The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 3
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AUGUST. 31,.,1933_ BlAtHfeVlLLE. (ARK.) COURlRfe NEWS PAGE THREE r»n Caused Death Of Bifamoui Oitrich IENVER, coio. IUPJ— sheik. the lilt male csirleh at the City Ik Zoo (hai tried to hatch out I a!f down eggs »ft*r the female I the flock became femlnlnists, 1 1 at the hand* of poisoners, at- llants believe. • i |h!ek was a bigamist. But he conscious about It enough that hr his mates, Sudan and Sat>, laid 14 ejgs and then re- to set, he took over the I himself. Zoo attendants rellev- Ihlm of part of the responsibility 1 putting half the egf?s In on in- I ator. but neither Sheik, nor the Inbator. was successful. horlly after his unsuccessful I m pi to hatch the eggs Sheik 1 1 of a strange sickness. Careers .believed someone fed him |;on. A Kissing Marathon—In Three Laps j Popular [Issc-s Jewell and Ruby Lloyd f the guest of their .sister. Mrs. !'v Brown Wednesday. Bernlta JolllrT and John orii attended church at Manila :day night. Ilss Mabel Xaccii of Detroit, h., is visiting he 1 ! 1 mother. Mrs. m Kacen and other relatives week. loyd Rector, Cayce Johnston Joe Higgins nf the Roselant! ',tinkv were here Saturday. L. Baker of Big Lake \vns •! Monday. frs. Minnie Beriy and faniiiv ; as their guests Sunday, Allen Vy 'and wife of Carml ami : and Mrs. • Jew Pointer and ?hter. Nannie Frances of Rec' Ark. ir. and Mrs. Bryan Osborne children were the guests Sun- of ihe latlers parents. Mr. and . Walter Osborne. r. and Mrs. Allen Holt and son, .jiadge Wayne visited relatives jLiachville Saturday. jr. and Ivtrs. Preacher Hedge •it Sunday in ihe home of Mrs, ige's sister, Mrs. Jeff Boland: harlle Jolllff and son, Vaughan i ;, made a business trip to! •.heriHe Saturday. i/erect Brown Is now employed 'Manila. he Lost Cane quartet rendered ong service Sunday. SISTER [MARY'S I KITCHEN BY SlSTi:u MAJIV NKA Srnlie Writer Late .Augus; and early Scptem tcr bring lima beans In abundance lo our, markets. A heartier food than the green benns of summer, they add many calories to the dlei, Cne-fouhli cup—four level tale- f.pnonfuls—seued lightly seasoned 1 with butte: 1 finishes loo calories! .of nrotcln, fat and carbohydrates, 1 while It tak'.vs one cup ol ".-ill Inn" j or B-'een bean., io furnish ihe same in mount of food value. However. the vitamin comcnl of green beans Is higher 'Hum Hint of Hums. 1 Green beans me classed with the leafy vegetable as a "prolccllvv food." You vlll probably lltid several varieties of lima benns in markel, tiny green, large green ones, large flat white ones and lame ;...,, .,,, ,1 ""„","„>' to^™*.^ mM w^<.**w« They're in a, light, squeeze, to be sure, bul Ihese uoy." and girls didn't mind Ihe spotlight and stares when they battled for honors in a kissing contest—the first ever singed -- at Coney Island's Luna Park, In New York. They Jusi' did it for .the Wve of It. Anyway, (his was Hie .scurching scene as the umpire cnsl an all-finbradng alance over the held as the contestants passed the 30-.mlmitc murk. if gathered before the milk be comes firm Inside the tender shell- like covering. ,\s Hie beans ripen lhl s covering gvows Imid am] dlf- (flcult to digest nnd ihe creamy center becomes dry and unpalatable. No mailer how long ihc beans are cooked, ibese conditions cannot be changed. Seasoning Suppllr-; Fal If lima beans hiive become overripe before Baltic-ring, the bcsi way lo serve them i s io rub tliem ihrough a colander alter cooking and use them In u puree or souffle. this removes the tough, Indhjcit- iblo covering, but of course does not restore Ihe delicate flavor of (he tender vegetable, Hum bc«n s are Iscklug hi fat thl6 must be supplied In (he seasoning. The most delicious way to serve lima boons Is in puve cream. One.