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The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida · 52

Tampa, Florida
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Wednesday, September 17, 1969
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2-C THE TAMPA TRIBUNE Wednesday, September 17, 1969 At 57, 'Rookie' Tries Hand By STEVE SNIDER UPI Sports Writer NEW YORK Among the rookies in the college coaching ranks this fall is 57-year-old Clary Anderson of Montclair State, long-time high school mentor who started many a young player on his way to football fame and sent another one to the moon. THE moon man is Col. Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, who couldn't make it as a halfback on Clary's 1946 state championship team at Montclair, N.J., high school but wound up as the star center. "Darndest center you ever saw," says Anderson. "As an old Colgate player, I used the Andy Kerr double wing in those days and it meant a long backward pass by the center ., on every play. Buzz made ithem all with one hand and t' used the other arm for blocking. t "He didn't make a bad cen-? ter pass all season." i In any year but '46, Buzz f would have made it at half- - back but Clary says he had two other boys who edged him - in experience. - "I didn't want to waste a dedicated athlete," says An- 'derson. "So I asked him to ;- play center. He made the '.' change in a hurry and was a fine player though he weighed only 160 pounds." f Tuesday Results FIRST RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade c Uini dm - To $1 Weight Change ....8 1 J"' Main Appeal 2 7 2 2-12 2.40 3.80 K0.y,! Irio. $2 80; 10.40 Main Appeal $4.40, S3; Royal Party S4. Qui- meia ti-) paiu aii.ow. SECOND RACE-Five-sixteenths mile Grade B (second half daily double): Dogs PPB?S,tr Fi'i T? Jake Jones 6 2 2 1-1 ' ?ow:d?I 9J.TW ....7 1 1-1 2-1 21 . JPate J?nes SHO.' $6.60, S4.20; Powder Charge S16.60. $6.20; Captain Billabong iio in omiPi (6-7 oaid $144.60. Time: 31 ij. DAILY DOrBlE-Weiyht Change and Jake Jones ts-oi pam THIRD RACE Five-sixteenths mile f r Uli sir r ui .. 1 4 1-7 1-7 To Si 3.30 2.70 Twin Pipes . Brief Story ... "R.'s Proudfoot ..232 .583 2- 7 3- 9 3-9 4 5 4 3.70 -Deadheat for snow Twin Pipes $60, $4.20, $2.80; Brief Storv S3.60, S2.40; R.'s Proudfoot $2.20; Pickaway S2.40. Quinieia (1-2) paid $10.40. Time: 31.30. FOURTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile- Grade m: . Dogs PPOffStr Fm Points West 8 1 1-4 1-4 Rinaker'i Captain.. 7 6 2 2-4 Big Marker 4 2 3 3-9 To $1 1.90 1.60 12.30 Rina ker's Captain S2.80, $2.80; Big Marker $5. Quinieia (7-8) paid $6.80. Time: 31.87. FIFTH RACE Three-eighths mile Grade D: i tv,c PPOffStr Fin To $1 2.40 8.20 3.80 ; Zip- . TVwitfs Ouick 5 2 1-2 1-6 Zippity 6 1 2 clsrice Jones 4 3 3 i Dewitfs Quick $6.80, $4.20, ..;. C7 on Cdcn Jia .lnnpc 2- 6 3- 7 $2.80; $3.40. Qm- .niela (5-6) paid $22.40. Time: 38.22. SIXTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade A: Does PPOffStr Fin To SI v Weegee Flash 4 2 2 1-1 36.00 -' Flow Bv 5 5 3 2-1 3.20 Dillon fray 3 4 1-1 3-1 1.20 " Weegee Flash $74, $12.20, $5.60; Flow By $5.20, $2 80; Dillon Tray $3.20. Qui-'Biela (4-5) paid $69.20. Time: 31.39. ? SEVENTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade D: Dogs PPOffStr Fin To $1 -Sousht For 7 1 1-2 1-2 3.70 F&VV's Mingo Stone 3 8 4 2-2 6.10 ' Bob's Dee 1 3 2 3-3 1.80 y Cinn. t6;. i 9fl- Rnh'Q Flee S3. 