The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 24, 1948
Page 9
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SATURDAY, APRIt, »4,1948 OUT OUR WAY By J, R. Williams Our Boarding House with BI.YTHlSVtLIJ! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS >, BUSIER.'Tvjio.G'iArtDrW I'^E SOLXSUTE\JERV K.IMLUI^ .-.--* A LHTLE RACETBACkl. 30KE eVCep-TTeSTs^^Res • KILLING OrilUS FIR6.'— % IU OLD FAITHFUL 6EVS6RV) V^E'Re WATCHINS FOR A HORSeY PL> T M6 IfJ FOR »5 WORTH^ IHKf CAMC TO rAft IN A-TSREAH 1 }, REGRETS/—SHALLT 'COM. — X THOOSKT VOU MIGHT UK-trj} THE OTHER. CrtrtPS 5G? OF I'LL TAKE CHARGED* I--UH 1 \ / IS CAM6 TO-'- 1 [-THAT TO ASK /J ALL-- CASJ'T •d=|7 WITH a WE 86 'OT SUCH VEH, BUT BOOMER HAS A BETTER EPOCATIOKJ FOR OUT OF COURT.' WHILE VOU TA1X--NOVJ IS r<MoVJtNG HO\M PSYCHIC X AM/ THE FROZEN ASSETS The dUp«tch«i which the New York burem <rf the United Pre« alone sends out every day cojUaln more words than In "Gone With 'he wind." |t Political Announcements Th« Courier Kew» has oeeu authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July 20 and August 3: COUNTS TREASURER Prank Whltworth COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blyth* FOR COBONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen liTATE REPHESENTATIVB . Jimmie Edward* L. H. Autry H. E. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukle" Speck For County Jndg« Roland Green For Circuit Court Clerk Harvey Morris COUNTY CONSTABLE J. Robert Crossknu f ried Chicken liver Catfish 85c Choice of 4 meats Vegetables - Salad 50c Goff Hotel Coffee Shop Roofing Contracting Patching, Coating, Re-roofing No Job'too Large or Too Small Phone J536 For Prompt Service Eddie Saliba ike innocent By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY R£NEE SHANN; DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICC, INC THK STOHT, wko« t«r «««» k». forkMde.' k< r t* •«« Wc^iiHe tfcry kHvc Hrvrr b **» »«p«rly iHtrgduccd. Char. !«!(«. PNlleBce 1 * twlM kUtrr whuM •*« *•• "or «*«•• •(!>(< chlltlhuud, !• I^OBdo*. S^e IBVJICB I'jilTrncv • » 1« ••end a 4ar W||B arr. dre»r» acr .mini; tr o «i krr ewa ward- r«M. P«<|«B« _c<l. Hotjcr Dlrk- •OB. popular aeior aad Ckarlotlc'a PaTfi"*' Bo ' 1 " *" •'""«'«< '• fJU, I*"'*' °* "" W " T fcoi«», •S kcr BiAkcup b«fprc CaclBic Bcr J H* la«ke* o«t «| kcr for rfcan|r[MB:i want* !• kBow wrao kcr flanky frlrada >»«r« vrko BUI L«r •• tkc tratB. laatita aae la atlll IB love with alra (i'a.I). TatlrBC* .lap. fclBB, I»«B kom, |. Iran. XVI PATIENCE looked at the clock. H was almost one. in a few momenUi the class would dismiss and the girls would troop out (or lunch. She'd go,as usual to the place round the 'corner. Onlcs's— No. Roger Dickson wouldn't be there, ol course. He'd not been serioud when he'd said that he'd mwt tm today, Monday. She hoped not at any raU. She didn't want V> see him. Or did the? She wasn't altogether sure. "Nearly lunch-time," said Peggy Cooper, tbt girl sitting next to her. "I know." "Coming round the corner?" "I think so." The clock .truck one. The Frenchwoman teaching them, an underling oJ Madame GiranJ's, ro»e to her feet. "That will be all (or this morning." There was a shuttling o( chairs. Th« girls trooped from the room. 1 Big girls, small girU. young girlj, and not so young girli. They made their way to the cloakroom. They fought for room before the rattier inadequate mirrors. Peggy was chattering as usual. Today it was about a new boyfriend, k went on and on whilst made up her lace and eached tor her hat. She was still full of him as they emerged from the cloakroom. 