The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1934
Page 1
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f. • Served by the ~(Jtilled Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 2-1.'' Hlythsvllli! B»lly New* Blythevllle Ccurler _MKstoipm Valley Uader Diyiheviiin ..„,„_.,„, -------------.M IIKVlI.U?, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DRCRMBKR 2!) 1(1; j.| SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENtfe Amelia lo Dare Pacific Calls for New Agreement Drastic Curb on Weapons of Attack. WASHINGTON. Dec. 2!l. (UP>- Junaii today formally abrogated ilic Washington and London naval treaties, Directive Orci'mber 'U 1930.' Notice Uiat Japan Is' freeing herself, from the limitations hn- Jjcscd by Hie naval treaties ivits delivered to the state department by lllrosi Salto, Japanese ambassador, upon cabled Innruciions from his governmei it- Japan called for a ne\v "rciuii.- able agreement" that would impose the same limitation on ar- nmments of all nations instead c, Japan having HIP slum end 01> present rj-n-a ratio with the United Slates niuV Great Britain. Tills common upper limit should be fixed as low as possible, tlin Japanese foreign office said In a statement rtlslrihtited tlrcDuanpui tlie world. "In order to vernier it difficult' for any power lo attack another, but easy i.o defend itself, the offensive urmr; .should bo totally abolished or drastically reduced and the defensive arm. 1 ; adequately provided," .,llie Japanese, contended. Japan said that "far from entertaining the. slightest wish to enlarge her armaments, Japan en- ilravors to promote the cause of peace by establishment of Ihe principle of non-menace nnd nnn- aggr.'ssion.' - , i'lan Maneuvers in Pacific SAN PEDRO, Cal.,' Dec. 2!) (UP)— The United' States fleet will ,-- n the ehtlrt> north Pacific ocean, Admiral ,lo- scph M. Reeves announced toiiay. Tlic nrea In ivhkti the imuicii- Comi Unusimlly Susceptible Popular Pressure. I'lits Is tlie tlrst nt fnm- stc In ivhli-li Koilnr.y Dillclii'r, <,'ou let Ni'ii'.s' U'ashlHKtan i-om'.spumi tells ttliut w« may cxiieiit f f'iinjiiL'!i!i lhl.s irlnlf'r. , WASHINGTON.—Here's the ifclli Congress. It, nan only the haz notion of what it may be do before It gels through, •-':, ' The shadow of the -depres and Us 10,008,000 uncniplayKiJ hangs over the New Heal. The extent to which this s) >y,' Is dissipated or accciitiii will govern Iho future of this C Uics.s. For that factor cannot! determine the course of Roi veil, (lie rlngiinislcr, who Is i hoping that recovery can he' sliced without tieiv mid <li-n experiments. This Is "the first American Congress to meet in . election— thanks to the Morris lame New perils will he faced by Amelia Earhart, shown here 'in her. plane In Colifoinia. in im efTort to add to her flying laurels. The nobd aviatrix. undaunted by the tragedy of Caul. Charles Ulm's Pacinc hop plans to ny from Hawaii to California and now u on .her way to the l-slamls by boat. she. plans to broadcast during her Ions night duck .mnctulmcnl. It was elected November in an unprecedented. popular repudiation of what' linsiTusoiimbla—have come lo be called the "Old Deal and its camlidalcs.' • ' -, Because it .arrives fresh from liiu :ampaigns with election promises still on 'Its lips, and because • its constituencies seem more articulate than ever before as to -their wants, the 74th Congress