The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1933
Page 4
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1933 BLYSHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE MVg CIASSIFIED SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 0»tlj r»te per Bne ror consecutive Ktd's Plai-t—118 K. Mtln Call 3M (or A«lo FainUnt Body and feaier Service F»rmrriv wiijj Siitfttse-UUle Co. ' (Five average word* to a line) One time per line lOi two time* per line per day c* Tim-i time* per line per day We Hix time* per Itae per day .. 05e Month rate per Itoe ........ Me --• - -•-—- Wo Ails ordered lot three or di Uoies and stopped before expira- Uon will be charged lor tUe number of tlmet tbe »d appeared and adjustment of bUl made. clarified AaverHslDg copy by penotu residing out- Seizing Fame By the Ears NEW AND HSKI) Al-TO I'ARTS JACKSON .AUTO J'ABTS CO. Phone Sli Anli> Glass All Kinds Installed Tbe Ark-Mo Lumber Cn. 10-ck-9-10 IMPLEMENTS. Oarload ol Wagons Gel Our Prices Hrst lljrum Produce Co. Across From 1'ost OrTIco 21c k FOK SALE tide ol tbe city mu^t be accompanied by cash. Rate* may be easily computed from above table. Mo responsibility *U1 be taken (or more Uuia one Incorrect *" •ertloa ol any classified ad. Advertising ordered lor Irresu- Ur insertionj take the one time cite. Plioue 306 or 307 DOUGAN CAPE on North Second. Will SACRIFICE on account ol sickness. 25-pk-29 R SALE '-• Electric Tcnkcttle like new, cheap. Phone 930. tf FOR SALE Used Trailers, Used Trucks and Used Truck-'frailer Bodies. If You Plan To Make Money Hauling Cotton and Cotton Seed Be Sure to See Our Trucks and Trailers At Once. NABOKS MASTER SPRING TRAILER, A-l Tires, 5th Wheel. 16 Ft. Solid Side Body, frlOC Bi-ady to Go * »•»"' <J M C. IX TON TRUCK, Closed Cab, Tires IJk* New, "33 Lkfn*, Kxcel- *O^C lent Condition qttiv NAJSORS MASTER SPKIMG TRAILER, Dual Wheels, 18 Ft. Solid Side Body, A-l t'ondi- lior. Complete \» FT. COMPLETE TRAILER BODY, Has Solid Sides. A Bargain SEE OUR NEW FORU V-8 TRUCKS ALL M,\KES OF TRAILERS & BODIES. PHONE »11 TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authoriicd Ford Dealer Opposite Hospital OR SALE— Four wheel trailer ••vltlr bed, suitable for any pur- xise. Also 12 foot lightweight nsh- 13 boat. Call W. L. Craftou at 6D or 465. SckO-10 /.* *~**"*V KEAL ESTATE Will exchange 40 acres RICH LAND for farm on highway. P. O. Box 34, Holland, Mo. 23pk30 160 acres 40 cultivation on graded highway. Dally mail, fair liu provements, large orchard, free range. Special bargain. $603.00 terms. 408 acre creek farm, 150 acres bottom. Trade. Joe Chaj' Ravenden, Ark. JP* PARilS and ilomes, easy Payments. Ethel B. Thompson. Caruthersville, Mo. 8pk9-8 V Kiss -Briii^ Pistol l*lay WANT LAND—We have buyers for 40's 80's and larger tracts. Can sell 640 tract. Sec THOMAS LAND COMPANY. 29ckl2 FOR RENT FIVE ROOM house, CHEAP. Good neighborhood. 916 Holly. Call 23-P-K-30 220 ATTRACTIVE bedroom for men, close in. Mrs. M. T. Moon. Call i!>9-W 23c $45 Modern 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartments, newly decorated, over Klrby Drug Co. Also store buildta* adjolniue Rosy The ater. F. Simon, 12« W. Davis. Call • M 25c k9-2D \vlist nig cars yuu have. EildlG' Am! so many of tlicin! flcro'a Kd Kotiwiti, the home-town boy who toolr first honors In tho national corn-on-thc-cob-eatlng championship al Ortonvlllc. Minn. Kottwliz had gnawed only 30 ears wlicn this photo was mod?, bui lie went right on to DO tod * clean sweep. kiss stolen in the garden of Chicago's :ashlonaulc Lake pore»t ountry Club VKB "just Hie kind you'd five a baby", according