40. Sought For S9.40, $b.2i), sn.w; nw s v Ouinipla (.1-7) Daid $33.80. Time: 31.67. EIGHTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile tirade o: 0 Dogs PPOffStr Fin To $1 1 t,. S.'s Cowboy .... 5 1 1-3 1-1 3 80 Hildegarde S 3 5 4 2-1 2.10 , Teena Dear 2 2 2 3-2 2.70 I L. S.'s Cowboy $9.60, $9, $3.80; Hilde-. garde S. $4.60, $2.80; Teena Dear S2.60. , Quinieia (3-5) paid $16.40. Time: 31.53. ' NINTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade A: , TWs PP Off Str Fin To $1 . .Tacoueline S 2 3 1-4 1-1 4.90 k Mineola Drive 8 7 3 2-1 4.10 , Pete Peterson 4 1 2 3-3 8.20 , Jacqueline S. $11.80, S5.60, $3.20; Mine ola Drive $3.80, $2.80; Pete Peterson I $3.60. Quinieia (2-8) paid $21.80. Time: TENTH RACE Three-eighths mile ' Grade D: - Dogs PPOffStr Fin To $1 ! Rosie Orbit 3 1 3 1-2 3.30 1 Carine Day 7 2 4 2-2 3.60 i Super Sol 4 5 2 3-2 8.10 Miska 2 scratched ' Rosie Orbit $8.60, $3.60, $2.60; Carine i Day $3.40, $2.40; Super Sol $3. Quinieia i paiu six.ou. jiiue: jo.ji. f ELEVENTH RACE Three-eighths mile . uraae v.: 5 Dogs PPOffStr Fin To $1 T TVs Wrufm 3 1 1-2 1-2 3.70 sc'r Tharirer 7 3 2 2-2 2.10 ' J. J.'s Prince 8 7 3 3-7 18.60 t T.. R.'s Brutus S9.40. $7.40. S5; S. S 'Charger $3.40, $2.80; J. J.'s Prince $4. - Quinieia (3-7) paid $22.20. Time: 38.13. TWELFTH RACE Three-eighths mile . Dogs PPOffStr Fin To SI Nancy Vilas 6 1 1-4 1-4 1.50 , Gay Tears 5 3 2 2-4 9.80 . Three Chick 7 8 3 3-4 8.40 I Nancv Vilas $5, $3.80, $2.60; Gay Tears . (5-6) paid $18.60. Time: 37.96. BIG Q (3-7 and 5-6) paid $199.40 f? (650 Exchanges) : Attendance: 3,680 Mutuel Play: $219,247 . S3. mi, M.zu; inree v-mcii a.mi. wuiiueia .'. FIRST RACE Five sixteenths mile . Grade D: (first Half dauy aouoiei: 1 Pedro Del Perro 5. Honey Black " a L K.'s Mark 6. Kissin Grace 3'. Dusty Angel 7. Master J. SECOND RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade u: (secona nan uauy uuuuic. -1 Haller 5. Loose Stream a Dick Manning 6. Sand Toy i- s;r,.Lass,e '.. .THIRD RACE Five-sixteenths mile t, Grade I): -: 1 Becky Tassln 5. Star's B. Boy i. Personal Delivery 6. Antar . a. Neba 7. Mah Betty ii f rusty nuto A FOURTH RACE Five-sixteenths mjie Grade D: "l L K.'s Rln 5. Magic Pajic i 2 Topper Mike 6. MC's Miss Muffet 3' Goldie Tress 7. Airex C. -4 Jenny Om 8. Tinted Sand FIFTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile y Grade C: 1 Glenbeg Prairi 5. Bradley S. 2. Ajack C. 6. Plumage -3. Little Mench 7. Enter Early ,s 4. Irish Lightning 8 Desire Pins i .SIXTH RACE Flve-sixteenthg mile ' Grade Ai Tampa Dog Track Sonny Duncan of Allentown, Pa., is shown flip-pin his super sprint car end over end at the Williams Grove, Pa., Speedway Sunday. The accident WHEN the Apollo XI astronauts had their hometown homecomings recently, the Aldrin day was at Montclair and Anderson was much in evidence during the celebration. He had coached the local high school for 25 years, not counting four years in naval aviation during World War II, 1 Ida Rather 5. Unmentionable 3. I B's Mixed Valor 7. Lady Barb 4 Pride f irst o. iuivrc ic svNTH RACE - Five-sixteenths mile Grade M: 1. Dorin 5. Sedate s Lad 2 Gunter Day 6. My Tommimac 2. Black Alan 7. Indian Angel 4. Montague Devil 8. Buttered Toast EIGHTH RACE Five-sixteenth mile Grade C: . . T . 