The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1937
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1937 (ARK.)' .COURTER NR\V8 Here Arc Some Recipes Submiltcc! by Contestants in Big Event IiV MRS. GAYNOU BIAHDOX NKA Service Staff Writer The national "cook-off" is practically on. It begins next Monday, Ihe 29th. From six sections of this well-fed country, contestants will "cook-off" againsl each olhcr in the second annual Champion Cookery Contest sponsored by the Women's National Exposition of Arts and Industries iii New York. The big money goes • to the kitchen-athlete the nu/nu Luncheon With a Spring. Tang with most balance, • taste, appearance and ingenuity. Out of Ihousands of recipes entered by conleslants In the sectional competitions, here's one | — from Mrs. H. A. Townsend, of Minneapolis, who packs a powerful chow meln loaf. Cliovv Stein I,oaf (4- to 0 servings) Three-quarters pound of veal, ground very fine, .3 cups diceti celery. 1-2 cup sliced onion, l teaspoon molasses, 2 well beaten eggs, 3-4 cun fine'cracker crumbs, 1-2 cup water, l teaspoon salt, 1-1G teaspoon black pepper, dash of red pepper. ; Mix veal, celery, onions, crumbs and seasoning. Beat eggs with water and moisten veal mixture. Puck loaf in greased oblong pan. linkc in moderate oven (350 decrees F.) l hour. Serve on large platter nnd surround with riced potatoes topped with mushroom gravy and garnish with wedges of hard -cooked eggs and parsley. For gravy, combine 1 can mushroom soup with equal amount of sweet milk,_ thicken with flour and arid seasoning and a table. spoon -fresh bacon drippings. Mrs. Townsend follows up with" tliis-'dessert." "which"she calls--- Blueberry Eclal (4 lo 6 servings) One cup canned blueberries, 1 len.spoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoons plain gelatin, 1 clip sweet milk, 1 cup .whipping cream. 2-3 cup sugar, 1-4 teaspoon salt, I I cup chopped . nuts, 8 macaroons I crushed .very flue. . •' : [ Soak gelatin in milk until com- I plctcly dissolved. Add blueberries sugar and salt. Chill. Whip cream, add lemon juice, and fold into gelatin mixture. Pour small amount of blueberry mixture into wet mold, then .sprinkle with macaroon crumbs and' nuts.' Add more gelatin, then more macaroons and nuts. Repeat, until used. Pack in freezing tray of refrigerator or in equal parts of ice and For the perfect spring luncheon with a pot of tea-a platter spread with a bed of wateicress, and :lelicatc dandelion greens whereon rest ruddy slices of tomato Across from the garden, spieads a 5tahvart row of slices of rye bread. - In the 'centra waits Liedeikraiu cheese and tender young seal- lions. Now how could (he spirit of mortal be sad with such a luncheon before it? Mrs C. EL Willey Wins This Week's Contest Award First prize in this week's Chocolate Cake recipe contest was won by Mrs. O. H. Willey, whose recipe appears below. Next week the jl cash prize, awarded weekly by the Courier News, will go lo the author of the best White Cake recipe. Write our your favorite White Cake recipe and send it to this newspaper at once. Mrs. Willey's winning recipe follows: CHOCOLATE CAKE !»>• Mrs. C. H. Willey 2 squares of chocolate, l cup cold water, boil until thick, let cool. 1 3-4 cup sugar 1-4 cup butter Yolks of 3 eggs, beaten 1-2 cup sour milk, with I teaspoon soda 2 cups flour, sifted three times before measuring • Cream butter and sugar, add beaten' egg yolks, beat in buttermilk and-Hour,-add chocolate, mix thoroughly, whip 3 egg whites with.-6ne teaspoon baking powder and fold into mixture" "-And 1 teaspopii^vanilla.