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The Times from London, · Page 8

London, England
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Monday, May 12, 1884
Page 8
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8 THE TIMES MOTDAY, MAY 12, 1884. Jfavarro, tho jnnietOT for Foreign Affair recently i stated that what the Engliah Oorenmnt had consented to do vm to permit rjliameat to discus tha Treaty before its ratification. In any cu, that of rortugnl had entirely fulfilled iu share of the agreement, by present injr, the rcquirtd by Article 15. to the Corttw ; and it wa therefore on the Portugwe Chambers themselves that Ita definite ratification depended. By Articles 12 and 15 the Portuguese Foreign Minitter'a last statement prjeara to be correct. FRANCE AND SPAl. MADRID, Mat IL Tho most ncrious cf the Government newspapers the )a, rejJie very sharply to tie officioca note f ubhahed by tho French Irc stating that investigations had proved the complaints made by Spain a to the Ltxntes of the French frontier authorities to 1 unfounded or very greatly exaggerated. Tho i'jva eavs that such may l the result cf inquiries made bv'tte French Government, but that tbo land recently broken up came from Franc, and t hat t Lore wlio Lave not laidwith tl.eir lit is or been imiconed for their criminal enterprises haTe re. turned thither. BELGIUM. BRUSSELS. Mat 11. The fond eeixrd by the Belgian Crown Prosecutor in connexion with the trial ol Canon liernsrd, amounting to about G(000,000f., is deposited with tho National Bank, lie right to this turn is now being con tea toil before tho Tribunal of Tcurney between Biahop Dumcnt and Bishop du Kousatvaux. The Belgian Government claims, in accordance with Clause 539 of the Civil Code, that lrt of it which cannot be proved to belong to private persons. We have received the following telegrams through Renter's Agency : EGYPT AND THE SOUDAN. CAIKO, Mat 11, Si5 No order liaro vet been revived bv tho militarv Authorities hero to prepare for tlie despatch of an expedition for the relief of General Gordon. Infractions in this sense are, however, hourly expected, the stop be ing in accordance with their recommendations to tlie untisn Government. MitIO, One of the FcgUb officered battalions of the lg.ptita army cow at Assouan ha pro. - eeded to Wadi Haifa aoi will fce replace!, within the next few davtby cavaliy from here. The Ma lit of Dongo'a ha again applied for reinforcements, stating that if his request be (ranted ha will undertake to arrest the progress of the rebdlin. The Mndir of Doucola te'.egraiht that the reconnoitring party re - cently despatched Irom that j We have returned here. Tbey report that Meraweh.the most southerly print with which telegraphic rotnmunl. - ation was stDl open, has been oorupied I t the rells. The; further state that the whole country south of Dtbbah it in open retell ion. The district tetween Debbab and Doagola it quirt.. The Mudir hut dispatched a Urge body of irregulars to rcAoptn the (Oad bejond IVhl - ab. A report it current amoor. the Katbalish tribe that Hiartcum is completely ioyeiteJ.but no date it mentioned - Mst 11. Attempts are l - eing mad to at once send fresh rre - cscngrrt to General (Gordon by all con. livable routes in - lulling that ljiy cf' Mtwonh. Ihey are the bearer of Earl Granville' message of the 13 1 uf April, asking Geut - ral . Go - don l ow many troops le required, but containing no positive pro - nise of help. It is rurround tliat 'nan Pierre it rrarrhing in the dirt" tion ol Assouan. Tlie news it, however, entirely un. con'nned, a. a - crding . to uffi. ;al intclligt nee, he it 'JO nilef distant from Suakin. CAIKO, May 11. The oflire rs in . ommand of the troops at 1 "on - have tehvraphel a p - - titiun to Nut. - tr l'ha mjucttin that they may not l a' nde:iel, tit that rtinfvrcerrn nts may 1 acnt. TtH'V ttat" that th - rclllion it awumin; large P'.oiK)r:wn. :Oid c n! rm the intelligence that the wh 4e of tlae.o uitry v;Jh of l'r - h' eb'it in a ttatc of revolt. Ihe tejram adJ that tb reb - U ar.v tommin U - d ly the rcc ivi - d orders Iro n tb - MalhJi to tnril aJhi rent j anl t ik i 'ougo'.a, and thence to march ujon t'l r I rypt. Vhil. - the civil J ovulation of tle dit' trict aois mtt tu !COi', U - sides 11S.00.J Drdonins le!ofg" in to tarkius tril s. tli r.n macdor at Di ngo! bat at his dis. - I n!y ': ir:f;.ntry rn.l CfO IUlti - rarmiks. Of ' tbee, a fT r of ifXi 1 urkt.i n iT tr.e omn an;l f Nnrnld.n y, la tern tnt Ij JH i in ord 'r. if osih!e. to riforo order. Tt' te eg am lurtber ftatcs that t - ince the fali oi IVrter the truo, nt Dungjla have cecomf dis. coura;. d. e,w. i - dlv th imp .Ur, who are now jute un - rtlijil . and may vvj itid to - imitate t t x m - pe of tbf. irr pilar tri - at lrLer. lie oXcers tlurcfjre appeal pite - ulv'lor. lelp Al.EXAXDKIA, Mat 11. An inSurntial me. tirp of Girn an reiientt in Alexandria hit Hen hel 1 r.t the terman Consulate. An address wasottd re on nn ling t'i German Gent mount not to atllre tj the proi?il ta' p duty during tie unsettled coiid.tion of the i uui:try. and to reje - t the lit enc - tax a it waa i rr juiii. - '.al to ommen e. Ihc al.irt as lurttH r state that the surplus of re - .nuc to le opjlici intbecn market for the rolcmit ou c f the CniCi - d l l t, would wi'hout r dartion in the rate of interest, amply tuQce for all nect aaities. HIE TKOPOSED EGYTTIAN CONFERENCE. ATireSS, MatU. A dVtpatch from Corstantinople sayt that Muslims Paaha has not yet received th r Iy of Earl Granville to tie communication of the I'oita with regard to tlie proposed confrincf. Eghtoftho ir.inor Stat't, ho were .signatories of the . law cf liquidation claim to bo consulted on tho question of its modification. FRANCE, CHINA, AND TONQUIN. snAXQIIAI, May 11. The .Vert S China IlrrnlA this morning publishes a tele gram from lVr in of to - day's date, stating that th Empress in rejjyiag to th nu ir.otUl iiL - scnted to ller Majesty from "Li Hung Chang, completely approves the views contained in it. Ih - KirpTist, however, urges the necessity of bit heirg i are: 1 1 to maintain the prestige of China, and ward off tb - !an; ri and t alas itka with which the country it threatened. PARI 8, MAT lrf. Th 'an' state that Central Millot ha organized an aniliary orps of Tonquincto troop aimilar to tho Anna. tive liraill - urt. Ihe Marquis Ttotg left hcr this morning on his return to 1 "olkestoae. - MATH. Shu - Tsirg - Cbee, the newly appointed Chinese Ambas - udjr to Trance, will embark at Hongkong on the 20th intt. RUSSIA AND CENTRAL ASIA. ST. rETEKSBUHG, MAT 11. The serr.i - ctS. ial Journal it St. Pitenlottrg to - day derJe the at atemcnt recently puUithcd of the cession of rarakht by 1'eraia to :i:stia. The journal points out that tbtre are twodiitinet tosr of that name Kew SaraVh on it'te I - ft banit ol the Trd end River