is. perhaps closer to the people than any other In< history. HOME FOLKS HOI.ri REINS. You have, in fact, a Congress which is: I. Extraordinarily siiscopllbln : lo popular^, pressure. - ' it , ."2."T30iiunitted usmeycr-'before-to rblloiviiiK a president who' him .. Man islands and from the Califor- tnei- ii i-| • ' o i- ~ E?. d I" S ^ ta >^ C ° l !fi»e-!Okiahoma Officer Wounds merit on Charge^ Slan- nia coast lo Midway" island. l.VOO' rWirm 1 l-JIllo, miles west, of Honolulu. -Thiscoin- ( ' L '"lg HIHei . prises an area of more ibaii ,100,000 h-qtiarc miles. Practically every craft in the Unlteii states navy pate, the announcem will QALDAIOHR, Gennanv, Dec 29 (UP)-Miss Eisn ' York, was in solitary ' imjH'ison- inent at the county jail todav fnc- '"T a charge of s' ' ' One of Assailants) in'Fvay In Arkansas. TEXAFiKAN/i. Ari:.. Dor. 2tl (U PI—Fletcher Rcilarrs. 44, rural The mighty armada will mobilize In the Los Angeles-San Diego, San, and Pugct Sound nrois In April. It will number 117 surface ships, 517 airplanes, the dirigible Macon and nearly :i5,osa officers nnd men. If I" Negro M*n Shot by Wife With .32 Calibre Gun, Dies 1 One shot from a small .35 cal- liiu- revolver, firc:l by Valley Waters, ncgro.'s, pi overt falai in h.-r cstr.mccd I'lisiiand, Jr.i: I.oe \Va- K/s. here- last niglK. Th" woman fircti, she told officers, nftor Waters had .slruclc 1 or once and ll:ii.Ucned lo striki her a^ain :ift r .';- .'.iirprisins Itsv w.-ile sin. wa:. (.ciim home from church. -j, 1; , .small Bullet entered Ihe ncgi-oVi head almost in Ihf cemei of the rordieatl. camlni; i-Jmcst insjttn: cc.-uh Tlie negress wi:.-s jnilcd on n ' technical ch-rgc of n:qrd«r after nil-rendering 10 ulriccra. C'oun!..- ami city oflicsi-s -.•.-pre inclined lo J'J.'i. the uaiiH.1: .-Inineless ci?- c'aiiiiR thai, slie i .id (old them on ievcral occasions 'h.M r.he w;ii iifri'd of ht" huM;.-inil nml ina nsti-d oniefr,- to :r,ak? him sciy from her. on one occasion Ihe ni«>ro man had teen jailr-d to prevent iiouble. HP re!ea?';d on hh luomire !o keep Vnvav fioin the v.niiian. polkv sr.Id. fovl lo see her.' Miss Slttell lias received no visits since her arrest, AjQiiclfiy. Requests for Iicr rclpn^c fiflvc been itindfi to Hie stntc' 1 ? attorney but no decision In her Rcdp Dec. -2 lean expert of the .Soar'govern- ing commission, (o aid Miss Elsa Sittell. of New York, held in a Services Held Friday for Thomas V/ade, Steele STEET.E. Mo.—Services wero held at. Ml. ?.lon cemetery Friday afternoon for Thomas Wade, '1\. who died after several years 111- ni'ss wllh liilierculosls. The- Rev. M. Duncan, rellrod Methodist Baby's Birth Paid For With 3,009 Pennies ! AUSTIN, Tex. (UP)—A baby Is worth slightly more than twice Its weight in copper, a local physician "as discovered. 1 physician, who had rtcllv- au Infant for a young cou- nle, was surprised one morning lo find a sack containing 3000 pennies on his desk. A note explained Hint ih e pennies were in payment for Ihe child The coup!? cvldemly had teen ; avin 5 ihem for a long lime. When born the baby weighed is< serai, pounds. The pennies eijlwl sixteen nnd o half pounds. Boys High School Club Studies Good Manners CLINTON, Mass. (UP)-A club for the sludy of good manners . * T rl - r or a ml1 " frmn r- f -— ' ' ncro " lin S fo »" i I lire him to on tli- officcr. •Tl-ny snhl they were no|. coin? lo kill Bcdgcrs but would 'leave him a