The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1954 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 15, 1954
Page 11
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1054 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN J^gr-'—. NW* RE1/IEW *- FORECAST Down on Farm-With King-Size Produce 1 i Growers Proud Of Big Products UPPER LEFT: Dave Molone is all smiles as he holds an 18-inch ear of corn grown on his farm near Oglesby, 111. UPPER RIGHT: Molone is also extremely proud of his 22-foot cornstalk he grew on the same farm. He says he is laying claim to the world's tallest corn producer. LOWER LEFT: Robert Roedahl, 9, of Lebanon, N. J. is framed with the 10-pound cushaw (Chinese squash) that he will show at the New Jersey State Fair in Trenton. LOWER RIGHT: Probably thinking of steak and trimmings, Laddie Krocek and Barbara Polivka measure the giant mushroom that Krocek found near Forest Park, 111. It measured 63 inches in circumference and weighed 16Vi Ibs. Something to Think About By GERTRUDE B. flULIMAN County Home Demonstration Agent Good Planning The H. D- clubs that won prizes on the educational booths a t the fair have done some good thinking before deciding how to spend the money. Lost Cane, the first place winner, plans to install gas for heating and to also put running water in .the club house. Number Nine, second place winner, has purchased some items that It is believed will be helpful to the entire community. Two metal stenciling sets have been purchased for putting names on the mail boxes and road signs; an adjustable dress-form to encourage home sewing: scales to help The ladies keep a. trim figure and table and chairs (o be used in working on various projects. They will place this equipment Pemiscot Notes By \V. F. James- Pemiscot County Agent That farming is no longer a hap- No. 13. hazard business is revealed in many ways. Currently farmers have come to county agents for the soil treatment recommendations for practices carried out under A.S.C. Practice a room at the school house most of the meetings will in where be Yield. Gosnell, third place winner, paid 525.00 to the 4-H house fund and will later landscape the GosneH School buildings. The plan is already drawn. love every one of them. I enjoy every H. D. club and hate to miss a single meeting although the state office recommends it. The leaders are wonderful and very cooperative. The number of clubs have increased from eleven to seventeen active clubs since I have been in the county. IL would be wonderful if I could know the entire families as well as I do the "lady" of the house or maybe the 4-H'er. The County Judge, Mr. Phillip j Deer, has been very cooperative, too, and the ladies as well as our entire office force appreciate the lovely room and cabinets he has had completed for our use here at the Court House. Food All Gone? I know some people who have plenty of good (Turne grown food- Good? How do I know? Because I have sampled it. Some of my good friends that I have been trying to tell you about have given me some. Mrs. Otto Bradberry and Mrs. Then he moves to another farm in 1946 without leaving a record of soil treatments. Tenant "B" moves in and has the soil tested again. The soil test is not sensitive enough to reveal the previous treatment and the record of treatment is not available. The county afient then, may make a recommendation for treatinmA considerably different than ho would had the records been kept. We have found at least one farm This was an easy job where the farmer had a record of his soil test on specific fields and a record of previous soil treatments. On the other hand the job was most difficult in the absence of such records. With the trend toward using greater amounts of commercial fer- i where (oo much lime is now caus- tilizer it is highly important that ling reduced yields of some non- a complete record be kept of soil! legume crops. Without more care- treatments field by field with date ful field records this situation may and manner of application. The reason for keeping such record, of course, may be more clear to the agent. It is possible to upset the plant become more common. i Bad Heart food balance in the soil and therefore reduce yield even though heavy fertilizer applications are made. For example let's assume tenant "A" has a soil test in 1954 and applies the limn and other basic plant foods according to rccom- WA.TERBURY. Conn. (&)— A dog collapsed and died after running up three flights of stairs in an apartment house here. Dr. Richard T. Gilyard, veterinarian, said the animal's aeath was due to heart failure. Dogwood, fourth place winner. I Gene Brndbcrry have Just given plans to use the prize money for me a pheasant. That is right and an outing for the entire club. they have- had wonderful gardens. "The Melody 4" They brought me some of their Four pirls from Lost Cane repro- All Gold sweet potatoes which are sentcd North Mississippi County: delicious. 