The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1937 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1937
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 1037 BIATHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS "Happy Birthday to You" You Will Find Appetite Appeal in the Recipes Given Below You'll find tlic same food nourishment value in most sea foods as you find In meat, and the tempting menu possibilities oiler a new appetite appeal. Fillets of Sole Carmen Soak the iillels In half water and half milk for 2 hours. Dry well, fold over each fillet and place In a buttered dish. Sprinkle lightly with salt and poach In a short bouillon in tlie oven for about 10 minutes Prepare a cream sauce made with (he bouillon of fish and thickened wltii the yellow of eggs. Prepare apart a dish of fried tomatoes. Arrange the ftllcts of sole on a Ions platter making a circle around il\e dish. Dress over the sole the cream sauce and garnish with thin slices of truffles. Place a mound of the tomatoes in the center of the butler. Broiled Bluefish and Banana Broil the blueflsh the regular way basting frequently with melted butter mixed with paprika. Saute the bananas and place them around the fish on a platter. Sprinkle lemon juice on the bananas and on the fish pour this mixture, hot from the pano, 4 tablespoons butter, 1 tablespoon minced parsley and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Serve with any vegetables you choose, preferably string beans or peas. Creamed Codfish in Mashed Potato Ring li pound salt codfish 2"tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 2 cups milk 4 hind cooked eggs, shelled and sliced animals. 4 cups well-seasoned mashed potatoes. Cover codfish with cold water and let stand several hours, to freshen. Drain, cover with cold water and bring to the boiling point. Drain and flake. Melt the butter in double boiler, add the flour and blend. Add the milk asd cook us- til thickend stirring constantly. Add the flaked fish and tlie eggs; heat well. Arrange the mashed pola- [ toes around the edge of a serving '. .'platter, and pour the creamed fisiv : 'in" I he ''center.' Oyster Slew 1 dozen oysters and their juice '.<• pint cream 2 cups milk 1 heaping tables]KKm flour 3 heaping tablespoons butler 2 small carrots 2 small ivhite onions 1 small while turnip parsley 2 hearts celery paprika salt and paprika. Make a cream sauce by melting 1 tablespoon 01 butter, add the Hour, stir well and .gradually pour in the scalded milk. Keep warm in a double boiler, peel the carrots, turnip and onion and scrape the celery. Wash them carefully and cut them up very fine. Chop the parsley. Take the.second tablespoon of butter and put it into a frying pttri, then add (he chopped vegetables and fry lo a golden brown being very careful not lo These clever children's 1 parly favors—giraffe, 1 kilty, chick, bow-wov iluck, and elephant—were made from fresh, fluffy marshmaUons, jell} strings, gumdrops, cloves, and toothpicks. • « • * • * » Marshmallow Party Favors Delight the Youthful.Guests AUTOMATIC ROASTER & HEATER COMBINATION iWAFFLE IRON £y cAt\d) V GRILL "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you" — and what could be a nicer \vay to say it than to give this young "him" or 'her" a birthday party? There'll be cake 'n' ice cream, of course, but why not make it a circus birthday party? Why not decorate , the table with makc-them- yoursell, good-to-cat marshmallow ducks, cats, elephants, bow-wows, etc.? They arc so easy to make that both you and the young host or hostess will have lots of fun making these queer little miushmallow First of all, let's review the working rules for turning these versatile, fluffy marshmallows into party favors: ('l> Use scissors for cutting the marshmallows and dip them in cold water frequently, (21 Dip fingers in cornstarch when they become the least bit sticky, (3) The mrashmallows 'are secured