The Times from London,  on January 12, 1876 · Page 8
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The Times from London, · Page 8

London, England
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1876
Page 8
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THE TIMES, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1876. IVI.XTEll l. PARIS. S. to 11. that (Bv Teliwrapm.) p FROM A FKESCI! tWRRfeWSPKNT.) ' "; - paws, Lii For tlireo 1 day I'dtii hi Iwgu viittl intentc cold whidi onotrafc - a cverrvihonj, and frvczo tho blood in one' veins. Theru are fortunate pooplo, however, who find coin (inut ion for rrythjn. I know spa: Mlio aro ciirabturod becAoao, amid t!;o jurct air of winter, tile is in th tm.'tbuni with unwonted brilliancy, - Other are c' aniit - d tvith the strange rmDect of jl.itenHl fdreel., and vehicles covered with mow, their drivers looking a if viiwrap;HNi in ahroud H other warmly and wtnforUblr clad, walk leiturely along t!ie Boulevards, i,lad that the snow deaclena tlje deaf cum.' noUo of traffic. Without criticuihs theje easily consoled mind, what I wish to iKint out Jfrv the LpXaOX GAZKTTn, Tutiaj, Jan. 11. jTIIE SKVT PEERAGES. WIIITEHALU Ja. 8. The Queen h been pleased ty direct letters Patent to be passed unor taw Great. fcVal of the United Kingdom of Great Uritain aid; Irelaiid, r rtntlcg the dic.citits of d J am and Dae of the said United Kingdom to Charles Htcrj, I)ake of nichiaonJ, K.O., and the heir mile of j hi body la folly brsotten, by the Barnes, styl - , and title of tMl of Kma. in th countj cf InrerneM, and Duke of Gordon, of Gordon '.'Cattle, in that part of the said United Kingdom ctlled Scotland. "Alo the rlig - uitie of an .Earl and Marqcoi of the said Unite I Kin;Jra to Williim, Earl of AtHTa - aveuny, and the heir male of : hi body lawfully Ix - oUcn, by the natnea, style, an I 'title of Earl of Lewes iu lh county of 8u - x. and; illarii!ii 'of Aberjircnny, ia the county of Also the dtjnitiet of a Viscount and Karl of the said United Kingdom to. Edward Montagu Stuart Granville, Lord AViurnclitf e. and the heir male of bis body lawfully that Pari is not. the city for revcro winters. I'am.i beotten, by jbe names, tylrs. and titles of Viscount Carl - tmincs one nt thii cold, which casts a m'tniri gloom ,tn,ot Carlton, aad Earl of WharncliiTe, both in the eat over the tusonlo na over th strain. Vit.r Part. I IMipS the county of York ; with remainder, in default r - l - . - . xior iU inhabitants are fitted for bearing temperature. It is not line in the basemen thojrround floor that poverty dwells, but; in ttte : hi body lawfully begotten. attic, under draughty roofs ex pored to te snowH Alo thedfgiiity ofaHaron of tbe said United KiugJomto the icy wind, the rain which freezes as ' - tit falls - ' Jhp, llarlofErn - , in that part oi the ridLmtedhJD. - d&m W en tie unfortunate occupier wake in tile worn - ! call,i lrtUnJ - K1"" aJ tLe Let" ""eof, . .7 r ;?w . , . i - y - it'." i 1 full v b'rotten. by the name. stTle, and title of liaroa ier - mg, winter and now greet him from . iho; whole .. . r .n,t. . , . i t raanagli, of L - snaaaea, m tte county of ienranlglu rango of roof ; within siglit, and to the glaciaK eena - ! Alw the diznity jof a ISaron of the .aid United ICiEpdom tioiLiie experiences is added the depressing iect'icle to John Ralph Ornuby - Gorv, Evj.vand the heir male, of which meets his eyes. It is in these winters that j hi body lawfully Lejoticn, - y the rnoie, stylo, and Paris rises up every day like a disquieting problem, i title of Uaroh Hailech. - of Harleeb, in the county of ile - T - .. tnwn.1Mnt t,.i w,p ... ! rionetlx. with remainder, in def.ult of fuch iwue male, to THE COURT TU LATHE. . t u j - . . .i i r .1.1. nnytfCT so free from care in fine weather, Kwmesreth - ssf bitter, disquieting, hateful when, the fiml stitleha their ways. It was in such weather thai the great devolution first showed its terrifying side ; it is during uch cold that the ragged mob are rendy to utter that contagious cry " Bread ;" it is duriilg ti.oaa winteri that criios, wars, and revolts break out. The winter of 1870 exhibited this riijour, arid thuyear, as if by a disjuieting coiucldenco; the present cold corresponds to tliat of a winter which announces itself under, social auspices in; no way enlivening this rigorous prospect. The electoral period wiiic1! ia opening lias dispersed thejpoliticu' world tothe four corners of tho country.; Even official saloons seem as if they weru not 'to open, 1 intiah two luilU nro nnnminrnl nt fli T1rifA fnr ! The QceeU ha been v - 7Ll .v:. .t. .1.. f 4V... ! Kobert Grant Watsoa, UO CUU Ul Will UIVI1U1 WIU IIH1 UVlllllIUg ui tu next, and that joyous animation which characterizes the carnival of Paris is, as it were, benumbed at the opening of this year. What is called Parisian commerce, that trade in 1,000 indispensable things which eople so easily go without, is uneasy. The jewellers, drajwrs, tailors, milliners,, and their . ttumberleM train, seem to )xi folding their arms and preparing for a winter without business. The foreigners who generally throng Paris at. this season to get a leep of tho luminous gaiety, the reflection of which is ipread a little everywhere, do not .arrive. They know the oliticai hiteretts will absorb people a minus, tnat gaiety wui tgive place to the serious anxieties of tho morrow. - They think there will be no lancig, even on the ToJcano described byM. Iluilet in his Cassandradiko predictions. They are at raid Paris will become tho scene of some agitation or other, and they abstain from coming. This is the important element which Paris trade misses, and which is affecting the export department, after the anxieties of Frenchmen and Parisians had struck the home trade.j For my part, 1 should be less despondent if I thought) onl of the so - called comnUrce clt Parit, which is certainly little calculated to excite interest. Those who are the representatives of it are one of tho curses of France. They are the 'discontented under all Governments, electors always in opposition, the men who encourage all agitations and aggressions, and who yet raise a louder cry of Jam than nil the world when the train they, liayo kindled explodes. Fcr 80 years it has been;o ; tho hops hate always been in opposition to: the .fuly Monarchy end ttythe third pseudo - Republic now - ruling them. They are always confident; that a change of Government will produce a social change, and will put them in the shoes of their customers. By dint of enriching themselves at the expense of their patrons, they have taken the habit of ignoring the line of demarcation between buyer and seller. They have imitated, or rather caricatured, the manners they have observed, and hare adopted a kind of clumsy - counterfeit of what they hare perceived across the counter. Formerly the Parisian shopkeeper knew beforehand that he would be a slave to business for 25ox 30 years, and his great ambition was to bequeath his property and his business to his daughter's husband or his son's family. To do this ho had to live soberly, modestly, laboriously, and honestly for 30 years. I?o - a - days everything is different. Universal Suffrage and the Empire hare suppressed these maxim, which were so truly Conservative. . Ever since the shopkeeper has seen the leading men of the day humbly solicit his vote, he has discovered that he ought to be their equal, if hot their superior. Under the Empire the countless; millions which circulated in this great city, the ;c6mpensa - . tion grouted for property taken for public improvements, building ground, speculations all, this pro - duecd improvised wealthy men, " who. ;did not know the value of things, and doublod, tripled, and quadrupled the price of everything. Not only is the tradesman not content now to wait long to get rich, bat ho will livo at once as. if he had already made a fortune. IIo keeps such a table as the richest customer would envy - ; and if his euulnlire and his customer's 'cJtef de cuitine compete for any dainty, it Is always the former; who triumphs. He has a carriage which excels the best aristocratic equipages. It at tho Baths you see a Frenchman whoso stylo dazzles you, and to whom landlord and servant make their lowest bows, you may be sure he lias a noted shop on the Boulevards or in a main street. If in summer you go about tho environ of Pat is and see some elegant villa splendidly lighted up at night, whenco 'issue rounds of merriment, with a lawn as trim as tho hair of a premiire datuttuse, on which imposing - looking ladies parade train of muslin, silk, or lace, you will certainly be told it belongs to one of those restless and discontented mortal, who makes anj averago profit of CO per cent, on what ho sells you, conaidei your position his own, and thinks society is badly put together, seeing that he i . not at