The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, March 26, 1937
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VOI/. XXXIV—NO. 7 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS 'TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP ARKANSAS 'AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BlylhcvDle Ccurler Nlylhevllle Herald Blythevllle Dally News Mississippi valley Lender DLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, KlUDAY, MAltCH 2fi, 1937 SINGLE COPIES PFVR CENTSJ |[;[[(j[j jHickoryFlat il OFIB S tu i ents BILL LEB1 Sit Down TWA Official Makes Report as Federal Ei perls' Study Wreckage PITTSBURGH. March 20. UJP) —Ice. forming on the aelerons. crippled the balancing power of the lilant TWA transport plane, causing it to crash last ni^ht. killing 13 occupants, a TWA official said this afternoon. L. G. Fritz, eastern regional su- perintendet'L of TWA, rollawin-r, an inquiry, reported to headquarters In Kansas city, that the ice threw the ship 1 out of control. Pointing out that Ihc ship, preparing to. land here on its Newark- to-Chicago flight, passed through a freezing zone as I; descended. F'ri'-' said that the Ice could have formed in two or three minutes. Will Hold Hearings Pl'lTSBURGH, Pa, Mar. 20 <UP)—The government's "thorough 1'iul unsnarini;" investigation into Ihc crash of a Transcontinental and Western air liner centered today on a pile of wreckage from which 13 bodies were taken. The Bureau of Air Commerce announced that public hearings into the disaster would begin in j Pittsburgh, probably Monday. Tiie twin-motored luxury liner carried nine men and four women to their deaths last night as it bucked strong head winds ami lo» over the \Vostern~Pcnnsylvaniii ixnuntaiii "graveyard" of airplanes. A staff of federal, state • and private experts 'examined the wreckage in a field in the Alle- Rheny foothills about five miles southwest of the county airport. .Director Fred D. Fagg jr. of the Bureau of Air Commerce, who I HICKORY FLAT, Miss., Mar. |2(i (UP)—Eighty high school students, dissatisfied because the education board ' failed to reeled ISTS RENEW OFFENSIVE Liltlc'Rock Man'U New • (j Water .Company Manager! u five faculty members, today held I lie school building l:i n sit-down strike. Classes were discontinued. Tile students permitted only |wrt- of the teachers to enter the building. There had been no disturbance nor attempt to eject the students. "We want those teachers back and we're going to s'it right here until the trustees change their minds." a girl senior said. "There aren't any classes being held today and there won't be until those teachers are reclected." fi'.ipl. S. M. Price refused to discuss Ihe slrike until t.iins is straightened out." The school, primary and "this U. N. Allen,'who lias been v.lth the Arkansas Water company of I.! I tie. Dock for the past iz.yeim, l has arrived here to br mamixer l or tile U'y'hcvlllc Water company. ! 110 succeeds M. T. Phillips, man, n g cr f or (he past year, who has ' accepted a position with the .Veloes Pari-Mutucl Mcas- ";"f hri ' Bcr com " a " y nt tire Following Hearinci .*!''• ,f" cn •'; v • l ° "I with Mr. and i estevday The Mississippi County Pair Association's plan to finance an enlarged premium list nt next fall's fair here out of the "lake-off" fvom parl-mutuel betting on the horse race.s ran afoul a gubernatorial velo at Little Rock late yesterday. Following a public hearing at which Blylhevllle men appeared en both sides of the question, Gov. Carl E. Bailey announced that he would veto fiep. Ivy W. making his, home id Mrs. J, H. Elklns and will be Joined later by Mr, Allen, who is recuperating from an Illness.. • -• - ; Mr. Phillips will assume his dudes at once us..» traveling G"ndcs, has nn enrollment of 200. Hickory Plat is a town of 337 population, 50 miles .southeast