The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1948
Page 2
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MONDAY. APRIL K, 1948 CIO Head Seeks ^.Investigation Attorney General : Asked to Probe Meat £ Strike Violence •CHICAGO. April 26. (Up) __ Ralph Helstein, president of the striking CIO packinghouse workers Saturday asked Attorney General Tom Ciark to Investigate "bruta and B-aiiloii police terrorism" hi breaking i, p massed picket lines •> Kansas City, Kans. '' He asked Clark to "dpitionslrite that civil liberties In thin country have more substance than limply high-sounding phrases." J HeWem made his plea to Clark as Chicago .strikers gathered to participate in R huge funeral' pa raoe for Samos Cicnrdo \tiion picket who Was crushed to death when he attempted to stop a truck here enteri " B an Arm °"r plant Chicago members of the Packing- •hou«. Workers Union attended » mass meeting last night where union officials urged them to "hold linn" in their strike demands and to turn out for Cirardo's tunc-fil Ihe procefision was schedvilcd to wind past the struck plants. v Forty-five strikers were injured IKilice moved acaiast the 5 at KaiLsas City and wrecked I the umon headquarters across the street from the Cudahy racking' Plant Six pickets were taken to hospitals. They Included two women Detective Captain Eli Dublin who commanded the 100 police officers In the melee, said that his men invaded the union hall oiilv after "" pickets had seized him and "jerked" mllslc him through the door. ' Gov, Prank Carlson of Kansas •aid at Topeka that ho was erievcd by the fighting. "Violence like (hat ts very bad news," he said. Union to Appeal Helstein announced at Chicago today that the union would appeal a temporary injunction issued by • Judge Leonard C. Reid to limit picketing at the Chicago plnnt of - Armour and Co. Reici announced last night that he intended to Issue the injunction which would permit onlv 10 pfckets at each of the Armour plant gateways here. It was at one of those Kates that Cicarrio was killed. The union has had as many as 75 men and women on picket duty at each gate In the rA similar order was issued yester- nt Kansas City shortly after What the Army Wonts By Next March BLYTHErtLLg (ARK.f COURIER KEW* ttfffil Here Is the Army's proposal for increasing Us personnel In the next year. By March ,1, 194!> the Army would like lo have a force ol 322.000 men, an Increase ol 280,000 over the 542,000 men In uniform on March 1, 1948. Termessean Turns Roar of 350 Army Bombers into Mellow Musical Tories Uy \Viliiam .1. Fox (United Tress Staff Corresponded) UNION CITY, Tcnn., April 26. (UP)—C.E. Beck has turned the roar of 350 surplus Army bomhcrs into the mellow tones of sweet matching colors. There he had —the first alnphone. British Barges, Held By Russians, Released Beck—a banker, businessman,! BERLIN. April 26. (Up)—Twelve manufacturer automobile dealer i CHlml barges which hart been hclrl and amateur marimba player—is I b >' tne Russians because of "irn- the developer of the aluphonc, a "" toy xylophone In which the "A" ts pronounced like — " "I", but the diff- aluphone music proper docnmcnis" arrived in Ihr British Zone of Germany Saturday! Their arrival marked the first erence Is that aluphone music Is sign of a break in the water tram- sweet - I portatlon ticnp imposed by the So- 65-year-old Beck runs a com- | viels f > v c days ago. pany here which makes the nlu- phone. He started-volume protiucl- authorities minounecd thj barge.s came from Witt.enberi>e. iii UIl ^^Jo.. r Missing Link? Some authorities say this animal, a tarsier from the Philippine Islands, may be a definite link in the chain of evolution The tiny mammal, one o( three tarsiers just acquired by the ¥ London Zoo, has an ape-like skull. It leaps from tree to tree otdod by sucker-like discs at the end of iU ringers. burg. Barge captains reporled ihev were told not to rciurn to the Russian without proper documents. They said they were not, advised what, constituted proper documents or where such pape-s coulii he obtained. - ' * !•• .'..*<*.*.- v... b ... I,.I L JI,; mini vviLrcnoei'G ion last year and quickly sold nil the zone on the Elhe that could be produced. er BO miles Southeast of Hamburg The trick Is simple; ihe notes of The barges were bound for Ham" the aluphone are each colored ' differently, and the music which accompanies the instrument are of banging away without, rhyme or colored the same way. So instead reason. Ihe player hits keys the same color as the music and out comes melody. The whole thing started when Beck, Carl Trlmm and James D. Rippy bought 350 surplus two-engine bombers. iWith all that wood and metal on their hands, they were at a loss— although the bargain was too good to pass up. First off they made a few trailers and turned a profit on them. But full-time trailer manufacturing was out. They had only a small plant, with neither the room nor the workers to turn out qtlanities of trailers. There''were' miles and" "miles of aluminum tubing and thousands oi square yards of mahogany veering in their planes, so Beck went to work. Being a marimba—or xylophone- hobbyist, Deck fiddled around mid finally hit on an idea, he took some of the surplus tubing and made a xylophone. Then -he colored the bars nnd worked up the music in the rioting there. District Judge Willard H Benton issued s temporary order restraining the union from mass picketing R t the Cudahy plant. The injunctions were issued as union representatives and officials of swift and Co. and Armour and Co. prepared to meet, next week with federal