The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1934
Page 6
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.PAGE six All-Star Game nl S,-,n Francisco Hns Bit; Ap Sammy Slrsng NJcitJln, Bad jjj] Eshlcn, Al Bridvrel), tlllle Shafcr, Art netcher, Dtive Bancroft and Jacitson. _ Barrel! won't be compared with John Montgomery Ward, for the Callfomlan obtained from the HjUIto dc« m .part a m, ls . . . . v .,,i, llm ,. Bar it'll Is more "Jlltely to be oi Hie Burnt and gi apple frater- compared with Dahlt-n, for like -.vill s*ap flips and blows In Wik ' Wlllyiim, he has a habit of lif «mciy ring on the Amorlcsri ? c "l"e Into rows with rival nlav- I.PSIOM eard. .ITS. In fact, he is a Oiant at heart IHf Ja;t two Eiirvivon nl n,™''"id flow HIP lain .M,., »<_,-,' ! Wrestling Royal •Jo Scheduled For Monday Mai. Card A wrestling royal ml! be dished up to Blythevtll« mRt lane here Monday night when five members J1V. JJM.UV NEA Sr-lTln-. Sports Writer rt aiijirai-s (h:ii Cnuclieji I'JIch llanley, ex-Noilhwes(oni nientur, imj \\-co /luiij- KMT. Colgali- na- Biclnn, nre 0ohi(> in avenge Die two slrntf.hl defeats the lias .administered to Ihe ensl In ihf nnmml ;ill-st:ir r.eclioiud Shrine same for crippled children In Run Francisco. New Year's 'O;iy. )n tile imtlr- Of "Six All-Amor In then Mills having tenu litre once (if role or victor, nnd ^ iwii in' more Dine.s noti'i-;, bellow- « W |] (j ' SI .,. nm . ••" " imiitjr u — is lii prospect nnd luivo nr -w,, nri'going on ilie ncld of hat- 'I'liH^I l«r two otfielnls In work lie with ;, decided <-d R e In pimli- In Ihe Mn K with the five im,i clml uliirss_ov u v Cradles liabe Ho)- 1 men. l.ooji miir-Hy who hasnr Sml,. uli.l llH.'lltvl Km... ..,. '.i . . lias Against One," ur.nlcy and 'I'nc- tax two survivors ol ihe 'ivt-rnnn scramble \vill rest, 10 minutes nml liwj procenl (o svrw He iwo oni. of ilii-ee fan s m ,, t two dour or lea-, lime limli. I'lvf 111111111,.)) iiave iioen uoinl- "i mix M. _ I" tin' flvf-cor- Tliey nre Popeye ;; Mlll! '., S|>i'('dy fielmcffcr, All nn, 0 ; u». conlmtatit.s- have iiereii min u™n h ? W "; e lale John Mcdraw would hnvo hl:ed to have had him i .BBi-ieHfc current /1?lul w(l , „ ' ^irjixlprs win help hoth the New Wk niul. nrooklyi) outHlfi nt ()«. onm w)) p r( > | t ,,„,,„„. I|losl yenrB l here hn-i been loo JX'inri t/i |>npj-.h-i|] » (i-lfltng dlfTci-emri! |,, t h(! ' «f |)l(iyers In miitlneo •miiK Jjerforfiinni'es were Itf tlie Nnllnnn !>!<• Stcilc, Wr.slilngion Percy t/wcy, Denver The eiisiern firruy protiably . here Milt of the unit oiu- of the jii-blier.<! the \nttKl re Biuiie. «r|ll |j(> Tin! other him in i iii.Mi-in .ujiiy prurjaDiy f]!l.-i innrt All-Aiucilra talent thmi unyi" 0 '- V't heen mimed. ihoi ever went west before, i'linl. Wl<l; 'l'lut( r.-ciilalions. whleh Elite ftlllr . | r nl H l )t K n m( , s or U,re« ,, r ornln,,,l over ,, Mretol, of the ^Inor four i lot of slnwd why university they 1 rimnnl, under- don't enII Dint nn fitnle. N< ^L^ ;s'K'i".'. SCHOOI: Duane Purvis,. Purdue luicfc, no doubt would have bc-en right up there .too. )>nd It. not been far nn nnklc Injury early in the reason which kept him out of :i edjiple of games. An Injury In practice for ihe nll-star onme linr. him | out again. j By Harry Grayson Couching it Prnljlein Againsf these vcnovs..... „, the west bus only one ninn to <if- fei who ciune In for All-Amcrlnn . If Waller Vincent Mnranvilln Is |nlile lo .s-tBi't next season on Ibe 'med athletes, I n ' lsto " Braves* active ploying, list lit will mnrk lii.s M<! ypur