The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT "~~ r 7 " BT,YTnn:viu,F, (ARK.) COURIRR NRWS THURSDAY, MARCH kfi, l!)!ff [GOOD GARDENING Blylh .eville One • of Arkansas Cities to Fair Display Few See I 2— Nlcfttinnn Syivosiris; 3—Corn, flower Ultra Double liltic Boy; 4— ] liiint'uc lliulweyl Mixed; 6 — Arrange llic Garden by Colors Blylhevllle has been selected as 'the: first of the few cities In Ar- kaiuas to 1 havs the exhibit on tuberculosis among negroes, \\hloh. was shovTSi nt the Dallas fair !ast year. Tnis exhibit, ananged l)j the National Tuberculosis Association, (he Hostmvald fund find the United Slatss government, Is to bo s?nt tj Arkansas for six weeks and tho Arkansas Tuberculosis Association is selecting a fe\v cities In which it »ill be shoun )Georga-\V. Durham, for years ar- bvely Identified Utli tuberculo is \vork in Mississippi counts, lias b:en risked by ths sTO; groun to anan^e for t'.ie exhibit.; It. svlll be shown nt some central place early next r m6nlh. the exact dat; 10 b; announced later. As Ihe exhibit Is designed to' Inform both whiles and negroes, cx- _c«fjt for special placement for special occasions, it will l>j set up in -some convenient ''do\ p!ac? where the race.s can go on-lhslr jespcctlve da>s It will occupy jSO feet of wall space and Ins not' light and color :Tliis exhibit will be shown In Arkansas \utli the WPA and NYA assisting In discnssfng the selection ot Blythevllle.for the. first exhibit, the state group stated this city was choseni as one of the paints where .it''Is believed It will do ths most good. 11V. IION'AI.I) OKAY ('uuricr Neu-s Gardening Consultant ' There are too many tfoixl va- ! rlctles of iinnuals thnt have been ulrodiiced in recent years thai re bettor bloomcr.s, have Ur^cr towers and tire just as easy lo rcnv, as any of the older varie- les. Here are some suggested chemes of gelling liootl rolor oinbinallons with Hit 1 , helglitn properly an-angeil. The numbers clati: to those on Hie ac.'comiwny- HK plans. Plan A, for an annuiil garden bc- livcfn saraijf.s. Color scheme— yi'lliiu, liliir, nnd white I—Tall Cactus Dahlia, Golden Slandnrd; 2 — Cosmos, Kurly iije Flure; 3- 7 C'cntaurca Cy- anus Jubilee Gem; 4—Sweet Alys- nm Tom Thumb; n-Cnlenchiln , Osceola Society — Personal Ifornln Pop))) 1 Double Art Shades; :i-I'tilox Glfantca Art Shnde.s; 4 —NuMtiilliun Golden Gleam. I'laii C, ror edging perennials or thrills; Mhile, lilur. and salmon pink. 1—Swet-t . Alyttiimi C'omnacUnn Minimum; 'I— Aneniturn Uluc Cap; J--N(?lro.'ii! Snapdragons. I'laii {!—Orancc and purple.' ) — I'etuniu Klks Pride; 2— f)w:irf Double FreiK'h Marigold I CffA)} " English Artists Studied. JvSrs C M Hinvell and iWrs C. iforehead uere hostesses to the Litcraiy department of the I'lOgics- five club jesleidny nfteinoon a the former's home. In the program 1M bv Mis L W \VaIt"is x or English Aitlst 1 ! Mrs R C Diyni discussed, the life nnd work of fll' Joslnu Reynolds Mrs. George Abrey. who Is a ha U\e of Fngland, gave Eh" sloiy o Gninsboroush paintings , Invited guesls were Mrs. .Prod Crockett. Ivfrs Eugene Packnul nnd Mrs J T. Rclnmiller. * * r Mrjsand Mrs. J. n 'Bmin, and daughtei, Marina Jine. will leave tomorrow for Little Uocfc to alien:! lh;j: meeting of (he Arkansas Association of Lumber Dealers Thev uill return Sunday I}avld New comb] of Flal Ri\ci, Mo, Is the guest of his aunt Mi-, , J. L. Glnscoe, this \ieek The Rev. and Mrs E. L Cole hnd.:Mrs. R. H'.. Jones drove lo - Jonesboro yesterday where he and Mrs Jones attended (he quurteils meeting of the Jonesboro Brptisl .College board of directors, of.which they arc members I'laii A—An annu.Vl frarden for Ihc spare helvvo( n' Ramies. Chrysanllia; (i—Cornflower Blue Boy (Very Double); 1—Mill-Isold Yellnw Supremo; H~Petunia Siinw Bedder. I'lttn A. Color sehohic—[link, hhio, and \vlille. I—Cosmos. Extra Early Sensation; 2—Artemesla Sacroriim VI- ridis; :t—Medium Klnnlas Plcolee Delight Siihnon Ueanty; -I—Lobe- la Mrs. Cllbinn Blue White Bye; i^Phlox Drmnmondi. Glgnnten Arl'..Slinili-s; C—Nlcotluna While I— Larkspur Improved Exquisite White King; u-Cniulyttifl Dwarf Hybrid Mixed, -I'laii A. Color scheme—red and while. 1—Cnnua The president; 2 — Crcksconib. 'lhonn),ou's Superb; )—Zinnia Rcabiosa IHovvered Sear- lei, 4—Vcibem Etna, 'i—1'oltmln Snowball or White Cloud; C— Enaixlrocoiis Em|)rcss and Purity; I—Dahlia Decorative Anna Benedict; R—Beddlntr Duhlln Uiuvlns Dwarf Hfd or :Ur«ula. I'laii .11, for dry and hot location. 1—Cnllloiisls Mnrmorala; a-Calv i'laii I>—Annual"garderVlor'par- tial shade. Godctla Petunia Tail Double Mixed: C— Double Fringed; 7—Ver- wna Crimson Glow; 8—Zinnia Desert Gold; 9—Ncmoi)l)lli\ nl.s; 10— Masterpiece; Sweet Alyssinn . Minimum; Candytuft Dwarf Hybrids. NEXT: Oroiving rv rose garden. Sounds Reveille Kaoli Morning To Arouse VI1 lagers OCtCH OV O \\f-V LtlGHJf, Plan ('—>VnniKils Tur I'dBln pi-rrrini:ils or shrubs. Toin Thumb Golden Crown; 3— Larkspur Dart: nine. I'laii C—l.iurmlek' and pilllt, 1—Sweet Alyssum Ulna Queen; '1 —Annual Phlox CtunnoLs Pink; 3—Ralvlii Pink Gem, or Larkspur Itnsr !>lnk. : I'laii C—White anil reel. 1—Verbena White Beauty; 2— Snnpdraton Fire Kin^; 3—Nlco- '.ianiv Artinls. : Plan C^Vrlloiv anil lavcmlcr, 1—Verhena Lavender Glory; 2 — Himnemanlu Pumarlnefolla; 3— Centaurea Imperlalis Deep Lavender. I'laii )), for partial .sliade. I —Larkspur'Tall Hpckett Mixed; Darkless Dogs Kxlillillcd . OAKLAND, Cnl. (VI') — Oakland's latest dog show had one feature that wa.s appreciated by many. It was three barklcss dogs. They were African Bnscnjis, . the only dog known without a bark. The species was bred centuries ny In the African Congo but ha, become exceedingly rare In recent times. BAXTER. Tenn. (UP) — Every morning proihplly at six o'clock, 47-year-old Charlie' Hughes scurries up a 20-foot cedar pole, settles himself on a small platform, raises a battered bugle to his pursed lips and blasts out a reveille. When Charlie's clear notes penetrate the chill dawn, Baxter's' GOO citizens .Mir In their beds and know It Is time to cet tip. What (he chanticleer Is to the Jirly-rising. farmer' and the fac- ory -whistle Is to the Industrial TOiker. Hughes Is to Baxter. Citizens here need no, rilarhv.''clock: roasters, Charlie lias I'laii li- „_!_. L__ -Fnr ii dry. iml IMI'UOVK YOUK I'ROPRRTY NOW We'll help you secure A FI1A loan. Wall Paper Painls - Varnis|ics Auln & Window Plale Clitss m-YTHRVlIJ-E PAINT mid WAIJJ'APKH 00. Glcncoe Hldg. Phone 880 HANNA FUNERAL HOME A bcnnUfiil nncl .sympathetic ficvviw;. nt inodcirntu rost. • Ambulance Service lit N'. 