The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 4
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FAGS FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York. Chicago, Detroit, St. Louts, Dallas, Kansas City, Ltllle Rock. ' Af'icmobfr Except Sunday. Entered ;\s second class mutter at the IKXS; ollice lit Hlythevllle, Arkansas, nuclei act of Congress IX- r»«- tober 0, 19H. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier in the City of Blythcvllle, 15c per week or $6.50 per ycnr In advance. By mnll wltliln a ttidlus of 50 miles, $300 per year, $1.50 (or six months. S5c for three monllis; by inal! In postal zones two to six. Inclusive, 50-50 per year, In TODCS seven ami clyht, $10.00 1XM 1 year, payable In advance. A Naivmal Philosphy Must Guidt OUT New Deal Workiiijr out a national philosophy lo K<> with the v; exporinionl now being conducted »l Washington if.- a))l to be one of the most iit-rplexiiis jobs the nation has; ever underlaken. !l is n job lliitt must lie donu. for llic present cJilici: of N'RA, agrictllUinil rciuljustmenl, bank control, currency cxperimeiiliitiim and all tin- rust lias arisen like a house without a foundation. We have not yet taken lime I" say exactly what it is thai we want. We seem to he buildim; a ImiiKl-new form of society, but wo have not the faintest notion what it is going to look like when it is I'mishctl, and wu hiivu been content so fur to make up our blueprint ns we go nlontf. Fnudanientidly, of course, what we want is fairly simple. The whole country, rich and poor, radical mill. conservative, is united on one thing; there imiH not be a repetition of the collapse of tin? past thres years. A laud which is incomparably rich must not. again let itself be rucked by dire poverty. a * * But beyond that the path is uncharted. No one seems to know whether we arc drifting toward fascism, socialism—or neither. No one has yet advanced a coherent theory of economics; politics, or Micial organization to account for wlmt-we are doing. It is easy to say that we have left "rugged individualism" behind; but when is someone going to tell us precisely what we arc going to have, in its place? Nuv is all of this as unimportant us it may seem. Ripht now we arc still pretty well bound together by the centripetal force of the emergency. We have shelved our ililfcrences of opinion to accept the prcgi-im that has been offered us, knowing that any sort of prcgnun was better than continued inaction. * * * Soon, however, the tension will ease; and when it does it will be in the highest degree neccsrary for us to have some reasoned philosophy to base our "new deal" on permanently. We will have to know just what it is working toward, just what it is de- signed to do, ,in*l how fur It is intended to change oijr traditional .-y.stem. In no other way will wu be able to subject it lo the intelligent nn;u- ineut and thorough debate which it must have. -—liruce Cation. ^ - THIS CURIOUS WORLD" Behind Instill'}, Downfall A neither attempt is boinj/ made i;i*l Sitmui'l In.iiill to come back to tlii 1 United States and answer for the w;iy in which hundreds of millions nf dollars of other people's money slipped through iiif. lingers; ;ui<l rl lu-A , this Mine, as if tin- elffirt i,ii;;ht '...: successful. It would lie gratify!UK, of cnnrso, to see Mr. Instill appear before the bar of justice. Bill there is nil sen-e in letting sill of the public's indignation over the losses cimsed by shifty liuan- ciers be rnncenlrated on his head. Por Mr. Instill, alter all, was only a .