mediators in an effort to settle the strike. Wilson and Co. asked conciliators 16 call off the meetings on grounds that they would only give the union a pretext "of prolong- 1 ing the strike." Cudahy officials have not snid whether they would attend. Moon Stopover wn Trips to Mars CHICAGO (UP)—The president of the U. a. Rocket Society believes the moon should be made a "station stop" on the road to Mars. R L. Fiirnsworth, noting that scientists believe plant life exists on Mars, says the moon is almost a must stop on any future rocket jaunt to that planet. '•Toe moon Is .easier to get to," he "Besides, il would make a terrific station for astronomers to observe the other planets. The earth's atmosphere is so foggy and heavy that «e can't see as" well as we could iroin the moon." Poland Charges U. S. Failed to Return Prisoners BKRLIN, Am-ll 21. (UP)—Poland oliargod the United State* Saturday with "flagrant" violation of Inlcr- siiirccmenls in failing to (urn over to Poland four German generals accused of sacking Wnr- .fftw. The Germans soiiRht a.s war criminals by the Petes are Gens. Smlln Van Llicltwitz anrl Nocolnns Von Vormnnn. commanders of the ninth Germay army group. an rt Erich von noin Harh-'/.elcwskl ami Ileiny. Rliclnfnhrt, .commanders of the Wr.rsmv proup. lA Col. Herbert Mellpr. chief press officer of the Polish M!.<«lon here, told a press conference Poland WB.S unable (o understand why men were not turned over. He sain Poland had licen told the men were needed in connection with various war crimes trials be- fns conducted by Ihe US. "Cor.siclcriMK that the present Nuernberg trials nre coming to R close and that, new liinls are no: scheduled, we arn inclined to draw '.he conclusion there must be some other reason," he said. The Polish spokesman also renewed charges that JirUnln Is harboring Hetnrich Kopf. former minister president of Lower Saxon-/, who is wanted by the Poles for alleged war crimes. L He charged that Kopf's name was removed from a British list of suspected war criminals on direct orders -of Foreign Minister Ernest Bcvin. . #„ Dr. W.V\. Taylor ' VETERINARIAN Calls Miidc—Farm & Town Day Phone .MS<1 Ni K ht 1'honc 2138 DREIFUS lye Protectors $1 Down—$1 « Wok LASSES Finest Ground LENS On Easy Terms Gorgeous New Styles for Ladies Sturdy Air Corps and Ofher Types $2 Down—$1 a Wt«k Tr>« 'brilllincc «f t*r lircon if •c:«r>tu*tid by 2 v<p a r Priced from 3 50 S3 Down—$1 a Week A t'.'.a .1 • Credit Is Free! Terms Easy! Ipirtl. \:\, IV. Open an Account Sun Glasses Diver to Continue His Career After Narrowly Escaping Death BAYONNE. K. J. April >6. (UP) —Kdwurrt chrtnlliviiMn left Hnv- oiiue Hospital yesterday ehccrfuUv Prepared In continue his career »'» » conmwclitl diver despite » close «i'«P« With death Tluirsdny. Ohrlstlaiisen pl«n a to s lW nd th» kwkend raiting mw jftMime his Job on Monday. ChrlsllRiisen wns Unpped yesterday 30-fc«l bflow Ihe wrtMtot lh« Kill Van Kull, a channel In New- York Hnrbor which sepnrntn Sin- ten island from New Jersey. Mud wal s o( i 10-fool deep telephone cable trench cuved In mid burled hlm_ "Tin whole murt bank O am« Ing the allilRCt. H« was lakea to the Nnvy's decompression chamber at. Bayonne where he WHS kepi for five hour* before being taken to the hospital. His wife, Clara, 43. never knew of the danger her husband wiu In until after he WHS rescued. She was out or town attending the funeral of her mother, and did not Iciun of. It tiillll tolct by (heir six children. Well-Aimed Pop Bott/t Routs Store Bandit - " i/nii*. uniiii imbllng over and sent me under • Jtrlsllansen u |d. "i WM crowded over like »n accordion:" Almost miraculously the telephone' and air cables |o his helmet were not pulled loose by the weight of the twu of mint which engulfed him, From 10:30 a.m. when Ihe « C nl- rlent occurred, until 3:27 p.,,,., W h c ,, Navy divers rescued him, Christiansen kept telephone contact with the surface «nrt helped direct operations. "While I was down there I did a lot of praying." he snld. Tlio men I on the surface end of his telephone 1 line said Hint time nnd afinlii they heard Chrlstinnsrn, „ devoul mem- I ber of the Pentecostal i-hurch. miir- I inur prayers that he might, be' ;avcd. ; Swire Ilnguc, a civilian diver ' .1'as the first to go down to Iry to lelp Christiansen after he reported '•le had been buried, iingue reported : rls fellow diver wits covered by 15 ' :ons of mud. j At first Christiansen wns con-! I'inced that no rescue, stiempl was being made. H< told Hit men on lop: "You're talking IbroilRb your hnt You're lying. They're not trying to i Ret me out." j At one time be gave up hope. i "Cut my lines." he plcnded. "I I can't stand It any longer." I Ten nnvy divers working in Icams ; K-nsbed the mud out of the trench i \vllh power hoses. The diver was then bronchi slowly to the surface, lo avoid giving him the "bends"—cramp* caused by too quick a change In pressure. "Thank God I'm alive." were Christiansen'* first words on reach- JOHNSTOWN 1 , Pa. Karlliispy |mckn a mean At least, Otis thug has aim, fop, (UP)—pop pop bolllc. Bood proof Karllnsey, own* * lenenl *cr« on lh« Johiulown-Eoiensburf road. A man entered the place and announced; •': . "This Is a holdup." Karllnsey, wallelnt toward 'the cnsh register, stopped and grabbed »» empty pop bottle, whirled and threw It In the same motion. It cnujiht the robber on Ui« head. The thug I in ned and ran. As he reached the door another bottle crashed through the window fu»t by liis head. • " My nights weren't qulle adjntt- ed lo that itlsUncI," Pop said. 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