The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1934
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Blythevllle Dully New» BlythevlUe Ccurler Valley Leader Blythevtlla Heruld —— —— o: COURIER m WS PAPKH or *<*»»*., 4UK44MW8 A^«^S^5±T ^ ^ *~^ T " ^ 151 iCUi'll Sharp Upturn Possible' If Capital Goods Indus! vit^s Gel (Jiulervvay. ; nv iirHiRn w. IWISON BABSON PAIiK. Pla.. nee. 2B- General l)iish)e«.<; will film.' n IIKIC!- cralc gain In Ihv first ;,ix imm- ths of 1035 over the flist hall of 1334. I am inorr bullish on the second half of the year, jirovid- ing the capital goods Industries, represented by building, show aome lite during the early months of 1935. The latrer imlustty is the big "if" in 18S5. Sharply rlsinq building totals will Sri, tbe "Ciiwi Light" for prosperity by, 193C! i.M BLTTTfBVINLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, 193-1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Rules Mason?, Regal Garb' Negro Rills Justice In Courtroom KIKKWOOD, Mo., I3i'<:. 58 UII . —.lu-.lici" of Ihc foara I'lillp K. I l'{ali;>i!:ui u:.s killeO . inul Or. W. ; K. i'fjflc, H WIK v.'ound?a iljy an (•Hiai;r:d negro In iin> JIK- I lice's cirtiri, hers tliis ulternoan. Tlir negro, woiiiidrtl hi (lie Isft iurn by mi cfllcfi- in ihi> romr.. v,:i:, i-^iiiunnl H Ji> iinntjtr.'i after lla- killin?., I!,, sum ]IH. «:i5 Hayiinuiil Ratlin. ROGEB E/lBSOX'S 193S OT1V- LOOK IN NUTSIiEi.!, BUSINESS: Wodt-iaieiy toiler first half. RETATf.. SALES: -Higlicr — Farm trclions bes:. . 7'RTCES: Firm — FfemkiuHa sharply higher. ADVERTISINO: Unage totals up. REAL ESTATE: Mom active— Renfa stronger. STOCKS: Higher — Snkctive markets. TAXES: Hcnvbr—Possibility of sales tax. CONGRESS: Under pre<dent's control. LA&OR: Slowly rising wages- More jobs. STRIKES: No major shutdowns. FOREIGN: Spotty' outlook abroad.. ' BONDS: Inflation vs. low money ff.tes'. . "CCSULUSiONiATiiisiiiCfis ,.stijl in—recovery period/ . r SEConrt Half May Be Even Belter Business lias been slowly creeping upward since September ami is today nim' per cent above, last Dscembar's level. This risint; trend slioiilcl curry into early 193ii. A year ago I predicted u ten per cent'gain for 1934. The increase was actually eight per cent. Now I predict a five pjr rwit improvement for the early- months of 1935 oven the fivst 'half of 1S34. ii building and allied 'industries make headway, the second hah" should lun twelve ID twenty per cent above the latter pan of 1931 On the other hand, if the heavy, industries continue to lag. there will be another tem- poravy interruption of the fundamental upward trend during tlie summer similar to the Eharp letdowns of the past two years. Government policies have h:-a'r. tremendous influence on the speed of recovery to date.. Last year 1 ."aid: "In making 'tny New Y»ar forecast. I fnid myself - (for (he first time in my thirty years of experience) looking not 'to Wall Str-jet but to the banks of the Potcmnc for my high-lights: Again in 193S the administration will be the controlling inilnenc" on business. What the great mi- Joritsv cf people arc askiti" today !•': "Wiil tliere b? aiiy major mange in UK New Deal's polic- IM?" I do not think so. Tilt president, however, will ivy to follow more ciosclv (he middle course between socialistic experimentation .and orthodox business 1 methods, toward which \w has leaned in recent months CniiStMs- B3rk ,,.