the top and you below. It is not, therefore, the Paris tradesmen that 1 pity, but tlio subordinates, the hard workers, the workmen and workwomen of whom they usake use. For the shopkwepar, if he has given up tho old rules for himself,; has at least kept them for his subordinates ; and it is in tho person of his ijx'oytJ that ho practises tho sobriety of lii ancestors. The first result, therefore, of tho stagnation of business is the dismissal of the workmen and the reduction of the: einjiToi, salary, and the first to feel the slackness ;f trade are those for whom 1 dread such a winter as Villiani liicbanl Ormsby - Xtore; Kq. (brother of the ald Jobs Kalph (lrmby - tiore), and the heir male of his body lawfully begotten. Alo the dignity of a Baron of the said United Kingdom to: Henry Gerard Sturt, Eur,., nd the beir male of hi body lawfully begotten, bj tbe name, style, and title of liaroa Alinston, of Crichel, ia the ecuny of Dorset. Also theilijnity of a Baron of tbe said United Kinz - Com to John Tollcmsche, Eq., and the heir umle nf hi body lawfully begotten, by the name, style', and title of Eiroo Tollemache, of Helmiiipham - liall, in the county of Suffolk. , J. Alto, the: illfnity of a Baron ef the said United Kinj - doci to Sir Kobcit'TolverCerard.liart., and tbe heir male ot bi bcxly jUwfuity begoiten. by the name, style, and title t of ISaroa GtTard, of Bryn, in the county palatioe of Lao - caster. i. . FOREIGN - OFFICE. JAXV C graciously. Ieaicd to sppcmt to att threatens us. Piece - Work." " G. M.,w as ono of ,tho few manufacturicj goldsmith who employ piece - workara, biiinc it to be just aud fair to tht wur klDK nian, write to ate, by way of illustration a to it fttne n4 fairness, that i ha tww tter in hi rmpioyment. One can earn O a week without laborious bours ; the other'ahall it by Li aid with ths me character ef work, and, - " to savo kl life," cannot em i3 a week. " G. M - r" will not ay tbs former U a Utter woikmin. but he i quit niual to the latter ta aoutKlaea ana finish. I the man ot capacity to shars au equal division of unequal eamias! Or, upjosc that the work is reuly distributed, U the man of capacity to ait idle half hi titu ! Week - work or time - woric, our BorreoiKlnt consider, tell aainit tbe workman ,wmf sspaeuy or tutundly slow. If h niployett titns - workrr beskontd wel ut the alow. In piece - work he need sot do so. Ucaur it does not follow tbsta workman who u alow It not a food aud sound worker, but that - h i th loser, sot banuz tho capacity or ;uickn. El.. now Secretary Alajesty'n legation at AVashhujtoh, to be Secretary to Iter XT.. T ..'...ft.. T !.Un JaStaUJ - lQr The (jueeri ha been pltasetl to approve of air. LudTig Schbner a Consul ia Trinidad, to reside at Port of Spain, for - His Majesty the ICingbf Sweden and Norway ; and of lHn Carlos I Cairo as Cotuul - GeneraJ in England tor th Argentine Republic; - EDUCATK. DEPAltT5IE.NT, WfllTEITALL, JAS. & The Lords of the Cum mitt e of the'l'riry Council on Eilucation hare issued orders this day for the formation of School Jtoird in the urlenntntioned parishes : Bix, Oxford; l'trrarwrworlhal, Cornwall 'J herfceld, Hertford and for the conipuUory fonnadou of School Beard in the undermentioned triiies - - Arlington, Sussex ; Eakricg, Xottuljliam r; Est Aytoui York ; EverdonrXorthamptou; Great Oornard, Suffolk ;j liinderwell, York; Leckbamp - stead, lterks :' Udate, Sulfotk ; l'leasiogton, Lancaster ; St. Voo!lo K'xtra - ir - uoicJial), Montuuutn - ; S.redicgtoo, Lincoln': AV'iniate. Durham : ': aud in the followioit United district rit.: - hast and Wnt Jtountoc (comprising the pariyh'e of Eait hounton aad 'West ttounton, ork ; Uandilofawr and Uaadyffisant (comprising tbe parishes of Llandilofawr and Llandyfeisaut), Carmarthen; Stratford St. Mary (compriiiti j the i - aruhes of Ilighau and Stratford St. Mary), Suffolk. The jarih of Yeo'ril (extra - municipal), in the county of Somerset, has beea mad contributory to the School Beard District of - Yeoril. WAT. OFFICE, JlX. 1L Militia. Koral Anj',esT. - IIu;h Eutltr ralktarr, ttfU t? H Snb - UeuL bwlford. - WUIUdi EdrJ.lo - ula s Ctcblp, be Sub - Lieut 2l Eojtl Cheshire. The noiiontion which appeared la the Gaieu " of Uk) 151U of Octoter. 185. to the effect tliat tbs serrice of Capt. Joft'h Harrison t(i were oiiiieusod witn. is cauceheO. UalC Joseph iluiicou hus rleiis b i eimuiissloa. llnuiingiloo. - Cpt. HUliarJ Ilforj Aiifu Caiseron. ICth Foot, to he Adj ..; Adjfc UUljritril Hemy Augn Uittrgn so sxrro Um rank ot Cat. ' . Sth Eoysl I.anfashir. Bcilert Wasun Us Jot. ctnL, to le 8ub - LStut. ; Rorsl LiHCUr ArUUer. C'pCthoiuas Ilwrtjr SLntiUj to ha Ala or. .;:. . rhqrtl Korth Lincoln. Lieut. Christopher Clsrpoa Tuunard reslens his commlanoo. 24 MMlalestx, or Edmonton Bojsl IUfls Begiment. CscL - Anthooy Sim miiu tils cuauulaslon. Shropshire. - Sub - Lieut. Conpton llertiert Croxton resigns hit com - mhsion. VV Su3o!'i. - Csftsin ilooUfue Charies Browning to U Uaor ; blemrat jcua saicoliu jieicnaui. guit to oe euo - ueus. M Kojal Somj.r Tte services cf Lieut, llsurt Florsac Ward ar dbpctiseU tth. The Queen' un lUrlTotr IlualfU. Msjor George Shirley Ataxwea is giantol tbe 1kiuu7 iau of Lieut. - CuL Koyal Westmoreland. Cpt John Olybeit Gtt, 3lh Foot, to be adit.; Adjt. John Ulpoert Uage to una ith tbs tans of Capt. Worcester Edwud Leonard AspioaU Ilergate, gent, to he Sub - ueut. ocpernuKersrji.. Xast York. Marshall Cos p Burton, gent, to le Sub - Lieut. . KorrlA;raQd Wigtown. - Robert John Bsrtholoaiew. gtat, to be Sub - Lit it. Bojal Perth, Lieut George Crosble WjUe to be Caps. South Uork. Capt. and Adit Jlearx Lues resign his eommiK(on, and is placed on a retired aUowncei Eojsl Korth Doan Quaruruuuter James Henries resigns his coumiiMlua. and i Uacetl on a retired aUovanee. also is graied the honorary rauk4 Capt. and peruiiUed to continue to weax tbe cul tural ot Xke regiment on his rvtlnmtnt. Roxal Fouth' Down. - Cpt.'an4 Adjt Baleomb lgn hi rowaJwion, and Is plaool on a retina allowance ; Jmtl Baaoomhe, late Cpt aad Adjt, to be Ma Joe (Supctuumeru - rJ, KoysiriublinCltT. - Capt. WUhamUenry brind. 10A1 Foot, to be AJjv: Adjt William Htnry Brml to asrre with th rank of CDt Londonderr. - Lieut Ediroud Smlta Lecky to be Capt North Usyo. Capti and Adjt George Cox. 47th Foot, lrom th 1st AdmlnlstratlTe battalion UptKlfie Volunteers, to be Adjt; Adjt Ueorge Cox W serre vita tbe rana of Cpt Ihnooni mod. Hub - Lieut George Xdmund Stareley. from the 1st Deron Militia, to b Sub - Ueut . liid - Litter ArUllery. Ache son Whitmore St George, gent, to be Sab - Lieut Wttmaath. Oertert Stewart At'CanosSUcaa3. gent, to b Sub - Lieut (aopernomeran ). Yeomasrt Catalst. Oxfor 3iMre. - rrcj Kobert lire wis. gent, to be Sub - Lieut (Super - Bumetaryl.: Wri Somerset Vaughan Hannlng Vaohan Lie, Esq, late Jlsjoe. Bwjal CUuioraau Mihtia, to be Cpt, riue A. A. VVUkia, reaacd. , Thi " Gssette " contains a jUcu that the f olloeUg places hare been duly registered for ifce solemnization of inarrlagts tht - rein : Wesleyau Mclh.KiistL'haptl. Lalou. korkshire 1 Salem Cwm Chapel, imiultt Glauiurganhixc : rAUTXEUsiiiri uijuolved. ItozLes and ChauiOcriaiii, UeUnluu - rd, .Ve - rd Botherhlthe, Jearhcr JpanaM. Jin T. Itluimer and Son. Botolph - laue, cuin - p - ' - ''"" merchant. Katuish au - i liearcr. Urauforu, Vorkkhbe, builders. J. V. 10binsiin and Co., M.ncicg - iaur, wlix merthaots. Toouaod Oo, Mark - Uue. aine merdunt ; as far a regard a.' U. Turn. C. W. Mtlter aud Cv.i Craechurcb - st. atid undir lii strle of Mejtar, S.nita. and Co, Hancuc - rJ, ltromley - dy.lioie, nunufao - turers. nsut ana oiuiuouh, cuaeiu - ru hhiu, AJUguanu, uaouuo - inr. - . . Newtuti a&j Pavi Ciiaord'4nn - 'i;i - t:ttaUorm.v. JuLn' Hull and Co. I'reaioo. joluer. lutaa ami 11.1'yr.Lirerpool.iaiater porters, Abraiiam liulmea aitd Sou, Hrnf.aJ. Yorkahhe. comuii - ion agtmisp as far as regards A. Ilohue. J. Meikie anj 11; C. lan.hall. Iliilpot - iue, atioleule u - a dralen. Gold, lirotbers. Act Winds., coachbulldcis. - .Suialuaje, Coalaji. abd Co,1 ld tailor. - W. totuley and Soik Leeds, buildera. J. Jary aud J. liiti. Mucbenter. Joiner. IL W. IJodJ and Ou, NcaUe - upoi - Tyttv merenauts. liin - iford. Urothera. JiyJe. Cheshire; iwttoa pmieei. il. rou aad I'wry, WolMbsni.U!D, ininr nierensnts. tlww iccnardson and Co, auarps - wiuri. tapping, nuurctiants: as far as regards W. Lotelh Carruther aud llaiiuaii, Lanuarler, Chrmits. Witjiain Know les and t.'o.. liolton. oi'tton sptn - iir. llrndou Lotui iociety, Suuderiaux - Murtisier. tiroUiers. Go - uerssX Vorkshin - . wontI spirner ; as far a Rgaid4 T. Mortiuier. Muiuiord aud: I'airctt liker. stouo uierctant. fune and lrewlaut; HoJ , .orthamiKouJi re, oaddlers Cope. Naiittl, aud Co,Uancheler,yaru uvttU ;e farasrecsrus U.1I. Kenoortiiy. Uubop, Sob, and lle'iit Leeds, aad bcustuu'Loj'd's MiU, near Leed, cloth imrvtosuU., fiula mn, Murray, and Co, Uresham - building, tiaiignallt, merchants ; iu far a regmnle i, J. 1 and K Anultage. inraulru, tud co Klng.tort - ion - lull. tallu.. IJow and lla.ruid. 0ett Mpa Mill, near W.toueld, p!nu - r. - - je aud McikHirutil. or uadrr aujr other style, lraiford, Yortahirei or else - , wbero. vojlUSLrt. lururlt and Co, Angel - st, ct. MarunVle - Uraud. wiMdraile furrier ; t far as regard A. 1. lruett Crockett and Vau.tuOj CopUiail - couit toci brokers V. My and 4J. L. Jacobs, lidudford, : co - cbwiialert - Leaver,, tilackhurn g nerai urajien. n. U. liodson a.d W. K. 