The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1931
Page 7
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rHURSDAY, APRIL 0, 1931 U1.YTHRVILLE, (ARK.V COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS Two ceuis a *ord (or first insertion end cue uent ft word for each (subsequent insertion, fto advertisement tsJten lor less than 5TK. COLUH the words Ukl stud, the cash. i'hone 306 FOK SALE FOR SALE—Home Grown Fryers, Fickard's Grocery, 101-1 Clucfca- sawbu. . UP-K13 KOR, SALE—Baby chicks. Pay tills fall. See us about plan. Mnriljn Hatchery. 9OTF lint (hero are thlnss—and persons I OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern . • •* ' • I.'.'- • f. l-'OK SALE—Good, dry cook wood, Uucnanan Coal Co., Phone 101. HP-CM FOR SALE—Rov.'dcn Cotton Seed. Welch rosier, The Grand Leader. FOB RENT—Three, five and six room residences, iilso a luniibhed house. Dr. J. A. Salita, Phone 418. BEGIN IIEBK TODAY I <;VI"iK lie U HIDE, 15-icat-«ld t;|,l»l ID • -\cw >'«rk uflcc, Marrim JIM U'AI.I.ACC-.llic dnr ullrr »hr Mifrti MM m ikfl huiur «l krr itnlckr couili, AN.\K TKOW- HltllKiK <-r\"f *•• b*CB llllrd lir ALAS CH09UV. Mek'lHH a Ttjir Old a fcolf (• Pub, iMl-Wal- IHCP'* flRBrrr bn ' flat i broken lliclr enngi'mriM. T^etc Jp Ho'rn- Jttta'H Jlniur In ("'orriM Cllf'ivhfrfr hi* rrlullvrM MBHV f^KX) 1 :' ' . Jlni, who (• • lawyer* onrfrr- 1nt<r» Ike ilttMur ol MN.V 110II- EIITS, accu«rd ol jnardcrltir brr runiiiijcr, nit. KO<VI,KII. <iri»r htdiiLirt dri'litr lalercalrd In Ilie faKr, Ov> ImpuUr »be cur* to.nee MHS. KHVLlvll, »Ida» uf 1»r-vlr- tlui, nod *•<!• her br»trrlCBl ov«r ber ndoplrd aun'fl -lllnc«p. • .Tbv ttuman ndinU* abr •hat her fcu*- l»nd rn «nvr ihr rhlld'» lire, '•^l^y yrrxaiujri her lu KP lo —you care about thai you left," ho mid began the customary 60 strokes .ggcstcil. oti each nlde. Presently tho brush Oypsy bmllcd cynically. "No .one droiipod. Uynsy was silling at Iho can havo cvcrylliliiBi You've given' dressing tablo hut she was iiol rae far .more than 1 deserve." There was a pause. Then tlio girl spoke a^ahi. "Have you regretled it?" "No. I never regret mi) limit Don't bellevo in it." •That's a good rule," agreed, "11 you can malic IM glanced at her J havo 19 (eel grateful (or anything I uwaro o! her reflection In the mirror. She was considering this new problem. U'aa Jim falling in tove wllli her 1 ; Kadi ot them Ji,id been frank. Uucli had admitted ciirinjs for " Gypsy i someone olso nnd had scrupulously it work." , C r 1!c( :tcd each olhcr'a ties of nITcc tlun. As n matter of fact—para dusleally—tills was Iho chief bond bctweou them. FOR SALE—1 good small nuile, for | quick sale 530 cash. Wiggins Electric Shop. 9C-K13 FOK RENT _ K>R RENT--Four room house and garage. Newly papered, on pavement. Garden planted. $12.50 per month. L. Fowler, Phone 450-J. 28C-KTF FOR RENT—3 room furnished flat, garage and coal house. Call 678-W. 7C-TF FOR KENT—5 room bungalow on Dougan, newly decorated, hot and cold water. Apply Ike Miller, Phone BSD. 1C-TP FOR RENT—Three, five and six room residences, also a furnished house. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 410. FOR RENT—Apartment in Ingram building. s?e Parkhnrsl Company. OC-TF WANTED Jnckhon'a rretk, faroille pleule fcnunt ol fcl* borbliud. ' -, , . sow <;(• o\ WITH TUB SIOUX ClIAl'TEIl XXXII. 1 ' ' t f~iYFSY drew back witli crimson cheeks and forced, a laurt. "Why, Jim!" she exclaimed, ''are you growing romantic?" ... "1 don't § know. Would yon mind?" ,-;»:•,•. .'