The Times from London, Greater London, England on September 1, 1888 · Page 6
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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 6

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1888
Page 6
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lhibjr rJoAh. Thaw 00 boxa,h one of, HrtJ oh ha ft lobby1. There will be placea jf or? 1 ,C00 feat to lut Jb,000,000fl. (about 12,m000). "With thi bodV bomr, the Viennee will lve thctr wtuch baa not it match In the Vorld. i enter excellent. hot iWpi tb ahow 1 rARlS, Aro. SL. In March, 18S7L Honyet,, tLV Diucet o! the atUnk ruicnnv kbaootided, hi defalcation - unounting to 2,toC,000(.j II wa,; arretted t ZVanaUnUncrda arid brufht to Franed but on proof of hia llgiui': nitionJityj bn to be liberated, the axtrilitfoo being irryg - ul r. Ilia three alleged accomplice lf the lnk erp pat on their trial on j cdncsdav. The mi ntained that in faUifvirit? tho ibboka and pthc trana - ection they had veteil nndef Moajvet; ordera and without any rnilty knowlcdrau The trial 'ended to - day in their acquittal, Nt tlicyl were ordered to tar inns amountuxc' tb BCtlAWf. to the bank aa damacra. ' : I i I FARIS.Ahj 31. A eots whet s - rloes aorideet crvrrX yesterfay In tha timUr yards at at. 0B - Ittx'poWois - B.lwho.EAd Wo o duty in order W protect the yards against t if"! - 'attack Vy.tlto mm oh strike, were retanjinSbonSe on: Iro.'leys wncn xae verwnra cam uw reuiaw ym Ukt troUcji standing - on' 'the le. All! the aiea were tlrasrn off and received siooi tnjttlie. jlt.wk at first tbeagit that the accident wa eaaeedby tie atr jker, - btt - la inquiry it arte found lo be the result of erelso: t - t , rotaKf. a) o. 51. vTrt torpedo - boa tl etdlided last night off .tbif port, . fl - ixh were aenoualsl Idaaaarirdj but na ode was injured. , U.'rtoqact iI AJnslual KfauU, Muusteir at Marine, visited the croiutioqary Bra - Xr to - day, JLlClIEVH This evening at. 8 o cl ' an Li 103d vear. Ili ffeneral d .'rati nJ drihka ' beartily, ,an aundly. Hia .l - k, hdwtjTar, aim of wwakneai, kad it ia for that reaa&n only - that ha baa otd to atternl tha ilJndaf lht?t - ' tncaof tha Acaduiny of Science. Illiat habit aru tiory rfilar. If 6 riaeaj early and tkVea a ji'lata ot oup. llo goea tb bed aain (and I alet pa till nonn. lie then" hia jbrealiiaat, which pooni iiti - of twp; and aomp minqedj meat. Th repast ovr, . ha drirta - out or tii - o or1 three hoc ra, On hi rctorn he road scientific! and, literary wdika, followinjj withSptjpreat ha recent proc - lidiWa of various cicntitic bodiea and tile a 'collnta jfiTcn - of recent dikcoTerijcs in many dcpA tmnla of science. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon h 9 tkkes ' bowl of rnilk irithtwo'bicnit. Ilo LV i dwn arain for "two hour,' aitor which he has mother ' plato of soup and boea toi lied for tho night. The family", and friends! of M. Chcyrcnll, jtd avoid 'ereiTthing that mv;ht cxpVjs'o him to fBtiffUo.havo resolred not' to kwrvhis - birthday at tneMnseidm, a was intended. jThose who go thtro will be received by hia sonbut lils private hpuselwiji bo closed to every - one. M.Cb' - renl at present ttc the poatest interekt in tho ; )rcparationi .for the Exhibition of next) year at ho ChamVis de Mars. Ho drives there qaily in a ono - horeo haiso, which he has had for 40 yrajsaid watches he progress made in the' constrnction of; they Eiffel Tower. To - day Utrs knd tcleprams f tjon - jjratuUtion have boen received from all part; of the plobe' and several Academicians' called on him. At AngersJhSa' native tbwn,thcrb' Wore illuminations :anll a concert Ktst Itiigln. Chevrenl's father was, ajdoctor' at lAcpers, - as Oilso were tut greatjuncle and ni mat ' lather. " ; , .1 ; THE RE0ENT BALLO ACCIDENT. r j PARI ' M. W. de.FbnvielW writes, with the "refusal oj thd coroner's jury tol ate Percival Spencer's theory! that the recent Rail accident was cansadjby the force of tne .wind i': " l am in a Dosmon to sunnort irom uxneri ence Mr. Spencer's tssnmption. About 2p ypark .nco 1 executd, witn unroot and (Easlon Tis - eandicr. an ascent ttrlora tho Arts (t Jlutics. Paris Vhieh has been described ;in .Voyagd AericnsJ so admirably edited in English by ;ny - repeted friend llr. Ulaisberii A Tlate has been if jnived ' showing'the burstini; oMio balloon In thq aii at . in aliunde oi aoonE - i:meires. iiio exnioj was produced dvj tM iprcd ot tne windj as ex" - plained in this vplprae,' because an ; accidental obstrnctipn of the hoct 'had prevented the escape of the raft which, compressed by the i orcerpf the wind, exploded the canvas, nnd the ballopn was practically annihilated. , We escaped unhurt, because we tell on the ground, suppottetl fty th wind like bo many cats attached to tne tail oi late, but V should have beep instantly ktllo!" if the grapnel had f tuck in the branches k" ttee instead of its roots, as happily for ins wis the case. Wo indulged in fltner theoretical - explanationsexplanations of the obstnicltipri and so on.whil - h it would be difficult to summarize, and which havo' been explained in my AventursAt?riennes lies 0tands . Ai!ronantes. I cannot;, hpwejver, agree with .Mr; Percival Spenoer on the desirability of abstaining . irom any ascent in stormy weatber,.tdr at times observations are esppciillylinteflcstini much of the danger can Ije avoided .jby maiiagomiiu. FOREIGN" AND COLONI L NEWS. W have receiv4 th followihg telegrams through Ken tora Agency ; t the duk of lEDndnqn. n garVIa traad dinner "in honour M tha Duka EJinburihj There wr prwent at tha banquet K!amil Paiha: Bail l'aiha.Uia member f the Diplonutie CoJr, a4 ton if tha principal Court and Etata fuwUeDariei. After the dinner a reorptioa helj atUM Embassy, THE KINO OF ITAIlY RAVFnSI. Arc, 31. Klaf TIorabrt arriml here to - day, havbr hrrn ReelTsd with tha ntmot enthoiiaam oh hi way. Hi Uahtv made ahort ttoppace a Oeaena, Lin, and Bairva - CaTalla, and at aach station wera father! throng of ppl Tith c( and bands'' of .mutici The chetrinj wai of the heartiest deacriDtioii. Eren at the lUtioci hire, tha TSoyal train .4ld not atop Lha pcopl hail oollr - etVd In1' large Bainbrr. to' gire thij King a'pusing ehrjrf, Thaj popular eicitemait and enthi uam provoked bj It Eowrigti' Titit to Rarrnoa are unbounded, and tha King appearrd much movaj at ihs t rartines of tb rxej - ption accoriicd him. The decoration ia tha street an moat extensive. ITALY. ROME. Aro. SI. Ptrnor CViroi had a long conference to - dar with the aafirai AntoiieUi, the Afrioan traveller THE FRENCH NAVAL MANtEDVRES. ir nVERKS, Aro. Sl. P M.i Floouet. in the' comnanv of Admiral Krants. tie Minister, 'of Marine, went on board tho Devastation and afterwards the Terrible this tnoi nlng to witnes aomel firinj practice.' The Ministers t ten paid a visit te tljires, whrre lunch was served. B th. the. Premier and Admirat Xrant made speeches site r tho lnnebeon. Thai lttr Said that the nival mandniTre Vhieh he had. been attending had nothing in them of a bellicose character, (their object having been to bake it clear whether! the navy would be ready at a given moment. The experiment tad been perfectly TOceesspl. France hid no Wih for war, bat if war were declared against her ahe - jwoald. not have to submit to Jnjj humiliation, nor wouU aha recoil from it. 