1. LB s Blue S shine s. flromanaeii 2. varoeu 3. Wondering 7. Fonda Joe 4. Swinger Bobby 8. S.P.'s Kathleen INlIYlrt tlA-Jl, ric-BiAwi . Grade B: , 1. Buffalo Pass 5. Grand Patrol 2. Silento R. 6. MGM's Big Conn 3. Crvstal C. 7. Mrs. Ann S. 4. Sticky Candy 8. Excelon TENTH RACE Five-sixteenths roue Grade A: 1. First Notice 5. Silento J. 2. Rosey Glow 6. Emmer Fay 3. Why Not Now 7. Hal's Shadow 4. Steve's Jet 8. Frisky Sis ELEVENTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade B: 1 Riff Tprrv S. Tuvedn Tex 9 Pmlwliva fi. Gold Whizzer 9 Cmm,,- 7 I 11 'e Rticftr i. Take Home Pay 8. Peso Pluma ENTRIES NIGHT FIRST RACE Three-eighths mile Grade D (first half daily double): 1. Tinted Gold 5. L. B.'s Blue Angel 2. Vikki's Flash 6. Kingco 3. Montague Trick 7. Clever Sandy 4. Mel S. 8. J. J.'s Duke SECOND RACE Five-sixteen hs mile Grade B (second half daily double): 1. King Vi Sol 5. Old Baron 2. Nine Flags 6. Diamond Mark 3. H. K. s Joan 7. Black t aDian 4. The Grand Fame 8. Bill Hustler THIRD RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade D: 1. Pharella 5. Brandon Leader 2. Promises Promisei6. Toletta C. 3. Lee Go Go 7. Crimson Red 4. Wasilla 8. Top Retainer FOLRTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade D: 1. Red Alan 5. Johnny Hammer 2. Seacourt Shane 6. Yancy Keen 3. Look Tidy 7. Nellie V. 4. Real Scotch 8. D.P.'s Trampas f IF1H KACE Three-eighths mile Grade C: 1. Please Be Lucky 5. Hot Mustard 2. Blue Hero 6. I'm Randy 3. Fealeside Pride 7. Perky Penny 4. Par Buster Lois 8. Toots Sweet SIXTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade A: 1. Babe Shannon 5. Free Mission 2. L.B.'s Princess 6. Ross Castle 3. Scatty 7. Scotch Brandy 4. Bill Pete 8. Dollery SEVENTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade C: 1. Loud Red 5. Party Smasher 2. Easy Turn 6. Tip Ample 3. Sand Crystal 7. Fawn Louisa 4. Vast Stage 8. Rinakers Favorite EIGHTH RACE Three-eighths mile Grade B: 1. Aaron Burr 5. Pops Pet 2. Delia Day 6. Rambunctious Phil 3. Swaps Turn 7. Red Tenor 4. L.B.'s Kenny 8. Later Gator NINTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade A: 1. Friday Dog 5. Another Issue 2. S.P.'s Best 6. Two Time Tom 3. Mar Car Dee 7. Dikel 4. L.B.'s Dallas Girl 8. Nancy's Carol TENTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade B: 1. Prince Cal 5. Hello Betts 2. D's Splash Rock 6. Magic Missile 3. Hylo Oil 7. H.D.'s Hero 4. Pat's Pad 8. Irish Sabana ELEVENTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile Grade A : 1. Jarrin Jim 5. Nixon Copper 2. H.M.'s Judy Lyn 6. Thomas C. 3. Rattling Run 7. SP.'s Model 4. Grand Mariner 8. Cardell H. TWELVTH RACE Three-eighths mile Grade C: 1. Joe Shannon 5. Eva Rush 2. Sallie Orbit 6. So Tiz 3. Friend Lacy 7. Montague Flint 4. Virginie g. L.B.'s Reply Selections MATINEE (Noi in post position order) 1 Honey Black, Dusty Angel, Mai Traveler. 2 Dick Manning, Gold Tint. Loose Stream. S Mah Betty, Neba. Becky Tassin. 4 Tinted Sand, Jenny Gem, Goldie Tress. 5 Bradley S., Little Mench, Glenbeg Prairie. t Pride First, L. B.'s Mixed Valor, Petrina. 7 Indian Angel, My Tommimac, Se-date's Lad. 8 Ardmanagh Legacy, Nancy's Miss, Fonda Joe. 9 Buffalo Pass, Crystal C, Grand Patrol. 10 Hal's Shadow, Why Not Now, Emmer Fay. 11 Tuxedo Tex, L. B.'s Busty, Pese Pluma. DAILY DOUBLE Honey Black- 6 Scotch Brandy. Free Mission, L. B.'s NIGHT (Not in post position order) 1 Tinted Gold. Kingco. Vikki's Flash. 2 Black Fabian, Old Baron, H. B.'s Joan. 3 Pbarella, Lee Go Go, Crimson Red. 4 Taney Keen. Red Alan, Real Scotch. 