The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1934
Page 3
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Auocfat« tdbom MIS? icuSE DDCON MRS. RUTH CAMPBELL MBS. BERTHA M, 5ARB1S MBS. EDNA K. CHABTREE [ MISS EDNA. M. FERGUSON tr *, ;H<OMJE PAGE THREW Miss Edna Ferguson Offers Suggestion's for Nfw Year's Rvo. Hear Friends in RiyOipvlllc: If your CJirislmns illnnei- follows the traditional pattern, It may not iiipludfi a fried dish; Inn ihp purlieu which full Imwrr-n A Christmas ami New Year's, and lAlhe supper parties on Nr-w Year's Me might well include unusual | and delicious fried dishes. Rome of these will fit into buffet suppers; ntlifrs inm luncheons; others bridge parties. But firsi, some pointers on leohnlque for the new cooks who have hesitated to buy a frying kettle and equipment and Indulge In this fa- ' write cookc-iy EO well beloved by hoiisewlves of long expt-rlfnce. Select a Trying- kfllle with straight sides, and flat bottom, not a rounded kettle; choose one with fitted frying basket, with long handle (on the basket) and a hook on the kettle so that for certain draining Ihe basket may be hung there a few seconds. There should be a. generous amount of paper toweling on hand; a flat oven pan loo for certain foods which nre kept hot In the OJKII oven while the rest are fried; and of course, pounds of cooking fat ready for the kettle. General Directions Follow the directions given with the shortening for frying. An ordinary saucepan will do—I hesitate to say it—for with any cookery the perfect utensil'makes the more perfectly finished dish; a frying thermometer is of invaluable aid; a wire eg(; beater or skimmer for certain foods; a long handled fork; with wooden hanT die; all aid in the preparation and finishing of the fried foods. When tlie foods are ready for JiJrying, put enough fat in Ihe fry- •flig keltle so that when melted the kettle will be a - little more than half full. Heat the fat gradually; fasten ,the 'thermometer on the. sld^.jjLthe .kettc,, placing il lowi'iraough sp that the bulji Is welt-"coverea-f'yilh' Ihe 'fat." hut does not' touch: the bottom. When the thermometer registers three ninety-five degrees, for example, it Is right, for. French fried potatoes.': The cold . food will '-'reduce the temperature of the fat a .'great deal, often 1 "as 1 much; as seventy- five degrees, so increase the J heat a little now, and s't ir the potatoes 'as Ihey cook.- : Practically (he same procedure L^ followed ; for oi her cooking, although croquettes nre not sllrred about, hill. left, nlone in Ihelr basket. Recipes below give the temperature and procedure for each. To Crumb To successfully crumb foods lo be fried, have the crumbs quite fine and dip the food to be fried first in the crumbs,"then in Hie. beaten egg, and then in the crumbs'again. Let stand for from fifteen lo thirty minutes before frying. StnnBlng- causes the crumbs to adhere better. If stored in the refrigerator, return to the room temperature before frying. Add one lo two tablespoons of water lo each egg beaten for crumbing purposes. And bent the egg yolk only until the yolk and JMihlte are mixed well; do not, al- V(«mpl to beat until light. Drain all fried foods on paper towels. They are clean, absorbenl, and convenient to use. •v^Most fried foods are best hot, pir at least fresh. Fried Shrimps One pound of canned shrimps; one teaspoon of salt; one eighth teaspoon of pepper; one fourlh cup of lemon juice; one beaten egg- bread crumbs; torlare sauce. Clean and remove veins from