The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1933
Page 3
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PAGE FOUR BLVTHEV1U.B, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS I TUESDAY,'• AUGUST 2KM THE BLYT'iiEviLLE 'COURIER' NEWS TOE COtJKIKR NEWSi CO,, PUBLISJiEHS O. R. BABCOCK, Editor ft. Vf. HAINES, Advertising Mr.nagcr .Sole "SUonal Advertising Rcnresontatlvefi: Arkansas Dollies, Inc., Nov.- York, ChlcuGO, .Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas CUy, MULe Rock. . Published Every Afternoon Esceirt. Siiiulny. Entered as soccnil I' matter «t lire JUKI ollice ;it HlyllicvllU', Ar- I:.M1MI3, under art of CUIIKI lolicr IT, 1917. Served by the United Press. cj'ful. O«- SUBSCRIPTION RATES Dy carrier in the City or Blythcvlllc, 15o P« vcck or $030 per ycnr In ndvaiice. By mail within e. radius oi 50 miles. $3.00 per >'cnf 51.50 lor six months, &5c [or three months; by null In liostal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 i»r ycnr, in UOIIPS seven nml eight, per year, payable in iiilvantc. Crooked Politics Organized Crime. Sonic of the most intereilinK rciul- ing matter of'the, ycur is likely to come out of tin; New York (jrand jury heariiiK at which U. S. IliHlrid Attorney Gcui'jie '/. Slcdalie recently Gliiljfjnilert his cliwKos that tliciv exists :>n intiuialc ullianre beiween New York politics and New York crime. A charue of this kind is not new, and—to people at all familiar.with the ways of iminh'iiwl politics, in Miui- luitlan or elsewhere—it is nol e-pec- • ially suvprisintf. Yet it is an ucnism- tion over which we have never, as a people, shown any capacity to become indignant. If a detailed list of names, places and dates can bo uivcn us, we might be able to get stirred up about it. T * * The inability of I ho average bin city government to suppress organized crime is one oi! 'the most shocking symptoms our society displays. Gang murders, racketeering, hidnap- ings, rum running, a conglomeration of lawless outbursts such us no other civili/ed 'land 1 tolerates—these tilings arc commonplaces in our municipal affairs. Yet we seldom have the sense to reflect. on their causes. When Mr. .Mcdiilic declare A lhal New York has these things because her gaiigslera are allied with her politicians, he states nothing more than ii perfectly obvious truth. It is true, not only in New York but in every other city where organized, crime is troublesome. A moment's reflection ought to ."how us that there caimnl possili'y l-e any other explanation. Inefficient our law enforcement agencies may be, hut they cannot be so stupidly incompetent as to remain ignorant of the activities of gangsters wiio'se names and deed.-; are known lo the very school children. * ' * Yet wb continue to miss the- point. We go to the polls, year afler year, and vote.for "Iho same old crowd of machine politician.;.' We accept the spoils system without protest. \\'c are complacent in the face of re|>calud revelations lhal most city irovcnimcnts grant favors to the rich and the puw- And we ciinnot understand wliy crime is so well entrenched. If Mr. Modalie, by citing chapter and for us, can show us precisely h<nv siii'H thinks work, he niny »tnrl it wave of public .•sentiment that will help hi eliminate the alliance lie- l\vt't;n iTiim- mid politics in other plan:* Ijssiili'.s .New York, — Unice Cittlun. 