little bit alivo.'" Rodders and (lie. cider Crocket walked down the road to investigate. Piishim n against Rod°ers' back. Dihliunt told him 1," Imd been "intcrferiiifr w j||i our biisl- I1S5S lon<! enoueh: we're goim. to lake you for a ride." ; said b» and Dilahunt miiltaneouslv. Dilahunt's "S fled bill lalpr Innlr Dilahiml, to tlawoith whore a doctor treated !,j s «™ nf |s Refers said Dilahinifs com- Family Gets Together for First Timen 25 Years 11, ,"•„ (UP >-Separated lhe dealh of their parents 25 o.ors ago, five members of one family were reunited recently ol a family dinner In the Home of Mr. and Mrs. o. K. Probasco. at Mt. Victory, near here "SSSS? °f' he '« m ."y •« w. f'lane Crash Survivors Are Lost in Mountains AU1ANY, N, V.,; DPC, L>0 (Up)— NinniM-oiis ivllof i'lKPiiPics pushed into the fastness of the Adirnji- dacks today si-olslns lorn- men aiul MM- wreckage of IheiV American All- IftlBl', Tim | "* i: dl^n)ni!>nrcil-un route fmiii Syt«i.'ii«i tn Allinny nnd early today tin. ijyci-s iidvlsed they were safe and lhe plnnn dinvn, 'I'h.'y illd not know Ihclr lociitlun but. on! tin a inouniiihi H |siHjt:e of InidiilliK! urotind iluriiii! Ihe nl|>ht, Thpy Wooed 6 \ears; Says "Yes" nlRhl lie in l-"u I3in ii'i th» iiltiirnriin wore' rjidii; incssdscs of (lie wrecked liliinc isrcw fainter mid nlrpoi'l Juw fenri'd they might <lie out. idiogctlier without Urn wreck bchiK found. Thus rescue be delayed until moinliiij, Public Ldler From Ulil- ilies Slocklioltler. session in less than 13 months after. lts| n-OJVKNCf:. Aln., Dec. 5(1 (UP) -. ., . —Mayor Lee Cilenn. of Florence, self-Is keenly 1 .sensitive lo the pap- ular mood. 3. Unusually immune to the pressure of "Big Business" .'and "Higli Finance"'elements which so often had. the last, .word oil le°ls- IStion 'in' the past... 'j. ' . ' Roosevelt, probably,, 1 !will keep llw. boys prelty'well "under control. . When he- doesn't; you can be fairly sure M-'s because lie Isn't.) saying v.hol the' folks back home are saying. . . - , Even before the s'o&slon. those folks back home had achieved a couple of large pieces .of, legislation which apparently hadn't been planned by the president. The Home Owners' Loan Corporation had barred further „,,,,„, for loans on homes and was to fold up. The president blm- °.elf had expressed doubt, whether the time wa r , ripe for any old age I pension legislation. Well, if y ol | jmd sccn , hc slacks of mail that piled up on congressional desks and • In the White House offices you ivoiild know exactly why there's certainly going to be old age security legislation and at least a billion dollars more for home loans I'AIX FOR BIG BUSTN'KSS In each case there was a great pain In the neck for the leaders of the U. S. chamber of Commerce and the National Associa- tton of Manufacturers, who so recently met at, White Sulphur Springs lo decide wlmt to tell the administration lo do. Not to mention the American Bankers' Association. If anyone were (o compel me to pose as a prophet, I would suggest Hint .such pains were likely to become pronounced. Tlic raid today that thf north Alnlinmn ii-l-clllcs—Florence, Shpiric-ld and ,.-, .