shrimps. Sprinkle with salt nml pepper and lemon Juice. I,e(. stand fifteen minutes, stirring occasionally; dip in fine dry crumbs then in boa (en egg to which one teaspoon of water has been added. Dip again hi citimbs;"let stand for thirty miniiles. then fry in deep hot fat (365 to 37:1 degrees) for three minutes. Drain on paper and serve with larloro sailce made by tiddln» chopped pickles, olives, capers and parsley to (hick mayonnaise dressing. Rice and Cheese Croquettes One tablespoon fat; one tablespoon flour; one half teaspoon of salt; eight ounces cheese Cone. c »)»; one halt cup milk; two cups cooked nee; one egg. F° r Ihe coating: one egg; one Useful Gifts for the New Year's Babyl anrrrnmr^mniimm^nmm mi-mi^^^^«m> m •• __ - . •* ™ Editors i KHS. NANCY ROWS MRS. GEORGE THURN MRS.EMaYA.UOTZ MRS.). WATSON SHOCKXEV MRS. FRANCES NORTHCHOSS Ho siiro yon imy one of ihraf comfortable big Turkish inwcls for nlvlnir the lml)y Ills bath. Designed lo m, the hath lahle, they are soft, nlKorhf-nt and matched with wash cloths. Note how ills square diaper Is nlnrird; sr.p, such lowls and nil n™ nrarasmlps In Ilm baby dr-pni (limits for stylus cbnnufl for babies as well as'iiimvn nps. The, nursery 1 wall puppr Is palp yellow with iimny pels .scattered about. icconds. Makes ten small crnquel- tes. Chicken or Turke.y Croquettes Two tablespoons fat; two lea- spoons minced onion; four tablespoons flour; one teaspoon salt; one eighth teaspoon pepper; one cup milk; two cups left-overcooked mtnccd chicken or turkey, or parts of meat and minced celery; one teaspoon minced parsley. For the coating: one egg; finely jround bread crumbs; two tablespoons milk or water. Melt fat, add minced onion, and pan fry until yellow. Blend in flour, salt, and pepper; stir until smooth. Add milk. Cook until the mixture thickens. Add turkey, celery, and minced parsley. Chill thoroughly. Form Into .croquettes. Roll In fine, diy crumbs; dip In ! diluted with milk or water :l roll again in fine drv crumbs. Pry In deep fat heated" lo 315385 degrees F. or. hot enough to hrown-.nij -inch-cube of -bread In forty "seconds. Rix ov eight croquettes. : Ham Fritters wllh Bananas Two eggr,; two tablespoons of milk; one fourth teaspoon pepper; three tablespoons flour;: salt. If needed; chopped ' onion, if desired; .two cups' ground, left-over bain. •''-..•" Beat pegs, add flour, milk, seasoning, nnd ground ham. Drop 'by spoonfuls into dcr-p fa I. heated: (n 37f,-38r. degrees P. or hot enough lo brown an inch cube of bread In forty seconds. Pry until brown. Drain on paper. Arrange on center of platter and surround wllh bntianns fried as follows: Peel six small bananas, cut in half, dip in lemon juice, dredge wllh (lour, and fry as above until brown. Arrange, on platter with fritters and garnish with parsley. Makes twelve small fritters. . —KDNA M. FERGUSON. A Jelly Salad For Midwinter One package lemon or lime gelatine; one cup warm water; two table-spoons sugar; one half cup walnut meals coarsely broken; one nip grapefruit Juice ami cold watsr. dlnupr. ' fruit, and drain. Acid grapefrul juice and wafer to the. gelatine Turn Into shallow pan. clilll'i'mtl firm ami-,cut .in -ciibcs. •Gomblh ciihrs and grapefruit, on crisp 'let . Dissolve UK gelatine In wprmituce dmt' sorve.' w'itti mayonngYf« water. Sprinkle aiigar over grape-[Servi?.