'oh.O't, Mcn!iU - st, City, w'aieuuuarou - h. llotuh and llatuam, Cbbobent ner iiolton, whU aawr UEmnfaeikrvr iJiotinsou aud llrygs, m:hiEH'ton. cnrriert Woodiwuie and Jackson, Jtcw lloiiaud, adnsxliubu - e, prick nuuf.cturtra. " . , nrCLAEATIOX OF DIVIDENDS. II. Clln,'nCdsia. .Sietuing - lau - ,' and Keiiin - krTe. Sydenham, corn fact a - in si; dir. sf 1., cu aud after Jan. 1 at Mr.J.IlU', it.urta; - .a..r. : , J, tirirSUis, tvynsniman. - Giamorgarshire Crt ard final dir. ef l.:iiSd, any dar, at Mr. tiarter'a. Saantea. , G. ilaruwuk. buttuu - tn - Ahtiel.i; Nottingtumabire, cottoi. doaoler f rst dir. vf I. 6d, any day at ilr. Leuian's, Nottlngnarn. - KAXKUUriS. iVotlrcs of Adjudications snd first MetingscrCrcdltors. ( I. nder the lianknii tcj Act ot lSt.9.1 Iu tbe Country; Uunter, Daniel MurcUe, Wandiwouo - rd. - Jan. 23. Waa!srth. Haw - lilMni. Alexander, llr.sto, booielier . .Ian. it, Uria'cl. Mackiuiajr, ArthlUuhl, tatc .d iron merchant Jan. Z2. NeveaHla. Vau llaaatn. Janxs WUliaui 1'olkert, ttayrtvk - nL. Ciapnau - junaion, ISatUiwa, iicauMtr - rlcluaiUr - t'cb. 4, Waudswortn, FUBUC tXAMISATKLNS. Jan. It, W. T. 1'u.n - r. Ci.ettaekl rii.a, r'alcon - rd.', Clspham, bui dor. - Kru. IS, B. Val.s iraktche - tr, l"aoitrUth!rv, faroivr. tv U, C, eile, tide lord. lou.tire, atti - rueyy Jan. 23. A. liftk. :h rc, raicr.4l;B. 2. J. L Thwiu, Leeda, proriMuo e - Ier. Jan. Margrave, usj' In A Quiit JiulUr, produced at this theatre on Satarday last, we hare now in a - Imirahle foil to the locr - drawa melancholy of MroLcn Uteris. It i a, simple little piece enough, in one act, requiring no chanje either of scene or dress, being - , in fact, but an adaptation from the' French La PartU de I'iqutt. But Mr. CoghUn hi done hi wcrk well ; his dialogue is brisk, easy, and Enjluh, or erhajs we ihould say Irish ; and throughvut, with a hand of mora than ordinary skill, he has ccntrired to fit the' airy and fanciful hahiti of the French tUge to our own ampler and more robust prcportions. In such pieces as this, it is true that the author has little more to do than to provide the outliue ; but if the outline be false, no thiiui cy of colour or dehcacy of light and shade can a ail inucu. With actors Jess skilful than Mr. Hare ted Mr. Kedr, A Quia BuUcr ' blight hare been less tucce;ii! than it w ; but, had not Mr. Coahlan played his part 'o well as he ha, we should not hare fouad so much as we now find to admire in Mr. Hare au) Mr. KeL'y. The characters In. thi little piece are four in number, ! though two only in importance Lord Kdclare and his son Charles, Mr. Sullivan sud his daughter Mary. The two old pevp e indulge in whist, the two young - ones in lore ; tnd tiirse four make up the rubber. The course of the young couple' lore las had many aa awkward turn iu it from the quarrel of their elders paarreLi ceneraily fought over the whist table, end - Mr. SuIiiTah's side by a Lot Irish teinprr, on Lord Kiiclare's . by the of a well - born p uper. 31y Lord, proud a ' Luciier and poor as Job, lives ouly, thougb h uce not : know it, on the caarity. of his friend Sullivan, the rich shipownerhut thinks that the name of KUclare alone is a dower mure than equal to Mias Mary V 30000, to say lio - thing of the practice Charles is to stepiato throagh hi father's interest, for thi boy hai just won his diploma, and, according to a lonf - standins ; agreeiueni, the pair are to be married in a - week. Sullivan is ' liberality itself with v the settlements, and his Lordship is ; eiuslly liberal in the disposal Of very acre of land he does nof iraies. Yet sijn of a homing, storm 1 are brooding in the air before the partJL it down to the rubber' which u their " custom of an afternoon." and at whichthe two old rivals are for oncepartaers. The storm grows pc ; first the old sobTeuian misdeals, then h revokes, lastly he accuses hi partner of . sn obvious " error of judgment,' aud.' then the siorm breaks. Sullivan cau'bvar and has borne muct), but ho cannot bear such an accusation from "the - worst whist - player in or out of Ireland." The war i wa'ed keenly, and insult follows insult, retort, retort ;.. Charles and Mary are bidden to sjak, or think, no more of marriage, and hi Lordship leaves the room to leave the bouse for ever. What are tie lorer to do ? Sullivan, as quick to nl a to loe hi temper, would williiigly forget and forgive erery word that has been spoken, but he knows Kile lax e too well to expect either forgetfulne&a or forgiveness from him. Then Charies come to the rescue. In his pocket be carries a bottle of 'chloroform, with which he hat that very day been soothing tho Ul of hia xtrat patient. With this h put his father to sleep, when ho. returns for a moment to wait for a cab, and .to pack up hi small library, a characteristic collection ' Ireland nuder Elizabeth " and the " First Families in Gal Way The room "is' then re - arranged, the whist table put back in iU place, an exceptional assortment of cards ingeniously assigned to his partner by Sullivan ; the player take their! places, and the sleeper is awakened. The experiment succeeds ; Kilclaro is ;ersuaded that what has pasted is nothing but a dream not,, however, without difficulty, for to sleep cver his cards is a sore point with the old geatlcujn. lint no precaution has been forgotten ; the books have been put back, the pnnmauteau unpacked, and he is forced to believa at lash The game is resumed and finished in a blaze of triumph ; with satisfaction to Kd - chue, who - fiuds fur honours in hi ou. hand ; to hi old friend, who know not what malice mean; to tbe lovers, who aro once more free to lure, and to the audience, who havfl seen a cleveg. little play very cleverly acted. As tho old nobleman, Mr. Hare, whom we are glad to see back again ou his own stage, 'presents us with another of tho finished portraits of old age with which, since the day of Mr. ltobertsau' com.edis, his name ha grown to be almoxt inrarahly associated, and in the rapreienta - tion of which he stands at present without a rival. To tbe eye Lord Kilclsre is all that can be desired ; it is a portrait finished in. every detail, polished to the finger - nail" ;" the dress, the look, the manner of a courtly old gentleman, emineutly " of the olden time "all are there to the life ; yet one thing, and one only, i wantiug.. His walk is'feeble and uucartain, hss head nods npoa his shoulders, his hand shake, though at time, perhaps, more with bate than age," just as we might find in a Lord Kil dare at 75 years of age ; but the voice is the voice of Mr.. Hare not always, indeed, but still too often, and the more perfect is the art of the actor in other respect, the more doe thi incongruity itrike u. There t no reason why a man at that time of life tho aid not hare preserved the full clear tone of hi younger dys, but nut a man ou whom old ge had set so distinctive a mark. My Lord's limbs should be a little stronger, or his voice a little weaker. But with thi exception Lord Kilclar may be hung in Mr. liar' portrait gallery a a fitting pendant to Lord Ptarmigan and ISeau Fariutosh (in hi earlier, .hot his later, day). The episode of the chloroform, a doubly, dangerous experiment dangerous, surely, in real life with an old man of 75, even more dangerous, perhaps, - on the stage is entirely saved by Mr. Hare; from the unpleasant savour with which it might, and, in leas artistic hands, certainly would, hare been accompanied. With the acting of Mr. Chaxle Kelly we can find no fault. It seem to u that he has bit off. to a aicety the peculiar characteristics of such a man as Mr. Hulliran, who is, by the way, every inch a good .a gentleman, "barring," as he binifedf would ar. the - blue blood, as his noble friend. Jolly, tenial, yet an excellent man of business,: 1 4 - 1 . t . 