'I'm really la love this time. Patience." "That's what you laid lesi than a month ago." "Ah. but this is different. One can always tell. He really u wonderful. He's 3 bit like Roger Dickson. You know. Th« musical comedy star." t • • • JT was at that moment that Patience saw him. He was standing on the opposite side of the road watching the girls troop out of the academy. Peggy and she were still far hack in the doorway and she knew he hadn't yet seen her. Her heart shook. On an impulse she grabbed Peggy by the arm. "Let's go out the back way. It's nearer." Peggy allowed herself to be turned around. Though she couldn't 'think , why Patience should say the back entrance was nearer. Stil! so long ss she could talk about Jimmy. . .. Patience found Roger had been inquiring for her when she returned to the academy. A girl in her class rushed up to her. "D'you know who's been asking for you?" *Who?" asked Patience, ru, O wing perfectly well. "Roger Dickson! Gosh, I nearly dropped down dead when I saw him. fancy you knowing him!" Peggy stared at ber. "Why Patience, you dark horse! 1 told you Jimmy wa« like him and you didn't say you knew him." The girls looked at her with new interest Little Patience Mond with a matinee idol trailing afier her. Roger Dickson, too, of all peoplel Patience was aware of their eye* on her as the afternoon progressed. Girls wuo'd hitherto not noticed nor seemed now only too ready to he fricn'dly. She supposed they were hoping that one dnj Roger would be again walling there outside the academy, and that she'd introduce him to them. But he didn't come «ny more. • • « FOHTNIGHT slipped by nnd one morning there was a letter from Charlotte beside her breakfast plate. She opened and read it, her heart racing. Charlotle wrote lo say that the first night of the new sho« was the following Wednesday. "Darling, you must come. There's going lo b< a party on the stage afterwards. I know you'll enjoy it Roger suggesU you go wilh him and says he'll pick you up here at the flat. Yes, I'm In • flat of my own now. I've taken it (urnished and it's terribly nice. I want you to come and stay her* often. But first let's get the opening night over. I'm writing to Aunt Helen by this post asking her to let you come. It's a bit of a goo-goo lelter. full of how I promise to look afler you . . ." There was • postscript »o the, effect that Charlotte would leave an evening dress out for her Her maid. Elizabeth, would be there and would help her to get ready She herself would be at the theater. Patience glanced at her Aunt Helen.. She'd not opened Charlotte's lelter yet. It was next on Ihe little pile beside her plate. And now she was reaching for it Patience sent, up a silent prayer. "I've a letter here from Charlotte. Patience; she wants you to go to the opening performance ol her new show." "I know. She's written »o me, too." "1 expect you'd like Vo, wouldn't you?" "Oh yes, indeed I would. She suggests 1 stay the night with her." "Yes, so she tells me." Patience's breath caught ki h«r ttiroat "1 ma) go, mayn't 1, AunI Helen?" "Yes, child. I see no reason why you shouldn't," her AunI Hel«£ miraculously replied. (To Be Continued) The word cuttle, now used to describe domestic members of the ox family, orlginslly meant property or wealth. DAY RATE HOUR RATE WEEK RATE DAY AND NIGHT NURSERY For Children of All Ages! Her«'s what folks with children have wanted for a long time! A responsible, safe place to leave their children while shopping' going to a movie or on a trip. meals are available, as well as clean NEW beds. ARTIE'S NURSERY Phon* 2350 313 N. 2nd St. R«ol fstofv, Business, Farm and Auto LOANS For buying, reflninclnfr, building, remodeling. Firm landi and Auto loins. Quick Service. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY !•« 8. 1st—Inrrmra Bld r —Ground Floor Phone 511 *• F. "Dee" Dietrich, Manager "Complete Insurance StnHce* HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Furs * For Woolens Hu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street "Phone 4474-4475 SEE YOUR KAISER-FRAZER DEALER Get A New Cor RIGHT AWAY! IN BLYTHEVILH IT'S t'14'r 61" Motor Company (Home of "61" Implement Company) North 6th Street p hon- 2 142 Planting Seed Soybeans Corn, Cotton Seed, Sudan, Oal 5 , I.cspedcw, Alfalfa, Pasture Mixtures, Lawn Grasse. A Other Field Seed. See Us For Your Requirements Blytheville Soybean Corporation 856 Phones 857 COTTON FARMERS C*ieml«tly Minted e*tton Kerf rermlnaU quicker, phnt i »n< plow th« MITM week. Reduce chopplni expenM ••< ITT>W mon cotton. STATK CERTIFIED VARIKTIKS AVAILABLE D. * r. L. N». 14, per M Ik. iaf |1«.M rJtonerllk I-B, per 5« Ib. bt|.....'. !«.»» Rowden «I-B, per s« u. bat 1I.M Other Tarietle« Halt Jt H>ir (Hlbred) per 5* Ib. hj» l».s« SlontTllle 2-C, per 5* Ik. bat !».«« fri IN Wilt Resistant, per 5« Ib. baj 10.J5 i. P»«U, per M Ib. bar H.5t Empire, per 54 Ik. baj i«.s* *« &« *nA place your orcter or jet your nupplj lo^ay. BLTl'HKVH.I.E SOYBEAN CORP. Ftitne »5* Blylhtvllk, Ark. PhoM W1 Bruchei! tetchvlll*. Ark. Cardwell, M« B*raenTUl9, ini Senath, Mo, can i»4i IY im M»KI. inc. T. M. »io. u. ». Mr, art "I can't sleep becaus* I just know we're forgetting something—did w« miss giving to any campaigns being conducted this week?" FRECKLES * HIS FRIENW By MERRILL Onward and Upward HSRCS THg WAIL*-'•WE HARDWARE STOgE SA.VS ir WE NEED ANV MORE HCLPIN& US Fix "TUB 60AT OP FORTHC HCUVAND;* HASNfr BEEN OFF HIS 84CK RTWENT YEARS ' SAW ME WEE BOARDS six FEET LONG— -HO, HUM 7. WAK6 MB UP WHEN THEY'RE READY/ KMOWS nov«/. BUIU> THINGS/ I'RISCILLA'S POP One Axninst tli* World By AL VERMEEB P^^™^^ Nobody _•/ You can't fav« money for a sfrowfivry <aturdav! l-Jhat da think Sometimes I think you're Mend I've not. Okay, W« Will By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK HIYA.KIP.' HAVEN'T SfEN YOU FOR WEEKS/ , MERK SENT DOWN WORD OH,7H£Y'fff GIVINQ SOME HOLD-UP MAN YOO DON'T WIND IF WE COME IN FOR A IITT1E VISIT, DO YOU, IEFTY ? WASH TUBIJS Evlru? Reckon Not! WELL, I HO»E VOU GET Y .UilER's GOT n ,vtr, f\ SRE*K. IN HOUNNOOO, H£0 LIKE TO S TWIT XT AUD WORK RlaHr UP, \ ™' rot * W WORKPOWM. BUSTEKl BUT IKEMtrT'i* MOHTi tCXJStt FOR EXTKW Br LESLIE TURNER HUM. HOWD TOU Yt>U«-H-H.,.r05'PON l T» 1 LEI« KKPPEN TO TM(B [ IN rWIN' PIRECTIOkW TH1» 3MM1 ROAD ' NEW VORK TO TUB N- ' SEEW SOW! WEST ccmsr, MR. '•^ j ^ -"i -,—.— ,.^_ 60TU»OM. W WEIKfOf TKMtLIN', CWT'ltl RED RYDER Surprise Party By FRED HARMAN ALLEY GO!' Walch H, Son By V. T. HAMLIN HE SPOKE CFAlAND OPPLfNfY... A AUDMAN ! ILIKETHI5 T I DON'T KNOW...*' NOT. 1 HOWCAME\ BUTIF HE SHOULD THE STRANGER r*-**-v WITH THAT »VE/\ MATTER? IS OLD •( SOI \ ANYTHING CHIEF'S I NOTED I WRONG TOKEN! \. i ' J WITH IT? GO MAD FROM WJH&ER...LOOK AT THE MEAT ON HIM! EXE BEFORE &4WN,IT WOULD Be BETTER FOR OS.' LIGHT Of OR? TOCON51DC H THISMK3RA- T1ON WU SPOKE Of.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Now It Starts By EDGAR MARTBf

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