The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1937 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1937
Page 12
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) ROUTIIER NEWS Compete for National Honors Monday al'Wo- • men's Exposition NEW YORK, Mai eh 25— )Iousc- \ii\cs v,lio subinillcd menus created tirdund Jiomolv Amciican dLslics, li!\vo ^0" Uie six sectional piizcs in the Second Kationnl Contest, under Hie auspices of Ihe Women's Nalional Exposition ot 'Arts ^..-Industries, II is announced hj Ihe Exposition commit Ice of prominent New York v,omen T\\o halns, one New Fnglain style, another Virginia, n plnwhec' ,. meat l<nf, n salmon loaf, tarl>ecueil chicken, and loast breast of Innib are Llie'main dlshe 1 , of the winning menus A y>Qt roist \stis the main drsh of the CMifotnh unmai \\lio UOH Oie fiist pri/o lost jear The six housewives, who have won ton place in the six tedious inlo \\hicli Hie United Stnlcs v,ns,divided foi the contest* iccelved lele gram'! on Tuesday. March 23, notifying them ot their selection Contest Starts Momlij The winners will participate In n firiaU"cook-6rT":ln'Ncw York Cltj lo determine the winner of the litl of Hie Notional Cooking clitimpioi of 1937. ''Each one ot Hie \unner r<v will co:nc lo New Yoik at the c\ peiife of Hie Women' 1 ! Expo-illo comniitlce, and -will leccive niire ranging fiom [lie $500 first, pn? to the $100 sixth urire The "cook-oil' will be n publi event In it foi the fiist lime li the history of cooking a cotnneti lion is being cle\at<Kl to Hie rank of a feturcd sports toinnamcnl a. rcommentaloi 'before the micio phone nnd a gallciy In altendancc As each egg is broken and beater ns each cup of flour Is sifted a - each cm is opeiied, a spoils com menta'tor will give the iiidienc "the inside dope" on \\lint Is likin. place /, The "cook-oil' will start on Man day evening, March 29. at the Si v tcenlh .Annunl Women's Niliona Exposition at the Grand Centra Palace T(\o cooks* y. ill be pillc agnmst^ each - othd - nt the thre , "cook-oils" which' will be licit ~ Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 1 o'clock to 9 o'clock at th cvpositton • • »*!.' , „ \ Sectional Winners Sectional**winners T in the'compe titjon^are —Mrs Evcljn ilisehke, o ISMVifSouth, Plymouth noMtevnrc Losfiiigcfes, California, who enter c(l ! tlie_*pim\heeV meat loif mcnii'rMaxe}, -of 125 Norl 10 no LAMB CHART Retail Cuts Wholesale Cuts Retail Cuts THURSDAY, MARCH 25; 1037 THESE RECIPES. Flank Steak Helps "April Fool" The Higli Cost of Meal Horn's n flank movement, against lie hlKli price of beef. llctf Wiih Mushrooms (4 lo 0 servings) . . Tlireo pounds strip (lank steak, 4 strips bacon, 1 green pepper, :t onions, I turnip, 1 pint mushroom sauce. -, Trim "ffimk steak, cut fairly (liln, I oy strips of bacon across it, tlien llilck slices onion, grocn pepper and turnip. Roll the steak around Hit! vegetables, tie .securely with cord and close at Uotli ends. Lay in (jrenscd roasting pan. Plricc In hot oven (400 degrees P.) ami icast for 15 minutes, then reduce licat to moderate (350 degrees: F.) •>ml continue to roast unt|l tender. After the meat. Is well-hrown- «1 on (ill sides, add a little lioljlng water and when the water'and Juices mix, Inistc Hie flank rol roast 'with this. [ . . Mushroom Sauce (1 pint) One pound fresh mushrooms. 