„„,. Th:ln Bj(c one change which will please conservative blislness men Is or- Kani?.ed iahovs loss of "face" in Washington. Lator leaders lend *P miicti.lnto Section 7-A' of the NRA .code that even liberal congressmen have been somewhat em- oavraaed in iheir own -connit- n«Mles. On the other hand business men are intensely worried nteai. the.lopsided congress which inec,s on Thursday. January ihlrd Fear has teen expres.ied that tt i?" m ''P^t r ' d ' u " fc " Mcl »"« it will be full of Eo-ca!lcd "vild men". There will Indeed b° innnv of them. Wiat will they do? ihey will iwke a lol of lalk a Int at hejdllnes, lu( f e , v new laws. The Toivnsend old-age pension Plan and the Cmmery thirty-hour »'» Will be presented. They will ™'1> make a lot of newspaper ™Pv, but ilwra i-, little, likelihood "' "Wr passage at this session. Vci,," 8 '" 1 wl " b - dosc '"" the nichi I"' 1 bon " s m "' Ita cnacl A L ^^'We bul not probable. ccrli?»T 0nif5e bollus blil sce " 15 „„.,„" , FOSS ' Unemployment in- o h.^ ?' SO ilas n Boot! chance cvcntonv 112 a '»»•• ™<« we are of oh f ,« Mlnill « lo some form M HMO annrf "' lhis is thc ««»8 But 1?, M SUch nn cxi«riineii(. Hut on the W i lo1e , b . t .. . " lC ' Cn ' ''"'^"'P- n p nge Tllrce) Revenue 1 . Department Report Will Show Saving Under New System. LITTLE ROCK, Doc, 2!) (UP)— Cost of collecting automobile li- consa fees has dropped about cue fourth since the old county sheriff-r.olleMor system was abolished, ami eollpctifijis Kikcn over by the department of revenue, fieures obtained today revealed. The revenue department eollsct- ed $11,978,40-1 during the fiscal year ended-) June 30. Ihc dcparltmsnl's biennial report, to be released in £ few: days, will show, at <i cost of 3.4,1 per cent. Includ3d In that total collection is $2,330,00.i in automobile license fees. There is no breakdown of tlie various . department reports showing the : cost of collections in each. For the' hist six months of tliu fiscal year, under the iicw administration, the cost of collection was 2.95] per ,cent.. The last, year EherHfs collected the license taxes, I932-33. they were' paTfl" SC4.147 'in commissions or ;4.1 per cent of :he $1.5t>7fll5 collected. A h'slit lo return the colie'c-' t'.ons with their remuiierative/etiin- mitdons io sheriffs looms for the 19S5 legislature. Well informed Isglslntois predict the collections '.'.'111 be returned to^ttJ?-sheriffs!. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Dec. . 28. <UP)-^The stock list today made the oest gains since September. Trading in the "regular" way fell off from yesterdays pace but ther= ivc.s heavy volume of sales made to establish tax losses. A. T. and T 103 3-4 Anaconda Copper n 3-8 Beth. Steel 31 3.4 Chrysler 41 3-4 Cities Service ..... Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tiink '.. Gen, Electric Gen, Motors :. Int. Harvester ..'. .^ontgomcry Ward AfcKesson-Hobblns N. v. Central .... Packard Phillips Pel. Radio Simmons Beds ... Standard of N. J. . Texas Co U. S. Smelting .. U. S. Slee! Zoniio 1 1-2 158 . 37 3-B 21 3-4 . 33 7-8 42 1-2 . 2D 3-8 • 9 I-S . 20 3-4 . S .. !) 1-2 . 43 . 20 3-4 121 3-4 38 1-S . 4 11 OK Will Serv^-al Adjourned Week of Cottrl Opening Here Janunry. 14. ElElity-mm special Jurors law. been nuninioni'd ]jy HID alicrlirs ffice for llic luliourned week ot licull, criminal court opening lieie.' Momlr.y, January' 14, when 1)111 fiarr.^ wllj face trial for tlio second time hi ihe shying 01 C.. A. Martin, yonihful Lax I driver., A brother. Arcln'e Barnes, may dlso stand lilnl during the same week of coni'L although ihere has been no Indication that defense counsel win allow the two to slami Mai jointly. Their father, Prank Barnes, sentenced to death in Llie .Martin staying, is In the penltim-1 tlary awaiting outcome of n» ap-' peal to the Elate supreme court Bill Barnes enter«l n plea of Siillty anil a jury found him guilty of first degree murder at tlie October term of criminal court hut was nimble, to agree, on his pitn- Ishmem, death of life Imprisonment, and the mistrial resulted Spscial jurors smnmonetl for 'examination and from wlilcli n jury will prohnbiy . be selected in tvy Bill Barnes, and ppssioiy Archie. Barnes, follow: Charley Smith, T. A. Howerton,' Andrew Nee), .Jefl Ranis, Noniinn Hauls. W. M. Willyard, Erwln Moo- fly. A, M. Brewer, ff: o. GraMc, . B. Phillips, Sid Nichols D L , Davis, C. II. Ashanrannor. Cleve Htitton, W. A. Thieme, Epler Davis. Walter Griffin, Ed W. Essie O. Stuart, J. B. Piles,,.Tom I'lecman, Grover Snider, Joe •Sam- Dies, A. P. Rlggs, j. H. Baer, Charley Hill, Charley Joliir. J W Don-, Bill mil, Fred Davis S : B' Brannum, it. o. Ha>key r Bill Hal-key. E. U. Hill. W. 6. Galyean. w,~'- TCC ' k ' J - w - .Harkcy,- . D \idc bb. Prank Fcnisi, W."