'Each man! would' know his laty and would perform it.t llie Mimrter's wonls eroled enthusiastic cheers for .France and the French csvy. M.jFloquctthcn spnke He thanked the Mayor of Ily - es f or filring him so cordial a welcome; and said ce nau eome V i onion ,wiw toe essniiaiij peaeeiui object of! consratolating tbi. nary on its performances daring the mancravres. I l"just ka the navy," continued the Treraier, " would hari nothinc to fear - from foreign t - niemira, if ; - it should have to. meet them, so alsd thol ReroUie bad no j dread of "internal foes, - whether t in the form of loim reaction Or attempbj at' ukuriation. ' It neexied neither exceptional measures I nor pleasures im - llrilu; rrtreit, ibat - would march erer forward within' th - fTin. n..t fur it, Iptn'n. U riVht nd lft thoslewhb aimed t bringing about a MoU - chical rento - raxion or a cpsnce uiciaiorsuip.i lor ireitrnmeni wnicn I baVe the honour to repment will renkam faithful to it vat anil tb Its t'romifes. I hole. and declare f rfippsticaUj, that, only tticrte uoremmlenits are .to be regarded ms serious wbich. '.eotorce tnerr principles. To mhtje their strength felt there is no need for exceptional tncakurcD. Ttel steady application ot. tne ,lsw ol tho wider circle' tionl" (l"beers.) i' Mirusers then returned to Toulon, where they to arrlTO at 7 o'clock this evening l&ei sicaiij apjiiicaiiDu 91. iuo,iaw 01 1110 Eccfl to cpLoldind ,dis.vm:riitc ever in a tb great principle of the French Itevalu - BELGIUM. BRUSSELS Aro. 31 A Jananese naval mission. 1 of which tho Viriw Admiral and Vice - Minister 'ol MarineJRabn jama, Is the cniet, nave arrived: bore Irom U19 Zlaguo, ind nave visited tnb Cockorill pooipany.s establishment at Beraiiig. 'I An international musical fete jon an extra - ' crdinarr scale will bo hildlnoxt .todnth at the jfttissels txtuuitlort. ! : JL Anspoch, till rw. tcerertor iof the National Bank, has been appointed goyernorL'and is ' succeeded ua vico - eovornor by - 31.' V an iioegaerden, ono of ti.ho directors. "';'! . The Del "i an Government lis about - tuns xcise anty on ugar.: ' the cungo; uaiway - BflUSSELf - . Aro. The encineerihir preliBnnarv studifca t'for fonstrnction - ol tfte,Uonoj rajlwnv line nearlv tenninatcil. i.The hriej 'which, lis to from Matadi to StaileyiPopl, of - 300 kilometres, 1 75 centiihctres 'riauce. cohunenoo at seven - hivtrei filxivo tho Level of tip ea, rising gradually to 00 Metres. 1 bill hf aro rilh will liive a lcnrrth THE SIBERIAN: 'UAILY. The part of the. Siberian ! railway 1 line rriim Famar to Ufa; 435 kijotnetresj in leruAh, wil lib opened on the 9th of bextlmbntli. Tlib conti nla tiori from Ufa to Status is now Itieing Jn - trocti'. The lino is tb jestenll in time als d to Omsk, Tomsk, and : rkntski U' :the VY. fBy Inde - Europeai jTelegraphj - fnronga louver Agency. ; 'Tub See IJorsi ies .CbxtisTioif. - t meotlnt ' sf the British and Col nial Antji - Bountv Association was telJ at BOlitcrhouM yesterday. Mr. J Lubbock chairman of the aasoci ition, presided, and there' were present gentlemen representing' tbei sugar industry in Ureat liitain, Australia, thej West Io.lic i, and other - part of the Empire. Mter earefu) eonaide - n tion of the . fjooventioo ntt'signeJi the following resolutions - were passed : (I)That ' thu" as6fiatlonr repr - aenting all fccanchrs of the British boroe) aa cblonlal su r industry, ijeatres most respectfollj - to record its rraiefal appre - tiation of the immense! service render - 4 by Her Majesty's Government to the ckuse of free ,t - adc in ffo - eunng an inteniational - agrcemf at for the j essatiou of boanties on sugar ; aadj this aasociation U eon rinced vhat - the bogar Convention f lS&ii bv fraebg Urii iahmarkW rem a dependence on bounty - aided product ., and! opee taore permitting the free access of sugar fro: a all ccjun - trie upon equal conditions most prove a beieSt to oW - sumers and producers alike, and. that the 7th s rticle of the treaty.proTidinjf an rffecliTe and equitable iaternational i )cearity - against tha ooctinomce or revival of the boontj : lystem f without which the aaaett of the fort ign Powers srooid Lave been impissible; can have no other effect (haa, by prohibiUng bounties, to seenre the fullest., sup - tlies ef sugar from all parts of the world. ThU.aaao - biatiotv, boweeer, regret that there should b a delay! of three year ia earrying oat the term of the Convention, knd venture to think that it would be greatl; to the' lin - tereatof all tb contracting Power to adopt an; earlier fate. (S), Thl aawUtion desire to. expw a iU high ppreciaUoa ot tho energy. iskiU; and tact ahown by . Won Uenry da Worms aaT the ether British delegate, nd desires to convey its warn thanks to them for the Tvat service they bare rendered te this com itry and the ttanlreat large. () That a copy t these rtwolnUocs s fonrsrded to Lordjoalubaiv rnd Bam iHearv da GER5L27 EMDf RELIEF EXBEDITIONi i : ' . BERLIN. Aro. 3L .The! A fllierial cuujij'.thisevenmg g'es ;n emphatic denial to the: report .that the German expedition for the elief of Emin l'aah - was planned in the interest of German colonial policy, and'decires, o i tbe contrary, that Germany U realy to eope to an amngement with eertbd action. With reference to the auore statement it 1 is known that the provisional committee which originated tb 'ulea of a German exp&liti n 'mentioned, in', a) confidential circular, th rstablishmei t of a German East African: Lakes Company aj the ulf mate object of tho j undertaking ;' and it s inferred fr m (tho 'present annauncemtnt of the Xatumal. Ztituhg that this idei has bow been relinquished. RUSSIA AJTD TIIinET . STl rKTKPJSnrRR'Arn. 31 General Prjevalslry started yesterday cn hi - explorina kxpellition Ui Ccntral Asia. His intention lis to penctratd las ifir' a Xtasfi in Thibet, travelling by Way of the Lob In or Lake in lAitem Turkestan, j i j. RUSSIA. -'I : H , ST. rETEItST.TJRG, Aro. 31 The jonmal Gnthdnni hail reoe,fvel a flr?t warnin; rom the Minister ot. the interior. The orucial commu nication from the Minister i sar that.lalthou?h thin ourrial generally manifest a well - mcahing tendency, it heestheless frequently indulge in r extremely . un becojnixig comments upon the measures df the' Govern - men vuua mciiing 10 uisrcspecv oi u same, THE NAVIGATION - pF THE KARA SEA. The statement made by the Uerold yestlrday that the British steamer Phdenix had foundered on the Yenisei astweeklwas; incorrect.' Thei 1 comix simply grounded en .a jsindbank, and subsequently got oil uninjured. The iwcers' have kenpatched a icecond small .steamer, the fosrkll. which Iwdl accomoanv the Labrador ttroui - b