-hnlf cuji cream £<•• soneil with sail and pepper and.i tuldrd to 2 cups cooked beans ' makes the addition of butter un- . necessary. Heal rreum lo scnldlnn | )X)lnt after pouring over beans but do nol let boil. The cieam coals.ihe benus ever so lightly and prevents the diyncss so many people dislike In lima beans. If cream Is nni nt hand rt thin KBitce thf consistency of Ihlrk cieum can be substituted. Pulnts In Sailing Keep In niltiil ihe desirability nf .vnlllnu Ihna beans when they nn> i"itf rooked. If you udd .salt when the beans are pm on to cook ih<!ii>'.s danger ol toughening the i I'cvcrlnic, bul lliey do have a bol- ">• navor If the sail Is cooked In •Allow 30 to ID minutes for betuis | to cook and COOK iheni "uncovered In us • Illlle iviiler un possible to prevent burnlni:. It's a tfond plan to form the hublt of .s|mk1n;' the pan In which they are cooking, lima ln'ans often illck to the bolloin rf Ihe pan and .search even when there Is iilcnly of waier over lliein.' Shaking ihe pan prevents them from slicking wlthaui crushing the ••.nans, us stirring would. Tomorrow's Menu BBEAKFAST: Fresh pliniu, cereal, cream, biicon curLs, toast, milk, coffee. 11 LUNCHEON: Open cream cheese Jelly roll cake. OBI! limn bcnns In cream, onion find I CT.i'Uinber salad. |>cacli p.irfnlt. co- sprlnn j I'uanul kisses, milk, coffee. <>!""•- ' " ' r ~ ••••—•- news Want Adi Liberty News he_. Rev. Thurmond, of Hol- 1, Mo., spoke here Sunday af- joon. jr. and Mrs. W. A. Lloyd nnd ! ily have as their • guests Mr. | lid's sister; Mrs. Webb, and two i*, of Tennessee. IT. and Mrs. Wilie Cane, Mr. | Mrs. Hiram McDonald return| Sunday from Calhoun City, N R A News To help lire people of this community to understand and co-operati; in the naiionni recovery program this column will appear daily or as occasion demands.. Persons uncertain about any requirements of the President's Re-employment Agreement or other features of the recovery movement arc invit- ' ed to submit inquiries. additions to the list olpected that some sacrifice will.bc IP employers check UP necessary until this campOign gets into full swing and the payrolls have an opportunily lo pass tnin the hands of Ihe employees and the channels of trade. The Blue Eagle emploj'ers are making this sacrifice and every effort Is goitis to be made to see that these employers receive the benefits. Ctiic- eiers will be left oui of the parade wr.en the pay oil of this prop- Daily Blythev sheets being turned In by the volunteer NRA workers arc fast, pushing Blythevilte toward the 100 per cent signer column. Scattered instances of employers who have not signed the President's Reemployment Agreement are noted. Most of these cases have been occasioned by misunderstanding on the part of the employer and his fear that lie could not live up to I os.ition takes place. the agreement. Three or four ca;•i.. where they visited relatives, es were foound _«here thc'emp'.oyer |v R. L. Marshall and daughter i ff} .Willie Marsha 1 !!'' and Mrs.'c w ',> «v,,i • -?r^r v vr?~ J »*lf_"" T»:I? i indicated lack' of interesi in the Ajt* Hill and i the force of. public opinion, regis- ,1 Crouch. motored to Fayette- tered ihrough the buyers campaign, ;, Tenn., Sunday where theyito bring these into line, visiting relatives .-. It has tieen rather grali f yir j g to •M. Aycock «id| thb-Blytheville NRA family -reun Me ar* 2 ll returned Sson Tenn alted sch™"' during Numerous communities throughout ihe naiion already have their buyer campaigas under way and niayemeiu and it. will probably take 1 ure reporting enthusiastic support ' beyond the expectation ol even" Ihe most optimistic predictions. In B!y- iheville, however, the NRA Committee has decided to give the entire time before Labor. Doy lo affording ihe employers full oppor- „ " a j. I tunity to adjust their businesses to meet the NRA requirements. Afler that lime there will be no ej^use for any employer o take the position that he had nol had sufficient lime or opportunity to get right. - If.any employer in Blyiheville is in doubt as to any particular part Of this .program, it is only neccs- lo contact the NRA Commlt- unlil definite official Information v:as received to ihe contrary. Since the employer check up started, the commiliee has been re- I cc-lvlng complaints from employee who stale that Ihelr employers are . 