*; Harvey S. Brown, Neal Brown, E A' a.MshJi'c, Bruce Culp -D II' Buck, E. R. Lyerly, Walter Cor\, ' Vl B " Ck ' VV - B - Hei ™>. Coy May, W. O. Winslead, R B ° ! !-i TC ', tt ' n °'> .'Iverman, C Dean', *"!'. Wagner, Cns Pleice T r Rose. j. B. jnywood, fa Han, ihi- liert Cole, .J. E. ctork, J w Wei- bum. G; At lacks Hopkins (or kin ii)R U. S. Assislunr.c lo "Unrinploya!)lcs." WAHIUNCITON, Dei;. 2(1 (UP) Mcnnlor .Willinin ]•;. lloruh du>p. lihilni) imlay ntlnckMl liolli't Ail- niinlvlratnr liinr.v 1. Hopblnr.' pi ]:osnl lo rem<nv -l.iiiiii.iisd ••UIH^JI liloyubles" Irran ivdiMiil ivlljl ruli'i ami return xlipin lo the slnlw. Horiih acidly i-havMierliwd Hie acllcn.aa n "itrons iirgumeni in fuvnr of Ihir Tqu'iueiul iiliin" which would give everyone over UO an Income of WOO a month. Boruii met the new proposal with biting sarcasm as he tor the second time took up ihe cudgeb tiRtiinsi Hopkins. He previously has attacked excessive adiiiinlstrar tiun cc'its of rsiiet. Eotah conlcnded that ihe states were not. prepared to accept ihh .'.hare of Ihe relief burden which Hopkins has announced would b» returned to them February 1. ,,, — _.f Universe Eu'b'anks, L. "it."aree'n,-'E ' w M a }' Need Revision, Says Gray clarence Hampton, Jess FInc'mr, Smith, , Gdis Eubanks J B LinSiCin. . Green, J..A. -Rjsn, Homer Cllt- — ~ . Ion. .T. .t. Clifton W G PhiihpG, PITTSBURGH, Dec. 28 'UD — M. IX Reed; Uatuey Robbim The universe may • be - Infinite af- . — —- t-r al!. Prof. Albert Einstein of Dentist Has Practiced 56 Years relativity lame, the world's great- CIRGLEVILLE. O.-<UP)_nr.Ed- est. scientist, said In an interview wardiJ. Lilly, dentist here for 50 'here today. Fvamed with roses with which she vies for beauty, Muriel Cownn nwa.ts the beginning of her reign as queen of the Pasadena Tom-nn- mcnt of. Roses ami the Rose- ,,owl football en me petwcen Alabama and . Stanford, climax of the Pacific coast's most dnwJlnjr festival Miss cowan. .17, was enthroned..hi the Dec. IT coronation ball and ' the Mrs. Lindbergh to Be, Important State Wincas FLE,\HNGTON, N, .T., Dec. 28 P)—Anno Morrow' Lindbergh will be -a "voluntary and important Vl'line^s" at th» niurdc-r" trial of Bruno Rtchnrd Hauplmonn, n state official told the Unttet( : Press today. . " .' ' .Mrs. Lindbergh v.'il! be a ivililns witness und will .testify without, beuig siibpeonaMl/'.tlie official said. "The slate.'looks upon her as a very important witness." The o:!cifli irtia made the an- nounccmem rWtuecl to allow his name lo be used. veare, is thought to be. one of:the oldest men, in point of continuous practice, engaged in dental practice in the nation. ERA Cops Make Debut EVERETT, Mass. (UP) — The ERA policeman Iras made his debut here. There arc 1G of t.h°sc officers and ihey will supplement the city's regular police force, be- hie used mostly for traffic duty. The Curls Tell" That It's Lilian Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 28. (UP) —The cotlon market developed a ' nucli betlor tone today. The close bund prices Iliiee to eleven points llglltMV inn March May . July ici SpOtl 11. open high low IWfl 1243 1IMO KiCil 1263. 1260 12(59. 1276 1269 !214 1279 1272 1560 1263 I2.-IO. 1267 17.67 dlnsed rteadv 1283. 