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The Times from London, · Page 8

London, England
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Tuesday, November 4, 1884
Page 8
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THE TIMES, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1884. TUB ROYAL INSTITUTE OE ARCHITECTS. BRITISH a - talc - tUtfcaaSoa f. tb BoyI I - ttllat of British Arcbiteettwai opened it IU roJ,Cco - oi Utrwrt, Botra - ttreet, "Vrwitb aa torsrtl d - rs from the w )fwi W, Mr. Xea Cbristl - .w - rr - fawd" tb - litory of IbeaoeiHyJeriactbe - nt ball erotnrj of IU nlttsxice, vrhbtview to eoeilderitioa of tbe tioo bow for U moOm fmisni titcir at7 oa Urn Uoe Ui4 dova by it fetmder, Lookinf bark oa th first M year ot It d - retfea.wbet a weaderf el baJf - eratory Ud iu jabtlee yo krtbiektpoa! llUdvitw)kliaotttUbinkot tb railway lytic, tb iaretiae of lb tktlrie a - Wcrer - , tb ntauoa of pta) ruilitMa. tb tcMpac of tbeoreaaby wt aad safe rtnom, tk latroJuetiee. aad steady marcb rm fcrwri of rhetefrtrhy.tb raeeptioo tad txetotiea fMoraf th.larft "J iaporUat canrrriiif work tb werM bad ever nw. Th same ar tbey eoaVl .act ferrt lv - 1 wrtat teed a most renurk - Ue revival of rdraiaatk - al ercbitartcr, aad the rie of John Roskia. wttoa )e - bad doo ao mack aet oely toopratb eye of tie) rrBsrtl public to tb beauties sad glories of aarore.but bad also especially ieecel for good tha study aad practira of tbat particular braarb of art which tb instill ae foaoded to proaKH. Tb fame Jeriod bad witwed alnoat tb whol career of oa of tba freatett aacbiUrU of modera times, Cbmrlea Barry, th entire rarcer tG - ore Gilbert Vctt. aad it bad ben illustrated by Ctetf Kdmsod 8tret aod William Buife. Tb presi - daot then cited tba languare of tbe inttitat e charter tbat it mifbt ba ana what im tb aim of tba fooders, aai bow far tbot aima bad been realited p to th present time. It was thown by a comrhesive irview of the pretest iUU of architectural teaching aad of the ty item of ei. anlnatioaa now ia precast of vlojront tbat rood procret bad bewc alr.y nude, and that a prcmbinr future wat in peopet. On tb inporUat t - bjtct of architectural com - patiUoQ tba president said they wen now aa iaeritabl characteristic of th ace, that tbey wer not altogether us - known Jn tb earlier da ji of the art, aod that when conducted oa strictly boncaxabte pri - citles they were by no Btaao aa unmiiai eU. lie could not ae why, if they Scred pritrs to jounj men for the best designs, thee popils sloald la deterred in after yean from tecving by like nieaa tbat - t - easioal employment lor which their former effort bad been th beat , rr'rtio. But l that a it might, competition toald not La got rid of, aad all they cotjd do ia that inrfitut waa to uae their beat en - deaTonrt to get them conducted on toundand fair prin - aiplee. Aa recarded the Admiralty and War Office eom - titiooa, f or the deciaioa of which he had the honour to t elected aa one of the prafeuional Jodfea, it would ill become him to defend the action of the tribnnal or to aibciie the riew of thoe in authority, who prepared the inr rnctiona apon which their judgment wai to be founded, lie would only ur th e wkicn be beliered might be taken a entirely true that the aole object of tb latter waa to get tke bett pouible buiUlirg for thk detailed requirementa f the puUie aerri?, and that of the former todinorrr, without fear or favour, th men beet qualified to carry their inotructiona into effect. II could only say that no pains were aparrd ty any of hia colleague tor arriving at juat coacluaiou. and. whether their judgment waa right or wrong, it waa that which each on Of them honestly believed right. Much bad been aaid, and (moth more would doubtless still be said, in criticises of tbef selected design. Br would not add to thou atticisms. Hut to his own mini It was little short of wonderful that, with whatever faults of detail, so fine a plan and so good anl elevation should bare been entirely wrought out by two solitary stodents ia a provincial town,with no special advantagcs,nntraveUeda 'finknown to the world of art, who bad yet prodnred drawings of the most remarkable delicacy, which might hare been equalled, but bad neear, to bis knowledge, been snr - psssjo. Mr. SHlw - Lmvst, M.r who wai among the viiittrs. took th opportunity of thanking tb president and Mr. Philip Hardwicke for th great service ther rendered to tb OoTemment in acting aa judge ia the recent competition for dasigai for the proposed Admiralty and War Office. Tb receni com petition had twonoreltiea which dia. tiagniahed it from arcrioua com petitions for Government btuldings. In previous caaea architects were brought in aa assessors, and were not themselves among the final judges On this occasion tb two gentlemen referred to were ap pointed to aet at judges together with the Chancellor of the tichequer, the First Commissioner of Works, and a distinguished ex - Minuter, Ur. W. If. Smith ; and the profession bad, therefore, been accorded a position which waa its doe. Iatheaeeond place the competition was the first ia which the method of a double competition had been adopted. The profession responded very freely to the invitation, and 123 designs were tent in. The competition was a very fairly representative one, including many of the leading men in the profession. The result of both competition was a voucher tbat they bad been conducted with absolute fairness and without favour. One of tb first aad chief condition which th judges bad in their making their selections waa that the bandings should be suitable for the purposes for wbieb they war intended. Xaternal arrangement should not be sacrificed for external effect ur for an bitectursl display. A. very large namocr 01 sue oswgns sens in I or ue great competition bad wholly failed in this respect, and could not under an; circumstances have been recommended by the - jndges for adoption or accepted by the Government. With respect to ue enernai cnaraner a toe Duiiaings it was significant that of the 128 d signs there were not more than five which were of Cothie style, lbs others were all of the classical style, either of the more severe classic, or the Tanona lorma of nenaiaaaace. 1 acre waa also on specimen of tb more recent style which went by the name of Quern Anne. In the competition for the Home Office some 27 yeait ago, more tnan nau iu oeugua tent to were Gothia, and ia tba limited competition for the law Courts again uc gratCT huwki w uk uoign were uoiaic ; ana in ootn csts Gothic design wis successful. The selection of the judge in tb recent competition bad been affirmed by pabfic opiaion and by the profession ; and the Government Would in the next session propose s. Tote to the House of Commons for the porpoae of enabling them to employ Maatr. Leemlngand Leeming for the erect tun of the building. liai, nowever, was not u ouiy important question now before th Government. There was also the imoortant question of th restoration of the west wall of Westminster Hall, which had teen laid late by the removal of the old law Courts. For thia he bad consulted the nun who waa admitted to be tba moat experienced and able for such a work, Mr. Feaiton. Tbat ranUemen bad recommended that the tide of the Hall should be restored to the coo - cut ton it was undoubtedly in from the time of Kichard 1L to the leponinz of the pretest century when the Law rourta wer built there. Among the advantages of adopting thia plan one was tbat it would then be oskible to maintain the old Xerman wall of the Hall, which is of the greatest possible antiquarian interest. Alter describing the laoiAaed alterations, the irvikpr a&Lt that ikWiUi hl Icon expressed as ta the expediency of the work be pro - I" m m uc quctuun to