4-H "iris at the Northeast Arfcan- Throughout the summer. I was sas Fun Festival recently. given cabbage, onions, okra. The girls sans and won an A ' squash, etc. Joe Martin of the Half Moon community has had some of the tines', tomatoes I have ^een this year. Yes, he gave us all some. award. They were then .eligible to compete for state honors at the Livestock Show nt Little Rock. Mrs. Donald Veach, their leader, and I took them over there. They were honored by being asked to sing on ,the radio. The pirls were Joan Morgan, Janice Eourland, Lavonne Boren, and Sherrie Lewis. What Friends I believe 1 have a lot of friends in Noj*th Mississippi County and I It's Time To Use lights to stimulate fall egg production. Allow approximately 40 watts for each 200 square feet space. These should be provide a 13 to 14 hour of floor used to day. Treat peach trees with P for borer control. D Bj STATE CERTIFIED BLUE TAG CHANCELLOR WHEAT In new 2 bushel bags. . ....... BLUE TAG B-400 BARLEY In new 3 bushel bags $000 '2 Wesson Farms yicroria, Ark. Ph. Osceola 785-W-1 YOU GET CLEANER SEPARATION WITH A MASSEY-HARRIS COMBINE Thouiondt of acres of grain harveilad under the mod varied conditions have convinced owners everywhere that Money-Hums combines gel cleaner grain and more of il. From cutter-bar to grain tank every unit in a Massey-Harris is in correct proportion for most efficient threshing. Size, design and position of each has been carefully engineered to give you controlled feeding—coordinated operation. The result is cleaner grain, more grain saved ., . a more profitable harvest. N«x» fim« you'™ in (own »lop In for complete derails. MOST POPULAR COMBINE ON THE MARKET! 61 Implement Co. "The Farmer's Home of Satisfaction" N. Highway 01 •_ Ph. 2-2122 On Missco Farms By H. R. CARTER, Assistant County Agent A summary of the proceedings of the Eighth Annual Cotton Merhan- ization Conference held lit Little Rock in July has been published. The information given in two panel discussions held at the conference j\ud reported therein will make it well worth your time to write for a copy of the publication. One panel discussion was on the tion.subject of I're-Hancst Mechanization, the other on Cotton Irrigation In the Kaln licit. You should be able to secure a copy by writing Claude L. \Volch. National Cotton Council, P. O. Box 18, Memphis I, Tennessee. Wheat Allotments Not Bcinfr Planted It is to everybody's advantage, including your own, to turn in to the A.S.C. Office by October 24 any wheat allotment that you do not intend to plant. Any allotment released will be rcapportioned to farmers In the. county who make application for additional wheat allotment. In this way the wheat acreage for the county can be maintained for the establishment of future wheat al- Jotments. The acreage released from any farm will be considered us being planted on that farm that released It, In establishing future wheat allotments. Lee Soybean Allocation Mr. Freyaldenhoven. extension agronomist, says that if the present Lee soybean crop being produced by the Bice Branch Experiment Station meets all requirements of the'State Plant Board, there will be a supply of registered foundation soybeans for seed Increase purposes in 1355. If you are interested in securing some of these seed, you should make application prior to December 1. Application forms are available in the Comity Agent's Office. Still Time To Seed Vetch It's not too late to plant vetch, in case you haven't got around to it yet or in case you would like to plant more. Vetch may be planted up until the last of October. I agree 100 per cent with Hays Sullivan of Burdette Plantation when he nays that what this county nerds is more attention to maintaining soil organic matter. Hays has been planting a considerable acreage of soybeans behind vetch on gumbo soil the past two or "three years. He does this to Ret away from late cotton following vetch on gumbo. Hnys belicvea thai soybeans as .