1:01 doing cxaclly as they repre- I sented lo the committee. It should | be distinctly understood that stances .of this eharacer will be Investigated thoroughly and reports made on any employer who is following that praciics. There was n definite purpose in asking employer? to list their employees, the inox- imum hours worked and tile minimum wage paid? Although the NRA Committee of -Blythcvillc' i not u police or detective committee every effort will be made to see tha the National -Recovery Admlnistra lion's program functions In Blythe ville on a 1W3 per ceiu basis. Let's not have ony caese of chis eling in Blytheville. This prograc Li too vital to our community wel fare id countenance such action b any man or woman. N firm or in c'ividuals must be permitted to en danger the success of the. move ment. Mrs. J. .ily attended a "if £° me rx 01 M ^-n yLU ? S Tol" ville.people wholeheartedly Robert Orr. at Round Lake ^-^^ thf , carapaign . s It -,,as ev ay anri Mrs W L Lerov werel to te «P« cled thrit we wnul(l have ev. and Mrs. w. b. Leroy_ were | a few chkelers and cneaMrSi bl;t I the very small number which has j been'found .indicates that Blytheville . does not have more than its just proportion ci Ihese individuals who always are on the loak- out for an opportunity lo profit Holland News Notes ATTENTION Gly-Cas Did Him More Good Than All Others ilr. Hurst Hail l.osi Faith In All Medicines — Until He Tried lh« New filv- Cns; Now Enjoys Good Hciilth Agmn f.fany . hundreds of Blytheville esldcnls and people Ihrou^hoiit his entire .sccllon are now l.ik- ng Gly-Cii.s. ihe flmav.InK eom- jlnallons of natures purest antl nwcrful medical pronertles. and dv lonor Kirmif is vKhlno out for an opportunity lo prom Eary Ora Lee Hawklnl trom the effort and sacrifice of tee of Blytheville. Whatever In-, others. formation he may receive from that and Mrs J A Lloyd of It is not intended to permit any committee will have the efTect of RldKe we're guests of Nfrs ' of these increased thousands of dol-1 placing that employer entirely In oarems Mr and Mrs J.; lars which are going ino the p^ck- | the clear, even ihougli official m- efson Sunday ' i ets ol working men and women in | terprctalions may be received from - • Blytheville to'- find their way into 1 Washington which were contrary Ivided equally amon" ils in-1 the cash registers of chisclers.. to the local information at a later 'itants each person in the T«r-l There is nothing in the proposition [ date. Those employers would be op- 'ry of' Alaska would own- 10.71 which is intended to work undue j (.-rating on a program which would a re mtifs. I hardships on employers. It is ex- I have Ihe entire approval of NRA : NOW WE'RE GETTING. ECONOMICS SIMPLIFIED THIS UTTUe PIC <TQES T* MARKET THl'S LITTLE PIG STAVS Mr. and Mrs. Bess Sanford a tended 10 business in Memphis la: v;pek. Misses Marjorie anj JiinnUa F/ wards silent f.:e. week-end. in.Sei alh visiting friends and relative' Andrew Jenkins, who lias bee ill wilh malaria fever, is" rapid improving. The Hev. E. O. Stevenson undo went an operation for appondlcl ar a Cape Glrardeau, Mo., hosp lal Thursday. He is irnprovino rap- Idly.. Mrs. nettle Ralterrce is visiliui Iriends in Bragyadccio. Nfr. and Mrs. Parrest MeGarmlcV returned to their home In SI. Lnnl 1 Saltrday alter- a lew ;lav; vUH will his pirenls. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. McCcrmick. Mrs. Evelyn Hudspeth visited tier parents. Mr. and.Mrs. Noble Capehart. Thursday. Mrs. Hudspcth and husband left Friday for Chicago If attend the World's Fair. Mrs. T/.-slic Richards and son. C a;l?5 Howard, were the weekend guests of her parents. Mr. anc" Mrs. A. A. Sherwood at Hnvt. Glynn Lai"d, who has tee.n al. tending Mi.'souri UniVersity for Ihe I nast few years, was licre visllin? his parents n few day.s. He left | Tuesday morning for Chicago I' ! attend the fair. He was accompanied by Vcrnon Jones Wo ols: plans to enroll at the unlvenlty. Mr. and Mrs. E. N. BUimsr of I Cape Girarlleau visited Mrs. Blumer's narents. Mr. and Mn. J. D Bist Sunday. Mrs. Ernest Weeks has been ill for .several ov; but is now belter. Mrs. Lillie Ham. daughter of Mrs. Mntll Hecks, reiurned lo her home In Los Angeles Monday after n two weeks visit here. .MR. F. M. 1IUKST •nany arc frankly saying they have