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The Times from London, · Page 6

London, England
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Saturday, December 15, 1877
Page 6
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G THE TBIES, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1877. quorum tomorrow. . Tho rwiolutlon, however, even It rwsod, would curry no furthor itaoa thau au iprk!i of opinion, having'no tl value. A much better fcolitvj prevailed at tho cloao of the ma: Vet to - day, bonds risitvg, while gold and sterling exchange are declining. THK OAFFUK OUTimKAK. (Ut Eirrtn.t and lliuituax OoMraNv'a Cauls.) C.VPK TOWN. Nov. M. The Qorernor issued notice to Kreli'a followers, offering pardon to all who would submit and lay dowu arms, with tho exception of the leader in the rebellion. Whoever gave Kftdi shelter vrero to be accounted enemies to the Government, Tho.Mapasaaa oopla hwvo accordingly given up gum and paid a fino in cattle. The petty chief Mackinnon, however, has tied to his brother among the GaiV.aa,when he was followed by tho polioo. 1 ho Gaikas were much excited, and sounded the wsrery. Tor some days there was fear of an outbreak, but laUwt advices from the special magistrate atiN.ndiU.'s are of a tranquillitim nature. Mackin - noa has agreed to submit to tho Government. Volunteers and burghers are returning. A military body and some police are to remain on the lorder for some tiuio. The Governor "a return is still uncertain. The itrner Std Amsterdam arrived here to - lay, and has procooded on its way to Melbourne, .Wo have been furnished with tho following ofli - ;ial toli'srams, received at Capo Town from ning William's Town t " Wednesday, 14th of November, 1377, 5 25.m. Mr. DoytK, magistrate st the Umtata. reports that tbe Galeka in eight divisions, with women, children, and remainder tt catt, jmms1 Old Buntiugville last, niht, and crested, tie St. John's to - day. "Thursday, LV.h of November, 1ST", 2 31 p.m. It is trident thst the war It over. The Volunteers will cow, in das course, W draaghtrd home. Mr. Blyth, Chief Magistrate, GriqnsUad East, has been told to demand KrtU and Sigtu, his son. from Umqikels, the rondo Chief, sad to tell him thst he will reinse st his peril " Fridiy, 16th of November, 1S77, 2 34 p.m. Commandant Griffith wires from Umtsts mouth : ' All joins on splendidly. Oalekas laying down arm in small parties. I am tending Burghers and Volonteers home to Colony. I remain with polise - and Fingoea for a few days.' Tuesday, 20th of November, 1877, 9 48 a.m. Commandant Griffith reports from Umtata, this morning ! 4 Disturbance with Krell over, country cleared, and tribe effectually dispersed.' He has dismissed Volunteers. His Excellency the Governor will issue proclsmstlpn to - day informing the chiefs accordingly.' " The following Government notice, dated NoTem - ber 13, haa been issued at King William's Town : " Applications will be received by the Honourable the Commissioner of Crown Lands and Fublla Works for grants ef land is the westernmost portion of Galeka land, formerly known a Kreli'i country, between the Oogha and Kel Klvers, from those willing to settle in that country. Tbe conditions of grants, which will be limited te else to 300 acres, Inemde immediate settlement and btmiJUit personal occupation, and may be ascertained oa application at tbe office of tbe Honourable the Commit slocsr of Crewn Lands and Tub! Is Works at King Wib Ham's Town, By order of his Hxeslleney tbe High Com' mlwIoBtr, J. X. MinniMAX." Wo havo received the folio wing,Ulmi through u titer's Agancjr j THK OTTOMAN PARLIAMENT. COh'STANTINOrLK. Dk. 14. The following It tho full toil of tho Spoeoh frota , tlioTlinmp, asummnry of which wiu telegraphed yesterday j f Messieurs Its 8enauri . Meoslenrs lee DtpuU. " 1 am happy to open l'atltararnt and to see assembled round roe the Deputies of the nation. Ituttla, as you are awaer, hit year declared war agsuift us, and our Government wt coMtriin'd to defend Itself and repel the aggrrs - sion. This war till continues. Two years and a half ago dirturlnnces iToVe out in Herzegovina and. spread into .other Idealities. In spite of ths equality in .the eyes of the law which all our subjreta enjoy. and the immunities and their language, a part - of our populations tdflered itself to be drawn, without any known motive, into tbe path of illegality. TVs - misguided men not only injured their fatherland and their fellow - citizens, but they also brought upon themselves the gravest, prejudice. The united Principalities, which had the fortune to possess an independent infernal administration, asuxmed an attitude of hostility towards oar Government without any legitimate re ucu. All these grave events, unprecedented in our hittory, have considerably increased the difficulties of the war; but the country, in order to make head against them, has made It its duty to put forth all the power ef rnUtance ef which it is capable. All Ottomans, by tbe abnegation of which they have given proof In this war, hare shown that they were prompted by the highest sentiments of patriotism. The courage and valour of our soldiers have been the object of the admiration of the whole world. I continue to appeal to the aid and patriotism ef all of you, in order to protect our sacred rights. The formation of the Civie Guard, which is daily perfecting and completing itelf , and the eagerness with which our non - Mussulman subjects present themselves to take part in this patriotic service, are matters of real satisfaction to eur Government. Tbe Constitution, while confirming and corroborating the rights and immunities which our non - Mussulman subjects enjoyed, granted them equality of rights, from which results t:. f .4 . .' - - T. V ... f . V - . . - fc.. 1 .V.. .1. thould be called to military service, which is the first of duties and eves the foundation of equality. The proof, too, which they give of their conscientiousness in tbeway ofdnty has bees duly appreciated, and it baa. been de. tided to throw opes all ranks of tbe other branches of our armies to the nos - Massalmaa popdatiou. The salvation of the Empire depends entirely, upon the complete and sincere carrying out of the Constitution. Our greatest wish has been to see all classes of our subjects en - joy the benefits of a complete equality and our country profit by the progress of modem dvilitatios j tbe .reform introduced into tbe finances, the fulfilment of all our engagements, the distribution, is accordance with the principles of political economy, of the taxes and dues ; the collection of tbe revenue in sn'ch a manner as not to injure tbe ini crests ef the population ; tbe revision ef cur jndleUI system is conformity with the requirementsfof the time, in order to insure the impartial administration of Justice by our tribunals ; tbe reform respecting the property of the Vicojfs with a view to facilitate the acquisition of landed property ; the formation of communes, and the specification of their powers as an essential basis for tie administrative fabric; and lastly, the reorganization of the Gendarmerie But the war has postponed the fulfilment of thes - 5 withes. Furthermore, the calamities