The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1937
Page 5
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'i'HURSMY, MAKCH 25, 103'?' ;•; BLTrt'HEVlLLB (ARK,)' COUUIEK NEWS Everything For Your EnUiUJn- ment and Comfort Last time Today FOR THE' COAST GUARD • as two of the '< bar, o 9 t rftf. i'deda fame lame/ iby> ff»f /eren/ / iiouf(Ae '** r DON AID WOODS' P.KO- RADIO PICTUHE\ in f imol Sail! AMfcliK.; 'Rreclf J t>f Bin StoloU Also I'aramount News, : Popular Science anil Fitzpalrick •'.Tra'vcl- lalli'hi Technicolor —Admission— /' Matinrc—10 & 2<5c " Night—IB & 36o HONOLULJJ <yp)—TWO ne»'s- paBers in Hawaii sliU" aVe published i In the "native laiiguage. 'They arc the Ka\i{ok'u.- O. Hawaii Mm the Nupeisa Kv'ioka. Both-'are four- page ..weeklies; Giving.' brief sujn- marles, of ; world and-local news. ROXY Admission always 106 & 24c Show "every .Jilghl. ftfaUntcs Frl,- Sat. & '• Sun;, Fri. & Sun. Mati- ices at 2:15. Saturday Matin** ^WEEKLY SUNbJiV SCHOOL 'LESSON=t John Tells 01 .Resurrection-' Last Time Today PAL NIGHT! ! Adults Admttici Tor Trice of 1 All Children—lOc Text: John 20:10-29; 21:20-24 . by' WM. E. 'GIUIOY, n. B. Editor of Advance • • • The most remarkable testimony concerning the Resurrection of Jesus Is (omul in the records of His nppeoi'a'nce to Uic disciples after rtls dciitli. A Intev wriltr, referring to the acts of the life, death, and Rcsiir- '••cctlcii <jj( Jesus, said. "We have not followed cunningly devised rubles." '.II Peter, 1:10.) If Oic disciples had been demising fables !n their story of the lesiirrectlon of Jesus, they could inrdly have gone about, It in a poorcV way. The stories of the post-Resurrection appeal-unco of Jesus are so varied that they en- .li'cly dispose of the Idea of any Conspiracy on the part of the disciples to make up a story .and all to tell the same tale. But. In addition lo this, these stories,of the ajipearancs of Jesus to His disciples arc among Uic most •emnrkablc pages of the New Tcs- ainent, in their freshness and nat- iralncss. . Take, for Instance, such y .i friend 1 Friday-Pal Night Adulls Admitted' for;Trice.-of; 1 Cotton Picking ' -I • »Ar>)l)S COMPETING v FOR;- Alsi> S r (!(ii>d: -Talented. .. .With. JSp'rigs,- p'anccs, ,M ^o Cartoon ahrt" Comedy—"Ditto 1 ; ' "' J-'-—TAdniissipit-—. '- : ' -;.V'. -10 & 26c ., 'Night—16. &- 3 x 6c-'..'• ^^^^TtIJB;£gGRRE^— a stoVy as the hVcellhg bf the. two disciple.? wllh.JcStis Km! llielr conversation wltll Him on the way to Einmaua (Luke 24). ; The facts concerning that walk and .interview take us Into the InbU bxtren'io spiritualistic plieiioinonh, but the story Is to|d with siich sllu*- pllclty that It bears' In Itsclt the evidence for Hie Vwiiarkablc cx- parlchce. H ls : hol «V »U the sovt ol thing,, cither;ln style or In-Its inorM nnd splrtual content,' that one finds in llie general lltcraliire of supernalmiUlstn. ': . • •••-.. ^Much of such .literature .repels lis^ by Its 'crudity, and ci'eduiousncss, but the New Testament, in I is Vec- .ord of'iiilrncles and csiieclally In these slbi'les bf the Resurrection and reappearance of Jesus.' inoVes us to fallh by the 'simplicity,Ueau- IjY and spii-llual quality of Hie record. : .-•..' ••••,• •This -Is ti : lie of all Uic ,'piwl- RccuiTectloh cxyorlcnccs,-, nVid jt Is particularly emphasised Hi this record In tlie Gospel of John. The Etoi-y here Is not based upon the remarkable physical fuel that Jesus has come'from the tomb, .surviving the cross; but rather upon Student Leads Boston College Class BOSTON .