The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1931
Page 8
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Gosnell LIFE DF G. 0. PJ Mis-, Alvle JN'ecdham spent Saturday night \vil!i Miss Thelnm Richi nrdson. HiiUy Drawn pntcilfitned the Ca:m> Fire filrls with an Kaslcr t'Bfi )»it)t. Sunday. Mi.-s Anltii livyr-nns sponl Sunday wltli Valora H.3CSC- MI.SS Kuulce Crawford spent Sal- urdav iilulil wllli Mary Cirncy of Hiirdclte. Mr. It. C. MTtircuin sjicnl Sunday wllli Miirrow Polk-r. ' Miss Cilora Marcurn and lier I'lo'.hn- spent Hip week end In ^ _ Memphis. Longworlh first served as n°ii)em- j Mr. and Mrs. Waillcy sprint Sun. her o! the foreign affairs commit- (l «y »'Hh Mr . n«d Mrs. lllll Hclci) (Continued from pa<:e one) graduating from [hat Institution in 1894. Married in While House ElecW to the Mill congress In 1902, when only 33 years of age, Mr tee. Later he was assigned to Hi? ways and means committee which has Initial Jurisdiction over larlif and revenue legislation. App'.yln? himself to a close study of rcvenu: and tariff problems, he was in po- slllon to take nn important part In the shaping of the country's lay policy, and as a member of the committee led in the n«l:t.s nijalns: the Democratic Underwood larlf! for the Payne-Aldrich and the post • war Fordney-McCumuer schedules As a youn? representative, Mr Longvorlh courted Alice Rosscvell daughter of the president, and IhtMi wedding In the east room of the White House on February 17, 1300 was a brilliant affair, witnessed by nearly one thousand notables. Congress adjourned for the day to dr honor to the tenth White House bride and the representative fron Ohio. , Opposed Fallier-In-taw Family ties gave way to party allegiance In the tall of 1912 wron Mr. Longworth became a candidate for.rc-elccllpn. Scekitii; reflection to the presidency was William H. Tail, a fellow Clncinmllan, vrhr was the Republican party candidate. Opposing him, in addition to the Democratic candidate. Woodroiv Wilson, was Mr. Longworth's father-in-law, running on the Progressive ticket. With the encouragement of his wife, the daughter of Mr. Roosevelt, the Cincinnati representative declined to bolt his parly, supported Mr. Taft and went down to dcfcit by a plurality of 101 voles, at, the hands of a Democrat who triumphed because Ihe normal Republican vole was split between Mr. Longworth 'and a candidate endorsed bj the Bull Moosers. Two years' later however, Mr. Longworlh relnrne: to congress for an untnlerniptsc stay which culminated in his successful candidacy for the sirak'r ship. Although a consistent supoarlji of the administration. Mr. Loni;worth differed from bDth Presidents Harding and Coolldge on some issues, voting on one occasion for the soldiers' bonus which Mr Coolldt" vetoed. Coming as he did from Cinci-i- natl. which rcDealcdly tilled UD substantial majorities against prohibition, he opposed the ISlh amendment, but. recognizing sentiment r»- flected In congress for prohibition he made no effort, as a ram- l»ad- er to bring about nullification or modification. of niylhc-vlllp. Clo.snell school pupils with pcr- fci-t iiiicndnnrp' records: 9lh grade -Delia Hallmark, Wesson McGliro. Thelma Richardson; 8th grade— Oullav lilake, Jessie Crawford. ~r!