The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1937
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 1037 BIA'THEVILLE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS /><„• WANTS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Daily rate per line for cbiisecu- ive insertions: ' . . two times per line per day ... OSc Six times per line per day . . . . 05c Cards of Thanks . 50c & 75c Minimum charge. 50c Ads ordered for three' or six limes and stopped before expira- Uon will be charged for the number of times Uie ad Appeared and 'All Classified Advertising copy submitted liy persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied By cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irrcgula Insertions takes the one time rate No responsibility will, be taken for more than one incovrect- inser lion of any classified ad. Personal DR. STUTT'S SKRACH-NO-MOR . Hie 30-Minuie ITCH • Treatment. Only one application necessary. No grease. No mess. No soiled cloth- ng or bed , linens. No time ; ;lost rom school At good drug- stores everywhere.' ; ' ' c MT?1VI GET v 1001 * AT ONCE I LVlljli • N BW ostre\ Ionic •Intuits contain raw oyster invlgorar tors and i other stimulants. One doso peps up organs, glands. If not delighted, mater refunds few cents paid.. Call, write Kirby Bros. 'Drug : Stores. : , : - ',-: FREE! If excess'" acid 'causes you Btomach Ulcers, Gas Pains, In-, digestion, Heartburn, GET free juiiipio doctor's prescription, Udga, at Klrby.- Bros. Drug Co; Farm Loans $500 Up ; : ALSO LOANS ON BUSINESS UUILUlNGo, RESIDENCES. FILL' IKQ STATIONS. •Bus. Opportunities Beauty Culture IS THE COMING. PROFESSION Learn this pleasant work which ••• - .••'• pays well. ..•'— •• Mew class opening—state supervised ' Reasonable Tuitiin Mrs. William Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop Business Directory V/ONTED!! Ball Players Between ages . 6 and V5 To See Our New Line of GOLDSMITH' ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. Room 220, LynchBldg. Phone877 P. O. Box Via Kirby's Active LiverPills Arouse Sluggish Livers Ht-licvc-i biliousnc-is, roiihlipallun nni! hesdacIitK. Active Liver L'ills • yol nl lh< real t-ansc of your shigBislmossi anc make yau feel like it nc»v |ipr-soti. -Hit your system of suriilu?. iiuisons will Active Liver rills. HanuU&ii. ytnlle Sold At all Kirby Dtut' Hiorcs. NOTICE After Ifiis date I will not be re- sponsible^ior any debts made by anyone except myself. . ollle B. Page. PHILLIPS WALNUT AT FIFTH ST V We Arc Over-Stoekeij On Late Model Used Cars; All Makes and Models To Choose From. 'Why Take \ Chaiice When Buying a Used Car - - B»y Here On Our H. & G. (Renewed fc Guaranteed) I'lan. Drive By and I.ook Tlicsu Over Before You Buy. '30 FOEI) V-8 TUDOH. Color. Black. See Tills One .... $415 .'31 FORD V-8 COUl'K. Tires and Motor. 0, K. '31 License '.,."SW5 •33 Cl'lEVKOLET F 0 !l I) O K SEDAN. TluVOiic Is Clean $275 '35 FO«.D ! V-8 IH: LUXK COUPE. Radio and 1937 License .-. $375 '38 FORD >.V-8 TUDOK. Color .Gunmclal. ^«w Seat Covers $180 '35 FORD V-8 TUDOK TOUlt- ING. Built-in Trunk. '37 ; License $31)5 Many Others To Choose From You Can Purchase Any of the Cars Ustcd for a Small Down Payment.