The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY,. DECEMBER 28, THE BIATHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO,, PUBLISHERS C. n. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. IlAlNES, Advertising Manager Sole" National Advertising Reprcsoiilativcs; Arkansas'-'Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class mnUer nl the post office nt Blytlievlllc, Arkansas, under act ol COIISKS*. October o, ton. Served by the United Press' ' SUBSCin.TlON ItA'l'KS By carrier in live City of UlylUevlllc, 15c iicr week, or 50.50 per year, In advtmco. By mail, within a radius ol 50 miles, S'J.M per year S1.50 lor six montlis, 85c for three months; by in jwstal zones Iwo to six. inclusive. JG.50. i»r year; tu v.oncs seven and clalit, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. I'ul (IcaUi-sU'ike of Hungarian coal 'minors. But now il Ims brought about a situation which' is iu tli<j hitfheat degree menacing to world pence. Tins is our heritage from (he Versailles treaty, TJicrc was too much liiislc to establish political freedom,. «iul too little thought to the economics involved. l?iul as it was, the old Auslro- iUingarimi empire did luive a sound commercial By forgetting that Hllle point, the peueeimihcra stored up a vast umounl of trouble Cor the world. —Bruce Cation. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Political Freedom Is Gained, Economic Security Lost Tlicsi! ominous rumblings it n d cracklintfs in tlic fountlalions of (lie central Kiiropean luinscliold arc »!- luast giviiiy "si ii new. kiwi about Uie old Austro-llunifiH'ian «i»l>irt!- iJurini; 'tltu /war Ansli-ia-lluniiary provided one point i upon which nlliud and neutral naVions tilways scctitctl ablu lo agree. W)i;tte\ r er (lie lenu.s of peace miuht include—whether PoUuid should be freed, Alsace-Lorraine returned, Belgium re-established or the Geniiiin colonies he ,;wen back—it at least was obvious that tlte Ihipsbttrg empire must, ho brolcen tip, The empire was a liudge-poilgi 1 . oE jieoples. If grouped Croats and Serbs, O.echs and Magyars, Germans, Uii- nuniians and ilalians, in one grand bundle, loosely lied together by allegiance to a common crown. Most of these nationalities were restless tuid unhappy. The restlessness of the Serbs, indeed, had actually started the World War/MVliutover else happened, the empire must be dissolved. ¥ • * \VclI, Hie war finally ended, and the empire did indeed fall apart. But this glorious new day oC freedom dawned with black clouds banked where tlte sunrise should havu been, and the clouds have been, gelling ilai'lwr ever since.. >'-. : Political freedom was gained; but the people who gained il began to leant the sad Icc.son thai political freedom does little good unless it is accompanied by some sort of economic freedom as well. The old empire did at least serve the purpose of commerce, however much violence it may have done lo the ideal of i'recdom. U'ilhiu its borders there was a fair measure of economic security. The interchange of goods nml money could proceed unhampered. * * * When hull' a dozen nations look the place of one, this economic freedom vanished. Upon the inhabitants •„ . of the new countries a deadly pressure began lo develop. ILs dl'cii can be traced in Yugo-Slavian oppression of Croats, in pro- and unli-i\;«i riots and murders in Austria, in that dread- Loo/^'ng Out Into Space JJ Americans are justly proud of their great engineering jobs. .Such works as the Panama Canal, Boulder Dam, tho Golden Gate bridge, and so on, are mighly testimonials to the skill of a nation of builders. ' One of the very jjrealusl jobs ever underlakeM by a mechanical civilisa- tion, however, has received surprisingly little aUuiilion. It is the preparation of .the mirror for lite gigantic 200-inch telescope which will eventually sweep the hcuvous from the top of Mt. Wilson, Calif. One mirror was poured some months ago. A (law tievelopctl, so u new one lias been poured. 