of I Memphis. high! Crawford's bill (o legalize representative for the Hnrnlsch- feger corporation, which sells,construction machinery. His 'family will reside here until schoolj-cld'se.s when they/ will move to Nch 1 Orleans, where Mr. Phillips will have headquarters. They came here from Chicago, where Mr. Phillips had lived for a number of yews, after having been reared In Blv- Ihevllle. ! Brief Slrikc at Chevrolet Plant Closes; Chrysler Conference Still Ou BAY CITY. Mich.. Mar. 20 (U P>— A sit-down strike in the Chevrolet parts plant of the General Motors Corp. ended today when the management agreed niuluels at coJuty fair race meets. I T • ««*.!- lllLCV.t. .^ —, , lie local fair association had |T VHP onsored the measure, which was' I r I IIS >l)ioved by the recent general I LAilU ng| members were intimidated by foremen. Union leaders c>sti"i»tcrt 7M> v>f uiuiij.ii.1..,;, «nu l.COO", employes sat down at 10 ,recently^saicceeded Eugene Vidal.j'A.' '"Ml and charged Ihe strike was supeiytse'rt the., investigation'_froni' ca , u sed . by forcrjcn forcing union Washington ' but 'his "chief experts, nicnincrs to' remove' tidies "din in j meet with union leaders next week j Peared In opposition to It lo discuss charges that union 'he Rev. Stuart H. Salmon, pas api assembly, and it also had Ihc support of organizations condiictln; fairs In other counties. ' At present 'pari-nlutuel betting j on both'horse and dog racing is : legal in Arkansas but the license! n • A fees and other requirements aie KclCl'iq AoDarcntlv Doorh- siich that small comilv fair race ... - J meets cannot meet them. Parl- mutuels operate only at the Hot Swings horse track and at the West Memphis greyhound races. Would Help Finance Pairs C. H. Wilson, president, and J. Mcll Brooks, ' secretary Mississippi County I-^i tion. Representative Cn V. G. Holland appea the governor yesterday afternoon in support of 'the .county fail- measure. Blythevllle men who ap- wcre LISTED TOR 1 11 Duetts'Libyan Outin<> (lul Short ed by Measure lo Prohibit Gambling AUSTIN, Tex., Mar. 26 (UP)— HI, illlll J. rr. -j " -"."-i "J ••• of the ' " s wns Ofl tfie '" st of '<» four h associa- 8S < toii " y ' st! >SB«ing under the Jwford and : f 0 '™ , of - n J'rchlbilory' bill In, the red before lc G lslatl;r . c .that needed only final UC.IUJL , lnm . nl ,_i r..,.,,. ,. . ._ •nricd by Bryan M. Jacob's, were • : ' here. Also seeking first hand details working hours, The strike lasted 'about • two hotir.s and 15 minutes. from the steel and wood frag-j Chrysler conferees at Lunsin? nicnts of the plane was Col. H. E.' scheduled lo recess over the week- Hartney. technical advisor to scnnlc investigating committee. a end unless they had reached an . Federal inspectors started their, agreement by noon, ccntinued session afternoon. John L. work at dawn. Jacobs arrived at ' Lewis, chairman of the C. I. O. 10:31) a. in. to confer with airways a »d Walter P. Chrysler, head ol control station officials at the !' lc corporation, uere atUmptlm airport. He declined comment. The state also dispatched several investigators to Pittsburgh. Governor Will Speak at El Dorado Toniskt tcr of commerce inreting. to bring about a permanent peace to take the place of the existing between them. The prolonged session of the Chrysler conference at Lansing started reports that a final settle| infnt of the strike was imminent i but no olficial confirmation came I from 'he persons seated inside LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 26 (UP)- | Cov. Murphy's office. Gov. Carl E. Bailey left here today for El Dorado where he will speak tonight at the annual chani- mreting. j jinpluyes of his, office, the executive will return to his desk Saturday morning. tor of the First ' Presbyterian church. J. Nick Thomas and Ross Stevens, commander of the local who ex- American