of the war have exceeded all limits j a numerou population, noo - eombetant and' inoffensive women and children, whose life and' honour ought according to the ussgts of war to have bees respected, have been subjected to cruel treatment revolting to humanity. I am pleaved to hope that in the future nothing will prevent tb troth in that respect from coming to light. Last year the Municipal Bui, for the capital as well ss for tbe Pro - . rinces, was submitted to the Chamber and adopted, and the minor regulations of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies were sanctioned and carried into effect. " important Bills, elaborated by the Council of State, will likewise be submitted to your deliberations this year j such as IS ills relative to civil procedure, to general election, o the powers of Ministers and tbe Council of Minis ten, and to the High Court of JmMoe and the Court of Amount', Vou will hev to devote your mature deliberation to tW projects, and to dee Ids certain qnntiops relative to the lews tm lbeTlyfts,therrsss,tMIP, and theiWreof ilegs. which wrre 4UM4 I ft tllf firl PIpBi il H JWf MpUrnieli t lb lw rmrtllng tho nft .toflgtl. tl' I .11.. . 1. . ... I.. - . .I..n ..nn itfitilfitai tiM h e wwe iii firm inwntioii pur mishil UovsrBUiiil it ii'iMil In gft iV wr It It by ttMbi of ectopia itbttiy - f uiieuisien tliat Mi (ah afrtte al U tNtli In iMiilatlf khil polilleal quesiienl, atid thus pfel - tt the pullll Itilercit. The tW llilullotifeti4lptttl,liadulyt)ti)eUf pitt, ahd 1 do bdt tilnV 1 hate to ir you khy athef dr or thwUfagemrht la ibis) hipetti " Oar relallom with tbs friendly I'oWert are tnottcof Hah May tbe slosl High Uess nut tomaou iffortsl1 Hie document UdsM the nH K')Mtljft THH WAII, llumiAlR3T, Sfo. 11, The liwpew AIiR(l "111 wIti hff m Hw4y 4 l!liwMihl'iVilM Ob Mj.Uf HU MiJjr III rwiit lh Hll H VHIf. - Ihi lleBfflafiliR i,henj tin i4 wm flwWlo. J'fifi llMlfM, Iifea Jywlhl: sal M, JUwlFgffi li t llpt matia ChancUery, will return la Bi. Petersburg at the time time as the ttmpewr. luau euiaguuiatit fought yesterday on the lorn the livwitch ws so wuoh siposed to ths.Turkish nra that a Ull grsjSt'J bis head. Piluoe (iottchVvll lunched the day Urore yettcrday with the rriwe.t KUtlth, and on this ootaiiou her Hit - hues, iu the name of Prlne (M.arles, Uttowed upon him tho Wiaud (Vrdou vt ihs lluutuatiUa Order of the Star. The iullitr; huuour p4d to Ottuau Pasha is that due to tho rank of Marshal Tl'KlUrUl HKAlVQUAKTElia, KAMARLI, Dw13. OtuiniHkiutiaz ha guhg on to - day bstwesn the Turkish ani HumUu Hititiuut. !Ud wv - ather l t'iu setting in. CONSTANTINOPLE, Deo. U. A despatch from OhaU Ahmed Mukhtar Paahato thn Srki - it of the l'.th int. aiuiouuoes that (leneral Loris MelikoA, with a trin of alsgs artillery, has arrived at 1'sttin. The Turkiih iuhhitanta of th district were helog i - mplivvl t'Y the K tians to repair the roads. The despatch adVlt that the Mussulman Inhabitants of Kars and iU vitinity are ill - treated by thr ttussians.. Turkiih troops are being concentrated - on.tha Servian frontier. Suleiman Path's, in a despatch to the Seraskierate dated the i3th inst., sajt : - " Yesterday we attacked the enemy in the direction of Itlela and Pyrgos, with three brigades of Infntry, a regiment of Cavalry, and four batteries of Artillery. Tbe brigades constituting our left wiog forced the Hussians to to retreat to Metchki and carried their entrenchments, but the ltutsiaus receiving reinforcements from Uii - la, resumed the offensive on - our .left wing. The resiitanoo offered by Fazll Pasha and a successful diverion made by Ssbit Pasha, who was poited at the Tchauuch bridge, paralyzed the enemy's "eTTorts. We were, however, unable to hold the entrenchments on account of a cross fire from the Metchke heights. At the same time a Russian ironclad on the Danube cannonaded our right flank, but ahe wat obliged to retire on the arrival of our monitors. - Darkest coming on, our troops re - occupied their original position. The battle lasted over seven hours over an extent of country requiring six hours' march. Three thousand Rus - sians were killed and a gunpowder store at Metchka was blown np. The enemy's forces consisted of GO battalions and 80 guns. Our.losses were comparatively small." SERVIA. BELGRADE, Dec. 14. Lastsicht Prince Milan's Head - quarter Staff left for Alexinatz, and to morrow the Prince hlmtelf sets out thither, accompanied by the President of tbe Council of Ministers and the Metropolitan of Servia, Prince Milan has issued a series of decrees proclaiming a state of siege and a'stato of war, Inttituting military tribunals and military laws for J volunteers, as well as Courts - Martial requiring the employment of officials and the elcrrj in military service ; announcing that publio functionaries will be dismissed if ; they infringe the law or promote agitation against tbe war ; suspending the local self - government of the Communes ; providing State help for the Indigent families of soldiers and volunteers who are killed ; ordering a nwrainrium for the benefit only of men serving at the seat of war ; and issuing regulations for the field post system and telegraph system throughout Scrvla. INDIA. CALCUTTA, Dec. 14. The Naga Hills Expedition has occupied Mozema, the principal village of the raiders. Good general rala has fallen In tbe North - west THE UNITEdItATES. (Mr CAtar.) WASHINGTON, Pro. 14., Tbe II cuts of Representative ha concurred, la the 8nl' amendment to tho Pari Exhibition Hill. C.oaciiscit Mnwur. - Tito Chancellor of tho Exchequer acknowledge receipt of biBk'iiotri for 30 for txr oailtWd to be paid from X.G. j add of Aft) (nutti) from J. 8.. on secoiiu.1 of lucoiwtsx. Ttii! Nkw Umtco HfiTM MiNWfiii. Tho ro tiring Minister of the United States, Mr. i'lerrenont. yr. ttrdty prr?nted tbe new Minister, Mr. John Welsh, to Lord Derby at the Foreign Office. Audbnces for leave end pn sentntion sre rtected to be granted by Her Ma jesty on an early day next week. KotaL Ukmkral TiiEATiucAti FtntD. Thett will be a festival at the Westminster Aquarium to - day Is aid of the Royal Ceneral Theatrical Fund. A concert is announced for 3 o'clock. pRtACHfcRs roR To - morrow. St. Taul's Catho - which all our subjrets enjoy, ; draLln tne morning, tne itev. unam unseen, Jiinor which secure their nstionaUty Canon ; jn the afternoon, the Rtr. .Canon Uddon, D.D.j In u ..I.. i . .j u.J i the evening, the Rev. Urnry L. Thompson. Rector of Iron - Acton, Ulocestershlre. otminster Abbey. At 10, tbe Rev. Professor Wace, Chaplain of Lincoln's - lnn ; a; 3, Canon Farrar, Rector of St. Margaret's. Chapel Royal, St. James's. In the morning (10) and at noon, the Rev. rYanclt Gardes, Sub - Dean. Chapel Royal, Whitehall. In the stoning (net known) i is the afternoon, the Rev. Caooa XsoUys, Rector of Baltwood, Kent. Jcsoes' CHaJiBERS. The Solicitors Journal is informed that tbe Lord Chancellor has appointed a committee of the Judges to consider the question of the busi ness in Jidgea' Chambers. " Two meetings of the committee have already been held, and It is understood that very extensive changes are In contemplation.'' Tbe same Journal states that is the recent fire at V Ice - Chancel lor Bacon's