The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1954 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 15, 1954
Page 13
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1954 BLYTHEYTLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWg PAGB THIRTEEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hooplc : *&> im mx&c OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams E6M3, ESUEST.' HOW ME6TW46 '•too/ I'M ORSAMKIM6 MO 1>EV SiC* 1 fTS OUR SHOP JOKERS" — 7. 11*46 8V *X*t»46 DER Slit-L RTT16 K5MOER SOME LIVELY AIRS AT THE OWLS X'LU HAMDL6 IMS CLAKItJET, -THINKS KIEVE MEM- 0<eUM6, 306 SPI60T OrJ CORBET. SUT, — JME6T/ JM6MBER THS ! IL (••«•. 1M* *I «* *••*—. I-. T. • FOOD UP, soy! TWIRP SEASON COMES OMLY ONCE A YEAR/ I INSIST OW \ IXNAY.' 1 SI6N ATWIRP ~ FOR CH6AP/ TWIRP • 'M TfeWTlM6/ FILLED HOLD / TO THE STILU, . X GIUS / T«l«vi*ion — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, It WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 9:30 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News Reporter 10 -" u 6:30 Eddie Fisher :0;3 ° 6:45 News Reporter 7:00 Red Buttons 11:0 ° 7:30 Life of Riley 12: ™ 8:00 Big Story I-™ 8;30 Matt Clark 2:30 S.OO Cavalcade of Sports 3:00 9:45 Sports Highlights 3:15 10:00 Loratta Young 6:00 10:30 News ' 6'-30 10:40 Weather 7:00 10:45 Norman Speer I\X)tbaIl 7:30 Prediction! 8:00 11:00 Tonight 8:30 12:00. Sign Off 9:00 Saturday, Oct. IS 9:30 9:00 To be announced 10:00 9:15 Meditation & News 10:30 Smilln' Ed McConnell To be announced Pride of the Southland Super Circus Rough Riders Feature Community Chest Tennessee Outdoor! Oregon vs. SC It's A Great Life Lone Ranger Mickey Rooney Show Place the Face Imogene Coca Star Theatre Geo. Gobel Hit Parade City Detective The Vise 11:00 They Stand Accused 12:00 Sign Off WHbj CftABntl tl 6:00 Hartoontlme 6:15 Weather 6:20 News 6:30 Doug Edward* 6:45 Perry Como 7:00 Mama 7:30 Ray Bolger 8:00 Pepsi Playhouse 8:30 Our Miss Brooks 9:00 The Ltne-Up 9:30 Do You Know Why 9:35 December Bride 10:05 Weather 10:1'0 News 10:20 Late Show Saturday, Oct. 16 9:15 Tops 9:30 Wlnky Dink & You 10:00 Captain Midnight 10:30 Abbott & CoBtello 11:00 Big Top 12:00 Barker Bill 12:15 Western Theatre 1:00 Western Theatre 2:00 Western Theatre 3:00 Western Theatre 4:00 Early Show 5:00 Tennessee Jamboree 5:30 Beat the Clock 8:00 Football Roundup 6:15 Weather 6:20 News 6:30 Ozzie and Harriet 7:00 Jackie Oleftson 8:00 Two for the Money 8:30 Favorite Husband 9:00 ThRt'B My Boy 9:;O Stop the Musio 10:00 Wrestling U :00 Big Playback 11:15 Late Show EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-20]S TRUSSES EXPERTLY 1 FITTED 2 Price KIRBY DRUG STORES Call PO. 3-3531 BAD PICTURE TUBE? ONE OF OUR MANT EXTRA SERVICES Our new process will repair and restore it (in most cases) —at no additional cost! ELECTRONIC LAB 111 W. Walnut - Blythevllle Try Lowe's Take-Home Pac Sliced Barbecue Pork 8 large sliced buns—cole slaw —1 bottle barbecue sance. Enough for 8 sandwiches. All For $ 1 89 CECIL LOWE GROCERY & MKT. Call 3-4597 Between » * » A.M. for Noon Serriw •r Between 1 A J P.M. tor t O'clock Eit» $$$ SAVE $$$ SEE ALVIN Before you buy new furniture—Before you buy used furniture—Before you sell your used furniture for cash —For liberal allowance on trade-ins . . . You Will Be Glad You Did ! ! ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE CO. 113 E. Main St. Blytheviile, Ark. Phone POplar 2-2302 SUSPECT By Hugh Lawreu«e Nefcgv XIX 'THE Carlson house had been started during the past period when everyone in Colorado who had a few hundred thousand dollars to throw away had started building castles in the mountains. With the old part of the house as a firm bulwark, newer additions straggled down toward the If.Uc ana' small boathouse beyond. The winding road led tp a carport before the newest part of the house.- Mrs Hilton came up while Jim and Nancy were getting out with their overnight bags. "Where's the other woman?' Mrs. Hilton demanded. "What other woman?" Jim asked. "The other woman I saw yesterday," Mrs. Hilton snapped. "Dressed in black, dressed—" She stopped abruptly and looked at Nancy again. She said, "That was you?" Jim put in, "Distances make things deceptive. Or is it that things are distorted through binoculars?" The complacency vanished. She said harshly, "Corne on then, ^ou women. I'll show you I rooms." Nancy, Mrs. Kit and Mrs. Gelstrap followed dutifully. Agnef and Jim remained with Philip Stoneman. "Mrs. Oswald will see you," Philip said. He paused Ions enough to look at his expensive wrist watch. "In exactly 26 minutes. In her studio." "We'll talk to you first then," Asnes said. "Come on, Mr. Dunn. You might as well listen. I want you to hear this." They went to a small sunroom, Philip said, "Sit down." He took on> of the straight chairs, Jim another. Agnes Argyle was confronted with a problem. She finally solved it, but she did not look at home in Ihe contour chair. Philip plugged in a gleaming silver percolator, left it and returned to his chair. "I've been thinking since you called, Agnes," he said. "I've talked to Mrs. Oswald too, of course. 1 guess 1 can really help you establish the fact that this was an accident. As far as all of us are concerned." Jim noticed the use of her first name, and apparent terms of intimacy between Stoneman and the sheriff. "We had a real party here last night," Philip explained. "The party didn't break up until the eariy hours, as the phrase has it. Almost daylight, in fact, before the carloads of. guests and the servants pulled out for Denver." "Go on," Agnes prodded. "It'd help if .you'd tell me about the time Angelica—:'icd." "Between fwe'and six," Agnes said promptly. * • • J IM felt his eyebrows going up. he thought that was a little too much cooperation between an officer of the law and the questionee. Philip nodded. "That makes it even easier. The party didn't break up until five. And of course, there were the usual last- minute delays, the 'one for the road.' Say 5:30 by the time everyone was off. Agnes, you know how long it'd take anyone to walk around to The Spires. So —I gueis that lets us all out." "Why walk?" Jim asked. Philip smiled broadly. "There's my churn," he said. "I wondered il the cat had your tongue, I Mid walk, bccauH that would have been the only way. You see, all the cars were gone, it of! rilled wiih Uiiink- guests in the care of the servants who could still see out of one eye. No cars here at all after 5:30, chum." 'We can check that," Agnes repeated. "But even so the round trip couldn't have been made by car. Not in the short time before breakfast.'