T " , I . . T 1 1 ine - .riara cea 10 me x emsci. NEW SOUTII WALE!?, 1 RVnTV. Irn 1 li U hoped that Lbo 'Eouthern and Western Collieries, s well as tnoce: in vueeroiairoana mw Zealand, will hn '.Mo to Ripply j the public wants and obviate: the irisi.Jin tfadi whicji appears to be impending owing to the;sfrike pf the colliers in, the Newcastle llistrict Thi seamen engaged in thei coasting trade have decided iotjth go outjon stike, in order, to gire financial support o uie muKTa. i , i N'eWcasllol is. now tranquil. It i expected that the Rtrik) will be of long duration. TltE IRISH CRICKETERS IN C.VNADA L' 3; .l TOTtONTb. Aro. 31 The Irish, cricketers to - day continued their innings In the; match against an elevenjof Toronto, the last, wicket alting for a total of 29 runs'. The hqmto team then ollokod with' theiri second innings, but quicklv sWuknbcd, ofBg t'o.the. splendid fielding lot their oppo nents, scoring only 4'J runs, the Irishmen thus winning innings and 6 runs. however,' t air a moderate cash trade, cldiing steady at a fill. ' ' kt the openire was JO point ud for Stntember aodlOtWicits ap for December delitery. A goon trade resuueti wiia consMeraue isre - ca imrnr. and u aarkel tlose stpady u.changd to 10 poifcts up. CVttoa ha been artlv with a demand to cover sales owing !tn rrpir1et ncIavoaraMe Crop weather in the south, and tho clovrg is firm at the adranee. I . .IVtrolram 1'itw Line eertifieates onened easv. wie but recOTertil on' free! Durchaiei for western aeeoant. and close firm atiCle; ! T loll : HE TIMES, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1$8& Wheai Eer.tember, Wf i October. - lOO.; November, eembef.i iHC. jav. Slay, 100. Ueceipts, Atlantic ports., tSO.OUO bushel ; same day last year, a - i.Hrj bushel. Clearances, Atlantia porta, 220,000 buahebt ', " , ' ' J Corn - September 53 ; Oetoberti ; November, 54; DeeemtMf, 61 j BeceipU. Atlaptie port, CO.000 boabel ; same da r last year, 39,623 bushels. Clearances, Atlantia porta, 1( 0,000 buihel. ' Lard. - f September, 9 67 ; ! October, 9 i5 ; November, 0 oa ; December, a Z6. . ; CoffceJ September, 11 45j to 11 50 ; October 10 70 to 1073 ; November,; 10 30 to 10 35 December, 10 15 to 1U2U1 IBH'J. January, I1U1U to iW lS - t February, m iu m i ia : aiarcn, iu is to iu zu : April, iu iu to 10 23 : May, 10 U to 10 SOj T C'ottcnl yeutetnber. 9 72 : October. 9 63 : Notember. 9 54 ; rMcember..9 54. ias9. January, 9 65 ; February, i U j aiarcn, o ; April, j eo. I i CHICAGO. Arci. 31 Wheat at the opening of the session was steaVlr. nn - ehanged to fc. dearer, nurroatisr. eonsiderablv earlr in the ' day, with bosmeu j air follow,: September, 9314, lOJe.. andi.94e. ; - October.. 91e. and 91Je, ; December, Via.. V - 'ic, and SijO. On bolder, selling the market ruled easv later and elolea aniet. la tn te. uuwu. I j uorn Wa Bra at toe opening with price te. jdearer, October, kelling at 454e. to 5c. Kear'(poition gave way on bulU uUoading. ' but new croD months are slightly dearer, the market closing steady. j , Lard was unchanged on initial operations, but j with a more bullish tone and some local buying value bare uie marars cioainz sieauy. fair demand with little ciisnnititinn ta sell ahoft, and the doeing U firm, 2i to 7 1 point p - . ,4 , ij i' : Bibs hve bad a better inqtnry and j close' firm, 5 to 10 points dearer. ' 1 T ' Bacon Is steady at the kdrance.. Light and heavy hon are kihehanged. , . 1 The prbvuikn market closks steady all round., Pxicxs rpn Fcrrnx Duivtrt. Wheat. AnruL 931 : Bebtember. 931': October. 91 it uecemoer, isa. aiay, Vbu. iiteceipta, AVestern oints, 500,000, bushels : tame day last year, 453,594 usfcelsj ! . ) V - J Com. AurusL 451: September. 45 : October. 41 - Novembel - , 43 J ; December.' 40J. ,18i59. May! 40!. Receipts; ttestern points, 240,000 bushel ; Sam day last year, r , OS oiuineu. Kit. August. 8 32J : September. 8 321 : October. 8 361i 18.J - January, 6&0.j . Bacon.j - IialTes, clear.middle, 8 70 ; light hogsJ 6 00 ; eij uog oou. lUELAND j . - WOODFORD, Aro. 91. The' eviction precefamgs inititatied by Lorl Clacri - eardeJ against Lis defaulting tenants hare been going oa since Wednesday last; " In addition :'to a forte ef 15flj police, nnder the jCommand ef Sfri Byrne, D.M.Mr Paul, R.M., and Colsnet Tjnto, R.M detachment of 8eot Fusiliers, amounting to 150 men'eommanJed bv! Major Frere, hare been sent to assist the shcria ia the execution of the - (Queen's writ. The military and police) force are stationed at Clowlagoff Castle, about half - way ( thrown in their face. District laspertor Morphy pev idrmqa sa act toi greas uravery. jj wens up, to ua aoertureland iu4orMl thoaef - iB.idj. tt ,'.jMi Ktlia that further outrage on the ir, part would only lead t ueir punisnmeca. inerewssan tm ceaiaie capitcla - tion, and tha' bailiffs were permitted te remove the obstructions and to enter. .Two bo rs who were foe nd iusklet were brought oat a prisooen , bat after i short time were liberated. The next p sew "proceeded to was at larn at Eauinaiogue, in posseaeion ot aueoaei Mohan, sub - tenant to Matthew Joseph. Page. ;j There waa iu hnaaei on the lanrL and I no ritaaee whaterer. Mr. Tener, on the. part, of! the landlord. got the farm eleared of stock and tool possession. - Ifce Riu w' ata jearij. am rnw - Kuut vwu v - " i; - w ,wi sessicns. The fiovemraenl vaisauoa or u una military ha had an' imposing eifcet, but they bar not 'was 11 10. The next house Jrisited wsi not been remind to interfere aetivelvl and the mliea arwf I far distant t it was occupied by la man named - io.. v.:t:w.v..L'iJ.j . :.l '.v .:...! i iPatriek Fahev. idiitieTnuhed fromf several 'ether ;Lard. - fAu(just, 9 40 i Stptember, 9 40 i October,. l,42J. lS8V(r - Jariuary.795 , .1 Pork. - fAoguat, 14 22 i tMober' 14 23 ; year. W 42. lloes.4ileceints. - Iat rear. 22.000 : lut. year1, 9,338..' jlVestern Icitfei, 19,000 ; same day auu, (.jmeago, y.uuu ; same day ANOTHER MURDER IN WUtTtCnATELi THE GEISER - THINaVALLA DISASTER, ! ! . ! NEW YORK. A&TM31. Thi Ilydrfgraphic officer whd ha. !ben inquiring into the Gciscr - ThingTalla disaster blames the former ieth I.. J i J l ajierican Railways ;i , NEW YORK. Aro. 31 Th Rock 11 aid Kailwaj - has, it is tajed cut cattle rkte 54 per, ear. fThe Atchison; Topekk, - and Santa Je tide ha jtnet thi cut. The losses to the road in - oIt'cJI are estimated at $1,000,000. A meeting has been tailed for! Monday to set tie. the diile . - r THE NEW TORK STOCK MARKET. NEW YORK. Aro. 31. The! Stock Market was generally strong d urine tho nf orni lg, but (unsettled and lower in the alf ternoon, the day' transactions .resulting in ajfractionll - decline in rJearlj all, active stocks except Northern Pacific. The total I business amounted to 161,319 shares, including Delaware and. Lackawanna; 13,100 ; Northern Tacifi: PrcfciredJ, IS.bOO Oregon and Tr&tscontinental, 1C.410 : Philadelphia and Reading. 