Chambers no papers bare been destroyed which cannot be replaced. Dr. MorrATT. Tho freedom of tho Turners' Company Is abont to bo presented Ho Robert Moffat, .the African missionary, and father - in - law of Dr. Livingstone. Tbe errmos7 trill be held, at the Maaaion - houas on Thursday next. Wax Victims. Dr. JL Laseron, 51. D., writes from tbe Training Hospital, tbe Green, Tottenham : " On tnjr arrival at home on Thursday from tbe Russian Hrad - Quarters at the scat of war I learn that some of the daily journals have put forth the crroneont statement that the Deaconesses from tbe aboTe - oau ed institution had been refused by tbe Ruuus authorities. Os the contrary, they have been gratefully received, and every possible courtesy and kindness has been shown them from ' the moment of their arrival at Bucharest. Tbey left that place on Friday, the 7tb. foe Bkla, rid aistoa At t,h farmer plaee a hospital will be committed to their charge and supervision, I f - ft them In perfect beal'h. We should feel grateful to tbe public if they would aid our Sisters by tupplying them with some warm elotbing for tbe sick and wounded, such as jerseys, flannel shirts', blankets, also macintosh, quinine, and bandages, tc. Money to be forwarded to Mr. Francis Buxton care of Messrs. Prrscott sod Co., 62, Threadneedle - street, E.O. ; stores (prepaid) to the Deaconesses' Institution, the Green, Tottenham." A DESfOSsTBJLTiow at CoRJC On Thursday evening John S. Casey, the " Oaltee Boy," who was tried a few days ago In Dublin far having written as alleged libellous letter os Mr. Bridge, was entertained at Cork at a publio banquet. Bands, with tar barrels, paraded the streets is celebration of his visit, Los dos Hospital. This institution has just received a large parcel of cast - off linen from Windsor Castla. To a hopiial of so eminently snrgieal a eharaeter a gift of this kind Is most acceptable. Board or Trade IjfQnisr. Judgment wras given at Liverpool yesterday by Mr. Rothery, Q.O.,who,witn two nautical assessors, bad Investigated the circumstances which the London sailing ship Duesbery was stranded on a coral reef in tbe Gulf of Mexico on tbe 18th of August lsst. When the master was being examined, Mr. Tyndall, for the Board of Trade, questioned him as to whether he bad said the ship would never reach her destination, and' be gave hesitating negative replies. Mr. Tyndall asked him whether, a few days before the vessel went aground, he did not say that sho would never reach her destination, and would get ashore somewhere. Witness said be remembered nothing of that. The Commis.ioner asked whether he would swear it did not occur. Witness said be would not swear, as remarks might have been made in jest. He felt confidence b bis ship. She sailed well, but was not what might be called a. fast sailing vessel. Mr. Tyndall formally charged the captain with careless navigation, with neglecting to use proper means to get the ship off the reef, and with neglect In navigation. The Commissioner said that there appeared to be no ground for the im - Elied charge that the captain, had deliberately cast away is vessel, and be did not think it necessary to examine one of the ownenfprescnt. With Tcgard, however, to the charge of negligence In the navigation of the vessel and thus causing her lost, a more grots act of negligence it had seldom bex tbe experience of the Court to meet with than the carebMsness of the captain in taking soundings, and the course steered after the sounding bad been taken, With rtferenea to tbe means sdpM for getting the ship off the reef, bad an anchor been put out immediately ef K - r she took the ground the .vetse) would have been hsu(od off into deep water, and pepUMy have been saved j but when this rsmoiy was tried fix hours' lattr. when the shin had affiled W) tls m; it WM huHs p Jwit thftt U eoufd R0t tusl. 114 tbe etttW w InsoWUt iglnl the fnfla utr nr Am ijuvii itinucu. ilia i;aurt w&i not nulla turn iknfciiig ihu ...1.11 iMiWj m tt iHtintll riff ., It ItoM h lh j .Wb TbalUa. 3 ihS LeatTtVei. in SiSSJllOi I (Jam wtml I hul livst iiisu,i far on wmm iu mbiI jiU filliest. 'I1w ehlfge, liOWfVrr, IB llill tue, had Bfll UhH I feKd. Sfitl UifHfwfS wUUld fdfltt lid rlemPBt la ttw m l ttti lorilldeftillon In tpd Mi toH Reals sthan iKiifl him, the Court thought tbe by Itupendltil hit eetll' UhH t feKd. Sfitl llieftfwfe wuuld fdfU liu MemHit la t jw ludgtiif Bt ef the" .CtJUfl, . TikioM Ifito lotilldefullott fact lhAt Caplaln Wllkle had held hll re r runout any euarge sgainit ium( uitice of the tase Would U mil first fof 13 UionthJ. Tub Dod - tAi. In rehlv to s gugMstiott tHati with the Issue ef the brtieht form of dftglleenea a tuctal label, beatiui a dUUIct registered numbef, Mtrrspandlug to that on ne licence iseii, tuoum ttneu Q no ayraet Uw. tt MluUe i4 uniform. kn4 of eolUf Hi bowpra cihr - d tf.e oljnwtog Miff M , (iqwRlRn fttt. WMUt Inn . lb (ftinciilPF v( ii fei pHh mm m la kmm you that It I 1MIM to mim ei m ww. pfiwtpi.BH ttBt tB, Gift fear eWuffnt Ittf HiiyHft fti TUB HLAOK SKA BLOUKADB. (rnou an oooabkinal onHRCsroMUBNT.) (lt)NHTANTlNOPLK, Vac. 4. Thoro have arisen during this war some nlco (juwtioiis of International law which ure well worthy the' attention of publicists, ami especially of English publicists. Tho I' is well known, has proclaimed a blockade of the wholo coasts of tho Ulack bea from TreLiond to the mouth of the Danube, and maintains this blockade by a force of cruisers in tho Ulack Sea itself. . The question has, indeed, been raised whether this blockade Is " effective." It is said, with truth, that a certain number of vessels huve, as a matter of fact, left the blockaded ltrU and found their way to the broad waters of tho Ulack Koa without being stoppud or challenged. It is, however, a all international lawyers know, a delusion to suppose that the fact of a few, or even of a large number, of vessels having escaped, ronders the blockado ineffective, for this happeus in all blockades. The American war, to go no further back, furnished numberless instances of it ; and, in point of fact, the occurrence of such inctdonts only becomes of consequence when they are tho rule instead of being tho exception, and then only as 'evidence capablo of being rebutted. The Declaration of Paris, according, in this respect, with the truo ruloof International I aw, requires that a blockado, in order to bo obligatory, must be effective that is to say, must be, not a " paper blockade," like those declared by Napoleon in the Berlin and Milan decrees, and by England in the Orden in Council " of 1800 and 1807, ' but " maintained by a force sufficient really to prevent access to the coast of tho enemy," which is denned by the publicist to mean that such access cannot be made without evident imminent danger. Piow, there is not only a force of Turkish cruisers in that Bea itself, - ' which force has actually prevented access in all but a very few cases, but there is more. The only entry to the Black Sea for neutrals is through the Bosphorus ; every vessel, therefore, seeking to break the blockade, either by entering or leaving the blockaded ports, must necessarily ?aas tnrough the Bosphorus ; and at its mouth the urkish