* Jim must have showed his bewilderment, because Philip chuckled. "If you're around here long enough, chum, you'll find we have only one inflexible rule t the one and only rule, made up at the moment to meet the situation. Mrs. Oswald makes decrees and backs • them up by saying, 'It's always been my rule to do so and so.' Catch, chum? Breakfast at seven sharp is the present rule and has been al! this summer. So this morning of course could not be an exception. We breakfasted at seven. How well I know! It was up to me to get it, and I barely had time for a shower and a change of clothes before I had to start my culinary masterpiece. Shrimp chow meia and scrambled eggs." "How about the boat?" Dunn demanded. • • » pHILIP shook hU head. "The •*• boat wasn't used. I'll show you why I know. And, before you bring it up, I'll admit H isn't too (ar to swim It a person would keep close to that sheer clifl that seperates these two places, Maybe three or four blocks. But you just try it, chum. That water's ice, pure ice. Tht lake is deep and the water always cold. No, I don't think you can consider swimming seriously, chum." Philip then led Jim and Agnes outside, along the path to th« small boathouse. The smell of p»int and varnish had warned Jim what to expect, Neverthelesi h« touched • finger to various spote on the boat and the oan. The virnlsh wa» nearly dry, but still tacky. The paint on the oars was still wetter, left a red stain on his Anger. Dunn noticed a small smwr on one of the oars as it someone else had tested the riryness ol the paint. (Te B« Continued) DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Homrv. S ».m U * p.ov with Deliver; to ' p.m WOODS DRUG STORE 221 Weit Main St. For Genuine Ports and Expert Service Set Your Ford Tractor Dealer SNOW TRACTOR CO. niythtYille, Ark. Tel. POplar 3-8951 Means Less Work .... More Income Per Acre "The Very Best Will Cost Vou Lew." Paint Closeout MM; TrpM and Cttmn i Price Hubbard Hardware FOR RADIO AND TV REPAIR Call 3-4596 Jlmm? Gean, repairman • A)) w»rk guaranteed • Prompt Sd rice ROSE SALES CO. 521 S. 21st WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co. Robertson's Radio and T.V. Service 515 E. Main Wade Warehouse Bldg. Dmj Ph. 1-4257 Nile Ph. 3-«7M TV and RADIO SERVICE Minor Rep*In and Tib* Replacement In home dnilde Blj- iheTillt clt? limit*! 50 Mm Th» it Tnn Trmlnlnc •n4 Eiyerlenec. F»eK>i7 StrrlM Oiunnto M All Blytheviile Sales Co. Fell i Carnty, MITT. 109E. Main Ph. 3-361 « "I might as well tell Morn I played hooky! Honesty ic the best policy—and she never fails to catch me!" She't really going Hollywood with that van tempi" VERYGOOOOFVOU, J/LO<X'lT<S WK. W WHAT WAS THE DR.POWERS BUTDOtfr >HAI»1NS AND M SHOOTINS.DK. IMDRRV ABOUT 1 6ISGS/ .^. ROOEiZS? LAFE SAXON IS OEMS. \ DO VOU SET He WAS SHOT tH VI. /"THE CALIPH'S POWERS HERE. L EVE 1 ? * SPLENDID JOB OM (THIS O.SE,UeuTCUW~ Ta SEE THAT CAPT. MASON HEARS •ALL ABOW K7 A SOCIABLE GAME IS WHEN SHAME!! "V W E PLAY I THOUGHT j>54 LIMIT! YOU <( ISN'T THAT PLAYED A SOCIABLE GAME WINS A LITTLE BIT , IW J*tMV Vfff US LfNP n TO Me, NOT 6/Hy REALLV? IT TO iME.'ANP gONWIE'S- < WHAT SOW6 LE6rr/5He UELAV& A B6T ONCE IM A WHILft BUT SHSfe ft HOSTESS IN A CLASSVCLU9 JIMMV, CO VOU fr&ULY EXPECT >f& ID fflVE -ittl . * 5OO SO THAT VOU CAN /MflKBV A CHEAP HOMKV- TAIN HORSE WINS? IP JU5T 6TEPPEO OUT OH W PORCH WHEW I SAW TH' CM* SPEED THRU & RED LIGHT AMP HIT HIM! DIOM'T EVEM ^, m ^ PATROL CAR I SO THAT 8LOWD6 SPITFIRE WITH A CAR EXACTLY LIKE 15 STILL SOIMG M WAV- A MILE SEHIWP EAfty- •MMEWTS THE CW! PASSES EA6Y M (^ HlflH' SPEED. EH? OH, ITS "vYAH, THAT'S RIGHT, YOUU HIGHNESSAITS KING HE AMD HENCEFORTH Taj> W1LL LEAVE SUCH KINS HERMAN.- THAT'S HE_I'M GO TO YOUR QUARTERS \ MWTERS AS THE AHEMi ~ ' " WHYN'T YA OFFER T HELP THAT WOMAN CW3BY HER PACKAGES ONE OP THEM IS PAT.H6R HEAW. BUT ISUE65YDU CAN HANIX6 THEM ALU HOW *XC«\N6 -"TO Wt, N&Vt "TO

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