••ymptoni of an underlying malady. When :i cmuilry goes in for I'reii/.ied linance as we went in for it, H is bound to have its lilsull cases; and to focus all of our auger on (be man liJm- y«lf instead of on the system under which he uperalod is to mbs the point entirely. —X. ! British Invasion MAN THAN MANV PORTIONS Stabilizing Wheat The inlernulioiiiil wheat. recently reached til. London may eventually lu rn ,ou ! . lo lie one of thu must important moves in the complicated game that is heing played lo bring I he farmer back to prosperity. Hehiud the agricultural depression there bus stond the simple fad that tho world as a 'whole is able lo raise a good deal more wheat limn can profitably be sold. And because the wheat- growing ureas are so widely separated and so diverse, it. has not been possible for any one nation, acting alone, lo do uuylhinj; very clfeefive, about it. The new agreement is designed lo stabili/.c world production at a point which will give growers everywhere a decent profit. If it can help to ;is- .-ure that for I lie American fanner, we shall have taken u4oug ,4ep on tho road back lo good limes. — N. !•:. A. "l.ouU, she sends me real sweet birthday cards just to let me know that /he's keeping track." Human Body Needs Variety 01' Foods to Keep Right 11V DIE. MUIUUS n •MiLrr. .Ii);irii,il of (In- ^Udinil A^uciudun, ''ju j;i hi, llir Hi'iUtti ]M:i There arc .some forri!> Ik-.s which can cm SHUHIN , blc. nrfitie ibat prhnUlvc men were .linrrinin more hunUUfnl thnn civlli/crt ' r-f lly- j bccaure they sub.siMccl largely on 5;«/.iiU' ] such iiiitura) diets. urimttov;' DA lUnunil replies that pi'iim- one spy- j live man had to be content with feed Lovely Ida 1-upino. daur.liler of Klanky l.uplno. British stage star, plan* a Ivy as a movie actress in llnllywooil. She is shown :'* *"••' arrived '" N ' cw Vur;. en rinit* W California ior. ;i ~;vcen tctt. "Flying Boat" Passed First Test With Honors HAMADRYAD, A LARGE SNAKE OF THE- COBRA FAMILY EATS NOTHING BUT OTKEP- SNAKES / ABOUT so, ooos CHIAANEVfrJ SWIFTS HAVE BEErl TAGGED, IN A[| EFFORT" TO FIT'T OUT SVHE.VETJI SPENDTHEEIlT WINTERS! ! Any object on the .side of the moon ncxi to us can be nee I a powerful telescope, provided (lint Uie object is 100 feel 01 in rtironeter. This leaves many smil'er details to be suci.ll but there are hundreds of thousands of square miles of the surface that have never been seen by human -?yes. XKXT: Of what ut? are deer antlers lu m/m? EAST PITTSBURGH lUPi— The • attachment of hydrofoils, or wing- "flyiiu; Iraf lias come through its ljke p|!1Ilcpi thc cl . aft att nj ned a wii " cHic kiiitl r;f leaf and v/lncli cat • whatever feed he could yet, thai ulbc. It is .siiri;;. 1 . iis Dr. j this WHS (jft'.'t] scanty and there J. M. Ihuuinil i-'ointn i;:u. to lie- j fore nnl ciirtclicnily suitable. cicle 'vhnl Is tho right nVl for :m ; There v;tv; a lime when thc food nsfTi of this rhnrncU 1 !' \ supplier, in thc United States were Thr human being, h'^r 1 . f'i - . lias ; limilecE in tiu 1 same nuinner, mut radually nccnstninud iini^cU ttj n j today by liic-ans of modern trans- us varied us Ills cii'euaistimros i ]:ortutiun Ticljcns, noted for his rcwardi' °» lhc Delaware Elver HI Essins- in stream-lining of airplane. 1 ;, rac- ! ton. Pa. automobiles, Zeppelins and: -r| le hydiofoiles act in water railway cars. | as an airfoil acts In air," Dr. Tiet- A H-foot boat with a normal i Jens said. "When a certain speed maximum snecd of about 12 miles is reached tlic airfoil, or wing edge, an hour was used in the test. When; lilts an airplane off the ground converted to a "flying boat," by i into the air. Similarly, my hydro- foil lifts the bout clear water." BANUOIi, "Me. (Ui'l — J posted" over a country n»' here readi "Sloi>—Nudist . --Do Not Enter." Thc rarioi I disobeyed found only a co"\vj ing its cud. Read Courier Want cliel permit. By siicli n varied <l may obtain nil of I which fire thcic Is no food sub- anywhere in tlic world that, i:'l Ihe body |.cannot be made promptly nvnlln- ic ni'cesjinry I hie. fsi-iiiiii] for! ni'.KV. TODAY i.niiK, pretty nnu No (inu nnlion can be prosiirrons alonr: no one nation can Ue well oil when cithers ;UT in despair. -Smclixry of Stale Hull. * * ' * I uin sincerely convinced that nm>l of il'.i: niuiists. naked as they :n\\ are bL'Llcr men aiid women than sonic of. our "best eiti/rns" who s" about fully clotUcU. —Rev. I.