^'Bakei in layers or loaf. •'-.': • '•" .: Jtiinj 2 cup's sugar 2 squares chocolate : 2-3 cup milk 1 tablespoon corn syrup 1 tablespoon butler Cook until'it. forms a-soft ball in water. Let cool and cream Makes enough to. ^coverjw.o .layers. ___. More Meal For Your Money Smart Mnu< Planner Makes It Thing of-:—and foiv^ Beauty.... .. ' '•", salt for several hours, tail /jarfait glasses. Serve in Warm weather isn't far off and Mrs. Lloyd ,1. Robertson of Phillipsburg. Kansas, has an answer —Lemon Pineapple Ice. She says, The unrest and and dissatisfaction with winter's till-of-fare which inevitably comes with the first breath of warm spring air. is (he clever -housewife's cue to try unusual combinations with foods, or some of the quirks In seasoning that sl-.e has been un"My pride and joy! Lacks the able (o do durin» the winter faults and has Ihe virtues of other recipes. No cooking! No gelatin! No niarshmallows! Real economy! That's our ice!" Okeh, Mrs. Robertson, step fight up mid do your stuff. Lemon Pineapple Ice 14 to G servings) Two cups milk, 1 1-2 cup su- months. Finely chopped mint leaves added to your favorite dressing gives a spring touch, and when served with lamb . makes flavor combination, style shoulder is a a delightful The cushion 'ood cut for this dressing. This is the square- cut lamb shoulder which is boned, Bar, 3 tablespoons canned lemon making a cavity for the mint juice. 1 can crushed pineapple, 2 stuffing. cgR whiles. 1-4 teaspoon salt. I Pork chops and early -spring Mix .milk, sugar, salt and lemon [ greens make a good combination juice. Freeze frigerator until once or twice. Add By MRS. GAYNOR MADDOX NBA Service SUrf Writer i , The spring appetite nnd the 'advice of beauty experts suggest iim- ; cheon salads. Just what the doctor ordered. But don't hold that agnlnst them—they taste good enough to be delightfully 1 Indigesti- Macedoine Salad (4 to 6 servings); order to finish .cooking and with pork chop son the . greens (trippings. Sliced green onions used as a seasoning for ; scalloped potatoes and pork chops makes a taste- tempter worth remembering. The small green onions add n mild flavor which Is delicious. The flavor of green onions adi!- ed to ham puree gives it a distinctive flavor sure to be enjoyed These are sliced into the soup a few minutes before serving. Rhubarb sauce is a delightful Two'cups cooked'cauliflower buds,' licup cooked, carrot cubes. I 1 '-clip 'cooked greeh vpcas,at2 c'up cooked, baby lima beans, 0 stuffed olives'. Arrange the separate vegetables in small deep dishes and marinate in French' dressing, place dishes covered in refrigerator while standing in the French dressing. Have lettuce cleaned -and crillled. For each serving, Arrange .a 'crisp bed of iettuce leaves; on siilad plate, then pile up with marlnpted Vege- 'talfres* - "and sprinkle with finelv sliced stuffed olives. Serve with nore French dressing in a separate bowl. This salad with crisp roll's and a i)ot of tea makes a : refreshing luncheon.: "•'• -*•- /' • , Pineapple-Cabbage Salad [ One-half h'ead firm" young- cabbage, 1 1-2 cups diced fresh pineapple, 1 green pepper, shredded:into long paper-thin strips. 