11 will be ten montlis before it ciui even bo laken out of llic oven,- and three or four years before it tan be ground and prepared for use. And whim il is done it will reveal aim's u billion light-years away! Here, truly, is one of the greatest jobs Americans httvo attempted! >1\ f«£=~ \ J.I J3;—W> — HERB TODA* ANN cnG»K«iu«at l«H« VAI.EKIA UHKNETT. hl> nanctt, »hM eietyciitoE '• «ver belwten tktiu. Ann itiiuk* • lie »till love* Toay nu* I'eUt lit- llcvi'< ke «UII cart* t°r v,j!<rl». buf *V!I«D pjtunce brlDKM the UTO (oirellier and I'eUr a*k> AJIU to uiiirry him *he Hifree*. They KO lo flurlila auil nr« Imi'liy Ibfrc. Then I'efcr In rc- VilllCl) IllimC. lit* family Wnul>» Ann null VnlfrJa lrlt« co runlie truuljle li«livc«n Aim and I'eler, Stic lucuecilM null AIIU Kotn awar. leatlm; uo blnl ot ter wkcrc- l« dUcun»ululc, bcUvv dl»«overed UU tovc fur Ann Ui return II, Hit tfloil* »» «"<> b« tire IruIllKH. One do? I"- 1 T«««l»e« n mi-siutfe lo come lo n 4--crlaln nJrfrrj.. Hud ru»lie» there, lupins lo nnd Ann. SOW CO UX WITH TUB STOIIV CriAPTBIl XXXII rpHW address on ISoijd Mred, wlicn Peter arrived there, proved to IKS an milninrcKSivo brick nniirlinoiit building. Tliero was comelhliie depressing about llio exterior ainl something Infinitely ore depressing about tho interior, in. to Petct it ayneavecl an a. greeu asls ill a barren, desert. Ho would nit Ami here! Ho was sure the clcphone messago bud'come • from or. IIo ran itti tlio inicarnelcfl slops, "Now, If you will just pose with your ana about Ills shoulder," a amera man was EaylUB persuasive- y to Carol. "The idea! I will not." "1 guess tliey'll liave a picture of you In Iho society files. And '. know the flics are full of pic- urea ot Ames." "What docs it matter? Wlial dlt- 'erenco docs !t make?" I'ctcr had mid later. "All that matters Is lielng hnjjpy. 'J'ho tiling is to iet you yotiiiRSlora hontc." Carol tcllowetl Mm to his cur. '1'elcr, something has haiipciicil to you. Why didn't Auu come 1 .' 1 ' rcler told her. Ami Dion lie was bearing about Ann's visits, her liledge to secrecy. No use now to ue ashamed of his unjust doubts, whevi a move lei'i't- Mo doubt ^was toniieiiliiiB him. fjiHIC newspapers apparently 1 thought Cnrol Kendall was to ho congratulated for winning tlio •ouiis man whoso football ulaylns ad inailo Mm an Idol. His father mil received tho news of tlie mar- lago over telephone and was com- n? at oucc. It was uiion the note of, "t can 'urglvo i THIS CURIOUS WORLD Flying Hazards World-Wide When the United States army undertook to (ly the air mail, during that emergency period of unpleasant memory, the citizens; generally were pro-' fouudly shocked nt the number of deaths lhal ensued. Nol, only w»s this loss of firm young men a tragic thing; il seemed to'hint thai our air force wits , imperfectly trained and inadequately equipped. However, il is evident thai by comparison with other nations' air forces the American army flyers lake cure of. themselves pretty well. When a bombing plane of lliu Koj'iil Air Force crushed near Birmingham, England, tho other day, killing three men, it brought, tlie Koyal Air Force's casualty lisi. .for Uie year to 32. Such a lotal may not be scandalously high, but it does indicate that military aviation is an alfair of abnormal risks under even the best of circumstances, nnd that our array