and occupiel by 1'crsian battalions, and Old Sirahs, which ia situated on a hilt on the opposite bank. The latter Is, however, completely deserti d by the inhabi lants, although a body of Turcoman from Merv, win occasionally visit l'ersia, are at j resent eatabliahed t i e - e. Inttilifince reoeivrd here from l!aku state that all the rilWe sn tl - rig! t bank f the rivers Kura and Araxea who were condemned to various terms of Imprisonment la connexion with the recent diaturbaaces at Denain. Tbe marriage of Frince Moral with Ma - lemoisel 1 a'Ekbingen waa celebrated to - day, the religioos ceremony being performed at ball - fast 12 at tbe residence of tbe I'aral Nuncio. The Swedish Minister attended the cere' tnoey en behalf of the King of Sweden, and tbe Due da Moochy refwaented IVinee Napoleon. A large number of tbe ilxU of fariaian xiety were present. TTIE ML'ICIPALLEcfi(5N8 IN FRANCE. TARIS. Mat 11. Tbe aceoal ballet tn tbe municipal election! for tbe 31 remaining quarter of larl took place to - day, and resulted in th return of thrre Conservatives, 18 Opportunists or laJcptnfrat members, and 11 Au' - onomiiU. The Municipal Council will therefore comprise alout SO Opportunist! and a liko number of Auionomliti, besi lea alout ten Inde - peoiect Itepullican and ten Conservative. RUSSIA. ST. PETERSBURG, Mat 10. The Kerr Trmfa states that tbe War Department ha ucectafully (Ompleted an exper.ment telephone at tbe fereeborg forts, and proposes the adoitiou of thia mcaus of coaunuxicatioa in f jrUeatet generally. GEHiUNY. BERLIN, Mat 10. The Empress started at 9 this morn ng f cr liaden Itaden, tbe limpttvr taking leave of ller Majesty at tho railway station. DARMSTADT, MatIO. I'lince aol Frince Louis ef Hattenbcrg have started for tngland. HANOVER, Mat 10. Tbe monument erected to the Ilanovertau wna fell in the Franco - l'rutaian AVar of 1370 - 71, was uuieilcd to - day with great ceremony in the presence of a largo and enthjsiaatio assembly. AUSTRIA. LEMREKO, Mat 10. Last night a the mail train vn roceedingfrom T'ochnla to hlotwina, on the Cracow - Imberg Railway, the mail van caught tn through the explosion of a package. The van was dttjiche.l and the tre extinguished, but none of tLe contents were taved. The train arrived here two - Lours - and - a - half late. ROYAL ITALIAN OPERA. A vary few word wQl euttee to eontins thereeordof Italian opera ai Covent - garfen during the second weak of the snsinn On Tuesday Madame Lucca' powerful and in tbe highest sense dramatic Impersonation of Leonora in Verdi's It Tnratart was received with unbounded enthusiasm, Bignor Mierxwintld't phenomenal voiee power in the higher register being at tbe same time the object of much applause in the rt ef Maarico, the wandering minstrel. Md.le. Tremslli's Axueena was worthy of much praise, while llerr Gottarhalk, a new comer, failed to produce any marked imprtaiion at the truculent Conte Luna. Signer Revignani eondnetel Hatur'ay wt a gala night at Covent - ganlen, the large house being filed from f our to gallery. Tl e feature of the eenitig was Madame Albani's first appearance this season, the .art ahe had selected for to important an oc.aaion being Violet ta in Verdi's La Trariata. Tbe refined, one n ay say ehaite, spirit in which the great prima donna eoncehrs theoreratic lersiono: Alevandre Dumas' "Iame aux Camelias "ha U - en the subject ol frequent com meat in these columns. Again vn Saturday Madame Albani chirtiy emphasizrd tho nobler qualities of poor Violetta's nature IRELAND. DUBLIN, Mat 11. A meetiag of the Privy Cocmcil waa bald yesterday in the Council Chamber, Dublin Castle, to hear applications for order sanctioning the construction of tramway and light railwj vt. The members present were the Lord Chan - ecUor, Mr. Justice Lawaon, Lord Justice Barry, Lord Chief Justice Morr.a, Jnige, Mr. Justice Johnson, axvd the Attorney - General. LrrJ 1 nchiqu.n appeared against a dec.aion of tbe Clare grand ;ury tptroving tbe M eat Clare Light Railway, 'ite experience of tbe promotion of ucb work hitherto hui not been ery eue waging, and thi scheme afforded no exception. Jlr. Atkinson, Q.I., sUtal that Lord lncbiiuin u most anx.ou tbe w ork tbould be carried out it it waa dam; at a reaaoaabie cost. .Mr. S - erjeant O'Br.en aald the amount sauctiocei by the rrm.l jury waa irKO.UX). the eit.nutud cost bv the ho rn cf Work wis 1(7J,UM, and ttey reeorrmeu eJ ac.p Ul of 170,1X0. Mr. Atkinson contended that the sum of iil.O.OUJ was too hih. Lord liichnpuio supjiorteU counsels statement. He eonsi.lere.1 l'.'iO an ai re would be an ex treme price for tbe lnd required, which m of a - very joor rock char.cUr. At the close of tLe procerdmi the Lon Ch.i cellor date l that tl.o 1 rivy Council would re. omn e id the Iont Lietitenarit to (Acction t'ie srhcme.but woull limit tbe cupital to ill - 3.000. bcin: of that three of the items in th. istimjte were exc.sie. Ihe tavsn. aroused by her tcnume passion for tho braUl Alfredo, and Leitrim, and Ko - common Litht lUilw .y pco;ect w;, n. xt the later prts of th. - work, especially the d) ing scene, were accordingly more imiressite than the biisterous gaiety which mark tbe earlii r phase cf the character. All through, however, Madame Albani's acting bore evidenew of thought and careful study. Tbe musical execution of tbe part may U summed up in one word perftet. Madame Albani ha never been in better voice, ller " For' 4 lui,'' her duel with Alfredo's father and with her lover wero model of refine. 1 vxrali. atiou, and elicited frequent bursts of applause. Tbe general performance, undi r M. Dupont' leadership, Ief t little to I e desired, the orchestral playing being especially gooi. ciiiirior Cotogi.i di.l hit I est with tue extremely tolious jmrt of tho (emioijiziiig father, and Signer Marconi aai.g well a Alfredo. To act he scarcely Few I talian tenor do. T1IE THEATRES. TURKEY. ATHENS, Mat 11. In the event of tbe Forte appointing a delegate for the conversion of tbe Debt tbo Council of the l'ublioLVbt will revert in September next to the registration of the titles of the bondholder. Mr. Foster, the director of the Ottoman lank, has obtained from the Minister of Finance a promise that tbe Uaraleha. or orders for payment on provincial treasuries, held by Fritish subjects on the revenue from certain pro. viree. payment of which haa lately been atoppol, ihall be paid from tbe arrears of tain due from these province fortbesune year in which tbe Uavalehs are issuod, after tbe tejmeut of these arrears. ITALY. 