The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 5
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I'llURSDAY, AUGUST SI. 1933 BLY'ttlEVlLLE. (AUK.) COUR1EU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dtlly r«t« per Hue tor conxcu- tive Insertions: (Five tverage words to * line) One time per line 10c Two Umes per line per day 08 e Tbr« times per line per day 06c, Six times per toe per day .. too Moutfc rate per line Mo i charge Me Ada ordered for three or times and stoPP** 1 be'o 1 * cx P lrft tlon will be charged lor the num bcr of Umes the id appeared an adjustment o! bill made. All Classified Advertizing cop lubmltted by persons residing outside ol the city must be accom panled by cash. Rales may be computed from above l« JUd's Place—118 E. Main Call a08 for Auto Painting Body and Fender Service ormerly R. U Sherrlck el. ul, Ueieixiniil. — Tlie dek'ndenls K. L. Slierrlck Wanted 2 or 3 room apt. clown- nnd wife Odellc Blu'rrlck ure vfcrn- WANTED TO HEN1 Malaria Mosquito Guilty of Mumps HOUSTON. Terns Dr. Coofile Is supiwscd to know Homemade Incubator Saved Tiny Baby SAN I'-HArJClSCO; Clll. lUl'l-- Cliuuby lildinnl Wi'iuc, wnn s|H'nl hi 1 ! ciivly diiys In 1111 niKOiilous lioiiu'-nr.ide innibalor, wi'lylis a 1101 null 25 \x)uiuls lo<iay. NEW AND IISEH AUTO 1'AKTS JACKSON AUTO I'AKTS CO. I 1 hunt 156 •it. ko-a Auto Glass All Kinds installed Tlie Ark-Mo Lumber Co. HOB II,Ml HIS 01 HANClNi; 1-22 E. nnvis - - - 101 \V. Walnut l-'hone liSO - Term Oiirns Sept. -I. 9 Sip k4 ~MALK HEM" WANTED IMPLEMENTS ... MAN—Wanted lo lake care of an 10-dc-O-lo) established business in the sale of McCONNON Products in MLs- Carload of Wagons <;rl Our 1'riccs First Il>rum 1'roducc €u. Across From Post Ofticc .1.1 to cry." hnlf months the child was taken His dither, J. H. Weave, placed',from the Incubator in normal condition. ' across llic in (mini's cill) nnd connected (uur'40-witU Jainps. The neat Iroin llic lumps] SEATTLE, Ann. 31 (UP) - M ' tliou«li losliib', 36 lo 0. in n ball even u'liipcriiiuri' of .„ „ rtlehnrd, nieniillinc, wus led through ml eye-dropper, tlie lufuiit liiilncd weight, tlie | m -. V |,U'd »n inn ........ ._ ,._ ....... . ________ liu-luml w«s iiom |ireiHiiluvi'ly.|lnni>eiiaiire was uriuluiilly re No responslDlllty will be take lor more than one incorrect In •crtion ol any classified ad. Advertising ordered lor irregular insertions take the one Urn* rate. Phone 300 or 307 FOR SALE FOll SALE--Electric Tcakcttle,|—, like new, cheap. Phone 930. H. . slsslppi, Craighcad, Poinselt. Crit- Itcnden. Randolph, Lawrence. Croon Counties. Goo<l living right now with increasing profits us you bs- I come riCfiuuhited with customers land business. We ilinnce respon- '''"" IsiWe iwrsons. Experience not ne- "Tcessavy. Apply by Idler lo McCON- UlO & COMPANY. Uopt. WBJ-3U1, I Wliiomi, Minn. Women Grid Fans Favor Tackle's Name of Romeo MORGANTOWN, W. Va. lUP) —Wlwn ii sports writer iittcinptod noiiK'O McDonald, West