5,000,000 Ftwer Hogs When Ihi*, Frc'iich peasants were uneiidnralily oppressed by the depression which brought on the French revolution, they fttirlcil rutting t/.o llirmil.s of Ihrir landlords, jfo did the farmer.-i of Kussiii when the hard times of 1017 led to a revolution. And in AiiK'i'it'H today the farmers, (ksiHM-alely liyini; lo gel out of the pit of hard times, arc also starting to cut throats. They are beginning to cut the lliroa'.s— of 5,000,000 hogs, tin- di : v Urn-It- Sam's supervision. The parallel between these cases isn't so far- fetched as yon might think. If the l-'ronch and Russian governments had had the sense to try some agricultural relief scheme such as this current hog-bulihuring plan, they might have prevented trouble. whole lot of — N. K. A. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Ypres Church Rises From War Ruins mm^3^^H^.m^-<}^m v^fe^S?^:&|r S ; ""T~~t!*WS. THIS CURIOUS WQkLD THE AVERAGE AMERICAN LIVES AS.OUT FIFTYSIX VFARS, DURING WHICH TIME HE EATS /O6,*fOO POUNDS OF FOOD. HIS TOTAL MEAT CONSUMPTION CONSISKx Of= ABOUT 35 I S STEERS, 3 CALVES AMD 5" SHEEP. te rcrARruci r OF^ Congratulations Mi'inbers of llu two sessions of the Ictls- hiliirc, lli» icgiilar nnci, deserve nnicli crcillt. for !ho mnniic: 1 In which they conducted ths slate's uiisliu^js. Not In the l>!.slory ct the slntc have leKlslntois shown yiich a. dUjia'illInn to serve the pcDjilo. No Icelshilnic v:!lliln the memory of this writer has tnckkd more comrjlicntetl problem^ with such serious Intent as the Insl two. While we arc iiassing out (lowers, \\i- wnnt to congratulate Speaker Tonuy of Jcltcvson. He deserves nnicli credit, tor keeping the members confined to the business for which they were 'called. - The beer bill imy nol IK perfect, but \l was n dlllicnlt mutter to write a perfect, bill without a precedent lo GO by. U has been eighteen years since the snk- ot beer wns permiUwl. and then It was unregulated nml .sold under entirely different clrcuni-' stances. 'J'ho very faet, however, thai a bill was^pusscd, tu1d the revenue appropriated within ten days, is a com]>limcnt lo the meiuhcrs of the legislature. —Pine Bluff Commercial. "Don't 'Warn* me, mister; I don't write all (his stuff." Habit Spasms of Child Are Often Due to Nerve Strain BY I)K. MORIUH FISIIHKIN tditor. Journal of thr S*U, the Health Habit spasms often appear in lilldren, both boys and girls, be- wecn six years of .age and ado- escence. They appear most often n children who have been ill or who have been badly nourished, or who suffer greatly .with nervu train due to rnental difficulties at home. The most common forms of in bit buasins are those affecting he face or head, wltti blinking of :he eyes, sudden shaking of the head or shrugging of the shoulders. Sometimes there is also a Jerking of the hands" ; or a motion directed by the hand toward the face, or a repeated clearing of tin throat. movcmenls of chorea are Irrogulnr American and vary constantly, of Hy- A child ivitli cliorca fc; li ]TT \S VERY DOUBTFUL, •^ I A! THE OPINION OF MAN'/ NATURALISTS,THAT At! EAGLE CA.N LIFT MORE THAN WietKed ilnrlns llio early ilnya ot the World War, liclgluin's fnmeil Vprcs cliurc!: again towers majestically over the lilstorlii battleground. Tlio eillticc ia shown as lliu new bolfry nearecj • eimuilelhm. HOUSE STANDING, r-.lGHE.ST IN THE A1P., OETWEEM THE AMD THE