1 . ; . i . ujieu ui uaiiu ai oi ucui, quica to quarrel anu quicacr till to forgive, Mr. Kelly, in the character of Mri Sullivaai, may be said to be 'ererything by turn and nothing loni," save a good fellow. His brogue, of which we have just enough, and no more, is capital, and, what i more, continuous, though this, of coarse, may be) a' gift "more of nature than of art. The lovers, it will be seen, hold very innignificant card in thi rubber, but. Mr. Herbert and Miss l'loaden very fairly play up to the others, and, at least, neither revoke nor misdeah mnE TIMES may be PUKCILASED in PARIS, i TIHEATRE ROYAL, COVENT - G ARDEX, delizhi JL as 77. ba. - Neirr lVtrU Cuanip. and st 3. Sue 3ieura i tea 1 JL tajy warial ia every parr - T7ILJ EVEXIXfi. and aa ranwi CapsctiK : an - i in Eruaetn. tt So. Co lie 1 jsajeictoe. i noraee. CI lyrVw. fartber CIS D ELLA, ecaiit r.7 ad tonaer puitoaunMS. UU Day prrf inaxwe. rU Ir. at a. wecnriaf ata GAIETY THEATRE. Strand. ! Sat ari r. anj oo ai toe Mon - li; m Janaary: FTacr ioed ty 1 a ti. authoruml repreaeuiaute the La - iies' CUauuUee a; Kaguaa. f f IOSSiAN" and HEP.ZEGOVIlAXl FUGITIVES. , atr. . RaX Stittf'lMmt. U Tbe . .bnstjan m Alu r r tu uanK - ms ot i - arier, a and of u.e latenutional CmimitUw for the EeUof lite Furaaf es. aad tie - ick and Wounded i f rlrzeoruU. earnestly A PFE A L - ta lze F public on behaif pf tba old meii, jom aad cbialrca who bare ouhi a refuge in Croatia. Dulmmra aad Mootoe. - ro tron Gokitloia.' rrvaijcct of. tae Ladies' Cocamet writes .on, Decemoer Xi ' Iiert tn Kaassa and rictnity about U.0S0 tit iawe unaapar oats re nei5ere1. - ot of tima ouo and ca - Jdm of erery a - e, wticn camuer i err. ujf incrfia. Tbey arrire her ia au ainwat starvi cotuUi. i ce omy inciter we nare w ouex iucm WUNDtlt 1 lirourw oi Female Coat iu Arr. ritiioot irona nr w - ira This electrical etfsci reaistand for COWESTM3ARDEX THEATRE. riXTTTLfrS. TO - NUJUt. Jth tintriierTJ M. SU. A. U T.arf; Itfacw Iu sun. - . il tlZT rwv - ri t - y U ttmyu. fceiaenie ara iUhitt art old tornbubj - doiin bou - es. Th - rt they iire crowded I , rrrri IM tana, eipoaeii to - .... 7HITTINGTOX A.VD HIS CAT. Wr.ttea by I ! E. L. rjiancsard. liluatrawd with acenrfv by Wgaaia Berty. CbaraCter&tiC ohmsc by 'At. Cart MeyidC. fanoiial ta'!ra arraiitfe.1. aa4 fx wtioiw crMjl by Mr. J. Cormaca. tVecaded if the fare) Pt THK HAT. TUI3 EVENLNli, T - ricca iraaid. WX4 a Ijon Open, at baJ . a: 6 . eo acirace at 7. iSosdioe ot - ea truas 13 tdi cur mue their Beicsrraa. LnzS. an. i amiiu. r xi sic rrTur tl5 "" - rilUUlaii JL - Oreal uEa4. jus rarmi. - antl ra wn.nsy. AT SE.V. Ttk - XUifiT. ai io; 34th tm - uccaU. . 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Mr John Jlothniaead. - UAlETTTHaATkr rpHIS AtTEll - NOtJ - X fWedaesHlay): JmaZ flt - kWICKaa.1 t.VMEsTie tXJXUMY "TW - iriw sii.Ni; oF'itJKrrMif iAifrTT TilEATKt Uom juanar to i ocaouU 23., icera Kcaa - iia tiie nantosiraia of WIUTT1:,"UTUX ! .haif - frwe' - iJJ :i i JaV rV ' uaai TUOLK .Sfjiat 'Btfatf'UZ'" aiut'tii ' l)OMTTrt it i.uiAL. Uhv U - LAfc. , 1 ri - ovovr inMrrri - vrim, ia - . " .rVJliaM0 - - - - . . - "" - ian. - iiAStrrr Tit Li llAV. aad Itxaiac WvineadaT sad feuMaj 4xjrastL aueta of January. Cnil .rraand aJwo - siauKl - at La - or to a pam4 tn Rieitze. unoer taOery ew ( tt lXwrsoen a: ? pa - t L cum - rcw ;i it . U.riTioeota L - oai Uuil iJaJj. liltATUj. ijjVaL. ii:CBir - L.M - TilEATKt Al L'ltDA Y API KU.SOOX wrfa. ilt - a. o fTf . a V - - aa ltunl ana U tat &iaa aaj efiiiirm taJ - r. ;.i .l. A. Aa.. fVL UAICTY 4tt S. NEXT7arIIlfT; MXIiCILlvtor At - LA VfaVNSlOX - HOUsE GOLIATH RELIEF FUND. JL The Lueit Ma;or alii bare reat pleasure in reoeivUu at the Mantiai UiHiM. by tnjieLUMt ct the lira Co - attlittee andotiiers. rJL:lWi:IiIlTioNS tttwana urfcthu .tiia - to tseai heT jwrwoual Ioe ot tu - oracers, t - rew. sad fcoi of the T aiaies; - hip (Joliatb. cc,aeitieot cpou tbe r - cent total titfroc!ion L, nrsof that eeeseJ. H eaUa tfl - .hat .uiW ji..Q it l.4u rwi. Th! V - t - i alayjr, sbo - .i.! the f al.d ftactrl ai his Ompoa J by the ru' - c a tt. wooid like, to reward tlvas h mai lc reor - tamended to bin' a hat ma hhaed LeroicalJy at the thse of tbe destruction ot that Yea6eL lie reserres toluutteil tbe ritff.t of iai - ia over any balance that njy rsab auxlixHial aboTc tbc Wants of t - LoaatA Tuna to tbe tunJ aixjnt to t - e ra.nT.a ronstXion with the cn. - ilarly coindilent '.1 - i.t. .rifiilni tiia entire ot the Aarruta. able a reuet w$t unlnture - i. ' Tbe following d.ic anions Lare already been contfr - hutSlh vis I Amount reortiecl hj the G rati Oxuaitrew aad acknowleded la Tbw Ttiteaof Jauuarv 4 - j & lit. the Lchl Mayor. . . itli IS 0 : Mr. Rtauro Dflberotlu 5 Go)l - et'?dby JSr. Henry . t Mr. w l!lr - n Moriey .. Si 1.4 i - t a Mr. jr. i ua'i.iura .. j Tue tlwithworttrs' Ccni - ;.nf " .. .. .l Mrs. f. If. laf.. .. yciun. Siaw, SaTiltn4 Co. .. - - Sur lleary l eek. M.f. .. t; - xlecLou atat. Feier - .. L.zj .. . - Jlr. Sum 1 M3rlr.M.P. oUnel Sl.klua. - M. P. .. lloo. W.liiani Warrrn . VrnJA .... . Uux Uot - rttaie Cratiituva. anaxlo. i. Mia slorenca Sifbtlu. (ale Tbe Uunioaker' Com - p.ry ... "' .. Harl Kortwiue .. Mr, lirown. Mr. riramlev Monr .. lU'.ry TuTson. Cart. A. il. H. 1 be Karl ot Sortiantoa Jr. Uhartws Teede Mrs. M eight aiesara fooock. brothers Mr. Urereuii .. .. .. - .. .. air. a W. C Hutton i21J0 53 0 0 90 0 0 0 3 00 00 0 0 0 3 0 0 IS 0 0 ljia o u 13 0 13 10 3 10 13 0 13 ltl 1 13 13 ii1 s 5 5 5 5 5 Ifce. X. W. SowU Captain SoweJ Salmon. UlL .. .. Mr. i. .V. llaonJton - . Tbe Xaiiow Cnaudlers Co&ipaoy .. Couimw of MacciesSald a. jl s. .. Ca;:laE crnDCDd Moore I t. Uumberbatch Mr. r. li. .Uljop .. Rcr. U Heathcutw ., 1L U. ... : .. Mr. lieore llanos Kv. P. if. .Moi.M 0 3UI. W. r5rXi. i. : Cat taia Lysaaht. K - N. 0 0;K.J. . - . u ... .. 0 0 . Mrs. WCkinaoa .. GO 0 i) Per MtssK Eouuuiuet. Salt. And ft fl' . . ' iiit 5 00 5.0 0 2 0 - Z - 1 0 1 2 0 I 0 3 - 00 i 00 ( 1 0 j 10 oo 1 - 0 0 013 0 3 2. 2 2 2 1 1 1 rpUrLVrR'E KOVALs tlAYMARKET. Lesw and X Manaver. iir. Boca ilooe. a - TlliS EViLSl.Nli. atUu. A il Vfl'V MtDlL'U. after wi ic Ot it Ast,BlUA CUL - IS. Mr. iotbera. Mr. Uorkitone, Si s Lacy BacksMoe. and th Uaiaiarkct Company. Itoors apru at T. boi - orace oia 13 till a. Sofreeha, OOTHERVS FOLTR FAREWELL MGUTS. O THL - CVEXtXa and To - tnorrew, aa ,lCMRESaV. - UAY - MAEKKf THEATKK. OOTHEKN'S FAREWELL PERFORMANCE. OptviM - 1 bis return to .America. Li OCE Ail tRICAS i ll'ZS.. ruia s.t ana 10 - uxvror. - iiai iiit - iitx. iJOrHER in liaWID liARRICK. and licktonc MAf.rULDLil L. on krUaj, Jan. Itio.. - HAYiL.Vliar lUtATKll :aurHtaRN in LAVIL GAKRICK and a REUtT - O LAC t IX. on atnraay next. Jan. lita. li ATIT aadiast aii - peaxauce. 1LA i" aLAKK art T litATuL. I I - S6 NEILSON will make her RE - AP.PEAKANCE. 11X Ju tnjJUKi. at tai irvea re on sioouar nest, Jan. u. in ner ,reat lmtra..aUunot JLULr - U - WlAKrCAT XUraATriri, MIL DIOX ROUCICAULT.i - SHAUGHRAUX iiatt rj rJittti. KreseaUUua in Loiaioc Jlcsars. S. tm,.J. ferusaviea, W. Trrrui. S. . Barry. P. laj. fc.Tnitrv ac, TUIS tVENI xi. bos oSce .pea (real i'J tUl i lUaiy KO tAL AUtLffU TUhAfKL. 1 ItS. DION BOUC1CAULT. SaAUulIRALN iT - L ilaatU niabtai. lUtn recrecnUtioa. - Meohuae Ldi loot. an - r Joerts.C 2tutt. J.'Cartrr. CbarlMO. i THIS ciVlaStM. Lot - uSce open from 13 tid.5 dauy. KUVAL AUELTHI TH1LVIKT - - 1EEP O'DAY, written by Edmund Falconer, on - tiiiiiilj vrdauri onaaw 9 - J oe j.oer. liil, and itaxd dar.ui 4j0 cotuecavve nUiits beiore an fcaaTvgate a'Kih. - e ot t"nie, win hw reTtrea ou Monday, tbs ata January lnai. KUYAL. A DEL I'll I TUKATEt. v AIKi V. - Mr. ARTHfH rvf'l f ii J WtSLlf ta 3i,r afternoon. A. riCJ waea ui w prea - nwt ism time roe aurerai team u.I aiatte.i p - "J.VjIil : a. JAtXLTLa with - "n. coo.waa. by Mr. Frwuaa; Clay . ail taMcioaoii A - acttafJi wits aa txcepncnallT' powerful eaai. i CZTi araJer taer.u rnta;rocw of tu aatboe: - jojc4 "X K. KENDAL, Mr. Lionel Ertmsu, Mr7ifmrln1. aU Vn. Mr: Job, C .ra. a - ,t Mra &Lxui seated to i war lor Mr. ULi ILs i:KW7i r - Jrea, raa. Janaary - UAICTY TrrEATKE. nHE DUKE'S THEATRE lllolbonL - V vJZ i 7. UaW Manajre - F ! iu, . J - erery TVrBini at 5. - THh DUKES THtATasr is M. aa UL.ASU aa WILLLVJa. IitsUTUE. .FIRST rj. w nrtuie aerial, an - episode of the 0 0 , Mr. M. Ewart .. ,a 2 0 0 0 t' O.i. MoUan.l .. .. ,S 0 3 & 0 : Mr. U ii. Tlmial .. S SO S 0 C - avt. U. M. MiUer.IL'. 2 00 5 3 11. T. Bosaaquet, hi... .13 13 0' 3 0 biaa.l turn outlrctetl at 5 0 Uuauey by W. K. .. 5 9 0 5 ti Mr. Thoma bait. U.P. 13 13 0 Bankers Lre iiirllrtl to receive nuH - ni lioa in aid of the IudJl &.k - iwo. W. J. SOU UBV. 1W Secretary. Manaion - boue, Jan. 11th, 1371 : ' BRITISH ORPILVN ASYLUM. Mackemie - park, S.ou. - n. . Tatron - Her Sliwt Orac.oua Majesty the QCEEX. At the.NlXKTV - LlOn rH tLLCTIuS. tull a: ttw City rermhni HoteL Oaunooa reet, on IVeiUr. Um llt.i Jaaaarr. 1S7S, tbe fed - lowin were declared the aL CClCS - FUL C AS Ul Ll ATL3 : lr.l. So. Votes. , So. . Vote L ursr. A"rJ Joan .. c Jonej, lltrot. .. i 2, t Uphabi. ueorpa .. 51f ! 7. 8i.h Artb irJ. .. 447 i Peaitie, Harry CVT. . &Ji 8. t.liun. Mau.d. - ad t ai 4. Swindciis, Tbos. i'ercy - I71 9. Potior. CJaar ; .. it filRLS. ! liEUr O'OAV, founde.1 ou I JL lruJi Pebilioo in ITSi but depeudlaj for. it aacteu. not ou iu j treasonable teoOVuciea,. wit on it uterary merits ans on. ta (jm. ! i - aCT.f idtd for a viceua laLa - r aeouanl at pooucal t.matlrawy. jiMoaj - y.J Z - BuYAi. AUELPllt THUAraE. - ijEKl ti'DAY. 