-,. oiglu. " ' These breads and cakes fall into the class of health or diet breads for one of their chief constituents is bran, recommended in many dietaries. But they nre delicious and suitable in nil ways for general use ns well. S|>Jo« Cake One cup sugar; tlrrce. c(Tg yolks 'well beaten): onp half cup brim (rolled!; one and one fourth cups Hour; two teaspoons baking powder; one half teaspoon soda; mm tea- Declarer TR Lucky; Makes Slam in Spile of Poor Pky 1JY WH. E. McKEN'NKY Secretary, American Krldge Ix-aguc Yes, sir, "there ought lo be o * 10 S C J :; VS5-J'.r * None * J 10 8 2 A None. VAQJI072 #AQ9 V Rubber—N, and S. vul. South West TVorlli "Dast 2 V 3 A I'asx I'ass •I * .1 + Pass fails •* A i'ass -I y Pass 0 4. Pasa Pans Pass •• » t V .1 + i'ass I'asa Pass Opening Lead—A K. hanc foui con- half teaspoon salt; one halt sponn cloves; one and one half teaspoons cinnamon; one fourth teaspoon nutmeg; one cup 'our cream (thick). Add sugar gradually lo <w yolks. Add bran, sift dry insi-p-1 dip.nls. add alternately with crrani. iteu. «•(,)). Pol]r ml(J to-eased tin. Bake. about forty-five mlmites in a moderalo nvcn 31 ^ degrees P. Nfakes sixteen servings j tone cake eight by eight, Inches)] law." 1 really believe, should petition Hie mlltee" to make a law protect us against Ihe "result" player. have made it—if"; or, whcii he L dummy lib. pel-.remark. It, "Whj did you- finesse the queen of diamonds? If you had played yon ace, (lip. singleton king would havi dropped." Today's hand was played recently in a money ; game and I r.-Uliei shuddered when South bid sevci hearts. His partner had don nothing but show Mint Jib contained four hearts arid clubs. However, when ihe. seven tract was reached, West openei Ihe king of spades and Soutl trumped with the deuce of hearts He led (he queen of diamonds and trumped. Then he look the heart finesse, which held. Another diamond was trumped anil now tlfc dub finesse was taken. Of course Fast had to cover, and this cstab- lishrd the eight, of clubs-as an en'•y to lake another heart finesse After tlie hnnd was over Hit declnivr remarked, "Well, how did you like my bid. partner, and did- n t I play that hand well, lo run my good diamonds so that J could Bct^ entries for three two flness- anil In your- club. He Justifies his your hid rone k^I"'^^' " f "'I Islam l,1. te by saying.-^would ^^M^iT^M . Ins™-1 |chnnc<! on having the club fliiMse 111 Roiu-ldi-r anil sail. Mix dates and mil ral1 . when all yon h n d to do was ir Inio meals with flour and add to first '" len(l the. three rounds of dla- irly-flve mixture, beating well. Bake In n nionds, discarding three clubs from •»•• •>•". moderate oven. TO degrees P.. dummy, cash the ace of clubs, lent 1 Ihlrly minutes. Cut inlo bars nnd " clllt) . "iff and take the 'heart "air cup dry bread crumbs; two tablespoons milk or water. Melt fat and btald witl) nmlr »i , Sl!r hi mllk antl cook mixture thickens. Add cheese -Pieces, cook over, low b "I* 50 " 1 ' Add rlce alld beaten egg Just M removing rotn stove Chill, then shape ln- u c i - ^lp In egg diluted with milk or water and again i n crmnbs BYv in. deep fat heated to 365-375 S- 8K6S P. or hot enough lo brown an bioh cube of bread m sixty Baked Icing Three egg whiles; one brown sugar. Beat egg whiles until roll hi powdered sugar. Tliis may also te served as n cup of pudding with whipped cream. Flj- Honey Bread Arid"..' urn" ' ."""' frol! 