-,li-y Hoar.c of Oakland, N. J. * * * By a single- stroke, tlin prendfiu. tn I-ITIII- Inu the KllA, lias rcvotntlnnizrd ilic ccnnoniiu world that was crninbling and ils Iraguirnts crashing down uiion Hie cli'lrnsdi-s heads o! employer, worker «nd consuinrv alike. —Oruvcr Wlialcn. clialrmnii of Ni:v,- Ymk Cily'.s Kmer- r.ciu-y Ho-cmployment Cuinnultc;'. nuUtlton.. Kven milk, \vhicli i-i per- i A]lhoup,h. many different varic- iu ; .pj tbe'nic.^t. iierfi' any sin^ie ! ticy cf food are available, many fond, i:, deficient in .'one or two people live on a very limited food IKinieulais. • . • Mipply. In tome purls of the coun- ': . ny the stamlard dinner Is meat, Prcnli 1 v.'ho lu'lii-vc in eati:r; only ' fotiitncs, grnvy. bread, coffee and r:i\v fools, who brlicvr in ;;etliv,i;' mr.l.irsoj. back lo nuture as truirh as pu.v-i- I Obviously, price is a factor with FoiiK 1 [amities so that these sub*;{!.[ '.Lir^ely on farbohydia'.e foucls. rch ^y ceicals Lind bread, and arc unable tn obtain the more cxi>en- rtvc but much u\ore bcncfiriwl fc.nds. s::ch ns milk and yrccn vegetables. | An an'tqnale diel inns', contain j protein, carbohydrate, fat. various • miiieial Mils and \'ittimins. anil all of liie.^e substances can be. obtain- njr li r of llitlt utiirrU-Ji DI cticn Kuiit' - *v,. rlcln^ :III(M Kvc n »lie rrfu» I.Vi: SMITH, mlvcrtisTnj; In !ov* »i Oeii,ir1>m Irni- cllj-. \\ork- ji. CHURCH EXCUSES flv Gro. W. liarliam OUT OUR WAY By William! w. (o a-, he is i-.uv; i-xi:«-.i f'uucwlu-if for EKH. net cv: r. hiinsc-::. when and ",-hcre ;!,. iuid wl:r;e from '••. I 1 , will. I think !•„• frr.m hr;ivirij; r-o ir, ley's ac:ivi!ii's. nm! many men r.f : .o ii: than he has b-i: nrivice and lo t:-.k and l!m. Hi: !'::: any day r,tnv :'r r.ecrt of-srmc r:.- i-t I ho (•••.ui'chi, plans -.'.'.-.a :.!]. not al!o:d to especially. Ihc- vcikcci mil :<• tendance and :; have 11 his pUiir- ^ It.em patenini cue :.s sincad out; •.- lo be call.Mi '.bin;;—-no one.! knows exactly rail is coming : i 1 . tome, sin civ I ml tins idea i <l If [U'een vegetables and milk are the person who desires a in iii,- >n-r»rlf m.ISS, 2IIIXA AI.I.EX, ttou'lVlc-mn «n,ir wrllrr, live Sf-pplvcn n l«<tftr in i:\i-: r u r. x T i s s. fo Manulr.mle n-lni i-i i>ln;lnK Ntiu-k mnrkrf. I:it- decide* t lla- same lltin^. Without 11 nlHce, f.-iiiflr!* llh OF'.OIICK t/io iln A tll-KN "• lullr. fro t her tuothtr : s.i IIOM:»IIII:K, nn advert r-i- ne limn,] 1, 7 n,,,,,!,,.,. . Arlcnc fu kcrsflf in | •ycfi the dress ' wist- ,ll|r. "F.ven with my employees' percentage otT,". she .said, "it will set me back" "terribly— but I cant resist It, I'Te never worn anything el lovely as this dress!" She jlrokr-rt the soft ruffles gently. "I've never bad places to wear such things," she went on, "hal now that I have Ibe dress I'll make occasions to wear it!" That Gvenini; fCve sal in Ibc brilliantly lighted theater and looked h.ippily about her. 