- Balance On Loiif Tcrtns Your I'rescnl. Car May Make Varl or All of Down Payment Phillips Used Car Lot rhone 810 Roy Calvin, Mgr. Used Car Ucnl Rent Modern 5 room House, Uosc St. 515 month. Mrs. S. E. Webb, 715 W. Ash. ' 2Jn' k20 Nice bedroom, large closet, adjoins balh.,212 W. Kentucky. 8-ck-4-I) Nicely FllVnishcd STEAMHEATED BEDROOM, bath. Call GliO. N ' ' ;•• - 4o M-l Furnished, slcrunheated Apartment. Tcloiiliones 107 nnd 571. Ou klf room fflrnisjicd fipartmenl.. 1031 W, Ash. Call DCS. 27-c-k-tt 3 room downstairs FURNISHED APARTMENT. 1<M) W. Kentucky. Phone 683.'. "•• ' 15e k22 4 ro6m v fui'iilshcd apt., 1015 W. Ash. Cull 445-W. Mrs. Goodwin. 10-lf Nicely I m nibbed BLDKOOM gai : 10 c Clic\iokl I .if. Men 'preferred. Mrs. Moon, 13 W Walnul 17oktf Through fair dealing's and fair prices' our Used Cnrs arc ' ' priced l and rcconiliLUm't'd h'cforc .you buy! Gel out 1 Ill-ices'nnd see our (.'ill's! We <lo not .mislead you by'siH'clnl prices, ' "• •. . Ont'C it cHslonu'r, iilwuys'u eustomciv Come in, look them over and try them! Kas.v torms^ Fair trade allowance! .'h $3)5 '33 Kurd V-tt Dcliix Scilnn ... ?3C5 '35 Chevrolet Master ' ''" I '31 Chevrolet Muster Co:u"l, .'. S«25 ' 31i l ''"!'' 1 ,, V :, S IK ' |UVC: S 0 "!' 0 wllli llailln. Runs and looks '33 Chevrolet Muster Coach $'M5 J 3I Chevrolet Coupe, New I'alnt, City driven, runs good ;....,...; ...$185 Rood $4'i5 Ford Tmlor, a good ear fur (Islilne '..... ? 45 • Dodge Coii|ic, ttmllo. 5395 Cleaners • Laundry STAR CLEANERS Kxpci'lcnccd Workers - Quality Oloonlng - courteous service 510 V/. Ash • Phone 26tf Marvin Sawyer, Mgr. Losit Brown Marc MULE, Wt. 900 Ibs. Knot inuler jaw. J. II. Whll- nker, Dell, 23j> k23 Small JEllSEV HULL, I ycnr old, weight 450 Ibs. Fawn colors, with \vlillo spot. Craig's Dairy, Phone 74 24-ck-lf Wanted DIDS on diguinB 1 fnriu ditch, 3 mile long, at Ynrbro farm, Drag '.no ov otherwise, drug lino' prc- 'eircd.'.U L. Ward. IToktf FOR SALE We ijavo ft limited supply of nlco Alfalfa Scad, and pi Ice is Attractive. Also 'several tons 'of Sloiievlllo No. 4-A Cotton Seed one year /ron) the breeder, we raised and ginned Ihcm and stfltu tested. Wo have several hundred bushel", of Beans and Peas. p • . Will soil or Jrado for any other variety of Cotton Seed or Beans L. R. Matthews Gin Co. T«l. 1511-F3 , Virbrii, Ark Colloii, Cotton Seta and Coal 1035 Ford.V-8 vrekuji Thick. New niolor, ml rolor, good (Ires For Sale J.W.Shousc Wilson Henry Fresh Reciioot CRAPPIE 35c Up Cigarettes, 2 pkgs 25c HARRY BAILEY Gas and. Oil State pne at the Ai;ch -~ FOR SALE—Canvas baby buggy, in gccd condition, cheap. . WO W Ash. Call 808-J. 22-pk-2t New Bargains! SVe have some especially good bar- ,K\m in cars, trucks.and pick-ups. See Our's Before You Buy! 193C- Ford 1V6" Ton Truck 193B Chevrolet IVj Ton Truck 1935 Terraplaue Coach Delta Implements, Inc. Iporting Uoods USED BRICK. Cheap. A. K. Car tcr, 601- J N; 5th St. 3p k4- of all. kinds Uniforiris & equipment for bast call, handball, soltball,'soccer ball tennis, track & boxing. Best Prices Ward Hdw. Co. ; PLUMBING! /'pipej_, fittings, all..bath |com -accessories, valves, ielectr ™ler systems for