(UP)—Although blind, Joseph: Butler, 3l-'ycar-oM Boston College sophomore, works his way :hrough college and maintains the highest- marks hi his class. Butler who is preparing for 'ft teaching and lecturing career, works for the State Division for the'Blind proofreading new books and magazines that are published In Braille. He prefers to take his examinations;'.orally, but -\f\ some subject 1 ; hjs -.teachers dictate questions while he typewrites answers. Ah .old automobile engine that lie .takes apart and puts together again.'is one of the things with which -he amuses himself. He plays guitar and is fond of outdoor sports, skating, swimming nnd bi- cycling, He likes to tnke long U'lps on a :tandem with n friend. Announcements The Courier News hai Dcen:«« thorlzcd lo fannonnce the following chndltiates'Ior Blythevlllc municipal offices, .t6 be elected on April 6: ;, , n , '. For May"' I ' MARION WILLIAMS W. -W» HOLLIPETEH G. H. -GRE'AR , For Alderman; i First'. Ward J. Lt.auAnfa; (full tclm) te. P. FRY '{short term) JESSE WHITE (shoit'Urm) For AtilctiAan, Sccsiid \Varrt FLOYD' A. WHITE JOHN C.' McHANEY. MR. For Alderman, Third Ward DAMON MCLEOO ESTER LIWSFORD W. L. HORNEli • the rehllty of .Chrlsl, who'is stlVl wllh IHs disciples, commlsslontng them to go fortli and fiftflYl His purposes of lovo and salvation In the world. ' '• . Ha Is still ihfc-'tbvd.of i'cacc aiid love, sending forth 1 His .disciples as the Father Imrt scut iliiii, and 'brcalhing uiwirtlicm the lloly Spirit. •' . ~ • » > ' The whole story lifts its above Oic level of mli'acio'and physical Wonder lo Ihc greater tnysiery 61 thu conllnued and living divine prcs- c'ncc, aixl the conviction that there Is no force or |»wcr thai can surpass or destroy the reality of Christ and all thai He represents In human life nnd exiicvlciicc. This ts Ihc real Resurrection faith anb the persistent reality of Ihc Gospel. The rinphAsIs Is not UIKIII physical wonder, .but upon the Eplrllunl reality 6t all that Jesus lived and preached ol love nnd aurt the grace of God. WE tIAVE SECURED THK SEKVfCES OF AN RADIO MECHANIC who will guArantee to rcpali your radio to first class condition. A Complete Mne of Tubes and Parts . - tacit I'rlue* Hul)b«rrt Tii-e *i Mat. Co. Phone 476 Mother and D»ufhter Meet Alter 23 Years •ITLTONVlt,UE, O. (UP) -After 23 years of separation, Mrs Mury Gi-cco and her daughter, Dorothy, now 20i hnvp been reunited. upiolhy wns placed In nu or- plinnnge nl the aje of 3 whou licv parents sepnrnlwl. ijilcr when Mrs, Oteco, who hud wh^arrted, souglit lior daughter s,he v.ns 'uimblo to find her. Dorothy had betli ndojitcxl by another fatally. A'flov the denih of hoi foster parents sho begnh n senrclv for her mother, nnd. found her. through Ihc ntd of I'clallvcs nnd orphanage bfllclals. Quien Btto SANTA CRU4,,Oal. (UP)-Bclng a queen beo in California Is little uett«r tliau being, a crook elsewhere, in, California queen tees have to be registered. Sanla Crufc County figures, It -lids about 500 n.U«cn bees but «Uch will be registered on the dotted llnu lust the came, •'Reid Courier K«wt|vr»id, A< Wrecker Service • G»v* OU Opan All Night Phi 11 pn Service Center Itoftet 711 - 81* ' ^ Now t*c«ted *t 101 ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU, DON IDWARDS, Pr<«lletOr - - , All BiikM bf Rebuilt TvpswrtUrg, AdJlui Kicklaei * Have You Visitcrf Otir New Modorn Service Station? , While liosfc -Gasoline Gooilyca'r Tires Willard hatterlcs Roart Service On - Gas - Tires - Wrecks Zl I10UH SKIlViOK Call 63:t For Prompt Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. .TUESDAY, MARCH ;!0— $25.00 BANK NIGHT! . ' (Less Slate Tax) —COMING SOOX— "50 Knarls To T6;yn" "Call-It A Day" : . ; "Mounlain - Justice" ' . "KinjJ or Gamiiic'rs" ' .: : "It Happened Out Wcst"- "Slcp- Lively, Jeeves" •'•'•' "Seventh Heaven" . "Waikiki Wedding" . • for MQu-*Woinen and Children SALE of SUITS-COATS. for Women and Misses. • Substantial Savihgs 'On-Easler-Glotlies 1{E{!Ur ' AK $095 SUITS & COATS SUITS & COATS I Newly A r rived Classy Jean DRESSES Famous Radio andStage;I^rspnalities To Easier Sunday, March 28th we! Cowboys" And Other Guest Stars I!Vl,f,: TkOlTER—\VHEC'-Bdiitonc JKSAIA'N PAYNE—Pianist IXfraoiclhury KAY vSTARR—S«mg.Smgcr >' BILLY'.TUOWfeR, JR—Song and ;Dancc Songs > Dances -. C'omedj -, Model n' ilusit 3 Shows—3^30 - 7U5 - 9:00il'. Rl.^ Adinission—Matinee '& Night— lG ; &-3Gc SPREADS FAST EXTRA VALUE WINS MILLIONS TO SLOW MASH BOTTOMS UP... As One Friend Tells Another MAN, yOU W£RE RIGHT/BEATS ME. HOW A WHISKY, SO SMOOTH AND RICH CAN STILL SELL WITH THB LOWEST THATS THE £XTRA VALUE YOU GET IN L BOTTOMS UP. ITS .MADE THE \SLOWMAW WAY! New HATS Off-lhc-Pace Sailors Kcrcls Tin bans A great : col lection of the smartest slylci for the Easter Parade at prices bblow v-hat ; y6u'd expect foi so much V style. *NE\V BAGS VSILK KOBE ¥ SILK UNIHUS ¥ BLOUSKS to Lead the tiaster Parade You need not have an expensive or cxtunsivc selection of drosses to be- well dressed. Follow, the advice of other .\vell-drcsscd women and select your tlteshcs fioni Chtbsy Jean Frocks for triie chic See our collection of newly ai rived Jcun's . They're light foi NOW a'nd later. » A!«o 0(hcr Troups of Atti active Dresses, at M»dcr,ilc I'riccs. Now You Try It... Right Now at a Real Low Price F OLKS arc saymg that Bottoms Up gives a real extra value at the price. It's, made the Slow Mash way that takes more'time, and,grain . . . should be richer and smoother. Yes, millions now call for Bottpms Up . > . old friends are constantly spreading the neWs of this top-quality Xvhisky, priced low.'You'll be wise to try Bottoms Up today. KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY BROWN-FORMAN 'Distillery CO,, Louuvillc, "Kentucky You'ltSayli's SPECIAL Atfhe PRICE SILBERNAGlil, & CO., Exclusive Uislributors fur Al-kamas • Little Rock, I'inc Blutt, Dcrmoll A complete showing of NOVELTY SHOES Of Course, You're Going lo Dress.-Up for Euster-'Mosl Men Will With CURLEE CLOTHES You'll like the smait styling of biiits— and the out- hlandinj,' choice of f.ibiic jjatteins and colors. You'll like the easy, comfoi table uay a Curlee Suit fits you— which is the ic.sult of skilled, cxpcncncpd tailoring ... all at a cost .so modei ale it will surprise you. Come in and see these suits today. Men's Other Fine Sails $1495 Up Good Looking Prop Suits 312.95 Up Suits For Smaller Boys $7.95 Up Men's HATS Here Is a complete 'selection of nil that's new in Spring Hals includliiB the. world famous Slclfons'..' .•..-. tct us furnish the "tops" for your Easter, oulfit. 'J'hc Konsingt6n Mnde by Stclson CfCkO'~ the sea- W Jy<J son's finest styles ^J Rt only SHIRTS Of course, you'll iiCEtl shirts and here they arc (n a wide selection of smart patterns and plenty of ulutes. ' SHOES At .prices thal'>btni welcome . k . The icason's choicest styles in black, lAiun, and iport styles. s Also a complclp »4orlmcnl cf r Tlcs, 'Hosicir,*- Underwear, etc. WE GIVE AND REDEEM EAGLE'STAMPS JOE ISA ACS, Inc. Official HeadquaUcrs for Roy Scout Clothing, Ucl.' ' / ,

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