a vommutee oi tue ljouae before taking say action. Ur. bhaw - Lrfevre then referred to the interesting works now being proceeded with at the Tower 'of London, work partly of demolition and partly of restoration. The demolition consisted of the removal of the gigactie warehouses which had ao long intercepted the Tiew of the Tower from the river, and the restoration consisted in rebailding the ballium wall. He thought it right to aay that thia work had been carried out by Mr. Taylor, of the UfiU of Worka.who waa a number of that institute and of whose abilities aud service! Air. Shaw - Lefevre could not speak in too high terms. He concluded by pointing oat that there waa no city ia the world whien afforded greater instruction or interest to the architect than this great metropolia. There waj none where there had been so unbroken a series of builJ n;s. exhibiting kll the varying changes or phase through which the art of She archiUyt or the taste of the puUie hat laased. We Lad here the beat examples and tha highest works of euch of these phase from the old Is'orman fortress of tha Tammr th V. Hall at Westmmtter, the beautiful Abbjey illostrating Gothic eeclesiastiral work fioni Henry 'ill. to Henry TH'ithe TuJor domestic work of Holland - bojse and .Charhoa the Kenaisunee work of Inigo Jones the materpieces of Wren and his auccesaort. In Sir Charles Barry's work again we had both the last and mct perfect ipecimen of classic work ia the clubs', and tho best of the Gothic revivals in the Houses of Parliament - while the Oothia revival closed with a work in the highest degree worthy of it, and tbaa no work of the kind showed a more endless variety of detail and greater talent namely.tbe Law Court of Mr. Street. What waa the immediate tendency of the art aad of the tute of the public ? Is th presence of to many experts l e would not hinuelf attempt the answer. Our buildings were not merely the product of architects they resulted from a combination of tb art of tb expert and the taste of the public it waa the iblic taste of the day a hich compelled Sir Charkt Barry to adopt tha Cothic 4yle for the Houses of Parliament against bis own conviction ; snd it was the public train who, through Lord ralmerston. compelled Scott to abandon hit Gothic design for the Home Office and to erect a classic building. lTuUie taste was itself the result of iaSoences so numerous and subtle that it was impossible to analyse. The profession ball, during the but few lean, suffered moat serious lost in the deaths of many of It most prominent niembert, but they might confidently bope that it bad within its rsnkt men competent and willing to arry on the great traditions of English art and to leave behind them mcoorialt not unworthy of the past. IRELAND. DUBLXX.Xor.a Tbaarrartof afr.Fraderkk J.ABaa i believed to baa sacra laaportaat evaot tbaa was at first supposed, as it indicate! tb continued orgtnixation of the FenLaa conspiracy and it extension to a better class, ao far tt aocial praitioB and dooatioa are concerned. The cirrumsUnces coo Dec ted with bit arrest would aet m to show tbatxiaUoe of a dangerous confederacy of which b waa an active mesabar. He was brought up In custody this afternoon la the Northern Police - court, before Mr. Keys, Q.O., and cbargd wiU treaaoo - lelooji Mr. Beijtant OTrien and Mr. Boaaa attended to prosecute on the part f the Crown Tb Court was 'crowded with tb prisoner's fritnd Serjeant O'Briea stated that the prisoner was charged with com passing i& design of levying war in the year Vl I&Q, 1883, and 1S84 to depose the , Queen, and conspiring with others to overthrow Her Majesty' rule. The following wer tb facte which led to hit arrest. A maa who passed urjder the atsnmitd name of John Skerrttt, Jamet Swaa, and Patrick Swaa, but whose real naxea was Patrick Bweeney, ru but year nnder tb obserratioa of the authorities la London. This man posted, upoa th 12th of April last, a letter which he registered. It waa adtlressod to a M. J. OVFercy, at a certala hotel ia Taria but waa retnroed through the dead letter office from I'aria. That letter was subsequently banded over by the I'ost Office authorities to the authorities at th Horn Office of England. Thlt letter it in the tame handwriting at a great many other, showing that the Fenian organization was still active, and tbat its headquarters were t'aris.There are returns showing the number of men in each circle and arms, revolver, rifles, and amount of ammunition in their rxjesesaton. Sometimes the mem ben were railed "cuttomeu " and sometimes " farmers." The rife were sometime termed long " and the revolvers abort " to distinguish them. They wr also called " cow " and sometimes " calves." Tb first document to which counsel directed attention purported to be a sarxmary of accounts from the 12th of July to the 31st of September, 1S83. That summary purported to represent the amounts tbat were received I rem certain cirtleiia certain Booths. In ten months there were 190 in money received for Fenian purposes. From this and other documents found it was ulam that thev were made out for the purposes of as audit, which was to take place in J ana, oi toe men, money, and material belonging to the lenian organization. In the prisoner' possession there wss found a transfer book, which waa not, it was believed, ia bit bandwritinr. but waa a verr remarkable document. It purports to be a record of mm who lelocged to the Fenian conspiracy, and who left thia country and went as jaateriea, and wben there joined toe conspiracy. In this transfer book were verr manv names. Ia connexion with this transfer took, counsel read a letter which waa also fount! in tb tame package, and aignej " M. 1. O'L'wyer," who passed sometimes under the name of - rtugent. ue waa referred to in thia esa,arjd he alto fed thia country at tb 1'bornix Park invrttiratiou. ' Ihe writer asked to have his transfer sent to him, and complained bitterly of tome person who showed Indifference in the cause. In a document in cipher, which was deciphered with difficulty, the chief nun who took arms were given. In the. county of Kilkcnnr there a cre 332 members. 18 re volvers, 10 rices, and 3). It it signed C. 1.. July, 1883." Another document entitled " Cs town " (Dublin city) indicate! that there are COO members, 170 " coat " (being revolvers), and 30. Another document dealt with Louth, and represents tbat in the county there are 103 members. If 1 revolvers, 33 rifles, and 43 Oa. Cd. to credit in bank. The names of ten placet are riven in this docu ment. Another passage, tigned " Faithfully jours, C," tboa I that there are 341 " farmtrt," meaning members. 