5 Hot Mustard, Perky Penny, Blue Here. csRRcmfw shr cmf ETA SHR ETA SHR Princess. "7 Fawn Louisa, Rinaker's Favorite, Vast Stage, ft Aaron Burr, Delia Day, Swaps Turn. 9 L. B.'s Dallas Girl, Mar Car Dee, Friday Dog. in Hello Betts, Hylo Oil, Irish Sabana. 11 Nixon Copper, Grand Mariner, Rattling Run. 12 Virginie. Sallle Orbit, Friend Lncy. DAILY DOUBLE Tinted Gold-Black Fabian. BEST BET Hells Belts. mi Upsy, and his record reads like a page out of Paul Brown's history at Severn Prep and Mas-sillon, Ohio. Brown, now coaching the pro Cincinnati Bengals, ran up a fantastic 96-9-3 record in 10 years in the prep school ranks. Over his first 10 Anderson went 99-7-1. All told at Montclair, Clary had a record of 209-23-1 with 12 undefeated seasons, 14 state championships and 19 sectional titles. So now, at 57, he's on his first college job at Montclair State. IT'S not exactly the big leagues or even the high minors but it gives the bald, energetic Anderson a shot he always wanted to specialize in coaching football. "I had several chances to becom head coach at bigger colleges," he says, "but the money was never enough. Montclair high school was very good in that regard." And why not? His job was a back-breaker. Anderson coached football, baseball and hockey. As athletic director he had to make out schedules, budgets and travel plans for 16 varsity sports and nine freshmen teams. He was his own trainer. He was his own equipment manager. "And as head of the physical education department, I conducted gym classes for all the girls and boys in school." But, like Brown and Vince Lombardi, who couldn't stay away from coaching, Anderson now wants to concentrate on "what I like best." One of his aides at Montclair is Frank Tripucka, former Notre Dame and pro quarterback, who is president of a nearby business firm. "FRANK has helped our quarterbacks and he has helped our star player a kicking specialist," says Anderson. "He gave our bail-holder some good tips and it really has helped our kicker, Dan Rodgers. "Dan is a real pro prospect. He kicks Americanan-style and gets the ball away high and fast. There are 26 teams in pro football and I'm sure there aren't 26 kickers better than Rodgers." As you can see, Clary is starting to talk like a college coach already. There's no better recruiting pitch than to point to a grad who's playing pro. Trib's Scoreboard Lights Up Friday The Tribune Scoreboard Friday night in operation on Sundays. If you want a score, telephone 224-7792 between the hours of 9 p.m. and midnight on Friday's, 5 p.m. to mid night on Saturdays and from 6 to 8 p.m. on Sundays. The special phone number is to be used only during the , Scoreboard hours. The Score- id . - -' Sierra board will be '', Jerome Sierra , ; Valdes. fill lit 9 . 'it Daisy! happened in the first heat of the Super Sprint program. Duncan was not injured. -LTI Telephoto 5 t: . - 1 . AP Wirephoto For The Record Steve Carlton of St. Louis winds up for his record-setting 19th strikeout against New York Mets Monday night, but Mets won 4-3 on Ron Swoboda's pair of two-run homers. Carlton Undismayed At 19-Kayo Loss (Continued from Page 1) homer in the 8th, on each occasion while the Mets were trailing the Cardinals. Carlton, who once fanned 16 Phillies in 1967 and lost the game, struck out Bud Harrel-son, Amos Otis and Swoboda in the first inning. Then, it rained, and the ball game was delayed almost one hour. In the second inning, Carlton fanned Ed Charles, Jerry Grote, and pitcher Gary Gentry. In the third inning, Tom Agee missed a third strike. "I