•' "But .It :isn't 'like you! You're —you're rfot.iiko tliat'at all!" Sho turned »'way from him, and reached for a yellow.' biossom'that-was just within 'arms length: - ' Sharp barks'trom Fal.intcrruptcd the conversation.. Both Jim auJ Gypsy, - scrambled to •' their feet. Thirty-yards''away In the thlcltci the terrier had Ireed a: squirrel. It was several- minutes' before -Jim •with, stern, Iqud-volce'd orders bad forced him to retreat to the clear- "Shouldn' starting back?" asked, v She was ' leaning POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett. Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west of courthouse, J, E. Fisher, Phone 64. 24C-TF CAN USE one man and lady to call en permanent customers. Vustomer list furnished. Must Atonic well recommended. Write in detail lo O. T. Gooding, General Delivery, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Give your phone number and address OC-K13 WANTED -Room and board for couple in private home. Address "S", Courier News. 9P-K13 PERSONAL against the Mfi oak tree, a-band on eccli hip.-.In her <re'eh drees, and scarlet scari stie.nilSht;have-p'eeii a wood crcitu'rj;- i -Jtark Iwisn's ot wind-blown' 'piirls'.';.ha^ '. escaped '?om beneath. tne.Ecarf.^. v ^ "Ob, H'«. early! Can'.t. be than two o'clock.'! .Jtni^.s>iui!ited al •Jii sun which wiu> high overhead. *^.-> £ewu,. Gypsy.' i,'waut, to have & talk with "--you." .,-.;." '; '• - ' Gypsy-AlreF .her' features* Into mock solemnity. ! -''?e3,':,*ilarEa Jim," aiio said. She sank down, tucking both feet beneath' her. Jim took a cb^rtt froni a leather »3fie, lighted ;t with elabprale alien Uon to lha ceremony. here.. You'ro making ma moie ccin- *J! 'foriaiilc than I've ever been. The hou?e';;ls, livable lueie'nd ot a inuseum of relics." lie kicked play- fuliy'«t the fox terrier lu front of iilm.'>Kven Tat can tell tho dlt- ') can't you, I'at?" gynsy smiled. "1'al would Icll you, If be could, thai he'd niuchi ralber be chasing squirrels than llbleuiiis lo people talk." For a time each was lost In thought. Then Oypsy sprang up. "Look, Ihe snn's back ot tlioso Uec lops! 1 think we should be start- Ing home." Together they packed the dlsbes in (he lunch basket. Jim made fire and burned the papers that were left, and they went back to the car. Tlie'drive home was tjuic-t.' Jim watched the road ahead and Gypsy ! seemed content to lean hack in the ear and feel the wind whipping her cheeks. Vi'hen the roadster turned in at the drive leading toward the. brick house there.wero long shadows ou the had never considered ihc- possibility of Jim cariiifi for her with a deeper feeling. She bad never considered It becauio abc knew Ibcro could uevcr bo anyone for her but Alan. Jim, Ebo supposed, would feel the name about Marcla. lloro were complications. To live Heforu tho •cached Ihe ball Jim had turned. '"Come on In, Aunt Kllcu." ho was s:iylnK "Coino on in I'.nd sit down. You're all worked up. Tb lileuty of lime to toll me—" Hut you don't know!" Iho woman's volco was nervous, bl«h- pitched. "Vcu don'l underblaud! It's from .Miircla. Jim. llei' husband — It lia|i|iuiicd Ihis morning—ho'd —lie'ii di'iid!" All tlnee In (be room were suddenly lll:e sialnes. "ft'liari" \V;illaeo osUeil slowly, "llo'a — .Mai'clii'd husband! l!o fell '10111 n horse. Killed him Instantl)'." yhe was waving n yel- low'telegram