1 cup water, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, tablespoon; butter, 1 tablespoon lour. 1 teaspoon lemon' juice, 1-2 up clear bet or canned stock, 1 able.spoon cream. Wasli mushrooms carefully, -hop fine, then stand in cold' wn- er and lemon juice for about 1-2 iiour. In a saucepan, melt' the Hitter, then -stir . in flour. Blend well, then add 1 the liccf stock and second teaspoon lemon juice. Sini- ner until completely blended, then add trie'.chopped mushrooms and [quid they were soaked in. Cook i 1 hot water for 20 minutes, onsen with salt and pepper, and tit the last, ndd the cream. Serve his over the flank roast, and dust he entire., surface with minced parsley. H makes a really hand- ome dl.slr.for little money. Here's another cut In ambitions of licef. Drolled licet Cakes With Bacon <4 to C servings) One and one-half pounds ground •omul- steak, 6 strips bacon, 1-2 .erispoorr dry mustard. 11-2 teaspoon, minced young onion. 1 tablespoon minced 'parsley, salt, pepper, butter. 'Combine beef, mustard, onion, parsley and seasoning. Use chopped round that Is moist for best results. Shape Into flat round crik'e.s, not more than 2 Inches thick. Bank each cake with a strip of bacon and secure the bacon with a toothpick. Lay on'.a pan and place, under broiler. When one side Is browned well, turn and brown the other. Remove at once to hot platter. Sprinkle with lemon Juice, dot with butter, dust with a. little paprika and garnish with slices of lemon. Serve with fluffy masiird potatoes.- There will be a butter, lemon' and beef Juice gravy in the dish 1 .which must nof, be wasted. Consult those m.ishcd potatoes—they know th 6 aiiswcv. Needlework Becomes Aril Housewives in spuch of new nnd atlraituo incjt cuts to add variety and ilavoi lo then mount, will hi. mlcilstcd m the lamb clmit slioun »l>cuc The fact Mini lamb oilers such a wide uuiclj of cnls I ie\elntion to many who in the past live thought of this mr-at only m^omis of legs and loins A studv of this chait will levcftl Uiat theie Is n Innib out for e\u> pin so nnd e\ciy put pose In addition to show- Ing llin runny possibilities In lamb culs, the' clml is nn excellent guide for'cooking You \ull want to keep it for ready •reference. t *vi* ,en!«r5fisgtlu> c sa"mioii -loaf menu; •^ Mrs T -Hele'n'~P.rAngcll of 83s South "" -"" Ohiq'' 'A\c\ Columbus, Ohio, who , cnfcriji the t barbecued chicken menu,*Mrs G Lehman of 254 Lee Ave, Yonkcrs, New York, \\lio entered the roast breast of Inmb meira; Mis W, J. O'Brien, of Center Sandwich, New Hampshire, ^ho entered the baked ham menu and Mis^ Percy Finks, of 500 North Kenmore St^Arhnglon, Virginia, who entered the Smithfield Virginia him menu: California, Ohio and Ne\i England have representation again this year in the contest' In the eastern ^ssction. a Washington, n C, no'nan won last year, while this ysir, (here Is n local winner for the first t!me t Mrs G Lehman , of Yonkers New York The'women will come lo New York'by plane and train, arriving on Saturday, March 27, lo be ready Tor the opehmg of ihc cook-off on Monday. Menus of Distinction Again this jear, the committee of judges was a group o! distinguished " home economists, headed by Miss Isabel Ely Lord, as chair man, former head of the home ceo nomics. Department of' Pratt In stitute, and a noted author on food subjects Miss Florence Brobeck also a prominent writer on horn economic subjects and an expert on dietetics "'is m charge of the nr rangements for the women s Expo - srfion, \ ,',"" N • ' ' .'