flying corps may have a better record, comparatively, than >ve supposed. NINE WORDS MAKE UP ONE FOORTH Ol- OUR ACTUAL SPEECH/ 7HE, AND, earing voltes above, uc room, was OHCII. -#y&pirso f f N EAR. LOS ANGELES,'' HAVE.' YIELDED S,OOO PRESERVED SKELETONS OF AMIMM-S WHICH MIRED OOWM IN THE POOL THOUSANDS OF VEAKS AGO. Tlio door to It miiet he Ucxl \vltlt a grcal many ncople, for omo ct tliom had Bjilllcd nut Into lio hall. 1'clor recognized them reporters. I lie scowled lilackly. It they wcro i vluK Ann trgubto— Aud thcu ho stood tor a moment, wcalt from disappointment, lean- ng aeninst tho door. An nngry yauas man, with pil- ows at his back, was sitting up In jed talking very crossly to lite tls- ! tors. wno grinned cheerfully back at him aud \ve.ut ou taktiig notes. Tho angry young man was Law- cncc, llio former cbauffcur, hut he wore no uniform. Then Peler saw Carol. "Oh, Pcler darling! I'd about ijivon you nil—what a lime you Cook to come! I'ctcr, these men know (ho whole story about my off tho Irniii out! coming back lo marry Lurry. How do they find out things Illio that? I'eter can't you kcc[) them from putting U in thn [wper?" (lirol hud rualied into IIIK arum TIic\i, Uy degrees, Vctev Ucanl had happened. Uie nia'cr had mar rieil tho yuuiiE football hero wlic had been dropped from college las f;|>rln£ for sonio escapade ani whoso (lisa|»iic,'ii'aficc lind stlrrci tho snort world. "I had a tip that. Ames was i town, working as' a, chmiffcur o luxi ririvor." one reporter salt! t I'eter. "The same fellow told in when Ames lost his job. ilnncd tn off lo where he was staying. J'onr Bister, did soni sleuthing ujitil I found out. ahoi tlio marriago and then camo her to get Ui« couiplcto story. Ai what do I limn 'Reporters fro every sheet in tow/i ciu/iplng tho doorstep. Tlio Famo fell must have told everybody els Gosh, a tough break wli L thought I Uad it cxclusivol" except your not .altiiig mo Into your coulideace," (hat Mrs. Kendall met tho runaways. Sho had been influouccil by tho newspapers. To her amaae- mcnt I^awrencc Ames, auil not Ills marriage to Carol, was the dominant llienin of all tho articles. Peter went out to hrcak the WS to his grandfather cuid stayed all night. 1'lic elder Kendall was genuinely shocked by the chungo In Ills granilsou. "Yes, I'll come." "Soon?" "Willilu tbe uour," "I may pull you out on a liail| —Just n few friends." "I'll bo there as toon as 1 dro| by ibo club anil cliango." "Oh, itiauk you. darling." Valeria's eyes were bright will excitement when filic put down Dil telc(ilione. Site bail hardly ilarol bopo. Liko everybody else, t'etcj could slaml oniy so much miiiapj ness. She must malic tho most till!! poflnuetl laootl. If "ho con only iicrsuulo him to connult 1)1 elf, to jiroiulsa lo slart dlvorcl uiocccdings! I'clcr (lid not drink. Hut It li| could be persuaded lo vlritik a tie now, he wouhl fall in with lid plans heller. Klio Handed him a cocktail at after ho came. "Just one. you teetotaler. Peter, you ically nce^ (o get off the wacoii." Ho smilca mlrtlilcssly. Ilhl sli| think that tills small drink co cliaso his ticvils, get him ii|'] proycr narly mood? 1 A guy parly was f)i iirugrcsa n| Dirk's aiiarlnicut. CIUKWJ weve I ing filled uiitl re-lillcil ns I'otcr anil Viileriii ciilercil. Voices, loo ubrlll| too loud, (lirls silting close men, Ihelr bands boldly clas'.>c<)| t talk anil glances Holding. Peter looked thbi and vrorn. ' •IjTALBHIA bavi said. "We're goiuil * lo Dirk's, f just waul to »lios'| you tow harmless a place it ro:i]J;l "Hr-llo, Peter! Will wonder:! iiovsr cease?" It was Uirlc's \'oicc| "(ilnfl Valeria brought you.' 