University football play to ylvc Vlrclnlii - . .. . . or. n nickname to replace his first inline, several women fans '" their protests. "I think (he 11:11111: of Romeo is romantic and cliiirmlng," wrote one of llic fair .sex. "I nm quite re Mr. McDonald will be able lo ly as well under Ills own nnm any nftiiie that might be siig- stcd by u couch or siwrts wrll- FOR SALE USED CAR BARGAINS \ Reconditioned - Guaranteed Kcal Values - Convenient Term* Sec Them NOW—TODAY! •3Z FORH V-8 DKL. TUDOR '32 CHEVROLET COACH ... '3Z PLYMOUTH COACH .... •3Z CHEVROLET COUPE .. 31 FORK c. c. ncK-ur •30 CHEVROLET COVPE ... '30 CHEVROLET COACH .. •29 FORD FORDOR SEDAN S19 •29 CHEVROLET SEDAN .... 5J™ •29 FORD TITOOR SEDAN .. 513* $125 519 FOR SALE-Four wheel trailerSETTLED WOMAN wants Job wllh bed suitable for nny pur- housekeeper or practical nurse, cose Also 12 foot lightweight fish- ^oort references. Mrs. u. L. ictlla- Ing 'boat. Call W. L. Crallon at brew. 110 E. Rose St. 2ttp k31 or 405. 9ek9 ~ 10 l™~ T ]lE^STOICT^OURT OF _„.. PQTAT-P l THE UNITED STATES OP THE KbAlj tnlJUCi I EAST EJJN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS. Ill llic Matter of . W. Tipton. Bankrupt No. 1138 Notice is hereby given that peti , cju for discharge ot the bunk vi-pt has been filed, and same \vi heard in the United Slate Coma Room, at Little Rock, 111? 4th. <lay of October, 1933, ft 10 A. M. SID B. REDDING. Clerk, - By Bess Mnllics, D. C. Mcnoimld. n tncklc. Ls expected | but coiupjiriulvely tew fatalities. o be one of the muinsmys of Uu- . The nialnrln death rale U high- Vest Virginia line this full. . est mnoiiK babies, lie said. _ 00 ncres 40 cultivation on graded highway. Daily mail, fair improvements, large orchard, free range.' Special bargain $60000 terms. 408 acre creek (arm, 150 acres bottom. Trade. Joe Ravendcn, Ark. Hl!Y A 1-AKM AND FAY FOR IT L1KL- PAYING KENT'. Lund pi-ices are (join? "P all along Ihe line. Come m cindi •29 CHEVROLET COUPE •29 PONTIAC -6" COACH ... »J- __— •29 FORD COUPE >»" WANT •M FORD FORDOR S *U i 40s. 80s -M FORD TOURING S 75' sell 640 Ira '28 CHEVROLET SEOAN ., 5 = NABORS DUAL W. TRAILER S J NABORS TRAILER & BODY $U u Oil 1 ' Hit: IIILV. v*""~ •" r'piece before it gets out of reach. E. M. Terry Tcrry-Worthiiifilon Title Co. 213 W. Walnut 21c kit FARMS nnd Homes, easy pas- ments. Ethel B. Thompson Ca- ruthersvllle, Mo. p r!l have buyers for " . Cm LAND COMPANY. FOR RENT Sec Them Now-TODAY! I'hone 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR . COMPANY "THE NEW FORD V-8— any .in' num -in llic United Stnlcs. i:d ixisslbly In the world. He tul- ults Hint he lins sluclled the nll- ;*nl exclusively for 17 years. "When n mosquito biU's sonii 1 - >ne with innliirla." he said, "llir iiiil.niii piuuslti-.s Kolnlo the mos V.iltn's ftomncli. where lliey re iJiotiiifO and pnf.s Into Hie saliviirj guilds. These glands become swollen, nnd the nin&rniUn then lin. In Inmiiuis Is ciilli'd Hie inmniUv Wlien the