'ROME, Mat 11. The funeral of the Italian poet Giovanni Frati took place here to - day. Tho ceremony waa of an imposing character. SWITZERLAND. BERNE, Mat 11. A general vote of the people took place to - day, which resulted in the victory of tbe Conservative party. All the. Bills proinsed by the Government were rejected, Incl j.Iii g a proposal for raising tbe salary of tho Suit Minister at Washington. THE UNITED STATES. WASHINGTON, MAY 11. According to the May return of the Department of Agriculturo tho wheat prctpeet it almost as favourable as that of Iat u.onth. At that time the general average was within 5 per cent, of tbo standard full condition. Ihe May Average is Kl per cent. Excepting charge widen may o - xur in the future it is estimattd that tin winter wheat will yield about SSO.OOO.OOO bushels. The rye crop prorr.i - es as well as tbe wheat, tho general average being li". r cent. The condition of barley is 101 per rent The spring ploughing in the entire country i two - thirds rotn - 1. ted. In an average - year about 72 to 73 per cent, is dene by the 1st of May. The progress of throtton planting is delayed everyw here in coum q ience of the prevalence of a lower tcmicrature than usual uuring April. The proportion planttd of the proposed arte on thr ift of May was in North ' arolira 45. South Carolina CO, Georgia CS. Flori la !C. Alahan a 75 Mississippi 7, Louisiana 77, Texas HI, Arkansas 70, end Tennessee 52 per cent. t, lOKK, MAT 10. The shipments of spa io to Europe durire the past week amount to - gold, 30,000 ; filver, S1C0.000. NAT 11 The week's imports amounted to $9,257,000, of whi - h f 1 ,32,000 were dry goals. Tlie AVieland tak out $27,000 in si'ecie. Silver to tho value of $irs),000 has also been shipped, the greater part being takt n by the 11 tie. Ti e - V. v l'or 7"ime states that the examination of tho affairs of the Marine National Bank shows that the bank is hopiless'y inscltent, but will probably pay 65 jer cent, on $4,500,000 of deposits. THE ERIE RAILWAY. NEW YORK, May 10. It is announctsl that rTifilent Jcwttt lias declined to assume the rcspmsibi ity of pajir.g the interest due June 1 on the Second i"rtgag Bonds of the trie Railroa 1. The question will bo iletern.ine 1 by the directors. CANADA. OTTAWA. May 10. During the last 10 day 6,500 immigrant hare landed in Canada, NEWFOUNDLAND. ST. JOHN'S, Mat 11. Nineteen Catholics have been indicted hero for murder in connexion with the late riott. GREECE. ATHENS, May 1L Official telegrams from Smyrna announce that a certain d'acase Las tnado it appearance at a village near Aidin from which 10 deaths occurred within six hours. The Governor of Smyrna has sent some doctors to ascertain the nature of the disease; MR. ERRINGTON. PARIS, May 10. Mr. Errington has arrived here from Italy on bis return to England. He expresses himself satisfied with tho result of his visit to Rome. CEYLON. SIMLA, May 11. r The temporary advance for which, owing to the suspension of the Oriental Funk, the Government of Ceylon asked the Indian Government i 18 lakhs of rupee. It isVlcuUed whether the Indian Government will make the advance. Bctlpiso Leases. Sir John Jenkins, M.P., and Mr. Powell, M.P;, have introduced a Kill relating to building leases. They propose that, when land is leased for buildirgiurpoefor21 years or any longer term, the lease shall in all eases operate aa if for a perpetual term of years, whatever agreement there may be to the contrary. And tbe Bill declares that all contracts inconsistent with its j unosc are to be void. Tho any provision In the lease for forfeiture or re - entry on tho breach of any condition or on tbe hajipening of any event is to be of no effect. Passing to a different subject tbe Bill cmjowers lo al authorities to a - 'uiro land for building jurjioscs. When it is represented by W ratej ayer that there is inefficient sv - cortmodation for the i roi cr housinir of ti n of tbe d strict, and that ifis not possible for them to obtain lind within tbe district for luildimr rnreeisea mM, and reasonable terms, the local authority on leing atifed o: tne rruiu oi iiiese iBiresenianons, it empowered to acquire so mn h of any available land aa it reasonably oeres - taelcencottpVteypli id redtySehahewan, Persian to ti,e moi0 cf getting the land, it it to to tic same as nomadic robl ers, who have even carried off some women, i un.ier tlie 17 tb section of the Public Health Act. Thu Ti e Government furreyors in the Maganen Steppe were I tlie Ix - al Government Foard would hold a lo - al inquiry and romp lied to top their work in consequence of attacks made urwn them by there lan ia. The audacity of tin beb ha wana ia increasing. Ihey do not even fear to tngage in o en eontlict with tlie Cossack, whoso jiexett tb - y attack. 1 he Ruatian Commissary in tbos - rrgkrns.who ha held the office for 14 years and who is well aeua'ntitl with Persian politics, is completely powerlca against the Kchahsewans. FRANCE AND MADAGASCAR. PARIS, MAY 10. Accorling to tbe latest Intelligence from Madagascar, the pottrptrUrt between the Hen as and the I renes are stillirecceding, hot apiarectly without any satisfactory result. FRANCE AND MOROCCO. PARIS, Mat 11. The Siklt to - day declares that tbe relations between F ranee and Morocco are very aatisfactory, and that there can eocf - quently be no question of a conflict between th two.eouatrie. or of the despatch of a French expedition lata Moorish territory. FRANCE. PARIS. MAY 10. Prtsiaer - Crs has pardoned the cutati of tho x(.rs thn rr Tit a provisional order for i uttinsr in for. e thn , . o' tie lands Claures Consol.dation Act with resjeet t'l tho tun 1 ae ot lands. However a special diretion.f tl.e 1'iil ia that t: e service by tho local authority en a landowner of a notice to treat is "in all irocielii rs in ut Court " to 1 e eoncluaive cvulenen of the necessity for the acqu.sition of tbo land for mil ling j urjoses and of their l. - inr avalla'le. When land il thus acquired bv a local autboritv. thev rrav disrose of it as they may determine: l no only reairieiiou LEug m j uuo wuu muiwi jrom them must tinaertaae to uuua eu mo iaaa accoruing to a plan agreed on. The City Mckdeb. A correspondent writes t A'great ile. 1 of dissatisfaction is felt in the City owing to a rumour u.ei tnc aijournca inquiry rigarumg me ue&in of the young roan Edwin James Perkins who was murdcr'ed at a solicitor's ofCee in Arthur - street wtst will not be concluded in the usual way. On inquiry on Saturday at the coroner' office. Golden - lane, it waa stated that the report wt correct, ant that s fur s tbe coroner is concerned the muter w.ll be allowed to drop. Mr. Payne, the before whom tho inquiry was opened, died before it could l concluded, and it waa found tliat hi successor would have to view the body if the in quest was n sumeal.Th'.s would involve the exhumation of the remains, and tinder aueb circumstances it is felt that it would be better to take no further proceedings, but to allow the matter to rest, inasmuch as the tolice have it in band. The statement published last week that tbe police have dies end a clue to the perpetrator of th crime is denied It the. authorities at the Old Jewry. DRURY - LANE. The short season