knew I had good stuff," said Carlton. BUT, he walked Donn will light up for its fifth season and also will be Saturdays and manned by Valdcs Jr., and Joe R. STATE Cv ifv v Y"s is s ' s s Jt V W 1? Clendenon to start the fourth, and Swoboda, on a 0-2 pitch, connected for a home run. Then, Carlton fanned Charles, Al Weis and Gentry. In the fifth, Carlton rang up an even dozen with strikeouts against Otis and Agee. Carlton added Swoboda for the second time in the sixth for his 13th victim. Otis fanned for the third time in the seventh, and in the eighth inning, Clendenon fanned before Swoboda's second home run in the game on a 2-2 pitch. Weis became Carlton's 16th victim. "I was sitting in the dugout when I noticed the flashing on the board that I had tied my 16 strikeout record," Carlton said. HE said, "I knew I had to keep extending myself right then." In the top of the ninth, win-n i n g relief pitcher Tug M c G r a w became Carlton's 17th victim, and the board flashed again that Carlton had tied the Cardinal pitching records of Bob Gibson and famed Dizzy Dean. Then, Harrelson became the 18th victim, and the board flashed again that Carlton had tied Feller, Koufax and Wilson. "There was no point going out to tie it," Carlton recalled saying as he went out to pitch the final inning. CARLTON said, "I told myself that I had to keep driving, extending myself." Otis, who fanned three times, was Carlton's last man. CM West German Team Boycotts Track Meet (Tribune Wire Services) The West German track and field team wasted no time when they were informed that Jurgen May, the 5,000 meter runner, was ineligible since he had run for the East Germany team three years before he defected. May had been barred by the International Amateur Athletics Federation, ruling that no athlete may compete for one country, if he had represented another country in the past three years. With that the en-t i r e West German team walked out en masse from the ninth European Track and Field Championships at Athens, Greece. The West Germans agreed to take part in the initial march when they were informed failure to do so would mean the automatic expulsion of the team whether or not May was reinstated. The team was slated to leave for home on Friday. The opening ceremonies went off without a hitch and no demonstrations as promised by clandestine groups opposed to the current Greek regime. FOOTBALL The San Francisco 49ers cut four players yesterday to reach the National Football League limit. They were linebacker Jim Sniadecki, kicker Nicklaus Heads Ryder Cup Play SOUTHPORT, England W Jack Nicklaus shot six under par on the homeward nine Tuesday and served notice that he was in form for the start of the 18th Ryder Cup golf match between top pros from the United States and Britain. The competition starts Thursday. Nicklaus finished his practice round of Royal Birkdale's 7,140 yards carrying a par of 36-3874 in two under par. He was out in 40. The non-playing captain of the U.S. team, Sam Snead, said: "that was real good news. His driver got to work on the back nine and once Jack starts driving well then everyone had better stand back." Snead allowed his players to do what thy liked in the afternoon and explained his philosophy this way: "If they haven't got it now then I don't expect them suddenly to find it in Southport." Unlike British captain Eric Brown, Snead did not practice with his team. Brown, also a nonplaying captain said: "I reckon we've got the team to beat them despite their depth. Brown's optimism was not shared by the bookies who rated the Americans 1-5 favorites. "It's going to be a lot closer than many think," said Snead. "Some of our boys have never played match play. "But they are adjusting and my problem is going to be to know who to leave out." The pairings for the foursomes golfers playing alternate shots will be announced Wednesday. There STANDINGS AMERICAN LEAGUE East W L Pet. GB Baltimore 103 46 .689 Detroit 84 S3 .571 T7Vi xBoston 78 68 .S34 23 xWashinrton 77 71 .520 25 iNcw York 72 75 .4SO 29V4 zCleveland 58 90 .392 44 West W L Pet. GB Minnesota 89 58 .605 Oakland 79 68 .537 10 California 64 SI .441 24 xKansas City 61 85 .418 7V4 xChlcago 58 87 .400 30 xSeattle 58 88 .397 30V4 x-Flay Night Game NATIONAL LEAGUE East W L Pet. GB xNew York 89 58 .605 xChirato 85 63 .574 4i xSt. Louis 79 68 .537 10 xPittsburgh 77 69 .527 1W Philadelphia 59 87 .404 29V Montreal 48 100 .324 41V4 x-Playing Night Game West W L Pet. GB xAtlanta 83 66 .554 xSan Francisco ... 81 66 .551 Vz xCincinnati 79 65 .549 1 xLos Angeles 79 66 .545 1'4 xHouston 75 70 .517 S"i xSan Diego 46 101 .313 35 'a x-Playing Night Game YESTERDAY'S RESULTS AMERICAN LEAGUE Seattle at Kansas City, alght Momcilo Gavric, back Tommy Manning and end Tom Holzer. Washington slashed several veterans including backs A. D. Whitfield and Dick Smith along with end Sonny Randle and tackle-guard Jim Boeke. Philadelphia lost end Gary Pettigrew because of a knee injury. He underwent knee surgery yesterday and will be lost for about six to eight weeks. The Eagles got down to the minimum list by dropping veteran linebacker Harold Wells, back Gary Adams, linebacker Jim Carroll and guard Jim Skaggs. Chicago's Bears reached the limit by dropping backs Tom Greenlee and Clendon Thomas along with linemen Robert Breitenstein and Ted Wheeler. Cleveland Browns asked waivers on four players including tackle Jim Kanicki, who suffered a broken leg. Also waived were back Carl Ward, guard Gordon Wright and end Joel Stevenson. The Browns gambled on Kanicki not being picked up because he has suffered a broken leg. However, had he been selected, he would have been traded since final waivers are irrevocable. Eugene "Mercury" Morris, who played here in the All JACK NICKLAUS ... in "cup" form will be four foursomes Thursday morning and four in the afternoon. The same pattern applies Friday and on Saturday the real crunch comes with 16 singles eight in the morning and eight in the afternoon. The visiting team is made up of Frank Beard, winner of $159,859 this year; Bill Casper, second only to Palmer as the all-time money winner; Tommy Aaron, Miller Barber, Dale Douglass, Ray Floyd, Dave Hill, Gene Littler, Nicklaus, Dan Sikes, Ken Still and Lee Trevino. The British team includes Bernard Gallagher, at 20 the y o u n g e s t-ever Ryder Cup player; Tony Jacklin, British Open champion and tourna-ment-touhened in the states, and veteran Peter Townsend, a 22-year-old who also has played the American circuit. The others are Peter Alliss, Bernard Hunt, Maurice Bern-bridge, Peter Butler, Alex Caygill, Neil Coles, Brian Hug-gett, Christie O'Connor and Brian Barnes. Minnesota 11, Oakland 3 California at Chicago (2), rwl-night Baltimore at Washington, night Detroit at New York, night Cleveland at Boston, night NATIONAL LEAGUE Chicago 5, Montreal 4 Pittsburgh at Philadelphia, night New York at