33 ' cews " (rifles), seven calvea " (revolvers), and 23 18s. Tho next ia a list, and purports to represent the nnmbat of conspirators in certain circles in Dublin, giving them 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Though there were only five given in Lublin, there were, eouuscl believed, rrany more. There were 213 in the five, 36 rifles, 34 until rifles, and Ml rounds of ammunition for rifles, and a few hundred far revolvers, and they bad to their credit 4 Cs. "d. There wtt alto found in envelope evidently containing rules for the working out of th society, these rules beirg of a very severe sni stringent character, and evidently dealing with the Fenian or, anixation. These rules, all dealing with the Fenian organisation, were found in the possession of the prisoner. The learned terjeant said it was not necessary to comment on the meaning of tho d:u - BM - ntarclerreoto and round in possession ot the jmsoner. Unfortunately for the urisoner and for the country thev told plainly their own tile. The prisoner waa remanded until 1 o'clock to - morrow. In the Common Court this morning, the Croan having intimated tbat 4ames Ellis French would again be put on bis trial, an application was made by Mr. Taylor, coinaej for Fitzgerald, to admit him to bail for two or three daya. He waa ready for hit trial at the summer issiret. The Maedermott, Q.C., on the part of the Crown, objected, and laid the Crown bad thought it right to prooeed with the other cstet before calling oa bis esse, as an application bad been made on thit day week to postpone it on the ground oi tue prisoner s Ul - nealtn. l he trial then proceeded. Tailor and Johnston were examined, and the case for the Crown having closed. Dr. Bold, Q.C., addressed the jury on the part of tha prisoner, and the Court adjourned until to - mono w. CORK, Nov. 3. Intelligence reached Cork thit evening of a terrible murder in the County Limerick, but the full facts have not been received. It is stated that a boy named Jamet Keogh, aged 15, was shot on Saturday evening, near Tim Quinlan'a Castle, on an evicted farm, recently taken by a farmer named Crowe. Th o.ot took effect in the head and caused Immediate death. OBITUARY. SPORTIXO IKTELUOEHCB . BBrTTXO W tOSDOX. MojrDAr. Tb scratching of Stockholm for the Liverpool Cop did not affect tb betting to - day to any appreciable ax tent, at it had been anticipated. The bait kept her position firmly at tha bead of the quotations, and, though (La price wsa always on offer, no advance wit mad on 7 to 2 against her. Tha feature of the day's doing waa tb lacking of Boule vard, who advanced toll to 2, a pore which was freely taken ; bat this demonstration bad little effect a poo tbe status of Beeaebamp and Sweetbread," to 1 being accepted about tie former, while 100 to 14 wat offer!, after being taken, about Mr .Gerard t Goodwood btewardt Cup winner' At ICO to 7 Amain, Ben More, and Brock en all found sap. porters, tie oppoaitioa which broke eut againrt tb German bom on Saturday not being sustained to - dty. At will be teen, be returned, from 40 to 1 offered against him but week to a price more approximate to that at which be wat previously quoted. Xema found plenty of friends at 100 to 6, a slightly attended quotation, but not of sufficient consequence to cause uneasiness to her numerous following Another upward movement wat made by Lady Adelaide, whose adherents bad to be content with 100 to C. In favour of Kastern Emperor there were plenty to be found to accept tbe oddt of 20 to 1 o.Tsre.1, and at 33 to I both Goggles anda Tho Sailor .Prince hal backers ; those tup - porting Mr. Leigh's horse at laat fairly tiring out the layer. - About lteyal Fern and Grecian Bend odds of 40 to I were offered, .but few aptaring to care to take even those liberal terms, while l.tOO to 40 wss on offer about Brave, with the proviso of a run. Latest quotations : LlTZM - OOL ACTC MS Clf. 100to(tatXnaftl 100 La4, Adalald (11 10 I taattrn - n.?OToc rat JJ t - Bailor I'rinet ta) 0 1 kojslFera (o.) i ui - ciAu lam ia t to J sett Tbrbala It o.) 11 t Bouletard It I I 1 lluckaiu It 1 W.I :jOl Hieatbnadlt. a) 100 7 Amald (L t o.) 100 T htu Mots (t a o.l iuu 7 - nisit a i 1.Uj0 to 40 atst Brats, with a ma (a UVERPOOL AUTUMN MEETING. ORDER OF RUNNING THIS DAY. Wsstmonlasd Plats .. 1 0 I If tw Bland Plate TMdsr Mats 1 30 CtMittk Cap.. KDOwtlay Knrarrr .. .. 7 0 I tat srvooi M. Lgm .. mlKS UutV .. .. IX i 133 PARLIAMENTARY XOTICES. HOUSE OF COMMOKS, TrisrilT JfOT. 4, Oaura or thi DaT. at Speech. Adjourned debate oa amendment on QcttttOSs. Mr. 8. Letgbton, To ask at to th report of Dr.Cricbton Brown.' LordK. Cecil, To tik bow nuny 18 and 43 - ton runt of Y? nWiftUr krcbloader bare been applied forby tb Admiralty to re - arm tbe Navy ; and bow many each gun bay born already delivered by th War Oflo, Or by eon - tract. Mr. Batterv - To atk at to American mB steamers. Mr. Cameron To ask a to tb duturbanee in Sky. Mr. LaboocW. To aak tbe First Lord of tba Treasury when he win be ia a position to mak Ml promiaed statement with regard to steps to tecur tha eciocv of tb Ravy and tb soeority of our eoaloag stations abroad. Itoncss Bit tiara to Okdsbs or m Dat. Mr. Oortt, An ' amendment to tha AoMreat, relating to f trrmtntltnil UrQ.CampkelL To mor to amend Mr. Gorrt't Geprgiana, Tiaeounteta Sherbrooke, died at 34,Lowndet - tqnare yesterday afternoon. The deceased waa the second daughter of Mr. George Orred, of Aigburtb - house, Lirer - rooL and married in 1836, the Bight Hon. Bobert Lowe, formerly Chancellor of tbe Exchequer, who was raised to the peerage. May 25, 1880, by the title of Viscount Sherbrooke. Her ladyship bad been in declining health for several weeks. Mr. Hugh Hamersley, of ryrton Manor, Oxfordshire formerly High Sheriff of that county, died on Sunday, at Southsea. The deceased watT the second son of the late Mr. Hugh Hamersley, of Ptrton Manor, and of fcandgate. Kent, by hit marritge with. Marraret. daughter of Mr. Jehn Bevan, of Clifton, and was born in 1813. He was educated at U arrow ad at Trinity College, Cambridge waa a magiatrate and deputy - lieutenant for Oxfor.bhire, and formerly Cbainran of Quarter Sessions for that county. He terred at High Sheriff in 1840. Mr. Hanurs - 'ey married, in L5, Mary Anne, daughter of Mr. John rhillipt, of Culham, Oxon, and wat left a widower in 1877. The death U reported from Berlin of the eminent and most popular decorative painter Ludwig Burner at the ace ofW. He was especially hippy and facile in knre wall painting, and wat unrivalled in Germany in bit handling oi military unuorma. lie waa almost equally fortunate in tbe small sketches which be dashed off with equal readiness, spirit,, and expression.; His reputation for fidelity tad life in his military sketches wst to great that the Prussian Government got him to execute a portfolio of coloured sketches representing every uniform in tbe tcrvi. Gorman papers report tba death, a few days aco. of angina ytclori; of a yery distinguished offeer of the Prussian army, General Ferdinand von Benthcim, in his TCthyear. He first saw active aerwee, wbtn ovar 40 years ofrgj, in the operations in the Danish Duchies in 1848 and in tbe revolutionary outbreaks in different carta of Germany in the following year, ne was t gain engaged in the Daniah war in lc6l and in the campaign of IcCG. In lb. Oho eommamtod thoCrst infantry division of the lit Corp d'Armte, under Prince Frederick Charle, and wat engaged in all tbe openiticns around Metx. Aftir the fall of that fortress he co - oporated with Marshal Man - teuffncl against the French Army of the North, and auhse - quenUy command! d the 1st Army Corpt on detached ter - viee in Normandy, w run by a terittof successful operations he forced the French to retire to Havre and Ucnflcur. Upcn the termination of the war be wat appointed Governor of MeU, Lut two years later be was forced by the state of bit health to retire from active service. Tho death it recorded tf Gusbiy Beichardt, ono of tba most popular long writers of Germany and com - peter of tbe music to which Arndt't celebrated lyric, " Waa iat ilea Dcutschen Vtterland 1" ia universally tung. Although a Fomeranianby birth, bis father wat a most cultivated clergyman, in whoso family literature and ait, especially mutic, were most jealously followed. Gustav wat intended for the del iral profrtsim, but the atti action to mutic prevailed. Hit. tepid success tnd merit ware to marked that Zeltcr, Mt ndehssohn's matter atd head of the Berlin Academy of Music, pointed to him aa one of his own mot: distinguished successors, a prophecy which event justified. Beichardt wat nearly 87 yean old. Th Bishop or Loicdox. Yesterday, after an interval of five years, the Bitbop of Lon lon began a visitation of bit dioet - M in St. Paul ' Cathedral. Hit Lordship wat attended by four chaplain the Rev. F. H. Fiher vtrar of Fulham ; the Bey. W. M. Sinclair, vicar of