BOCKISS, ISAYO? " W\RM£V PEAK. WHlf.M 1L,' 72>I2 F£Er ABOVE SFA-'-u liic lilting i:cv,-;r of the' eagle imaginative naturalists. Young taw off by the gaklcn eaelt. but their that UL a rabbit. Laiger animals but they arc entcn un the bpot and not carried Iras been a :a\or,te suojci iio^and lambs have been c- \vciuht is bill lilile greater • are Irc<iucntly killed by i. I nway. .NEXT: «rolr "Alice in WonUtrlan-J"? Loft Sea Turtle Back The condition called "habit spasms" Is not to he confused with cliorca, a rheumatic disorder. The movements of rmljit spasms differ from those of chorea by brine rmfer n ,,rt also by beln E repented contlmmllv In the same way. The . '•""•'•' 1 wiiHt. to be nn cvatipcllsl; I've licl^d so ninny lucn tnukc fools of tlu-ni^chv:; thnl now I nanl to help :-nve n tow of them. —"Tex" Guinan, night, club hosiers. T * * 1 lutvc no iloubt tlinl \vc aic now in the Insl- s[f.gts ot Mils depression. Dally \vc read reports of Innrcajtng cinployniciit: tlicrc is n clv.U'.gcrt public psychology unit a sjeneral b.i- lid that v\c nvc on the upwurtl pslli. — Ouv- cruor George White of Olilo. » » < « I fcol thnt oilv clinnccs of goliiR through with tills nrarrlngc arc bettor thnn those ot i^ojilc nf the same ng«. Divorce stiitlslirs bear me out. —Dr. Arthur S. Baker, 51, ot Los Angeles, who married a 14-ycar-olct girl. » v * I don't want ix Job. nml f wouldn't work If I h.ul on?. —iCUireiice D.uro.v. CBURCH EXCUSES By Gn. W. Barbara likely to hRVe worse movrmcnts when being watched by adults, whereas the child with hubit spasms Is likely to discontinue the movements. The child with lh!s bad habit Is HVely lo have also excitability and obstinacy, lo sleep badly nnd to suffer with headaches. Because of the imitative nature of children, such habit spasms sometimes develop almost like an epidemic in schools. As such conditions are largcl; mental, treatment must be to the menial side. It Is innx)rtant to ^rind out the difficulties in the home that arc nssccluted with the Irmiblc and to regulate these. All sources of distress, such ns fenr of punishment, J must be stopped. Such children do well with encouragement and pleasantness, it is not well lo find fault constantly v.ith Ihc child because thi-s keeps his attention fixed on his habit. Tf the child is badly nourished 01 otherwise ill It should, obviously, be removed from school and Riven an opportunity to recover. Plenty of sleep Is of His greatest hnporlance and also plenty of.goost food. One 3-l.cllcr Jfnii PHILADELPHIA. (UP) -cn Giuld ami Alec Kilkusk: gradualcd fro:n Temple University; in June Jo." Liii5liut?.. Cani-en. N. J., is the only remaining thr:?-bt- :er athlele at the school. He is a. high jumper for tSe track team,; Ihc Delaware Breakwaters aficr a! and - sine- i In, Old Swimmine Ground :? we:-:? ] LEWES. Del.- (UP) A- 1,009 pound sen turtle, known by fishermen in this vicinity as "Old and a gigantic shell covered^ barnacles and sea moss. i Though "Old Bill" nas inf.| ed the Delaware waters for* than a century and a hnlf, 1 ways has eluded capture. Fishcimen on large vessels Bill," recently lias been Keen in approach close to The giant plays Eccciui singles in tsnnU and, Ions absence, a halfback p:st in seec2r. '' ~ i ana toss him food, but iho: ! small craft give him a wide The turtle, said to be several ! fearing that if he should 'oil ' hundred years old, has a head -as I angry, or playful, he might I Head Courier News v/anl Ads. i large as the top of a hogshead i the boat. II A I INK S, f HUN?'