13.800 : Richmond and West Point, 6,875 ; Chicago, Milwaukee, and SU Paul, 33,070 Union Paeifle.l 1,326 ; and Western Union elegrapbl 11,955. Money was at 1 th 2, the last oeiug none as i. . ikMEIUCAN MARKETS vpw vnnir ini si' , Wheat at the openinr riled easv. loJ to fa. lower. November; selling at lOlJc. and May at IjOCc. A large speculative business was put through,. tMere being free sales by bolder and considerable sellini for foreign atcount, There Was again a fair export boalness, and the taarket leave off aubut steady at Jc. to c fall. I Corn.! opened, firm and hardened on some speculative Urauirr. due malnlv to deereaaed mnmnit' frnrn iaterior ee tree. TU. cash trade ruled qulst, but, the closing is nUOI SI UH DugHWOI, I opsnea steaaj and ta had a fair batkst, with; Another murder of the foulest kind was committal in the neighbourhood .of, Whitechapel in the early" hours of j yesterday mo'rnihg, but by - whomand with moiiTo is ai present ai complete mystery. At a quarter to ,4 o'clock Police - cohataUe Neil, 97 J, w icn in BuVs - ro w, Whitechspcl came upon the body of a t pmaa lyag on part of the footwal, and oi stooping to raise her up ir the belief that sbje was drunk ho discc vcred that her throat was cut almost from car to ear, : She wis dcaiB but still warm, lid procured assistance and at orJoe sent to the station add fora'doctor. Dr. Llewellyn, bf!White hapel - road, whoiso wurgery is not abovn 300 yanls fro: l tho spot where) tb woman lay, was amused, and, at tie solicitation of a constable, dressed and vent at, once, to the scene;. He inspected the bodr at. the place wh 're ,it was found and pronounce 1 the woman dead. II made hasty examination itod then discfrcred thit, besi 3es the gab across the throat, the woman had terrible oundjin the abddmeh.The police ambulance from the Bethukl - green Station avSngarriTcd.the body waa roi - moTed th xe. A further exam nation ( - Lowed the horriLlo nature' of the crime, there bung other fearful cuts;, and gashes, ai 1 one ef which was sufficient "to cause death apart froi the,' wounds across the throat. . After tl e body was removid to the mortuary of the parish, in Old Montaguc - stree , Wtitechsiel, steps were taken to iecore, if possible, identification, bat at first with jittle prpect ot success. The Jlothing was of a commJ,n:,lescriptron, - liut'the skirt of one pc'tticoit and the band another article bore" the s'tcncil stamp - of Lambeth Vorkhouiie. The enly articles in the pocket were a co nb so l a piece of looking glass. The tatter led the i lice' to . conclude that the murdered n oman was an : nhabitant! of tho numerous lodging - h use of the' p ;igbtouiQ.od, aivl 'officer - were despatched tb make, i nquiries' stout,, as well as' other ollcers ti Lamlxth to get. the natron lot the worViouse y . iview the body with a view to identifici tion.. The Iatte ', ,howevcr. eouldJ not r identify, and said that the elbthing might" hye beeu issoed any time d iring! the , past two: "or three 'years. ' As the ne s iof tie murdc r spread, - bowerer, first oob woman and then aaothcr ,ame forward to viqw tho body, and at Iiincth t was foiinj that a' woman answering the description of the! murdered woman had lodged in a common Jode. ing - houae, lSj Thrawl - street, Spitalfields. Women from that jiacd wore fetched aud they identified the deceased as 44 Pollyl who had sharol I a rpom with three pther women, in I the place on the usual terms of such houses nightly baymect of 4d, each, caoh - woman having a separate led. It was gathered that the deceased! ha'd led the lit of an onfortnnjite " while lodging ik the house, wh ch was only for about three weeks past. Nothing mor i was known of Lr by them but that when she preset ted herself for her' lodging on Thursday tight ahe wa turned away by the deputy because! she had ot I the mgney.j She was then the - worse for drink, butl not "drunk, and turned sway laughing, saving I'll sooii get my, doss' money i see what a Solly bonnet I't 9 got now.' She was wearing a bonnet which she had nc t been seen with txjfore.and left the lodging, house jdooi . A woman of the neighbourhood saW her later she told the police jeTen as late as 2.30 on Fri'lsy - r lorningin Whitecl lapcl' - roaJ, opposite the church an at the corner jf sbornc - strcct, and !at .a quarter to i shb was found wit lin 500 yards cif the spot, murdered. The. people of the lodging - house knew ' ber as ' Pollj,:'!buf - af about' half - past 7 last evening a woman na mel Mary Ann Monk, at present an imntyf Lambeth 'Workhouse, wastakcn to tho mortJaryand identified the body as that of Mary Ann Niebolls, also ealleJ Inlly " Nicholls. She. knew her, she said, as they were inmates pfthe Lambeth Workhouse together in April add May last, the deceased havinz been nassed there fror i another; workhouse.. .On the 12th of May, according to MonkNicholls left the workhouse to take a situalio'r as servant at Ingleiide.WanJsworth - common. It aftcrwa: ils became known that Nicholls betrayed) her trust as do acstic servant, by ktcaling. 3 from her employer an l absconding. From that time fbe had been - wandering about. Monk met her, she said, about) six weeks ago when herself , out of the workhouse .and drank tb ber. ISho was sure the deceased' was " Folly ' Nicholls, and, having twice viewed the features a the body lay in a shell, maintained her opinion. - So (far the - police have satisfied themselves, but as to getting' a dluc to hef murderer! they express little' hope. The matter is being 'investigated by Detectire - inspdctor Abbcrline, of Scotland - yard, ind Inspector - ilelson, J Division. Tho latter' states that he walkedlcarefully oyer the cround soon after 8 o'clock in the morning, and beyond the discolouration 'ordinarily found on pavements 'there was no sign of stains. Viewing the i Cpot wherej the body was! fond, however, it seemed iiiucuis io ocucve uai ue woman, receivea ner aestn ounds there. The police hare no theory with) re spect to the matter,, except! that - a - gang pf ruffians exists ia - tie neighbourhood, whicb Uackmailing women Lf .lV lfrfr.. " LV..I ..t. those who do not find, money for Jthem. They base that surmise on the fact that within 12 months (two other worn have jbeen murdered in the ;distric by almost similar means one! a recently as th 6th of Augast lai t and left in; the gutter of the street in .the eaily hours ofthe mirning If the weman was murde ed on the ff wfe - re th.t bnriv was f it is almost SmDOssible to belieta - she would not HaVn kroused the neighbourhood by; her tcreanu, Bucks - trow Ibeini a. sjtreet tenanted j all down one side by 'a respectablef class oflpeople, superior - to many ef the urrounaing iireeu, pel ouer side having a nuns: wall hounding k warehouse. Dr.: Llewellyn .ha called the attention of the police Ito - the smallness of the buantity of blood on the spot where ha saw the body, aud yet the gashes in the abdomen laid the body right bpen. The weapon1 .used would scarcely have been atior jaca amie, but a pointed weapon wttn. stout back such as a rork - ratte'a or ahoemaker'a knife. In I his opinion it was not an exceptionally long - bladed weapon." He doett not believe that jthe Woman wa seised Irom behind and her throat cut, but thinks that) a hand wa held aero her mouth and, tha amie men used, possibly by a leit - handed man, as tnt bruising on the lace or tha deceased is aeh aa woo result irom ine moutn being covered with the right tie made la second examination or the body mortuary, maka no Ooror r' i on that, based! bis conclusion, ! to approach the site and to impede the etfieers of the law, a na been utnerto done, no persens wnsterer, except representatives - of the I'ress, have been admitted inside! the boundary formed by the soldiers. ' The , first hoSue: visited on Wednesday was that of Michael Quin, of ClondagoS. His yearly rent was I'll, at 1 an acre, and he owes to; May, 18S7. 