with tcolhplcks—remember lo dampan Ihe toothpicks before using Ihcm (4) Always use fresh, moist marsli- >mal!ows; use 'jelly slrings, gum- :drbi!s, .and .whole .cloves- as finish T ing accessories to make Ihe favors illuslrated. ' These marshmallow favors art very easy (o make. Once you ge ! the hang of making them, you cai readily make all of them. To mak< the elephant, for example, moislen the tops (large ends) of two mash mallows and secure lliein logethe with two toothpicks which liav been dampened (you may have t break otT the ends of the tooth picks. Set aside for the body. Tlie take a marshmallow iihd cut it through th ecenter, then cut a thick slice from each half. Cut each slice in.half, lengthwise,'mak- four square oblong pieces; Ihesc low almost to (he (op; leave attached—this is the trunk! Next make two large slashes along cither side of marshmallow for cars, also leaving them well attached. Then turn upside down and flit these three cuts with cornstarch. Cut away the lower half of the marshmallow, leaving ears well below it Shape head and trunk by snipping away small pieces of marshmnlUnv ith scissors. Make holes for eyes •ith a wet toothpick and place tiny quares of gumdrop in these holes, 'at head with cornstarch and stick wo wet toothpicks in Hie neck to IEC later for altaching head to lody. Allow to dry. Back to the body. Cut a tail it he second marshmallow and dus vith cornstarch. - This then bring. us to the business of asscinblini he animal who "never forseis." At .ach the leys to the body by push- ng (he projecting (dampened) toothpicks into the marshmallow jody. Using the tip of Ihc scissors, carefully push the toothpicks (dampened) which have Been inserted in'the head -into' tlie'btidy. Make tusks of jelly trips which have been cut in sina.'. strips and insert in the proper place with short toothpicks. Lastly dust the cinphanl with cornslarch, press into shape and allow to dry. A ircnd to keep the ladles but ot Ihe kitchen as much as possible mid lo avoid all unnecessary fussinit over cooking and serving food is indicated by the kitchen utensils pictured above. The modern voastcr prepares a complete electric meal for as many as 20 persons in one operatic-] without watching. It roasls, browns, >akes, stews and fries ¥ vith the >lain-vic\v indicator controlling am .he-wing the temperature at al .irnes. . . Pictured below the roaster is the combination grill waffle iron on a walnut tray. Forming a part 0 this unit are six glass relish dishes a slicing board and a removable grease receiver. 11 toasts sand wicbes, grills meat, broils bacoii etc., and 1 lias intercliangeabt wafile grids that slide on and oft. Co-eds Crack Shots STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Co (OP)—Modern Dianas regard t bow antl arrow as something woi than archaic, nila Szekcrcs, Stanford junior, is head of the university's corps of feminine sluirp shooters. -Eight 'co-eds have (iiinli- ficd as experts. Sixty-live per cent of the patrons of confectioners arc men; hard-center candle's have the;widest sale among them. : •' burn them. Next put the oysters and their juice in an enamel saucepan with the rest of the butter, salt, t lightly and add freshly ground pepper. Heat the cream. When ready to serve put the oysters on th~ fire and heat them until they curl at ths edges. No\v add the chopped vegetables to w .e cream saucei then Ihe hoi cream lo the sauce, and last of all the oysters and a liiih of their juice. Put at once into a soup tureen, sprinkle with a little parsley, choppsd fine, ap.d a dash of paprika. Fried Oysters Clean and drain large selected oysters, then season with salt, pepper and paprika and just a dash of mace. Dip each oyster in flour to dry it further^ then in slightly beaten egg, then In fine rolled nicely seasoned cracker crumbs. Leave for a .few moments then dip once more in the egg and cracke rcrumbs and fry In deep fat heated to 400 