- been iln-oaicn- |..Jrd with Immediate .'insix-mion of clectilc pov/m- service If they con-, linn; with plans to erect mimic-] iDAl power plants. Mayor Cilenn sold HIP, threat came In n letk'i- from Al C. Garber. chalnnan of u commuter uf (jrcferred stoeltholders of (h» Alabama Power company. The power company dtsclnlrncd knowledge of the letter, staled It was not eluding upon the utility and lhat the firm had no Inic.n- :ion of cutting of! service In the (hree tov/ns. The (owns liavc!nnnoiiuce^ -they will "piisli-plan? tn piwuVc iiuWlc- \vorl; 5 administration funds to .. Ibavs the Muscle In the dart: milew erect distribution systems for iise of "yardstick" power' Irom th= enne?.'-ei> Valley Authority. "This Is tl« most hlEli-haiidcd and-.,lhreatsnhig, letter I have cviV received." -sSid 'Mayor ainhn. 'thisatenril to Shoals 'dtstrlnl ... „„. „„,,. „„„..,., ths ti'1-fllips' ahandoii their inun- leipnl .ownsrshlp plans." • PS Threat Ala,, Dec. 29. I. M. Barry, vice-president ot i«,ui» """ s'-»wsl iiifliiaeer of (lie Ala- lioli,, T i, n ^- bama Pm ' CI rampai>y, todav sent hadnt been • .„, , 0 mn> , or ^' of p,^,,^, and TUECUin'ula repudl- In the cities would be suspend- If they proceeded wllh plans to House Coinmillcc Reveals T c s I im o n y by CCC; Cm up CoiTiiiianclci. , „ U'ASIIINOTON IXe ^9 (UP>A s«i';>iilin! pro r 'iam foi an Aii'->i- "rnii dlctatiirship based on the Jicpry that I' noD'cvolli |:ollcl!>;i wiuild miiy Unj country o ruin, ivn.s detailed in secret testimony by an aimy cautihi nadc public by the house Na:i committee Iqday. Captain Smuuel dla?lei, com- mftiulsr of a CCC gamp nt nil; Ridse. Kid., unpaired, 1-efoie ths uni!nicr4'Hi| actlvlttei committee In New York I n5 t month, Ihe publlsh- sd testimony showed ' He tsst!- nctl that Jnckson MirtlndMK whom he described, as u Wall fct financier told hln^o; 500,000 yoiitha" 1V The g "oiganI > ?atIc 0 n < -culd be backed by ft 5700,0-)0,000 ( umd described os fclng arallabu- I Qlazlcr testined that Maitlndell I told him "that he knew y,jtn ,|, B I prcsnil pollelw of the pusldenl , ivcutimny me comilv x>ns CDm ; I his (o a revolution, and wh-n (lift ' .!me cnmij he wnnle.(l to be i-idy I -vlth his m-gniil/atton to lake over •i. reins of the go\einm"nt' Six years' courtship iri (ic-llywcod Is almost unbelievable, but that s the record sst by Claudia Dell,' actress, shown here" In -n "thinking itrpver" pose. 'and Eddie Sllton, actor's agent, before they decided to ' wed. They -were married December 28 In Pasadena.- Will Hold Services for Mrs, Ashby Tomorrow Mrs. AnnleVAshby, \Mdow of tha lute w. E, Aslity \\ell known res- .dent of the. Promised Land com- iiH'.nlty, died at 0 45 o'clock last iilfllil nt the family hom» __ Funeral sen Ices will bq held auntlay qflarijoon at the Promised i Laud. church nt S o'clock with m« H.ov. prover- Sutherland. Methodist . mini, », , oftlclall,.g inth-men '} will; bs made 1 nt Elmvood ccnle-" 1 tcry Hero. The Cobb Undertaking " company. [ 3 ,|,, cherse of funeral . The following will S!fvc ns nallbEtttcrs: • Houslon Skeliou, Walker McGaughey/.H I, Halsell, Walter Stewart, Jim Boll and Fran! Flls- ' geiald. ... 'MM. Ashby Is survived by ontj. itwtghter. : Mrs M By B urts and' w. sons. Bob, Frank and L K oy.. one of IB children she, s aiso survived bj several bro- eieis and sistsr;, plans to , M , T , , T , , . tribution Lone Negro Holds Up IVIan and Woman; Anotlier Pair Believed Robbed. • _^ J ;\ I l.-> Ul IMII/.l.