>nl:'p Tucker; 1th grade—Lillian I.edbctlcr, wilbiirn Vnnelovc; Gth r'racle -fvnn fievlll, Woodrow Cook, '-'nii'ia r;cdw'n. lx?onnrd Hallmark, 0. L. IIIK, Mavvln Emma Lloyd, "•urrn/ - L Mrxxlv, Valorn Reese,, Glcrla Marcum, R. C. Marcum. ! "ih irrJYli:---1. C, Eiibanks. Johnnie' Hallmark. Paul Itemnhlll, Claude ilvi'. Marvin McOlicc, James, llddleton, Ciarlnnd Moo<ly. James Vebs'.er, Alllc Jones Evelyn Kin- icy, l_o>:!sc Ledbetler. Herbert Moody, Virninln Richardson; 4th • — Pat CMltnan, Willis In- .Tain. Olri> Mosely. John Smith, •Jvelyn Wadley .Beala Brown, lunnitn Mlddelon, Elizabeth Yay- icr, Cordelia Smith, Beatrice Wcb- i(er; 2nd yrade—S P. Cook, Bob- itc Hallmark, John Lewis, Ilay- ncnd M.-.'dlln. Dewitt Vanclcve, Al•In Webster, Josephine Urycans. Virginia Cook, Tessic Potter, 3rd srade — Boone Godwin, Harold l.loyd. G. W. PrulU. Jewel Crawford, Luclla Cracford. Boatrice Citxhvlu, Mildred Richardson;' 1st I'rade—William Arrliifiton, Margie Hevlll, Corlas lievlll, Raymond Cook, Inez Chilman. Calvin God- \vln, Hollls Manlcy, Helen Medlin, Mnriiiirot Lott, Desslc Vernon, Ar- Itla Vcvnon, Junior Kirk and Alvin Lc'dbctter. BRIDGE BY WM. i:. MeKKNNEY Secretary Amrrlcan lirldie Ihe following hand V.-OA also selected from the Southeastern Sec- tlcnal Cliamplonshlp tournament recently held at Augusta, Ga., and ijlvcs a good example of a bid at contract. »9-6 VK-Q-9-7-A •»4-3 *K-8-7-2 * C l lh ° THURSDAY,' APRIL 9, 1931 oi:r chances of gong game are bad- Iv ruined especially If West should , , ... -- rne especay es sou forcing two bid/ If partner has a hold the kln^ of diamonds. Thereas a o e n^ o amons. There- complete bnsli he will pass and If fore l l -i physic bidder realizing that " "' " Ing West the king of diamonds. p:csts of Mr. and Mr>. Leland ' :",,. _, „ , I ™° w re-nrdless of what W«st leads Hod'',? at Pecan Grove Friday .... vmiM be .0. K. unless West-! Ihe declavr Is bound to win, pick Mr. and Mrs. J. N Robertson happens lo open a spade-then | up thj trump, discard his two los- were guests of Mr. and Mrs Ice me are bad- Ing spades—cne^on thp (iiir>r*n ^r M^nm yim^nt. Courier News Want Ads I'.iy. of clubs. While this Ren6W YOUF By Purification would nol have to be afraid ol Ihe AK-J-108 V10-6 >K-9-G ^.G-J-9-6 NORTH £ £ * w $ H Jlenlcr SOUTH 4Q-7-4-3 VJ-8-5;2 • 8 4.10-5.4. Ekroh News Notes Miss Waltercen Austin entertain«d the 4-H club members at hei home Thursday evrntmr. with ni old fashioned party. Games wen enjoyed uri'l a late hour when re- Tresnments of hot chocolate and cake was served.. The first, second , and third grades of the Ekron school onnoy- ed a picnic and egg hunt Frida< afternoon given by. their techer Mrs. H. Hargett. Sehool for the higher grade chll dren was suspended Wfrinesdav an- Thursday becase of the death o Mr. Simpson's sister. Mr. Tom Richardson had as hi guest lor the week end, Mr. Orvl Reems of Holland, Mo., and Leslie and Willie Reems of Yarbro. Rufus Norton, Holten earner am Mr. Porter Smith and family s|«n the week end at Lost Cane will frimds. Mrs. Gladys Duncan spent Sun dav at Half Moon with friends. Mr. Harvey Hargett had as hi, week end cucst. his father Join Hargelt of Blylheville. Tom Mangum had as his guest.