The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER INEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF SOUTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 1-12 Duty, News. Blythevllle OourUt. HlythevlUe Dully, Nfw». BlytMYVue uoorur. ... y T)1] . V ii i v ARKANSAS Tlll'li^UA V Alll'lKT "1 Mlkmlppl V»U/? l*»d«r. BlytbevlU* Htt»ia. Ul;1 1 UKMI.U., AMwU\bA&, mi UM)^\\ . ALUiUbl .;! SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Iceland Greets Social Swim Proves Mot XValer for Kitiujfish O Confers with Johnson Bit- 1 (ore Going Aboard; Yucht for Five Days. I'OUOHKEEl'SI!-: N. Y.. All'!. 'J fUPi—President Kco?;--vt'll .^ai!' shortly after noon today lor a five J (''-v cr.iiS? aboard Vincent Asl- yariu Norimiahal. The C.OOO ton craft pulled away] fro'm its dock here ut I2il5 Irilf liciii- alt;i lilt- ps-csld'.'iil went nbuard. | Mr. R=osevell plans to remain -n the water until Monday night or Tuesday morning when the yae'tt ivill uiit iti nl Hi? Wellington mi'V yard. The cruise will tr sptm fai on the shore of Nev: England. Before he nirjlor?d tn the :UA from Hyde i'ark l.'i' president talk- id with llui-h fi. .loinv:on fcovtry 'j'.liiiinhtrainr. by Icleiihaus iioni \Va^hin<>LCn. Johnson informed lilm lliat sieacly progress was being made in phrasing T'c coal code, anil it would ue ready for executive approval next we Negro Razor Wieider Caught In Covington i Will Adams, negro, wanted since .lime for assault with intent, to' kill was oickcd »)i by CovinsUon,! Term., officers yesterday and re- > "•'fed hern -last night by Arch J.incispy and Jess Horner. r deputies. : ••lams admitted his identity !»••'] iolil officers he luul been going _ under the name of CrutclifieU and i Biiddv Tale around here. He ad-' milled cutting a negro woman's throat with a ra/or and turned Jhe weapon over to officers ycs- fcrday. The woman eventually fc- ' ' Afier an evenllul lllghl over Hit North Alluuii U. S. Officials Find American Recovery Spreading lo Foreign Nations. WASHINGTON, Aug. 31. (UP)-- | ' merican biishi'js', I-J-JDVI-IV raiil'l- I V y is spreading lln'oii^i the world j rt ' ' (iur.artm?nl of commeire eX]X.-rls said today. Reports from nearly jvery section of tlie t'lutii'. they said, millions have gone back to work in the mills and factories, niv.l that wages nre Ihe highest In years. Since last winter when the in- i tmialional labor olllc; •.•stimalrd world unemployment al mure tluin 30,000.000 :it was estimated that more than' 5,000,1)00 workers Imvc gone back to their Jobs. In ll'.c United Htutles two mil-' lion have found work, and unemployment was c.slimateJ al not more than 11.000,000. Practically all" mojor foreign countries were said lo hnve chared In the business iinliirn. KILLED fifHIl Church of Christ Ends Revival at Steele mill Mrs. Charles A. l.indbcnm aj-e shown 'is they arrived at j Keyhjr.vik, capital of -Iceland, where th'r-y w?r? anvtrd by a largo cro-.vri iind olliuals o: si;ile am! town. N<:ii>ht)or Shoots Religious Convt'rl Who Becomes Suddenly Deranged. KNOXVII.I.E, Tenn., Aug. 31. (UP)—A. Nelson Hansard, 40, Knox tounly laruiLT who Joined, a church lust Sunday, bucauiL' suddenly .dc: lauscd loilny, tehcnicd his wife, woinuctl a neighbor, menaced his daughter wllli an uxo and iitlcmpl- ed to burn two houses before he I wus shot lo death. "Daddy had gone criwy en th'; suLJe:t n religion," daughter, Stlella,'lolil police. "He Joined "the church last Sunday and wus always urging people lo uUcnJ." ; The crazed farmer entered his iliuighler's rcom with an axe to-- ilay. Awakfl, she lca|Kd from tiie TlniL the buinliiK cnii'siloii when lliu-y Lung, Loulsl- bed uud iiin as her mother entered .tllwi'.uluT fi-emi Ni'w Yin-k -iiMillns a blue); eye. He not II, Itr-t.siiys.l the room. Hansard then turned on whi-ii lie w:i:: "iiui".'".!" hy tlm'C or Innr .stiuiiBi.'r.'i ill u flmrlly rcuu' ut lh= Sands Point IL. 1.) BaUl i "'' Al jl[ho r [i| es "tfoMhey bsllavcd he C'jiu,. whew he licre i:, ;hiiv:ii In u pli'luve tiiken nli'orlly btitoiT, tins mysterious bntlle. l-etl lo rl & ht; | i-nucked h«r unconscious and then M:-.