mo.squUo biles iijnln. llio vlcliin gels the mnlnrln Cooijlc snld mnliirln cenernlly was coiKhleml lo be Hie most pr'B- '-'-• comiminlcable dlscnsi' uloiiu le \\elBli«l only Ihrco iin uilf iwiuuLs mid out the llKhts, -i , too small one ul a lime. Alter two mid one- OUR BOAKD1NG HOUSE gome to the Boy Scouts here, the Col. Theodore Roosevelt Post of the Vclcians of Foreign Wars la I comment It will win its next, dta-| inoiKi lialllc. They've challenge* [ the Grand Army of the Republic. BY Ahem! l support' TO SPIN YOURSfcVT- INTO fv COCOON OP EA=.& tlir Clulf coast. more eco. nomic loss tliiui nny other disease EGAT), ^^At3^^A -*-i AM CO-OPERMlNCb WITH TVAt I HAVE ADJUSTED . TO A WORWNS CODt Of- t>. •FORTY-HOUR WEEK AND rAY f IKST FOR1 HOURS WEPt OVER AT NOONJ 1 AM Er-n\TLtD,NOW,TO \26 WOURS OF- WARNING OKDKIC IN THE CHAMCEfiY COURT OF CHIOKASAWBA DISTRICT OTSSISS1PPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Commonwealth Building & Loan Association, Plaintiff, vs. No. 5355 BOOTS~~AND HER BUDDIES Harold Stcrnbcrs Manager Teslwl liy Your Father For years i-cnplc niuays "Talked with Sternbers: About Cotton"....not only talked witli him but ginned with him. Imvlnx the utmost conHdencc Hint llicy would get the best iiim-oiit |»sslu!e. tho must money for their iTiip....pluy sufe, follow In the footstep* ol olhers. yo.i will llnd their cnn- iidence in Hie Steinberg iinmc was not mis-placed. WELL , VOL) RE NOT 1 — I rA SEEIN6 TH&V YOU AV5.& 6O\N6 TO WORK, EVEN \F ITS JUST AMUStMtNT JOB ,WUtRE PCOPLC. T51NC3S ON YOUR NOSE ,, TOR DOLL PRIZES J '— *- C3ET OUT ) TI-\tRE i UP, „ v ff Q .V TIAE YA-RD S } WllJ.IE SAYS NO! Martin' 3 "ROOM~ Furnished Aparlmcnl iront au<l back enlranec. Mrs. 1. O. Westbrook. • 3 KING OF THE ROAD" Blythevillc, Ark. Opposite Hospital ATTRACTIVE bedroom for - c! »e in. Mrs. M. T. M men -— ^ . EXPERT T,P«writin B and JUchlrc Kcrairin K . U. h. »nshiD 1!6 E. Rose. Call 1U5-J. 2tc kO-21 _ Furnisli«i"apartrnent with bafn. 114 West AsTl. Mrs. Doslia ^ FURNISHED 4 rooms and bath. 1 1218 Holly. Mrs. H. O. Widen™. j Plione 83 or 280. _ _^_lf Modern r^Mlirfurnishcd or unfurnished apartments, newly ace- orated, uvcr Kirby Drus Co. Also store building aajoining Rosy TUe- store n * w Davis. Cal 25c ^ FrigiiUire-Delco Only authorized Frigidaire and ny au Dclco light service. B. A. Mi Her. office pl>°»e eT-reslde " Rcgistcrcd^Sponccr Corscticrr. Mr, J. J. D-vls. Phone L. G. Moss Blythcville's cut rate undertaker -~ residence ' combined "vit!" complete fixture, for meat and groceries. CIO S. Sec Ui'. J-'A- Saliba^ TWO Nicely Fnrnishert Bedrooms Mrs Ed Tlardin, 1017 Walnut. 