'I'he ruby reu mohair seals were rapidly tilling with t.cautl fully dresced women ac- eompr.nied by men in severe eve nine; clothes. Down iu Ihe second row Uick h;:d seated Mrs. Drooks at tbe thousands <rf io lirtd been spent to rravii 'lainf and Jdrpps :or tli<J Slie knew ifiai the rare vn:'I fitrnilnre in the lobby wei| mensely expensive and painting;; on the walls wcrJ Inals. The auditorium ilsel been decorated in cerise nnd| ami black. --Arlotie declare the powder room was ' decorator's dream conto while. Marya praised the combination of woods and iu tho smoking rooms. x Tho next day Mona Allcl fidcd to Arlenc that Thevonl had invited her to the new tl Tlic ishl K :iin« IIP lo huld uul cn vnttiiiril slncli i;vr |.i::titH. Slir ilri'l linlll it cr-inx live MMV (.0 O.V WITH Tlir; STOKV CHAP: Kit xx for Ibe night when it opened | and the touchers. -Mrs. Urooks was public. weariox a black ilre-is thai liatl | "I liail another mvilatioil been carefully ninde ever and em-[ but T accepted .Mr. Kcecc's hi bcllisbed with the hc-.-y s.^hl and | be asked me lirst," she addei" ir o cll erii --;,. i>f licnrint; so ..vl; less ab:l:lv railed in [or :-!i,trse of this .--.:. thai :no-.i -• vill see II:,:.• take rlinrw • tj niake !if\v .'•.n:— that s my simply can"k his pi.i::^. has aeon; .vise thr ;:;- S^ir.o of iii.•. if he wmilil out r.r.d h:t',v H ffi c i cll i amount of milk and 1 " 0 '' 11 «E rtnllIcs wi «> R 11P wil1 P'-obnbiy come out satisfnctorily. ametlyst jov.-rh-y Ilia: lud l:esn a ;;ifl from h;r Inu'-an:. Tbe older I-. nexl few weeks wore busy ! of t |,» woi-o her "convcrti- for Kvc. Onlslamling in import- ble" black i::t t'.vc^s from which Swedish Plane Saves Woman 111 in Arctic tn anec was tbe oleums of the new llieatcr ivhich was lo be a sala occasion) In f.ake City. Dick brouglit liotue pevernl invitations for the opening night. Admittance at the lirst |ierfonn,ince, be cxplaliiil. was to IK strictly invitational. The following evening HOnnN. Sweeden tUP)--Hv fly•^ a total of 170 miles, partly in ftij;. an ambnlance plani' of Ihe '.cdi.^li Ke<l Cro=s. stationed the Airlir Circle, rescued a i:> t'r.e wilderness 200 miles fur- I.:-.i:!i \vnman who had (alien ill taei north !;!; th" fortress at Boden. at 8.30. The pilot. Sergeant Ounnerfeli. h.arlcd r,t Vlttnn^l nt fi:CO to pick n;' a doctor. At 10:0fl o'clock vi'.-n it was still daylisht in iliat rra;.-.n. he wns forced down on • r .;.\-\ Lai:e N':ii::inkXn on the Finnish r,:ici '. hon'cr bv fug and at 0.00 thc next H,- ' r.ifirninc tbc> sic woman was car- At 11:00 she was In a bed I i:\ Ihc Uatlcn hospital. Courier News want Ads. GUESSB , Vvi l-VOT, WART , \MHOr him tin- him to . have the r:m: have di:fi:;r.. . say; he if he ca 0'. the theater -Would lie open to Hie public. "There will bo lots of offers to buy these invitations at a nico premium," Dick sriid, "but I would like to catch anyone selling liN'" , , Ho asked Eve to give one o; lae ! cllcck ot lhc " rati "-invitations lo Mrs. Urooks. who had f C 1" | l' mc " t i; been continually considerate and thoughtful. Two others were tor the teachers who lived on the ilo:r above. There were severe] left nnd these. Kvc was to pass on to some of her friends at the store. The nc'.vspapcn had ilevu'.eil nnu:h space to the impending event ar.d Lalcc City in general looked forward to it. The. morning of thc opening Theroii tlcetc telephoned Eve ;\t her office. "Just wondered If ymi could c c t me a couple of cjtnpa for ili« open- in; chow loiilEhl." he saiil. Kve lold him she was sorry Inn . s j lc ) l;l< ] lhc sleeves had b:ca detached for Ihe occasion. S-lunlay afternoon the sleeves v.'ould be sewed back in place for the lumuai reunion of her normal school cla?.