St. Stephen s, Westminster ; tbe Bey. O. H. Turner, mtor of St - George's - in - the - Katt; and the Rer. W. V. l anshawe. H . Tnram. Q.CM Cbaneellor of the Diocese of Umdon: Mr J. B.Lw, and Mr. H.W. Lee, the joint regutrtn of the diocese ; and Mr. Bastard met tbe Bubop in the cathedral, where - bit Lordship wat formally received bytbeDean of St. Paul', the Key. Canon Gregory, tbe Rev. Dr. 8parrow Birar - on. the Sub - Dean ; the Rev. W. g. MUmsn, the ARbdVacon of Middlesex, tbe Bey. rre - beiidaryKempe .and many other prebendaries. There wat awletion of the h!t Commtinion, after which the Bitbop of IcsMpesfhM the sermon. The Bishop of London twaeatly held a Court, arsitted by bis Chaa - eeJlor. to rectjlve thajresentmepts of all tbacbnrchwardent of Pribo and - dittnct vnffin Ihe ryral dcaneriet of Falittg, EnfieU Jam pton, 11 arrow. Oxbridge. Fnlham. tnd XpdZfton. Tbe fraUington lemoriaj Charel in St. Wul'ili really the Bitbop's Otmsirrwy Cort - bW, bet a &ft!rLC,'Zti fonB - yttterday for the Bitbop rn tht weSTt Jo. of the north transept. The BUhop I - Ume: '.Ti,l. hJ?1'" rning, cW - lna;oh day. and eloalng with hit tharg on Friday next. LATEST SCRATCH IXOS. LiTZKrooL St. Ltoib. Httty filly, Condor. C oddest ... ... CROxmn ucr. Jteitox niiy. Wwtmorlako Weltek IlATK. Laomivlon. Meroilus Kkowslet NrKSEET STAKES. Tacitus. Eardica. Monte Jtosa, Avelme, Lonely, lieel Jap Miy. aixtbek snrruciiASt. iodine ii., uiood Uracxe. 1'urdysbum. l.IVISrOOL OTEMIiEK llUUl'LE UA2TU1CAF. Adai. LivmroOL Ccr. Stockholm, Hacknesa. Quilt. Ail Hawi'Icaw tor viuca the Wraonts iuti AirilBED. Richochet. All Exoaoimests Here. Cbengnix - Khan. Fraca. Grenville, Flemington, Condor, Zeua, Italian, Queen of th vixeDt, r lower ot hngland, all toe volt ot jjamilton t, Mr. Kruckenberg't, Mr. Victor's and Mr, Benholm't horses. COUIISINO. The Newmarket Champion Meeting begins to - day. and a list of nominations follows : Newmarket Cbamfios Stakes for puppiet at 7 lOt. each, with a sitter cup value 25, prtstntad by Mr. S. Swinburne, for tba winner. Sixty - four subscribers. Mr. W. Tt. Bingham Mr. J. limit Mr. K. M. l - rou Mr. K. M. Ctsus Mr. L. raunsr Mr. K. Mn - k Mr. J. U. Salter air, J. M. 8ltsv Mr. J. 8. 1'nllt Mr. u. A. roaaor Mr. H. barton Mr. H. K.laall Mr. J. T. Wood Mr. A.llMtoa 8. Swinburne Mr. J. J. Thonioa iioso - JoanaioM T. Vantats Mr. a WW Mr. J. A. Wootea r. uravra W.WooUa Mr. M. . Hal Mr. T. Hon Mr. J. Mnrrlaoa Mr. II. O. Miller Mr. A. J Huaipbrev Mr. J. V. Laraoo Mr.T. T. llale - Mr, W, Tburtioa Mr. W. Keiuy J, r. cvoaalay Mr. O W. 1m Mr. W. J. Walttsd Mr. K. M. Oottr Mr. W J. Wlilued Mr. J. r. WlsBora Lord Woehooas Mr. C. a4 Ml. K. C rtareBSts Mr. T. K. B. lliUiard Mr. J. fiutbm Mr.T. tkrltoa Mr. a Dinbl. Mr. T. Htaos Mr. H. Ouioes. Jan. Mr. W. . UrauaU Mr. r. t'aatot Mr K. W.l h Mr. 1. Bufflio, Mr. W. M. Dm nr. T. Jobuaoa Mr. J. Cairpbrll Mr. K. M ow k Mr. M. IL HtU Mr. A. Jnsiia Mr. K. I Wat Mr. K. Mttcalt Newmarket Stakes . for all - aged greyhounds at.ius.tacn. lnirty - two subscribers. Mr. 8. Swtnburna Mr. J. J.thBiroe Mr. U k. Vantsc Mr. C, Wood Mr. Hope - Johnston Mr. K. Uratas Mr. N. Mr. J.N. MorriJOO Mr. H.ii. Miller Mr. J. r. Owsley Mr. T. P. Ilals Trrd WodrhouM Mr. F. M. Crots Mr. II. KtUall I Mr. J. IL Kalter Mr. rl. A. tkKitor Mr. J. T Wocl Mr. II. T. Iiranwla Mr. W. Kailly Mr. J. t. W irmors ; Mr. J. hsIWo Mr. T.K. billiard Mr. T. Roam Mr. W. Tburtioa Mr. bWrt.b Mr. J. V. Umact Ma 8. IL llrl Mr. H. vulno - , ta. Xl. W. P. SaU Mr. W. r. Ji.als Mr. E. ixat Mr. W. f. Unanall The meets tre fxed for to - day, at SotUwell - hill, at 10 a.m. ; to - morrow, at Exnicg Church, at 10 a.m. ; on Thursday, at tbe third milestone on the Cambridge road, at 10 a.m. ; and on Friday, at tbe Old Toll - bar, Bury - rosd, at 10 a.m. Mr. A. A. - fctewead will 'WjudgeJ and; H, Jeffery slipper. '. . , t FOOTBALL. ASTON VILLA v. WEDN15BURY TOWN. Ttis Associaticn Cup tie was decided at Perry Bar, Birmingham, yesterday. There were 4,000 persons present. Th Wednrabury team signally failed to hold their own, and Aaton Villa won by four goals to on. CRICKET. Yesterday afternoon at Cambridge tbe Key. E. W. Blore, Trinity College, wat elected president of th Cambridge Vnivert ity Club.' TUE BILLIARD TOURNA'MENT. Yesterday there wat a large attendance of spectator! at the Palaii Koyal, Argyll - ttreet, wben the sixth series of games in the sjiot - barred billiard tournament was decided. Th most interest attathed to the contest between Roberts and Mitchell, who bad each won four garnet. Mitchell played well and gained aa ety victory. AtF. Bennett, w ho had alto won four games, bad earlier in th day been beaten, Mitchell thus assumed tbe lesd with a total of five victories out of tix games. Of the other players, BoLerts, Taj lor, and F. J'eunrtt have woo' four game earn. Collies snd Sal have each scored three victories. White, Dwson. tnd J. l'ennett hive been twice successful, tnd J. l.loyd hat won once. The res nits of yeiterday't play were "as follows i. Lloyd, receives 175, beat F. Bennett,' receive 150, by 27 point. . J. Li. Salt, receives 125, beat J., scratch, by 137 poind. T. Taylor, receives 75, beat O. Collins, receive 150, by 254 points. J. K. I law ion, receives 150, beat F. White, receives 150, by 10 points. W. Mitchell, receives 73, beat J. Robert, owes 100, by 234. Roberts, with runs of 64. 65, and 54, gained rapidly on Mitchell, the game being called M it. hell 209 to Roberts 214. With a well - oltvcdbreak of 150 the fotmer then tot well into the last hundred, and after a few small break on either side Mitchell won the game. (HE TIMES may be PURCHASED. In PARIS, t & OK Bvyew. as t. Rao t CaytiefaMS ; ia Boalpyce - oa . at Msrndow t Sarin t Hi hswsaalt, at tt, JU teta Jakarta T3. liar, at aad ta , at L rtaoa 1 80. - r rm MAJESTY'S THKATRE. ITALIAN OPERA XlAtrnrtf5 aEASoW. Wu sJatVMaaWtk dlraraloa SSt. SasMal rtea - - OiaHoetor, rraoy ttotsestst. Ma Outset H. Bwmaaa. aad sa Tit MattaL Prleas: - rvltatr aosta, IX la. a .: aealU. Its. id.: sraad akrcla. a: tot mta. a: ar.M - tbaatra ataua Ja. : sti. im. tn. ; sauerj sua m.i twr. ia. TriMfarabt pit mum uckiia for 2t txliLairtc its. aWxeracsspca 1 tttrotltu awrwowart as mm at a. anlIkVTriN HTUR - WARLD. written lf r - ul MartU. Htmry rattiu, aad Astasias Harris. TOXIOHT. St. Uarrls has tpaml aaUAer UouUo ear eti a ataka ta postal retrial raat trrl mu kia arodsetkiaa aa Drarr - laae, aad rpflrTwDHib. - eora Anjuttui SaU tajt : ffHK"WoKXU7rkUKT - LAll, Td - NIOHT. I atL tr I auteottiUJ. Kofa - L yfonoaaaa lor - O - aUa at Hot luck. Una hau - Ml ruuada of atplaaaa. Twe kaadrad roars ot laustler. iMlkATHK KOYAL, ItAYMAhKJTr. Lostee a. aod Maatf era. Mr. sad Mrs. Baacrort. Oa Satardat oeit.NoT. t. will to aswd, for Ito ant irbo at this Iktsut, aiih - tlMAOY. ss Xnt - ta vorsleo it IL Sardoa't libra, b Mr. LVaral Scott aad Mr. h. U MothrstcB. Mrarr BoaBakrc, Mr. liaserart ; J alias, beaoclm. Mr. rutattoUtlM ; JLlff rairfax, Mr. lliut ; CoaaS Orioff. Mr. B - rm - ar Una tnt tnttnui la Loa.o - 1; baruB SUta. Mr. tl Hrot9.1d U.rk,. . f V 1 - Ur w""" - prii. air atitc - oiaoa : Lady uaary r ainss, jsrs. naatrort ; arqj a ao Kjo - 7 - rtt, M m Li Thitr : Couots Zk ka. A PARAFFIN REFINE UY ON FIRE. South - western London was the scene for tome hours yesterday afternoon and evening of a fire of a remarkably fierce and lasting character. The fire broke out at the paradin refinery forming part of the extensive premises know at rrice'l Candle Manufactory, situated in York - road, Battcriea. This place wtt comprised in a builJiDg made of brick and corrugated iron, one floor high, and about COtt. by ?5ft. in dimentiona. The men wer at work a few minutes, after 4 o'clock, wh:n a report spread that fames bad been discovered in the refinery. A few seconds sufficed