« lltlin MiilriKiin-y, Cupliitn A. Williumi. Mrs. A. Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Gone Duck, Senator Ixmg.l placed her head over the bedstead \Vh:i "iKKikiu"' thi •KlHKlisir-'-ancl i, ..rriv.-,! In Ml rs. K< I •*•.'. id P. .ViiiliiKMivy. FftlSL TO YOUTH STEELE, Mo.—The church, of Christ revival al Boom- Chapel, \vhlch was conducted by Lie Rev. C. 13. Laws, of niisscllvlll", Ky., closed Sunday. There was a total of 43 conversions. j llic evangelist will return next; year. Tile meeting conducted by the Rev. George W. Dcllon" began at the Firsl Chinch of C.'.rlsl Sunday. 'Marooned Boy Scouts Rescued From Ledge -r Miili-JMiiey mill Mi.s.s Elniiu. 1 llylnnii. Ballol"All.W«t'.'Even' - Though' Reported Dry. LAKE PLACID. N. . - , i f n~ r< "i f 1 r • i ijnn.c. runi^iu, n. i., Aug. 11. Walter ivioouy, ID, Dies i Buildings and hquipment (Up)-Three 'Boy scouts were •A r, A •] i • Wft.;,,L ', n • n 1 M brought down from Wallfacc moun- • Y., Aug. 31. e CAIHJ THEHE1VILLE, Mo. — It items llial Slccle did not vote ngalnsl the unieiHlmonl to the li'deinl ctmstltuiion. immely the] . , j amendment lo repeal prohibition.! .(lilt'., Convalescing li'Orn:uven thouyli (he sucrclury of state's r ' ucf.rds collect s.uch a vole. ' 01 ' . At 'It-list Steele didn't Intend to j vote thai \vuy nccordlni; to »ffl- | davltf of several olllclals ut the icccnt election. But Ihe record Black Kye, Quiel Once in Life. NEW OULFIANS, AllB. 31.'(US') — Still nursing a peeve and a wounded left eye. Senator Huey J'.' LWJ. iresh from liis comiiL-it ' and beheaded her. "I was in be wlieii Daddy entered my room carrying an axe," the girl said. "He didn't '.ay anything; he Just started to swing the axe." Hansard gathered papers, placed them under tr.e bed and started ft 1 fire to burn liU wlfs's body. TWO oilier children crouching In a cor- ' ner of an adjoining room crept 'out , anil extinguished llie .blaze • aftsr WcnllllV 'Illinois Widow,'Ilnnsard grubbm u shatgiir! and, 00 i r» l A screaming, left the home. HZ, aild UilUCnter Are. n; rushed to tlie home of a 'neighbor, J. W. Kefly, ploced paper, and oil under tlie porch and set them afire. Forewarped, .by stands for Itself ami as reported I'j the wcrctnry ol elate Slccle '.Wed uuulnsl repeal, IJ8 to HD. li.Tllon officials say the been an error ) Stcelu eli.Ttlon o rcpnri must, have A r, A •] i • Wft.;,,L , After Accident in Which • Criminally Assaulted. NEWTON. III., Aug. 31 (UP)— Mrs. Mary Sell \vlilow, died td._, — —..-..,.. Dieted by three me*, who invaded her rural' home, criminally attack- (ourth-Hansard oh'IU; whs'. i^n lo icluader. 82, weaUJiy His' home abend of Hinsarcl,.(telly .-•':-, today of Injuries-m-, i n vestlgat«d. '.-'.' .•'^•'/•;'.j-- " ; - -.-.j. _.,.„ ,_.._j.,i '- should have been led her and her daughter, tortured her uged brother, and left them bound and unconscious, Unable to liberate themselves, ; Injuries sustained in an accident | the owning of school on Monday. on j[jg nwa y |;i r a short distance! Sept. 11. nnd Gco. H.-Deer, newly and Children > 1K>lth of B; l' tllcvill= . on August IS., elected superintendent, is urging . _ . -, i Tl:e j'outli died .shortly after he i that parents have all children of Perish HI DUrninp" nOUSe was carried by ambulance to a; school age vaccinated before the Memphis clinic. Tin: boy was sent | term begins in order that there LAFOLLETTE Tenn "Aug. 31 ^ Memphis yesterday from the', may be no interruption of the 't!P)-Tlie bodies of Mrs. "pearl' Elytheville hospital where he hanselled program for this purpose. Epidemic of Sleeping ST LOUIS, Aug. 31. im>)— Sci- ivltli the