of Na- ttonnl r.enyue service, and break Ihe record held by Arts-Inn crai- honoi-i, nnd he was hy no means .a popular cliolec. He is Geoi-gn Maddox, Kinisns fitule tackle. Here is the personnel of Hie Uvo teams: East—aids: Larson, Minnesota; peeper Northwestern; Dordra, Fordham; and Dogdnnski. Colgnlc.'i TacKcs: BeiiRstoi), Minnesota;' Slcen, Syracuse; Pacetti. Wisconsin, and Brooks, Colgate. st Guards: Monahun, Ohio Slate' R Eirclay, Korlli Ciirnllna; Hartwle', " 1'ilt and Wlialen, Norlliwestern ' Centers: ford. Michisnn; and Ackerstrom, Colgate. Bsc'-s:. Bromliiskl, Columbia'. Muiijas, Pitt; Lund, Minnesota' •"- ••—••"uivii 5 Purvis. Punlite; Veller, Indinnn : , giving ^.scen ihe Welnslctk, rltt; sheppard, West- wl ." ch "" "ir-sMc cm Maryland; and Noil, Dctiolt. Wcsl—Entls:' • Morse,. Oregon; Pemiino. St. Mniys; Rnv Fu n un Soulheiii Mctiiodlsl: nnd "nillTIiih- Iraid, Han Jose " Tnckles: stanline Alison. Uahhit ha:; only lo appear In MO conlesl.s lo belter llomix nchlcveineiit of Imvlng d in 2785 games, which Is tops nlong Hint line In the j senior loop. Minnnvillc Is 4;i, yet Ihe Braves '""psed vvilh his shin-bone nt Petersburg, last spring. Tlw :abbit is dancing slrensth hnck Ho his leg. On with the dance! * " t Dr. Rnlph c. Fliitchtson, young president .of Washington nnd Jefferson College, .snyj! fonttall teams C °^ l 5 lc _ il ^ til «Hon 5-iO.COo n year. 1021. array, - decision dc- i , v(c-torj' over California in Ihe Fiosc Bowl. I would that that was dirt cheap. . nsint!- ton Stale; yilen, •' Washlngion: Clyde Carter, Southern Methodist; Qforge Martdox. Kansas State- nnd University or San Washington 1-Javn Harry, who was made fa- Wnshlng- " 1n " ii l;> >' " lr •'long' 'Count given riit~ n ,~... Oeno Tinincy In his second cdl •Jim Barlw. rrineiico. q, C ', Unr '! S / ,' ngon btate Much*. James staccv, Washington; ami Zoyer, U. c L A Center; !.(,„•,. Seimerltii? u' g r; ar,d Prnnklln Meier. Nebraska'. Backs: NichcOu,), si Aterc's- Waibmtoii; U. s. c,; Clemens, u'. S. C . Sulko«kv, Washington; Snla- llno and So'jrero. Santa Clara; ami Tire Texa.*- Roy Bohn, Hillinrd Berry, Tuisa On paper, it tobks ut,, „ w . lk way for the east, but anylhinE can happen In football: ns the last onstrntcd. ' P " s H is sure to bn n grenl. , l llt "1C owl Enmc detracts considerable Interest from the coniesl Mo-t of the publicity goes lo Ihe P.Ka of baltle. Thi., same i game cheated ,he w «l three All-Amcricas-Omy crip. a 11( i R e.v, loU , s of s \ Tlie second is the handicap that nriscs from u, e am erenl , ' al coaching , 1)e vaiious players Jinvp labored under during uieir ca- <«rs. On both teams yol, Cl plnvcra schooled in the Rocknc Jones and Warner sy.Uenls! ami "en (hr old Minnesota shift. With Jrilled into nanyv. differ the )ien(!s lirived of a . on e i?t ay 01 December. 1934. nl which niialirted electors l,UaUl School Mel shall vote on thr (|UM . ion ol t-renllne a building 'V the mills ror va fn , C " nliinlon Properly a{ „ n Inilldlng rund n " m " 1 " )l on l)le a or (he tnx In ,]ie dlslrlcl. lo lie for oiicv interest thereon or u pro- ;iow<l rcftimling bond ksue or $24 MO. Slid, election slmll be liPlil n i ?" "'" •'"•'" (l ^ ° f DC- r, bclwccn the hours or 2 !• M., and 0 p, M, : nm , ot)) wise In the .sniiie manner ns m provided by I OW ror holding „„. mini school elections W "'NE8S my hniul and u, 0 scnl M MW court, (|,ls 28lh day or November, 19M J • Seal) KHKP FREEMAN, Clerk or the. County court or Mississippi county Arkansas. YA11BHO SPECIAL SCIfOOI, DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. Ily Jno. w. Wldner, ''resident, "V H. Ti. ,\kln, Secretary. 