Government have placed two cruisers, which present, not merely an evident imminent danger to the blockade - runner, but make it absolutely impossible for him to pass at all a complete condition of things which could be presented by no other conceivable blockade whatever. These things being so, it has happened that some half - a - dozen vessels, belonging mostly to Greeks, have come out of Russian ports, have escaped the Black Sea cruisers, and havepresented themselves to the second line of cruisers at the mouth of the Bosphorus By these they have been detained, and duly submitted to the Prize Court sitting at Constantinople. This Prize Court has, strange to say, been much exercised as to. its decision in such coses. Tho Court . was, or affected to be, for some time in doubt as to whetuer the vessels were good prize or nor. It was argued that, inasmuch as the vessels, being neutral, had escaped from the cruisers in the Black Sea, thoy wort thenceforth free and could not ha captured by tho cruisers at the mouth of the Bosphorus, In reply to this, however, it was pointed out that the cruisers at the mouth of the. Bosphorus were a portion and tho most ellootual portion of tho blockading force, and that, evou if tho blockado runitori had passed tliwo and arrived In tho Mtnlltermnt - an, thoy could still bo tapturod by Turkish crillscr for breach of blockade tl ntiy rule, mi tneir trociu voyage was THE O ATT LB RllOW. ended. Tho dvcUlotis of Lord Htnwtdl, and tho The Agricultural - hall is a spacious building ; hut any person who has had to fight his way from ne part to another of the interior, well picked as it is with exhibits, ami when all the available avenues and spaoea are densely crowded with people, as on Wednesday evening, when probably 25,000 visitors, were lusiila the hall at one time, must have reflected how desirable it is that moro ample' means of egress should be provided in cose of a serious alarm. It is profitable enough while the turnstiles spin merrily round - to the perpetual jingling of the shillings ; but, if additional doorway cannot bo opened, perhaps the suggestion that tho turnstile barriers should bo made easily removable may be worthy of considers, tion. Yesterday 12,320 visitors paid for admission, .making the total number during the five days of the Show, 121,007. Tho most surprising classes of sheep are the Hampshire or Wiltshire Downs ; yet only a few years ago tho specimens of this breed exhibited were usually pasted with the remark that they were high - standing, leggy animals with clumsy heads, and more distinguished for bone than for thick mutton on their backs. Now we have Hampshire of exceod - inglygroat merit for their weight of mutton and for frames greatly refined, while more lengthy, expanded, and deep than ever. Mr. Alfred Morrison's shearling wethers, winning the first prize and the 20 cup as best of the breed, are wonuerful sheep for weight, form, and character ; and the second prize pen of the same exhibitor was not far behind in quality. Mr. Lewis Loyd's sheep were third, and tho other wethers in the class were commended. The whole class of ewes, with the first prize going to Messrs. J. A. and Thomas Palmer, and the second to Mr. James Road, were commended by tho Judges. The same high approval was bestowed upon the whole class of fat wether Iambs, and this was certainly the most extraordinary class in the show. Sir Edward Ilulse's first prize lambs, at nine months and two weeks old, have a live weight of lewt, Sqr. 01b. per lamb. Mr. W. T. Twidell s second prize lambs have nearly the same weight ; and one pen of three lambs, at 10 months old, has a live weight of lewt. 3qr. 201b. per lamba growth and feeding which are marvellous. The Shropshire are few in number, but of fully average merit. For wethers Mr. Thomas Nock was first, and took the 20 breed cup, fairly beating Lara Chesham, who, however, took the second ana third prizes with exceedingly level and fine sheep. For ewes Lord Chesham was first, and Mr. John Coxon second. Unly one pen oi lambs nas appeared, and this not of sufficient merit to command a prize. The Oxfordshire! are content with a very modest entry and pens of sheep not beyond the usual merit of this great and profitable breed. For wethers Mr. A lbert Brassey was first, Mr. Nathaniel Stilgoe second, and Mr. Zachariah W. Stilgoe third. Sir. A. F. M. Druce won the first prize and the 20 cup for the best of the breed with a splendid pen of ewes, and. takes the second prize with another lot not so good. Mr. Albert Brassey had the first prize for a very good pen of lambs. The Duke of Hoxburghe is first for Cheviots, with Mr. Albert tf rasey second. For Donets, Mr, Herbert Farthing was first and second; and the third prize U awarded to Mr. J, Snell Tucker for a pen of South ilnms wethers, Mr, Herbert Farthing took both prizes for Dorset ewes and tho nrst prize for Dorset lambs, with Mr. J. B. Tucker gaining tho labour - saving apparatus for excavating railway and the machine bein, second honours. For Mountain sheep, Mr. It. J. Htrnnger and Lord l'oltimoro worn first ami second with Kxuioori, and Mr. Charlei i'lutn liter first and second with Muck - faced sheep. Mr. John Jwiao Watts, of Whittle Farm, North Dovtao. oxhlblted'welh.ora which ho describes as of rule kid down by Meaton, by Ltuhlngton, and " V V y .f ur" t t . r - uC ru u . ... . . ' . .Y'l I I i.M i n II. .rant a (lin inAl Htirl ln.II nn tnllkV trhifii by Calvo, witu qtioteu in support oi tnu vimt, 'i wWch finally provided, to tho condemnation oi tho ftd they are tinlquo in possessing four curved horns Vesst - Is iu question. ronwuersiui. suo, giving a pwuuair appwam wo .... . . .1 1.1 li I ttiit hi oil What makes tho decision tnus iwitn i uuncuity . , , a . ,f t , arrived ttt important is that upon it depended the A croea - oreus raaue . very nne c.aae. Ar. uoua continued recognition of the blockado by neutral "n W1D8 ne ? P"M. nu ino "u C"P Ior Powers. More than one foreign Ambassador has 1cfurir "l,f w" BUPr" wT"rsB watched the case with an interest arising from .this Mr. Charles Crawshay taking the. second and third fact A blockade is always, and necessarily, a uuwws, a usmj iuut u uuiui urue. grave interference with the natural right of neutrals for owes 3Ir. Henry Lambert was firstancf Mr. to trade with a belligerent, and such an interference 1 - rank Batteoch second. . can only be endured on the condition that it is A"? JuAes ,of, P,rIr - Alfred Ashworth of V .. . . ... . i Krairtnn.hnll Knltn - I. - Mnnr Air 1 1 rv ' Car. impartially ana universally camea out. n, mere - t; - ; - - - - r ;r ' V j iV T. fore, Greeks had been allowed to run the blockade NJ fgte. N avreham, Dorset ; and bVr. John without risk of capture of the vessels, - or; if tor being lUtdon, of Uolsoncott, ashford, Taunton - found a captured, they had. escaped condemnation,, then iuy average exmoition so tar as menv is concernea, . . " mK i T") t til hilt, fha MtmrtAPi mm innrr nnri tnma rlnitoi worn Italy, Spain, franco, urrtnany, ana uigiana wouia . " " : r" have claimed that their merchantmen also, must without any entries at alL For white pigs the not be interfered with, and the blockade would at pnzo winners