'Tiler's having BomeUiiug willl ma." Valeria uniil. her slauco slautl eyes wcro slrickon. lint Dio great-1 IIIK toward Dlrir. "One of youil t cliauuc was not physical, ifc oived a weariness of spirit, a let- ig down mentally and uptrltunUy. tor iliiln'l seem to tare what hap- lied. Tho world could go to It already liad smashed for etcr. The labor trouble nt Hie factory ,d been cleared up. IMces were- liif and his grandfather bad re- scd tho salary scale, with sub- antial '.s j aae Increases. 'Jlie arbl- ation committee had become crmaucnl org<ini?.alion and dlf- ercnccS had been ironed out. for ic time, at least. I'cter's firaud- ither gnvc his aranuson the credit "When lio starts somclhlng." old ctor said wilh pride, "he doesn't tup until bo finishes it." * • • fKS. matters had been righted ' but tin 1 old gentleman thmish Ilia only half-heartedly, fcelinj lint Iliihga wcro far from riglil, vhon youiiK I'ctcr way mi iinhn'[ipy.i : I wlsfi you hail never seen Ihal' girl, Ccter." ho said. (te had ilametl Ann for marrying I'eter. jnt never as he blamed her now 'or leaving his boy. She must be nad to leave a fine hoy like ['eler. Peter WCDI Ijat-Ji to toivn ne.vt inorning atitl plunged into work. [tc had an early dinner and rc- .urned to tlte office. The April day nad uirncd warm, almost ttuuuncr- lilLC. No nlglil brcexe had sprung n|) lo relievo iho closeness. Tbo] plans lie had unrolled lay untouched nnon his desk. Tho Icleplionc urns- Valeria's pleading voif.c said. "I'ctcr, I'tn lonely. It's deadly heic." I'eter was lonely, loo. And it w;is deadly where he was. "Please. L need to get out, . Won't you come?" ainoiifi (Irinlts, Dirli.' Dirk smiled. Valeria ing ready to put tlio screws on >-as she? Well. It would be fun u rdtch Iho little devil. : l^etcr took tho Klaus. looking down nt it darkly. Valeria wauler i in) to drink. Well, ft it savo htn any fun, wliy not? Ho drauli lh{ mixture and put the glass ilovvn.jl "Let mo fix you another." i "Thanks," said Peter. "If j'oi' will." I Dirk look tbo glass null rcflller it. After a while he looltetl a( Peter and registered admiration! The fellow was cerlainly a coo) hand. He knew Uow to bold lih- IU|llor. Uo hud licurd Ihat Peto\ Kendall was not a drinking l'"or ;;ii ."imaleur ho wao cevji good, lie was sure that II '' were outwardly calm, some liirmo was soinK on insul'v Jlc ^r,.s i ignt. 1'e'er u-;us iv.-itehi ing llio frctiucnl Itirq^ils oil tliri AbicH bclllE CTVIpj lid! and fillet! again and again.' thf., loosening of tongues olid manners) Uo batcil Valeria's hot. posses' sive lilllc hand, clutching at him. I. "Poicr. ilarlhiB, gel ino a sand-? wlcli. Tlicre. Dirk, f'clcr's nol. drinking enough. Look at lhai per-^- fccL linlaiicc." . !j PeLer crossed llic room to tlio t.V^ blc where fresb plauers of sainl^ wielics hail been iiiaccil. Did; llan-* rfall. very much inebriated, was., Jl lalkiny. "It's the joke of ihc seasonal What? Mai-i'iud her for spile and/1 Ihen falls in love wilh her. Then,;| Ihc sirl liglns out—doesn't even."' wait to get well—ivlial tho helH" ( ' Pclcr snirt coldly, "1 don't like' your kind of stories." His fist slior out. ' (To He Cnntiniicil) Tlic tar pits of La area have yielded the largest, collection of Pleistocene nnimnls in tlic worM. The nrca of Uie pits is about 25 acres, and ! llic tarry substance contained therein 1ms acted as n prescvvalivc tlic skclclons. the 1 tor of my children also have children. "What relation are these cliil- dvcn? "We can not Keurc out Uov.' we arc rcluleii" Jujiaii lias no desire to become «» Impcriul- istlc imllon. — Ilirosi SnUo, Japanese omtessa- lior to U. S. OUT OUR WAY By Williams NEXT: Where arc unc-sixlli of all Iclciiliunci in the t). S. l Fight the Spread of Colds by Carefully Avoiding Contact IIV lilt. MORK1S VJSHI1K1N Kililor, .lournal of the American Medical Association, anil of Ily- Kcla, Ihc Ilf.illh .M.ij::i/iiii- There is cnomjh evidence |uov- ini! thai, colds arc caught, by ,1-utisintssion of serins, to warrant. Ihe wiirning that l>crsons with -severe colds stay in bed ;vi\d thai ollicis stay n\vay ivoin them, if we want, to prevent sjirfiirtiiiR ol In- fccliun. !