to Dric Scudder who fitolc It. And Mrs. Emily Engelbach King, left ho received the caress, says It. rtldin mean aitylhlng. But he lusuand, Albert Clcv:land King. 8c"(l(!cr'5 business naoclale, wlx lad ECCII (he eschausc, had to do some fiul cxplahiliiB when he ap jearcd In court as pictured l«rc and claimed the shot he fired .whc ilrs. King returned lo HicJr npailmcnt was ncctdcntiil and nut In tended for her. us bhe clmrgL-d. ARLINGTON. Mass. lUP) — A baseball team here Is composed ol Herbert Hurd, So., and his eight sons. Md Philadelphia Mirktt Howe Wil Be Rued PHILADELPHIA. (UPl-Plilln- nry War. old landmarks will lie dl-1 l>y one If tho city's bu-l structure served a sa shopping msrl | RjilUi loi -housewives,'and until 1834 stood. JiT?*'».•"*•• -r-j'rv . • m luljacenl io a town hall which was Shatter* AlllO HWWueMI a barracks (hiring the Revolution-! . , Z,_l;. .:'. .:.'.•• i'-'-\ .....„..,i^,,...... ,.,.,...... . i MODESTO, Cal. tUP>—Add pc'N I elphla'u old landmarks will lie dl-i a was thought tor u :!:i:= llmt i f r : • •'.'• '-. : ' • «- ».,o ...vMo 1 .* »wi i. ....._ mil- ^jj qf motoring. ' • ... - munoa i>y one u mo cnys mi-illic market house could ue rehab- TUo windshield of D.'J. "Btocli-l e»u of building Inspection i{ws lht»!«l und preserved, but to: <i»lc' «r's automobile waV shattered the I irmurli Ifcllh ilK InlmtiOii \fi rflxe'tlliv nmtu.v f,ir DIM muii^t,, IHII "'- l •• • - .....' ,...,,_i 1 e*u of building Inspection i{ws Ihtnioil und preserved, but to: <i»lc' «r's automobile waV shattered the I trough will: Us lnl«lUOii lo raze! thi> money (or llui pmposu luu not other day, presumably by » bullet! n micltm. market house on Sec-) been forthcoming. * .fired by a hunter In an glrplanpl id Btnrel. ] which flew over the packing plant j more than u cvnlury the | itaid Courier r.cws \vanl Ads. where Blocber had hli CM parked. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aherri Harold Sternber; Manager CONFIDENCE .... For years hundreds of Mississippi county's best plan'.ors liave teen 'glnnln? their cotton whh u because they have the utmost confidence In our integrity—In our personnel's ability to properly lumdle their cotton — knouing 'that to maintain our position In t!ic cotton Industry that » p e must Jcetp Ihc equipment In ilic finest possible condition. t IN VYEU-f WWMS ALL AN (NDOOU '-\ CLUB PK.N\C « J \OU GET NAV LETTER,SWlNCb ID ARRIVE IN TOWN E6AD- MARTHA, UXX SHE THREW ACT US WOUV-D ^ JOVE— YOURE 3UST (NTItAE FOR A SNACK OT- GRIDLEVS SENSATION^V- "BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES EXPERT Typewriting and Addins Machine Hairing. U. S. Blank- cnship, 116 E. Kose. Ca« J Mcdcrn PURNISHEO apartment -Reasonable. 811 W. Walnut. Call 313-J. 23-cK-JU. ?(WE BUILDING and residence combined with complete iixtur&s for meat and groceries, 640 S. Lase. See Dr. J. A. Saliba. 16ckU TWO Nicely Furnished Bedrooms. I Mrs. Ed Hardin, 1017 Wnlnnt. | ~ 21c For Rent—Furnished apartment, 108 West Kentucky, Phone 683 21c Kit Attractive bedrooms for young men. 518 W. BUin. Call 309. 16ck9-l6 •5WL Wf\UE% Mt WV- •<$- THE EASIEST WAY! . Httf Martin &*^ WASH TUBBS f" STRANDED! By Cra» Frig idiire- Dele o Only authorized Frigidairc and ny a Uclco light service. B. A. Miller, uHice phone 07-residence 414 » "!! Mechanic's «ara B c and bulldins suitable for grain, coal or beer storage. Frisco siding. Cotton Co. Call 24. Iptnctr Corsetlere Mr, J. J. Davis. Fhonc Bt L. G. Moss BljthevWs cut rat* unicrtakcr^ CLEAKEBS. TAILORS Slcmbcrs 18c-kt8 ONE or t>vo rooms on North Railroad street, suitable for cotton offices. Will fix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier Newf. Have your suede Jacket and nllicr Fall' clothCT made new by our •peclal cleaning process. Unuuic Cleinlng Senicc. Call 171. l.cUSI-17 Id u5 "r3LEATr^nT~BEiulLD your FELT HAT. We are sure you will lite our service. -WA CLEANERS. Phone 180. NICE LARGK bedrooms. CLOSt IN. 310 W. Walnut. 