Legion post, 7latned that ;he 'appeared as an individual • ralliqr. thnii M.'aa'kM- intiri' for' the"'^^. """ ':'' ." •"""" Crawford and Brooks • explained approval from the senate. Tiie' senate committee on criminal jurisprudence, approved ' the 'bill prohibiting gambling on races after listening last night, to the story of n woman who said her husband • and the father of :' her seven children killed himself be- Interest Mere Will Be Centered on the Trial of Earl Parker At least live cases Involving sliiy- Ings and one a truffle death arc to be disposed of at the spring lerni of circuit criminal court opening here Monday, March 2!l, with Judge Nell Ktllough of Wynne presiding. There will be no grand jury session, for the first time In the history of the Chicknsawbn district. Informations have already been prepared by Prosecuting Attorney Bruce Ivy of Os^ola and his depn- ly, II. G. paHlow, and the court can begin, Immediately Ihe (rial of Important cases, yet It appears' that Ihe full two weeks term of courl will be required. K so it will bt> tiie first full term thai Mr. Ivy, who will make bis,first appearance here', as district prosecutor, has required lo complete (he court's business 1 In any county since he assumed office in January. Among those who will dice trln'r on murder charges h Sam -Sheldon, rlvcrumn, ,wl)o kllcd Lbc Davis on a Tomato farm early In January. Sheldon claims he shot Davis In. self defense but tiie slate .mists that he shot Dnvls at a lime when Dads had no weapon on him. Parker lc> Sfiiiul Trlul l^onard and Vernon Jcrni^an arc accused of murder in lhc death of Priest Markham In a brawl on Dec. a at a house In a small community south' of Blythevllle. One of Ihe brothers lied but was apprehended in Missouri and returned cause track. of "his "losses at to the governor that bill all of thi under the tion of Ihe bettin e profit from opera- machines would . h«ve to be used for the pay,, e inrough committee and'.final ,,., a sage In the house. Gov. James V. Allrcd was a, leading supporter of the bill and ready to sign It, "ace track, operators admitted r e pay,, e .,. ( . . of livestock and agricultu-d es l l lhc Cnd of beltt "8 K ,l , . & IVUIlllLllI L.\ I | np ., n f> 1rt n ,^^ „,. ___ , ____ ,l , . it.t premiums and for _ would mean the .end of racing. in the I state. here, death. Markham was stabbed lo A selt defense pica has teen Indicated. Probably the outstanding trial from'''Ihe. standptk. of local Interest will, be that of Earl Parker, barber, \vljo shol'and .kijjed._Brank'. •:•• Mc'QresoK'ilSo'a "b'Hrljcr'; !F ln""froVLi\'' Madrid Government Calls Non-Inlervenlion Pro'- gi'am Dssciiminaloiy f . l ! i Fi'bin hts "hollclay" tour, of Libya, Premier Ucnlto Mussolini, cciUev, hurried back to Home a day ahead of schcilule to check up. French olTlclnls hinted, on the defeat of Italian soldiers by loyalist forces ill Madrid, Spain. Mussolini Is shown here with Marshal • Italo Unlljo, left, governor of the African colony,'as II Ducc congratulated n delegation of mothers and babies In a Libya settlement. r, .'S FfllHER I have a friend out here who a judge and once in a while, Scour .Mississippi Hills for Man Named" as Killer of Constable other. expenses involved in the conduc:! of an agricultural fair. ".Morally Wrong" The Rev. Mr. Salmon declared that a good end could not justlfv • an ^unworthy means'. ' ' "We had a good fair last year and we can have another this year without resorting to any! scheme lhi>t is morally wron" " he t said. i The governor, in announcing his decision to velo the measure, said that he did not think legalized R was essential to the success of county fairs. "I am surprised at the contlnu- | ^"'1'ijE ROCK, Mar. 28. (UP) — ed efforts to legalize •gambling." I Weatl 'cr reports of continued cold he said. "I would not have Sinn- " nd P°-«ibIy .freezing temperatures "fi the state horse racing bill if I '" " !c s ' nte tonight causcd-orchard had been governor two years ago. I mvner s In many sections to light ( know, and you know, people who! Jmud S es and express fear that fur- ' " lilc r damage might be done to apple and peach crops. According to the weather bureau I the lowest temperature recorded las', j night was at Bsntonvilte, whcic Ihe mercury hit 28 degrees. Fruit PACHUTA, Miss., Mar. 26 (UP) —Sheriff.