'y- One egg; one fourth cup brown rni in,,; Hf a ,, a , ltmc n » rt l s "B">" one half cup honey; one roniinnn ijca tni £ lmt1 , all or the iable.spoon melted shortening; nn c m ' al " 1 meringue j one cup bran; two and one half sun spread on cake and cups flour; three fourths teaspoon a slow oven, 325 degrees Isoda; two teaspoons baking pow- IHlrty minutes; in other |dcr; one teaspoon salt; one half on after cake has i cup chopped pecans;' one cup of minutes, without chopped figs; one and one half %m •"'"" cups milk. removing cake from oven. Honey Dale Bars Two eggs; three fourths cup of honey; one halt cup bren; one half cup flour; one Jpaspoon baking powder; one fourth teaspoon salt; two cups fine); one half (chopped). . Beat egg. add sugar, honey nnd melted shortening. Mix well. Add bran. Sift flour with" soda, baking powder and salt. Add pecans nnd figs to flour mixture. Add dry In- r-.,..» --QW hv i^wui Hll.\miy, /iUQ UIV til" dates (chopped gredienU alternately with milk cup nut meats Bake In greased loaf tin In a moderate oven, 375 degree,? P. Cor one hour nnd fifteen minutes. Makes Beat eggs well. Add honey and i>u,u mm mw bran. Sttt flour with baking DOW- one lurge loaf. "un itiKu me nean imessp. leaj anclhcr club and rntr wlilch would have provided Ihr entry for. another heart linesseV Ccrlalnly the much safer line of piny than havlnR | 0 (nisi that bolh nnesscs would work Bowdoin College Students Checked Grave Markers BRUNSWICK. Me. (UP)- The favorite pastime of Bowdoin College students of reading the tombstones in the cemeteries wits put on a commercial basis. This town employed the students to check all markers before 1892, Since then a law has been passed which requires all doctor; and undertakers to record deaths thnt occur. all Courier News Want Ads Papa (Continued From Pnuo OIIP.) iiiiul IHW ontigrfw,-. Those, ncwly- lecii'd members know thai ihey oik' into JIOWM- on Ills conl-ialls »t Ihf-y want lo IIP ublo lo show "rognlnr" party iworil In (\M S'lti demons. No Hupp n! Itshiu-hiir IliiilR.-l [11 l!W!i There will UP a lot, of l;ilk uboilt nflntion mi HIP purl, of HIP bonus the - ami the TIJ that 1'iPslilpiil Roosevelt vlll U,row hLs personal .slreiiaih ngiilnst any imlrfgtit monetary novcs. "- .... (or by i lie Inilldlnn, (rones nlnniv Hence, i in- 'Importance n f ,, ,.,,. civil) Jn ihl.s- Industry | Thr'v- rrninriu MniisinR pu-arnin will «c ot llllh--help. As lonj! us hiilltllne fflsis. (n.w.s-, nnd iiileresl riite.t are htKh nnd rent.s low [here can bo no suhs'.anllnl pick-up In bulhllni;. Tdi> rapidly urowliy shnrlnsi' of homos InvDis rlsliiu I-MII.S nnd every Imilonllon polnis lo lower jnorl- nxli-s hut not lo tower biilld- i-osls. 'riii'ii'lnr.-, rohslrndliin lllfs Mill I,,. mi),|(.jali-ly bftler !!);», l,n| -riic real ti\ much Imlliliiifi |.in)!!,' I,, |!i:i<;. mni-i- nollvp ituin | 1M i .„-,,.„„„.,, will I'oiulmiP i« improve 'In MX,. Mate .fnhs In litjr, While imnnpioymi'iil tills wlnlev will bo men-,, .serious Hum ever DIP minilinr of Johli'fS will drop niivurnir.s linn "^ l!l35 " 1|V!1 '"''' S - Till' exl)0l li'd nw-risls My I? 11 " 1 '" "'"'"'ilni.'l.'on will IJP shnir,! by olht'i- blj; Indiisn-lpii. Htppl op- nntpiil In Uio iif-sl tt'vr ninnllis linn rwr IK fine, llenre, ronm-ns iriin;! enn- I'entnile on Mites riiiniialgnf! if Ihoy espt'ct lo &fi\ iliMr shnre oi' Hie IDflTi business iniiirovciucm. and ndverllslnn biidRols must rrcog- nlu" ihl'i fuel, ApiiTOjirlnllons can be cali-iilHlrd on ibi''i «f n fi ni-r rent sulcs Kiiln In Hi.- Ilisl lialf and n i'on.slili--i-ab]y lilniier «in )n Jho Insl sis moiiilis. in iililltlnn I bore Is the po-siblluy if nn llinvasn In iiilviMllsiiiK ml,.;;. Tin 1 ndvorllRliiR nnd sales oul- oul; tuliiRs In inliid tin. pni.-.llil[- IV nl « will's lux. Till! 