2Ic k9-21 Toa West Kentucky, Phone 681 21C Kll By Cran WASH TUBBS CX13AN E»s: TAILORS Attractive rirdrooms for ynuilR men 518 W. Main. Call 309. >6ck3-16 jferhanTc's Rara s c and liuildin? suitable fir jjrain. coal or hcer Frisco sirtin?. .Stcrnbcrj; 18c-kl8 IcT us CLEAN and REDOIT.D your FELT HAT. We are .sure you will like our ser ^ c -. N " v : oW1 2l CLEANERS. Phone 180^ UCKJ *•<• ^ SPORTING^GOODS I ONE or two rooms on Norlh Kiiilroad street, suitable fur cotton offices. WH fix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier Newr. INQUIRE about our Ooll Boll Sale —You will he surprised at tlie oircr. llubbard lldw. Co. . lOcK 3-10 "WANTED TO BA.TTERIES CORN WANTED MAHH.YN IIATCHliHY 2Bck!l-2 NEW FORD BATTER1KS Rental-Recharging-Rcpairing 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 24chO-21 HIGHEST PiilCES paid for tire Inner tubes, iron, metals, magazines, hides, cars to wreck. Woli Arian. 128 E. Main. Phone 116 o-CK-3-o Kor Prompt Battery Sen-ice phone 8 Ben Clunc 31C k9-3l If your batlery is weak call 033 for quick battery service. We roll New anrt Rebuilt Batteries. Chevrolet Co. 8-lc kO-1 AUTOJ410TIVE WANTKU EXPERIENCED man or woman with car to handle quick selling product heie. 'Hall Sisters Ehoppe. SUMMER? THIS IS TH£ BEGINNING OF VOIMTEg.STUPIO. ! SO -THIS is ARCTIC IS IT? HECK 1 . AND OM LEADING TOOW. \ND,FOR A WEEK, HELDIlJ 8V CUIUD AND LAST THERE IS OMLV THE RAW, BlTT£f? AMD PWlUG BlTS.'Of u:t ftHO GRAVEii THE RAW cmwo&s TO SNOW, AMD THERE IS MORE UST IV1HEM OMU'S AMKLE IS STRONO 6NOU&H FOR TRA'JEUMG, THE tUEMl<ER CHftNGES SLIGHT MISUNDERSTANDING! SALESMAN SAM t\T tW PO^T Next j ' CiosS ttlPiNTs Vf^ To XftKe. SeR 31ck31 Have that broken glass Installed in your car while you wait. We cut /rd Install class in any make car. ' siiousc-tiUlr. Clicvrolct Co. 8-lc k9-l HKJ.i' WANTED . N wanted to repair scale at 304 W. Walnut St. 25pkl HE.R£& VOL* LOST BLACK and WHITE Setter, has black dot in center o[ head, recently sheared. Answers to name ;i.I, ANHFRfiON In rliarce Chrysler Garnji. , -.- .Work Oiuranlccd on any make: tar of "Dan." Reward for information Vrw Vin Nnrman flnring Machine as to w'.-.crcabouts. SCOTT IIAR- rhone 888. R1S. Plione 63C. SDc'stf 25ck9-25 WANTED fct u.rnnTnt your car before fall. . Prices urn still reasonable on TO PASTURE mules .mill Chml- mliitinz and body repairing. | mas. Plenty to ent. runniiiB w.i- Wreckcd cars our specially.! 'M. aripw levee from old ROEH on i inf. SIO'-W ! TOVVCP, HIM IT 'fJlf> i O&CAR i WHO CALLED : LC: ;0 DlfeWlCt ; K 3$-{W i tLM:u \< *• . v _.-- -, Shouse-I.ltHe Chevrolet Co. 8-lc k?-I Ur.nks Island. Ofo. Perry. I HOPE ao.Top, PAT-WFLL, GOOD BYE.' TOO LATE NOW, KRKCKi.KS: tLLYOUCiDMjl I V/ILL. DM CL£'y7'/^/'&r. D S^\ -HAT THIH&S / JOHM-TELL MEJA;^':/- $'.<*,?• . J ;M •- " " ' r ^^-^^lfid/<lv/lr DID YOU 7REAT f ^ 'm'MVS • ,c TUP WAV '?fe'.T J ^ BVisstr ARE OXAY UP I lh.Cc., P.'^r... AMD IHW WE tU. HAD A BIO TiM c r ' ME THE" WAY YOU DID, AT l .f '^UKEVOU! &O5H, ".LD ! PM'b ^ SWELLGIRL.iSMT ..iC? V'KMOW-l'M SORR.V.MOVJ.I DIDM'T TREAT HER BETTER HM-1 I DID LIKE HER! WtUL, *C« PET SAKE.: THIS IS HECK dF ATI'. TO FIND IT OUT.' £m U I MIULftE^ roc RED NJD FRECKLE. 1 ?. CM BCARD — FPECKLE'o CWT C£t TO , H^PPENEO•~• % 2 i :,>"•*

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