- Sunday, Rufus Downing and fam ily of Number Nine Mr. Arthu Mangum and family of Blythevlll, nnd Mrs. F. K. Burton of C!ea Lake. Mrs. Mamie Hartsficlrt had as her guesls, Sunday, Miss Maborline Davis and Miss Richardson of Lone Oak. The Ekron Junior Sunday school class enjoyed an egg hunt'Sunday oftemoon sponsored by their teacher, Mrs. E. L. Tcaford. Misses Mary and Cleo Mangum and Miss Ozeal Richardson were the guests of Mks Elizabeth Jordan, Sunday afternoon. Courier News W:ml Ads Pay. Renew Youi' Health By Purification Any physician will tell you thai "Perfect Purineallon of the System 's Nature's Foundation of Perfeel Health." Why nol rid yourself of chronic ailments thai are uuder- nilnlnj your vitality? Purify your entire syslctn by taking u Ihor- ough'course of.Calolabs,--once ol twice a week for s'everni wecks- and see how Nature rewards yoi: with health. Calolabs purify Ihe blood bs activating; 'pic liver, kidneys, slom- ach'and bowels. Trial package, lOc Family package, 35c. All dealers —Adv RITZ THEATER Friday and Saturday 'Fair Warning' with George O'Brien Tt's tlie snappiest, sboolin'esl outdoor roninnoc that O'Rriei ever clanked a spuv in. From Max Brand's wel known novel "The Untamed" Also Cartoon nnd' Comedy. Matinee—10 mid 30c. Night—10 and 35c. AA-5-2 V A-3 4A-.Q- .M 0.7-5-2 *A 'llir Illildinr 'Hie ownlni; bid by Kouth varied Somo prncUcally every table. r^i-cl witn two diamnnds. islnij the artificial club bid one •lull, while the writer, who ndvo- :ales Hie one over one, prefers a >ld of one. diamond on this hand. II Ls not strong enough to make a clever bidding dying. Even though" [he hand holds 150 aces, an- opening Lid of two no trump should not be considered, Going back to the one diamond bid, Wast passed, North responded wllh two hearts. Remember'this Is one over one—one heart over' one diamond—a forcing bid from North Informing partner that ha has a playable heart suit and at least one and one-half tricks and requests that the bidding be .kept open once more although no promise fs made for game. East-passed. Nn-v what would you- do with Soulh's hand? Knowing that partner holds one and one-halt tricks we know that one' trick must be'the king and queen of hearts-and the half trick can be - tlu king of spades, kins of diamonds, or the club, king Supposing It is the king of clubs, we can nnd a home for our losing cards — the deuce of spades will go on the queen of hearts and Ihe five of spades on Ing spades-cne.on the ciiiecn of Moore? Sunday. on the king Mr. and Mrs. Claude Duncan of I D;ion spent Sunday with Mr. anil bid has as- Mrs. J. W. Tomllnson. - i -- - — — •--• ••• "imKintj ft Mnfill MJSSPS Movoi'Iiii 0 DsvSs npd "bid.* tw vr?,!" thlf ,," le W]i>:t lo iisaln war "' A!ma Nrodl «»n visited Mrs. clay-' Any physician win tell you thit *.'-h«i- h aforch.g'S^ IK^^^^^^^^^' S ^> ^rec^unncauo^tr^ reed not fear that Ihe bidding will tecomc too enthusiastic with psy- M , ..., ., . -'— as he has demanded ills part- chic biding. It is too dangerous, i tcrtaiimi „ f 5 ' r W , lir ° Dks c "~ ; ^t^mji-u u isvt ol their fi-i^nriv; Tomorrow we will give jou one' '' l " oar uf fh-^ mcsl interrstln^ liamN .«- ncr to keep it open. Now If West has a broken spade distribution, it may slop him from opening it North responds to the two spades wllh Ihrec hearts showing that lw has nchliie bu 'his five-card minimum heart bid. South Ihen goes to six diamonds which nil pass. Some nlayers mhlil want to double with West's holding but it Is too dangeious. . n m r '1 n a "} r i c 'f, t'oundation of Perfect IlcaOi." \\'|, y not rid youistll ol clu-oiue ailments (hat arc undermining your vitality? I'urify your entire system bv luk- ins :i thorough course of Cal'otata, The Play If South had not bid spades,W«t Ihe two toucblUB