'Iri'ivuiry ibsoliili'ly iniiKl Iiud n now Innn il I'l'vi'iiiin wilhoni. siraugllng IY-- ravery. II Ii I'viunlnliiK i^rrrnlly llu- iinis mill onus uf ;i i:<-nei-;il uili-s lii\. Tin' inl.tiM' Is pi'olmbly In 1 leas), piihifnl jni'Oiod of jiil.-i- ni: mmiey—nnd 101- Mint rdi.-'.tiii "' oni- oi Ihe must ih.iiF.i'i'Oii!, In . Shi 1 onily months of I he j r. lm ' hrcal of rim-ciiny Inllallon is hi On' J<lc bulk at DIP iinpiii|,lfl.vii,(.|,| . rously |-P!,;IP,SS, lo war pras- ,, pi'd.s. I can only tny Unit, the - !xpcnilllures may ln> seriously pon- sldered. All Ihls poslpoiiPS the day when DIP budget ran nnaiiy be balanced and miikps cuii-eiiey nflatton nil the. IUOIP probable 'ven Ihoiich thPie- Is |c..,': tnl)< almut it nt pipspiil. The budget problem tronblp.s me lore (Iran any of the others which we fnce today, inflation In Ulu-r nations ha.s always come hrough an unbalanced biidncl. Instead of printing paper money, our government Ls ])ihu!i]|; government bonds and forcing them onto the banks. Eventually Investors may get panicky over bonds Just us lii Germany the !"',"',', iii.i|..<.jcu \» imraiie-- IIII.IM. me ai uncial adviiiitatip of people completely lost faith in!, I:,,', nll ' Cil(iy lmvl "« J°'w will dollar devaluation lias about sptnt the- mark. Ilencc, ' L feel the • lc - llnlc lo •'•-•ve ihpiu. Toiujjor- fbelf but prosjiects fnrar n modcr- dan»er o[ Inflation Ls grave. And ', ," "^"'""liccs c.-rtr demands for nlc improvement in our forpl|;i remcinbcr, Hip, surest way lo In- .'1 cr ^"^ wll > '» frctiuen,'; Irndp due to tarlll a(IJustmeiil.s. Hale our currency- would lit for ,, ,,,', IJ1; - |o « 1 l | °.! of liny major So much for trade and Indus everybody In act selfishly so that .," u "''. " &r lln i r fcrioiw ink-rrup- try. Now what r-bout .sUrks nni they will profit only from such u , ' '" l'™ llc l-ton should take hondsV Hi lolly, I lirllevu wi: 1mv policy. At the same lime 1 in-gc «,..,, T . I)CC " '» a ni.i.lor Imll market sliiti the yi-ar iidvanc^s. Tin. niiltcl- . - pntcd ilw In living rnsfii will prod In her into iti'niam1iiu> hlpjirr wni:i'B Ijibor troubles wllj sonsniially Increiui: iliirlng Ihe ...prln;. ;ui)ntlis nnd will lininj r ., u !)i rf ,al uvei ccrlnln major linruJlrii's. Thli will bii tine prlnofpally tn (lie fuel Hint rjiily tetnii.irnry imrcGiiipnl.' are In fcrcii In. .such Imin.striH «s niiloinoblle, (exdlo nnd S [,: e | This ilufs nut itmi-i, limvevi-r, tha (In 1 leu- mnnth, mil s(:( ,. un) fiiuihnu-.nnliy scrims lulmr irun- iJlra. As far us iiinior striker, in concerned, ihc ur.lois Hie ward. MOJTOVI-I', iwrpi. In Mi . IllMUIK'W!, hill,. Ukl'llhniUl , Unit iminerly owni'i's will liny I'l-llei year ironi luirdi'ii- inii' real I'smic iiixvt. I'firi-lsn (lullook S|inlly WliaL Is Ihe onilnok abiondV Uannilu, I.utin Aninrlr.T, Month Africa nnd Aiislrnlln .shoiilil con- llmii' lo 1:0 nlicail ni'xl. yrnr, htil elsinvlipri' rpmvfi-y Is monii'iilnr- ily fallerlng. T-lirtlif-i- siilisliiniliil rccnvpi-y In niilnln dPpMiils mi a lictlctliy of world (mile. 'I'lip |i'ni Rflsl Is r.iilferlnii from nvcr-pvo- iluctlon. Ci'iilrul ICinopc Is dans . oullook Is Bi-swi!. nml Ihe clhi!i' can willislnnd , 1 doubt II Prune,.. lil iiloe" millon Indelhiltely liressuro. of continued dolliitlon If lliexo cdanlilcs "KO iilT Bohi Ihc \ray may lie navi-il [enniril in iiiulil , -. - " ••= '"i"^ HU .JINII^II.IUJ t!uiiu cijnf.-iifiy ju-rec- plenty o. unemployed to parade-, The nrtlflcliil iulviintn B i. of but U osc alre cvcrj- Investor to ba protected against infialion by owning .some , common stocks, real estate liiiult- f" 1 " , ,- - , les, and coinmoditlfis ' xlillt l-™dc— wholesale . p,,c« are ,0 per cent above ihe depression low of about 5 ffr Ju •', h March 1033. Thh past year prto half u f ,S M . have rhen about 10 per cent ami Jus(,: e t,; are now at the hi B level',!,™ «.