* nrrlr* IUI K itorklnp hi tiM l-Jic tn ^l\ sTi« rrfii^rt. M-:'l'II, -. :nlvi-riHliu: ur r ruts™ nli ei '-c. fnnt !r-* » Cl'.OUCK hill he- A I,1.K\. It rruiy "r r.v» i IIIMNR rcsscil. fiurnL-s UcOOctl. "Who's tlio Indy friend narno ias out to luiKh?" r.skod Mona. "T!:;u' Bai nea. Evo, "is Mrs. n "Was iherp?" Eve asked.- tfjl lie would explain In detail. ''Ye.V fie answered, glad attentive audience. Slie comes to the odice; era! stocks only on rare occ.islous. She really ta very 'sv.-eet and always tic named 1 bad ailvni nncl otliorA which had shown JUT OUtt WAY By Williams Well, such a week! So many things happened it almost killed my soul. What yon might call the highlight of the week was the visit paid me by the pastor and his shock troup. as he culled them. They came personally to sec why Junior had not been 'New Deal' Revives Trade For Tattoo Professor Bister and coming to Scool. and if you could have seen them, you would sny the pastor has them proiwrly named when he called them his shock lioup. When I tried so patiently lo explain to thorn that I am the only real social leader in our Saturday Night Club and must keep the work go- NEW ORLEANS. (UP) —The "new deal" Is lo blnnic far all of it. say outraged boy friends, but Professor George Pincll, tattoo arl- Lst. is not complaining. When President Rco=evclt hoisted the NRA emblem' over the lan:l. he started a boom tra^e for church 'and Sunday I Professor. Miss May Swilir-y.-start- ed ths fad immediately by having the blue eagle emblem tatto^Cvl on her rlghl lea, just belo«- the kn;?. Since then Pincll has baen busj tattooing NRA emblems on sailors clerks, stenographers, traveling men and persons representing a dozen other professions. „. JlgfUSeerS Ing. they simply coiilci not understand and when 1 explained that School of Whales Offers the club, ns I sec It. is really ai- liclp to the church. 0 .- at least the morals of the community by furnishing innocent amusement which ;cpt a lot of .church members out of places, that are r.ot so careful of the moral life am! when 1 im- lertook to explain the psychological effect by ie:;ir.g them lhal scople must have an outlet for their energies, and M on, and when began telling them of the harmless and Innocent dance and about the refreshment they could not DE LAKE, Ore. (UP)—'Tivas a frolicsome old time a schral c: whales had olf this csast l^ Two ot them came close emu;;! to shore in their, antics to fc- scei by landlubbers. The whales had moved "inla:ii to rub oir barnacles. Hundreds o watchers marveled as Hie gigant mammals cTvort;d in iho waters now diving FROM CO'-AK/ilT-rW A Tunn\Bv.t — T OM Ti-V ROCK JE-ETT WV-V^M L V^A<S 'BOOT Tv-V -TRIGG.EV=? — L- VOV-t- - TL -frtOT -, • «STAR>JiKj' WALRUS A&OIM 1 Tt) PuT \T Our OF rf<=, coov<—- COUV.D i BE snorting and blowing find words to deny ih c logic of my now reappearing. Invited them 'to visit Oliver Wendell , American , bovn nom decla-rino all wars -are o i'clvc^ n 1c-[ [cr f i mn, Pit K.NT I S S. riint:rr lc trim t<< |i1nj Inj^ Uic- Mrvck murkri. f :i r Ucv'Itli. 1 -* m itu he wniiic thiiiK' *V1iI»inl Dick'* inniTlcilifr slit liurniM* nmnrj rutn licr liiulTLCT rind \rltli It t)iij» cliue. Eve nodded, listening, .enuilfnlly." ttrild lo imilale