.According to the 'committee o judges, out of the- thousands o ,i _' menus that were sent In, certni _ ones stood out for exceptional qu-V Ity-^of balance in ingredients, ap , pearance when cooked, appetilc ap ? peal, seasoning, and the final jud" ing point, an evidence of cooVer technique The whining menus not! only conform to the iccnilrements set by Ihc csminttlec of judges, but Vve'ie"~distinguished fiom otliei cii- Ivies by teitnltf outsiaiuling features in Die use of tooth, Including "hiVinteresting, adn'ptallon of several conned nioducU •nic (linger of Mrs. Mlschke, win- ng in the Cnllfmuln section, con- ilns an cxcepllonnl meat lout, fli ored with unusual ingredients The fish . loaf dinner of Mrs. iaxey, is accompnnictl by an 1111- siml combination of vegclnbles and nlshes oil with n prune egg nog. 'liis menu crime from Iowa. The innei of section mo la-it >cai ame train 'rc.xns, nnd entered n iiickcn tlinlier In honor of the Tex- s Centennial. There was a.typical southern din- icr from Arlington", Vlrtjinln, sub- nittcd b} Mrs Pinks, which fca- ures a Suiithfielrt Virginia ham, 'he curing of thtsi-tyiic of limn is tile Virginia legisla- \ire. famous middle- west barbecued ^i!ckcn ; dinner is the entry of tne Ohio w'bmnn, The New York winner, Mrs. Lcli- iiaii, siibmlls a main dish of roast breast of lamb, which. Is preparet with unusual spices and condiments in an exceptional recipe. Ne\v England again hns a win. tier with n. New : England intcrpre tation of baked ham, which varie. considerably from the baked liau dinner which won the pri/e In tha section last year. To place contestants in all part of the country'on an equal foot lug, in view of the wide varietv o material available, and the fac that the California woman coinin to New -York iinlglit not get who she wants to cook with, the iibe o canned floods wiis continued in th present cbiu]>cUtton. Last year Hi contest was launched in recognition of the fact that time saving pvon-. ucts are a part of every modern household, but that the housewife often fails to use the same care and ingenuity in creating dlsl'.es from canned products. Wlicn Yon Tire ot Polalocs \ ( i -' • These Kecipcs \Vili Help anfi fry onions. Cut. eggplant in fairly thick slices, sprinkle with salt mid stand 10 minutes. Drain and cut into wedge-shaped pieces. Remove onion from pan. add 4 tablespoons butter, fry eggplant. Combine eggplant,; rice, onion, .add tomato juice. Arrange in greased baking dish. .Dust with grated cheese. Bake in moderate oven (350 degrees P.)'for ..about 25 minutes. . .', Cliickun Hominy .'•' . , ^; M to G servings) One-half cup fine; hominy, 1 cur. boiling water, 'i teaspoon salt, 1 cup, clear chicken stock, 2 tablespoons butter. ' / '•'.' " Add hominy slowly to boiling water, add salt, and cook .until.homin? absorbs all the water. Then' add the chicken stock; Cook over hot'watei another 1 1-2 hours. At last mo, add butter. Serve piled up in a platter and surround .with porl Potatoes nmy be one of man.s est filentlb, But \\c all tire of e\en iii- best friends ixt times. Then try omctlihig dlffeient Hicc Spoon lirrml 4 lo C servings, with enough over for tomorow's luncheon for 2) One cup cooked rice, 2 eggs, 1 ablcspoon butter, 1 cup milk, 1 cup boiling water, 3 tablespoons vhltc corn'mcal, l-l cup (lour, 1 eas))oon salt, 1 tnuletpoou sugar, 2 teaspoons baking powder. .... ; Pour boiling water over cornmeal and mix well. Sift flour, salt and sugar into the \vet cornmeal. Mix nnd cook over hot water until it Separate yolks from whites of eggs. Beat jolks and add to mKlme (hen baking |K)wdt.r and milk Beat egg whiles until stiff, then fold Into mKluie Poul into caiofully gicis- t<l baking dish Bike in moderate <ncn (350 tiegices'r) for about 40 minutes. This, spoon bread has H longing for meat- and gravy. , Kfgplant and Klcc + (4 to C servings) | One large cgg]llant, G tablespoon^ butter, 1 pint toumto juice, i onion; 1 teaspoon salt, 1 cup raw rice, 1 quart boiling .water, grated cheese. .. Wiish rice carefully, then boil, and drain, It must be flaky. Heat thickens. Stir in rice, and butter;I 2 tablespoons butter In frying paii BUTTERKIST BREAD 8 C 2 for 15 Sold at our bakery anil at all grocery stores in town. ' , We also make all * kinds of delicious . Pits, Cakes, and Cookies. Try This Idea for ' a Hurry-up Meal When spring lioiispclciining rc- niiires every minute of the day, or vhen the shopping excursion lasts onger than is expected and you mist-plan n quick and easy meal, low about a mixed grill, with himb chop.s, Hllle link sau.^gp.s and bacon? Tliis can be prepared on short order, find it makes so delightful a niciil thill your family won't mind shopping or clcnning days. •Lamb chops, for boiling, should be cut thick, at least one inch. Thoroughly preheat (he broiling oven. Place the cho|i.s on the broiler rack far enough from the source of licnt that by the time one side is browned tlicy will be about half done. Season with salt nnd pepper; turn and allow to finish cooking on (he second side. When the lamb chops arc half done, add 'the little link snusnges and bacon slices lo the grill. Turn these during cooking. You cnn have wall hangings that are prettier even than pictures Imagine the gorgeously colored life-size goldfinch porchcd on a purple thistle, and the gay red bird among delicnle pink apple blossoms You'll be pleasantly surprised how ([Uickly you can embroider them. Ko. ; C8418 brings you a hot iron transfer, ensy-to-follow directions and color chart. When embroidered and placed under glass these will become most prized and envied possessions. Or make culoufs of ply-/ wood or wall board and paint them If you prefer. ( To order, nsk for No. C84I8, or' tear out illustration and send wiih 10 cents stamps or coin.' (Any three 10-cent "IVfake It Yourself" patterns only 25 cents.) Address your "order to BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS MAKE IT YOURSELF PATTERN BUREAU, BOX 16li, KANSAS CITY, MO. Be sure to give name and complete address. Town Slaj- Keslricl Doss MARTINEZ. Csi: <UP>—The city fathers hre in the midst of their annual p,w-wow over dogs. The proposed'ordinance is a rather ode one. It would limit a dog's activities to (he strength of its master's voice. In other \vords, do^s wouk not be allowed at targe" ftirthe: tenderloins'and tried apple rings, than the call of the owne'r's voice • I'olice nn- Slool Pigeons Chief of Police Clinton Hackert. SI'. PAUL (UP)—The stool pis-1 The department seeks tolinvccvct'v con has been eliminated from St.]citm!n "tip oif" police on condi- 'aul police methods, according to 1 lions, Hackert said. GROCERY & 109 Wcsl Main St. '' MARKET i'horie 15 Free Dcl'vcry ^Specials for Fri. - S:i(. & Mori. — Mar. 2(i - 27 & 20 w - ' .Big Moon - Guaranteed 2-1 Ih !)Sc; <1S Ib §1.85; OB Hi S3.GO; Hbl. 56.90 Whilewalcr Rose—24 Ib'Sl.Ojj • 'Iiiltlc Geneva—1'luin 2-i IDs 85c ' _ i'cacnck 21 Ib 1.05 IS Ib 2.05 COFFEE, Whole BcaniCC We Grind, I,b. 13. COUN FI/AKES 2 1'kgs. TOMATOES, No. 2 Can JOc; No. 1 Can SI'INACH, No. 2 CanftCC 3 Cans for . Lv EGGS, Fresh Country Dozen BAKE 16 MINUTES TO THE POUND ACCORDING TO YOUR FAVORITE RECIPE Tasting is believing—words cannot give you the incrc.isol taste enjoyment yon experience with tins new, modern, Smoked Ham. Saves cooking time and shrinkage, loo. WE SUGGEST THIS RECIPE Pl»cc.