27 10., being for! two and a half year. , The arent ct Lord Clanricarde, Mr. Tener, offered him 303 for the stock on the land, and his bank" book; - but he refused the offei) with politeness. The house was but slightly barricaded, and when the bailiff proceeded with crowbars to force an entrance, some boiling water was ; throwri out of the doorway. Possession 'having. been eflectad, the sheriff next went to the basse pf James Callaghan, of fihragh, and found it extensively barricaded. After a determined resit, jiee, daring which the inmates Bang, out hot water in considerable quantities, an entrance wa gainoL, and seven young men who had been found inside Were put nnder arrest and seht to Galway Gaol. At the house of Patrick' Page, ef Rossmore, Jhe most'determinM resistance was' .offered, by three women and a little boy, 'who were Jtronlv fortified. land who shot but cooioos nnbliea of boilind water, stones; and bottles on the heads'of he ' pesiegcr. "un . laugbu m enhance oaa oeeu iffectol the inmate were captured, but aoon afterward .releWl on the understanding that they shall appear to answeij to summonses; for forcible resistance. .The Itenantja rent was 6 a year and he had been sued for three years, 13, up to May, 1887, The next bouse wa that of Joseph' Stewartj whose rent was 8 10s. a year and wlo owed three years' rent. The resistance waa but slight.. and no person was arrested. Ia the'oae of John M'Dononirh!, of: Kilmeady; three years' rent was also diie namely, 33, 11 a year for a holding of 20 Irish acres. Tho, resistance was slight. There were thus 'five cakes dealt with the first dav. On Thursday morning" the first house visited wa that of a Widow aimed JUrii Tully, of Kilme;dy. She seemed disposed taj agree to an amicable 'ar - sngement If atlawed in dn! sni and. in inniMti.nM nf rv desire I to "avoid ill - repute among her neighbours, made I a sugnt resistance. ro arrest wa made. Her hbuse waipne of the best in the entire district, and ber . yearly redt was 32 10s. for 76 statute acre. She hi.1 - been sued for three years" rent up to March. 11887, sjnd actually owed fourt years' rent last May. Michael .Page, of Kilmeady, who owed four anl a half 'years' rent, at 4 per annum; for five, and a half acres, land Who enjoyed the grazing of ! about: 40 acres of comm'dnage gratis, mode a feeble resistance to the Sdrmait for possession. His house, wa barricaded, but there yas no one insidd, and jt wa therefore not difS - cult to ottain entrance Tk road Uadini.' ki lls nitl.on. SrM;K..I Sliaoghniisy, of Cfoonan, was blocked up in sereral plac and ome less - 'of the termrf: but Waa eVidentlv' afraid tn mlra ettlement'. His yearly rent was'4 3sl tor; fire ststute crcs, and no own. icrco years - cnu up to; May, iWi . "be resistance oiTered .was slightj altcouzh some hot water, was thrown .out as soon! as the door had been roken in. - The police found inside three - girls, a yontig ad. and an old ; man with his1) head! bahdsced. They were, all dischargetl. l'atrick Solan, of Cloonan? i wed three yeam.' rent up to ;tb.ei sane period, lis farmer rent ., of 12. 10s', M. had been re - lucediito 9. ami ihe tiovemment valuation was. 10 ptf annum. Ihe Uuantity pijlaiid wai 18 statute acres, f His . door' wka fastcnel anil hls: windows locked up with chunks, wf wood, but 'the resistance fferodl was. very slight. Thomas Porler, who owed 33 - p to May, 1"S7, theWnt for three Tears of 14 statnle' crcs.: ermctd a desire to retain hlk boldin'z. but was vidently afraid to agree to a frjendy seUlement. His .oue, was ocrujici ,ny Feme men.wuo uaa come irom distant locality,) and he repeatedly called out to hem akking theu to tarn - ruler possession. Thev threw t water at th? hiilij, but they wcru' ultimately 1 'and sent handculfei to Ualfwav Gaol. This oneldled the proceedings. of the secdnil day. In every' instande, Mr. lener1 tifierel to leave thn tenant in isiessicn if he pai one year's rent' and ieosts and' to lAtitne Tor. the laymen t A the, arrears j but tha In. parfaXTp answer - was'itfcat they hsil not money. loy tne prpceeuings wcro rpumea snortiy Delore o'clptk in the mornuig. Thei same force of military and :onstahulary was present, tr.p soldiers Ming nnder the ommabd of Major frere, anil; the police .ua'ler that of ,lr. Piul, R.M., until the arrival of Mr. Byrne. DJI.. n ihe jiftcrnoon. - " The first hbuse visited was that becu - )iell "bv Patrick Kelly. oflClonroollan. who held 26 statute! acre of land at yearly rent of 10, the.Oo - ernmlnt valuation , being AIllM He owel !three years' rent, 0, up to May, 1871 The agent oilcred to let him'remain in possession if lo pikl one year's rent and costs jest' then, and to girifhini time to ; pay the re - .mainaer. ice tenanij rrpueo inai no nad no moneV. The scent said that in aiHititin to the crops pn thejand there were, two cows and a hjcrse; and he would accept them instead of cash i but th$r tenant ref usetl to makii any compromise. Th,e house' liad been barricaded. ami ice, uaiiuis: jwero tuirecica to iorce places Inyer a mile! in extent by rude barricades of stones snd bushes. Upon Mr. Ttner, the agent j asking him io' to an amicable arrangement, ne aaraitiej tne f air h irrost bntrande. They tried ,to htirst tn ; the Boorj but finding there was a further obstruction inside it l ber ittOCeedea to isnocK flown tun walls. IHaviDg tnade a large' hWle atlj each gable Vnd they were enabled to enter, wituous any, resistance, lfie police. irresteil and kept in tostody fjve young girls whom they net. in the' house, the womtp found jin simitar cirCum - tanecs Iiaving been let off the prey'iousj two days. It wa ow eyident that advantage ias taken of Ibis leniency. IMrJ t'aul tbereloro ttioUCht it rirflt to detaiS these iris. The bouse of John Slaktcrv. of Clonmovlau. " was he next visitel. Hi rent fqt 9i Irish' acres. - eauivalrnt o 15 statute acres,' was 7 a year J anl he had paid 10 n tnAnrr tcmnl ninV.I .Talnoa IVnii. fn, f ha farm. The house was t barricaded, and' fi1 aid shut 'off .steam on the night tf the accident. kho waToutside, rcfusexl to lake any settlement." The 2J" '"iH'd atUinest wheni the. steam ,wn shut offiwa I. n!i,"Ti - i t. J - ti i i j .. 