12-li 1267 1275 1279 1260 12641) New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. J3 CUP) Jetton closed steady. open hlg^ ]ov; close Jan 12-19 1259 1219 |2--,9 March IS60 1X63 1200 1263 I May IS69 l&a wg 1274 JU'r 1273 1S7S 1270 127S °° l 1S53 1SC1 1257 1260 Dcc 12CI 1268 1264 1SB7' I closet! sli-mly «t 1285, up 10. Chicago Wheai ' open high low close Dec. 98 1-4 98 5-8 98 1-8 98 3-8 May 99 1-8 100 1-4 S3 3-4 100 1-8 By the pronouncement tlie famous savant upset one of the Ideas which has been generally accepted during the last dcrud> upon Ihc basis of his own relativity theory, namely that space is limited or finite. At :|lic same lime Professor Einstein expressed his disagreement wllli the great body of phy, stctsls who believe that, the laiv of cause and effect'has been found wanting and unworkable. Whll! atomic laws are now being fov- mulated in n fashion which makes no use of the law of cause and effect. Dr. Einstein predicted that ph.Vficisl.s ,\vould eventually return to its use. Funeral Services Held For Mrs. Mary Cprley services lield"~nt Knisev yesterday for Mrs. Mary Ccrlev, .12, who died .".I, her home in lhat community Wednesday night following several wests Illness from pneumonia. The Rev. J. R. Nelson officiated and burial IK-OS made at ihe Bassett cemetery. : | The. deceased I? survived fcy on° son, o. A: Ccrlcy. with wl-.oiii she made, her home. sn;i Uv.i daughters. ! The Moss Undertaking company was In charge. Rush lor City License Tags Will Start Soon Approximately 30 1935 city car tags have already been Issusd by Ross Beavers, city clerk, who anticipates n steady rush bct'lnnlnK nevt Tuesday. Mr. leavers has also already received payment of privilege license fees for ihe first- half of 1935 from several merchants l>ss limn $40 remains uncollccted In pnyibgo licenses for tbe List half of 1934 according to Mr Beavers who took office in April. J. E, BaHo, Pioneer Stuttgart Citizen, Dies STUTTGART, Ark., Dec 28 (U PJ-J. E. Balls. 7,1. pioneer stutt- 80Vt cili?en and formerly the larg- «H real estate operator In this Motion, dropped dead from heart failure on a downtown sliv-' at " A. M.. loday. He came here 40 years aj;o He was a brotlier-ln-lav,- of a former treasurer of the kingdom of Denmark from which country be migrated to the. united State* Hh Comparison With Year Ago Unfair Because of CWA, Richbcrg Says. CLEVELANn, Dec. 28 (UP) — Recovery C)o-ordinator .nonalrl n. Rlchtcrg, in an address opening the Cleveland Civic exposition, declared loday that Ui = federal ru- lief load tliLs winter Is running about 2,f)f».nn:i c?.sc-5 helow last year. , - ; -' r ."•'-" RUthbsvj; oild (liati "contrary lo common misunderstanding" the size of (he relief load was diminishing slowly but surely."; "It. hos tjcn a mistaken habit In compare the relief roll of last year with - tills year's," nichbo'rg fald, "igii'c-ri[)g th3 fact that in Addition- to Ins't year's .relict foil the federal - government carried cvt'f 4,000,000 persons tii' the civil Wonts administration. : -''This -year -all cash relief and work relief Is ''carried on the fefisral: emergency Teller roll 1 ." HE pointed out that'relief rolls lin'l fnllc-t) to rise siibstantlally as might be expected during October. November and December This, he said,' "is tlia most heart- enlivj indication of a permanent gain In employment that could b» presented." ; , TIlO tlcllCSt HIWVBIC It'lJtlilli ever designed ,t q ,.. „ , V i)miir, Mason hero ..19; .jyor.ii. py Mrs " hcton, KftK.r mii.iio, -»f • Iliu-ouly >lnsiinlb'..frnl(>riiuy op Bftulzcil entirely foi 'vvouieii, us alio wna liiatatJed nt ( /,i moili'er lodgf, St. Evmln's. Weatminster Bngland. It IB ii replica ot ihut worn by tlie' eramt mastei-'or England, the buke ot .Co'aaa'nglit •' "Weabr Sex" Proved Self Healthiest BOSTON (UP)-The male may be considered the .stronger sex but— -* '' City Hospital here revealed that more men were admitted and held for treatmenl for Injuries and dls- enses