'A ybua - aT Irish geatlraaa oTTitc - rary J.iio.c.u has ixea triej. cottnetoi. aaa mnaporuKa ; to the pe?ai okooion for orspUdty in tbe Hebdiion. lie ecapa aaA iivestaresiuTiaitatsn.raoin Ireiaed. where he s e'entually restori' j tl ireAi ut by a (caerai par Joa toe Ilea aa maebloa of tawilmna If aranhal by tbe Crown.. Motadsy. Jan. ato. - itoVAL AiitLPrtl IIUIKK. , ijrifiP U liAV. PnDcipiI characters : Harry v Karana;b.a yoou; Irish ceaLdinan i stenea Pcrcalh a tjpui liia i rula.u , liaraey r Tina., au t. taa - vaabouo; aooosnia., in i Tbe Iter, Mr. UCleary, a priaat ; Va(aia Uowanl. an Luiuaii officer; KatUieen'Karaaaia, an lrisa beroow . and tary Oraoa, tetrtbet V J Harry H.ana - B. KouOay. Jan. a4ta. KOVAL AOLLfHl TlitATUt. of. lirt act, i f ill of to.rd act. Xae iteuae. La a of fourth act. The farJoai Mondar. iJan. 2 - tuk UUYAL AlU - Lfril lllArur. npHEDU J J. mi a - ie - aoe aaa Nanarr F. C. Uumaml I ia.Ai,ra. - r. ir.17 at A.v. ilamana Great BurieSua. . J - every - vrBinj. at 5. THh UUKKS Tlir.Tai?V 31 OLIVER as SUSAN antt MiaiTTfiTTi? i every evetiaf. TUS OCKXl MK - UEWAR and Mr. E. DANYErsITS at La p nonuaoc cnra - i. cuii a: a. aiU otr. bocra 5 rt!.!1 rnHE DUKE'S THIiVTREUlolWrniralmo0 - . X t Jua - Ty - 4auev aa . w.tnio a abort tiataauwof tha v,,l.L I aris'4on - treet. awl Teiaul Uaaiway "'ni w to aaa rrota au pan Cox staiia Burabervd and OuiolbMSra to aaa froci all part. J rv - boo MVfcnce to tS tor guiireav Los staua Burabmd and reieret, bcr Uucitea7 o - 'o. a tU tit la. bi amofeitbearre. Ta: t!it. a.i oiw3attaeiheatmfr.jaii3a.rn. tiabp.Ba. SoeLaiw tor blaAL? lanwea aa - i 31anaT!r C Uuniaa - L ma . . soil Vsnteor. as rlaieil arw.rUa of in) euoacsriTw niKtil. tT" a dpaj tbaractcra oy Meadamea yauan Kits. Eacnat auc 3faraI f n - . M .evv - a . fl 1 V ) i' .a - t t - ... I., i. - wwim Mwaiaae HHwa. vjaj vai k: eaaj VUXW VUJ. l"Ok ALTY JLV Vaiiw. Kachel; LUicri in LcooVaasn Sew Ubretto. try U. JL Layioo. TUIs EVES ISO. frauiUfcaa. Price 6d. to 3 a iiUrtw Lot - ofSceopea 1 JtalJt O'DAX. Incident : End JL Ti Arrest. Cud of secooai act. Taw factioa Fia..t. 5. aicAroy. Preos. W. So. It. James, Edith M. 12. Uoooj - e, A la M. 11 ixiy, Miuui .. 1. lUaol. i'torenoS A. Ii Wits. Oatarii. .".I. Ou tho aiotio t of W. IL Vote. So. . ' ; Votes. . LZlo li Waihom; Maole .. 734 l.uTi 17. LV. Mjinie Kate .. 71 J . Sji 13. Y'.un, iakt .. 57 W It. Walter. Anr X .. bit . 1S1 lia. tiruaa, tatuarine L 6il Je - ii. Lai. br XJo - Srt Wii lfaini, k2s.r tbanas werenn:iuouif a? - ortieil ttheeiiruaa and totbcrutinrcr.' ALKKiit AlAC'KclSZlr Set nuU - crivUuiii andilvKiatt'jii tLanifuJ. recciet, t!w lo.tili.tion belni uneudowe.L i - ankers - Jles - rs. WILaiin, Deacon, an Out, Uircuu. - l.iue; tb Uancueatcr aiui a mom uaua. w ADue - Kr - rt, Maiicaeacer ; Mtmrt - ictt. tu, i. aaaco.. 10 .or, a - .a iia ntw or and Simla - b. brsnctivs uf tbe Loul m and Coui - ty llans. BKAF and DUMB ASYLUM,. OH Kent - road. JL 1 b Krieni of Kit WIS UilA K Lti Brtll heU li: TdXS si tbe 3ubcriir woo o tiiidiy eecurej hi Wctk.nj . CRAZE'S HOLY LAND and EASTER TOURS. T Toe next i - ersmally Conda tel p.nj will trt' Pen. Ilth. for Licpt., Asia tliror, Greece. I ur - er, li.acs siea. and tiannb. I R. JOSEPH JEFFERSON will appear in the IT A cbaraturof KIP VAX WLNKLE. in the !ao. - ji5 drama of toa. natoe. written by iou touciauit. at o'eioca. IllIS KVKS - iNo. Ubv - orace open (ram 13 Ul S.iiaiiy. EOk'AL PaUSCtiia'iS TiiilAri:!. ........ UIP VAN WINKLE, .Mr. JOSEPH JKFFKKSON, at8. TiUS EVJiSlSU. Prrcjded by fAlST HrlAtCT SEVtlU s'Alit LAIJ V: Jim Ualnaborunan and Mr. U. Tearle. ConcioOe wr.u HtAU (If A CLAN. .t - oxce open' Xroat 13 liU aoaily. UllVAL fitl.NCL. - xi'a TriUATKg. - ,, v , LYCEUM. - HAMLET, Mr. II ENRY IRVING. TlILS aad erry EVavNI.VG datarday avrolna excwi - teai, it 3.43. 11AM Lcr i Mesar bftubonrti Lealoes. li. Seniica Carton, Forrester. Arcber. IltmUev. rouiagnt. Ac. ; Miss. PaascrfoTt, Jli - s Uai iiatjiban. PreoRioi a. 7 .y A UAV Arltri Tllr. tl lluSx : H Virainia t'rancia. 1X open at 8. AL iiox - otSee npeo frooi 10 Uti Aoftit tor boosing Lr - a aoU .Sanjatei.Mrs. Jjaieiaan. J atAlialaT. Mr. IRVING. Saturday Morraia ATI I!f apectaaieqncat, Ha ViLJlT erery Saturday in January, at 2 LYCLUM nlriATKIi j EAM. Miss RATr.ilAN. - 3a;urtiay aShJiit, and A ererr AatQruay evenir.; daria tbw mobtb. star may now be - cn.o. - LYCa,t'itai - Arrat 7' .. ' (at rUELLO. - Jlr. lKViit.'.Dae notice will be a - of uate arr o - el far Uaa tblrd SDaVespacau priaioctEoa. Inclusive term fr - iu oi .uiuea. ewe Tounat .aite. - IL Uaz and saaJon isu "J. oota - nwu - pur ifateuau Hon. O.lsinator add 1r.t Conductors of Laateru loura, 14i Strand. ' W" - ." - "'1 hfljLtziyiK. Louooa. VAUDEVILLE THEATl'.B. T HIS EVENING, at7.3J. A WUlKLIOIl). Aitsr which, at 3 u'cloci. tbe n anl orUioai cruaaiy. In tnree acta, eot.tle.1 ulirt BUYS t3Uin nhjbtl. by UiU - y J. tijrou. Uoncludiu ita A rLAKHj'L Ui, . ouppvned by Messrs. William Parrrn, larid Jaaics, t.oarl'M suJen. C .iaf - tQorne, J. 1'. - Uftnard. A. IL Ilo rt. W. t - itooj. an Tatwias Tuoroe; Meaiain4 Amy KosUie, Kat ButinR Selhe Waiters. tl eely KieKarda. tn.1 dophie Lartln. Pres list eatireiy sutpeudeJ. Ol7l ISO VS. - A Jlornm,; Pajier .ays : " So efii ctaut and ooaiplela a perforuiance aa tnat of our Hrya. at Ul V.a.lilia Tueatre, Is not often t bo witneae.L v . . Of tbe uocea of Oar lioy tbere cult twdoubt." VAUUiiVITiLE. 0" "UirpOYS. - The Daily "Teic - rapa ays: " Mr. lienry J. hro.i baa vireu as his maatwrpiece tacomia writint. . . . Our rJoy wal be qaotad as one ot tbe f itunteal plays which hate been written for siaar yjars. VAUULV1LLH OPEKA COMIQUE MalDAilE L.VRCHIDUU, mum l,lf. t.. I .tfaiLoti lil.rwtt.1 W II I: flim In this country, at 115, To - morrow iThursdsyj. : fcoiitfice cow oien. ' ITicca froia do. to IA as. Jlaaacer, air. craorirs Motion. OPERA OOJ1IQUE. - MADAME L'aVRCHIDUU, To - morrow 1 huraIar). Artites: Mia Emily i - o;JeuA. ilkaVkiltt Graurille, Mi Clara Veiwy, .Mr. Vf. J. IILJ. M. iFe ir liory. ConnrlL sndMi Ktt'e Santiey; rTMlIXL BY JURY, at 10.15, by Arthur StdHvanand JL W. 8. OUbert. Cbaiac ers by Mr. Fred. Ku'diran. Mr, Knlj'.t Arton. Mr. E. CouualL .Mr. (JL CauiDUIL am! Mia Clara Veaer. To - .tuorro (Thurdy(. - OPEKA CUH1QUK. 1LYT1E, by Joseph llatton, a V a' rarta. t art a. luraaia A TAKKIED IN HASTE - Noticej - Mr. Henrr J. aTj, Eyvon's bUhlr 'UcceMful Har uartrt Coiuedr at the Cll AR - ISiiCKUSSTUKATi.ii ltl - Xir.HT. at 8.i. Mr. Heimana Venn. f - r L" . " ftft.llwa Ma. . ' L ntawdll.. .rt m..., tale. VOLUN TEER RECRUITING. Is, C. W. rt aikrr, lVaurord. YorkaUre. - rVU. li J. burn, ioraaiure, boot - uiaitr. SCUTCH 3EjUtJJTKATIOX3. A. TTUsno, Eulbra.eii. dairyman, Jan. U it IL Faculty - balL Gl'UeOw. T. S. JoLomou. IxrdaCoai merchant, Jan. 14, at 2, Lloweir .oksiii, rUlinoursb. - iiamilwnv Uiarow. painter. Jau. 14. at it S'amltr - liaU. Uiawosr. - J. U. ojrJ. (iaot, cai merchant. Jan. 17, at It, laculty - i .ll. .Ua(. - J,ii L)ouf all, iiotbesay. LutUier, Jan.2!. at Hi iil Uvtah lioiiiaat. School iTuAisisu Ships. Mr. C. A lJ..Pocox:kf Contmaadcr 1LN., Jftlperiatendent of the Wellesler, write to c Allow - rae to. corr - ect portion of the description of the "Wellealey that ha.tareU in TUTimc. JTbeiamp - rtxmi i fitted like a powder - magazine, and is situated on the main - deck whete the galley usevl to be. The stone floor is retained ; it i urrotiMde4 with brick Vails cemented orer; ka iiiaxaune bull's - eye and lamps outside, the deck above 1 shestaed over, and it ha the door that was removed from tie insga'sine. NoJifhL is allowed inside. An iron table is tued for trimming the)am Buckets of tand are kept on all decks, which wiU; instantly extinguish paraffin oiL The cask of od is plated in the Main chain, LalarWd In uch a waj that a kick will snd it OTerlroard." TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES: Sir, While I atireiy agree wit u much that ha been written hy Archdeacon Wright .and other on the subject of pojiuLu - iziag the Army, I venture to think that most desirable object would be much promoted if the War OiUce authorities would endeavour to induce tbe. clergy and iquiiearcby of the country to interest them, selves in' the matter, with a view. to disabasine the minds of the poorer clasaes of the belief, still only too prevalent, that none but tbe ne'er' - do - well should enlist Unfortu nately, this misconception would appear not to be confined to the poorer class ouly, a th following anecdote will testify : A lady of my acquaintance, who takes an iuterest in th poor of the parish in which she lives, visited a' woman who bad two son, neither of whom appeared likely to prosper in civil life. She therefore advised that they should try the service of tbe Queen. To this the mother objected and repor.ed the circumstance to the clergyman of the parish, who also expressed: himself aggrieved that such advice should have been given. On of the lads, however, did enlist ; the other. tixifc to poaching, snJ was In gaol within six weeks. The lady again visited the mother, and asked her whether tdie did not think the soldier had adopted the wiser coursfc, to'wnich tne fond parent replied, " No, Alias ; Hill he's 'listed - - fur a solditr, but leastways 1 knows where Jack is." lam eonvin ed that an unreasonable prejudice against military servio the result of ignorance on the subject is one of the; r - ai ses of our failure to obtain an adequate number ot goot . recruits. 