•ell as cotton will respond profitably to a green manure crop ot .•etch. He says that he can definitely see ,i difference analn this year In yield prospects for Soybeans behind j •etch. The beans behind vetch never, seemed to lose their vigor and suf- I lev from drouth to the extent ol i soybeans not behind vetch, he said '• Another thing that Hays does is' to definitely cover his vetch seed when pluming, vetch Is planted with a cotton planter rigged up to the cultivator attachment in such a way that the seed can be planted : in 11 drill upon the cotton row and \ be well covered. i As as result Hays usually has a | vetch crop to turn under ii anyone .; In the county does. i Vetch seed should be covered I'.j \ in 2 inches deep on sandy soils and t to l',-j inches deep on heavy soils, j If more attention were given to i proper covering, I'm sure there ' would be fewer vetch failures In the : county. f Vetch Superior To Bye I For strictly green manure purposes, vetch is far. superior to rye or other non-legume crops. j Vetch without any ACP payment is a more economical soil builder than rye with ACP payment. It will take 40 to GO pounds of nitrogen, worth approximately 5 to 7 dollars, to make rye equal to a good crop of vetch. In a 17-year study, 1933-40, at the Delta Station at Stonevllle, Mississippi, yields of cotton following rye as a green manure crop were reduced by an average qf 20 pouml.s of seed cotton per acre. Hairy vetch In the same tests resulted in an average increase of 196 pounds of seed cotton over the check pi no treatment. The check in these tests averaged 1053 pounds of seed cotton per marc for the 17-year period. This study Is reported In Mississippi Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 473. Although vetch is superior to rye or other small grains as a green manure crop, there are conditions where same rye with vetch is desirable- Where vetch slrlijf ore If) be left nn sandy soil to help control wind erosion, some rye is needed to support the vetch. Even here no more rye than is needed should be used Values nt Green Manure Crop The following advantages of winter legumes are pointed out in the Mississippi Bulletin: (1) Turning under a good crop of winter legumes increases the yield of cotton equivalent to 40 to 60 pounds of commercial nitrogen. (2) On spils, particularly the heavier soils, where physical condition is a limiting factor, there appears to be a temporary improvement of the physical condition that Is particularly beneficial following winter legumes. (3) There Is normally a great*! amount of nitrogen carried over to the next season following legumec than where commercial nitrogen i* applied. Henderson Seed Co. Now Open For Business- In (heir new office with new scales. Adequate facilities for handling your soybean crop in a prompt and efficient manner. Market prices paid for soybeans at all limes. Henderson Seed Co. Distributors of Bolishaw 1-A Pedigreed Cotton Seed Ph. 2-2860 Highway 61 S. BOOST PULL-POWER with revolutionary NEWwUCwrnkk Farmall TORQUE AMPLIFIER NOW, you can instantly... • Boost pull-power up to <I5 per cent 10 match the load, on the xo. • Change tractor speed on the go. • Choice of tu'o speeds ia every gear. W forward, 2 reverie. • Use cmn/ilelcly independent power take-off to start and slop pto driven machines, on tbo go. Test and compare... and prove, to yourself that the Fnrmall Super M-TA gives you the most efficient drawbar and power-take-off performance ever available for 4-plow, 4-row farming. ASK FOR A DEMONSTRATION TODAY] Delta Implements, Inc. "SERVICE HOLDS OUR TRADE" Blytheville Phone 3-6863 BLYTHEVILLE DELINTING CORP. Is now ready to delint and treat cottonseed. NEW MANAGEMENT W. C. Higginson - Manager R. L. Log gins - Plant Supt. Blytheville Deiinting Corp. S. Highway 61 Ph. 3-6258 For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET We Deliver Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries 2-2043 Call In Come In 1044 Chick -*?;•*£. .** '* V 330,000 BUSHELS OF FEDERAL LICENSED PUBLIC STORAGE \ Will Soybeans r This Winter? ... IF YOU THINK SO, YOU CAN STORE THEM AT Farmers Soybean Corp. Buyers and Warehousemen of Soybeans and all Farm Grains We Pay TOP PRICES Everyday tor Soybeans and Combine Milo. We also carry complete lines of fall seeds. FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP. Broadwoy & Hutson Sts. Blythcvllle, Ark. 1'hont S-81M "The Home of Sudden StirWct" „

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