farms. Wate oftcners/filters or any' other ite :[inhectcd with plumbing' or hea ''PETE" THE PLUMBER Mules For Sale . DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC.. ReaL Estate or -Sale—Pretty suburban hom< on 214 acre lot on gravel slree: ghl, at Blythevllle. Nice residcnci small house'.'Pretty shade. Prlci 800, i terms.:, Tlioinas Land Co. room Furnished Apartment, private balli, .'buck, arid front, eli- rances. Also bedroom. Cnll T2-W: 1 2c klS room FURNISHED ' reasonable Mi* Gcscll, 717 :hlckasnwba. ' v 17cklf COMFOHTAJBLB BEDROOM. 1017 W. Walnut Mrs Ed Hardin lOkk-U 2 room" 1 : FURNISHED upavimcnl, reasonable. 313 N. -Sixth. 97-J-; phone If FOR RENT—Two. flunishcd rooms, Mrs.'Ted-. Greeit. Phone 814-J/ 22-ckU Nicely furnished bedroom, ml Joining bath Modem comcnlenccs 818 Chlckasawljn, :ncai' high school Call Q3(j:-aftcr-:4;30 p. m. real buy for only 'lou 'Iiiuk, ,\ rial B iijalii Ojicn Nights mill .Siinil.ijs Slimy Other Cms mid Trucks lo Choose from TTLE CHEVROLET CO. T1IONEG33' N Poultry & Eggs rOUI.TUY WANTED We pay highest markot'urlccs for nil kinds poultry; Fisher & CWlnes at.Galtic.s Grocery & Mar- '<ot, 11 w. Main. Two .•Furnished Light Housekeeping .rdoms. C;ill nl 023 W. Ash' nflcr 4 P. M. 23c ktf People 'break and lose, so many. milk'- bottles that British -milk dealers ;iiec<l 05.000,000 'new Ones, lo replace theli losses e\eij yeai BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES. Custom lialchinsj MARILYN KATOflERVT Hwy, Cl. North, I!lylhcvii5 e •Found LAUNfiRY, rough dry or nnlslicd. Good work.,Mrs/ Mick, 010 Luke. 2-pk-ft I WAITUKSSKS WAN'l'KD. Hotel Noble, tipply Mis 31111 Phone African nallvcs believe thnl It tlipy ent any part: o! (Do shrew's boriv, lliej will be undeipd In- MjIncrabK! lo (he nltncks o[ >stld uc'asls. KEY III.MG containlns 13 kejs boltlc opener and leather, hook On mi nmy htui; sume bj charges "nl .Courier -Ne\vs ; Gay & Billings, Inc. Coal - I'ccd - Phono 7G "Yours for the Asking" '.PERMANKNTr HOLDERS FOR SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS _„ Gel one of Ihcsc eomciilcnl holilcrs on jour ncvi trip io Ihc Uue. Ibcj'rc ireet Just Tin r. To The Left At LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION _ Aikmishs-Mlssourl Line " ALLEY-OOP YEN, i OCWE IT -AW OH, ALLEV- \1FHE 6IT. UP ON HIS MOW You.HAVc) HIND tees;I'LL / -—\ AGAIN. 1 / HAH 1 \ NOW I iui!t-To-Order WE ATTEND TO ALL DETAILS Let's Talk It Over—Phone 100 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. ' "MY COAL IS BLACK— R UT I TREAT YOU WHITE" I Alsfl Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN 'BUCHANAN Phone 107 Shoe Repairing K you think they can't be fixed have Ihcm made like new at Iht TRUE BLUE S1IOK & HARNESS SHOP - - 316 K. Main NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 12I ! West Main. Simon >P. Lee In charge 4 Pholos FREE :'with Each Order :for Half Solo Job ~OTY SHOE SHOP . 0. Try us once .• Then try-'us twice After lhal you'll let us Do your shoe work the Rest of ycur life. WM. FKEEJIAN & J. B. HOLT 4 doors east Penney's MINNOWS G. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main ^ractically new Automatic Delco Light plant. \Vit-h radio,' fan nd iron. Will sell for: half price. )elta. Implements, Incorporated. . - lOc ktf Seeds - Plants PLANTING SEED FOR Pure Stonevillc 4a, 5 and 5a. Pedigreed 4a and.5, D. and P. L. 'la and Delfos 719. Mammoth "Jrown and Delsla (high oil yel- ow) Soy Beans, bolh shatlcr re- istanl. Tlie J. O. Hankln Seed Farms, on Highway Cl, Steele, Mo. Batteries BATTEUy SERVICE v Call J. Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom Jackson's Wanted To Buy WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNlTURIi Hubbard 2nd Hand Fur nil lire Store rhone 1031 )PIj COTTON SEED, PRIVATELY GINNED. J. H. SMART JR. Cotton Seed! II DPL 11. ROWDEN, STONEVILL . 4A BEST PRICES'" Blythevllle' Gin Co. COTTCH SEED!!! OHOICE DPL NO. ii'.-iCo'rros lEED carefully saved for'our own .'se. BARGAI!;. . . . . 'Electric Gin Co. LUXORA, ARK. 'OR SALE — 9, varieties loinalo plants from finest seed. Peppers, ISK plants. Everything In flowers. HEATONS HOME OF FLOWERS, 200 Davis avc. 2G-ck-9 COTTON SEED—Stonevillc N". 5, "rown exclusively. 2 years from Stoneville. SCO per ton. " F. B. TAYLOR L 1 Mile North Slate Line ROSES S1.39 dozen, prepaid. Hardy, field, crown evcrblobming plants. Free descriplivc folder. ROSE NURSERIES, Box D23, Tyler, Tex. 25p k2 Automotive: Wo 1,'ay $G-§7.50 ])er ton for Scrap Iron,. Radiators ?1$1.50, Metals ftc to 12c lb., also buy hides & old batteries AttlAN AUTO 1>\RT45 "» E. Jtaln Phone 178 WE BUY letals EASY CREDIT Goodrich Budget Plan Tires - Tubes - Ballerles Home. V&tm and Auto Radios BUFE JONES-TIRES Coal ; & Wood I Alahania,' -'Illinois,- Kentucky 0 O A L Wool & Scrap Iron , 01 _, Biytheviiie iron & Metal co. {maver-Foster Gin Co. Cherry & R. R. p| lon(! 448'phono 278 Chlckasawba & R R. Kooin and Board $6 PER WEEK Enjoy comforts o: slcani .heal, iol and cpld water, good food,i all foi' this low IValmrty Hnlcl 111 K. -Main AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SEHV1CE arksdale if g. Oo, THK HA'lTLIi IS 0 i! WAW-LET'EM ALOIJE'THIS SEEM , LOOKIM F^SEWAQD TO TW' DAY YOU'C) GIMME AM EXCUSE 7'TAKE A SUAP AT YOU.- AW MOW YOU'VE! ASKED FOE IT' BUZZARD -DISH IT OUT AW START-TO OUCK,'CAUSE IT'S ' BACK WITH PtlMI BY NEA SERVICE T|,C T M REO l) S PAT OFF BOOTS AND. HER JJSJDDIES UNT J'KNNY ISN'T By Martin: 7 MOTH\M& CAW .I'M 6liRt SOO'Rt THE eoVS , JKViViX 9EMKSV -« BV5T , WtRt W6Va,1V\t«t'6 COUVJO DOViE "USTV A, "\0 VT OOVit WIOOTW S 1 "1 8VNEA SEHVICETt Tj5.REOruTs. PAT^O O^N UULES! WASH TUBES' LULU BFCLLP, HAS PISTOLS! VOU £Ar4T IN ON, MRS. WALLIS! THE BtU HASM'T ' WOT VOU THINK. STUPID. CflM.1M7BTHEASHlYlCE.lSli FRECKLES .AND HIS FRIENDS Alii»_«L^1 YOU M5AH DTHIS DISC THE IMPRIf-TT OF I THE riiMB V.01JUD \ i-BW/OM SOME' >- " TPIWG MILE AWAY T GET THC IDEA! A WOMAN COULD 31T IN A MOVIE SWOW AW 1 USE HER THUMB -0 TEST A CAKE IM HOME/ALL^tiU GOTTA DO IS TO F1WD A VA3MAM WHO CAM LIFT A THOUSAND ; A GREAT 'iMveMnow....rr\VEIGHS owe THOUSAMD PoUWpS/, XVE WOSfeEO OW.THE TWEOSY THAT POWER CAW BE TRAWS>/IT- TEDTHRU SPACE WfTHOirr SENDING IT '/El.L / SL'PPCEE I PPiSSSE f-tf* THUMB 0;-'TH!S DIS THAT PRESSUPiS OCXJLD BE SSMTTP A 1 -:/ SPOT IMPRESS ITSHLf^ 0[J TAKGE -'

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