1 am, sir, your obedient servant, January 10. j OEUKGK AKbUTilNOT. iir. O. Warnwr. Miss C. Addiaon. Mr. II PitrwilUain. aud Mr. Byron In theirriinalcbatacter Eo otnee opn 11 tdi 4. CHAR I N G - UROSS THEATRE MARRIED IN HAaTK, S4th reprcaenutioo, TO - SIvill T. at ili Tlx principal character supporte'l ny tbtlronftnal reprtentstirc ty pennlsaion of the Uayioartet ManageDient. : MARK IE O IN HASTE, TO - NIGHT, at &L3, unlverially pronnuccad by the Prrsi and public one - of t"ie m anm in; eoniwdies of rromt tiaie.CUARI(l - Cl40rid THEATKB. . ' tHARING - CRtSS THFLVTRE. TO - NIGHT, J at 7.30. BitOtJUHT Tt) B(XK. corned), by F. Har. Esq. Miaa Edith Lyud sad Mr. HnneTctt. To cooclude with THE SILKS T W UMAX. At 115. MAKKIED IS HAHTt. ROYaLCOURTTHK ATRE. - Ia4eand Alanar, Mr. Hare. THIS EVESISU. at 115 precisely, will be produced Mr. w. 3. Dilbert' Lew tal criitaal fairy play, in torre act. BUOiCK.V 1IKAKTS. Characters w U be p!aiel by Mi Madfe Hobertann (Mrs. Keoda - I. lloliluwahead. Uxas - Plowden. Mia Korte; Mr. Kendal and Mr. O.W, Anson. PrecerM by. at 13X A MOKSISU CALL: Mus llab . an. I Mr. ('. Kel'y. And to conclude wiih. at U o'ekws, A gUlT RL'KBtn. new one a. - t play, a - lapted from the French by Cbarltn P. Conblan. character by Mr.. Hare, Mr. Kelly. Mr. Herbert, Miaa flijwihn llot - oiOce hours 11 tlllS. So fee for booit'eg. Actint Manager. MK Hut. 1 J OYAL 11 IOYAL UNITED S Hit VICE INSTITUTION, JLV WhlteiiaU - yarJ. ISTo. - EVESISU MEET1SO. Monday. 17tii January. The C'biir wij be taken at hal. - paat b. CapUin J. U V. IiXj.V, U.S." It our MercLaai riervice any longer 'a aedertothe Loyal.NtTyr Sequel to paptrot July 2j, lSVa,: Hj order if tbe tVuncu. . ; ' li. HVliUKiS, Capttin. Secretary. R'UlAN SIX ir CENT. LAND UORKiAUE ItoSU.H of me 8A1.ATOV rilMbL'lUilC LAS D Mi'tlTG AGK ba. K. - Sotto. is hereby tireu. that the lOCPOSS and DRAWS kOS Oi jalrcaUy aunouucel. iu 14ib lnauum will be FA1D by tbe ; umlersicnod, upon imnectaUon at tbeir counUuf - bocae, on and afwr ; thatdate. UUti, CLLSC1L and Co. j So. &a, 0d Broad I'Jat, E.C.. I2tn January. Ig76. eoNbOODATED UkL't LAY ttlX per CE.NTa ! LUAS of lsTL Tto COPFOSi for the MS Til HAIP - . tJlULY 1IV IUi.SD. due 1st PeUOaT) next, win be PAID ou and ; alter UiaK - ateisaturjaiseicei'ietii. at tue unices ox l anojison. T. iioear. end Co. iTVs. Old Bnl - treet. The Coupi u biitat i e preeeutsd a lew uaj previous to psytcect. So rem.ttauces hare been received from Mocteriueo aincw the aarertlsefpent dated rltn Octoorr. 17S; Loadoa.llthJaaaary.lSVS. L THOMSON T. BJSAK, sal Co. r PAM BOFF - Ko2LOTi' ItAILWAY LOAN. The X COClMS'S for the Half early Uir dehd. due i a tie 14th latt wul be 1'AIU. outbat crauy subHniurut day ibaturUars ezeetedi. at tbe odice of Mtsar. I. I boniaou. T. iionar. and Co. it. Oui Broad - a!r.L '1"L 06upoQi.uitti a hat la nujLer eal order. Eitist be peaen - j9d a few day preriou ta payment. - I. TnOMSOS. T. BOS'AK, and Co. Loadoo. 16th Janaary, 1S76. " . ' 7,KKKFFEDKFENlO,UN"D. the public are J taxuvetly euurated to SCBdCElBi: la aapport ef Mr. O'KoaUe'a louf stnuale afanxt lapal tiranny in Ireland.. Tbe appeal t tbe Court at KschwpMrr Cnasuurr, Dublin, ; acamii the tVcsioa of thw majority of the gueon's bench, frantic a new trial lathe case of - - - U'sCerff r. Cuiien." is down - for heannf ; but ttieilutoottatHou Mr. O'Keeff a's hooee and propvrtr hate lett hLn in an almost destitute condition, and without im wean of tastua the rteps neeeaaary fv - r brlnjiiiy bit swiIIstiM tJnitlof. Tue Oonimitue aa lmmediBta assistance to enable them to akl Mr. CsCaeSe tn camlnc ou the 1 tiaratloa to aawrt hi leca! rights, as well a to aacur bit oau protactlua. The ubact'ptionS way be paid ta the Treasurer. Richard Sncent. F - ao,, 32, Cnarin( - rrM. S..; ta SMrj. Captain Pallaaer, 14. 6ooxr - t - laeev tijd pxw. W. ; to Olieaara. Harries.' Pamahar. n - l Co. la, Ht Javr I.. - J i o - v - . Ti..M COURT THEATRE He appearance of Mr. HARE. A OCIET Charlea F. Cochlan. w U be played erery ereoiru at 10 o'clock, by Mr. Ilara, Mr. kcUy. Mr. Iltrbrrt ; MunPlowden. ALHAMlillA TH EAT U K. Manager, Mr. J. A. Care. Sew Craad Operatic Fteri f.ltraraiar , In four art and ll iai.liu, entitled LOU.U BATEUAS HIS iADVESTUKEri ttY LAX U AS II 8 E A. . - uz - a - eiued by OroreCniiaabaa I 1 11' a tratci Hallail. Muaie x - lected and coo.poaed by M. JafobL i he: libretto by Sydney Pranch.EstuiiTe mecbani - ui by J. ."Ionian anil Son, aplendid appoint menu uj J. Bucalry. iopoib eo - aurnm by Mis Fisher and Mr. .1 May. from rirwigu by A ired Maltby. an 1 tbe wbol eonatructed arl placed Upon tbetafe by .Mr. J. A. Care. Tuef"liowiiiy tiaptecwtaitU?! caat : VrUMam P.'s - ooU. Frank Hall, J. II. Jarria. W li. Hue. U Itobrrt. L. toataiu. J. Iiui. and Harry Fault. o : Mi Lennox (Itry. Eily ' Beaiiauut;" Adelaide Sewton. - Kate ; Uaraion, A. Hilton. F - ruoelli. ra iline SlarkLain. arai Kmcua Cha'U'an. Tbe marvello Fauat FamUy, Rlairadatch aci ZauuaoU Tromes. Mii'e. Pitteri. Mills. I'ertoMl. an I npward of Vjj curjphfe will sppear in the new mirnia. - eot Tuikiah Bahe. arran.e - i brJho lJuri TtMnernery la upon a uiore maa - nhoot' oale tnu uitberto' ataipted al this theatre, br Albeit CaicoX Bonclude an - Italian Pantomluae. Open at 6.4$. ' ,aj OTICE. EARLY TRAINS toi aU irt? from A. 1 Chartny - croia. Lonl La tern au terminate by 11 o'doct. ALlIAMBItA TlirATKH ' ; , - . CUUTEKION THEATRE. CHARLES WYNDHAM. fnr a iimitrd nimlierof nl. - hta Immenie S'icceM of tbe eome - ly of ISU1UHIOS. Powerful C"Iiiauy. riplendid scenery. - Preceded by. THE DEoliTASTE.' Cbaile V yudaam in botli pieces, becure aeat. CHARLES WYNDIIA3I. - CTlITKRION THE - ATKIi. Sfr. E. Ribtoo, aa VaraiUn - oup i Mr. Ednr ttruf, ss BrnediC - , u. liRUilll'O.v. Mim Aiiuie .Uotxia - 'l iu THE I'P.hU - TASTE. Cbarl - S Wyndbani la bvth'piet.e: SriU can be procured at the boi - otce and at all tbe hUartes. ' '' BRIGHTON, at the CRITERION THEATRE A Moraia; Paper of tbe iitb - It. aays :i Tbe audattace werw hlgbly amusirt ty tbe iwcwi ou of iUit - rou . :nci.itn ta au - l aiwa - tiou in botli i jeces, and were kept in a roar of lauhter t - uroufbout th eveniitf.' S" ANGER'S GRAND NATIONAL .AMPHI - TIULVTIlE, facta. tiu lloita - i of Parhameiit. Leery DA V , ami Slti ItX. at 1.3J au.1 7. tbe aTat PAS i O IS E. Uioriu trv nniph. Tbe tboatre at lth uoruiru and ereniua' perfpf mauoaa puai - , tir.iy cramoicd br an eiithusiaat'e aa lienos. lta - teiat - t oar opirdoc the preM. ti.e puhlic. and tue i ro.'e - aion prcaoiciciiu the Palace cf Elepbanl to be the greatest of all' gn at eiiubuiof a In no otiier ea. tsbd - ihttirnt la tbe word I can the laiue georaeout pantotaica be pro - Cuurd. . S. U. So indecent ur - i - v. VLYMP1U. - ULYTIE. TO - NIGHT (Wednestlav), )Jf. January Xatb. at i - Mi s Henrietta Hodaou a Cutw; ir. i . iL MacaL - i aa To u .Myaud ilbeir Utinl appearance at Uoa. theatre). Hot plan no open. ' " I iLYTlE Mr. Henry Neville ha much pleasure in J annouticin; tnat be iaas arraa.el witQ .nr. Josa - pai UHni fur the inalnctiou of bU liew diixas lib, wbich vti t te; rfr - ttt nt tbe iBira: tmie. TiUS EVrx ISli M ednesdai),Jan.IZ. Henrietta Uulaou wiiimase bc tcird appubranoa at this tbcatie in Lba title ruie. - ltOVAL OLYMPIC rarA IKE. Romantic" "Storr. in tin CU - tlv Birtbdar. Fart 2. l.aualoru lliacuer iu llcca - iuiy. Au tateirai ot a - en year. ! Part i from lVarai a tlow - atreet I ba statutory lirclaratiou s tLe PoUca Oo - rti Pais. 4. ii.a - riLrmSNeueii. Home aud naiiiav - a. S - v ecencry by Joaan - Uick. dytw burteday boba. woupoaeu by Walter M - .aaid. will be autz - ari efbcimt cuour. . aTenied. at7. by a'iit. rEiUtiASt'o WilDL - v. rur caat see under lloca, aioor vpea at 1 iloea trwut i. to j& 3. bos - no - r 11 to a. So buukba teea. KOYAL uui - u iu lumiBi - , , i 'Lillh. lo the l'uLLcl he. suggestion that the IVy plot ot Cljtie I a rrchaurfa cf a certa - n cause ceiebre a hurt startled l - DUdou eociety a lev la.n aa - n etlisior anexpianattou.w - jca 1 bea to biter to tbe puiiliu aud tb pauuua of tne vij - apiuTbe - tra. WbattTetsihlduitJ tfiere may ba Ul t0 (tcrie l purely tecbuical. In tbe uoe narratrre Lii Uae of the statutory oeciarataoa anl Ui atwaeot tbe priiiiegna of truts - eiamuiation aLiiJi toii - aed orered. it seemed to uae. a uraniatjc eouub i.Uoa iiecuhariy Dttci ;or sta,e purpoaa. In the novel aud tbe drama tbea U - uxumeut of torture are u.'ed tor tbe leraocuit n ot a aouian bora both rea.Ur bad audienee kniw tit be tbe Ticliia 3f slander. In ttota caaee tbs U etclite.r.d froia Co Tt. her a.'a l.nt ii .prorecuted. aud iu breax down tiri.IerauaxaL - luat.on. and beae tbs hsenee cud, tor tboe ia no detail in tbe hie ana tna - t of Ciytie watch can (of a momeut be cuuioared with Uv terelatioba. true or fah. etactad br ina iiaa oia tiiw occaaiou in question; tn tbe art doaea line of tne noeal I bate i fiacea lb reader in full puaieiou u taw morale of tba awry. Ur wboie Ufa was infiuencwd by aa accident, a miataac. a muc auderstandina. a rsl.lTiriy, aouetiiun Our best friends are the tint ta hw aectlted by avpearaace abieti bell na. If instead cf a la - tbe mere soaiforiin I had. waned upth tuate - ilai of th oaae, far aa tfiei coual W uaed witb proprietf. 