1 white onion, minced, 6 grceii lettuce leaves, shredded. Shred the cabbage. Into thin strips.''Combine all the vegetables and lettuce and pineapple. ,• Mix with mayonnaise and cream dressing. Try this with wholewheat muffins and slices of cold ham. , ; " '. '.' , ' .et There Be Nothing Inglorious 'About Its Later Appearances Thai ham thai you glorify so -caulifully for' Easier Sunday'H feast deserves a belter ending than a succession of Inglorious reap- Qcimmccs as ''"leftovers." From the ungainly shank bone lo the delicate thin cold slices of meat, those Jleces of Easier, liam have the •unkings of the most appealing meals. ' Take -the shrink bane for In- slance. Here's • a luncheon soup tluil will nol go begging. Ham Hol-lamch Soup l ham bone wllh a Illlle meal •I medium potaloes 1 quart milk 2 tablespoons parsley •I slices stale bread 4 tablespoons.ham fat Place shank bone wilh blls of meat attached,'in 2 mi arts of \va- ler and simmer gently 1 hour wllh '/; onion cut line. If stock Is reduced lo less than 1 quart make up to this amount. Remove bone, trim off meat nnd return meat lo soup. Add | quart raw polalo cubes, milk and chopped parsley and cook gently unit! potatoes are very soft. Season wlth : pepper and salt ud prepare for serving. Cul stale bread Inlo tiny cubes and fry until crisp In ham drippings, and sprinkle liberally on lop of sou'u with additional parsley. Serves 6. Ham with asparagus has the lime essence of spring in Ils flavor combination. This main dish combines them both and does 11 look good? It does. Ilain and Asparagus noils • •3 ;do.zen stalks' fresh' or.''canned asparagus. . • ... G thin slices cold baked 1mm I .cup grated American Cheese 1 cup white sauce, well seasoned -Cut Ihe ham in thin slices at least 3x5 inches In size. .-Parboil., fresh < tasprtragus;' '5-G| minutes.-, l ' ; : . ! .'' :: ' 'JRolj : 4! tisparagiis tips. In each ham slice and skewer .with 'tooth-i Sivlss Steak For Swiss steak select 11 fairly thick piece of beef from the chuck, rump, or round, or a slice of cul. Season the meal with suit and pepper, sprinkle generously with Hour, and pound thoroughly. The pounding helps lo mnko the meat lender. Cul it Inlo Individual portals and brown In suet or oilier 'at In a heavy sklllcl or keltic. Then add canned or sliced loma- loes, or water enough lo cover. Partly cover with a lid. and simmer for 1", to 'i hours, or until the meal Is tender enough lo be cut with a fork. There should be plenty of gO(Hl gravy (<r serve over the meat. Meal Pie For n incut pie use a stew made according lo Ihc recipe above. Or combine canned meal, or left-over cooked meal nnd gravy, wllh tomatoes nnd other vegetables, and senson to lasto. Pour the meat mixture Inlo a shallow of Ihe stuffed ribs wllh sail, pepper, and Hour. Lay the" slutted l lus on a rack In a roasting pan. Do not ndd water tind do not cover. Use a mode-rule ovrn temperature (nboul nso degrees P.) from slni'l- lo finish. Or, brown Ilic roast In a hot oven <450;ile- lirecs-500 degrees) 1 for 20 to- 30 irilnutcs. then lower Ihe • tcmpor- nUtre to very moderate, (about 300 degrees) for (he Mulsh. -Cook until the meal Is tender. This will probably require about. 114 hours. Remove the 'strings . from Ihc roast before serving. Carve be- Iwceu Ihe ribs. (imilasli, Hungarian Style Dice one-fourth ixnmd ot salt pork and fry until crisp. Cut equal amounts of lean bopf or vcaj and pork (about Ihrce-fouiih.v pound of each) Inlo fairly small plfe, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and flour, and brown In the salt-pork (trippings. Add sliced onions and nder a flame or bake in an oyeu mill Ihe peaches aie hot through nd lightly biowned. Scive liot'l >lth sausage. ,\' Kidney Sle;v ,•": Select a beef kidney, wtisir^it .ell, and lemove the skin and nost of Hie fat, Cover with cold \alei, heat slowly lo Ihe boiling lolnt; dhcnrd Ihc watci, andjic- >ent the process until theie-'ls 10 strong odor. Then add about ' Quart of fictli water and slfii- iici HIQ kidney until tender. Cut < he kidney Into small pieces. Keep he bioth if its flavor Is good, •i<l cook in It diced potatoes