than women. Since Jan. 1, 1C.794 men have been treated and 16.520 of the "weaker sex." OT1P1TI OF Ml Bill Two Chaigcd Wilh Man- shnightei Following 'Ac- -ciclcnl Fnlal to Three. - urrrn ROCK, Dec n OJPJ — TIVO , porous weio charged with. ninnslniiElitfi on tlnee separate counts loclaj In the dcalhs of lliree Alabama football fans killed In ttn- automobile-truck crash near here lost night while en route to 'lie Rose Bottl game at Pasadena, New Ycais day The warrant* W?re Issued against 2. E. a.m,l J p Campbell, owner and .driver, respecti\ely, of the Itrucl: which v\as parked on the. htgmvay when the automobile rninmcd It In a drlitng ra^in The Uo men \\alved preliminary hearing and made $1,000 bond each. Hearing \\aa set foi PebAi- iiry 6 at Lon.oke county scat k of the covmti in which tlie accident occurred and where the charges ere mode »* The charges Vie,re preferred- by 1 HlShwny Patrohnnn J A Me- I Qucrry, v\ho tm esttgated the •rash. s Tlic accident occurred about 7 o'clock last night when Ihc automobile, cm lying six passengers crashed inlo the Ituck, slalled on Highway 10 about tlilee miles cast of lite I'ulasU county line. The truck, loaded with 'wood,; was not occupied but Uio ihher was nearby. OlnudG Oant, nbou! 40, nnd Phil Anderson si , about 55 of Shef- lcld,.AIa, and Alvln McWllllams, nbout 22. of Tuscumbia, Ala, were killed. Plill Andeison Ji about; J2, and BucI' Huddieston, about 22, of Slielllci'3 McCoy Heflrn 21, 'D! 'Tiiseimmfn,- drivti 'of) the car. 'ere injured - , * ' Campbell told pohij a downpour ol rain hid drowneo~ou( the in,o- tor of the truck, and he had been forced to oark it at the side of the ; - road He denied (hat the lights, hid been turned off .if BO terrific was the Impact th4t the truck was thrown into a ditch. It turned over and sUne ^yood was .scattered over tHo highway. The: 'paE-cnger cpf turned over In tlie ditch on the opposite side of Ih? road Both cai ana truo. were demolished.. , . siller runs the largest Hi Deimiar};. nen-spapfr 'Human Bomb' Defies Law Frisco Freight Car Is Entered, Boots Stolen Five pairs of high top leather coots were stolen when a Frisco freight car wss butjlarlEed here lost night. . J, h , e bcoi£ ' ana P<K;ii)iy ol h« Thomas and Mllllan! es ' wore st °J e " from a csr i Negro Pair Held for Robbing Aged Woman Corn Dec. May open high , low close 83 5-8 94 3-4 92 V-8 9! 3-4 80 1-2 DO 5-8 88 3-4 -90 1-2 You'd have lo look twice before you recognized tins charming damsel, but thn curls will identify her to moviegoers. Lilian Harvey is showing a smart creation in millinery with tins tlircc-cornercd bat bl wlitte crepe, worn liigli off the fora- head and nipping to a sharp angle over tho left eye. with » jerky ribbon as decoratloa. Thomas and Mllllsm!" ""•; v "-" ! "'"J™ «rom a csr negroes, were ordered nL , M \™? f' Loul3 lo Mera ' the spring grand Jurv S'," ', fch , iaci faee " temporarily 0 bond on charges ol p'~ , rac5: f ll f' I i i Lillian i Houston. u tu i lie u ^, 1115 g< >inu j'.u > under $500 bond on charges ol grand larceny by Municipal Judse c. A. Cunningham yesterday. Lnvena Long, uegress, was bound over under $500 bond on a charge of accessory lo grand lar- jceny growing otil of the same jltitft. Unablj to make bond the i The o.nted Slo'lcs his •defendants were placed in Ihc i representations lo' the" 1 i f ° Ulltl fil ' e boxcs frc '" the boots had been removed ? , dlSt; " lce from «'" w had been broken open. WASHINGTON, Dec 28 <UP)- Distribution of $100,000 Is Underway at County Agent's Office. Distribution of atout $100,000 in cotlon acreage reduction parity payments was underway today a't. the office of County Agent .1. E. Criiz. Checks for tills amount, representing approximately half of the parity payments for the Cfilclrasawba district of the county | were received yesterday. The rest or