1 iborxld hare been juatmed by u.auy luuattiou eaauipwa. 1'ba greata. noteliat sua aruutiiu ot Eoia4 and Franoa bare tUant tuapira. Uon from episode of real iife.fottud tn tb neaspapers aud tba pubLia reuoru. Put Youneaf In .HuPlacw wa founout npoa tbw nroau - hrad murders ; Man and Wife upon tbe Yeliet toa caae. Worts ot action wbicn hate tan tbe deeyeet bold of tb buaaan heart ha bad tbeir ludfcdaUon in tn owodixi4 ot tne law aud poawe eourta. Obrer 1 tat, witJbtbe Farlu aad Dysee epteode ; tbw Scarlet Letter and tbe crmie of t&a. clergy aaa i Adam Leda, witb trae - aadoction of Hetty, and ner trial for murder are i&rew notable Ltataj in piant, ' Let rue add - otuem, arooua ucoafai pitjs Janet frtle, Tne Bella, Tbe Tickei of Lea re Man. Save too Late to Mend, The Cooeen llaen.. Ilia Wotuan lo Waite. aad tL lubilm comedy of Taw Mar - eoaiit of Venice. It is not true tbaa tbe story of ISytio Is the history 04 tne kocaaTStaiadal referred to. if iu represeulaUbO n tnetiaa ihnuld call to m ud fmiLI rexneta brauoe of it. tbe reraisiacebce cau Only eldia charitable iaeliba. for wtupa abcinc - at thw prodnctivo. of au uicerea!!!! - story. 1 haTe - - 'iwrieiiy atrireu to leacia' a wortby leon. J 'Jrt Ef 1 1 1 lAj ItO S . LYTIE, at S. - - Every ereninf; .it ".tie. ROYAL OLIMfiU THEATRE. TiiEATIiE ROYAL. 05VEST OARIlEX THL EESISU. at 7. A ROL.VSD FXHt AS OLaVEIt Meara TL.a&. teUsritr.HiaUnLaadJ. - Haaaaf. . Mimm ajuoaaUatera; Maod iireanan. . At - 4. ta (. - and paatomuna. CLNutKELLA Mar. Bowr W B. Fair, VkularO. Looi yalantuv. Vlaeeut aaf J.Ha nwria - bl , Mia.Slly Power, Maud Brtbaao. Julia ektieani Amaila. Eoae 0tnaa. TT Uanalaa. ac. T1IEATKE ROYAL, DKCKr - LASE." TUU EVESISU. as 7. THE WHliE HAf : Mr. B. Wrijbl Mia MacdooakL Ac. At 7.4s, VUirtlSO;iOS ASa" HIS iJaT to eeiebratvt V oke Family, MtnrvH Wribt. J caaoo Mlaae it Coreucy, 1Arcj, Ac. . douue uoue vf pan tooiiiuUia. ' TrTtiVTOE EOY.tX HATiLtRKEt. TI1I3 EES IS U. at 7 JO. A UAiri MUML m Vma u Couway. EveriU ; aad Mr. L, (krwrne. Afr "SwaOL'ii AUtKk CAJt 31.A : 3laxr. otteru, Jiuckrtouc, Howr. uoniiai, koarrs Clan, teatbarsby . Miss Lucy lbt - tltouct, Mias ' - i Diata. aLa Mans Uarna, and.Mias Minnie. U aauaT - . TIIEATSE ROYAL ADEEpnt. TH13 FA"EXIS. at 71 VASiYKja BnOtTS" At SltAl iiltlLALS ; Mr. U BuaclCMlt. Mmk C. Eur. j lariat de. W. T.niaa, S. Eany, P. ikar, Aa. ; aim. b, tfcaK.eaUii MjaaTb. Poote, F.Voaeyha, C. Sotb ae. M V OWS - liUOrtr. "r - "" - 1 - JaUlri'a TH EAT RE. Alanaer, Mr. Hontce A ANGER'S GRAND NATIONAL AMPHl - O TnE.VTtiE. - Tte PASTOMIME lot iJ7 include ail tbe (J1 a'T. O Wlgan. - TO - SIGlir.wai t pel formed, at 7. jU. f KETrv POLL, a new couuaiieiK oy xu. aaca, xouoweu aa a.ia, lor toe jja time, oy tbw new. IdabJy auorea.lm. and orHajlal drama ALL OH UEat. by Paigraie Simpnon aa Hermaa W.rirale. the a'ltbora wlab It Vt be known that, loa part ot Uult lreor ba been a - Upted from t eha - tacter of &aduy Uanua iu tha Taw of. Two ClUca. by Uw exprea permlanioa of ui iateChaila OiiAens. Box orbve now open. Pnvatw ouaca frvui 'vt iruinea to ara , alalia, 7a. Ui. ; dreaa dre'e. ia. ; botes. Is. d. pic. yallery, bd. ' LL FOR IlER. Air. JOHN CLAXTON. aa H li 11 Ti.i.VUii. Mr. Horace Wtaau. a Itadf ord : Miaa Caroline Hoi, a Mary iyra . 4 LL FOR HEIL Miss ROSE .atV . LADY MAHcDLN. T. JAMKVSTII rATItE ALL FOlt UEIl the Dad ielearai h aa ; Ua - r.. Ueri'aW an,! imaon baa runctMd tna iiirra - .ure of our ca - jdrrn auie .. a play glowing witn tbe ncc wantita if eticaa tt U, aud wbicat ua attained tbe ti.lii. bpuouis of as7s, botia foUtetary merit aiat healtby letcecat, and ia otat aliou - .q iot - an oiportatuiy of aaelif It. ' QT. JaVMEa'S THE ATI tl, ALL FORllElL IO Tuw r - taudard aaji : " I - strong ta Uw poueaaioo of th tr.t oi U araauala: ri(illaitea. tin aympatine of tbe audience are powar - f u.iy enl stol - ui iu tortuBee ot tag hero." T. jXiiiisi'k fllrl.VTKK. - ALL JfUlt ilEIL - IO TIj Uaflr Sea aaj - Aaord Ua the aaveable dnty of a.iCOLtuni a woraot couaaaeraUw otliaoljr andW UA4uatokabi draniatii powrf." 8T. JAMFS'S THEVTRE. ALL FOR HEIL Tbe Hxuiua - Post sas . - r .m lu aterarf SneriU tba piecw la well aoraa kku.." Ttie I iaarai aajs " Is a araune Success. " T. JAMES'S THEATHE. ALL Ft;R HEla." lO Tiw'ikrbe aai a . - Tue siry wins com pieteiy Uw ympaln:es of Um audience." Tor liorut iy ; " one bf .tiw bucst woraa taaa bas atraced o - u ata - l it luay ye ox kajT. JAMKSVs O - ;T. JaYAiKS'a TIIEVTRE. - ALL FoU HER. Ti En aayr - A uiaum. aoreaa ' mw at laa; been acoredL aua aw wai nuaaLU oaij amcowiuavlMa uw 4trama V ad piajaOera. Ubj a jraud part, graauy piajed. W'l - aJAfES'ii X i 1 EaTRE. aVLfa FOU ilER: - O - Trie Ubaerer says: 'All ror Ilee tubal uu - ifcwtouij br re - farded aa otw Of tbe nxat intjrruru of rcebX - oatr.butaoiw to taeF hteratore'ut tbe eoou tcporaty staa - e." L'T. JA JiESrS 1 1 1 EAT R E. EN LAI tGEDaiid oom - tO modkua PIT. snd iaat coudeatahw appw boaa aaad gahery in. LoudjC L'pjwr boles, U. VI. ; p., U.; a'Sery. 6d. . l'TRIND THrLVTltK l!ilVll.i:,.., A.i..,T - TlSaUlir (Wedswiaiaii Ui be iiruiiacedLfortL lUa ti... irajii tier tjouaonucric tu'aswUi, by IL'U raridc. vuQs.wd AST - ARCTIC ; cr, - lbti.c t&i tbe tnurt. Iwautitu. sew aoeucrr, rhm, - tuadreeA sieocs point a.nla. V liKSiON IN laOV'air"'fEai' dcliihtfur roxny X. wui U perioriid fcrtiwOJd .tjnw TO - S'iOHT, ai7.t Ue - ce eed each frcnj with tathuauaiu and li. io, '.I actvlaaae. aTR.ASOTHH.AiRE, . . " IT - A NTAKLTIC, new Uusounrrre' wniicale, by iCii "T i Tjl. FaTtw. ro - SiGUT. aita uae. i ZL s - corw jour seats as Uw lit ari or.boc - omVe. reniarkable erect of tbe tlrae. Care of K !. of (or(e. lalj llo - tlra' liide thrncjh Cotrntry, Palacw nf E - nbanU. Mid - air Figbt, Priucw of Wai m Iraka acd Uw Crwit Elephant Hunt, Ac Clown, the Urtsat Little SSandy ; Harlequin, Mr. A. Lau - raiue. Box - !5 open daily from 13 b 4. Uailerr, fi" - . la.; tit stalls, It i orchestra stalla, 2a. bd.: upner box - a; aa 6d.; box, 2s.; dress Circle, St.; prrate laiiea, fro - n l lis. to & guineu. Two per - icnuancc - uaiij. i.aj anu . o. atia pnnKrsicje i encxiy si no iudrceut drrwirtf. ae Propcietori. Jolioaad t aeurw Saatr. HKNGLER'S GRAND CIRQUE. Argyll - street, OxfordOxford - circus. Uneuaait a - tract loo ror UwCbrittaias Holyday. Grand Pantomime, tntitlol VALESTIN E AMt ORbON ; or. Har.e - auin Klnx Ptpciu aurt the Wilt Mancf th Wood, Prodaced wita maa - ulncebt rSrCts, eusUy costatnes, and iripSercalhv. Ur.nd Corps Ct ballet, intrlucins a boat of yureailes with gjatring - rollm fern; fajy car drawn by dimisutiTe pcnie e'Tf aud i4Uiptjd. tkeoae ot irrtsrt h'e Kerrimect. Sat'fal act j of iilat:ati ty tiw Crat artudes in tbe - rorld. Tbe only pfoce in Lendoa to witneu an cnrirailet ciuertriaa performance. cocaKaed aith aa iauc2y Cucu IVitomiaa. At and T.Sj, ttery day. HENGLER'5 GRAND CIRQUE, Arjyustreet, Oaford - eireu. Husopei at : eonioaneiri; at UX Ilium l - catad mnroiru performance Tills DAY. Orwn al - 2. owiuku. tnati3a...Priea..Xa. anl Lv iridtelx)XH.31K Bcx - oftce ! STJ v' ilL E3 - rrrvi KMv i - i:,. Mai kr.aT' - ROY - Ua PEISCIHSS THEAT1CH . THL? EVESlSti, at i. rAIS T HkUKr . EVER WOJf FAIl LADY t Miss ..auuUroua ; Mr. u. Tetfk. ' At 3, HIP VAX Was - KLE ; Mr. Joaepa Jetferjuo, Vrtart. Osuiond learie, E.MUti.rl. r. W. Iriaa, J. li. JoauSon, Cbapnaa. ul E. t. Caljar; litauaa A. Mellon. A. Han.lit.ju. Miw aal Maater iir.tua. aa. .hlihOi tLAS. . lycevm!tii:atkj. ..Jwr and Manaacr. Mrs Btxaa. a TnBEVimSU. at 7. THE HAY AFTER, fuE TCE33Ca. Mks iraiiua I raaea. At 7.;. ra.VML - r : Mr. flvnry It i MitaTA SflbbourutL luriMter. LeiU.14 ia. Aefme. . - - t. Anir. Uaituti; Mia U. i'aiiacetoit and MkS Uahtl 1 auiaad. hOi'AL OLYMPIC TILKATUE. S.Ja tifcw. Mr. Henry S.r. TUli EVESISU, at wT ii eiExttaEatS