information f.e was "not , in now." and intimalbn thai he : would nol ffe at home to visitors 1 "llovf iitoiil. llial nglil. IlueyV" | Itic Ilrst grectini- he rcttlvt-:! i he landed al a siibiirbiin sli- vilmfon and her"three biiian cliii-! been since the accident'occurred. A i Mr. Deer, who was formerly \ with sleepin liren were found on the floor of broken neck was said lo have led county superintendent of ^schools | ing St. LO" 1 ence IcU the first round in its fight lion ^ere last nlglil. slckness I10W SWP-! -YOU go lo hell," he review . t]lp rcl)0r(cl . wno i 1(!l i hurled 111: • |-| o nnn«s Soon nc.ntiiLh uuon or Those of the schools \ their home af'er i! had been "swept to his death. ; in Lafayette County and who also | of the epidemic showed today. ' micslion"'^'him." "~ | In- (lamrs loday. ' 'the boy's father i.s ncci ; so1 of served a nuinlwr of yrars as sup- On the last day of July physl-1 ' , D i, 1 ,i cl , r .,.ji] l . r the,, inched up The husband. Floyd Jolinmn. n'driving while intoxicated in con- 1 erinlenduiit "' "'" enhnnu nt ni,,,. ji,«,,« c .,j ., ., „ filline station operator, said he nection with the accident. Trial of \ HrLinburg. escape;! throush a window. : Clositifi Stock Prices A. T. .t T Anaconda Conper Fclhleliem Steel ChiTsler Cities Service ... Cera Cola General American Tank 39 -• •--••ii Electric 24 5-R General Motors : 33 5-8 International Harvester 40 1-2 Middlcv, est Utilities ... — Monti!omen.'Ward — 2" 1-8 New York Central .... 2i> 7-R Packard 51-8 Phillipr Petroleum 1C 1-2 Radio Corp 83-4 Simmons Beds 25 1-S St. Louis-San Francisco 5 3-8 Nol Voluntarily Under Contract. !10t- gnn 1 rtfl -Jt«ily~ran r ^S4>e^Coine. of *'• a neighbor, Tracy Webb, .-..who got " hk shotgun and o»me out- in the front yard with a nephew, Stewart Webb, H. details of tlie attack did not be- Hansard fired again as he pur. come known until the daughter, 5ucd Ke \\ yi one 5hot striking • the Miss Ann Srhradcr. ecovered cn-| c hi]d. Kelly thert tcok the gun . to tell a comprchcnslvi! (from webh arui fntally wounded the j furmer.- Hold Services Today For Half Moon Infant ChaHrs Howard Glapsnock. three vear old soi> of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. M. Ford Employes Barred From Detroit Parade DETROIT, Aug.'3i: (UP)—Em- ployes of the Ford Motor compaKy . POrd was isolated In the upper Michigan village of Big Bay where davs was the I Tn-n o'clock this morning the blue, eagle by bringing his vast he U vacationing. Tlie .United Press reached h!m by telephone. ,"I have nothing to .say at all' pie Grove cemetery. The Cobb Un- Tiobrrtn Cunie of Crawfordsvllle. cle.laking company is in charge of Artlmsa<i onivcrsltv graduate. ""e'de^™—- C "- S - ' '- •- -ho win'l,;ve charge of Latin aud sides liis p: and sisters. school * mathematics Standard of N. J 39 7-3 Texas Corp 25 3-8 U. S. Steel 54 5-8 N ... . rncrci! ?..gro IS Victim Of • teach New York Cotton NEW YORK, Aug. 31 1UP1 — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close brct.-ars;- n(I Miss G1;lt iy s gstes of Gurdon who will be in charge of the commercial derailment and who will high school social MysteriOUS Attack '"M""' C. L. Moore and Mrs. J S. McCnnts are returning as prin- The body of "Hawks" Sanders, cipals of the high and grade negro, was found lying near the schools respectively and other j right of way of the Frisco branch members of last year's faculty who line to Armorcl between First and Oct Dec Jan Mar May Jul 937 959 .... DCS <)87 .... 1001 .... 