honors But now on: • and son, Lcroy, I Micblpan. pre Mrs. Nealv Tcrnllnson of Three Rivers, visiting relatives vdell HiuHiis vis! >. LPJII Manlcy aL ! were 1 into tto ace, <i^cen, therefore It looks. us though the proper lead would be the queen of clubs which was opened in this case' and it is now rather simple for the declarer to mate six odd. He wins the. firsl club trick in his own hand with the ace and then lays down H IE AD COLDS , -- "I--M..O u*».uju utc mid uicn lays down tin the king of clubs, and we will us-'ace and'queen of diamonds grant Melt in boiling water vapors; also muff up aoee. •MILLIOH JARS US£0 YEARLY Planting Seed for Sale Mis-Del No. 2, @ $50.00 per (on IMfori 911, @ $45.00 per ton. ' .,,, • 1 K u; "' ;illt eti! IHive and Kcrmination test 98^ II;is JIiK-Dcl is one year from bre:<lin(,' station. otai)] c 1 1-8 inch, thirds itself. The .satisfactory cotton I have ever jrrowii. I'ritus F. 0. B. CIrider. Maj. F. P. Jacobs Griiler, Ark. Coming—Sunday and Monrinv —Edmund l.own in "DON'T BET ON WOMEN". Last Time Today len Call It Love' with Aclolph Menjou Spotted Fever Reported in Few New States HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Ixcx Lease m The Utah Kid' You'll thrill to it's action! Also Serial and Comedy. WASHINGTON. (UP) - The, _ „..„ ~~ dreaded spotted fever has appear- j ed In the eastern and southeastern "dm.—Matinee and Night— states, according .to the Public Health Sen-Ice. Spotted fever \v 2 .< hitherto thought to exist only in the' western states, particularly In the Rocky Mountain area. . „„ Spotted fever U a- dUeos- spread r " by the bir« of lice and Is consid-' CjlCCn ered quite j>evere. Death rum from I 60 to 90 per cent with the disease in the Rocky Mountain area. Thr disease, however, Public Health Service officials say has not spread far in the east and southeast. 10 and 25c. Coming—Sunday and Monday —"STEPPIN" OUT" with Cliff Edwards and Charlotte 1 The longest daily non-stop train run is said to be that ot the "Fly- Ing Scotsman," between King's Cross and Edinburgh, a distance of M7.7 Last Time Today. 'What A Man' with Jeanelte JVIacDonald and Reginald Denny are wrapped Only in E-PROOF Cellophane Cigarette] in prime condition have a moisture content of «bout 10%. h wjll be « en b r the chart lhatcijarcllti in the ordinirjr wrapped packi;e lose more thin hall of their total moitture in thirty days and that only the Camel Humidor Pad delivers c!garettei to you in prime condition. whole country is talking about .the thruat-easy mildness and the factory freshnf ss of Camel Cigarettes in the new Humidor Pack. The above chart prepared by the Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory tells you why. Please examine it carefully. It is an unfailing guide to cigarette selection and enjoyment. As you ean qnickly sec by the three upper curves on this interesting chart, cigarelteu that lack the protection of the Humidor Pack lose their moisture rapidly from the day they are manufactured. 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C, CAMELS Artificial tieat in Aoinn nnd nrinrtmenli innn rfrfc« the moiiturc out of rtgarcllci ttrappfj the old faihioned iray. It i, ihtmnrkofa con• tiJetnlf hoitcsi, by mrnns af the Humidor Pack, to "Scrre o fresh eifarciic." liny Camclt bjrthc tartan—this tigarcttc Kill remain frtth in four homt and office, , •

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