before hlui. "Il'ft all hero — IUTO'B her messaEti. Ucad it!" Jim took IV.e jiaivar and ttonl nvor It. Ho was client for u long whllo. "\Yon't >cu sit down, Aunt Ellen," <iH'sy snygwleil. Miss Willie Klancrd nlKiiit the room cvllkally. Kho had not sci'ii it since i'.a renovalioii at Iho hund.i lawn, "It was a lovely picnic," Gypsy ;ald as slie stepped out of the car. "I'm so glad wo-went." Jim nodclc-d r.nd di-Qve on to pul Iho roadster in tbc garag*. Throughout the 1 week that • followed the girl thought ..frequently of that moruiug out of doors.' -She nuzzled over the'impulse that Imd made Jim first lover-like, then tiiattcr-uf-tiict. His -kisses had siartled her. .He aecnied tn be tak Iny f.ains lo be'considerate in a reserved, -.Impersonal-'-way. Twice Ibat week.they dined but, ouce a tbc Carllbh and once at the home of a business associate of Jlm'n Gypsy vvoie llio brown chiifon dres with the new coat'aud was grail lied by the approval sl|e rcA^i in.'her day after day in tbc same house with a man who loved you. to nose as his wife though maintaining the Irnporsonsal ot relations— could she do (hat? Gypsy put down tho hair brush. Afl6r all, perhaps It was imagination. Jim bad eald nothing to set ber off on such a track. The whole thing was nonsense. She went to bed. In spile of dslcrnilnalion she could uot nolle pul tho suspicion from her mind next day. There ivas nothing to confirm or deny It because Jim dined downtown anil attended a club mcellng. it nearly 11 when he arrived home lid tbcy talked only for u short line. Jim told her nbout the peaker ot tho evening, who had icon dull. Friday evening tbcy had dinner •u home. Gypsy, remembering Jim had paid her a compliment on he l!ou?cfce2piug, ordered a menu sb itnew would please him. The broiled salmou was served willi his favnrit sauce. There were baked potatoe of the lincriur decorator. She cank down lu the nt-aresl chnlr. "Well: .Mm sail! slowly, p.bnclng up, "this is bail new::. Veiy D:ni news. I'm torry fur Mnrchi." "Qf course tbo child is bc.siile herself!" Klleti Wallace put in. "Her mother sailed two weeks ago Europe. There she Is all and fresh peas in crcaia and salad of ^Uereress. For desscr there was Matilda's most celebrate achievement— wedges of lemon pi topped with great fluffs oE goide meringue. Jim Wallace had a fa! Ing for lemon pie. "That," be announced impre sively as they rose from tho tabl that .terrible place u|i In Canada. No one to help her or do for r'-r" "The rhillios family bnvo prob- ly lakeu charge of tilings," Jim lit. Gypsy liad remained In the back- riiuiid. "VVbal Is it that's hnp- cnc-dV" sho asked. Jim eyed her levelly. "You'vo' icard me speak of Marcla' I.oring," ic said. "Khe w as married tls weeks go In Ilrccl; Phillips. S|)ClldlllK elr honeymoon al llauff. This loruin;; Phillips fell trom a horso nd it killed him." "Oh—bow horrible!" MIS3 Wallace covered her eyes vith her liandiicrchlcf. "I'oor Maria!" iOio murmured. "Ob, llio. K>or girl —!" Jim ['d aero*? tbc P.oor and act nfialu. He hsltcil .beaMo ilia aunt. "There isn't anything we can do.'Ia there?" he asked. 'You must scud her a UICSS:IHC, Jim, i declare. 1'vo been so hjat BlnCc -that telegram came 1 don'l [lat I'm iloing. Scud lier a and say we all sympathize. ,o tomorrow or next day. iuldu't put ten jto paver to- "How about this —vcnturo —ofj fheu one uiglit when Iboy were !" no asked in a-roico thai I driving jjm's arui slipped around GENUINE DUCO Authorized re finishing station. C. T. Shamlin with Demon Chevrolet Co., Main at Franklin. 