* of two counties led angry citizens through the red hill country today, searching for Otis Sims, 24-year-old negro, who shot and killed Constable W. S. Burns when the officer interceded in an argument on the railroad track south cf here, near Barnett. Burns was summoned by lien Sanders, anolhcr negro, who said he Invites" me" loTom'e doiv'nTo! Smls ;vtls ""-cattning to shoot court and sit on the bench .wlthi scvcral . ncRrocs -. ' Uri ™>5 »l the him. Honestly it's hard to bclicv"' £Cenfi tllc ccnslablc callc[i '° Sims. some of the'things that are uoin" 1 sa> ' ing ' " [ lvr>nt to tnlk to 5'°"'" b ' i according to Sanders. 'To me?" Sims replied, FRMSJnTE Apple and Peach Crops Endangered by Continued Low Temperatures LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 28. IUP) — 2re lo'ting the rent and the grocery bill go because of the urge to gamble on the races at Hot Springs." ' . Roosevelt Is On Way Back to Washington:^ and tlla t continued cold » ! d materially reduce the " _ WARM SPRINGS, Ga., March 20 , u Z™ n ' , Ba! f sv111 - «»d Bradford, ' J vller e extensive p;ach orchards ar; )—President Roosevelt left Warm Springs for Washington at \ ™,* ""•"'= 2:30 p.m. today,,: 5± °'f° nt t it tc '° ' ilCrm ° m2ler "I'll be back Thanksgiving" to a crowd of friends who crowded around his spicial train. on in this world. They brought one man in to court for beatin' firing his wife. She was a poor little meek ' »'f sl «>tS>m point blank at Burns. Jl,:_. . . .. I'wi I'VWiv tn\.\.iT. , TlT-i flllmn cll-ll<st' tltn ntrt^nr and both of her eyes were black and her face was braised | and I looked al her husband and he was great big self-satisfied lookin' "bruiser" and I was kinda glad when the judge turned to me and said, "Thai fella won't be so satisfied with himself when we get through with him." I'm proud to say that there's only one case down home where a man ever struck life wife an-1 nobody blamed him much because his wife was three times as bit; as he wa.s and she had hen- Wcked him all their married life, judge turned to him and says The charge struck the officer in Ihc chest. Huras walked 15 feet and dropped dead. Sims fled. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Mar. 26. (UP)—Hogs, receipts. 5.000. Top, 10.50. 170-230 Ibs, 10.30-10.45. HO-160 Ibs., 7.50-10.15. Bulk sows, 9.60-9.85. Cattle. 1.000. Steers, 8,35-9.50. Slaughter steers, G.SO-12.15. World Wheat Prices At Seven Year Peak CHICAGO. Mar. 2C. (UP)—World wheat prices tcday are at a seven- year peak because in the opinion of traders and experts in the pit of the Chicago Board of Trad;, "armies have to eat." .. -cs. Inflicting .501112 damage to peach trees In full bloom It was snowing at Batcsvilb nntf Newport this afternoon. Reports from Nashville. In Howard county, where the state's largest peach orchard is located, indicated that the fruit there was not injured last night when the temperature dropped to 38. of* a Railroad street beer garden about Jan. 11. ill feeling" Is said to have existed between the pair and wlliie^cs testified In Parker's behalf, at a preliminary hearing that McGregor had knocked Parker down and was kicking him when Parker pulled a gun and shot, fu- tally. wounding McGregor. Special cpunsel has been retained ; to aid the prosecutor .and his deputy. Fred Stewnrt.j negro, :may [ace trial In the slaying of "Boo" Norwood, negro. In .an -Ash .street brawl several week's tigo, but- circumstances surrounding the killing remained to be more fully investigated by the prosecutor before specific information is filed. Russell and Elolse Hampton, negroes, arc charged with offensss growing out of the same brawl. "Buddy" Summers is accused of Ihc murder of Mrs. Eula Mae Wil- : son. Summers, who Is alleged lo have been living with the woman, several years older, beat her to death, the. state charges, as the climax to a quarrel, last year. Mrs. Wilson's daughter Is expected to b_> Ihe slate's leading witness. Highway Death Case Cody Eaton, former truck driver for Mid-West Dairy Products Co., Is charged with manslaughter as a result of a highway accident in which Gladis Duncan wns fatally hurt. A number of robbery and burglary cases await trial. Ray Hodge and Eddie Pitts arc charged with the hold-up of a Division street service station and R. J. Pillow is accused of robbing Jim Sexton on Railroad street. Marvin Townsend Is accused of burglarWnj the American Legion hut and Elmer Chennevrorth was allegedly caught red-handed in the act of burglarizing Doland's stor? on Souih Franklin street. Members of two alleged tlicfl rings are to face trial maudlin Draws'20 Year Senlence Ai Caruthei'sville' Oh Rape .Charge CARUTHEHSVILLE, Mo., Mar. i rib, Qiuckly Appiehenci- c'cl, Entci Pleas of dully in Qicuit Couit What they said was their first H) Unlit d 1'rcvj :<. Tho scene of heaviest fighting 1 n Spain's civil war,,which threat-* ins to involic all Euiope, K today cd tciniwiailly fiom the*| Guadalajaia fiont noilheast pfk Madild lo POIZO Blanco, lo Ihe outh , _ Jublhnl lojallsts, >lctpiloffii| against icuels and Italians, thrust ' advance on till sectois ofs] the south cential front, advices fiom Amlujai icpoitcd Aiorfr\d Madild Good Fildaj saw n hill hi Hi Ing and the loyjllsls played' football ncai the fiont, lines Nol a-.rebel shot was flrc'tl. „_ Ihc populai fionl Bovernme'nt > H Valencia sent a note to Gieat Hrllaln, chaiglng Ihe Intcinatlon- ul iion-lnteiicntlon coinimtlec in London had appioved a system ilcscilljcd ns Jllcgnl and disciIm- Inatoiv and an aid to the Spanish rebels. Pictnlci Mussolini Indicated he Intends to dcfei action on airy" | Spanish \iai policy In the h6j» thai the labels will ulii a signal Icloiy II DIICC Insisted he hafj sent no "volunteers' to Spain •luce lebmaiy 20, when the bjin-l las hn'ioscd, and Mould send none ,1 f no olhei powei did J ' Signing of a licaly beteeen Jugoslavia and Italy at Belgrade" nas hailed ns a leal step lov.uid iicacc Tiie pad Is to inn five • cars It Is a treaty of filendshlp and non-aggression. v bcndf Wheat I'rlce Up Trance lemalned firm In opposi Ing anj further Italian a(d to the Spanish rebels The leftist regime of Picmlci Leon Blum h( Paris de.- mandcd stienglhcnlng of tiie neu^ liallty accord lo keep outsidert,. really outside the war-torn pentn suln; ^ In the United Staters reaction to liurops's sciamble forearms led to rising wheat prices A ncV seven- jenr peak was reached at Chicago, uheie iihcat was quoted at $141 3 4 a bushel. 20.—William KIscr, 37 year old j attempt to steal an automobile cnd- Pascola blacksmith, was sentenced, ed quickly tor three Illinois youths, to 20 ycnrs In the state penltcn- j hitch-hiking their way .to Florida tlary by Circuit Judge U H. . late yesterday afternoon. Schult this morning after he en- | • Within a period of about four .cred n plea of guilty to a charge hours the youths, Gllbcrl Johnson, Df rape, admitllng thai he had , Lyle Larson and Robert Holmes, .onimittcd Ihe crime against his, stole an automobile at Osccola, - captured at West Memphis :nlcred pleas of guilty to -jirj made statements before Mag- charges of grand larceny when ar- Istrate Wolverton at Pnscola that I rulgned before Circuit Judge G. E. ;he had been forced lo submit to