1st I'limic 58-> looallnn LADIES' SLIPPERS STRAPS - PUMPS' TIES - SANDALS SPOKT OX TOKOS Popular Prices 82.95 $1.95 $2.45 'SI .47 Dbveolown HOSE " 59c and 69c O.C.GANSKE Over 2:i Years In UlyllieVillcf fnliea (hem yet and he has betn at hLs .dnwn bugling 'for .13, 'ears. Hughes bugled his first; note torch 15, :1924 as a prank, little thinking that he was destined lo Tsume the responsibility of waking, the sleepy village every morning thereafter. '• "I • found it was good exercise for my chest and • the early rising psrj efl rns'iijT'! he explains Tneii too, the ; townspeople fieemed to appreciate ll so I Just decided, to continue.' A glralle can narrow down the rnd of Us tongue to Uic s!?.e of a lead .'pencil, thus making'It possible to reach In among clusters of thorns and pluck the small leaves of the African thorn tree. D. P. L11 FIRST YEAR SEED D. P. L.-11 PEDIGREED SEED SKED COHN - CO)V PKAS ]: .ii-- ; SOY ]\K FOIt BKST MICKS SKE '! O.O.HARDftWAY&CO. Phone 289 One ran roiigliiy estimate iwritiues bj timing n chirps Sufferers of STOMACH ULCERS *£ HYPERACIDITY DEFINITE RELIEF OR MONEY BACK THE Wl ULA R D THE ATMENT has broilKht prompt, delink* 1 rcllff In thousands of cases or Stomach and Du«d4nft! Utan, due to Hyperacidity, uDilotbor forms or filottiurli 1)1*- I'tll duo 10 Hreai Aclil. SOLD OH 1» DAYS TDIAL. For eomnlclo Iil- formallyn. reiM "WJIIird'f Menace «f Bell.f." Aslt for It- h«i -at KIRBY BROS. DRUG CO. ROBINSON DRUG 'CO., Inc. MANILA:; PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE for the whole family for EASTER / :w! They're smart! Every pair, is slyled for Spring! There's comfort, wear, and value in every Penney 'II find the pair,.you've.been wanting . . . for the youngsters and for yourself! Come in NOW—he really The largest stock of shoes we've ever tarried . . .'Width's . A to EEE .for men.. They're new! shoe! You' for Easier! All leather where leather ought to he! AAA to I) for ladies . . ." D for children Tlie bra in seldom c.xceeds an average weight of 1280 to 14GI) grams In men, and 1140 lo 13-!0 grims In •women. TRUSS'EXPERT HERE, MAR. 27 Mr A Klein, fartoiy etpert of the Ohto Tniss Co., 'will 'bD at our store Satmday, March 21, with a full line of non-skid Spot-Pad Trusses and SuppcilF ROBINSON DRUG CO. Corner Main &, Railroad some, the milltoC Kindness scsms to be londeiyedi. Correct accessories for Easter tailored by Arrow as featured in April Esquire! Tfiv Roy til Cntinh tire (isftiinonsforsnwrtiH'ix in unil nut of uniform. This Arrow Campaign Strict: ,s/ii"ri (inspired by t'n'iii) afiows why, Sfin- jorizai. Milogufvrni'Jtt, $2. C<inip(ugn Dot fi'tv?, SI. -V" the main, lend lowanl more oul- i ]Mllcrtts. Arrow cravats, i tailored, $!, $1.50 and $2. ff il fiusn't nil /(mm 1 liibel. it isn't ,'lriuw Gorrect | Lubrication reduces repair bills and eliminates as far as possible, unnecessary friction, which is the caviso of nlmost every motor trouble. We cany the highest qual- ity.oils for all makes of cars and trucks. Open:All Night 21 Hour Service SERVICE CENTER there, any shorts tftiiji don't ridf, ticiil or xaic? Kurt'.. Arrows. Reason: nocmterseam and a roomier .wit. Siinforizeil. 