28 miles an hour, an.1 bv the trmmnt im iHtlnn nf h If the front wall entere! the house, and founlinside ! hand brkkesjan.1 th lis eNand the rapine islattert'. wife - ndson,wh6wer dettnned' in cusWy. w" "PW? aMp aigaal af the the - SSxt process iw an ejeetnlent obUined - against. PW. IUmntOBick SUtion, W over , 150 F.mlMfr: tenant. andip.TrieW D.i. .uZ. yards short ef the artaal spot where Ithe collision It a hbUe and 20 statute afres.Tat the ye'arly rtnt ct l "."f!1 - - 2h cr.nd tnrinwtwaa aueh more - jcon - t5. The Government valuation Was ,C 15s . rrrii "l""V ine engme was again - started irota .the situated on a farm of 41 acres in the tojwrJand of Do oral, the Tarlv rent wa 15. the valuation 13 9 . and the 'tenant owed thrt years' rent to Hy 1887, ameunt - ingtu' 45. A - writ fon this amount had been pro cured iron the Court of Eiehetraet at a eon ci 6 16s. 8d. There - was no resistance. Tb door ef the huuse was open' and the tenant welcomed the sheriff, but allured that his son was too sick ta be removed. The sheriff, having satisfied himself lhat the nature bf ine i lines was not urgent, advised the tenant to remove the invalid, which was accordingly doc - and ' possession obtained!. The number 'of writs obt lined wa 23, of which 1? hare been, executed. It is expected that enly two of the remainder will be enforced, and that tne evictions will be completed by to - morrow evtxdng. " ' li , DUBLIN, Aro. 3L. The. case of Mr. ChalSj Henry Ja nes, late official" aasignoe of the Court f4'Bankruptcy wa referred to to - day inj an application, to Judge Boy I ea the part of John Kingston' James, enfe of hia sureties, for an'order that twoj sums of 147 Ji. 8d. and 32 18s. 5d., part of a sua of ,"1,6C2 its. ld.,i at present ledged in deposit receipts in the Bani of Ire land, am! which had pre - viouslyJ formed, part of suspense acount, she aid be brought back' to that account, with mt rest.pending the nltimateisettlemeiit of the - account f. Sir. Charles H. .Jame. The grouals alleged were tiat the first sum 'was stated to be sin overdraft of - Mr. Jamea. but) was found to) be an overdraft of Mr. Orr, i previou,efSeial assignee., and - tha the second sum, as well as a larger sum of 647, was etronevmsly claimed by .the bank as an overdraft of Mr. James. Mr. Malcolmjou, solicitor to. the !Jani of Ireland, said the application carne on him by surprise, and he wished tb Lire time to look into tbsiiatter. Judge Boyd"a.ljobrnel the matter" gi nerally in iorder to afford Mr. Malcolmson Ahe opportur ity he desired. Mr. O'Brien said it waa satisfactory to find that, the deficit to the public would, be - sc: rtely anything, perhaps! nothing. !. " Counsel appeared on, the part bf th receiver en the estate of Moor Carroll Fitsgibbon,in ' he county Cork, to make absolute) a con - litional ord r; for Sn attachment against a "tenant named - Patri :k Dwjet. The affidavit of the receiver, Mr. Or org t Joyce, showed that on the 4th of ; April' a decree it ejectment wa obtained; in default against tie!, tenant; for 362 13. 31., be in four years' rent o(,his holding. Tter rent had beeh reduced in 1883 from 1 - 0 to CM, and the tenant paid np eyerything.due up. to that year. In the beginning of last July he began to removp hay from the arm. The receiter obtained fiom the Court an, injunction restraining him, but he dLsregarded the order, j LI MET ICK, Accu 31. A Poor' Law guardian named P. Mul aby has been rearrested on a charge ot having" .been concerned to - the moonlight attack pn the bouse of Timothy Am brose.of Kfl - kerdyiTkor Newcastle nest, in May last, on which occasion Ambrose was shot in the leg and seyerelyi wound ed. Michl.Vaughan, a blacksmith, has also - been taken into custody and charged, with complicity ! in the outrage, wbich it attributed to th fact that Ambrose was about advertising for salej tho farm of a neighbour on which ha bad a mortgage, and wfcen the land 4aa subsequently offered 'for sale there was co bidd.n - J owing, it srss allegl,;to the intimilatioii practised byTaugnan. The prison. - rs were brobght before Major RpUestone,. R.M., to - slay and reraaadal. bail being ref ased.l At Newport (conn'tyTipperary) Petty Sessions to - da before .Messrs. Hym; Finch, acd You g. a respectable farmr named Michael Moloney, af C; stlewaller, was prosecuted by District inspector Moon on a charge, of 1 naTiBgOB the 19th inst. find at 'and wounded William O'Bneii: The latter stated that hsv ai d a boy named Keijiely - were on the wall of uefendant orchard, when Motoacy fire.1 at him. Witness, who was wounded in the facc - afatl eeck. feJl.fitl the wall, and fonr ir five pellets ef shot were extracted from, his face by - Dr O'Dwyer. No evidence was tendered for the ilefeiioe. tut" the explanation dlEered was that the .wounding of tb boy was acei - d ntal, ti,t Moloni - y did not kuow then wa shot in the gun, aid that he'Wrelyl wanted' to fright n the boys, who e - ira - ti stleal his fruit. The m - sgistratei by. a majority - refused' informations. Mr. Hastings, solicitor, , who assisted' the prosecution, aaid he had to much respect for the Bench loi criticixo their deci'ion. O'Brien's father is bringing A civil . aetion ag uustl Moloney , 230.4 oamagea ueiog ciaimeu j he! nAMrro:?' jWiK RArxwAt 'ApciDErr. - - - Tn8 d of Trade inquiry into the railway accident at TUB WZATUXS. : . HTTEOLOG1CaiTr5oSTS 1 yiATHKn Chaw. fmdaV, Acq. 31. efray - ; - SM - i WSUStT Pri.' VJljJ Tn! Board Hampton Wick was resumed and concluded yesterday by the Inspector, i Major Marindin, C.M.U., R.E. Two witnesses were callol before the Inspectkrrfn the Board - luuui ...iciiuu,, viv wioj uiuipi 4 nomas 1'ickles, ttc lnter ot tne light engine, who asserted most positively that he did. not discover jthe engine was on tne .wrong roaunui it naa. got nan - way across the - Thames - bridg: It wm trarelling at the; rate' of 3D mile an hour; and he And his mate at once re re ed the ecgiae. Oi - rned, the 'sand boxes, applied - tha steam and baud brakeband did everrthing tha was r - ille to step the - engine!. The Inspector ssid h coull a t imagine. why the. cbgitie was not pullot up sooner, if it was only runniag at 20 miles an hoar, and. If tha driver and fireman were on the alfrt half - way over - the bridge, as they asserted they were: Major Marindin i nd the officials then proceed eI by special train to the se ene of the accident, where some f very interesting exiieriments jrere made.j A light engine precisely similir to the one which (fauaed, the cpllisioo, and baring thi same presror of steam on a attne timq nt the. acckie it, wa brobght abreast of the Kuigston signal - box. I' was - . - started toward Hampton Wick at the' sirnal o! .the Insoeetor I and steam was shutjoff at the precise. spot St here Pi cities allegedj that he first discovered that he wis on the wrong nsM since IVovetnW. 