and small onion./Then add Ihe kld- icy. Thicken Ihe blew with n lll- lo flour blended with butter'Tor other fat and cook for a few ulmilcs longer. Season lo la'ste wllh salt and peppor, chopiTed wrslcy, and lemon Juice. . -£ i a shcel or cul .Inlo rounds. Or use mashed pol aloes for the lop. Duke In a hot oven pan or green pepper and cook for ,a .... " is - mlnules. Add water, to cover and on a lid. brown cup the top. Jto;isl Sparerlljs wllh Apple Stuffing Select (wo sparerlb sections lhat match. Have the breastbone cracked so lhat It will! be" easy lo carve between Ihe ribs. For the stuffing, fry one-fourth of a cup of diced salt pork or bacon until crisp, chop an ,on- lon, a sprig of parsley', ami 2 or 3 stalks of celery and cook In Ihe fat for a few minutes. Then add 5 or 0 tart apples diced or and lo cook unlll Iho meal ami vegetables nre lender. Thicken the stew with a lltlle Hour mixed wllh cold water, and cook a few minutes longer. Season to taslc wllh suit and pepper. Fry crisp, drain iKo. mid •Krlcil Apples or Broiled Peaches sausage until brown and on absorbent paper, nd keep hot. Leave about 4 tablespoons of sausage fat In-llu; skillet. Meanwhile slice up - tart, sliced, audMliikle wiih one-fourth ^ &,&*ll"''^ ^ 10 Olie-hnlf Of a run nr curcov r n ,.t M l-1n , ,' ,., "I'I JI *"\ spi inkle generously, with sugar, cover, and cook slowly imtll tl of a cup of sugar. Cook utilll the apples arc tender nnd somewhat candled. Then stir In l cup of bread crumbs nnd season lo taste wllh salt. Lay one section of the ribs out rial, flesh side down, and spread wllh Ihe hot sluffl'iig. Cover with the otlicr sections and sew the . together:':Sprinkle .Ihc outside change from apple sauce as accompaniment for roast pork, It may be served either hot or cold,' If vou llkc mayonnaise well with the main course, but should be sweetened with discretion. The predominance of a tart flavor enhances the flavor of the meat and makes the combination local. A rhubarb relish is good with any -kind of meat. Tins is made by cooking sliced rhubarb with an equal quantity of vinegar, enough brown sugar to sweeten, and cinnamon and cloves to season. Tills mixture is allowed to sim mechanical re-] The chops are browned and par-j^s mushy, stirring: tially cooked before placing them [ til thickened and served while hot relish for the meat. beaten egg whites and 1 cup crushed pine- npple. Stir occasionally while free/ing. Bravo, Mrs. Robertson. Tomato Juice Cocktail Tired of the same old tomato' juice cocktail? Try this: To : 1 pint tomalo juice add 1 teaspoon firound horseradish. Mrs. Charles W. Lewis of Warwick. N. y, : en- lered that idea in the Women's Imposition Cookery Contest.. Mrs. James fi. Boyfi of Atlanta, oa., boasts that she" escaped domestic science training in both ugh school and college-but she learned from the family's colored «ok. nnd she is font! of her college professor husband. Here's her .'oup entry-and it comes in cans: Spinach Rolls Wllh Cheese Sauce 14 to 6 sen-ill gsl One cup chopped canned or cooked spinach, well drained 2 leaspoons butter, 1 egg, l teaspoon crated onion. 3 teaspoons grated cheese, 1-2 cup cracker crumbs, 1-4 teaspoon baking powder 1-3 cup cut-up stuffed olives, 1-2 tea- *l)oon salt. Mix all ingredients, season to on top of the cooked greens wil LUJ/ ut Hit \,UU^CU £luulL!>i » |i | „ . | in a casserole dsh. A while sauce i All the tssentlals may be poured over them if de- i sired, and the casserole placed J in the oven for a short time in Here Is a good, practical build- ,< 1nU> then with egg. then roll In crush«' con, nakes. Bake In moderate Snrv ? dc 8''<*s IP.) 20 minutes, oinc with hot clieese sauce. Mrs Ken Martin of Portland, .',, ' '."'