the checks are expected soon. The. parity payments are Ihe final benefit payments to cotlon growers, under tlie government's 1934 acreage Umltatlon program When they are compiled Mississippi county cotlon growers will have received more Iliaii $1,300,000 In cash payments for tiicir cooperation In. the reduction of cotton acreage. The parl'y payment Is one cent i pound on 40 per cent of ihe bass production. Sharecroppers will receive SO per cent of it and tile landowner and managing share I tenant or share renter will di•vide the oth;r So per cent: Where a farm Is rented for cash [he renter will receive 50 per cent and the share cropper 50 per c;nt. lo county Jail. Tliey arc g o be Involved in. [he thsft of about $18 In money, a watch 'and a pistol from an old negroes. government in protest of Ihc new Japanese oil control laws, it- was revealed at the state department today. the world, underwent an opera- would probably take some 'time A "living bomb." Gangster "Terrible T o m m y" Touhy, above, though dying from tuberculosis, has vowed to commit suicide railier than be captured, and to "tak» atlackers .\vllli him." Tlie Chicago outlaw, wanted for a series of robberies, always carries a vial of nilroglyccrln strong enough to Wreck a bulldluc, says under, habitue*, *• Pete Herman Seeking MEMPHIS, Dec. 28 (UP)-Pcte Herman, of New Orleans, former bnntnniwsJglit boxing champion of tlon here today to regain his eye sight, lost- six years ago. Lav/ Schools Association Takes Rap at Huey Long CHICAGO, Dec. 28 (UP)—Re'-, rr.oval of Ihe Louisiana State TJn- 'vsrelty ID« school from Its' 1(« if accredited Institutions was hreatcncd today by the As'oela— ',tcn of American Law Schools fot causa of "political Interference^ :y Senator Huey Long. -t A report adouted^ by the a'sj oclatloii ako condetnned a new '-ouisiam law transferring coni ro! over bar aamls-lons to "a politically comple\ioncd board The report said the transfer "marks a step backward In bar admission standards with obvious con- In consideration of the Louisiana Slate faculty, which the ass'ocla'i- tion said 'has acted with propriety so far as it has had the powsr to do so,' u proposal to remove the school immediately from the list of accredited Institutions was tabled. Expects Day's Delay m Roosevelt Message WASHINGTON, Dec. 28 (UP)— President Koose\ell will probably tislay delivery of his message io congress until the day' after coii- „ - , • grcss convenes, Rppresentative tyesight Joseph W. Bvrns (Dem, Tenn) aiid today. , Byrns, who. conferred with ,ttio , . , president yesterday, said organization of tha house on Jar.uary 3 and he heilsved It preferable Vo put- off until January 4 the tries? s"v, luai- M.\ years ago, t""- un umu January 4 the mes- Herman, now operating a night Ea ? e which the president expects club In Ne-,- Orleans, said he to deliver to person. knew h« had only one chance In —-_ a thoujand to regain 1H 5 sight ' WEATHFR but he vv^s anxious to try even-- YVtrtintR thing possible. He attributed t!:<- - T total loss of his sight to Iniurv 'ARKANSAS — Cloudy, unssttled, of the optic nerves tu his manv P ro , t!!bl y "1^ or light rain lo- fights. >!i£lH and Saturday. EII;htlyu3rm- :r Saturday ' in south' and west portions. Memphis and Wiil Seek Investigation enpis an cy-p.obaiy of Fnnfl Prnc«c«,»' CCCBSlc! " al rain tonight or 6af 01 rood rrotCSSorS'urday. Little change In tempsra- \VASH1NOTON. Dec. 23 (UP)Senator Burton K. Wheeler (Dem.', Mont.) said today he would Vc- ntrcduce a joint 'resolution in congress for an extensive investigation of all phases of the food processing Industry; The maximum temperature hero jesteiday was 46. ' minimum 21, clear, with 03 of w inch raln- fali ( last night, according lo Samuel ,F. ,\orr!s, official flealher observer,

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