101-1 94G 9fH! 973 9SO 1008 1021 937 958 866 984 1000 039 RS8 960 988 1000 1012 1017 Spots closed at 945, off 10. quiet. Neir Orleans Cotton 'NEW ORLEANS. All?. 31 (UP) — Cotton closed quiet. open lilsh low close Oct •Dec Jan Mnr May Jul 935 KS 964 981 1000 1014 911 P62 967 984 1004 1010 933 951 S67 981 991) 1C14 934 955 964 982 1000 101S tench aealn this term nre Second str:cts Inft night a short I Misses Blanche Oleere, Marlnrj Spots closed 924. off 12, steady. Chicago Wheat Sept Dec open high low close 84 81 84 8(i 1-8 time after residents of that section heard shots fired. Sanders body, with two bullet holes in his head, was reported to have l»en discovered by workers walking home from the local canning factory. Officers said today they had no definite clue as to the negro's slayer but Benny Holmes, negro, wnntodj for questioning in Ihe case, could not be located today. Sanders had been employed as a janitor around various offices and stores in Blythevllle over a |>criod of years and was fairly well known. Love Scene Pictures Just Jokes Says Claire LOS ANGELES. Aug. 31. (UP)— Claire Windsor, screen an1 Alfred C. Read Jr.. Oakland broker merely were Imitating motjon pic ture love scenes wheu photograph were taken showing them klssln Doyle nnd Aenss Wsrri. Mrs. John n "Miller and Mrs. C. L. Grigsby Miss Catherine Harwell will teach piano. le entire house ramsacked. A man was discovered «olng in he house last Saturday afternoon I liis section, who succiimbrrt Snlur- (Jay at l!.e Bociwvillr. Ar!:.. sans-; but he escaped before officers rived. i Would Be Subject For Politicians Gangsters Will Face Coilrt Probe ! torlum. :ir-! Tne body was cirri?:! t:> F.iyclte., : - Ala., for bvirlal. j i The- deceased is -r.irviv.-d by his [ ; widow. Mrs Vest.-. P-ilu-i'son Al;x-j auder. and baby :l.uu;.-U-r. June ! (UP)— Without I Funeral services were held this S prents. ALBANV ••t fif StranfC Malady afternoon for Shirley Ann Wi?,. v,>i v. o i irinton. nine months old daughter ^VT^XT nmu't-'n Mi<- 31 S"f Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Wlgginton, BATON UOUOK. La.. '^^.^ |.. .,„ mctl yesterday afternoon from ° i'l e\ «ol-' P n(%l| mnnia. """,,' ", Besides her parents the baby Is Moss UndertaXing corns hi charge of arrange- Strikers At» n mpt to Shut Off City's Power Stopped Is prepared to InvestigaV charges that an alliance exists between politicians and gangsters in New- York City. i ar ( 0 ( ( r j v e an Austin car on the The attorney general acted a Her adlng the presentment of the ew York county Jury recommend- j violation charge. tbal he launch an investi^i- • • p 0 |j cc v; t )0 arrr-ldl on 91 89 90 1-4 I affectionately, the blonde film play I ?r testified today at th» irial-of Mn j rian D. Read's 8100,000 allenalto Sept Dec Chicago Corn open high low close GALLUP. N. Jtcx - A "£- 31 —All atln:i|i! of slrlkinfr miners n the Gallup coal fields to shut off the city's power and water wns reputed by national guardsmen. Five unlis of tl-.e-natlonal guard leld the county under martial Ian today as the strike of nearly 1.000 coal miners threatened to spread Governor Selteman declarei martial law upon receipt of tele .ms from the sheriff and -sev eral operators statin? the sil'ua tion wns out of control. 50 1-4 3-4 !ifi 3-4 48 7-8 3-4 M 7-8 o[ aflectlons suit against h?r. fielghler Maru Nu I More than a dozen photograph picked un here lodi in all were displayed, each of which | radio. The steamer ' Miss Wincl.-or explained as another lion In the vicinity of the Alei Japanese Fr?i?her in Distress Radios Message SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31 (UP —Distress calls from Ihe Japanesi Number 5. wer loday by Macka gave Its loca joke. I clan Islands. rj Midget Car On Sidewalk Brings ^nel^^v^^^^S" he «u. . . I "I cannot hope to b: an old man.' It cost Charles Kincaul one dol- l r _.,,.,.,. .....-?. .....i i ., ould like to ! i j . . . ,:.. „.. il.., l t.lll'lUt *\I*.N 111.VI 1 j..." . . . I . brother. L. O. County To Have* Pantry Shelf Exhibit at Fair , sorao sidewalk when he appeared In inn-:...»' , .,•.