to prove tbe truth of the statement, for great bursts of flame were seen procecditg from the place, and in a short time fire teemed to have cbttined complete pOKtet. sion of the building. In view of an outbreak, private hydrants had been fitted in all the buildings, and large qutntitiei of sand are kept alwtyi tt band in order to check the spread of a liquid fire. Both of these precaution were proved to be invaluable last evening. The fire wat caused throe gh tbe boiling over of tome paraffin in the refinery. With amazing rapidity the liquid fire seemed to run all over the place, igniting everything with which it came in centact.and the water poured upon tbe flames only served it a meant of ;onreyanee for the burning oil to the turrounding property. Thus there was for a time every probability of the other buildings becoming involved, but energetic tnd prompt action prevented this. Whrrtver there wat a likelihood of the fiamat, carried on top ef the water. penetrating into a building, larg dams of sand were neaped up, and the stream of fire t turned into another direction. Despite tbe great dangrr fremthe burning oil ao one wat seriously injured. The building whicb had caught fire, as the evening drew in. presooted a marvellous spectacle, lor the want, which remained ttandjEg, con tained what wat an enormous farnace. A great reflection was thrown by the flames, and a vait crowd consequently atseni - led. The first alarm of fire bad been given to the Brigade stationed at liattersea, aad the serious character of the eonf agration eaosad a general turning out of engine in tha DJ)itriet. Superintendent 'llamlyn went tathe fire from Kennindon in order 1n dirort tha firemen, and it wat deemed adviaabl to get one of the river foata into operation. Accordingly the A:tx, lying off Ismbetb - brfclge, steamed (som her moorings, and anchoring near tbe bank ss passible, got her powerful engine to woik, and waa toon an important addition to tba force at work. The workpeople of Neiirt. Price bad got the daliveriet from five of the private hydraats fitted on tbe place to work, in auuiijvu h iih am reoacrM tiw r r irn mitan eiro un - gsde, and there wer tUamert tnd manuals bard at work busily pumping water on tbe flames. It wat nearly 9 o'clock, however, before tbe majority of tbe engines could leave, and tbe nrport which was nre - a - ted late ta Caejtain Shaw showed that the place which had becom attacked wat completely burnt out tnd tha roof destroyed, aod an adjoining building also damaged. ' jfea - rs. lTice's business will, the manager inform ot, uo ia ub way uuenctea wiui DJ to nn Mia Baraard - tken. ; l - . Mb C'olfaen ; Mio. Mita t - o at. Tho mmw maar iaUrl by Mt TrlUa uid Mr. W altar Jnkaltotifc aoakict oSlca boon 10.0 till i.0 Caiil. ito tmmm aUo DIPLOMACY, Saturday next, Nov. 8. - Act I - - Mas t lu.t M or maa t bio a ti. asart. TU wosaa't bo tiiiteoea. Brroa. Act II. " Mark w, bow a piaia talo tha too avn. ihat - porr. Art 1IL "Bat kitiw aSaU I aover como ataio. aatto Uo ly Uij aUa. tot U.00 ao aoro. FartooU f - I.tojica. actlV. Wbttttlw call thaalaj) Tto Mauao Trap t Marry, bow r - S - ataitaro - HA VMAKkET IHIAf U.K. fK - an t Mrs. BAXOKOFT lez'ta anhounc that ill IbU will ba It.l MRtWILL AtaSOV K . r ik ?cailetk Aaaitertary til la - optout ot ta Prloco or Halcss bMtr oa A,rU Ui.Ji,jb - air.fcrJroi uaaafraitat. ADKLl'lit. - .M essrs. A. and8. Oatti. Hole Pro - Pti - tort aad Maaara. IX TH - KAMCa, tho lrwimli at a. XlUt asbw AIlELlli I. I' TITE ItAXKs. Air. Carlet Warsar, Maura. J. I. Bavrrid(e, W. HarUrt. Z. W. OaHoo. J. fca - ucaa - iu K. k. FitiJaTta, J. ii. - bore, as Joba hicv : laa - aioa Itall CaUoua. IL, (!, J. Carlor. K. Cotaots. aad iit lynitini, at a At i.ix a taroa. uora ovaa "pitlSCKSS'lJ TlIHATrtK. Mr. Wilson Barrett, CAMLET" " Maoasar. - TUId SYBSISO. at 1,45. MK. VfL'S0XKnETTlfS SfLETPTlIia KVr.MVO, al 7 45. - ,aiwCAS. HAMLET. Tills ESINO, at 7.45, produced oa4rr Ui aril - diraotlon or Mr. WUtoa Banolt. Charac - m kt Moatrt. Wuaoa Barrrt - Will.rO. knaatoiaiL. Iiewhnrai. Olirxml Jx - r, Kraal Cooler, Craafvrd, iUdauo, Lroooa. Da loUa, Ilaroara, ; EatU - kfl. Lhckaoa. It. and M. Lai - btoo - lwort ocoa Bus oaipa, .U UUa. JoIm. Uunoiu Huh". Mr. J. ILUotba. A MOrlNLSO 1'APEK tiyt : " 'Without doubt, to V. far at rscorsa oaabl us to judfe, tho awsl oritisal U ttaso a a atar f - o. - - aMlK DAILY IKLKuKAi - li says t - " air. Wilson . BarrMl a Hamlet ia ooo lit tb iar(rcs wo had ali&oat. aaid aa of tb anlacitiea of atodrrn art." rpUE llAILYSEWSoays : - " finally placed himin JL the oatiuiaUoD ol tfarcocrs la tb foiciuott raok ot litixtc acton." flTUK STAN l)Altl sya: "Mr. Wilson Barrett jl nau a aiauact aucceta iDOMoraing riAi tars; was th Bnrt tier ritra, tbuushtf ui aad Kbolarly. THK ULOUB says : In no previous reprsenta - tka hat u. parenolocieal pri ceaars tbronsk wbka tbo ndnd ot iiaaiiet patara oeoa moatfato Wlia Oijitai CM rarest. m Taa Tutor an A ND OLD ACXta. Mr. Artkar ta - aa Mr. Arthar Codi. at L taa faveortt ooraoi I IIV atta A a Uril Sf U W Am.' It, It Bum Siailb Mr. L IL Li tot Mr. (iitovet TroaL aa kit, Joko Cloytoo) t Mra Joke Wood, ktios L. raaa. ktioo La Tkiers. sad Mis alanow lorry. stso oyaa daUyttooa II tin i. Ha tors. Dooet oera ot 7. - 4. lQ JaWJtlNAiiUOi.U ACKta. - Lvst Two MrghU. Al - cuLKntirATkUC .. YOUSG'MEaTWIMTUBOP. an original play ia kroo acta, ty Baoaaoa lie ir. Will ka teaJacod aa Tkanday pail. ta tu Vrx, al a aanrr to t o clue. CWaetrrs kf Ms. H - ftif." Kea - aaaautk. Mr. Jr. Kan. aad Mr. Artaar - ", Martoa Ttrty. MkM Lfdia rtaat. Mat orys. '.1r,? - ,.JJ,." - 1 - . r.naxVal. at t a riot I. y tk fana. A MuDtLOrawiit Mr. O. W. Aam. CUL'KT THXAt JUL CoMKDY. - ur xiftxZ - rarYxY, iskCr a II,0 T rt 7 - l ftn" 'abtn Plsaaartya. ulna !' Mj - totvk Loan. Harry raaboa. aad toaorral xiiriai.u uos - oooo pa oalir trooa 10 an s. T30YALTY THRATTRir; ivrhTVPh Pt"fCr'Ti - IV trot. - f ii ii. Mlas ksta aaatlsy.rrack a - aaaa at Sopolat '. Camacaa' IO.SS. pKlLlTTTAYSD,rector, Mr. ii. L. iiayer. - V LAUT FIVE rilnUU l vrrt'j w in. i.. - . E.tVI'lk. lti - ttri4liiu. Ikimvoh: luirtu.iiu. 'fJONTENTS OS THIS DAY'S PAPIR. lM, ttarrlat, Xatas - . Atyntrsuxxrni fTnin Wtst DootllrtnS Aatat.iel, rroa - sty Xa - L . - ,. latt aorlurmanaa OI Ja - JO. Jul Mar, Lo Maa a laa a'baatia Balardar a - alnt J. I.,oa MooU,. So. U. Irst Uato, L Etrat - cSro. to wa.aa Hat Looi L - ua j appoar fttlTEKIOfTiiTlAlKESoleC Jtl.JLCtla wjou - ara. at s, atATH EttBRAUI. ty Jaaoo nossic opoa T. - IKATHKKUllAI.N. Every Evening at 97iid JL vry oaujrtar aMiraiBs a.fc - . .tuxaJUUV TrLKATRK. AVEJiUK THEATKK - Mr. Jehn 8. Clark laiMlaUr oat - relL Oa Wtdaaadar. lab. aa a.. - rwt f, wul to pruducad a sew f mua. in a taoleaoo aa okraa acta. r r.C Har - asd. roaitd JC8T 1 11MC la akick Mr. Jba at Clarke. Mraara. Wiuiara karroo, William tUsa - KL C. Itajlua. F. Hswly. H. Caartaia. . auotar. Ktfaatd Cknaaaa, W. litnaaa. r. U. t - chards. C A. HmUf : MradatKt AUrad MeUoa, Uraeo Arabia. Louis tienscari. aa s - 'o souors wi i appear, rror - dad. 7i I mum eal rare, la MM act. - rite B M twraara f.r. Dud I. J rer Coi. aatiUa BVaTLES kKltitL - ractara LJ jtvaars. - a al r lorotu. w luiont utMaotM, ata oaaao Hobteb!. LUia Adair, aod Madam aaaaaoa CUo. lb oseaary by Mr. Albotl CaileoCL Muaioal auoctor. Mr. J. farry CoK Mast Mauar, Mr. K Boatar. Kas auk t paa mat 11 till 5 Tksrsda;, Kuf. a AeUa MauasatsMr. Artbus aaaaborootk taa Ms. kdoard L'NWD. TJOVELTTllATIl, Ureal Claeen - stnet. Sot LI rrapnctraaa asd Maoacsraia, Miat Xllj uarrls. - TL - aillT, at 1.4a lAth tin. I tha aiirtial fill oaw. aod triffial conu aera. aoutlwd ruLLY, wnltsa vy Jaotoa Maitiarsr. Mast by Artlward Aoioiaua. MiaB Ltdiaa Bnai Till. Mr. A.lrW BuAop. aad a powairui obmtaof. Liojrt opa ui : acoaoaiouo, lu; opors. a i . i - oisoo - ooa opro. :utut niKUTK lavs ! "One sers Hamlet ratber X nilsht bavo tm ia Ui Daaiak Cattla it an aa wo are aoraaloario to auu vaut ttas. OA. SALA says s " The play's tbe thing. 