65o up. rcaturcd in I-S mi I rr—April KASTKU IS THIS SUNDAY We're all Jrcssoil \ip anil ready to so for Kasler anil all Spring. And yo« will get all dressed up when you come in to see Fred Sandrlnr, and Oscar llailey, csjxTls on mailers cf ikess. A store full of smart thines lo wear, a stcrj full of cxcrpllc values, a store of friendly spirit. Come in and s,ee UiMe furnishings as fealured In Esquire, the magazine for men! WOMEN'S EMPIRE PUMPS The side gores make them snujj filling 'riiul so -'flattering to the foot. Patent leather lacings and bow. Dressy perforations. Non- scurf covered Continental heel. $2.98 Pr. CUT-OUT T-STRAPS 'An Ideal (Iress sho? for growing ilris. illgh cut' vamp with fide .buckle strap. Designed wllii stitching 'anil perforations. Covered: Cubnn heel. $1.98 Pr. NEW OXFORD-SANDALS Suede'and prUeiit leather combine to- make this sandnl nn all-season favorite with women and growing .'girls. White, black, blue, -and red. $1.98 Pr. WOMEN'S MONK. STRAP SHOES A smart style increasing in popularity, because It's so fluttering to the foot, and so comfortable to wear. Smooth Kip leather. Covered Cuban heel. $1.98 Pr. WOMEN'S PENI-ARCH OXFORDS A" smart. neat' s^ioe -that will gain favor- .-with', iiny well- dressed- •-wonian. • - Beautifully styled witli" 'slttclifn? and luc- Ing. Noii-scufT' covered Contin- enlnl heel. $3.98 Pr. TWO BUCKLE ^STRAPS An alliaclue shoe Designed for comfort riswell as : beauty.; Soft white kid trimmed with pearl buttons and neat slilclung Non- sc.utr co\cred Continental heel $3.49 Pr. CYNTHIA ARCH SHOES So graceful on the foot so coin fortable -,ip.r wear^every \voman adores them.. .Satin-smooth kid with" stitched saddle- and tip. Noh-sciitf• ' covored , Continental heel. $3.49 Pr. WOMEN'S FASHION SHOES Ideal for dressy wear, for street or everyday smartness- Fine soft kid with smart perforated designs. Strong .-.teel shank. Comfortable Cnhnn heel. $1,98 Pr. Because it's Saufori:al, Cordon iV one. oxfurd that can.'t shrink. Toilny's younger gentry ftwfirthe butlorniown lerxion. .Miloga form-jil J2. lltouglttftilly, Artow made up ihfse hanilkmhitfs to go uilli Camp.ugn Stripe sltirti 35c As usual ihe best is always at CLOTHING Co. 315 WEST MAIN STREET GROWING GIRLS' OXFORDS The attractive perforated designs and nickel eyelets make this an ideal sport slice. Of soft. Kip leather. Rubber tap heels. $1.98 Pr. GIRLS' SMART SHOES A beautifully styled- shoe she'll be proud to. wear anywhere. Expertly made . with tricky stitching and .punch-outs. In patent leather or' side , leather. Rubber tap heels. $198 Pr. CHILDREN'S ... , , OXFORDS So neat looking! So comfortable! Designed to give active feet firm support. Fully drill lined. Rubber lap heels. $1.19 Pr. 98c 112-2) ••'...<ajs-llj£'> LITTLE GIRLS' T-STRAPS ' Children's feet, if properly cared for when young, will be much stronger when they are grown. This is an ideal shoe for active feet. - - $1.19 Pr. BOYS' OXFORDS One of our best, selling sport shoes! Ot good looking buck side leather, with iwpular creased vntnps — all leather ioles and heels. $1.98 Pr. $2.69 BQZQ CANVAS FOOTWEAR For Men and Boys The famous Ptnco, "air-cooled"- uppere allow the feet to .breathe —keep them heallhyl With soles of extra 'gauge thickness. Comfortable nnd serviceable! 59cPr.79c •MEN'S SPORT OXFORDS A graceful blucher style in buckslde with leather soles and rubber heels. The Algonquin toe adds a touch of distinction. Made by Towncraft — thai means all leather and complete satisfaction'. $2.98 Pr. TOWNCRAFT OXFORDS Good looking sport shoes of sturdy buck side leather. Popular creased vamp style with all leather soles and he£ls. They're both comfortable and durable and Inexpensive, too! $1.98 Pr. J . C . P E N N E Y C O M PAN Y , I n c o r p o,r a tod,

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