tH WEDDISC; Vra Htepbaaa. At 0. CLfTiL : Mp hciuirUa llodaou ; Aieaar. llal lin. Owll. A. Selon..llay sit, Voiiiar; Miesea H..JT - ,r. XPhkUi A. Taylor. Luuiaa liowar.t, and Ueai - - lkaaec 8T. J.VMi - - f.S TIllUTlirE. Mr. Horace H laau. THIS rVEXIXO. at lit PEHrY'PoLL: ilmft. Crawiri Sobinaon ; Maaiauaa ail., CotuiA&cv Brabant. SwLer. At Ala ALL FOR Hadt : a.t.i.1 J. cy.ou. Uwacw - Wigao. Craefotd, Botauua. Lawieoce ; Meadataea Boa Coabian andCaruairw Hid. ROYAL siTKASD TlUlAIaaE. Sole Lea - MW ao - l laaavire - a Ilia, n aaoooroila. THIS EVESCnCs at 7. tWo l'O OSE. AS 7.J, A LESjOS - LOVE : MeMKta. JL Vcmou aaai (,rabame , ateaaawea ai. Tcrri and Ada Seanuomigtt. At iad. AStAKCYlC; - Mow.. Terrr. MariUA Cox . Mea - iamea AageLna viaoue, laAtw Veana. rruuou Wiliiaais. Wttteid.c. . - - PKISCE of VALES A ROYAL THE - ATPX. Lesaew aud Manager. Jawa atari V iltoa (Mrs. BaucruftL TILLS EVESISU. at a. i.Ai Ivj ASD tACLS ; iir. UhU Mr. Arcaer. Mr. Maiahy. Mr. A. Wood. Mr. law li e. Mr. won Mr. Deniaoo. and Mr. Uairu.'l ; Mia Eao. Tarry. Mi Crtaasa aud Mia Maris Wllion iMaa Bancrxifta. ' OAIETY THEATER otraaaL Sole Lesaew aadMaaagar. Mr. John Uodiugatead. TIIH EvavSlSta. at 7.1a, Oirtta. tOrtTUMo. fail eorspsay l TofTLE'Si Meaara. t'oow,'Xoai.w.Coopar. Baiwrilw, Soataa, ae. Miaaaa iuiie, Ltsgu. Catnilw, Ucoderaou. Ac. la. TOuXje. AX aEA Sir. Toow ; aliae S arrvu, aou full coaipasT, cborua, ac , THE DUKES THEATrXE, Iloloora. THLJ EVESISU, at I, MEUd DIVERIOS ; Meurs. fl - .t Crafen. T. Koaauu, ,toa alLaaid t,wai ; Maadaiau Ada Iwater. Edits - Biarade, ami ik. Ourer. At t, Uw latest edition ot KLACaa - AYaX stL'SAX i M. - 0.r and xa. rJlauda ; Meaara. S. DewarasJ E. Dauiarv. And AIKM1TISU LA IT, GLOBE THEATRE. " Tna3 EVESISO. at 7iw A.l;il - ovoSCH01t)3TPa05 TOMaIA At S. 40. BLCr, BEAlalf . Meaara. Lionel xuuuaa, Mbiie tdouin. oeor.e JMcaett . Mia Lvuii Icom.sou. aiaalaiira Caaii Dubota. tiia tYiapn.ary Violet Cauwrun. Ltiaa Merriiat, Rosa Lo aua Aaaw auarua. ROYALTY TiiEAlTHKl Manager. Mnaia i.Ojley CarieraiMi Ueortw Dolby. TIII3EVE. - lU.alAU, opera boOJle,TiEDb'KA. - 8DAt'GinXi. , Pnr.i - t.l cbaracter ay Maulanwa PaUairw xt - ta, aaaa BangA Mar am. n'id. and O Aauitar , 11 aura. E. H . Boyce. Keiiaber. Oasorua. Ac ; tail baod and owriw., oouductor. M. laaaaai, Preceded mt 7s) by A BLIUUTED BEaSU, VAUDEVrLLETlIliATitE." - rtolw Linrri and Maaagert, Meaara. aA J.ntee and T.Tboro. - TLLU5 EVESL..U, at lat A lilliLlUili. At S, OUR bOTA Ooucludlug wita A SEAR LL FOU. Mcars.Wuiiam Famo.TawBut I'uuriM. Cawrle bug den, O. W. Uartuorsii Darid Jaowt ; M rt I ' a.f . . i ., m .m , n. ..j r w iia ia. nvpf bi aaaaaia. aw tiyitactiauA. a CiLVRISU - CEOi TllEATILEL Proprfetor. John s. (. .aria, la - aae aiiu Maiuuer. W. IL Fiala. TlLL EVESLtU. at MARRIED IX HA.srC r alraara H. Vain. C n aracr, Ureahaui, Lwueyaett.i Iwatruvk, Wood, Hinna - fori. al Ii. J. Bron , MMwn E. FlUwlaiiad. E. Eatou, aed C Adowon. At JJo, BUULiiiir TO BOUKt Mia Edita Iyad. te. coaUiaOe witaTlAE aiLST WoMA. f ROY AX. COCET THEATRE, 1 mm aud Mauager. iir. blare. ini3 EVESISU, at LA AMOtaSLNUUAiX: 3ss Haghes sal Mr. CKai: AtilS, BLOalES HLABtStMiaa Mage Boaertaj. MlasHoLlugabcad. Mua i - iowdau, Miaa Korae; Mr. Eeadai aad Mr. Uw.Aaou. At 10, A QUIET BUBBEU: Mr. Kara. Ma. XalUa Mr. llartxrt ; Mitt Fiowuea. AIJXAMBBA. THEATEE EOYAL. THIS EVESISU. at laa, nw graud operaua f er!s extrangsaav In lour acta and 11 taoieaax. LOUD BATE HAN. Powerful a(t awguaaant aoauey. eoi line. Uuaciada wan aa luwiaa faarnmlna CKITEEiOS THEATRE THIS Et - TlS'lStiTat i.3j. TUE DAY APTEK TUX WTDDLTO. AIM wroaaIUE DEBUTANTE . Mr.CEarUaeWyo.dtam. E. elsllMw. aud Mia Aunw taoudad. locouciuda witu BKitaHIUS. BuppsrWii by Mra. U - W yodbam. Edgar Brace. Howard Baaecli, UwMltl - too; Mesdaows iU - e agaa. Mart de lir7. Lxiia, Dane, As. PHIUIAitMOSIUTUEATEE, ladngton. L, aaaa and Slauager. Mr. J. U. ecsouon. TIII3 EVESISU. at i. THE ADVESTL'BE OF TETrZOia Couaut Uvruiau. Mr. J. K. Emm, Meaara Faired. Maaaincr Vtartien. Caawroo. Ac. ; Moauaiuea Salaon. Yow - ig, Irafrs. Wughsy. W.Luore, aud Ciwy buuto. Prwceded hy. a UC ta bfwA OPadA MAD :.Miaa Sara Seaaon. BOY'AL PABX THXATEE. CTO - DAY ai 2. "aad THla EVESISU at , uw (rand paaVsnliw sINBAD TUE sAILOB . Miwes Amy ibendau, lime K.a Lea. aVigeuia P.bea. Uorelie, Braoacoraua, and Blancfw I 7' M - w - a. HlMoxou. M.tCLai;. ratoiwwun. Cbamberiayn. MotLlta&Bai fjuuton. aiad Csterue. Prwcedadat ey THE 1 KI - lH TUXUK. A NTARCT1C. recr val every evening with roars of 1 .jL laugtrfer. All tbe too, tai itMrt encored. Price : Mail. Uaa.. - - ; pltaa - : gallery, biL baEAJaD NOTICES. A Reprint ia now being publjsaieid of the ainfi Srxiiiiiiariea which hate - appcaxtd ia Ik I"5 during the last twentjr - firtr fears. It foras - aKiall but handf volumo of about 600 page; price, On Shilling. "Intertdirig prirclaajeri requested to applj to Oilicei either directly or agent.. ' the PnMfihur at t throaglt their - ouen from 13 to 4. - So fee. CbHiren mniar 12 years half - ; re. Car - ruues mar t orieretl for tne eTeuinr )Ttanaanca at U23 ; aXiertaoa t Ui DLTtctor an i pfoprvtor. m. csarif ntcyicT. . RIZARELFS GKAND CIRCUS; Holtxra Am - pblthewtrc - Prtfomiancw eeety nevlog' at 1JS0. Humiliated M3n.tag Perfomanw Wednaatsy and aturuay, at 2. ii Friday uett, JaDBsrTl'. JVoefiof tie Ervthcrt Kianh. :rtaa eircla. ia; THEATBK. - PRINCE oi WALES'S ROYAL TiULlTRa - - lau'Mte and Martajer, Mirt Maria Wiitoa - lMrs. BascnfU. TUIA Lt'LSI. - t i, at S ovka - a. waU tw aOl MAsES Al'D - PACfcx an or if ma. om - ly ni - - ru Of Tom raj,or and Ciaanew BeadA Act L 1 b Urrr n r jon of - oil Cot ect - gardea Tbcatn. - Act IL S ii, Vu - eo - aga - ; t. Act UL ' - TrpieV lloate. Sju Char.ea PBawnler, Mr. Cogblaa , Erueat V aaa, Mr. ArcErr 1 Cobey Ofber. Mr. Av Wood ; Vjaua. Mi. Teeedaie , Mr. auari. Uc ilartby . ME rwapcr. Mr. UUner; rripkt, Mr, Baocrof t ; - Tripart'a CaAdiia, Mmit aaA Ma tdoerr.: Pf wwaagaxa Xa Uarw W if loo vra. BaecrufU ALaiad Vaiia. Uai EUeu IrfTT i hJXtr CiiTe. M at Bnnnac. Lax. ocbcw boors ii. tdi i. . fee XSoor opwwd at 7 I LOBE iRITANNIA. HoitorE Sole Proprietrraa, Mrs. S. u, at kau.i LA3IL or. lb Waters i. Lane. Mr. Fred Foster, Marchact ;: ei the rkuaict Well i Mias Polo KanJaO. Mre. S. Toe Lcptnos. ZELMA. , OVAL PARK THEATRE. Pirfc - street, Glon. fer - :ite. Kv - rnts - rarit li.':Uiit - u - crm - TXi - DAY at i an.1 ; 1C - SIUHT at S. the Oraird Cora'c raotoudaie'. SIS BAD THE SA1LOB. ufr! TraaitoTniaaoo lira ad MdeV Piecoded: eJta tvenirii si' 7 hy TUE lElall TUTUE. Doctor OTooif. Mr. H. P. (attarx. Tuela. - tMccuuia Perlormaocw Thi Day (Wedarsdayk at S. Children aed Kffcaws Uil - tice : no bill - prica at nisbt Prtww from. 6d toa. priraU hnits. 1J!aa.: Dnwanutnat half - bast I i aumwwadaat7. Sofoeslof NvVai THE ATR E. Lydu Tbotapson. Last ra:gr.s ot clul jjt.itat BLLE BEAltD. Last &iuts. - KappeataXaC of Mr. LlOS aL ErU'trClt after uw aeeere .in.iWjaw.ttop. To - S nH f. aa ELLE H K 1 1 i;r wna'a aouua Kaat. LYDLV "THOMPSON. - ' - last' tu&it as tjciim. M?fi rerTtsencatiou of BLCE i.l.lID. Laat nigtxs ot Lionel Broogb as Ida Beard aiad ViLie Edauis aa tEa lUatbad fr - '" - Meeal iMwurJb. Uieaari Oeia - r - OUJKE THKATRE. I lONKL RR)t"G"a and WiLLIK EDOUIN. 1 J Ivoa Sigh' a aa Eiaa Uvard aa.1 the Hstaea Chmea. ln - a - naw ( ef Ed - euia'a eooie raaiia. neat secured ia advance Box oa.x. - iL"B& TlifLVTrtE. "I AST .MUHTs ui BLUE BEAHL). Last Nights I J of Lydia T ompeort aa scian. La.1 nigbiia of Misea Camilw Iruwxs. tU Cbartuao. Ahcw Atbrrton, VtoWt' Camer - a, is ELt? & BLAFwA Lirrr Lrvuini. t 7M CKYPTvi.VSCrtuaDYPHOSOS - IUMAlA: Mwssn. CUletU. tweaett. aad Vkasss Caawiow The Timeii oLi for 3d. per copy at all railway boofata - la EtisUnd and Wale. Person who cannot obtain U a that price are requested to fAimrannicaU witUti liaher. "77 Newsactat ia'tbe country can ba 3pplied wita paf" from this ctfee. Carriaje paid ta their railway luaoaa, 00 coaaditioa oi their selling at 3d. per copy. Adrerti - er are requested to. make' their Poat oSc orl payallo to iir. i BAS CIS GOO l LAKE, at tao Chief 0the. Tru Timet will be fonrarded. by Inland Poat, to obcr" desires ( receiving It throo'sh that channel, on pa?1 of 11 qttarttdr n advance. Ssubacribers residirif wttSia ta Locdon Postal Disri:t hire Tue Tuut Uclir' tbeta hy tha txst post. Application should be aAlZV ' only to Uw Publiaher at IU Tiaut O&ce. The Mail, a republicataoa of the sutaUnc of l' rime, witix the Lateat inUIligen, appr Monday, WrieLy, and Friday in each vf. lrict - 'd. TO C0RlUa5P0NTJKNTS. . . No no tic can be tAkcn of aaosyaotts counttinpoa AVhatever ia intended far insertion must be 1!ItfJl cated by tlw naraw and saldrvsa ot the - writer ; Bt near" airily tor puhlictioa, but a a gnarante oroodiia - t'e wA&aot BavlwrUke to return rwiwetad ainirranlaWw

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