«f,,| | n yf . n , bZ n ' OHIstnmllnB has even exceeding l!« been Uio sensational recovery ill ..... -" ' agrlcullurnl nuolatlons as a re sult of sborl crops due lo ||i ' dronsht.; • Rinri prices . • .prces havo. JumiK'd about .-ii; '. per ( eiit over. lest yrar, while t;oods ho'iight W farmer.', have, .inc reused only il Pf-'- 1 cent;- TliLs means, llmt the position of ihr faiiuer Is the hesl In man;,- years, ills ic-nl purchas- ins power h»s greatly Inwased Qiii tlm nnllonk for I9M poinls | Q MIU hljlier prifes and ;, fm-thfr In farni areas. Many iuiliislrln f'ommodl|[p3 . --j •••••••••LI MII ^ UJIUU nave shown some weakness In [he .ast six months dun to away from price-IMng nml -g nm businew dullness. This weaklier but an interruption of the up- nrcl. trend. New Washington IcElslntloii. the elfecls of drought nnd stronger siipply-dcmand ratio are all working toward hlghei wholesale prices In the coming year. The advance, however will probably be lit n slower pace than in the last eighteen montlis- -riic imporlint poiul utitiut HIM' c mn . modily nurkMs will be whieilvltv '••ach coininotllly will hare to • lie Juriewi or. its own merits. Rising farm prices should be the ln«h. spot .UK! n,[ s | ]1( . a ,| iS . higi,,,,. jj prices for everybody. od I'rlces Will lioosl Living Cosls «fj will fee a substantial rise m the rest of living principally brcaiise of food bills. Prices of foodstii(Ts are now itt the highest 'cvel In four years and the advance tot , s Oll ;vfrk af|CI . KCfj . Nn extraordinary rise is expected "the furiilliire. cloiliing, and miscellaneous .smiom of (j, e rf, m n y budget, utility rales will dcrli,,, •i'lPr on II,,. other hand, r.'nis "'; :lr( '^»«'n-'"ay even j, 1mp arply tn CMtahl | 0< . a ,, M l "•K of Miltnble ronlal rnnce I wv Ilian half of our ^din l"s has already developed and e shoring* is growing Uaily. mis Hie most bullish mniif-ne,- on """,,. '!'?"" g W " IC " T ™» fOf- I have previously staled Ihal the coastnicllon Industry hold, the , m, " r<x ' ; l M ' rll V- Five of our (en inl.lion lincmployed arc account? Children's Coughs Need Creomulsion •Alwaj's get the best, fastest and surest treatment for yotir child's cough or cold. Prudent mothers more and more arc turning to Creomulsion for any cough or cold that starts. Creomulsion emulsifies creosote with six other Important elements-it Is truly an elegant prescription. U is not a cheap remedy, but contains no narcotics »nd your own druggist Is midior- z«d to refund your money on the spot if your cough or cold Is not relieved by CreomuMon, — Mv t 10 Kcltill ,Tnu)c U Adv , , c " •' "'' 1! ll"!«ni Adiances both In factory and year will so.-, u coiilhiuallon trill hiivmn tirtii'ni- <i n n.. ti^i.. . _ it. i i-.-ii • , _ - ... Iti t tiv,LUi y u | HI i,l™ b ',' ym ,' ! P°! vcr definitely mean nnd nita a , nnrl .»- n——" •-—'• Unit volume well .n., dollar .valnij wiis mueh nn i'!f mi ! ^^ Mils '• trpmr lo coi,tlinie. and, lo Iraailen Into ail " merehandUe • Is • likely "necpssit.y" to lit- In brat deniaifd'"'wilh ing Diirclmslni semi-luxuries will enjoy a i, the wen luxuries call.' a While spiling conditions will tie tlmiiiBhoiii. m 0 .,(, 0 , thi , ry in' Ihe ne.vl |.«v)ve hmn- ^ nl » s«Mom' will heneilt Mn'ii fa n«lnir tcgloiu of Hie and parl/i-nlarly n f u i S»u ,ar, „„„ ,„, ,,, 0 , t ^JJ,! iwrlloilrs. The North at.