Keck. Texa own daughter, Mclvlna Klsci', 18.1 were ci KIscr was arrested afler the and or. her father who threatened to kill ler If she beti-aycd him to any- The youths stole a car, owned by T. V. Bailey of Memphis, at Osccola and s|«d south. Shcriir Hale When questioned by Sheriff j Jackson was Quickly notified when John Hosier, KIscr readily ad-. Baltcy missed his car n. short time •nllled parts of the girl's slate- " :nent. He then entered a plea of sullty lo the charge when ar- -aigned in circuit court. Kiser has two other children, a '3oy. 12, and a girl, 10. Klscr's wife and an older daughter live in Tennessee. The children who have been staying with him will to the home of Ki.ser's rcla- tives. - -- j.. Mixed yearlings and heifers 750"hat in (he world ever possess- 9.00. ™ you to striks your wife?" The I Slangliter heifers. 6.25-10 7.5 (>oor llttlo fella looked up at the B?ef cows, 5.00-6.50. 3»dgo meekly and he says "Well. Negro Changes Mind and Will Have Hearing CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — P re - liminary hearing for Abraham Ray. 30-year-old negro of the Uraggadodo community, held In the county jail without bond for •••!> •••«- -".5 «in.-i an attempted assault on MrsJin the plant. Six of In Little Rock at 1:20 p.m. today | John Wilson, who has a court rec ited began falling and ten mm- crd here, and Ira Whllaker. Guy utes later the ground was covered. | Parsons and two negroes. Dave —— i Nash and Fonsteln Payp, are charz- •ij, ! p. . _. , , ed with receiving stolen property Workers Dodge rickets j'n » series of thefts. by Sleeping in Plant! ! Maritime Commission Nominations Opposed WASHINGTON, Mar. 20. (UP) — Confirmation of the five men nominated by President Roosevelt for membership on the federal maritime commission today faced delay in the senate. Senators gathered material lo block approval of appointments of Admirals Henry A. Wiley and Emory S. Land. The oilier three nominees. Joseph P. Kennedy, former S. K. C. chairman. Edward C. Moran jr.. and Thomas M. Woodward, were not opposed. Leading Ihc opposition (o Wiley and Land was Senator Hugo L. after it was stolen. Jackson's office notified officers In various towns by telephone lo be on lhc lookout for ths youths and they were picked up within two hours. They were returned to Osccola and Prosecuting Attorney Bruce Ivy Tiled-Informations against the Irio. Brought before Circuil Judge Keck they admitted the charges and were returned to Jail landing nn investigation of their records before sentences are passed. is Blast Inquiry Court Makes 'Report*I .1 n, -* -, :x Mar 201 (HP>— ulrt of Intiulli'''! of- AUETIN Tc\ A nillitarj coil; flclal report on the Ne\i London sthool explosion,' which killed' 42G students and teachers today lec- omtnended creation of a govenvj) inenl agency to supervise caa4 structlon of public buildings and the addition of a malodorant to natural gas. Couth mlng findings at the close. of testimony by Dr E P Schoch, 1 University of Texas chemistry prfi-" fcssoi and explosives expert, Ihe* court report assigned the "piob- ablc cause" to building construe* 1 (Ion use of dangerous gas, made;, quale pressure regulation and U\a' manual training l fiom motor switch. Sues to Force Court to Issue Beer License CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo., March 26—A mandamus suit against the Pcmlscot county court has been j filed in circuit court here by P. L. Davis, local store proprietor, to force the county court to sell him a license to retail 3.2 per cent beer. The petition names the three members of the county court. Black (Dem.. Ala.), chairman the senate labor committee. of Judges Harvey McFiirland, R Ruby Sulton. white woman, . she had her back turned, pan was handy, and Cutters and low cutlers. 