'snd . after thai Mr. Wilson karrttt, ko intrpitakin of Hanlol ia tb baldrtt and U moat tniu - pbaetlj saoeotalal that baa bteo aeon lor ataoj a fl " SOCIETY says : "Mr. Barrett's creation appears to m lo k usautiaU tb Uamlt tbsl , bbakrapaar drsw.'," AMLkT. rp - lB COUitT JOUKNAiTelys : ,rThe Hamlet X of Mr. Wilson Barrrll la witbool doubt tka tnoat that kaa bao ao on tba Uf lr tbo lata quarur ol a ooatuif . , . lie Buy claim to bo Iba HamUi of oar ate." TfOif says : An unmistakable new Hamlet here, X youtbful aod oobl. It la a trl aod ioUrtotint parforoiaooo. - jylS3 KASTLAIlH. AMOttMNCTAPEil says: - "MUs ETSIile 0tlaVlDt4 AO UDWOntaxl br nf &nlttitai far p rxiiirlii7 rJ n kmUrn, bich good la th rnrnd acemm." TIJK DAILY TtLktiltAl'II tayt : - " At' Ophelia Miaalsttlaa asd a turp.liioc autctts." aba Ctn.lard ami a " Mlta I aatlakc aa OtXalla aauamra la tlj - OlTltCU'sajs ft w X as a flaih. a decided flash, of dramatic feoiua." MB. WILSOX BAKKETT, Leasee and Manager. PKltlCKHoS TUKATKt LYCEUM THEAYIiK. Mits Mary AndersonT Tltld KVt.ilNO. at 7.45, ROHEll AlfTJ JULIkT. In. terpratrd bv Uma Wm. Terriaa. Artaar Mtjrltn It k' - nal. J. Aodrao, A. Lcwia, .. Manrio. ii. It arda. Cord o. a. li.n tiract. .!. w. Kivu.l. u i.lU.tpa. Uact. urartco, iojtr, Mlllaar. llrtLart kkidu : Mra btirl a. Mitau a. LI.. Mrs. d t. - lr aul Mlta Mary An - itun. cnry by Meaara. Ilara traiao. Culb - arn, crur bdiu). n. HSU. n. ftrtiat, ana J. uuoeour. Ib iDcidmtal mua seonipMcd by Mr. Aadrtw Lattr. Tb tUocaa ar - sirid ar ir. J. It Aul an. Tb rtu,t ty Auruat at Cm. frrta otst by tb lioo.Lwia Wiavta'd. 8ata - taa b aacand al tb lot - cmc ana at all tbo luUarlea, or by letter or to.rsram lo Mt. Tryoo. Tta toaaoa ttodcr tb directive ut Mr. Iltary IL Abbey. LYCEUM T1IEATKE. - A MOKMNG PEH - FOttM AXC of ROM kO AND JLTJKTaUl b givro on Blar - ij oast, otembr Stb, abor StUa Mary Anderaoa aiu appear aa i tat Doora opr at 1.30. Curulo will rtro punaiual f al YCEUM THEATRE. A SPEC'IAL PEltFOltM - f AKCKwUI b rttro ta Tburaday avtDict Bail, ov. stb, at , or K( AMD Jl LIHT ijulw. Mi., ,. A - .l.l l. tba lit NLHT of OMM.N'8 - MIGRATION HOCIXTY. freudtat H.K.II. rriiiees Louit (Mttculoiieaa of Loroal i nt - Tb - Lady Jaoa Taylor ; ao - 1 aoter tL Imawdiat psrsonal pattuc t ioir rhfyat Biiae to msw - au rnooeoa Ol w ala seats caa ooa b aMurwl at ta bos - ethc and at ail abrartos ; or by lattr DLf STr - lO TiiEATUri. TWIKs. the htgbly sue - acaaful ran of vbick waa tararjoraritv aotrd. in a nri. suaatament, will ba reproduced baturday next, Xoi. ttb. box office aaw open. ST. JAMES'S TliKATUK. - Lessees and tanaers, Mr. Usre and Mr. Kendal - Tliia TH - ATKK RM - OrKSI.D for tbo teaaon. wire lbs nuai tuTetol play. THE IRUXMAblkk. laiiiii aa Lut lab A. W. fioero. of Ueartee dra - ia, L Maitrs da 1 ortea wiil bo acted aitbUr. eancteallv at L THE LKOKMASTEKj TO - Sl(JllT, at 6. The cbaractctt will to acted by Mrs. Keoual, Mitt Linda Diets. Mra jsitt taiio, siua waiakr; Mr. kcadal. Mr. baw en. it. Mtccart. at. Sally 11 104. D T OYALi XV brttod i Duekl. Mr. 1 daily 11 w 4. Doora open at 7.1 . Ho a. - b I .JAM K3 Til It ATHfa. diha.mj illlll. Llvron'i celt - or - 'l. OUU BOYn hy arransenieBI aitb Mr. W. Datiu Jamea lo hia cinaiaal rtsrai!if r.r h,lM Mlddieaick. tnt'borted bv Ur.i Gerald Moar. . W. fl.iu. aud rrane Arcbrr : Moedaniea Ki.naa sue. Lev bEke - ia k a - .t.. snd Cteely Iticbarda. TO - NIUHT. al a. JO. rnrec'rd br. at 7.3U. a latourlio comeojetla. Muroim I'ert or niaoca try Batardtr. at JJO. I lAitn. - AUM JJA1, at b, TO - MliliT. new VXFsrciral Oomedr. ia tbra aeu bv Walu - r Uinnt M r..n. (jilcbnik riroaabuin. M. Viefar : and Meura. fr:ltn. tai.i.. Lyiulal, and bbma. rricct from la So lata flAIKTY. TO - MGHT. CALLED TTlEiniASl) T HACK, al S ' new raradv enrleama. te Ilmua. U.....I. Mum r'arrtn, lallcbriat, htouiblou, Kobioea, Ac : Meant. Kltoa. lUjte, taattr, D Loose. LliMaL Ac Opea User at la 7L GAlKTY. - Saturday aftemrxn next, WET DAY and CALLID THKfa l.U BICb. baa 2. Ooaiade SIS. buiiaaqtt, 4. t GAIETY. AbTKKNOON I'EUFOUM A CE of X" WKT DAY. and new Luiteairie. . - . Ratu.d.e ari.. - . aetl, Hid Mttlnce. Manatm, Joh Molllophaad and J.L.BbiDa. a iluuk inAiii. - Jne rrivate Secretary. - - VX 1U - MCHT. al tba new farcical oomrdy. eiUUd 1UE fltlVAlfc RtCIilTAkY. It v. D. Lt.UrV: Mr. A. btaaaout, llr. W. A. rciiler. Mr. a li. Mtlrr;,Mr. Jaliao Croaa. t a. ta. aaare - air, wuiey ojtet. atr. Slactebtl, ICS Mr. Vt. J. HUl ; Miaa Vaoa t'eelberaWB. Mlaa MaudMuwlt. Mra, Lewb M - rray, and Mra. btepbooa. rteceded by A mtbOMbMl.V IM A tMUCK IBUCbU Mr. eteaart ll.w.uu. Mr. ndk.Uker. Mr. M. V. Lanbert i Mite Vaa reatbentr B. Mua M. 81diaia lloora rn 7.30, oonriMBca at Cainaci al IL hex - iidic open daily Ireaa IS tUlb. hutineaa Manaser, Mr. a - oe O. Hulterd. MATISKES of I'KIVATE SECKETARY, Tomorrow (Wodoeadatl Nov. i. Batsrdae Beat. Nov. a and otary balurdav. at X Doors apso 2.3U. B.att au j b booked b uttDatr lit tatariaa. uuupt Attr.Altl (SLOllK THEATltK. Notice. Owing" to da great T deraand for a .ta foe tha I alu.d.e ik - . .f . THErKlVATE 81.CRETAKY. Mr. Cbarlaa M. Haatrey baa decided toftlte a hKCO.NDkriCIALrtkKjkMAJ.CKlo - Bionow ( odnotdayK Koe. a, st 3 o'clock. AIOKMNO FKKFOKMANCE of SAINTS AND ATX blNNEKS. baturday nixt, Nov t. aad every Saturday, life. few ly V AliDEV 1LLK. TO - MollT, at 8, Henrv A. Joaia. entitled - AINIll ANllrllMNEUH. in eklri Sir Tbooiaa Tborn 'a ill api - ear, atth tba ft - lloaius pvwerful caat : Henry eUW. Makiotcab. rrrdenck lborae, V. Leetoe. I - M. KvLaB. . Vrota . liewe, tnd H. K I'eeeaj ; Mtadai - es Lbiy Urabaaic, M. A. til ard. tod Kat Phillipa QAlJiTS AND SINNtttS. The World says: tO " Aa exotlleot play, full or diamatin Hire, krtt'y cbVerved caaractor, aedaoher, iaciMto, tbousbtlitl writlox to tana ta rneral and anuasitiootU ttrdict uioo baints and HuuKta" VAUD - VJLLK TUtATKIC. , SAINTS AM) INNEh. Truth tayt - "The 1'rabUcl aad Ike ll&starda, tb toaalpa aad Umerrre of tbo taewt 1 1. 1 community, are art a wiik a .attar ij baod. V AUl'L - n.i, - lllAl i;a. SAV OY THEATKK - R, D'tnly Carte, l'roprietor and Marscer. Evtty Etecler, at 8.15. tbe tooatr - eom tpera. lll - bOKCEKtl - b? vt. a. UUbert aad Art bur baUitao, orisinally ptrformed In 117, aod row retiavd aad r - artir rrwrl Imtv. FoLoaad t TK1AL liV JUKV, tb latter ic coocluJiot aitb a fain tnot - foraiatioo scena Tr.wbol prodttced nnder tbo soprraieion of tb autbor aod compoaes. Doors open 7.45. Bosbca opro urora B an. tiHI llp.m,' laelbralr Utbtrd entlRly by wxtrtr. riMl E SOKCEUElf and TBI A L" BY J OK Yevery X etenlaj. M M. Craatmitb, Lely, Temple, Lrwta. Lutf, Barrrof ton; Mum. a Brebam.. Eood. friaart, Dotoe, Braadlaiu. Maaical Cjrector. Mr. r. ;lller. - BAVOYv Vi A V O Y73i OltN IN G PEKKURMANCE of SBR - O CIKKK. every baturday tL3a iKMitopesZ. FoUoaod by Mr. CooritUrottniitk ins Dtswisg room utertauiiaL fTU)OLE'S THEATKE. - Sole Lessee. Mr7"j: LX Toole. Under it) maus'BM - l ' id WILie Kdonla aod LisqfI lirou4 - . - TO - MCBT. at g.X. n.w burtaur, THE bABEfl - or, Wkioc from tie Wood, by Harry l'anl - Un and W.Ji Uy.J.4o, Q T DVTY. ty T. tdrar reuibattou. VfATINfE f BABES, Saturday next, at" 2X). AtX Tb poreet aod prataieat asUrtainaieBt for sbUdrea ta Loo - a - . - Ti"JLk TBEATBC Bualoeaa Meoasar. Mr. UUbrt Tata. CUMlytJE. Wtntgtr. MrTliarrington Mal. Ettrvaearilcr. al S. X1TA d FIRST, bv T. OL W - " e.u, rii.s v m. tit, ty atlara noo. jaevoama otno veaae. Kleauor Baf too, Erallt Millar. Araaa Veriti. IXa rttirtias. aad Kdltb Brooa ; Meeara. T. ILWarr, B. eaker. I atreval Clark, Edward