St. Louis, night Houston at San Diego, night , Cincinnati at Los Angeles (2), twl- uight Atlanta at San Francisco, night TODAY'S GAMES AMERICAN LEAGUE Oakland (Hunter 9-14) at Kansas City (Butler 7-10) 8:30 p.m. California (Messersmith 14-9) at Minnesota (Chance 5-3) 9 p.m. Seattle (Brunet 8-12 and Lockwood 0-0) at Chicago (Nyman 2-4 and Wynne 5-6) (2), 7 p.m. Cleveland (Boyd 0-1) at Detroit (Wilson 12-10) 9 p.m. Washington (Cox 12-5) at New York (Kekich 2-5) 8 p.m. Baltimore (Phoebus 14-6) at Boston (Nagy 11-2 or Homo 6-10) 7:30 p.m. NATIONAL LEAGUE New York (Seaver 22-7) at Montreal (Stoneman 10-17 or Waslewskl 2-8) 8:05 p.m. Philadelphia (Johnson 6-12) at Chicago (Jenkins 19-14) 2:30 p.m. Pittsburgh (Ellis -16) at St. Louis (Brlles 15-12) 9 p.m. Cincinnati (Maloney 10-14) at San Diego (J. Nlekro 8-15) 11 p.m. Atlanta (Stone 12-9) at Los Angeles (Bunning 13-10) 11 p.m. Houston (Dierker 19-10) at San Francisco (Perry 17-13) 4 p.m. America Bowl game last January, started off the season in speedy fashion in the American Football League. He returned a Cincinnati kickoff 105 yards for a Miami touchdown and he added a 27-yard return to that to top the AFL .kickoff returners with a 66.0 yard average. Three members of the New York Jets lead offensive categories: Jim Turner with four field goals is the top scorer with 15 points; Matt Snell gained 106 yards rushing and rookie Steve O'Neal is the leading punter with a whopping 55.5 average. And reserve linebacker Paul Crane's two interceptions is tops there. New Orleans got down to the limit by waiving linebacker Steve Stonebreaker. Miami lost guard Freddie Woodson for eight weeks as the result of a ruptured spleen in Sunday's loss to Cincinnati. BASKETBALL The New York Nets of the American Basketball Association have asked waivers on center Tom Hoover- Milwaukee of the National Basketball Association signed Jon McGIocklin, despite offers from the ABA, especially the Indiana team. BASEBALL The St. Louis Cardinal named Bob Kennedy to their staff as director of player development. He had been a former manager of the Chicago Cubs and Oakland Athletics. GOLF The second round of the United States Golf Association Senior Men's Amateur Tournament was postponed yesterday until today because of heavy rains at Wichita, Kan. AUTO RACING The Sports Car Club of America announced yesterday that the sixth annual American Road Race of Champions will be held Nov. 26-30 at Day-tona National Speedway. The event will bring together 400 of the country's top amateur drivers to determine national champions in 21 competition classes. BOXING Ruben Olivares of Mexico,, who won the world bantamweight championship by stopping Lionel Rose in the fifth round, was named Fighter of the Month by Ring Magazine yesterday. In new ratings Buster Mathis was dropped from the heavyweight rankings with Gregorio Peralta moving up to his place. Percy Pugh of New Orleans retained his U.S. welterweight boxing title Monday night with a 15-round split decision over Miguel Barreto of New York City. The bout was held in New Orleans. ICE HOCKEY Frank Mahovlich of the Detroit Red Wings was sent to University Hospital in Ann Arbor, Mich., yesterday for exmination of what was believed to be a piece of bone floating in his left knee. Coach Bill Gadsby said the condition was believed to be minor. W. KING DISTRIBUTED BY ELI WITT CIGAR COMPANY, TAMPA, FLA. i

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