of English opera at Drury - lane came to a close on Saturday evening, when, before a horse crowded in all its (arts, Veni's 1'rorutort waa given, the chief I arts being ably sustained by Madame Marie Rue, Misa Joaa - phine York, Mr. Joseih Maaa, and Mr. Crotty. Tbe occasion received pecial interest from the first awl only apiear - ance this season of Mr. Carl Rota at tho conductor' desk. It is well to rememl er.and the audience by ita enthusiastic applause showed that It did remember, the fact, that Mr. Rosa, besides I eing au enterj rising and intelligent manager, is also an ox erienee 1 and able musieian, and that tbe knowledge and love of his art no doubt indit ed him to jersevere in his dilUult, and at last successful, task of establishing an tnglish oj era worthy of tbe name. If the nun erical strength cf the audience attendir.g almost eve y may I taken as a criterion, the past season must havo been a very satisfactory one in a pecuniary tense. Its artittie results also are upon the whole not unsatisfactory. It is tr no that tho new works produced last year have been almost totally neglected, while tho only novelty of tho (eason waa limited to four performances. On tho other hand, such familiar works as The Rohtmian Girl, Faint, and Carmen have taken a very prominent place in the programme, Bixet's masterpiece having been given no fewerthan ten times,or on every third occasion. Tho policy Illustrated I y these ttatiaties, if adopted aa a permanent principle, would prove, and ha in many case proved, tUiCidal. A manager who relies upon tho popularity of a few stock piecct must in the natural course of eveutt soon exhaust tho patunoo of the most conservative i ublie in tho world. Il it only by jud.ciously fosteru g tno tasto lor new works that ho can hope tosuf tain tno vitality of his enter, riae. Of th.s fact no one is better awaro than 51r. Roaa h.uisclf.aml we havo no doul t, that in h. i.ext, ai d, we liope, more j rotracteel London season, ho will chat go hi tactic eiitlrejy ; for the afore said j rocess of " fosteru g " reiuire time. It is only at tbo risk of one or two comparatively emty house that a lull houau nay i e secured, eeu for a auccesaful nottlty. It is uo stent, more over, that for a iiuu.Ut of years Jlr. Rosa's London seaJn spelt heay pecuniary los. No wonJer, therefore, that even the most courageous of manager preferred the certain profit represented by The Itokftniau Girl with Ma lame Georgina Burns and Mr. Maas to any number of thepruterbial "birds in the bud),' which ttnuraUa or i'kt Cauterhury Migrant might have finally J iuldod. The laat - uauied work, the only novelty of the season, ha been tully discussed by us in connexion with kits first irformancc. We have jointed o;it the entertain. ing qualities of Mr. Gilbert A'Beckett't libretto, wh eh by the way contain all tho elements most suitable to Sir Arthur Sullivan's talent in ease be should ever dusire to soar abovi the dramatic lcielofthe 7 . . . We have also an.) ly acknowle. Iged the scho.arly re.'.nemunt and the genuine tujebe cf musical humour to Le lound m Mr. Stanford's More, which may I e called a new and welomo rruof of r.nglish talent mid artist. c urj osc. The season, has not wituessed any in i orant lii'jut.hxtt tbo 1 nocipal n.emLcra of - nr. llesi's company fully sUhtjiiio.i their rej utation. Mr. Joseph Maas, who ws spe.cully engaged for tbe London cami aigD, on many oecas.nus ile - tho aud enco by the beauty of hit voice, and tho attractive! cs of Ma lumc Marie bo 'c's Carmen was evinced by a (ucccssion of the largest audiences eer asxmbled at Drury - lane. Madame Georgina Burn, 'Mdlie. Baldi, Misa Clara Ferry (who created tbe rincipul art in The Cai.Ur. tury 1'iljriuu), Mr. Barton M Guckin, Mr. Davies, Mr. Ludwig, Mr. Crotty, .Mr. Barringtou Foote, and Mr. cuazebe also contributed materially to the succe. - ofthe icrformances iu which they were ingngod. It remains to ad.i that Mr. Harris ttagu c anageii ent was n erked by intelligence and variety of resource, tho n.ounting of C'urpKi and of I'auit being worthy oi praise. OLYMPIC. Haunted Lire I, the new melodrama produced at this theatre on Saturday night, belongs to tbe order of pieces usually reserved lor Surrey and East - end audiences. Tho author, Mr. J. Wilton Jones, insists in tho playbill upon ts being an " entirely new and original " work, but in truth, under the guise of a Nihilist plot, we have hero sin ply a renewalof the time - honoured strugglebetween Vice and Virtue, waged aocording to all the accepted tradition1 of transjontinH melodrama. What this means the ex perienced playgoer may reaaily imagine. Mr. Wilto" Jones does not spare us a pang. Villainy, personified in tho agents of thu Nihilist body, a number of whom, for dramatic purposes, aro imported into the slums of Soho, and one of whom is a Kussian countess, pursues the hero with relentless persistency, even to the extent cf destroy ing by tno ship in which ho has taken passage to Australia, until finally a turn of fortune's wheel sets matters to rights and brings down the curtain upon the pleasing spectacle of virtue triumphant. Further analysis of a piece which luav bo taken as a sami.le of evervthinu bad In milo Irama seems hardly to be called for. Mr. Wilton Jones has had the mi - fortune to sit down to construct hit play without having a single Idea to illustrate. He has consequently found nothing better to do than jumblo together the various stock incidents and the con ventional characters that Lave done duty in this claa1 of piece since time out of mind. Hence a fatal wan' of sincerity in the work. Originality is seldom attempted' but where it is an awkward air of improba bility slta upon tbe author's efforts. Even the most credulous playgoer, for Instance, must exrie - rieiice some difficulty In accepting such matters as the decree of dt ath parsed upon an English subject by a Nihilist committee sitting in Soho, the burning of a shin at sea by conspirators who are themselves aboard of her, or iue conduct oi a Kussian countess in dogging the steps of the doomed Englishman to make violent love to him in and out of season, until finally, having reached to poinn him, ue urmu me ratal uraugnt by mistake and die after the fashion of Madame Sarah Bernhardt. Fault on tho core of improbability, however, important as they aro in'a tory which make no appeal to tl.e imagination, yield place to a still graver defect in tho present instance, the absence of anything like sympathetic interest in the long drawn - out complications of the plot. The mechanical novice of the burning ihin dues more to stir the enthusiasm of the pit and gallery than all tbo other incidents put to - gemer, aim it is a curious commentary upon the literar qualities of the play that this scene should have ctoked the loudest calls for the appearance of tho author. Justice requrcs u to add that tho flames were real enough on Saturday night to f 11 tbo theatre with a utrocatlng smoke uiHi even to create sniro alarm among tho audience. Of this interpretation of Jlon$tr,t tin , it may bo said generally that it is worthy of tbe ucasion and no more. Miss ... i.iuir.j, at a insires - ei young wite, tcu. nes a sjm mora oocationally, but Miss Rose Urlervq iu the leading part, that of the Nihilist!., rmnii ,,. d,A. - taalt to p rform. while the othrr dramatit fvrnmee, which include Mr. Philip Beck as the peracoutcd hero, are remarkable rather lor their numbers, their variety, and in tbe list to l a considered. It is tronoaed to connect Ke.turlxt and L'rou.od, a distance of & miles, lhu esti mated cost woull be r - U.'