3P-K24 WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Dora Bell Pruitte, Plaintiff, No. 4327 vs. James Pruitte, Defendant. The defendant, James Pruitte, is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint, of the plaintiff, Dora Hell Pruitte. Dated April 2, 1931. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford, Atty. Art Litein 2-9-16-23 was carefully controlled. "l)o you ever regret it?" "Why should I!" \-.\ \'f 1'lenty of reasons." Tho girl was serious now. "It's been like a new world," she said. "L)o you suppose I can regret setting away from subway jama, rushing to work and rushing noino SKair, at night, pounding a type- t.-ritcr until my shoulders ached, horrible meals at lunch counicrs and every night tbo same monotonous round ahead of me nest day? Do you tbink 1 can regret that? Look—look, .what there is here!" She ivave'd toward tlie stream ami the trees! "Oh, Jim. I hope you understand that I'm grateful— " He had been watching her face her shoulders and settled there comfortably. It was 'scarcely a caress. Overhead the sky was almost black, myriads of Blars twinkling Uicir tiny sjem faces like jewels displayed on velvet. A leu- ilril of Ihe girl's hair 'Healed looso from her tiny felt hat and brushed against Jim's cheek. She laised her hand to recapture it. There was a o.uick. fluttering eyes met. Gypsy amazed and halt- laugh. Their turned away doubtful of what sho had read in Jim's face. Conld lie possibly care for her—Ibat way? She said good nighl and went to AM 1 tte STARTED TO SCARE M6 I PID LIKE SOU IbLp ME LOOK£P A-r-rtTBRlPSE OF eves He cooi-pivi. MAKE we ! ^ vlis ' STUFFBP I" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By MartiL MY! MY! "was a meal! There's uot a kit iu .the \yorld could oak for I'm fare!" i Jim looked well fed lappy. ""-Give Matilda the credit." Gyp answered, "lleally, Jim. if you me .ion to her that you liked the p t know she'd bo pleased. 1 ' 'I'll'do it. Sure." He moved Llie radio and turned tlie dials Ibat instead of the dinner mu they bad been listening to, the voices of two comedians filled tbc room. Grinning, be dropped to. his big chair. "Another ot Aunt Ellen's pet peeves," be said. "Lord—bow she used to hale this pair!" The distant entertainers chattered back and forlh in dialect for five minutes. The doorbell rang then and Jim rose aud went iuto the ball to answer. /"1YPSY heard a woman's voice, *•* high and escitcd. She listened -She huus I intently. No doubt of'it—it was ; on a Eotl 1 Ellen Wallace. The ,-;irl was on v:as f'-'ll ilo It," snld .lim. "Might as well walk down lo the-iclcaraph office and write it (here, hard blow for r Slarcip '"'lllfitf Willauc 10.4. "If 'you're goiiig now I'll walk as far as liiy place with you." she told him. Juu tot his hat. Miss \Vailnco sald.,ia perfunctory good-night lo Oyp'ny and Ihe two departed. I.eft '" : i/tbe girl returned lo Iho ,, T 'room. IIcv face was very 6eriiiis : as she cuvleil up on Iho cud of the 'davenport farthest irom tlio light'. It was two hours later tlmt Jim liirncd. 