Dick's nokcr "She ought to lie able lo do a i when Reecc mentioned Pure J lot far • "There would iieiself," Mona went lie no excuse ini!.i;inm;i:, lildjtd 1»7 n.irnes' wife lonl:tn? like iho year beforo last —with ilie salary lie makes!" "How much t'o ysu suppose he ,11 n party crlvpn I,* PnF.OA Illtliy'N. SAM ""MO£'";£ ! Sets; " Mollil " ersisle "- tlth ,\rlf vhcn Ili tiic i . rli. KPC« Inkr.i -l: fails lo CUBIC „,, , , . , ] In suro l haven't She slightest Idea." Eve told her. "Hii: everyone • Inc. "Pure Soap took a slide." he 1 authoritatively. "Thai will lij lot of fellows. furc Soap is a n{| lar number." "When did all I asked, hoping she save no in| tion of the concerc she Eelt. "Just before noon." be answ$ live noted lliat Dick anil tlio I 10 Wrill THE STOIIY •".It XX o'clock Ihe nexl mcrnlng rployee of flixby's." I "Think of all you eonlS val«ed era-! Ji2 was with wore leaving, sipped the strong, hot cofice on a like his!" ,V.orm said ('ream- lookrrt at [tie other ! curl- Surely Mona dul not asptre n » to names' Job—or did she? It was )lc j difficult lo :cll wlial went nn PD- A T l tiro answered her desk nlior.e Hud 1'licron liccte on (lie (i How about luncheon at my hoU. liis noon?" be asked. I"."" 1 "Tliat would be Impossible," Eve ' 1<l "' .tir,v,"crcd cur:ly. "'s make II [lie Music Ilox ben," lie urged. "Wo can dance." "Xo—a lbou?aml times, nol" Kve nswcred and hniia u\; Ilie receiver. Arlcne IcoV.ed over Kill) » urin 'For whom were (! cold, , n || j^jii.-,, wnvds?" she icnsci:. .ligiire'. mnn Kcrce." ainrerert Cve : Kvc «'ris surprfecd to sco Di:k baby face. Jus! now i Moiia seemed ills very essence ot -. s'vcel, innocent girlhood. Her Iroand. blue eyes tnd a wistful ex ; [ircbsion as she raided ilieui dc- niureiy. From under licr cbic black ;liat a tow blond curls Ftiovvcd. Her simple iila^k drc£3 v.-iib Us low uccklino \vos stinii'-insly cui 10 do and ale her dessert without furj comment. When she bad finlj( she slanced at her watch and ; "f thluk I'll leave you." she i slipping into her fur Jackei lx : l lleeco coiiht assist her. "I havjj errand to do before soing bnci Hie office-and lucre Is no nee(| you to hurry." She smile ai Mona. Al the desi; L ] signaled tlie wuker and paid'l - -!cti;ck. Tlien she boarded a trollc;| ride the 10 blocks lo Hie hank, car seemed lo he forever Eio]:l for irafflc llgbts. Filially lif t0 >.-itii conleript S f ivuiil In In.r voice. ",•,•; so lo lunch uitli . mter the resU''.rr,ut llo:iu's allraclive! rived ai Ihe square and ImpnticJ Kvc hurried out. Ths usual calm alino;pherc three varied the stock and bond uim!" -jilicr :r<?n. Tlw? look a talile onnieiit of the linnk. Eve a •'•:•:« main floor l Mve could wnlch {n a row nionunl.- Mr,:ia roccivc'i ;iiem caiily fru:n her pbce on tlie bhe t?lcpiio:io call whiih crc'l In innnnr,>l!;ild.-». I/iur ihe s-.irpriscn live by c-..-:kini; !:er to have Inncii with hrr ;it ;i f. i:,:]. r. flrown Hut l:c asslstaut offered lo lielp "Pnro Soap, Inc.— has it balcony. She rule! nothing atom it to !>:<j!,a. Alter their order was down?" she askei ^iven the i:ien bent their heads I "Weil, it dropped two points . over a liEiieiirlut \vh!<:!i one nt (bcni : moriiiiig," be answered "'! lonaWc Italian r»(a::ram. InaE-'spread on i!:e table nnd ihcy lie-|"Uiit it's gone up asalu wlthlii 1 much a? tbis WP.:- the fir. i overuire jraine ensro^scd la ccuivcr.