« simple desserts. So will ,„ L ." J '°" Ieam what she entered n, tnis contcst Cl(l: >r Chicken SDUII Wllh Avacado '4 to 6 servings) one cm, chicken soup, strained, t can consomme, 2 tablespoons cooking sherry, whipped cream, chopped parsley. 1 avacado. Heat soups together in saucepan, add sherry at last and remove at once.from fire. Peel and nit avacado into cubes. Place I caspoon cubed avacado to each cup, then pour in hot soup. Top with 1-2 teaspoon whipped cream and sprinkle cream with parsley. Being a professor Isn't really so bad! Evelyn Lyon of Gardner, Alass., sent in her competing menu with this confession: "I used to be a pianist in an orchestra pit, but now I am retired, seeking harmony In the kitchen." Here's one of her recipes which certainly strikes the right note anywhere. Hot Gingerbread With Spiced Peach .Cup (4 lo 6 servings) One No. 2VS can peaches, 1-2 cup water. 2 Inch stick cinnamon. 6 cloves, small piece ginger root. 1 package prepared gingerbread mis. Drain syrup from peacnes. In cheese doll, bag, lie the spices Cook.. syrup and spices together for 20 minutes'.'Remove spices, nm pour syrup over peaches. Chill Serve with small squares' of piping - hot gingerbread w'lilcl, can bake while you arc eating your dinner, • ily, and more vinegar until all of both oil and vinegar have been used up. Simple and reliable, and this iriayonnaise is just the besin- ning of many salad dressings made with it as the base. sixteen-year-old boy or girl: Breakfast: Fruit or fruit juice; cereal wilh plenty of milk; bread Or toast and butter; milk 16 drink. Luncheon: Fruit salad^ or one of the preferred vegetables "creamed, or an egg-and-cheese dish, or salid- viches; light dessert, such a5 lei ream, milk pudding, or fruit. i Australian capital, has a tree |N>] Dinner: Meat and potato; a gen-' erous serving of one of Ihe liked vegetables, varied often enough to prevent cloying of appetite; bread and butter; milk dessert, or fruit. enough to make it yoursaif, try this simple reci(ie.' • • One teaspoon prepared mustard, Vj teaspoon salt, 1-8 teaspoon pepper, 1-8 teaspoon paprika, 1 egg, 2!i tablespoons best quality vinegar or lemon juice! 2 cu|)s olive oil or salad oil. Use a large bowl. Mix Ihe dry Ingredients—salt, pspper. paprika, and the mustard last. Add egg and beat well, using rotary egg bealcr. Now begin adding liic oil very slowly, only by teaspoons at first. Use at this stage of the making only '.« cup of oil, continuing to pick". Lay In shallow bake pan. ' Cover with white sauce (I milk, 1J6 lablespons Hour and tablespoons butter) and sprinkle with cheese. •. Bake at 350 degrees P. for 20 minutes. Serves 6. If you like hot food wilh a real Spanish touch to It you'll want to Iry a ham and rice combination with a delicious hot barbecue sauce.^ There are two wnys you can serve such a dish. One is lo heap Ihc rice on a platter and arrange thin slices or cubes of the ham heated in the barbecue sauce around the rice. The other Is to pat, the fluffy boiled rice Into the bottom and sides of a round casserole and nil in the center with the cubed ham and sauce. In this latter recipe the snuce penetrates rice as well as the Irani. And If you've never tried llils trick on rice—<io so by all means. It's ft Swedish conlrlbulion to our cooking ideas. Swedish Ilollrd nice 1 cup dry rice 3 cups water 1 tablespoon butter 1 teaspoon salt Let dry, unwashed rice cook I tablespoon Worcestershire Sauece : Vi cup vinegar *' VI- cup water ',!