1K> glanced into the room, saw that Gypsy wa* read ing. and disappeared into tlie library. A week passed monotonously. Tbcu Monday evening Jim Wallace cainG Inlo Iho house to find Gypsy writing a letter. He paused on tho threshold ot the living room. ".Marcia Fhillips lias como home," be announced. CTo Be Continued • Famed Girls' School to <juit NEW ORLEANS. IUP) — "Miss Lottie's," or to tho uninitiate the Miss Lottie Miller's School for Young Ladies is lo close its floors to the daughters of New Orleans' Louisiana's aristocracy this than a quarter - «. ., ^.. l ... .. has been one of the lew "right, places" for young ladies. Now "Miss Lottie" thinks 30 years of teaching is enough, and 'is retiring. /;iid Louisiana s |V'ring. For more "or a ccntry it has New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 8 (UP)—Cotton closed barely-, steady. open , high losv close May 1020 1034' WHO 1021 July 1045 1058 ' 1045 104G Oct. '1078 1080 1078 1078 Dec 1100 1112 1100 1102 Jan 1111 1120 1110 1112 March 1125 ' 1137 1125 1127 Spots closed steady at 1020, up 5. New Orleans Cotton her room as soon as they returnet to the house. Upstairs she slow about undressing arcav her frock and Mi 'FHILADEi™lA~~iuR»-Tir~rec- Ginini. which will occur Drc.3ii!bti-i Postmastei' General Brown to Issm- ogiiition of the hunrtirclfn an- j 56, officials of the Glr.ird Collcgea 2 ceni stnmp to commemmoiale livcrsary oi the death of Stephen ; Alumni Association have petitioned ]narcliLiiit-inailn?r. MESA. Arizona, (UP) — A priz-1 cil possession • of A Bond, Mesa | merchant, is a ixn he carved him-' Ma self from cedar and loaned tol •!"'>' Governor George W. P. Hunt forjOct use in signing ;i high school dis- (Viet bill iu which Bond was interested. FAY 0. DAVIS Phone 421 Alwatcr Ktnt Dealer Invest With Safety 6% paid quarterly on full paid stock, $100 and up. Guaranteed by first mortgage loans on liomcs in Blylhevillo. Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association W. JI..Burns, Sec, NEW ORLEANS. April fl (UP)— Cotton closed easy. ^opcn high low close May 1Q21 1031 Una 1010 July 104C 103? 1044' .1041 1078 1088 1015 1075 .1100 llio'-1097.''1097 .lift 1119 -1112 -— i'ii'6 '-r^'^r, 1.124 Spots "closed stcairjy.'.aud,unchang- ed, at 893; •• ~^ •:'''.'• i'.. •.-',-'..:-• Domestic ryrites Show SBghtlncrease for 1930 Jan March FRECKLES ANIt HTSFR1KNDi 1 D»I-T see. A«y se>Jss IM sows- To seo-i SLEEP ABOOT THAT CRIPPLED L£T THAT E£ TUE LAST OP IT....VOU TO BED-BV BE OUT OF ThlS MOTlojJ FATHER SET FOOT TUE IDEA THiEF • CXO HECTOR'S WASHINGTON.. (UP1—Tlie domestic production of . pyrites in 1930 amoiihlcd to'345,512 Ions tons, valued at, $1,058,680, according to the Bureau of Mines of the Commerce Department, here. These figures'sh'6w only a slight advance over '1920, when 333.165 tons was produced" here. Of the 368.114 tons ' imported, 325.992 tons came from Spain; Canada furnished 42,117 tons; and the United Stales of Soviet Russia imported five (5) tons. Steal Phone Wire Off Tolcs NOGALES, Ariz-, (UP)— nuisance .developed here when petty thieves, learning that the main telephone lines were cf copix 1 ^ wire, stole sections of the wire an:l sold it for Junk. This Isolated Nogales by telephone for several hour?. '-•'Courier 1 N6*s-Want Ads Pay. WASH TUHiiS HUM, MOO. W AN' W- ^00 VEA.R ME ', 5JU 1 - TE.K KT ,M \J\J- 1V\J Itr*,-. ,-lC . ' t>- . I ., NO' Bof>,T, TEK E'rrrtiN& I\M oo! i NCR) EWT PftRTo' " "'"' 3mf^m&*^ «%* AT rAt NtVER C\.tJ*i «HV VOU COME WW, N'QO SO'SELF BOSS. 1 PON 1 sT^^^ l FU IT. YOU GO! , STEP 6V STEP, UK£ ^<:^G£D TKiER'S P0d&£9 ,., EV£RV N£R'J£ AND MUSCVF. AtERT FOR OPENING,

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