„''•. nicipal court yesterday on a traffic; l)tlu ' c """- under terms of Iho newly rested anll-racketcerlng law. AimeeTo Go On Stage For $1,000 A Night MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 31. (OP) — Umss Seinple McPherson Hut ton :on(ldcd today that she will embnrk upon a stage career to preach t'-; xpel at a reported salary o' SI.00.) nliht. he piloted Ihr inidtiri niachln: ; down llw sidewtiik near the bur,-| section. i _ c -1 • M • Klncalil. | I Vfn otriking Hosiery Draws $50 Fines for Workers Killed in Riot PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 31. (UP) —Two striking hcsirry workers «cro .Oiot nnd k:!.'c. 1 today and at Carrying Concealed Guns ^^SdSr.^T^n Ur.d several girls, in a riot at the "Do»" Bailey and Clarence | Cambria Hosien- mill?. Clem Nor- Hltchlfljou of thr l.eaclnille sec- wo;d wgs ^^ 0 narr i v | n j a t the tlon were nued «0 each on charg-1 J; . K|s , ]. os pj t .,, ; , n < frtink MI'.nor. - of carrying concta'.pd wea\W)iis . v . ])0 wfls 5ho . |n Ih5 c) , cst| dlcd lwo Teachers Will Meet Saturday Afternoon There will be a general teachers meeting for Instructors of the city's public schools Saturday afternoon at the high school, It was announced today. Mississippi county is one of the five counties in each of the trl- stales invited to send a pantry shelf exhibit to the Mid-South fair which opens at Memphis Septem- • ber 2. Miss Cora Lee Coleman. county home demonstration agent, has arranged the exhibit which includes C8 containers. In these are canned fruits, vegetables, fruit Jutces, meats and preserves. The food hns been assembled from members of home demonstration clubs throughout the county. ycstcrdav Sister Almee Is staging a ten dnv( D y Municipal Judec C. A. Cun revival meeting here. — - , lm ,, rs "It Is not as an actress that I will ;o before Ihe footlights." she said. 'My purpose will l» to contflCt the r.ou-ct:iirch goers." Clinic Is Opened By Clyde A. -Rogers. of a negro, was of p?tit tor-. Steele Infant Dies Mrs. Kate Smiley, 77, Succumbs at Bassett BASSETT. Ark.—Funeral services were held this morning for Mrs. Kate Smiley, 17, Trite died at 2:30 o'clock Wednesjay morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. O. C. McFatrldge, a mile north of Bas- Mrs. Smiley had msde.her home with rer d: his MVf.'nt.Thp'Ts' 31 * suffered a Partly"" -« r twf^rf atfd a bro! «*>« «« *« »*<> ""> h » d b was made at .wnM two days old sou Allan Revclle. of Cooler, died Sun- ceny. Victim o{ Colitis •>» Qfoole STEELE.-CDC11 I. Wcctcn Jr.. that .the proposed allocation of at Oieeie two-ycnr-oW son of Mr. anri Mrs. SSO.OOO.OOO from the public works S. Armament Program j Postponed Indefinitely WASHINGTON. Aug. 31 (UP) — (Secretary of War Dem said today jr.. that .the proposed allocation of Safety Zone Crash j Blamed on Hugging Girl CAMBRIDGE. Mass. <UP> — A drunken girl threw her arms around him, causing him to lose | ct the Methodist church at Joiner, | officiated at tde ssrvlces. i . 1 Cecil I woc'.?n d'cd Monday fr:ru • fund for building military aircraft control of his automobile and col- STEELE.— Drs. J. R. Xfcnanlclj colitis. ' Funeral services were held and other equipment for the army, lido with a safety Island. George d Hoyt McDanlel have opened ailhat afternecn aui burfcil m.ide at had been Indefinitely postponed by J. Evans, son of a Wakefleld shoe and clinic In a building remodeled by.-Mount zion rrni.'li'ry with ihe Gci-1 President Roosevelt pending out- manufacturer, testified. T. C. Beasley next door to Leonard-man undertaking Chevrolet company. cr.arge. co:u;»uy In Mine of the world disarmament "It's a novel defense." said Judge ccttference at Geneva, 'Maloney, "Not jullty." WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Friday. Memphis and Vicinity—Partly cloudy tonight and Friday. T:.t maximum temperature I»re yesterday was 85. minimum 69, clear, according to Samuel P. Norris, official weslher observe*.

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