-ll CJ11 llOifl-UJ)., n ' r i R T '" " lls vlcl "lty In recent month's. i neumotnn ratal to Man ECn " of < vl >ich has been solved. rather frequent and Business pow-wow "compromised," according to dls- Announcement Follows Re- lone ncsio bandit held un- ......v^ and woman, occupants of (UP)—c. T. of fnjtiticlion by Judge Gaulney. MARKED TREE, Ark., Dec. 29. parked CM, on a Jk'e road Tree iic.ii fjl.vtiievi.'lc r.ounfry club last-'share Caipcnter, ^farked night, i '.erlrs KrpojriHins of "iinrttMl another of ,i car" hold-inr, Injured on Highway Near Liltl c Rock. LITTLE HOCK, DOC. 20 (UPi — Buck HurtdlestCii. 19, of Sheffield, Ala., dleii nt noon today—fourth victim of an automobile-truck c.ol- iiston on flic highway cast of here Thursday night. Preparation-, were fceluj made to return Ills Ixidy !o Alabama late today. Huddlestoti, seriously injured In the automobile accident, contracted pneumonia, which complicated i The other two injured >vere re-j .. • •-.Mr. Wade Is survived by Ills par•'«. Mr. .mid Mrs. John Wado 1 TOulenls ot this vicinity, his " 1 " sovcral bv °- ' ^^mj ui umxi manners winoers or the famllv n ins been forum] by the senior B. Wilson, Ada. o- M rs »ys or Clinton High school. Flora. Toledo; Mrs 'HP 1-cv/ls Gordon, submastcr, will!Columbus; Mrs O K p liLsiiuct Ihem i,, good manners'nnd Hffss Mary Wilson I nnd social customs a la Emily Mt. Victory. It was" the Hrs patches, on a program which socks most of the New Deal principles right on the nose. The program. If adopted by the administration, would InVoJre a complete about-face of which probably even tha White Sulphur Springs „ , --,conferees don't even dream It 2. 1)ar ^' of contained not a single new Idea. LITTLE GAIN IN YEAR Nevertheless, Roosevelt yearns for recovery. Roosevelt, Congress, 1 tn , „ d , vj ' -j^ and the sjunto' - would forgive a g g '" ereat deal If the Industrialists and bankers would show HID way. It's . Ralph Gibbons and Cicorgls Cruse told police that Ihcy were robbed by (lie neftio bandit but not moleslrd. They said, accord- ins lo poilcc, Hint they also bc- Ik'vett the .=.imc attorney representing . croppers facing eviction in polujdt county, announced today lie will appeal his Injunction }K- lltlon ngnlnst the evictions lo the stale supreme court. Carpenter announced the action after Chancellor J. F. Oaulney yesterday at, Joncsboro held that the chancery court had no jurisdiction In the case and that It ^ ab ^ e » c< "npii-'t'ed between Bn- Q newly developed legion"?,! "the TraiiEeaueaslon Republic- OGPU, ^^Vad ^'colfruct*! largely by coiulct labor As a re?SL l of JL!!l r .- E00t ! " ork . >" a «y «* "egro i;obbeil was a matter of law rather than 1 , ....... - i mother couple because they heard 1 of equity. a woman scream . when another The Injunction petition seeks to i'?.i .topped a short distance awoy. 1 establish the right of share crop- No ctiu-r roabcry in the vicinity | pers to remain on farms where was to officers. plantation owners hnvc made coi.' Tlw n,vro took about $20 In! tracts with the federal govern! casn. a i-],pek and a watch from mem. The 23 share croppers in- .iCo pocket- i volved live on the farms of Hiram ' •• - - book and $ from Mis and a Ci-ust. Artist Given Award in Mural Contest i Norcross, named as the defcnd- jimt. His attorney, J. G. Waskom. o! Marked Tree, demurred to the plaintiffs' petition, contending the chancery court hod no Jurisdiction. Soviet Railroad In Caucasus Opened now bee"h (no prisoners hase "? 