2ScKb-2s. WANTKb 10 SPORTING GOODS iNQUIRF. about our Golf Ball Sale —You will be surprised at the oflcr. Hubbard IWw. Co. lOck 9-U CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires, inner tubes, Iron, metals, magazines, hides, car s to wreck. Wolf Arlan. 128 E. Main. Phone 176. 8-ck-9-8 P3N-DIRT PET&S SHACK , WMH, AMD 'THE GIB- STAC6 IM tILEMT D(S^PPO1M^- MENT. f?AROUT AT SEA.ATIW BOAT IS ,U PLOWIM6 THRO THE THICK PA^k-l KWOW ONtV "WO WEl T IT MEftHS .. .JT UWTiLTHE SWZIM6-TWAW WIU. THERE BE AUOTHER BOAT, f H£V *Re STRANDED, DFuuiLP<;5. mu THE BL6AIC CF ALASKA UftST, 7H6 CilRL BREAKS THE T¥5 OFM£,BoVS, IT LCWKS ASTHO'l'Ll HAVE TO TAKE Crtee OP voo. /— — — — z^ SALESMAN SAM SALESMEN WANTED BATTERIES NEW FORD BATTERIES ' Renlal-Bccharging-P.epairing 777 TIRE it BATTERY STATION 24CM-24 If your battery is weafc call 63; for quick battery service. Wi tell New and Rebuilt, Batteries Sh»us«-Uttle Chtvrokl Co. S-lc k9-l H AUTOMOTIVE Have that broien glass Imtalled tv your car while you wait. We cul ii-d Install class In any make car. Shouse-UUte Chevrolet Co. 8-lc kO-1 RUSSELL ANDERSON Jn charje Chrysler Garage Woik Guanntetd on any make car X> w Van Norman Borinj Machine , Phone 888. 25CM-25 on £cl us~paf nt l' our car Prices i- rc s ""' reasonable p.-,inllng a" d to* 1 ? rcpa | Wrecked ears our specialty shon5t .U(tlc Ch«Tol«t Co. Bad circulation may Injure you motor. We'll put your radial In shape for'-? small amount. W icpalr any "make of . radiator i.Little Chevrolet Co. 8-lc " EXPERIENCED man or woman with car to handle quick selling )roduct here. Hall Sisters Shoppc. 31CK31 HEL1* WANTED SCAtiEMAN wanted to repair scale at 304 W. Walnut St. 25pkl BLACK an,i WHITE Setter, has black dot in ccnUr of head, rs- ccntly sheared. Answers to name of "Dan." Reward lor information as to \v:iere3bou(s. SCOTT HAR TOO MUCH SI'EBI)! By Sm>/. RIS. Phone 636. 28cktf SITUATIONS WANTED SETTLED WOMAN wants Job as housekeeper or practical nurse, jcod references. Mrs. n, L. Kllla- Av, 110 E. Rose St. 28p k3l Some airlines liave recently introduced sleeping apartments on tlicir transcontinental places. Tliey ute trl-motored planes, each of which accommodates six sleeping passengers. FRECKLES AND HIS FIHENDS By Blbsser The police ol St. John. N. B, have adopted a comlcsy plan for visiting motorists. In case of traffic law violations, a sticker is past-, crt on Ihs windshield informing the. Motorist that he has violated the I Iw nnd thanking him not to let . i: happen again. IJEABIU&THW THE BOY5 ACE HOMCWAOO BOUND, PAT DECIDES TO LEAVE. AT THE. SAME TIME.... THEY'RE OfF FOR PARADISE JUNCTION? YC4J DON'T HA-v-E.) Gi!. I'D HAVE. TO UE«/E,JU5T (TO &E LEAV1M6 ( HOW D'VA BECAU&E WE ) 5OOW,MJVWAV, ) FIGURE. ARE.PA.T IF \MJO tb U)M& A THAJ", I HADMJ GOTTEU\A6 YOU DOV* < U\t& THAT PHONE CALL.) WE GOING, RL \ weoSTAYWEK/HAV&COMfWMY ' OH THE. TRWM? ^ ...'• -j f TRMEUMO ' ALL U.ONE. MO FUN-THIS WAV,THE TIMt! WILL Pte5> ai)1CKLY. f _ VOU TAKE THE. \ SEATTLE TRWN, \ tX)W'T YOU, I VVONOEfi WHW HOWIE? WHEN WE.&ET TO THE JUMCT.ON, MEfr Bei'CA,N RND CXTT MORE-WHO CAUED, AND WHATS WBON6? - THEY TAKE THE TRAIN THW 60E5 OONT RED TW<E THE SAME (^ TRWtJ ? ,.«. WJ lu -^ , -'5'ViV'fv SHkOVSIDEll..'/

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