are the Marchioness JJamden, the once have disappeared. It is a fact that repre - ift" ana &ir Uarry verney. lfie senutions to this effect have already been officially F of Radnor also took the 15 cup pven for the made to the Porte, which has found itself in the il V?1 white breed pigs For black pigs Mr. trying position of depending upon the decision of ha Coate is the only prize toker, his Improved iu own Prize Court for the retention of the power Dorsets gaining the i'lBreed cup. For Berkshires proved ;ono ot its most effectual v L"0 aumstwiu, wr. twiu urvw, lviu to use what has weapons in this war. Tbe blockade of the Black Sea has, indeed, absolutely, destroyed tho wholo of tbe Urge itussian trade effected through its ports ; while, as the Baltic ports are frozen up, the whole sea - borne trade of the itussian Empire is closed, which is an injury to ber such as even England could never inflict upon an enemy in the palmiest days of our maritime supremacy. The Turkish Government has awaited the decision of the Prize Court with patience, and has replied to the foreign Ambassadors that it must be bound by the law which should be thus duly declared, whatever the consequences might be. Not so the Greeks. They have used every kind of pressure, both to socuro their vessels from capturo and then to prevent their condemnation. It is a fact that a Turkish Admiral was offered 2,000 by a Greek merchant residing in Constantinople to let his ship pass, and it is also a fact. that the greatest press uxo has been exercised on members of the Prize Court to induce them to oppose condemnation after capture. The sentence, however, has now been pronounced, and has already gone up to the Court.of Appeal, which cannot but confirm it. Another point of International Law arises out of the practice pursued by the Hussians of sending out from Odessa fast steamers, which, while they caretully avoid Turkish cruisers, capture Turkish merchantmen, burn them there, and then set tho crews adrift in a boat. This is distinctly a violation of International Law, which prescribes, for very good and apparent reasons, that captures shall be taken into a port of the captor, and there submitted to a Prize Court before they can be dealt with further, the only exception to this rule being the case of necessity, which in this instance does not arise. To act as the Russians have acted is to constitute the captain of tho capturing vessel himself a Prize Court, in which he is at once prosecutor, witness, and judge, a proceeding which is on the face of it unlawful, and which has never been allowed in any war carried on by nations professing to be civilized. It ia, moreover, purely an act of cruelty, which can have no influence on tho war, to burn small merchant vessels on the High seas and to expose their crews in small boats ; and the cruelty is inflicted exclusively upon private individuals by vessels which only show their heela to the public enemy. These proceedings, nevertheless, bare, been continually repeated, ana the Turkish Government would undoubtedly be justified in exercising reprisals, which it might easily do. either by bom barding Odessa or by destroying the prirato vilhu, including the Emperqr'a At tlvadia, with which the poat pf tba Crimea, is lined, This coursa has, indeed, been proposed, but the Porte haa hitherto declined to adopt it, believing that Iti own remon Ptraneen would h Attended to ami fupported by the remonitranee of the Power, who, taking, a they do, po inueh interest in atFodtiH Rhfe, cannot be liidtfleftmt to RtFttdtiei on the m, MAHLiOROUOH Il0U8li Mf, lUwllniOn, U.H., wfltrl (0 MitVullJtf i11 Alt old tlfatfii Khtlhll taJtiUdMllt tell art being fertiatrd ffpU the Ulttueol ef MsflbefuUh iibUse. All tlfsiiii M also feuidttd anil tit?tf drains ftfij Fetutrueted. mtefoally all liuli'tilpr I f itttd eitetaal tf t4 etl fuslly tetililsted. All tltabef floofi M heltig takfit titi, and the ground surface exatnined, elfabifd, and tot (fed by 81 tt. of i'ottlatid lltae cotjertte.. Tbrsa floor Will be free from any ref use undetoeatb, and will be fully Ventilated. Whrte the old drslot hare been retaovrd new clean gravel Is substituted, arid the surface then concreted. Tbe ebt(re baseroetot Is, (n (set, beng esalntned, freed from United wsleHal, m4 f flw being oncwd ( . incnta are wing spami ty tne wroea or patn nor t to free uinwfPUHU l!PUa Horn a suspicion uf sewsge kmv w when lU'JWto etf r?,W Hpf! !lle IVM, wllBVe H Will at as eorari)ea u ftll Rtry WPfM il mn al'j8o hb m rfidp." . . . 'Ihm WtiiTKU Assizes.. It has bean decided Itv IBUFd?lR UPBRrU trM II 'fiifijii tm ions of t 8B IfaS iltti HI .sfftl has tie yti mht wl H ftiiasfyi'iii il in mi Cliesham, Jlr. Richard Fowler, and ilr. Nathaniel Benjaficld take the honours, the 15 breed cup "being won by Lord Chesham. For other breed pigs. Mr. Joseph Saunders and Mr. E. 0. Tisdall take the honours. Mr. Saunders's small white Berkshire took the 15 cup. There was a large class of single pigs, tho prizes going to Mr. John Coate and Lady A. Murray. 1 ha pigs shown by the Queen and by the Prince of Wales in several classes hive not been successful competitors on the present occasion. The department of machinery and implements may be pronouncedamore interesting than usual, owing to tho large number of novelties and improvements which were to be found upon various stands both on the ground floor, in the arcade, and in the closely - packed galleries. Messrs. Aveling and Porter, of Rochester, exhibited a pair of their traction engines, constructed with fore - carriages, which con be shifted forward without removal to make room for attaching a rope drum for ploughing. The Beverley Iron and Waggon Company have produced a new and improved portablo engine and treble blast finishing thrashing machine of new construction. Messrs. Davev, I'axman, and Co., of Colchester, showed a novel machine invented by Captain Dc'f for evenly spreading either long or short farmyard manure. This invention greatly differs from an apparatus for the same purpose invented by Mr. It. Willacy ; it is yoked behind a cart, and tho manure, pulled off in the usual manner, instead of falling in heaps on the ground, is broadcasted by the machine, entirely dispensing with the manual labour of spreading. Messrs. W. Crossbill and Sons, of Beverley, showed carts and waggons with machine - made wheels. Messrs. Clayton and Shut - tleworth, of Lincoln, exhibited their nowly improved portablo and superbly finished fixed steam - engines. Messrs. John Fowler and Co., of the Steam Plough Works, Leeds, have added a remarkably simple contrivance to their implement for altering the width of furrow ; in their road locomotive a cap or uard has been introduced which prevent? the riving pin from working loose ; thoir powerful and complete farm locomotive has a steel boiler made of a single plate, thus avoiding a great number of rivets. Messrs. Fowler report avast extension of the home trade in staim ploughing machinery. Messrs. It. Garrett and Sons, of Loiston, Saxmundham, make the fire - box in their engines with a corru - ?ated top, which obviates tho necessity for stays,, HornsbyandSon3,of (iruntham.have made considerable improvements in