Kaa. r. H. Herbert. W. lirnoryVA. B. Tapptnt. Baiulitta BeU, IL km - Oald. X U ArwrtroTJi. Upta7.31.Vox cdbr. 10 to 5. MORN INtJ ."ER FOB M AN CE every Satnrday, V1CK VIRSA and RITA'S riRST.OpeB at 2. reaunaooe T - X. xau eaa b aacatad by letter. tBleraia, of faUpkoo. Box offl.a (Mr. Betjetneaal, 10 to OFKUA CXJMIQL. SPECIAL MOUSING lKFORl4AiTnis7by Op - rs Couiiqae Cowpoay. U XITA'K riKST. at Crystal ralaoa. DAY. itat rim aad Yk Vena, tl Opera Caanoae. Maoday kaxt. Lord Mayors hkow day. 5U Fbal sad Vise Ym.Wda - day.Kov. Lfc at Oakty TbelU. To - alfbt aad vtrr vvraiaf al Upara - Ooatiqaa A LHAMBRa TTfKlTliE of VAArlIS - TV Smokln Coneerta. Taa balleta : MUa. ralladlao. aad corps V bPV ,Y.T titertaaaat .Mr. ArUr Babarta. Miaa Deaai BoatbULMltsJsaaiaAetim.tbaArbB.aCu - - . a. tHe d otter aatteitoas by tk orskotMa. eoaduetad by Moaa a. JaoobL hxchutv sotataaMat of tbo Barrel, sua Bona Trooue. rrleae td la. la. Ja. aad ka.; priest kaaaa from 1 la TO - S1UHT. at I LAST TOUK NIGHTS of tb SINS OF THE CITY a tb STJRBJtT TIIKATKK. Xntoa by althl, Um HaaltkerlM. aad tb Tbaataa at hlaakrriara tie iet tun BttJ - lec olaosaasiplod actiaf. w Xte.'e Ut ki w - Ud aad atartba slay w UI Boa tbatlota Soros Hats to th last alt tuny Tktauy alcht at iamidatihfc - t bJO VriLTY "THEATRE.' Notice. Miss Nlly . 1 fiarrta bogs to aaooua tbat ab baa e - ade arraoffeataata to u aotror to trio Lapu 1 baslra tb taccetafil opera rulr , vltrt It wul Ue iM - ied oo oatarday oait. 'ov. tuioad every etoaiarf. kJoVELTYTIIEA.TRi. - - In aitrye'preparation. a XI Me aod crW iil uBdy. la Urn acta, astiUai LOTTIE, wolcb will tbortly ba prodced. riMIB PRINCE'S THEATRE; Coventry - ttreeC W. X Lidb'ed by - Sol rraprtclor aad Manttsr. Mr. tdrar otic, i tore open at l.JU. ( imicl at IL Ho leee. Borol - e 11 to i. TaleptSa 3. 7WL Al7kalA AjiD hlGUTFt - iCZ. Atalk. C CALLED UACKU53d tim;. tbe ntw an l nceessful J play in a pridcf a and tbraa acta, by Hath Coaaay aad Coaeraa C - rr, adaptod from Hofh Cooway a very pupalar ttory. New acenery aad tw caat a Btidar clock. Tk flllXCh' - TIIEA tK. len - T - eret. W. f fill B PK1N CIC'si. CALLED BACK. - - "5lATiSftES X Katorday oait. .Vo. lib. aod foilowtBf Satarday, at JJO. of tilt aiost iscceasfnl liar. Doora opto at 2. Scats stay ta boekod al onoe at tba tbeatr and uual llbr - rie. EMPIRE THEATRE. Lenees. Messrs. Var - n -; CnastaUia. Director. Mr. Joha - Al tJ. Dick. UC3d nitbtb Mits Isasi Le.Ii at Dick Wkittlsrtoa. I olllJlb Mi - LaUiaa - &uaa:l aad B baUat. Cannal a 1 K - HENRY IRVING. MistTglirrTTerry. and the ii TVrT,rtfiSifT' GL0M T"111 BO8T0S.TO.10HT. Hr;RUAJt3TY" THCATRC ITALIAJV ufLKA ALTUM.V MASUS, IX. Director, Sir. Samuel Uayea. . TIII3 XTIMXO. al . IL BAEBirRE 1)1 SIYlr.LIA : Ro n, Madaiao Laura rVrur ifrna La 8al Milaal : Bertka. MdlM. Dettisaes : fli'lro. Si. nor ; Bar to la. HLaor Zoboii : B - l Uo. Sit nor Casteliaary ; aad Almatlta, X fuor trapoLt. Aa Coaductoe Mr Uilbert M. MatjeBaaa. Tburaday, No. ber btb. a faronrita opera. Saturday, Hoeao ibee St", Doa Uaoeaool. witb a pooaifal tact. ' Doo - t open st 7.30, opera ati. DRl RV LASH. THSATRk ROYAL. Attsuatua Marne, L - eae aad Maaaser. TO - NIGHT, at t ortoek. THK WOULD . - M.eere. Aojnttot Rarrta Armor Daw. R. a IJartua. Jotia Walawritkb Harry rarkar.rvry - ell. W. R. ButhftlarKl.Artr.ur KatcnarbA. C Lilly. W.Mocsaa, aJ Harryjaaktost M le A. Tkomaa. L, (.lar - moat. KtVoodworta. M. MUdiaay, aod M.UinyfB. At 7.25.TIMtU2 B UTTLX UDL1DAY. TO - NKillT. at A IN THK KA.VkS. Mr. Ck - rlee Meter. Daverids Garden. BeaockaBp. Herbert, rkor. ritsdavw. Trtiers, Cooper. Byrnes, fiilijaai; Bereard. sad Joba - ydev: Mesda - ws Jaabal Baumaa, H. Lrib, H. Covsavy, J. Carur. aad MadatoUant. AI7.1 - TUkX HIH orT, PRI ( CESS'S THEATRE. Leeea and Manarer. Mr. WUaoa Barrett. THIS .t 7.5. IlAHLCT: Mes - ra WlWia Barrett. fVeamaB. Vi Ulard. Dewbaret. CUtord C'oop - r. yr.ak roofer. Craa - frd, H sdeoo. Dooe. Do Kolla. Bcraaj, Bcaln, KLiotl. (vaat. Fnltoo. I oaa, te . aad Goats Barrett : Maadaaiaa Laatiaaa. Dtakaaa. aa., aad M. Leftfcloo. LTCtl'M TUEATRZ. Role Leee, Mr. Henri Iretn : Maaarer. Mr. Tl 117 K. Abbef. llllt LVy.NlXi. at7 t5, noMEo AND JLX.1ST: lleetrs, Tarrfaa. Artkar rJtlrlinfcH Krabl. J.Aaderaoa, ADek, E - Mtarlaa, O. Ward. I ordovs. Bee Ororl. Ilarwuod. W. k Se.L L Ut - aaple. ST. JAMES'9 THEATRE. Lettars asd Maaasen. Mr. Bar sad Mr. Krorlal TIIIS KVBMMU. st Iponctaally. 1HK IRu.lMAaTBR : Mrs. Readai. Maa Linda Uteu, Mrs. Cswn Mairar. Mas Vaa. Maa Webeter : Mr. ken dab Mr. C Bvtden. K.. J. f . I oaa A Mr. Vt aria. r. Maelean, Mr. IL l arbrart. Mr. brand oo. ISO maa, Mr. rafat. Lau. be art. j Mr. LovslL Mr. Kaltbl. Mr. Do Vetny. Sc. KOYAL r - TKAND THEATRB. SI Let aad Maaaarreea, Mra. riwaoborcmsy THIS KVEMNU. at aJU. UUk BoYa : Mr. David Jtaaee, Maters. r.araKI Moor. K W. Ua'dia.r, B. Herbert, L. Coesaraa, W. h. lluut. Howard, ( kraitr, and Irask Arcksr: M Jane loneecua. Loci K. Itnlli , K. hobrrttoo. B. 7 en 1 lb, and Claly Ricbaida. riecdd.t7.jU.byUakl.,K. GAIETY THFATRC. tlraad. Manayert. Meaara Jobs Holbostbeod aad J. L. Kb in. THIS LVkiM.Nti. st 8, Vt T DAY ; Mttws rum. Gikkrlst. BroofbU. Victor, ka; Mrstra. Elian. Lar. LjanaL twain, bkiaa. Ac. At 9.30. CALLED T11LKE AND BACK. Barln)U : Mrtara. Koyc. Elton. rV)rilre. I - ue. Ljodal, te. ; Mietta ylrea, CUcknat. Brootktoo. Bobima, tneretta I.. CL Bt T11EATR - . Sole Lenee aadMenattr. Mr Charles IT. Fawfrev. TIIIS I VkMM;. at t.THE I klVATI. MECBITARY t Meiers, - eaunont, lenity liaelrej. Clots, Atdrrwa. eka - Mattesiie, and Hill : Mitta rtatbertton. and Milleti. MetdaKcsMarray aad Slap - ess. Al t, A ti b jlOMEty IS A bMDCK VAUDEVILLE THEATRE. Pol Lease aod Manaser. Mr. Thm jt Tbo oe. 1BI8 E tM.Mi. at B.IM! ARD8I.NSERSI ; Mr. Tbooias Tburn. Mi - tats. Henry .NtvUle, Matkiquab. rred. Tkorn, W. Leiioed, t. M. Kflaoa. F. Giots, W. How, aad II. B. Coaway ; Maadamta Cuay Ulal.aina. M. A. Widatd. aad Kato r - lfflpa. ' HAVOT TMKATREi K. D Oy! Cart. Trt prietur aad Manarer. THIS EVEMkG. at lib. THK MJKLEtEK. followed by TRIAL BY JL'KY : MM. Ueorie Otof aith. D. Laiy.R. Teaapla, X. Lows, LuK. K. Barnaatoa . blJv L. Braba - s Jetal Load. I. Dyaan, Dore. a. Gray, B. Br - tdraia. TOOLE - M THEATKE. TTndsr tb Mtotererit of Willi Kdoam snd Uebel Inub. THWEVBSISU. alljO. THE BABIJI new aartraaael : Mieeea Grace Huntley. Vaoa. kaU Ki - rWIsh, LVUlla Zmkinl. KaU dearie, aad Alice Alkerton : Meaua. Vrillie Edotua. Lionel Boak, Cbaa. K. fHeeena. jl Bcott. tm. I'reMded. S 7.. by Ui T DLIY : Mt. Liu - el Broatb. Mies - rare Hentlar. tc OrEKA tOMIQL'K. Massjrr Mr. Barrrastoa Bally. THIS EVE KIR O. si VII Aw HfcT. Al mX. TICK VERSA. Meada - jaa Lottie V oauo. barton. Miller. Verity, atirttna. aad hraca : Maeert.T. G. Warren, H. Maker, f. Claib. K. Koe, I. IL HrriarV V. Urafory, A. B. Tippiat. IL Etaradald. llaaulton Bell, E. L. Armatrua s. Open 7.30. . THLS p. VIM Ml. t I.M MEM 1.ND OLIl ACkKH : Mr. ArtburCiciL Mr. G. W. sian. Mr. E. D. Lyotia, Mr. IL Kccvot - nuiitn, air. tiuiM.rt 1 rent, ana mw jeun - raftow ; sira jeaa wooa. Miaa La Tbiar. Hum L. f - e. and kbt Marwi Tarry. KOYAL CUMEOY THEATKH. Tins EVEKIkO, at7i. Klf YAJf WINKLE: Mr. Trsdsrlck Lrella. Meeara. H. W aid; em, L ks.lcber. U Power, F. Ktorey, W. Parry. C. huoL and llerry I'aulton ; Metdaaiea Coota, a Vraban, C Oardinr. k. Barnard. LatbUidM M. Aaf aae, A. ViOal. aad Mil. IU.rtb Latvar ROYALTY THEATRE freaab Hays. Director. Mr. M. L. M.)er TniS ETEKIXO. at IX. LE MUMDrl of) LOS R - EXSTTE. Coraedr ia tbre Acta. Mtwlam Jaaa May. Deeoyod. Roe I4ob. Menerd. Kieuaier. taat. Kebert, raetot: Mows. Calooibey. Dalbcrt, Tb - f ar. La diet. Bcbey. Cuardier. Roc be, R.equler. Dskray. CE1TIRION THEATRE. Jot LeatM and Masas - e, Mr. Cbarle wr - sdasa. TTTI3 ivKMMl. at . rEATHkRIlRAlX. Precedad by. alt. SOMEBODY ELSE. M - tra. C. D. Mariaa. w. Blakaiey. A. Malt by. G. Oiddena, Htm J too A alley, w, baeroo ; Meadamea Roe baaar. M Jeaen,L Etetia. K. Kvrka.J.JflsisfcJtUud.p.ui, A. Boa jroYELTY THEATRETcrealtroe - aatraet. Miaa Kelly Hirrw. Sol Woprietme aad Masaaaraaa t FOLLY. Mew Comic Opera: Mr. Alfred Biabop, Mmrt H. Cocper - ClirTe. C Boanaa. A. eie. awl Learn en ; Misses Uliiao Ra - wlL butt Vsotkaa,Lralw Bell. Deli klne.Moabrsy. Kaitoo. ac. r - Kodad. at 7. by IHE GENlLd ; Mia Faaay Bobertaon aad Mr. Horace sadder. THE PRINCE'S THEATRE. Sol Proprietor and Maaarrr, Mr. Edaar Bruce. TO - ITIOMT. at 7.Vk Id. . t 115. CALLED B - ACJC : Wrssrs. Kyrlo Belle w, IL Beer bob m Tie. W. Drareott, Eraak kodaoy, L. 8. De - tr. R. da Cordova. 