188S . t,;i th, - . i rxlDgSMn signai - wix, out; e. five and .a Ulf freer." ' rent due 27 10s "? ... nf JL.ut i ! r beyond ithe spot where Pick had IxJcVi thereto: Ms her nd hal delegated the care pf this to Daly, who acte.l is his lijcrd. The doof of the houe waa fount spen. nd resifrtant - o of any kindj was offered, and the sheriff waf liowetl to laxe quiet ana peaccaoie possession, ilr. v., t,.l'. f r..r.A i n - i. yards snort ol tne scene el the farrn. - and tai allow blml sufficient time to p.vl 5? "ai..eirpermten.ient, sahi itl - wa trate .clear that. the rent due ; but Daly, repiial that be bad no money. Lai L the house being taken from him. be ent or lurtiier cia:m on tnalte roust nd th emplov: 6w go to the workhouse, j; Mr. Tener then said that be had a high opinion of Daly and that he would give him another house abd 10 a year to take can of in evicted farm, tnerelytrequiring him to .keep the cattle Jrom straying, ana toe oeiences in repair, lialy s reply ras, An honest poor1 Wo is my. name, and I will tnain - ain it, I hope, while ;I have life ( but I would not be able to do the duty. Long lit td your honour. I must o to the wofkhousej now.'? Mr. Teller, having! been told by. Daly that jeven year - old. heifers bad been removed from 'thej farm, . sai l ! that if they were reinstated he would allow 28 i let them gainst the rent ;,. but IDali replied that be tould do nothing but go I to the jworkhbuse. The ext house was moije! than - thrtjo mile distant aod rts ol the road - leading to it, were tound ob - with .stone and bushesl by i which means the of the Sheriff's party prat delated. - I have liblv informed that the Bev' tViAiam Koehe. C.C., of Woodford, wsa present, and lie is believed tp tare taken a prOmincct part with Michael Donnelly Snd others in the blocking of the road kt Cloncoe - cross. When they Had proceeded abou half! way and reached (Tloncoe - cros Mr. Byrne, D.M., arrived, arl the Rev, Mr. Corn. P.P., also joined the party. On reaching th louse of John raheyjor Derrygill, which is; separated" from the hieh road bv a stream crossed bv stertrinr (tones, the Rev. Mr.lCoen, P.P.,lMr.., JIatthew Harris, H.P.. aid others werea kept back bv the military; and the sheriff' party,, with the - poLce, advanced. John aucj. Fuji u.s wua kiu tuuui tu, wee uuLaiue, ana Mr. Teber told them that he would leave thee! in. nosscssibn if be then got one year's rent and the costs, aixl - that he would allow them time to. pay the arrears. Upon Fahej replying that he had no money, Mr. Tener said be! would be satisfied with some Of the shock, but Fahey .said he could not make! such an arrange - meat, a til Mrs. - iabey acknowledging that the - offer was a fair oce, stated that they could 'cot come ,tp terms. The yearly rent waa 8 8s. f 6r.33'statate acres,and the tsluation 9 5s. Four - and - a - ha'.fj years' rent was due uto to Mirch last. The, amount of the decree was for three - and - a - half years 29 8s!. with posts 2 II. 6d. Mr, Teaer c He red the tenant, upon his producing a; solicitor's .receipt for the costs and 3 ra. hj ctah, to wsy him 5 a year a earefakr; cf the - wood near his blouse, dating from November, 1887, and to be paid ia advance so as to cover one, year's rent and, to allow the remainder , of thi arrears to bel paid, off by tho ' ailary. 1'aboy at first memed;, to approve the offer, bnt rjbscqucptly, while, expressing' his gratitude, be stated tSat he ihould act as 11 the other tenants did His cindudiag words were; " I thank yon, Sir, but under the present circumstances I certainly cannot accept tto term. Still. I am thankful to you for the offer. I could not pay the cost this moment.'' The Sheriff. 'I must, warn you that any person found resirthag will be; 'prosecuted. If you have! any persons inside advise them not To molest the bailiff or the police id! taking possession. - lit can do them no good. You have gone through the performance, of .barricading the bouse, - and I suppose that is enough for yon." Fahey did not reply And' the bailiffs proceeded to natter in the doer, which was found to be heavily defended. Aa loan! as - the door had bee) disledfed auaatitiee af boiling water were thrown eat from behind the boshes th steam wsi not shut off .reached. This is IOC - yards les assert that he shut off team ) the night of the accident: - The Vprcd attained on this occasion before the steam was shut off was 33 miles an hour, and notwithstanding this f alct the enirina was brought to. a dead stop in 123 yanlis, ami fully 33 yards sftort of the scene ef the collision, .llr. Verrinder, after making, due - allowance' for the wet rails on the trial tvvs? eaartem nntil he iweeivea thai which further blockaded tho 'entranoa. TV kii;r Irrs. Tho inquort b fjxedf oy Jfedsy. !' liM.bjfBaJ.toea oaglted hj - tha hot wartrj 1 night e I the. accident, if, the driver aid fireman! had beep on the alert they coold have st9pjdthe engihe after they discovered that thev were on tie wrocg road, and thus have averted tba'calamity. rhelnspeetor addetl that it was 1 mistake to suppose t At a wet' rail was a difficult on to .stop pn. In Egypt snd many hot Countries they aetaally ' wetted the rail 'to facilitate' stopping'. - A. dampl rail was somewhat d iflieult to stop on. but! a thorooghlyTvet one was n - it. ajor Marindin will present hi report to the - Board if Trade next week. : : ! Hzif GcfLCHAit roriNoTinroHAM A notable addition has been! made ! to the public buildings of Nottingham a town which, for its six ai d importance, was, at any rate until within the - last tew years, somewhat deficient in sdeh edifices in a Landmme block of municipal buildings, to be galled the Ouil lhall, erected on thai site, of . the old eattl market, at utting on to Bcrtott; Sherwood,! and Shakespeare street i, and in the immediate vicinity or University College. The old - Town - hall, a' small, unsightly structure hi Weekday cross, tad long been found inadequate for t ,e magisterial and sessional business of the town, and the fact , that the Government Inspector of Police was urging.upon the corporation . the necessity of prov ding better accommodation for the police - station was a further incentive to the town council, to bestir t lemselves in the matter. Moreover, 'a report wasproented to the council 'ss .long sg as December, - 1880, h commeoding that, 't for the more economic and eoave ient transaction efj the tublii bus tness of the town.Toffices more suitable! and better adapted for. the gens ral porpose required should be . provided.' A eoiimittee wa appointel to take the subject into eonsi teration, and after, the matter hid frequently been disc used at the meeting of the funeil, the committee . iu the" summer rf 18Q, empowered to. offer prize for den gas namely, a firit prise of 300, a Second of , 200, and a third if 100, the jprixe of course to be m ?rged in the commission of the anther of the accept 1 plan, i, At many - ai 117 designs were sent In. and thro well - knoira architects Mr. A. Waterbouee, Mr. Charii s Barry, and Mr. Henry Currer were appointed yodres. and were te