their reaping raacmnes, tne principal one peinga most ingenious simplification of the arrangement by which the: de? livery of the rukea ii pontrollea - ft single rotating horizontal earn being employed in place of the pur pinions lately Meri. Jme aji4 Frede riek JIowBftl, of Uedfortl, nutke sinala fnirfiw plough with truied Imm, to which a plough My anil Mioot imm u'tii b ftUwIitHl when it k tieslfttl to use the implgnbiit m tt double plough they have applipil ft very t?lgver ttml ewy efef itttjilon id tlldfaUilig Alld loweftllrf of pldtigh wlleekj n Useful MW ItlVtmtlnti U their tdlMiftiltj hittfoW lit ibelf " Hlibplex " reaper we now have tt itovtl and mhi - plete feystem of setfdtlhrldattotl. The teeth of their JiotBe - fakes are tinw the strongest yet lightest pos llbla,. by a riotet process making tnerrt grooved and fct the same time taper and they have berfectfed the rope - coiling gear of their farmers engine, Messrs, lUnsomes, Hlms. and Head, of pawjcli, havo introduced n specially ewy aiid qiruqtiVu rne - thodof Rlienng tho pitch of a plough body fuming ft ho t, whMl lw OM "Ida occentr They have jtuHneflrt a new fprm M rnoi en thp tmn engini an4 on thpiF pr m mm - mm ins m go low 9m hm ftpplieil . yery f vfy Imm, Ituiloni I'foetoF, ami Gftiuf ei1 liwlilv:rimstiml njytl ilm: engine at nnw deiitait aud liave bfuughl out ft Mfeal , . ... . - uock cuttings by steam power, the macnine Detng called the " titeam Navvy." 3Ieasrs. Barford and Perkins, of Peterborough, have invented a now modo of setting thoir steam cultivator in and out of work. Jlr. Charles Clay, of Wakefield, showed improvements in the construction of his cleansing cultivator. Messrs. Samuelson and Co., of Banbury, have introduced into their reaping machine a "JSn - trivauce of extraordinary simplicity for adjusting the delivery by one or more of the ram armsj mis Demg oone oy instantaneously smiting tho friction rollers so as to hit or miss a portion of the fixed guide or cam. Messrs. Burgess and Key, of II ol born Viaduct, have effected a remarkable improvement in the cutting parts of their reaping machines the jaws through which the knife sections work bein.; now made separate and removable from the fingers. The most striking novelty in the show was the " Pedestrian Broadside Digser," of Mr. T. C. Darby, of Pleshy Lodge, Chelmsford, in which a number of forks are actuated by a most singular arrangement of levers and eccentrics from a horizontal shaft placed alongside a locomotive engine boiler. Tho engino is partly supported upon wheels set transversely and partly upon feet which rise and fall in conjunction with the' spades, causing tho engine to shift sideways with a sort of hobbling motion. A working model shows that there is a sound principle at the bottom of this strange, but ingenious invention; and it is announced that the full - sized machine of eight - horse power has dug at the rate of five acres ; per day of wheat stubble on strong clay land,' turning the soil to 10 inches depth. Messrs. Denton i and Jutsum, of IS'ew Broad - street, have brought i out a most valuable novelty, in addition to their j unequalled colours and varnishes namely, a liquid composition, which permanently defends any bright ! metal surfacesacaihstrustor tarnish, quickly dryine. so that no dirt adheres, and at the same time beimr cheaper than tallow. Another new speciality of theirs is a priming composition for coach - painters. Messrs. Shand, Mason, and Co., of Upper Ground - street, Blackfriars - road, have added improvements to their renowned steam power fire engines, and have now made in a new form a portable fire - pump for use by hand, which will throw six gallons of water per minute to a height of 35 feet. As usual, magnificent collections of roots, seeds, and cereal specimens have ornamented the Show, the grandest being the stands of Messrs. Thomas Oibbs and Co., of Half Moon - street, Piccadilly, the seedsmen to the Royal Agricultural Society : Messrs. Sutton and Sons, of Heading ; Messrs. JameSfCarter and Co., of High Holborn ; Messrs. George Gibbs and Co., of Down - street, Piccadilly ; Messrs. E. Webb and Sons, of Wordsley ; Messrs. Raynbird and Co., of Basingstoke ; and Mr. John K. King, of Coggeshall. The proposal, originated by Mr. Thomas B. Ayshfdrd, of tho Britannia Carriage Works, Ful - ham, for a testimonial to the Assistant Secretary of the Smithfield Club, Mr. David Pullen, has met with a hearty response from exhibitors and others, and the present is intended to be a New Year's gift of a timepiece, with a purse containing the handsome sum of 500. THE 3TAILS. Our West Indian advie - a by the preset ,.h tally devoid of inters. Tt,. r JJl? t to. November a la from Caajvrau that a 2 - BtnU tion had broken out ia ,h. Interior ajaiJt j of President VrfatrmiHa. - who waa .till b thaV"8'81 , would probably findirwclf cat oil frra Quito v. i volotianist. and compiled to rraaia ca - tfi. JL i detail had besn werived. but the fact of sao - jTZ. - , having broken oat is said to be well esUUiabedT ; The same jper say. that the topic of absorfau, h from Central America is th coa - piracv H President of Uuatemal and his sdiirV it by th arrest and execution cf 17 ef tS'Jl'J" From the other four States ther. . .vL. idrrx. I reports that ctods ar r:.V b - tevon tranquillity at pr. - sen Advices from Pra - taU that on the nijh v . on the office, of the Satumal and thTCrV 5 the organs of the Ci - il Party. Accordbsvfi501! statement of the respective journal the dZT taciea witnout provocaUon, much damaf arss aZl v th - iijfgressor pro ses brolten. type dettoved " tered, lir threatened, stones th. i, caused, whd - the cmptoyti were sabv - c:! to evI? - outrage, - and .he pliee looked psivelv on. (te t v"" hand, the organ cf the NadonalParty; altLoeai Jl$? that unnecessary violence was used by ihZaJoj1 - seots were fired into the crowd from the roof of raises occapied by a Comerdo wherebv seTeral Lif?!? - were wound - d. Mdirida Valparaiso pipers of the 31st of October sb death of Mrs. Drummondllay the wife o7h - Majestjn, Lonsal in that port. Th deceased S?"0 much e - tfemed, and her death caused a s - nmlTll - sorrow amons her friends ta Chili." "JttlXf cf The failaxtj of Cross and Co. of Valparaiso h,. i. Panama 6tar and Herald of Xor. iTWn wri L the stoppag - of the weU - known banking ecnorre - rv hZ. lUak. with liabilitus to the exntoTerJ dollars. There is no doubt the consequences oT&i U lll be raott disastrous on account of the imaenl acccuntt, and tiw great conince VI has for many years past. The failaj. does noi in anr .war affect the position of the other bariS because it has simnly. been a deposit bank and not oaTlJ issue. The effects of the, first new, cTth. pension were naturally very alarais. bat T pubhc is now saiitaea that there is ncthiL fear with regard to the other credit inturtnW '""J " fTrnwo ta tne newtppers. It M v w. w n av mit UNI FEHSJTY INTELLIGENCE. OAMBUIDUK, Dm 14. The Exsmlnrra for the Natural Hcir - uori Tripos - rreres - son Humuhry, Urvinif. and Ifcwar t Mesrs,v. Whitskor, W.T.Thistleton Dyr,VOryll AdamteZ. JturaoHrl40.Urou, and A. 11. Uarrud havit l - mcl the Mtowlss L'la.t hist. 'fl. j ........ I.. .1 ........... I . I. . i .7. ii.. . hrlit'i i il) Hill, Th.iMiu in each cl - s an arrsr)gl lhh4brti0Ally (,'UM l."(2 Jtowvr, Trlril.jr i (4i Cullrs, Ci (1) iVatoo, Chris's ) (I; trr. tlhritt's (3 aiul i uowuiDrf t iiiuiita, f.miaauufl t ,11 MnUwkk. Trlt Clam 2,Dt. lUrriiou, Uiirltis t Ilwltlwu, Trinity UrtUjfhtod, Hi. Jylms I Muftoo. Mt. Jehu's Nortb, Mldut'y lajluf, K. K. Vtotf r, bldney. Clam 3. Uk AUa. Ht. John' - 1 iluckaass'sr, Down Ib r oster, Trinity ; Walll., t. John's i Welduo.Calus Tbe uumi - eri iu lieate the subjects for knowledge. of which tbe candidates are placed in tbe first class, as follows il, 1'hjtlrt, cnymlstry, sad mineralogy j 2, Uotanyi - 3. oology and romparadtre anatomy, human anatomy ,and phvsiulogy s 4, Geology. ller Majesty the (Juin has been graciously pleased, on the recommendation of Lord IicacoBsficld, to confer upon the widow of ttie late Iter. Klchard Shilleto. Felljw of at. I'etur's College, a pension of JL'150 from the Civil List, in recognition of the eminent attainments of Mr. Shilleto as a Greek - cholar. It has leeo dsdnitely arranged that the Prince of Wales will.arrive at Cambridge on Monday, January 21, and during his stay will be the guest of ihe Master of Trinity College. His Hoyal Highness will unveil the ttatue of the late Prince Consort on the 21'd. mm h FOREIGN COMMERCIAL. INTELLIGENCE. (recte&'s telzokams.) Tub Paris Bocbsk, Dec. 14. Badness was done on the Uoulevards this eteoing In the rive per Cent. Kentes at 107f . 'J0c. Tua Vir - NXA Bourse, Dec. 14. There was little disposition to operate to - day ; the stock - market was, in consequence, weak, and most kinds of securities showed finally some declin from yesterday's quotations. Lombard Hail - ways formed the exception, and closed firm, following the tone of (he London tearket, .ilver was fiat, while the rates for foreign bills and gold cob exhibited a slight advance. TUE Berlin Bourse, Dec. 14. The Bourse opened doll, but closed generally firmer. With the exoeption of Hungarian Treasury Bonds, all international stocks, American .Funded in p&rtieuiar, left otf lower than yesterday. The condition ot the money - market remains unaltered. The exchange on St. Petersburg was weak at 200m. 'JOpf. New koRK, Dee. 14. (By Cable). Closing Priea. Gobi closed llT - 'i ; highest, 1031 i lowest, 10.'. Exchange oo London, 4 tf2c rle - Twenty United States Bon.s, l&H, lUSi : live per Cent, Fundel Loan, 1871, lOoj ; tour und - a - lldf per Cent,, i87l, 104 j ; Four per Cent, ditto, 1877, 103 ; Union Paciac, 67i ; Central Pacific, 103 ; New. York. Central, 071 ; Illinois, 72 ; Erie, l' ; cotton, mi. Idling upland, lllc. ; March delivery, 11 - 61 ; petroleum, 13c.; flour, ?5 40c. to $3 COc.; corn.tioc.; red winter wheat, $1 45c. Western Uuion Telegrmph Shares, 77. Lard. Wilcox, 8J. To - day's receiu a of cotton at all United State, ports have been 32,000 bales ; tae exports to Great Britain, 5,300 bales ; and to tho Continent, 17,000 bales. " a stupid party." TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir, I hope Mr. Hardy is tho last Tory who will misquote air. Mill's reference to thai party. Jlr. Mill did not say it wat " a stupid party." That i a loose assertion, and Mr. Mill did not maka Ioosj a s - jrtions. What he said was this, "Ha. man were a.upid, ho was sure to be a Tory." Should the error be repeat - !, it will be fair to assume that the tpjaksr has beia applying Mr. Mill's test ana is uttering hii own conclusion. Your fai.hf ul servant, AKTHUrl AEXOLD. 45, Kenington - park - gardens, W., Dec. 14. , Fires. Captain Shaw states on Thursday that a fire occurred at 73, St Mary Axi , City, at tlw premises uealer in fancy goods, ihe cause Uinjj unknown ; at of 24, Altigate ILigh - ttm t. through an tscae of gas catching tne name ; tin ana i - , X'ruipor - iane, Ha. - tcticap, tne jr. - mistfs of J. Eagan, damage being done to otlicts occupied by six othtr w - isol ; at th. - hous.; ot D. Letch, Gn - at Gwden - strett, Whit.'chapel, through children playing with lucifi rs ; that in South wark - road, Southwark, the contents of a waggon took tire through s:raw comiug into contact with fire, and some of tho contents of the v. hide a. well us the vehicle itself sustained damage. At Binth wood - cot tages. Hammersmith, and at Ka.bbone - place, Oxford - strctt, other fires occurred, but no nuti - rial damage wa.done. Tue Caf - ke OuTBKEaK. A Correspondent writes to us undtr dat - j Capetown, 2i h of November :" The news from the front ' is mrrijy that which wat iptcud. Kreli's people are running stout sivkinj rifuge tor ihrir cattle. Thi re has txtra one small brush with tttm whicn resulted in tome Mot CO of ih m t iog killrd, with lite loss of abom six Fingixs on our i u ouly. AuuinUrof cattle were taki - u. borne of the vial kas have taken rvti., - in the adjoicing country of thj 1'oado who have ditlai. .1 tbcniM - ltss ou uur side, ond will, uu doubt, up Hie cattle whrn called ou to Jo so. In shurt the atlair is t. run - nating (as 1 aoticipattd it would in ru Jus , tt. ri, just a that of LaugalilMleid dt I, in the tuiTendrr ll.fouuti a navti sbicf uf ihu witpto fibe Pnu Ucif cnie. ir wVrttrtm l hitli i ?ut Mrwwd , bmtUru li - 'l!" dwn tfw m Will W ritplHM W Iti' K I f etllff m Wlw WfuiJ f - M FU lh vt Uima& Uiw, Tlw vuuf f - .f iHiWlii'h SH l l!t'W tfTrtlf ll ; ffttifjalt t wt'l'Hil 4 llligtrf W - tll (ft Ik ffg(ilf tFW'w Initj (H4 tyMt Mf lw iF - UMi d lit'' till liitU HWl't Mrtt - lfj " Itlfi likltmii MfeSfebMi Clilisidernble t'if'art'S hii h?M ItiiUtf IttitftftU IliS - tCHlHttMii uf tsftle'i' Viied tjlipttl - ib ef (he f - ruUtisFatioii ef ihe officer f the) ilfitish Muieutu, The lehenie wilt is in gebetal accufdnUrf with the pUblidil cotrespnti leute tetWeeU the Jluseura aU thori te ant th irestutv The salaries uf keepers of d - )jatttniit4 are to btgtii at I'OjU tr auuum, aud tise to Li J) afttr R e years' ser ice. The asdstabt - s?crt tarr U to be Jwi l it ralsties of the prrsent attlitant - ket pert are tobejjin at rising to UOUO after fiu yeart ttt vice. The assistants are to be divided iutu two c latses i tho firt, or uf p: r cl. s, with salaries commencing at i'iV), to rie by annual in - cre - wents pf Ub toXlUl The islariF of b ficoud, or uwtr tlatj. Iq Ugtn at flW and its - - - by annual incrctt - ment p( () tq i'JlO. Tba schem is to be mtrsK:ctlrs, ffOBilbutu pf pfU (tt jaalusive. ?!" MBtMfa VM f! Pf 4 bj lit B.W pliRt 4tn t , Km torn n wfetuf p k r p! TfM Ml f I m UrHAfflii: l88l;fiB entilR Alfc 01fS (8 16 FW ef bH bjf m US U e. ItIS SrrHli.W'l Itf.hH Itttl ptfblteifi Bit seriously affect the community, for many of the uaba - tli represent the hard earnings of the industrial clastes. It may be in some degree consolatory to those tstem?J , tnai that if i. .. . I - . .... "T - eg, K r - . i , . . ' - " 1' we assets are rm - lizable although others assert that the estate eaaoct - T. more than 60 per cent. . The Union mpy's Royal Mafl staaaship Darcaa. Captain H. S. arleigh. from Southampton with act! ward mails for the Cape cf Good Hope and .u at Plymouth ycterday, and proceeded, after erabrfkllf passengers and seven ba of mails. TeTexraics will rach her at Madeira if despatched before noon on Tuesday next. The