^iiH;c colds nrc not alv.'ay.j fnu.'s- ed by the same germ, lisp of vaccines to prevent coltis would hiiid- ly MOW lo be justified, injection of .stock vaccines voiiltl seem to be a fhol. In the dark. We :ilso know ttuil to!d;i iiUach licibuii.s in |xx)r health mucriilly. This is especially the when (heir bowels arc disturbed and when ihcre arc dllTicullics wlitcli prc\'cnb proiKii' brenthins tlirough tlie uujc. • * • II looms, ai.e portly veiittlatcil. the chance ol catching a cold from oilier persons In Ihe room lt> Increased. When Ilieic aie dls- tii.banccs which kcc»_ thr i ineiubnnes In the Dole and (roin clcjnsliig (hcms°lvei in their usual inanuer by dc'vcloiniicul 'i>t mucus v;hich moistens the fiuf a cold is likely to develop. Ol couise, everybody knows bj this, lime that the chlei rtanjcr from a cold is not the cold llseli, but, poEslbmty of a secondary M- (eclion of the sinuses, development (of pneumonia, and secondary In- .ifecHou.iOl heait-end lmig£, wlucli jnusy be esceedtngl;- swloui. It uv 1 . 'Neither." can \\'c." 'f'hc I'ri-ss t'ij|>llc(t. More than half the wine cs- )orled from Spain Ls used in r r;uiuo for mixing wines mailc In the hitter country. Police Action Cuts Down j 10 ;; Bombings in Chicago CHICAGO. IUI 1 )— GontcnUaled police action and vigorous prosc- culion are rcsixinsiblc fur the "lowest number of bombings in 10 years," a report of tlic bomb squad says. 1932. Nine persons were convicted !•' hotnb throwing, whereas hi 19: only two were sent to i; 'i here have Ivocn i'VI arrests date. When evaporated, one v.'ater from tlie Red Sc»i yi pounds of sail; the same \51, Fifty-seven hombinijs were re-'nl water from the Atlantic ported this year us compared to'yields only 81 pounds. OUR BOARDING HOUSE NiunbcNi tit (lilTcicnt nsriiis nnd vlniscs and varying coinliUons Irecn asswiaCwl (ruin Unit! L" Unic wilh colds. These gemis include not (inly the one known us the hucillSM of Influenza, but-also Uie Kerra wlvlcli causes iwcuuionia, llic slrcplococcus that causes sole Ihroiits. and prubably n number of so-call<-il "fillcmblc viruses," which arc Infections materials small Unit llipy cannot be .wen with the ordinary microscope. lieisc vaviouR j;enn-v are Irc- Hicnlly present in noses imtl thi-onUs ol hi'altliy persons. When for nny reiison the rcMSl- ujicc of llic inriividiiHl lircahs down, llic terms are available tinri ;lic attack follows. Houston Newspaper Fails ' To Figure Relationship HOUSTON, Tex. ttjt'i- The Houston I'rcw received a letter lioin Mrs. Ctii'u Bowers nt Telia- hn. 'lex., a;-king lor help in Ilgur- hig out htv family velaltotishlpi. Mete ii> lier pioblcnr. "My l.ilher's brother mauled my liutband's sisler. 'lliry had iu children. "My huibanti hart seven ivlien 1 married him. We have five. .'My:father's brothn's' oldest son •'married 'iitf husband's second daughter. They liad five children "Now four cf thc«e childienaie uwtiled sud I'.ive chlWieis. Tl'.::3 ,COrv\E,rAttAORY b. CWTICAV- TlrAE UV<.E TUIS ' •DID I LEKVE THCT "GUNIDi-E OP CKRlSTIvl/NS CAROS I WAS SENT OUT TO rAMU L/XST I P.ECALU GOlNti TO TOBACCO Z^ "POOL W THE OWLS CLUB. -^u,c _ ;B. WILL.

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