8. Cat re T. HUtaa. Camera - , aad J. earaaadoa ; Miaeas Liaratd, Tilbary, Caroliao Falkes. AylwarA EMPIRK TllgATK - T - .. - .. - 7 Lcsstss, Messrs. Yarrart tad Da Ckattelaia. DiracUr, Job I Holliorakead. I TO - JTIGHT, at 130. DICK : Maa Fanala Laali ; Meedaraee Xlb.1 " tt - . . C L - e.L F. fcoblaa. ; Meaera. A - Wllilamt, H. Muakbooaa, W. E. Ektna. MertaU. W. W arUe, aad Robert Brontb. Comedietta at 7.4i Miaa Leaoar. Mx.DaUaa. ta. NOTICES. Address axo Ieqcist Oma - it Oft Aa Ut optntd uJjrining the Xdvtriiuntmt Dtportme t of Tie Timtt, at tchick asnccrr and apptcafiewt t rcplf t mdrertimtU caa U rtetirtd, aitdT at sAtcA Tratf Catalogue, Prict LitU, Preifttltutt, SeforU, Cimdarf ConJitien$ and fartitulari of iVopcWy em Salt, ,e, sury It left for rtjtrn mt or diitnUtlio em rxryme I a mmMl ce. A r tit of Tie Tiwu tt alfo avaMUt. Advertisers are requested not to tend stamp. PotVoOe order to be made payabl to MKUeosGE - tDWAED WRicbt at tha Chief Office. New A rent ia tbo country ran be auppliad with paper from thlt OfEee, earriaf paid to thair railway stations. oa conditioM of their tailing at Id. par eopy. The Ma3, a reprodoctian of tho ibUac of TXt Times, with tbe Lateat IabaUigMc, appear on Monday, Wedneadaj, and xndty in each met Price 2tL - . . TO COB - U - SPONDXNTS. ytm caaaot mocrta. to retnrn rJ ctdrraTirgnirttim. 1 AcTSSTIaUflxTt (Fsbtl Cmtpaaiee. 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Lord uwstie. replyice to l - od SauibcrTs stated that there was no truth in the report that the Khedive had tent teles - rain to tbe Qcssx and the Parses f Wales informing Her Majesty and his Royal Hichhess that he had received news of the fall of Khartoum. While the Gorernment were not in a position to tay poaitlraly that Kbartoum had not fallen, thejs had no reason to believe that it had. Lord Salisbury critici - ed the instrcetions to Lord Wolselxy. Be held that, accordicg to all precedent, acy instructions given to that gallant general ought to have come from the Government direct and not from Sis E. Baecio, and that thote which had teen given wyfo highly objectionable, not merely in toon, bnt in subataoctt also. They resolved themselre into thia summary - that tbe poller of rescue and retire connr.ed ltreil entirely to the rescue of the two tnan who had gone to rescue the garrisons, and tbat the policy of rescuing the garrisons had been abandoned. Lord Granville denied that the form adopted in this rasa was not in accordance with precedent. The instructioDS had been drawn tip by Lord Korthbrook in coniDltatien with SiE.BEia and Lokd Wolseley, bat they were' submitted to and considered by the Gorernment, who too - upon themselves all responsibility La connexion with those instrnctions. Bis reading of them was that tbey act - orued Lord ivol selst by military neana to enable the Egyptian garrison to evacuate Khartoum, and that. eonseoaentlY. they did not imply tbe abandonment of tnat garrison. Lord salisbtky asked whether tba instructions authorized Lord Wolselxy to undertake offensive operation for the relief of tho garrison of Kbartoum. Lord Northbrooe rwlied that when drawins up the in traction it never occurred to him to suppose that General. Gordon would leave Anartoum Dy mmseii. xveitner aaa ue nyper - criticism of Lord Salisbury ever occurred to Lord Wolselxy. As to the garrisons of the Soudan cwDentllr. he did not think tbe English Gorernment were bound to spend English money aad cglish lives in going over that country to relieve garrisons which showed little" disposition to relieve themselves, nor did he believe sucn a view would commend itself to this nation aa a reasonable one of the obligations of the Government. Lord Dus - Atex contended that the Gorern ment incurred obligations in respect 'of the Egyptian garrisons when they compelled the Kbedive to abandon the Soudan. Lord Ellewroroccb observed that Ge5xxaX. Go - DOS had been very unfairly treated in having all his importact requests refused by the Government. Lord Sausbtoy referred to despatches in the Blue - book to show that to far from tbe Government having regarded it as an insult to suppose GeseraIi Gordox weuld leave Khartoum by himself thty had given, him direct instrnctions to do so. Lord Beaxwxll presented and moved the lirrt reading of two Eilli one dealing with summary jurisdiction and the other with the law of evidence. Their lordtbips. at five minutes before u o clock. adjourned till Thursday next. In the Bouse of Commons, Mr - Gobst gave notice of an amendment to the AiMrM. aywsiry recTet at the neglect of tha Government to protect Montaioa frcm the Boer freebooters. LotD Batt5Cto9( answering a question from Sin S. KoRTiicoTE. said the Government had received absolutely no information conlirming tha rumours of tbo capture of Geseral Goarox, which apreared to have originated in Cairo. The latest information they had received waa the telegram from bia C. Wilsou forwarded on Friday by Sra E. Kauo, which has already been published. B aLo contradicted tho statement that the Khedive unt tal.rima trt tha OrxEwt and the PaJ.C of Wales, and inantwer to Ma. Osstow, he said tbat instrnctions had been sent to LORD YtoLSELEY relating the relations between him and GeheraI GObdo both in his mQiUry and civil cap. city uia latter witn uie asscni ot tne jv - t. was not thought desirable to make them public - unta LotD Wolselxy was in a position to aet upon them. Tie adjourned debate on the Address wat resumed by lf - Sextos, who moved a fourth amendment, calling for a moro impartial administration of the criminal law in Ireland, especially with regard to tha composition of juries. In support of it Mr. Sew inveighed energetically against jury packing, hke he maintained, had reduced trial by jury in Iralaaa to a farce, and enabled tht Government to puni - tha innocent when thev could not t at the cuutTr or even when they could. Bo referred to enmstances of tho Maamtrasna murders and te w recent trials in Dublin, in regard to both of wri he contended that the Uoverumtnt had costQsd to pervert the course of justice. - Mr.. (VBar - w seconded the amendment in speech of a similar strain, asserting that tbe GoTtro - nent had murdered innocent men and hadsre' the guilty; Me. Trxtelyaw replied JbrieCyfto those criticisms, which ha contended ware uttsrly bo jottiSable, and afforded no groond for censure.. Ta accept tue amenamoni - rooia maze uw njn"" of crime in Ireland impossible. . Mr. Power, having remarked that in Ireland there waa one law for the' rich and one for the poof protested against the Irth judgeships being rvan to Government partisans. Mx. Bloats charged the Government with pa - kinokino - vnriaa for tha inn miaa of enrrviirti - cr' nertonS whether guilty or innocent, and inveighed tg - ios ue parti tantiup oi ue into tiuagea., llx. Lxaxt eemtendad that tha nreawnt lawlasf Ute of Ireland waa dne to tha poll of renretaioa aad coercion which kad beea tnansuratad by the" Liberal party; and Mr. Barry supported tw amendment. - Me Mistr trd .U9UB A Tnng i"a"y

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