.UUO. An appe 1 had been Northern Railway, but it was with drawn. 'I ho Lord Chancellor adjourned the hearing of this uii.l other cases until Thursday next. a he Lord Char.cellor is engaged, in fulflment of the opinion recently given by the Chief Secretary, in revising toe tut of lew magistrates, atd but little complaint u made with respect to them. Among tho latest selection are Mr, John Cooke, merchant. Waterloo - nUce. London derry, President if the Londonderry Junior Liberal Asso - navion, woo uas recti veil the Commission at the 1 eace lor lounty Londonderry. Ho it a J r uyteri.n. and it it re - iwneu win conti tt ircrry ilty in tae UOeca Interest at iur general election, ine lollowing One also re - eived tno Commission of tl Peace for thi county t n tbe mom - me - nd.tion of Mr Hirvey Bruce, Lieutenant ol the county: - Jam. Rrennun, I'resbyt. rian. Curse b. 11: Jotin N. Horner, i'reibyteritn. Limavady : John il'Levitt, li. m.n Catholic, l)erry ; - ud John (jslorre, l ongiegutionalist, lrrv. 'Ihe appointment of Mr. lli.mill ior, whuh w a suiiiee: ot observation in tlie llou - eot Commons ou s ight, hi rauteil a good deal ot oi - atiatiiction, een among bit co - rel.gou.tts. It is not re - g irded as a tuflicieut proof of fitness to be a county magistrate that he has teen for some tin e a Justice of the 1 eace for the borough and cbairmun of the Town t on mis - MOaers, a position which is usually obtained a a tribute of popularity, in thit cato there tan be no doubt that he iiLd bteel to the influence ot lohtkal I n. n.l for the honour conferred u on him. A politician rw,'n hardly ie tapc tei to u.pire . onT.d. n. e in his impartiality, i his objection I urged by l.omaa Latholi, aua Literals as .trongly as by others, irrespective alto, getlier ol any consideration of n - a previous history. An estalo in the cooity aligo was put up ou Friday in aeversl lot. The first contained. 150 asres witn a profit rent of 1113 10s. : tl e secon,l let en aer. s, i rofit rent ; tbe tbir.i lacns, profit rent tlia ; the fotrtn 101 acrit, 1 rofit rent t;A ; an,, the filth M acres, rof.t rent a57l. ihere was not a sinl,, bid lor ai y one of tLe lots, aud tbe alowas ai.o..n:eit with liUrty to aecej t t rtvious off ers. This state o( thin - ia atmh, t.i tn .. . ,agitation in creating a feeling of unctrtaiLty. CORK, May 11. Mr. M'Carthy, clairiran of tbe Kerrv Land Comm?. sioners.delivered judgment on Saturday ia a ralee in anumbe" of cases heard by the Commissioners during their sitting aj 'uacaw lnwiucn ixird Urmathwaite sought to ren.ler void an assignment from a tenant to his son. on the ground that it waa male in contravention of an express agreement iu the nuact pt tenancy bin jng tbe tenant not to assign without wr.tten gretment from n.s Lmdlorn, the Court gave ju gment in favour of the 1 - n ion, exi ressme regnt, bowivtr, that the noble lord thoulj have felt it bis .luty torefuMJCom - entto an agod tenant to at.iga bit holding to Jus son, who was a - mittciUy hon. st and industrious, a hey bad too manv technical objection raise.) respecting thia estate, and too much reatou to believe that aa a rule the rent uiwn it were excessive. It was not noele, continual tlie chairman, to iharge excessive - nms audresis; tutir rectiicatio . by every technical reaource known to the law. CLONMEL, May 11. Mr. Michael Davitt waa accorded a most enthusiastic reception on hi arrival in county Tipperary lau evening to attend a meeting at Drangan, in tho localit, to - iiay. He wa met by nearly ii.OOO persons, ii cUling a large mimber of clergjuieu, headed by tbe Rev. Archdeacon Kinnane, IFOAfJJaV SUFFRAGE AND OEISE BILL. THE TRAN - V We are requested to pabliah th followiatr coi i e pondence : aiarca, ist. Dear Mr. Gladstone, We venture to lay before yon oar earnest wish that yon will iiruilv eonaent tn receive a de nutation of Liberal worren. We are of tnoee who have for many years desired such a great measure of Parliamentary Refcrm as yo - i bave now brought forward. We are. to far a tbe law permit u to te, your supporters, ami supporters from heartfelt conviction ot a ma', and lust Liberal roller for thit v. Urge! bv tour own argument, we ierire to sustain the vrrv j rireit i uf th B.U. an.i to to wilen its beneVeat scope a that it may in truth sxei without rescrvatioe be a n ensure of c r.erou tru.t in :h - whole neonle of Great Britain arsi In Ian.i. We prav oa that it may cot in the future be said that women alote were reckoned unworthy of any measure of that g - cerons eon&leree which jou so rightly ex temied even to the bomblett and most ignorant men. We write on behalf of more than a hundred women of Liberal ephuon. whoe name we ereluse. wbi are ready an.1 anuijus tj take port in a :cpatatijn to votubLty b. fore von their stroi g convict ior. of tbe justice an. the propnet v ol gmttirg seme representation iq women. Bellevii gour eUim to .e not most reasonable, but aLo in i rid aaon with tbe trineiple of ;our great Bill, wear persaade.1 that i; von are ait - to give anv rvrornition te it, there it no act ol vour bonourable career which will in tbe tuture be i.e.l more con - lstoct with a truly Idleral statesu.anship. We are urable to spew with tbe authority of eonstit .eutt to a single member oi I'arLament and. therefore, n tw tlistaniicg tl.'e almost overwhelming pressor of jour en.aj. i. ents, we eoir.e liirect to - .on with an ai al which we bcl.eve ;cn will har.ily feel able U set aside, and we it ou t receive as n any of our ceputatioa as you conveniently can. We are, - !ear Mr. G!adstope, Your faithful and earnest frien Is, HlL N P. 11. CL.VKK. MlLl.IUENT GARKi.TT FAWCETT, fltl&l 11XA 31 i - Ai;t..N, ISABELLA M. S. TOD. 1 THE WEATEER. MTTEOROLOGICAL KEFOBT3. vATBXK Cbakt. Sctbay, Hat 11, 8 T.M. 5 . cwr Jim lli.i.awa of tba Chart. In th above shaft the dostsd Baas an " Isofcan er Bae, r ana taromsWloal aiiasun. the vaiaes wkiah UT ladltaa. bra ftisaZ Irarss as the tniL thus . Its shad lempsratan sites 10. Do - ninc - street. tVnitehaU, April 10. 