30-7-14-31-28 con c lion with .luck- Uemixsey, Is ot.l on bond pending n heading j«h u or charges erowltiE out nf an n i- ID deliMud n Chicago plot bank and sunuice company. 1 t Unbellevnble as :irin Const. T^nxni! ?d themselves tlie Sprlngnrfo, in- RUCTION IN OOSNELL "PKC- JAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. (i MT^ MlOCMOf^tTi^^-^ .. right (0 Mn nmpiics. thus taking in,. nnd safety of the blue-' ^ hereby ''given that the County Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, has called a special LT «°, W - " eld '" : "<» MH nl School Dblrlet No n of Lvilppi Comity; "Arkansas, on 27ih day of Dec,,-- i<m „. - on the tax . . " -'*»^IY ui me rjiuo- Jackets out ol the hamls of 'the president of the circuit. ^The system- no doubt will make ,^'f '*.'. w 1<fl '' %1 '" I'liccl n haven for As Beans Ucai-rtcn. (lie Nntlonni easuc arbiter who resides in I,os explains, "On every close —..:rfct shall vblt qnesllon of.' crenthW- ii '-jtimd by. the levying ..of T nun, for „ .building fund be eollecled nniuinlly 'on the I .ralimiioj, of ihe tnxable •l-y In the district . for 30 ID repay borrowed money "'" interest thereon of a I of to , , decision „„ i,u,pl,- 0 wm wotl , '"'• <Hc moved MHI^l, C \Vlll 1 whether il means his Job." Oiiidlflovrt.r Chain James Norris. s r ., millionaire grain broker, is behind Jin, Mullen and Nntc Left-Is is a new pugilistic pi-omotovial --- that hns been hlghlvsitc Mssful lo dale. The combination i.v IIRS exclusive rights nl "cago Slsdlmn, Inn !,„,; ... into the Deli-oil Olympic and plans product.toiLs nt the si Louis Arena. ^Splendid aliorlstoppliifj ru Ihc )iek Baitell renews 'the old Cc mat cracked up with Travis Jack ^!?r.i"''"," lfBS ' Blon<l »' n 5-»«'. ider.r. "° hll 'd hi so ucceptably In 1M; (| — .... v tjlt *:citui of their ^' 1 ''e colorful enough ' perhnns Barges for three campaigns, the ;vrw one of the least accomplished °, Cl1 !? f«;.«« d .«"' U'e Prob- P«>*7 "I'" ««r looked at } H ',,~ for Ihe Oiants. should _ lake his ,,hce Montgomti-j 1 „?' ' nf Oi n P. ... -. _ ami otherwise (Seal) on Ihe 14, between the Hie same, man-' provided by law for ny hand and Ihe seal FRRD FLEEMAN Clerk of (he County Court of Mississippi County, Af- knnsas. C10SNELL SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT* NO 6 "" -— COU'N- By M. E. Cook, President B.V O. C. Wadley, Secrelary. 1'resident Andrew Johnson was a tailor for seven years before he foamed Hip nlpliabct. il 1051 "artell «.i. tuiiu YVJIII IIJO Icm of Installing their own tfm In less than it nuitilh. haie done, wonders with the material, however, and this gamel Hlor '*' pioinLes lo he an even greater' '— display than any of Ihe others due to the wide-open mania that lias attacked football this year. A cubic foot of solid gold weiehs 1200 pounds trov weight." nrit - PobWj Jack GliiVscock. Otx>rge Davis. JOE P. PRIDE Certified Registered Engineer General Engineering, Surveying, Mapping rhone 498 Blyilievlllf, Ark. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. .INSDRANCH. DEPT. TAX PAYERS NOTICE Paving No. 1 Sewev No. 1 No, 2 TAXES Arc Nmv Due and Payable at My OiTice G. G.CAUDILL Collector 106 N. Broadway The New Ford V-8 lor 1935 is the biggest and roomiest Ford car ever built. It is a strikingly handsome car. with modem lines and new, luxurious appointments. ! ' But most important of all it is designed to give you smooth, easy riding over all kinds of'roads-"a Jiont-setrt ride for. back-seat riders." This ease of riding is achieved by the use of three basic principles never before combined in a low-price car. _''i; Correct distfib'ution'ol car Wftight by moving 'engine and body forward eight arid a half inche.i. .2. New location oi-seatsj with rear Beat moved forward, toward the center of the car— away from the rear axle and away from the bumps. 