3.75-4.75. set for Wednesday, C. the door was open and I Jest! planUs grow and live; minerals only! mind, resulting I'd take a chance." • I grow. being re-set. has been March 31. before Justice L. While of Braggadocio. Hearing was originally scheduled for las! week bill the negro ex- presed his intention of waiving MEMPHIS. Mar, 26 (UP)—Feminine dress factory workers today adopted the sit-down weapon to avoid conflict with dresi-ripptng pickets. Filly workers In Nonn-I.ce Dress company resumed work this morn- Ing after having spent ,thc night the non- slrikers yesterday partially were disrobed they rushed through a picket line of women Abandoned Motorshio Sinks in Mid-Paciiic SAN FRANCISCO. Mar. 26 (UP) —The marine bureau of the. San Francisco chamber cf commerce announced it received advices that the niotorship Fijian, reported In distress last Monday, sank in inid- Pncifie late yesterday. The crew of 40 had abandoned Ihe ship, the report said. ! members of the International j Earlier radioed messages said Indies Garment Workers union,] fire aboard the ship wa.s under affiliated with the C. J. O. Rather Ihan take another grow, live, and fcel;iPr»l!irvlmiry. He later changed htslc-hancc with the pickets the worfc- *„..-.-..,.. . . ,....-. ..-..,.:.._ ]n th{ , hearlng cr . s I,.,,) and blankels sent to Hhem and remained In the factory. I control and that the crew, after once abandoning it. had returned to the vessel. The crew was (aken aboard the N. Y. K. liner Shinko Maru. Motorist Is Sentenced For Uncoupling Train O'FALLON, 111. <UP>—Wc.iry of waiting for a freight train to clear a crossing. James E. Gavins, 29. leaped from his automobile and uncoupled the train. The air hose automatically disconnected and, frightened by the hissing, Gavins returned to his car and fled. In his hurry lo get away he collided with two other cars and was arrested. "I thought tt was n good idea," Gavins said. He was sent to the Vandalla prison farm for a term o[ six months. Rowland and S. L. Robinson, and County Court Clerk E. S, Huffman. Davis, the pclillnn recites. secured his ncccsfiry city, spate and federal licenses, and asks to be shown why he cannot nro- curc a county license. Davis was among some 10 or IS recently refused licenses by County authorities. His mandamus suit is the first attempt to compel Issuance of such a license? Memphian to Manage ' • Hotel at Jonesborp" MEMPHIS—Qrady Smith for* nine years assistant managei of- the Chlsca hotel, has resigned to become manager of the Noble 1 .hotel nt Jonesboro Ark, Jimes' Scott general manager of the Chlsca, announced yesterday. The Noble Is one "of the: largest hotels ml eastern Aikansas. and Is owned bv Crawford Noble^ district governor of the Ho{el Greeters of America T Mr. Smith will assume hh 'new"' duties on • April 1. His succcsSTr at the Chtsca has not yet been named, Mr. Scott said. ~" Nebraska Legislature Rejects Child Labor Bail' LINCOLN, Neb., Mar. 26. (UP)i—' Without a record vote the'Nebraska unicamcral legislature today defeated a bill for ratification of: the child labor amendment to the United stales constitution, i Letter Takes Long Way CLARKSBURG. Cal. (UP)—Justice of lhc Peace J. H. Webber has only praise and wonder for the efficiency of the national and international postal service. He mailed his monthly report to the county scat, only a few miles away, and It arrived Ihere safely several weeks later bearing a Yokohama post mark. In the meantime he had sent In a duplicate, • WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, freezing temperatures tonight; Saturday mostly cloudy, continued cold. Memphis and vicimtv — Cloudy and colder tonight; Saturday, probably rain. The maximum temperature hero yesterday was 60, minimum 38. partly cloudy, according to Samuel.' P. Noms, official weather observer. The minimum temperature here last night was 30.

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