1884. " - ." T .."f ..u" wrM Ia,. ;.irlto acquaint vou tUt th communicatinn f.rta - 4 ': . wM, h o i lave .lone Mr. Gladstone the hoto - ir to a Wires . "J. t7' "fT - .TT" b. hi" i as b - n ul.v receive! by him : aid be wis) es me 1 - t . - w. aa tea. , to than ynu for lacing him in caseation oi th. v ;ewv en - p t v tertaiLe . t y yo .rS' It. an - l by l nose on whose bebail yan T V " e - write, on tbe - ubjeet of acror.Urg won en tbe right to tote I The weather to - day has been fine in ttarly e3 parti of at Parliau.entery elections. He observe that tie inure li - . the kingdom. User central and south - eastern kngiaad ate t ol your communi ation is to r. ,uest i im tore - where the iky haa been ctndle, te.mpera.urw hasreacitS ceive a eputatim, of la - lles on tbetub.ect. lie i. rrost h , , f it year. 1h eeU rtf oriaa. unwilling to cause disa; temtment to yourself an , your . . , . , - . ,i - L ' Iriena,. who title to i e hear i he thoroughly reeogrLe. wtd tt,t UoJ or rulJ 01 lu - h Pr9 extended an. I he . an'assLre you ti.e .lirT.eulty of eomi lying with from the cut of France, across the Netherlands and SorJi a re iuet so ( referre.1 ioe cot proceed from any want of Sea to the west of Norway, while relatively low baron.r api reci din,' th. - importance of your repre - entationv or of readings were found on ourextreme western coasts and alsb tfeinuestiinitHrlf which y His fear that any ; tbVtor,h Tt. wind, which wasieneraBr atten.p - to enlarge I y material changes the provisions or : ,. ,. . . . . 1 " the Fmnrhif Bill, now before Par.ument, might eaianger j f1" or moderate m Torce wa therefore suuther.y in xt measure: am be i elieven that this is a risk ! islands, but northerly in Sweden. The weather war which tbe memorialists woull bo very unwilling to see cloudy on our extreme northern. 'western, and tout!), inctirr. - .i. j wtttern coasts, but fine elsewhere ; and tempentaR lor this reason, a well a on account of bis m - , , - ..,.. ..i..jt.i , . ,, , .,,), .. .,t , ;m. tn .li , v, - . JL,.,... v.. , ranged from CTdeg. in London to 4Aleg. at Suait - ureh Head is afraid b mu - t ask to le exensct trom acceeling to your t In3 Stornowsy and tSdeg. at Ponagtiadee. In the cost. wishes. He regrets to be unable to return a different answer, and hopes tla. you and those with whom you are acting will acquit him ol any want ol courtesy. I beg to remain. Madam, jour obedient servant, E. W. HAMILTON. Mrs. Clark. April, 18S4. Dear Mr. Gladstone, In reply to tbe tetter which you have aldrrsaod tons through jour secretary, we desire to assure you that our letter to you was written before your illness was known, and that we fully recognize the ditbetilty which your health haa put in the way of jour acceding to the request contained in it. Without further intruding upon yon. wo wish only to evpresi our earnest hipe, that when tbe aUnisainnaf w - him n to the'I'ar.iaiueutarv Franchise comes up for discussion in Co:nmitten you will ai.ow it to be an open question. We are, yours faithfully, HELEN P. B. t LARK, SiiLMCKNT GARRETT FAWCETT, FllISCILLA M'LAREN, ISABELLA M. a TOD. 10, Downing - street, May 3, 18S1. Dear Madam, Mr. tilsa '.stone .'esire me to tcknowie.'ce thereeeirtof tbe further note vrntli whi h jou ah l those a ting with ;.ou leive lavoure.1 him : and ho wishes me to ay that he is LORD RUSE HE RY AT llAXLEY. who prcsente him with an address of welcome on bthulf ! grateful tor the kind consideration shown towards hhn in cf tbe tiriests anil nml. nt tin ,);...:. i. 1 It resDO - tiai; the deputition. t,a.,T. i. . . . ,." .. I tez to remain, your obedient servant. r.?. E. W. 1LVMILION. nianifcaUi. Speaniu yesterday at the fitter place to a vast concourse of' persons, Mr. Uavitt aid that i be name dt the Irish Lund Purchase Bill, which was to be trouebt be - fore tho House ot Commons nevt luo.ilh.wai a n isuomer. Ho auggested that its title should be the Land.ord s Molen l'ruperty Sales Bill. It was u .t ii.tredn.ed in th i ature . f a further cuiiceaaiou to lr.:Uud, t ut as a means of raving ii t nuiu ia iiug iiiio a si a., oi nope. Use bankruptcy. Lan.ik.rd property in Ireland vvasnou alsoin.uiy urnl, aide, aud ti tan iiords as. .1 the Govern - n.e t u g:v. a fict t 0Uj valu, to tho.r property, llor.arned tbeteiauta not to touch the irojotd pi.rcha.Hj I.emo with a 4iA it. pjle unless it was baste! upun tho rurrcLt valuo OnFatur laya large audience assembled in the Circus Haniey, to hear aa ad iress tr im Lor 1 Eosebery, who had aiterneo i assisted at the (ornul opening of the new a now premise - , of the Haniey Lil eral lub. The ch.iir was taken by Mr. George I.cves. n - Gowcr, one of the Literal candi dates fer North Staff urdshire. I.RH Riitei.ekt said Her Majesty's Government "llr.VZl'Fl' ""i "t. """i?" tho lalaclear Parliamentery ease in rcsieet to theiraetion eliar0'. - s which would ben ale upon the land. - , bv and ,t . , , , . . in the interest of pallia puqaMea. Ji they wen. foolishly ' ln W ItomMed any ass .Uuee to indoce - t to otfer. :v or 20 years judicial rent the laniiiorti Geoer: would le only too to their ofer. lie or Ion in tho way of an army ; they never under. stool that force was to le required at all; and at thi cautioned them to se - p iand - trai bing ondcr control, and moment, if thej wantel to send a force.tiiera was no means to aet - p their H.on. v until alter the net cen. rl .! , - ,. By that time tbeto jotty tyrauts of the past would I e com - px. - l.ed to grovel in tne very d;it, and by their poreity to of sending one. But, at the same timo, this bad cease.! to be a party question. To the English cation this question c puto the crimes nhieh they bal co ;.m tted against had ecomc one far above the whispers of faction or tbo .uvui, i,. - .. iiiu, miu:.iiii me ma esiy oi justice, murmurs oi uiconicnieu politicians wlo wi&neatotein i.eferriug to the Ulxw.eit Act, te said he he.d that any i or out. At the cry of distress which n - w came from General cf the day the band of high preatcre has moved tlightlj ts tbe eastward of tbe position it formerly occupied, whit a tendoney is shown towards the fo - mation of a second area of high readings o3 our south - west coast. The distribif tion of pressure it, therefore, less regular than it wa il the morning. The barometer is rising a little at Ta'eocia and Sciily, but falling elsewhere rather briskly at scan at our northern and eastern stations. The wind has veered to sooth - weit in the west of Ireland and aoqtb - wrt of England, but remains southerly on our east and tontn - caat coaats. The weather is ttill rather cloudy ia the exirette west and north, but in the south - east the iky is qnite clear. A considerable difference of tempera tire i observe! over our?itanIs. tbe reading at York (75Irg.) beinf as . much as aa STdeg. higher than .that at Samburgh Ileal. At the termer ttatioo and also in London a twxisiaavgf "Sleg. has been reached during the day. The sea is ratwr tough at Valencia, moderate to smooth elsewhere. Tfoet tb.. decided fall of tbe barometer which is in progress errr sort hern England it would appear a though some thaHe degression were about to farm over our fc - landa. Iatt settled weather i therefore tradable m most distnet. Fonrcxtrs or Wevtuir rou Mosdat, Mat Uiastis AT 8 30 r.'V. CX TRX rRIVTOfc - S DAT OL ScoTLASt). N - Southerly winds, moderate er freJ); unsettled, tome rain. L ScoTLahu. Es Light and somewhat variable trees, ; i cioady, some rain, ernaps tcuraer. 