select cne of their number to give the inai verdict. Their choice f ell upou?Mr. Waierkoase, and that gentleman recommended that the first and second ' Tixes should be divided between'Messr: Verity and Hunt, cf Regent - M irrct. aiouuoB, sou. jir. r. - tiruiasam. oi LHanehester. their designs being1 considered of equal nWrit, ud at' the same tune he suggested that the pLari of Messrs. Verify and nunt should be accepted, asT being best adapted for the purposes required. After MW. Verity and Hunt had altered their plan in aceerdailce with the modified requirements of the Corporation, tedder for the erection ct the building were invited, and that of Mr. EdmuzM Gabbutt, of Liverpcol.wa aeceptedithe amount of bis tcLtract beicg 61,700. The building, which is now nearly ready' for. occupation, is an imposing (tone structure, the architecture being - in the style of ithe French Benaissance. It was hoped that JthsJ Queen might hare been graciously pleased to perform (he open ing ceremony, and representation were nW ia the proper quarter on behalf ot the municipality with the view to ascertain. Her Majesty's feelings in the matter. It was found, however,' that this honour could not, be conferred, a post the town.: and the duty M formally opening the bsdldiBg wiU. no dostb darrolv; npoa. the Mayor, lAlderman Tumey. ! The date of the ceremony wad nxwtcrobablv be September 20. The Wf nsins were ynsierdiy thrown opan I or the lasgss&on ei Uk mhlt. tTBlaeatlnB ef th rait - I laBieal slsh I tf aaeiea ns are " awears er faaas ef sea,! aaeatilealsrawra,lbe Vstaa 'walA the iadieaas &a (tt a ttSfm a lbs end. Uft 33A' the shade tempwana - v k i, erareator several plaaa an taoat,i acd the weatbsr WiseeeM la wotds. Zb arm a wih the wimS. the Imm tt wafaa'b wn gyttm nmnber ct tarte ant llliem. taiwi - i - kj; ; trsaher ssrafi ss a xal : 'a vfelaat faiVeJ slraSSai aim:: Tbettoasef lb saa Is Bs4 acaollal srOsra. ja4assi taevarlae station, ' " Bemafks (S 30 p.m.jt A vert considerable improvement I In the wratiee . ; taken place oyer the - Br)tlh Islands and their lieighbow. hood darinsr! the east 24 hours. Tha d4rtnrt,n observed oa! Thursday jhave paaeed cismpletily awsyte the corth - east ward, the barometer ita riseh on all ocj coasts, and anj anticy eldnie system ha been formed ia eu neighbourhood, having it centre te thj soulh - wstward 0f Ireland, whil ts eastern and, northern part spread completely over. the. Britiih Isles and tha North Sea. the heavy rains and thunderstorms have consequently ceasedVy aod fair weatier haa become gexWral'f At. ( pressure! w I highest. !3Q3in. to 30 4ia orrr. Ireland. WahH the west of Ingland. the west of Prance, and. the hsv of Biscay : lowest. 30 - Ifn.j lover thei 'souther half of Scandinavia and the south of Spain, J Gradient were siigai, xitrometer rising - almost verywner. bvt! vry slightly jin Inland! ; in the south.west of prance it wa falling slightly. Temperature was hi (best, 71d$, at Lisbon, itdeg. at Bkarritt, and COdef. at jour ows loutnern tutions ; lowest, 4'Jdeg., at Christlaaannd. Sides;, at Sctaburrh Head, and 34desl on Borthastera coast . It ." has been Idw for the. timj ot year all day pj ' our Islands, hot the air has been! dry Wind wsa light i moderate gesstrally. Ip direction it wa westerly ia Ireland : and jScotlandj sorthqrly ini ErglaadV, north - easterly over the Bay of Uucay1, and j corth - weitrlyta ralel st LiiMn;. Weatier was' fine sleearallv t In tie wes of L - ei4d. at iSorriowiy, an,j all Christ iacsund' however, the) sky waaj cfoady. Io Loorlon tie eloasa were all passing off te ihe eastward, ithe' air," was haij and tie sppear&nre qui4t. Sea was.sbghtj or,ssnooth ra; all our coastij ?ine watier appears? lutelyj to prcvad;' generally during to - morrow, with low morning tempera ' turci over England,. an4 some fog. Tie f1reserJrpesji! aoce U bettet" than it Ias been for a ling! time patt. ronAsrrsiO WiATnia wi STraPir4SiiTl 1 I (issjczs - t; 6 30i. o rnkvBcs"iiT). 0. ScoTtxaDN. Weiterly and soutlt - wcsterly reexea, 1 moderate. 1 fine Inahowerv. i 1 i COTLAsriy E. Westerly,' aa - westeriy, and variable airs : Eae. alter! a cold night, i N.Bame a No. 1. - X I' ' - - i.... v - r. T ' Xi t . . i; CocSTtx. Same a No. 5 S. (Lbndon and Channer). Nortl. to south - wrsterfv aire r fine, harv ot ally, after a verr! COM "night, t W. Wind ' backing .tojj west I and south - T. EfGOaolN.W. (and N. Waci - ame; a'No. . 8." ExciPlS.W. (and S. Walesltfame a No. 6.9. UsxisD,! N. Soutji - wetcrIy w - !pdaj jbebned - tt - 1 iresaenjia uio wesi : one rsnerauy, anowers a , Wt, 10. IBZXA1; 8. fame !a No. 9. 1 J I - S WarniDgs. None issued. By order, ROBERT S. 8 3. prcLaat 3; piotAJij 4. Mintijri 5. EaCLXai! wester! r festrb 6. ScOTta.Tl west's Ira BEN 'Br; V NEVI3 ; Tsnerai OBSEteVATORYAco. 31 aixt. insraUr, Wind.' - leprae - : W'j "jit caoed. - I - 2 n i ' n.. K1 ' U fM. I K. I I 2 (4 j asfl Sal. I WAV, ( X Per tte - 21 hours. 7; - night, 3, Total sunshine recorded,! 22mia. Black buIb.lKoV Mist or doud ky all day. Fresh northerly breexes, lotce 11 to 3, till 1 a.m., light variable wind. force 0 to I, til 7 pa., and west - 0uthwesterly breese, ' force) 1 to 2, hcel Taiperatnre! fiUisg tlll( 2 .nv ; rising till la pirn., anl pretty steady sincei Air saturate! 4 alt dir. rtarnineter rfsifis - - aiMdltv tilt h n m . br I Barometer "rlsiair isteadilv till 5 n.m - btl falling sine. ,1 A littte - snow fell! last 'night and slight showers cf sleet and rain - in tie! forenoon J total fall, 0 Q201in. An aorora was seen at ' ll'pjn. and a lunar. corona at l a. i Thx Tncxi !OmcxJ Sajc. Bxa discs or j Tm .Jordax BAuxmr (ooKKEcrzn ronTiMrrEatrEX ma axDCcxn to xxxsr xjI LstrxLit taxim ir hrnRviisi or! two abcx criao TBrAJT rwxTTT - rocXBOcM. I Lcocar Slr - SxnxJaBxa li.; . . i, Aj - M. ; . ' . TIC , j, Z 4; I t 19 !t 1 I I I 13 v ill 1 1 t I V 324, II III 1 - is a) 1 1 1 T ' u! aweahsae Is raseiead ty a JorSaa's rie4ssveJ Iesrdas, t tseaity vaitw wtthj ilia tai elan ef He Jae. I Bratsa ,Baei saoe latenaitteat seaskma . I 1 . ' 1 t - TanrrxXArcu Jiarn HTcraoMiTaio CosnmJJ or ID'. B Aim n Lostxjx. 8St OtMT - E IMfVCX. 1 av,wi .r - uwifw Tniseeaisn. 1 j Witt 4 I v seojw 3JWW I. ,ct - its 13 3rwe 1 Taeoex. kaM I .1 - ; air. jt., Ja Ipneal licka. f 1W 47 '13 MialmaaiTieiliStmi fO'nr. IWulw, TaeT rWU MabM4 aeeeUrkv tae ase ofaPsass SHisTe. Tbel ' 1 r t riivrwj'Fisc 2 r 2 . Yt7 HrvresfinsI vmleae tkaWl HinMMM Tirii.. U all Mm T TWITreef aeiMr ia tawi.wsigl sf W.5 f W jUt M still aaswele 4 aSsirwf , ' et - tn.tM. . i ; ! f ' ,; . owrir im - fr - .t a i..i ;ija - Mrt&a at I noon,! 17"Wf. (Beanwsr). Barometer nen isrther 7MJmasv , VTEfXA,.. Atrfc SL A rainy laayj 1 BBasrni nat a noon, lideg. ptlanmnr. Barometer, 7 Emm. 1 ' r - A Tnirmti Eoir - isan. Tlrsavi ; TKe tcsrseda boat NcdeofeM, whicsi na. been lying - Bosiwsspto jJocsa lor some ssostna, nj ban boexM y an GiiaTansiut.i a aaded fag fta, Psantisjgyiisiiillf r ' : i ,4 H

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