracf anfry k) ra aahrad, tha prtia wM ba aHvtoan aatulty aatana tha wkwan. Tha award raanay hi aaraalatrra! aa aarract antwar b) racarvaa tha iii will ba addad ta tha fallawlnfl wrrk't award.

4 A BONUS OP 10 PER CtNT WILL I PAID TO WINNERS WHOSI ENTRIES ARI MAILED TO US PASTED ON THE RACK OP A 1c POSTCARO INOT MAILED IN AN ENVELOPE). Winner It any wW ba an. aawcad aacb Prldav akma with tha fraa aaamnntlw af Tna Iran ma afflca aa4 aranck affkaa aa4 af waif atiblk llarariaa. laact afu. hana4raa factlmllai at tha aaatla ntay aa tab-airrra4 hat AM LIMITED TO ONE FACSIMILE MOM A FAMILY, itpn-aactlaai raaaa hy dapHcatlna avlcat.

mcrvdlna aarhan aapar ara NOT allalbla. YOU MAT SUSMn AS MANY ORIGINAL ENTRIES AS YOU WISH CLIPPED FROM THI OAKLAND TRIBUNE. ONLY ONE WINNING ENTRY FROM A FAMILY WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR A PRIZE. 10 Tha Trlbana aat Saab) far aarrlai that faN fa raach f). 11 Aay raaMant af tha ttita af CaHfarala may antar tha aanraat axcaet amplyaM af Tha Trlaaaa Pablbhlnf Camamy thak hnntalata familial.

11 Tha Triaana rmnn tha riM ra carract typaaraahkal arran aa4 fitcwithm tha canraat at Ma atKratloa. aarract cakrHaa. A naw Batata wW ba rirttad aach Satarday and Sanday. Stady tha cktaa carafwlly. There anty ana aarract aahitiea and aaty aarract aohittoa can win.

Tbara anry ana aacwar that, hi tha apmlaa at Catalog List Price by Piece 63.40 260 inches of 2-rail 'T' track UL and CSA 40-Watt Transformer Built by famous A. C. Gilbert Co. See the smoke pour from the locomotive, hear the choo sounds, watch the train travel up, over, down, around, through and under trestles. It's the most exciting gift in a lifetime when a boy gets his first train and this is thriller! TRIPLE DIVIDEND BONUS RULES taralni a aa taburlatlan ta tha ally antf Sanday Trlhuna, Caih far Cranvardt aentaitaat win bacama aNglbla far TRIPLE hit katit arlta, ahaald ha bacama a wlnnar.

Tha aubicriptloa may ba arthar yarn awn I If yaa ara aot naw a tabwrlbar af tha dally and Sanday frlbaaa) ar that af a nalflh. bar. frland ar ralatfra. A naw tubxripttan la ana ardarad by lamaaai wha ha at baaa a Trlbana nbtcribar far tha part 10 daya. A aaallfymf MbKrlptlaa la ana whara tarvlca hai baaa irartad and mart ba dallvarad by a Trlbana carrlar fa aatablbnad bama dalivary araaa ar ba malkd aataMa af thaaa bama dalWary araai.

MaH mbacrlptleni ara ta ba paid fa aaVanea. A can rattan wha avalittaa far TRIPLE DIVIDEND ramalaa allglbla aa hmf aa tha quallfylap aabacriptlan ia aanthtaad. 10 Per Cent Bonus to All Subscribers A Cash fat Craaawarda wmnar wha ta a aubacrlbar af Tha Trlbana wll lacafra Subacribar'l Ban-M af 10 par cant af tha batl plia. Oakland, fourth floor Concord, upper level Bring the Kiddles to Visit Santa in Ills Magic Snow Castle have their photos taken! urns TRIPLE DIYTJEXD SUBSCRIFTIOlf 0ECEB I hereby authorise delivery service of the OAKLAND TRIBUNE at the regular subscription price of $2.00 per month. I have not been an OAKLAND TRIBUNE subscriber during past 30 days.

35 Nsmcu i (plaaia print) AddrMS. Apt. i a City. Phone- mmm Jl lim x.a iVitt iiainriiaMMi.Atf iMr Above order qualifies following contestant for TRIPLE DIVIDEND credit in the CASH FOR CROSSWORDS CONTEST: i I Mi ly''l" nome BowIln Came Tiny Tears 12" Doll Fun for the whole family. 13" 15 Gilbert Erector Sets More than 325 parts, all packed in gay steel chesf.

Makes airplane, ride, lift bridge, many more. 12.98 Submitted by (name). The TV star doll that all the" girls love so dearly! Really cries tears. Rooted hair. 12" Vinyl body, with layette.

7.99 Polyethylene pins will not mar floors or furniture. Two large 6'i" non-break balls. 6.98 Address. Apt. 'City.

Phone. Dtllvtrj Tki Trtbunt by mail It payoiia in iShop Both StoresMonday 9:30 a.m. 'til 9 4 p.m. Oakland, 1501 Broadway; Concord, 1673 tyillow pass Rd..

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