=. Miss McEI- hinney was chaimius in flowered yellow taffeta with liny puffed sleeves and she a[iparcntly was much intrigued by a handsome young cellist who sat before her in the orchestra pit. ] Dick^had made a last minute and lighting iw busy back would join Eve after lhc performance began. Ha had reserved a boi for their S'JJ3l5- Eve had invited Arlcne mi! 3am, Marya and R<vy. They made an. attractive grouy—Arlene glowing in rose chiffon. Marya i wearing forget-me-not bluo satin, and Kve wilb her luslrous honey- colored hair and pale sold lace dress. Kvc wore one srccn orchid at her shoulder and her wrap was lined with green. lone Einilec! wisely and saidj ing. A FEW evenings lalcr nidi Eve, Arlenc and Sam | stage during a performance. "When I see what np| means lo lhc nctors," said "I am ashamed to think I t tho curtain go down afler a I performance wilbout showlr | npprcc-ialicn. Just see they work lo please us—andil is uo other way we have of jl Ing Ibeni they have : She was really contrila ov<| past IndEfierence. A small j girl wearing a very full dress entered the smiled at them and per. ::cT] table nearby, live spoke to her. "I'm about lo go' j;irl said. "1 do a dance *-i| number." "Thai's a lovely sown yw| wcarins." Arlenc offered. "Thanks. Do yon like my vj the tlaucer asked, nnfoblirig ; die ot blue she carried mub| aim. "Yon sec, it's an e party and I enter wcarins T i ; The sir! aruse and wrapped l| ill-: heavy ceris: nirt;iin. J parted, i gracefully In the ntclallk) _...._ Ibe lighls went down and allj'; M >' a unt made it." ih , to do wilb distribiiiiug the ' eyes were turned lo'«r,-l tbe tlage. I naively. Invitations. I Flrcl o;i tbe program was a tea-1 A few moments KUer thcyl Arlene-was goine to Ibe portorm- lure' motion picture tiarrins a | lo see her discard the wrsp J 1'ie porform- aiuc with Sam llolcrlik':. whu bad taken her out twice since- Trcda's p^rty. live lielpod Arlcne select a new frock for the occasion. During the noon hour they slipped Into Ihe dress department and it was popular actress. Tlii^ wnc followed by a few vamloulie ails o! especial merit. Suddenly from behind a shimmering famous silver curtain stepped a Viiiidcvilic star in an llu-ir forlunc to hare Freda show i ermine wrap. Her white gown was Ibem tbe newest gowns. studded with brilliaatc, accenluat- IUE'. a minute!" Krcda said sud- , I"S 'he blackness of her hair and clenly. "I've an Inspiration!" | cyss. Her dynamic stings charmed Kho brought Into tlio fitlla; room I the audience, her spurklins wit a soft rose chiffon with myriads of .captivnlcd them, liny ruffles. Us low-cut neckline | Smiling ai.d iiolclins out her gave it a touch ol sophistication. 1 arms, she exclaimed. "This wonder"It's Use most romantic looking ' tnl thcolcr— t must congratulate dress we've ever had here," t'reda i you upon having such a beaulltul Ihe course'of her dam-o b| herself on one. hand, lhc falling flown "about ll ridicule petals, her slim yonn| erect like tho stamens ot : When she came off Hie. I again the Mule dancer, breal Joined Dick's parly lo remainder ot tho pcrlormanc'| parcntly she craved appro! She frankly enjoyed Kve's and chatted gaily «ilh hsr. I Ellin and graceful herself, sntl felt thick and clumsy In thcl cnce ot so much animation.! girl paid marked attention til "Aren't you afraid to let 'heart' wolk in this lair n[ ti Arlenc asked with on Bark l'JSi-1 declared. "I telephoned one ot our • building in your ciiy. ll la ibe wealthiest patrons Hie minute It ! mosi beautiful house in which I came In and she took 11 on my, have ever appeared. 1 hoiie'' (audition?" rccoinmeiulallon. It was lovely on ' here i-he milled a^afn), "that you j horror. her. She had the same dark' color- ; will appreciate it!" i:-.-.; you hive, Arlcne. But Ihe uexl I Eve, too, hoped thai I.ako City j Cleopatra herself," live d.iv she returner! it for sori'.e unex- '. would apprccialo 11. She knew (I3nl in lier heart : lie w pl.iiiiei! I'cjsou aLid I've bc-jn ivjii- : souicthing of thc Ucu:5udou:- cost ! :-he hail vi coranaM-.-« lat for juil v; lUlit tcr«sn lo tnal liij _'i;is iu "Oh, no! I'd Il!ck 3 ,- wear it-" uei jL;ii

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