2. E5CLA.M', N.E. SaieaNo. 1. X E50L - A5t, E. Same aa No. 5. 4. Midland Corrnxa. Same as No. a. Si E5QLA5D. S, (Loudon and Channel). Sou tlierty tr aiuth westarly I reeze. light : weather Incoming a - settled, scne rain, aa.i perhap thunder. 8. eevruJP, t. Same as No. 1. 7. Esolasd, N.W. (and N. Wales k Same a No. L 8. EsglaSP, S - AV (ant lis. Wales.1. iouti - wattr J or westerly win. Is, moderate ' clerkly, some ran. 8. lBXL.t5r, N. South - westerly winds; ligfct or mule raw . cuauewoir, rauc rain. 10. lilL v - vp. 8. South - westerly or westerly wjds. xaodvr rate; isir pnerauy. Warnings. None issaed By order, ROBERT H. SCOTT, Secretary, Tux Tijiis Orricr, : a.w. Reamsos ot mi Jorpajv GiTCianrf BASowrrrs (COBBXCTZD rOR TUiriBATrBZ, A5t ajDTCXtt Tl MX AN SKA' LA Til), TAXIS AT BTT3.VAU I IV H0CE3 DCBiSO TUX 1MST TWESIT - rOCa HOCU. 1 lor a labourer cotta,e would not be latntactorv neither 1 1 T V. i , , r , . ' would one be ... which tho eMcd.ture wa, no?' pread over i ?' - 'b re,ple IV" l' Tf a:l lteland. and tbe e.ect.ou if . the cotta.computy on 1 r.1,Be,,t mJ?hi ?Jtlr "'7" m'ghA think t,tho v,nn...t.l,u i.., .". - v. t p.r' earliest opiurtmitT they would attempt the r.s - ieof so I rravo a n an. ' neers. lney icn toil ne went their want of rafam d'ttrr thin their histrionic force.' s,Tofic.irB tte J opuhsrily of three act burlesque dramas. iioumgsneau writes to point out that whereas' the gross ai nual reeclj.t of thu Gaiety Theatre since 1JK havo aictacid40rMG, the returns for lb81, lr2, and 143 duilng wb,ch that class tf entertainment has been provided amount 1 I'M il - .Vifii ...I p - . atk ' ' Lord Ammhill. A Renter telecram dated Berlin, Kay 10 . says There is a marked improvement " awv aauiyuuM Ullllklgn. - to stitnd icyal to each other tanner and labourer, chop - iuiu naucr, yuesi, mm peupic, national s and eon - stitutioi.alist an.1 with tbe blessin;; of God and tbe forces of justice ai.d truth behind them they would hand down to their children a self - governed and regenerated Ireiand. THE STATE OF FLORIDA. Our Philadelphia correal ondent telegraphs : "From fur ther statements n.aio at Montreal by those who escaped from the State of Florida, it appears that the first officer was in charge on deck when the collision occurred, and that the barque's lights were seen from the steamer half - an - hour previously, the steamer's lights being also seen from tbe barque for about half - an - hour." A Heuter telegram from New York, dated May 11 sajs that Surb - eon Steele ascribes the great loss of life mainly to the continued progress of the stearter after the collision. " DISASTERS AT SEA. Our Havre Correspondent telegraphs that the rteafner St. Laurent arrived there at 10 o'clock on Saturday night with "i passengers of tbe steamer Neva.!, and the crew, 46 in number, of the steamer Romano. It will be remembered that these vessels were in collision with each other during a thick fog on the 3d inst. about noon, in lat. - 12 48, long. 47 .3, and the Romano had to be abandoned a quarter of an hour afterwards. The only two patiengers of the Romano, Mr. and Mrs. Snow, went to St. John by tho Nevada. The crew of the Romano were on beard the Nevada until the next day, when they were transferred to the St. Laurent. The agent at Havre of the Compagnio Transatlantique kindly invited all to remain cn board if they desired to do so. They havo been taken to the Sailors' Home, whence they will bo conveyed to England. A vessel, of about 600 tons, bottom up, laden with hewn pitch pine, which was working out of her, and with copper sheathing torn off, was passed in' 4a N., 31 W., by tbe Kate Cann, which has arrive! at Greenock. The Wreck of the brig Albert M.,of Lunenburg.was passed on May 2, in 30 N., 64 V., by the steamer Illinois, which has arrival at Qucenstown from Philadelphia. The Albert M. cleared from FernanJina on April 23 for Bjeuo Ayrea. Tlie Norwegian barquo Altcar, Captain Lahrran, from St. Kitts, landed at (jueenstown on Saturday night Captain Larsen and eight men of the Norwegian barque Attila, who were taken off their ship cn the 22d of April. Ihe Attila was lound from Antwerp ftr Philadelphia. On the 21st of April, when in lat. 2tf N.. long. 57 W., she was dismasted in a cyclone, and one or her crew was washed ovtrl oard and dio ned. When abandoned the vessel had three feet of water in her luld, and was sinking rapidly. 1 he tteamer Cormorant, of and from Cork for Liverj ool, with a general cargo and rattle, wa in collision off Tuskar on Satur lay night with the barque George Bewley, from Liverpool for Chili, with coal, which sank immediately, three of the crew beins drowned. The Cormorant put into Rosslare Ray, Wexford, with forchold full of water. Tbe passengers wero taken off by the steamer Avoca. After temiorary repairs, tho Cormorant proceeded for Kingstown, not leaking abaft the collision bulkhead. Ihe names of tbe drowned are Salt, steward ; Wilson, apprentice ; and Thorn , seaman. A Hoyd's telegram from Saigon states that the British steamer Canton, wlien entering tbe harbour in charge of a pilot, came into oil: tion with the tteamer Stolzenfels, which was at anchor. The former vessel was uninjured, but the latter tank. The Stolxenfel it a steel screw tti ami r of 2C8 tons Kress, built at Newcastle in 18l, an I owned by ti e llama Stiarnship Company, of Bremen. This Lowdox Government Bin.. Tho names of Mr. Alderman Cotton, M.P., and Mr. Franeit A. Bevaa wero omitted from the list of those who atterdevl tha Guildhall meeting on Friday, when, we are asked to state, letters in opposition to the Bill were read from the uevernor ol tne Hank ol England (Mr. Uuliatj, Mr.lL Uadta Uibbs. aoi others. May 11 - 12. Pit as Enc - land" plenipotentiary to the t - budaD, and to him the Lonour of tn - ian.l was nicked. There was. however. another point to be considered in tbe matter, and that was this. AY hen General Gordon first went out it was as a of peace ; but, now. he seat back to say that be wanted ",000 so'diera to " smash " the Mahdi. Smash " was tho General's own expression, a though it seined a ratb. r extraordinary cn?. I bey all must leei little' suspicious if an Knjhshaan who wanted to "smash soneLody else. Ihey must also remember that General Gordon had tried conciliation with the Muhdi, but in vain. The Mahdi would ntt bo coneili.ite.1, but sent a very inailtmg n estigo to Geaeral Gor Ion. and me e nl 1 not help thinking that General Gordon tmce he naa been st Kiartoum Had become ccn - vinced liaf either ho must crush the Mahdi or the Mahdi would crush him. It was sal 1 that we should leave ba Mahdi ulone. Itut tbe question was whether the Mahli would leave them alone. The srtuaticn of a rti 2:ous Dre - tend. r in the f ast mi t be one of action he must show that be could either convert or conquer tbe whole world. His f. llowers forced him to go on with his Work. He confessed - hat sometime It had oceurrel to him that Sir Staffor : Northcote w a like the Mahli. 