8lvc " P a «t their status as respectable Soviet citizens The economic Importance of the nciv line Is (hat it will lurnlsh transportation for gumbim, B mineral used by the oil industry c.-hlch Is found in quantity in the region served bj the railroad . Also a branch line extending fiom the main road connects wth Tshaltubo, a Caucaslon summer resort which preuouslj has lacked railroad facilities , slx rirtncbHr^^ , . «-- -- •,t new to introduce art. into m hveists Sunday, Mondayj , cont ^ Bowl ? 8me New Year's, were b u< Girl, 23, Breadwinner For Family of 9, Killed TOLEDO (UP)-DorothySchiess. 23-year-old hreadwuinei of a family of nine, was killed here .when a motorist drew out from ,the curb Into the path of an automobile In which she was a pas, u< was crashed into a pai'Kc_dtruck dur- awarded York. . rather vital that the administration achieve some signs of recov- n-y by 193G, and the fewer the signs, the more trouble Roosevelt Oregon', I.lcioiir Frofifs i, 7 . ' Orc - <UP>—Liquorpiof- lls of for Oregon were fo ecnst today by the liquor ..^ iol Vl ac ~'">tant, J. T. Pashe 30 — ....M «.iL-*,nn ui.xaoea The students, most of whom are "» lived *$?<S£ ine * lti ' lhon « h .".(hleies. are niakhif; plans for : —— formal affairs where Jhey can put! filed „„ Birth.Uv into practice what they tcarn.' SYRACUSE N Y (UP)-"- 1 They ^.sh to learn what is the «'nrd ,!. Nil ' proper thing to do without having his death Fie was si to bother with any^frlUs and have j appendicitis while 'a 'part of (heir ev Second, third and fourth prizes ..-- Schless. who worked at a Golfers of the Blytheville coun- Sp3rk P lu S manufactorj-, was the try club play compete In match par In an event at ( ~ le " 051 . - v, ---- — •••• H-".*... piaj j^ajiiav wi in an event at also fell to New York artists, who , the club tomorrow according to j emerged foremost from the com- UUriiard H K°lnsma clrb oro - ' ' main support of her mother, five sisters, three brothers. ^^^.^,, m* j — ^uuui me mo5i. ptru Interesting displays at the first HEp New Hobby Show n-as that of Dr. C. O. Borg"- ' collector of old spectacles. which the .... muralists located - - -.-•-• - >.-"»"iu uvuonun, n, LI nuiecior Ol Old spectacles, will have in the Seventy-fourth | His exhibit, included the gold . Cleveland. Chicago and York were represented. will be awarded In Los ners In (he event. At the moment, the (ration attitude Is one of business men and bankers still being given a chance t stuff end tnd Is-accordtug to the . H« »bout where It was a 5 ,ar Meet . . showed spectacles niat were! 34 Years Separation are made of wood, some Ihat were! . do tfed over and under the ear. a few! STEELE, Mo.—Brothers met for W'cre held ir. place by springs j the first time in 31 years here when the tles. an Chemist Receives Aid Win- I CHAPEL HILL, N." C. (UP)~Dr. | A. .5. Wheeler, acting head of the 1:13 in uiu event. ( "- .y. windier, ncimg neaa ol tne On Motidny e Wind ,bojie event ! cn emlstry department at the Units to te held with players com- j vcrs! ty of North Carolina, has rp- pstiiij- in fnmsomss.- icelved a grant of moniy from the ' .— (Rockefeller Foundation to further • Ihls studies In cymene. ..'.'.•' two lenses • . -wa S SOUri, s Caruthersvillc Negro Is Wounded by Wifcj Iloss Uoyce, Cai-uthcrsville ncsro.j Is in n s=rious condition at the hosplial from a gun-1 wife, near WEATHER -.-; ARKANSAS—Cloudy, rain and lost nlglit. In?, slightly eolden

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