-.a\ion. Mast hour. Just a mluulo and of its kind 51o:ia liad n.vle toward | Su>Me:ily Mona smiled brlglilly. jsct you the Inures." her Kve fell lliat she fho-jld acce;ii. :"0!i. tliere you arc!" came a mascu- I Iive'3 knees were we.nk am! When they reached the street at line voire from liehiud Eve. She'sank gratefully tiuo a clnir. noon Ihey founr! the pnovv i!:-,-xih;r j turned nu:l s,iw Theron llceee. He : was another angle ot playin in Hie Kcbrua-y s-.m=ln:;c. There j smiled a;id bowed In a mocking i inarkct. Well, tlie was El'" were crunching tounds :u;der llieir! manner. " ! um ought she sell now In ca: licels as tlicy crossed (i:? unnv.--1 Anil still it took,a while before istock might drop again? packed street. Within ibe ei-.traiu-e i Eve realised she lia;l fallen Inlo! Tlie young ma" advised he, 10 the Now Arcade stcio n boy (boir trnp. That lelcphnne call tor' wall. Eve returned to her wiih a tray of violets. Kve uoppcd ; Mona after live hail refused lo go slowly and thoughtfully. c::d uousht a DuiicJi vviiich sbc lo with Ilccco had becu from | • ' " p:!incd high on her (u: c.-.liar so I him o! coarse! ] A RI.ENE was Interested In lliat they nestled close to her chin, j Tuclt 5p; , s hcltl arrived steam- account of Hie luncheon. A3 (0)0 brMthert Ihelr a lns (:ot on p ; nttcrj ;v!a ', silve , i -] tiiouglil U° m was l' la - vi feeling of sweet contentment came , Covcr3 . Evo coll , rt , lol Vf| . y lvcl] | to Re( , co ot Freda's ..any over her. || 0ave TC m IO | lt maijirs a sccr.e. She ; nlslil." Arlene commented. "I Tho feeling p:rsi5te.l as she and j broke off a bit ot French uroaii and sorry (or Mr. Bllf3. He'c so Mona eiitereJ the revolving rloorsUte H while Itecce save his order 'And lo think he fell tor Mona. ot the restaurant- Mona tripped j lo the sleek waiter. Soon Mona-to C-i hurt by her! I suppose before Eve. her exlreme Freucb | and ftccce were ensngod in a lufatuaied. tlioush, heels sinking into the deep pile of I conversation. Eve said very llflle | can't see her tactics.' the carpet as she led tlie way un| Kow »nd then she glanced down at I "We'll liave to . Knlcl1 ou t '<"• tlie short flight ot Iron steps to a Dick but never mei his eyo. 'slrl." declared hv«. little balcony. Kho said soiiiethlDE ... | "She's the worsi Ironic lam to the- waiter which Eva did not CURF.LY Mona would prole: io be' office has ever been mlsed catch nud they were scaled at a|O a , onQ w(lh Uccc6 w , )} . , nctl jwuh!" added Arienc. lable near tha rail where they j ML1[1 Bhn ploUcd with lllm „.,,,,,,.! Dill nveatarcely hc.ird her. could see the dinera balow. The sh c enjoyed c.nislns Kve vexation? I woniler-J l! Dick bad seen her waiter removed a card marked "lie-! EVO puzzled over the situation. I M< " m an:I ,™ ,. l ° rcM:ul Bcrvcd" and took their crder. Ucece's bantcrlns remark s'.Wbat -.rould he thins after * • • * 'seemed io touch upon all Hie ac"VE clanrcd about her nnd: tivillcs of Ihe limes. Thus it was ^ -ou'lsd h 1 three girl ar-,n'.la!- •• cot Ifn; betnre 'o? raojtioued ihf ... slice's. Then she happened l-> calcli . nwrket. "1 rtroppoil around lo iho ; -lowevcr. r. t «•:.- wnrricfl. i the cya o! ?W* Barnes who wasislock eschans' this morales." lie i (To lie . tt III! I had occurred the nig'.tt bet-: Perhaps il would be he\'^ her not to nier.iioa tl : o || lu ri|

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