'Lanch - er. But any one verse, in oriental politics woull tell th. m that if they were not a Die to s ipprcas tne Jlanii nt Khrtonm they would have to fght him in 'Feynt General Cordon dnibtles saw that it would le easier and cheaper to deal witn Uie Jianai at rvnartoum tnan wnen no came witn tho whole oi the nations of the Sor.dan lehind him to invade Egypt proper. It might be said that to Englan 1 it was a matter of indifference whether the Mahdi invaied Egypt cr not. But it c - iuld nt le a matter In the first place England was the greatest Mahomedan power in tbe world, and it would bo impossible for her, to allow a su - cetsfal religious pretender to disturb with the seetU of rebellion tie vast population of our Eastern tossessions. As Liberals they were a. i averse to incurring any fresh re - sponsiliiities of errpire. But by the bombardment of Alexandria and the battle of Tel e' - Kebir they blew into the air all that was stable an I constant of goveromi nt in Egypt. They could cot leave the country niw without restoring order and good government. It was impossible that they conLi get out of Fgypt so soon as they could wish. Then there was another consideration. Egjpt coull not stinl alone. W hat hi - felt some concern alout, on the other hand, was that from the P.vrami.i there were watching some half - dozen great Invert of Europe and some dozen smaller Powers, who all considered tha: they had a perpetual right to interfere and control every step of the affairs of Egypt. They could not afford to let France or any other foreign Power - have dominon in a country through which lay the road to that India of which ttrj were so justly proud, or. still m - re imt" rtant in his esti mation, t) those great southern colonies of tbiscountrr. But w hen he passed from the subject of hi wn party which was always an agreeable nbject'; whin was such a smiling, peaceful, and c harming subject and torncd t the party which constituted Her. Majesty s Opposit on. then be aid feel that involuntarily the tear of compassion met: trickle down the hard st ch - .ec, Liberal derived inspiration from great rinciplei, expounded If i great leader : the Conservatives derived inspiration farm a mountain of dirty linen. Speaking of the Reform E.1L tbe noble lord said the measure was only one cf common justice. I I I I M I I I! i I 10 21 t 4 I t 13 K Mil - ILOI Fike3. An ontbrcalc of fire ocinrxed on Satar - aay aitemoon tn tne unoraiory irepartmeni oi me xxn ton ' to x onugai receiving ai 7 " , , "j maeb rs - lottitntion. througri hydro - carbon coming in contact witn a i ioura inat uner ner mieurw - isSr fame, and in tbe resalt the room, which wa on tbe ground ttneted. and that she lacked the power t '"P" TXatrXRATCBX AST) HTGEOMETEIC I.COXBXXX05 C Hi AlE t!t LatDO.v. May 11 - 12. TeoneralnML 1 wLiMttf Dtrte l Bonn . s t Tension Yapoor Por rfHSKani Dew ! o . ! " ("S2'J2Ja w aisnr. ran., iw. - . cf Air. fek CnizM. rwa Air. Den - tea. Point, Decrees. ; Cralns. IacKea Xoea .. 7S 4S 233 j Xt O ; 3iud... 7 4j . - ss a 3s ; a 2 ia., ' 43 1 a i as D " Mlaimuia Temperatsn Site. I afailatua InsptTarnI ExplacaU. a. . . Tt Dew - polat It ottaiaed duect - r. tr the sat of a Dtnai ' HTJ" meter. r. r Th HisromeUia valnes are eatcwUted bf utaf moo31eoa t Clataher HjtTametric Tahirt. Cta cdiunv. ... The - Drio Power "of the si it the weiiil of ptr 13 cut lo fret of air warn sttl taabte ot aUurtiaf at tat W observation. The Hui.Ct, .f tbe Air i8ataratioaIX) is eaat It tncataj tstwn as "Relative llami.lity." GENERAL GORDON AND ZEBEEB. TO THE EDiTOlToF THE TIMES. Sir, One who knows the Sou lan and Egypt, frma tl La les to Cain, and saw much cf General Gorlcn sraj his former rule, teUs me that in Us rirljnGerxfl wished to have Zelehr nnder his can eye, ss te ecatlsc pet him baiished to Cyprus. Hence his fraatie appeas te . have Zelehr. sent up to Khartoum. The Same suthrfl considers that - Zelthr hst been plotting the lite issuaV tions, and with his usual success. ' I sm. Sir, yours, ta. 1 London, May W. The CosgoTbxatt. A deputation repreteBK the Chamber of Commerce of Glasgow en ?aiT'Ll neon wtite.1 open L. ra 1 dmond FitzrEacrxe at tJicrrja Office, for tho purpose oi laying before the Ocncr - aie the r viewson theirpsel foego trevty. Mr. - 2 v , if.'... ik.i .il whowcrtte grigel in the African trade expressed strong rtpeff to Portugal receiving any ei tension of temh)ry, sew fioorofthe building, wat, with, itt ccntents, severely commerce or eiviljratton. In to i - damaged by fire and neat. A fire occurred on batunlay ; corruptness ot ner orrcia.s, sue tT ttx,b morning at JJa, lieu iion - eiuare, iioieorn, on premiw i Kxai lauuw, wiiis na;.S v.. i? t?,. nihrr, )..e - II A i ,lntv. traiv.f.e of ..r. d, r - ,o that however " private '. J. CiirK, oagrraser : anuj. w. innwn, printer. The house an - l itt eueteuts were much damnged. For several nours on saicruay m targe .j k unma atn " - - j ' ' ki, i engaged in tbe West - eni of Lond .n in ext inguiscimr an ex - 1 in Europe cos excepting i uraey ju. " "T jf it tensive cutfreak which had originaled alout 2 oeleek on J less prefer to tee in recession oi AfrK?,J 7 Ttk W ) remises in GloLe - yard. Brooa - treel. Griavenor - squsre. was nee - sal .that any "ff P,,?Jutril occupied by Messrs. Pitney and C - .. upholsterers. Their' ritory at, tonru. "'lTait ,n.h.., .t! of a buildins of four f oors. afoot 38it. I was not pcatie to arrange witn another .cauatrj. . by 15ft. in dimensions, and a very strong re was foand to le raging among the Inflammable materials in the upper floors. Superintendent Palmer gat hi men to week at quickly as possible, but the flames raged with such fierceness that they could not be prevented from spreading to two other buildings. By 3 o'clock the three upper fioors of the first - mentioned building had teen nearly burnt oat and the roof destroyed, and the other buildings aud their con - teats suffered conililcxshljs f .. more fitted to nuiataia tU ol tra ic. ami ta i wunw : - - , tome remarks from otner genuemea pie' qaettiooj by tne Uader - fceeretary. Aora Kitstaisl manication with ether GoetrnmerU '"the wess - ertainiBg their view, and il w a. , that any dttctsaUso ootud be afijTvJ

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