-o offers racellent op-porlunltles. "arlk be IS, ' >e reflec avlv n the Iridusirtal ccntcre as Ihe "cv year progrosscs. Modern Ic advances lit wholesale prices (,-ill be parsed alMg lo the consumer on elail price tags. -Only )„ fo0( ', iv'' 0 vt'T f spectea lo J"'"" py. M ost important of all collections will continue („ tin-' provi- iie.vt, yenr. "'• filrin " rMS hi increased !l l!etlcr Ol|tlook fol . ls bc( . (pr . • tlll> '' 10:l2 "''" " 1!a ll"! - «nilni: , it.,, i i-.-ii , • , Inal liull m:irl(cl. \vnera tire fi'i'llnu Eomewhnt ) : ei- •r nller n vrry troublous yetir. Inch farm nnd liidusliial crjulp- upnt nerds roplart-mcul. nail- ondi m-e due lor relief but one-pull Investor.! will leavt locks alone. Itnll eiiulpmi>nt rnak- t.t.iiiil 10 iiDileml/allon irouch if m iy tail prnitrnin Ii put rtr m ,| .. , lir iilillly iinlliiok mnre II ...... -ve ml |in«cr Is niny •niBcttlr- prims from CMM lo time i)Ut fundauif.'ntally Ijoitei- ivlil b« the moril Important, in- flur;ii':c- on (hi. 10:15 stuck innl-ket, Enrnlnfis ivlll cwulmie to Improve, wllh cgiii]iarls(ins brut m ih c i) na i lir.lf. Th« 19.14 tendency toward more genrroiw dividend? will hold. Seciii-H In-, r,n> in .sti-oiifi'liuiidi: today and ilu< llonliiiii supply h low. Tluje. filr.loi-r. 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The iiulslinitiing development of 193-1 wns the broixieniiiK out of recovery Into many ,, cw || n( , s v ,,| lldl had not shairid the Improvement of 1333. and 10M W lll di'IlnUely sec this trend • continued \ Hi'- mcmfccr that while h 27 por cent below normal today, it ir. l(i per cent better than Uccdn- IWH years ago and il per cent aiiove last nccembcr. I.e! us all be Ib.'inliflll fur (bis an ,| | l!lv<! fa | (il mat by llcri-inlir-i- uf IfJT) HP nlll ">»in In 1 on ||,P. vcru.. of p,n> li.-nly. (CopyrJjfht, I9.1.|, r'ulilMirr.f , l''limiii:ial ilineuin look ts sill] siitlsfai-iory. Aulo- i! prospects look iiiodcralol}' lliilldln.. if.siics will di- thp volume of con- , rectly struction. Iron and sled oprralion, w ill expand rapidly i,, n,- s t half- second half depends on buiidins. Chemicals should .share in Im- iiilns year's busing.; |;ains. Mill Whwt you'suiter tiies* symp- if>m-) g.u .1 hottlo o£ Di\ Botnt'H J^, nml ft. Pr.>scrL]>l[on from »'iy ilrligi;lsi uinl bunli, U] t - ni^ rtih lenicUy iitouof. Ttioso "Irinuer filKimla woii'i wnar of£ —clicy ofifri |«:ul 10 serious complication;;. l>r. Honil-B K. nnd n. Prpscrin- tlon Is-osurclnlly rocommcml- eil for MaiMi-r \\'cakno<!3, |>ar- Hoiilarly -niiins In Uio traolr, I'Ctl or lilslily coloroil m-tno liu ntul, Ijiirnliu,- or frctjucnt ilrlniulOR, JrlWillne ami E fi- llllff HI) nlslils. tt nittMy- orlngfl welcome roller to olil- erly people who suffer fro-n lilaililer •weal:nt!!i. Prlco CU 0 mid SI.20. For salo by all Booil druggists. JliinufaciuMcl tn,? 01 ^ 1 1 ' h »" n «oy Company, I.lttU Ilock, vlrk.injns. .. has shown a ronslstcnt E nln I year and this trend will continue into I93S. The NRA - "Irlfl kprnor rniniiclltlnn | NASAL RRITATION Memhotatmi nl{M and morning. punt Chilled By Frlgldalre Safe • Sanitary Pint - 7c Quart • 12o CRAIGS DAIRY ....,,-..;. Phone 74 UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL .-.. Quart White SHELLAC Gal. $2.60 , WATERSPAR VARNISH Quick-drying, dear I 19 n « ERSP&R Wflpwiei!! '^VJHai-t interior PAIL 30c Each CALCIMINE, All Colors,. . .. P cr Lb. .. .. 12c Hubbard Hardware Go. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY'

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