« whole Wilion'i Tender Emi Mild Htm in rpiilcr, fit side UK »dj one cup of \vjtir. Bike for >C mimitei Co the pound in oun MO F, Take Harn from OTCQ, score fit xvuh knife; sprinkle wiiS cup of sugar: dot with dotes. Return to hot Oreo, about <oo° T. to brown. You may use fruit ratnijh in plice of c IOTC s if you pre fc r. Al I OT Ikrt c m inutw to the round lonste whtn coo king a half Kara. 3 GREAT HAM DEVELOPMENTS i/ Vilion'i ot!cia«l TeoJec * Mide Hi en. Bo acin—rctd? ta serrcorjust h«: tod cut. i/ Wilson's Teodet Midc HIM.' ~ Boactesi in lias, cooked tnd rady io at. . . , i/ Wiltoo'i.Tca&r Eitfi SDI(J T Certified Smoked Him, Moit bccooVcdbcforiienint . 5 l 22 C •HACON, Sugar Curc'QOC Sliced : Lb:0fc LAUD, Bring Your •Tinckel. I,b. 15' POTATOES, No. 1 Hed Triumph. Peck MUSTARD Quart Jar 10 SALAD DRESSING OCC Quart Jar . fcv MATCHES, I.RC. HoxOC( Searchlight. G fortw MILK, Pel or Caniit- "ICC lion. •! Sm. or 2 Tall Iw HOTTER Crackers Sm. Hox Free •I-I.b. Ctn .COc 8-Lb. Cln. §1.1 S Al'PLKS, Delicious CC 2 for . • v SWEET MH,K Quart 10 ONIONS Lbs.'- 18' COFFEK, Whole cabcrrv. LI). PUFFED WHEAT I'kjr. 10 C 1'EAS, Early No. 2 Can June CORN, No. 2 3 Cans for Can OI-EO, Durkee, with OQC Coupon. HAM, Laclcdc Center Cuts. M KEROSENE Gallon 10 C CAURAGE, New «J C Green. M).(L2 SOAP, 0. K. or P. &.G.-I Giant Bars CLEANSER, Light -fftl House. 3 for IU CATSUP H-Oz. Bottle 9' CRACKEKS 2-1,1), Hox 15' OATS, His; Value 2 Lbs. ' SYRUP, A. & 11. RetlfiCC or White. . Gal. ORANGES, Texas C< I'Vuit. 2 for v HUTTKRMTLK C( Quart w BANANAS, Yellow •!£< Fruit. , Doz. Iv PRESERVE YOUR FOOD with ELECTRICITY It CONSTANT - -' ] CONVENIENT - C HEALTHFUL - " ECONOMICAL • SAFE - - • See Your Dealer or Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "DEPENDAULIJ LOW-COST ELECTRIC SERVICE 11 .' SPECIAL THIS WEEK Positively SENSATI "ViTROCK" STRIPED WARE WITH TUMBLERS TO MATCH •:•.:• CUPS £A. Saucers EC Plates..:. 15c Tumblers 5c o TWO COLOR DECORATIONS -BED BAND WITH CtACE HUB LINE AND BLUEBAKD WITH ORANGE HAIR LIHE Vitrock glassy/are is a remarkably cloie • approach to fine china, mode by a new' high-temperature process. Just as expensive china, if is thin and translucent. It has the some hard lustrous finish—a part of the piece itself. And it is linen white with the pureness of Spode or Haviland. Yet Vif- rocV cannot chip, crack or craze—nor will it break in ordinary daily use. The thin- blown, 10 oi. glasses have matching color bands. THE KITCHEN NEW KITCHEN TOOLS KITCHEN STEP LADDER For reoching top shelves, washing high windov/s, dusting molding, etc. 2 feet high. Strong steel brace. WALL-TYPE CAN OPENER 25<! •Neatly cuts out top of any can in 4 seconds. Leaves smoofh, non- cutting edge. Every kitchen should have one. YOUR CHOICE' Thirteen handy Icvtchen tools used every doy. Nickel plated. Bright colored, enameled, "sky line" handles. Rapid KNIFE SHARPENER 25<; Just pull dullest blade through discs a few limes and it's sharpened. Can screw down permanently if desired. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE 00. , . '"The progressive fitorc" J. W. Shoiisc. • • • » Wilson Henry 1 ' 'Phone 35

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