Durban goes out as an extra steamer with the same cargo on board which she had when she put back W Plymouth soma ten diys since with water in her hold. Sa sent out, as an extra boat, to avoid iaconreaitnee to the shippers and consignees of the cargo. The Colonial Line Royal Mail steamship Dublin Cas'I Captain M. H. Prnfold, from the Cape of Good Hope "ar! rived at Plymouth yesterday, her dates being - Capetowe, November 20 and Madeir.DewniBer 8. She had on Uari 47 passengsrs, 31 sacks of mails, and a full general cargo,' The DubUn Castle, having landed 28 p&sVogera and the ' rh. proceftied for Loodon. On th. lO.h of December .ha steamship Senegal, 6f bUigow wm Pl in lat. i. 37 N., lofig. if 41 W., bound south. ..The t'oe ,iryutsts that the news from the Traaskst continue, most s4Mtttory. The llurghtrs and Votua n are beiog tlowly tent twektatha colony. Lsrg sutnlers of cat - Is hate betn Uksa t ton the ua ifn. Mr. rVjhvritu bracksr, a Uerman, has Umi appiatd msgUtrste m th rransktl with a tisw to his aidiog tit trman emljirants. The boy l Msll i(enthle ltttU trl4 lnAllU from J'Jland un the Ititfi tf Nombr, and ib lujsl Mad iteamthli) AinrU In TaM lWy en the 1' th of Nuvemlr. ilinbtp Cvltii has Wen a - vsrvlv btrt by being thrown out ef his carrisg. Sir T.Xwp. s'otie tuet lh rfpresfaUtlvti of t't'jwsyo with ilj vl - w of settling the t'ontidary question en the I'M uf October, lit. hscellericy's escort wat cent nwd of i) ma of the mounted police corps. The Zu1j askstLBit Iheo - phllus to acknowledge the Drakensberg and th lSaSale : U their landary. sir Theophilus said he hsd not om to hear such talk J the IMood Itiver and tbe lluffalo ere their boundaries. The Zulus were vrry bitur ana periit: - ent, and tai l that bejnust drive out the Ihiers snl tjt - them back their own country. Sir Theophilus replied tbss the matter must be reftrred to the King ; he ht oothiog more to say to them on the subject. The rer&ed that tbey were tbe King ; their words wcre - hic. Tbetitr - iew lasted frem t a.m. until 4 p.m., anil en tel by Sir T. Shepstoue de uing the others to take his meswg - back to the King, by accident a Zulu fired oil hi n daring tbe ink r iew, and the shot, itn. said, pa - ted close to Us Excellency head. An explanation that it was an acrid, at was accepted, and the interview was adjourned. Iii M - celleney will not be pr. sent at tbe adjourned meeticg bat has instructed Mr. ii. C. Shepsioae, his Secretary for Native affairsto receive CetywayoVrply. (rROil lXbTD'3.) PLY3IOUTH, Dec. 14. The Royal Mall itraaer Dublin Castle, of Messrs. Donald Carrie and Co. s Coioaisl Mail Line ttween London and the South African Colocis, arrivt - d here at 2 o'clock this morning with mails, pa - seogers, and a general cargo from the tape and Madeira. She left Cape Town oo the eveuingof the 2uth of Xoveaiter, and leaving Madeira experienced heavy norther gales and high seas. The Union Company's steatscr i)urban has proceeded, for Cape To vru ' SUEZ CANAL, Dec. 14, The Queen line steamer Queen Ann, from London for Calcutta, has arrived at Port Said. The .Star Line steamer Mint, from Cslcitta far London, and the Kuoaaiao steamer Sumatra, from 3uu - pore for Genoa and MarseUles, hare arrived at Suez. GKAYtaEND, Dec nT The Peninsular sad" Oriestsl steamer Kasbgar, from Calcutta, and tne National Lisa s:eatuer Denmark, from New York, passed this place to - dsy on their way to the docks. GIBrtALTAtt, Dec. 13. The City line steamer City m Carthage, from Calcutta for London, passed this place to - day. BOMBAY, Dec. 14 The Austrian Lloyd steaacr Ettore, from Trieste, and the Anchor Line it earner India, fronr tbe Cly de, have arrived here. SHANGHAI, Dec. 13. - The Castle Line steamer Gordoa Caatle, from London, has arrired kere. Tbe Glen lies steamer Glen Lyon left here to - day for London u ST. CATHEl!iNE"S POINT, l.VgfDzc. H. - Ths National Line s:eamer Denmark, frcajvew York for Lan don, passed up Channel yesierdayirvenhig at ti o'clock. LIVEliPOOL, Dec. 14. Theinman Boyal Mail tteaaej. City of Chest, r left tho Mrrscy'this morning for New Yerk. QUEtNSTOWN, Dec. W. - The Cunard Eoya! Mail steamer Scythia, from New York Dec 5, with the Cai:d Stattt mails, arrived here at il ajn. tc - uay, and af:r landing mails and passengers, proceeded for pverpooh DARTMOUTH. Dec. 14. - Messrs. Donald Currie sats Co.'s Koyal Mad steamer Lahnoral Castle Mt tiis por: tt - day, with mailt and passengers for the Cape of Good Hf Natal, St. Helena, and Ascension. Mistages for the Upe of tiood Hope, Algoa Bay, an - - Na al, foe Uan.mis.ion oy this steamer from Madtira should be despatched frtm Eag land on or bv fore the evening of the 17th iztt. BOSTON, Dec. IJL The Warren Line steaar Tutaru left here to - day for LiverpooL GKEENOCK, Dec. 14. - Th'e steamer Keraazie lias left the Clyde for. Melbourne. LLsBOV, Dec. lU - The Rjal MaH Steampacbtt Coa - pany's steamer Tajus from Southaaipton, wita tae onward mails of trie itrth inst. for Irani, Sc., arrived bra last night, an - i will leave at T p.m. tday, alter emfcaraia, malls, p i.sengsrs, cargo, and laie - t telrgrahn. DOVEK, Dtc. lb Th Anchor Line sieamer Hyna, from London for New York, pas - ed down Chanel between ooou and 1 p.o. to - day. COLOMBO, Dec. 13. - The Messagerits Maritime Corn - pony's steamtr .Vnailyr, with the inward krenea maus iroin Yokohama ol tte IXJth of November ; ShaBS. tltd; analiatavia, Drcembtr 1, fcfriwre jesterday ftr AJtn. The um? compaus tainr Tigre. from Msrseuas November IS, lef. hire to - day lat Singapore. t SUEZ, Dec It. - ihe Peninsular and Oriental steamsrs Sumatra and Peshawt.r lelt here to - day at 11 aKl Bombay anil Calcutta RpeUiveiy, with tjfe outward inuia and China watts ot Noi ember Z and Decemuer. . POUT SAID (By Telegraph). - The .IVninsaUr aal . Uruuial ttem r Poonah left here on tbe lit uu ' lu - a.m. lor So.thampiou, with the homeward iaaw.tmaat and Autralwu he - ryTnails. NEW YOHtvtBy Cable), Duvl4. - TbeF.VnehnM TraiisatUmi to t ouipanj ' mail st. aiuer 1 ranov Ul w on tlie l - itii liitt. tor rljuiuuth au.tUrc llAwbwHo' Mail tt au.df 1. HUt, tf OU iuW, b snidi MiJVIW - r,iss - .il, - - l - All1tij - alM4Uteaw. . uu, fiuiu U.n'J. 4?rie4 &' ' H. - ietfov rostl - u - i IW Ihl amrnuou, mMH trjHM wvtii(l i - mt ., , k uVMHlVl't, iiij - .iWJa,, Dw, H. - - TI - liriiSHi l'4tttll4Mie Mtit ft - WHy - f"" f MlM'tt hff" M't lit tt it'. ffMbt t'ttltH, tl l4t f e - .tp - l lor f: Nifv: - ft it. TilA.Ml' T1 tt, Uwi lbTlt lit;! Ma ' t.thet j.winbi's tp!iL'if Vmt Hum tbV . U, whieh laBiled iosils et l'lteotllb ywlerds, srttVfl bets at I etii; b - dai! (REt'TEft'a tBLEUBii3d llAnltADol P, Ore. 14. The Itsfrlsca tine stf Kiplorer, from Liverpool, with mails of the Ifrth aH. lUriadje, liinidad, Veuemelan snJ paiti, airive i h; re ta - day. - . KUitUACIlEfc, Dec. H. - Thellali tine srearasr UranS some llall bit Ltrs on the l' - 'th. HAUEtUA, )su. it. - The Union tmtLapCouirsajJI s:eaw.r i.eiman, finm tU tape, armfd Utu at i .1 hiilI will leave Itr I l Bo " ?" filta, ItEi'. lb TM ilritUh ludja stram ?y LtLi Li ta.iutou IV Awtw ?. Nff'f AW? .Wlib r t4TUWlu4 MS 9fiW i hamtiav. ani ' v i . 1 I WFfWu It auij m ssjiiw,

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