• teaspoon paprika ' 1 tablespoon sugar Brown fat and onion, ndd dry Ingredients and then liquid In- gredicnls. Bring to a boll and ndd cubcd_Jia.m. Let.iicnt thoroughly and' serve" with rice. npplcs arc lender.- Thcii remove the cover, turn the apples ' feeiilly so U, pieces will hold their shape, and let Ihem' brown and con- Iliutc lo cook slowly. until they become /almost transparent. Serve Ihc fried apples, on a'hot, platlcr with.the sausage. \- .. - ..... . -Drain the, sirup .:fr6m.-lialvp3^of canned peaches. Place the lialvcs In a shallow baklnB dish, pit side up, pour over them a small quantity of melted butter or olhcr fut and add 'a .very little salt. Broil Give Vegetable! a Break Here ts a vegetable trick whjch ;| on must tryl The iie\t time yon '-"I aio cooking vegetables in your; covcied saucepan, add some safud oil—one-half tablcspoonful foi <>>- > eiy seivlng—when the. vegetable Is half done. The. vegetable! v/ill have not only n. delightful gltsleX - I when It Is done, but n new dc- 1 of flavor (is well. Ami ^ftcr the last-minute tasting per-' haps n sprinkle of salt Or pep]5br will be needed, but nothing miife. Has anyone Introduced to ybii Ihe parchment-paper method *fif cooking vegetables? It's a great success, because Ihc vegetables nl- ways come out of Ihe pol 3o "bright and cheery," and cooking" odors are nevei o' bother. All you do is lie Iho prepared vegelab'lc loosely In n sheet of parchment pa pel; many stoics sell it, hoiucfurn 1 s h 1 n « in case you 'doiVL know It Then diop the bag" Inlo enough boiling water lo float It, In a covcied saucepan, and'cook it by Ihe clock until tender. And don't miss Ihlsl If you want lo cook two or three vegetables for ' Ihe same meal, Just tie-each in'. Ils own sheet of parchmenU,Then being caicful, of couise, to use n pot large enough to float llie bags, and to put In each vcgeta- ' ble at such a time as will ,bring ' them all out at the same minute. beat steadily. Next add spoon vinegar and beat slowly In butter until a pale gold... .„ cn color- '\<td salt and water and table- cook m Double Boiler about 1 in well,' llo " r imtl1 tei 'der. This rice has then add more oil. bcathi" stead- " dc ".eloiis flavor and Is much CANBERRA (UP)—Canberra, the more flaky than boiled rice. llarbccued Ham Killing for Rice 2 .cups cubed baked ham 2 slices onion' ','-• tablespoon butter 2 tablespoons catsup ' insist on McCormicks Pure Vanilla because it's richer in CASH GROCERY SI'KCIArS FdR-I^IDAY and SATOUDAY BANANAS, Nice Yellow Ripe EGGS Extra l.nrire White. Day Old POTATOES No. I Red Triumnhs 10 Pounds 35 l illation of 3.000,000, though its human Inhabllants number only 8.000. The'' trees" arc mosl'ly plantx/d along the city's 80 miles o! streels. COOK YOUR FOOD with ELECTRICITY It's COOL CONVENIENT - HEALTHFUL - ECONOMICAL - FAST and SAFE - - See Your Dealer or , Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "DEPENDABI,fi''i;bw-'COST Et.F.CTRIC SERVICK" BACON Fancy Sliced. Sugar Cured I'ouml 27 C SPAGHETTI Or Macaroni Beechnut O-OK hox. 2 for 25c PORK CHOPS End Culs Pound 25 C FANCY At Reasonable Prices We handle the best money can buy. Try our home made Chicken Salad, cole slaw, pimento cheese, 'and Baked hams. s Free Delivery Phone. IS-i NABERS & NABERS GROCERY MIX SAUSAGE Pound 7ic «2 LARD lical Compound Pound HAMS Swift's I'rcm. Half or Whole Ib. 29!c SALT RIBS Pound MILK Pet or Carnation :i Tall or G Small Cans 25 ( BUTTER Golden Rod Pound 42 C OLEO ^ Pound 18c TOILET PAPER 1,000 Sheets Roll BROOMS 50c Value Each 35 COFFEE McMullin's Syecisl Pound 22 C BREAD Tasty Regular 12c Loaf 10 C PEARS Diced No. 2'/ 2 Can 15c

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