3. New spring suspension which permits the use of longer, more flexible springs and increases the spring- base to 123 inches. Tho result is Certler-Poise -which not only gives you a new riding comfort but. adds to the stability of the car and its ease of handling. You can take curves with greater uafety. There are many new features in the Ford V-8 for 1935 which 'make the car still easier (o drive. INTRODUCED TOMORROW A New Ford V-8 That Brings New Beauty, New Safety, and a New Kind of Riding Comfort \yithin Reach of Millions of People New brqkea give more power fir stopping quickly with for less' foot piessure on ihe pedal. A new .eagy: '. pressure ciuich employs ceniriiiicjal force to increase elliciency nt higher apeeda. New steering. mechanism mnkes the car still easier to Handle. The New Ford V-8 for 1935 reteuns the V-8 engine which has demonstrated its dependability and economy in the service of more than a million owners. There ' are refinements-including cfankcase ventilation, cast alloy steel crankshaft and copper-lead floating conneciing-rod bearings—but no change in basic design. You buy premium perform- once when you buy this Ford V-8 —full 85 horsepower and capable oi 80 miles an hour. Oilier 1935 Ford features are Safety . Glass throughout in all body ty^^s at no extra cos]. New welded all-steel bodies. New wider rear doors. (Front doors hinged forward.) New lower double-channel X-type frame. (Makes it easier (o get in and out of the car.) Rich, modem tody colors, including a new gun-metai finish of striking beauty on De Luxe body types. Luxurious now upholstery and appointments. New, wider pillowed seats and sorter seat cushions. (Front seats are 4 to 51/2 inches wider.) Clear-Vision Ventilation, with adjustable cowl ventilator and a windshield that opens. Combination fuel and oil gage and heat indicator on new. modem instrument board of the De Luxe body types. The spring leaves are tapered for .quiet as^well as flexibility. Larger tires have a new, widerltread. specially designed for safely and comfort. Bodies are insulated for quiet and temperature. We invile you to see this New Ford V-8 "at the showrooms of Ford dealers. You will want lo ricie in ii-to drive it yourself. You will find it a new experience in motoring. >! t} tt C'- I I Foid V- 8 Prices Are Low U BODY •TYrKS-Coupe (5 w.rdo-,s), SMS; Tudor Sedan, »51f>; Fcidor Sedan, $575 - DE LUXE—Roidsfer (ivllh Rumble beat), ?550; Collpe (S win| , |»70; Coupe (5 window), $580- Pliaeton, - $580; Tmlnr Sedan, Sc'all Cill> . l ' Iol< ' 1 (lri((l Rumble - TOimiNG^'sr-DAN^"' Sh Inidl-hi trunk—Tudor Sedan, =55.-; Fni (lm . Srdan, 5B55. (F. O, B. Deliotf. Standard accessor; 9 rc U p including bump,,, and spa ro Hi, H i. r typeB haro Sale 'y Gltis3 Ifiioughoul. 0 | D0 ac idi t ! ona i cost Sma |j aowo pOYmsnl. Cons-cnienl. econonJcal Icirns Ihioucjb lie Univejsal Cjodil Co.) Touring Tourln." \ See // Saturday and Sunday - at Our Show rooms THIS MARVELOUS NEW FORD V-8 FOR 1935 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized WffCfffm Dealers Blytheville, Arkansas

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