ntvor before, hud any -nicrticlno :o aci so sinprisingly upon the system. Blytheville residents by liie scores 'continue to publicly en orse Gly-Cos and praise It as hey have never jmitsc« anything efore. Reud what Mr. P. M. j urst, .520 North Ninth St., niy- leville. well' known retired farm- r who has lived here a number ' years, said recently: "Oly-Cas is the only medicine have ever taken .thai gives the i-sults it is supposed to give, ,e said. ."I had lost faith In 11 medicines. but was finally per- uaded to try Ihis new herba emcdy as so many [jeople were raisin? H here. And was 1 snr- riscd when it began lo give me esulls from the very first. Why was no' time until my stomacl d bowels were regulated, was reed of years of sultcrins from nBO. Now I set around witli ase. sloop over and do as I like wl-lch 1 could never do before rfy wife got wonderful relief Irotr. Gly-Cas too. and we both join praising Giy-Cns for Ihe re> iiarkable results it gives—even in rases where other remedies fail o have any efTect." Gly-Cas Ls sold by Kirby Eros Drug Co.. Main at Broadway, and b> all leading drug stores In snr- ounding towns. —Adv. Trooper Shot Old Horse TOPSFIELD. Mass. (UP) — Tc shoot a horse, which had rjzcn assigned to him while in Irainln 1 - 1 school, was the lot ofiStal? Troo'i- cr James Wynn of Rowley. The horse, being carried in the rear of truck from Ii3£lon lo Newbnry- nort, had both legs broken wher the noorlng collapjKi. . Montreal Setks Air Fleet MONTREAI* i UP)—A snggeslhi that Prance seni a fleet of air planes, similar to the Italian all armada across the Atlantic for the celebrations nest year cf the founding of tr.c city of Three Rivers. Que.. has been made by or ganizers of 111" celebrations. C.C.C. Found Dinosaur Bones ALTON, Utah (UP) — Dinosau bones, unearthed by C.C.C. cam members near here, are Atfractin the Interest of geologists through out the nation. A large collectio of bones have Wen lurned over ta scientists of the Ulah Slate Agricultural branch at Cedar Clly, Utah, for examination, PILESCURED Without the Knife! My mild office treatment makes an. operailon nnnccosfary. No conflnemcnt at home or In hospital. No loss of time from work. Piles. Fistula, Ulcers antl othqr rectal dbeases, as well as Van- coscd (enlarged) Veins. Chronic . Leg Ulcers, etc., treated. I also give the non-surgical Irculment of Hernia (rupture) by Injections. Call or write I>R. J. C. YOUNG, SpffWist Jonnborb, Arkansas Courier I^s WMH Mt PHy. WHY In Brown Bottles IS FIRST TlIE answer is short. It baa a fluvov superior to that of other beers. Why is it liellw? Hrcmisc SCHLITZ scientists have solved a problem thai jiu/zled tlic liost minds in the brewing imlusii'y for many yenrs. SC11LITX baa worked out a sceret control ofeii/ynics in beer. What we eii/ynies? They arc myslerioiis 8iib- Btunces tlial exist in all living eells. There are many kinds of enzymes. Each kind has its own particular job. Some en/.ymes produce a pure brew and some enzymes produce a brew which is actually injurious to lieulth. Never mind the details. It is sufficient to state' that the enzymes digest the different ingredients until . they go into solution — which we know as beer. Bul — the cn/.ymatic activities must lie controlled. How to control them is a SCHLITX secret. You know that any brewer can put malt, Lops, yeast and water Jogellicr — but unless the enzymatic action is skillfully controlled the result is a rank, ropy Inier thai may produce indigestion or he harmful otherwise. But SCHLITZ in Rrown Bottles—The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous—isliealtli ful, uuiforni, sparkling, brilliant. It is a health giving, [ireiligested food. Drink SCIILIT7 freely. It is good and good for you. It is fully fermented at the brewery — it will not make you bilious because it is brewed under perfect enzymatic control. The Ilrown Boltlc protects its goodness from the brewery lo your glass. By the case or in the attractive SCHLITZ Handy Six. Ask your Dealer. IlISTUmiiTOH: Millor-Ori'iishiivv Company In Brown Bottles -^fheBeer That Made Milwaukeefamous

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