oegrees. Drain on paper and serve Burnished with lemon slices and parsley. Cyclers Fried in Bailer '! pinl oysters 2 CSBS !i pint milk Sufficient flour ID make t'r.c batter- Salt and pepper to lasie A iittb nutmeg Hot lard. Scald the oysters in their own liquor and lay them on a cloth to cram ivoil. Break the eggs into a •cush, mix the flour with them, arid the milk gradually with nutmeg and :;ea*onings and put the oysters 1n the butter. Heal some; lard in a deep pan, put in (lie oysters one at a time. Uike them up with a sharp pointed skewer and place on a paper to drain. Salmon and Caper Sauce 2 .slices salmon 1-4 pound butter '- teaspoon chopped parsley Salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Lay the salmon in a baking dish, place plecc-s o( butter over it and add lh= other ingredients rubbing ? .httlc of the EC-asoninginlo the , baste. When done remove from are the legs. Insert toothpicks (dipped In water) in them, leaving a short end projecting to attach to the body. Roll in cornstarch and set aside. Next comes the bead—trunk and all. To make this, hold a marshmallow' between thumb and finger (large side or top toward you). Start below the center ' front and cut around the edge of the marshmal- Name I.onj on Rolls PHILADELPHIA (OP) — The University of Pennsylvania will graduate Francis Hopkinson, the 18th member of the family to carry the : name through the university. The first Hopkinsdn entered the university in 1757, Drinks a Toast.- 200 W. Main •Phone llil ' We Deliver EASTER EGG DYE 4 Colors. Pkg. ICcI TEXAS GREEN CABBAGE Lb. 2c Pure Cane 10 Lbs. iNo. 1 While 10. Lbs. 29 l Jumbo Slalk Each Fresh, Crisp Hunch 5 C 3 Lbs. FresIt •1 Hunches 27' . fire anrt drain. Lay in a dish and pour caper sauce over It. Tjiclma Griffilli, ndoplcd daughter ot Clark Grifiilh, president of llio Washington Nationals, quenches her thirst—or maybe brinks o toasl—while walcliing ;m itilrj-cliib : Read -..Courier; Newsy Want, i I Fla.V*'.where' Washington^ is -i.W7f: *#i?E : ti:ainina.j?-v;,^3;^.-" i Fancy No. 1 Kcds 10 L 35 l White Uihbnn S-Lb. Carton 50-LI). Stand $715 Fresh, Crisp 2-Lb. liox (i liimchcs HAMS Armour's Star Whole or Half FRESH YARD EGGS Doz. 25c Fresh I'rocvss Lb. Swift's Selected Lb. Gold Coin Jiramlcd. Choice Lb. Milk Fed ,,,,35 C KROGERsPIGGLYWIGGLY . - ... ' .•;-•• STORES; ••"- . : '^—-- / PRICES FOK FRIDAY AND SATCJtiDAY BANANAS LgeMeloripc Fruit DOZ6i1 15C Carrots l'"rcsh Hunches Potatoes Now • N. S. No. 1 Pa n ml' Pickles Soiii' or Dill Quart Navy Beansibs.39c Oranges Florida !2Gs Do/.cu Crackers Wcsco 2-LI). Itox Peaches 'Avomlnlc Lgc. Z l /i Can Pure Cane 10 Pounds POTATOES Hc 1,, 3F RADISHES •3 iiimchcs 10 C PAN ROLLS 'S 5 C CANDY Choc "%,;iO c GINGER ALE 25 MATCHES 3 lioxes 10 GREEN BEftNS 15 TOMATOES Vr S m c PEANUTS' Csls ri3 c PEARS 21/2 Can ir •QMAlOPftSTE 10 FKUIT .IUIC'E 50-0*. Can CORN FLAKES^ 16° SOAP I?LAKBS Av pt .15° MACARONI Sia gi U 10 c CAI1D Tomato. IJtirbnru EC OvUr Ann. 'Can «» COFFEE JEWEL «1 C l. JEWEL 3 Lbs FLOUR Little Kins 24-Lb, AO Sack ' 37 •18-Lb. $170 Sack I Strawberries Fresh I'iiil Texas Seedless (i for Fresh Eggs (Jimranlecil Dozen Coffee C.C.LLTin27c French, Lb- C. C. Pancake |CC 2 for Iv BROOMS > lean S CATSUP 10 BEEF lo 20 Mule Team 1QC I'kff. 10 TALL BOY s rr,! W C LEANSER Light House iAU a. For IV SODA A&1 Yro25 c MUSTARD Quart 10 C TOMATO . 3 SgLc-1» 23' U. Ciin Lge. 2'/z Can ' Each 19c ••MKam i PLUMS Lgc. 2^2 Can' 2 for 25c SAUCE C.'C.'ittt No. 2 Cttn 1U Myles "iA 3 Boxes IV |MALLOWS ' -|C<- Ccllo Bag Iv 2 Gal. Can GLOBES 15 lo (iO Watt Don Can 5 l EASTER HAMS Wilson Half or Tender Whole Ib Baby Red Snapper. . . . ib I9c Jack Salmon . ..... Ifa IQc Fresh Dressed Buffalo. . Ib 15c Catfish Steaks. ib 29c HOME KILLED FULL DRESSED Victor Dog Food Fresh I'ound Fancy Sliced 1'ouml SALT»T For Boiling Weiners and > Franks Fresh Bulk Coif age Cheese Ib 12iO

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