The Times from London,  on May 6, 1875 · Page 10
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The Times from London, · Page 10

London, England
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1875
Page 10
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10 THE TIMES, THURSDAY, MAY G, 1875. THE QUEEN'S DRAWING - ROOM. Her Majesty the Queen bld a Drawing Boom at ' Buckdrtjhant Palace yesterday afternoon. Their Royal Highnesses the IYinoe and Princess of Wales, attended by Lady Suffieid, the lion. Mn. Coke, Lord Suffieid, Lord Colvill of Cairo, Ute lion. A T. Fittmaarice, and Major Itussell, and escorted by a detachment of tho lid Life Uuards, arrived at the Oarden entrance of th Palace from Marlborough House. Their lloyal Ulghneoe Prino and Princess Louis of lice (Princes Alice of Great llriuin and Ireland) were present at the Drawing Itoom, attended by the lion. Emily Ilardinge, Colonel von vVestonrtUer, and Dr. Becker. Their Royal Uighnesses the Duke and Doches of Edinburgh arrived from Clarence House, attended by Lady Emma Osborne and Captain Haig. tlis Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge ar - rired from Glooester House, attended by Major - General the Hon. James Macdonald. Their Serene Highnesses Prince Edward of Saie - Weimar and the Duke of Teck were present at the Court. His Bcrene Highness Prince Louis of Battenberg was also present. Her Majesty's Body Guard of the Hon. Corps of Gcntlemcn - at - Arms was on duty in the state Raloooa, under the command of the Earl of Shrews - burr, the Captain. The ltoyal Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard was on duty in the interior of tho Palace, under the command of Lord Skelmersdale, the Captain. Lieutenant - Colonel Arthur Need (the lieutenant) and lieutenant - Colonel (J. V. fatter - ton (the Exon in Waiting) were present on duty with the Corps. A Guard of Honour of the Coldstream Guards was mounted in the Court of the Palace. The Queen, accompanied by the Prince and Princess of Wales ana the other members of the ltoyal Family, entered the Throne Room shortly alter 3 o'clock. 1b attendance upon Her Majesty were : The D - ob of WeUinrtou (Mistreat of th ltob). tb ItowngwrUwche of Athol. (Lady of tb Bedchamber ia Waiting), the Hoe Flora Sfaodomald (Woman of the Red - chamber la Waiting), the lion. Emily Catheart, th Hon. Cmrolio Cavendish, aad the lloa. IlontU Stopford (lltUi of Honour ia Waiting), the Karl Ileaachamp (Lord Steward), th Vitro ins of Hartford (Lord Chamberlain), the Earl at Bradford (Matter of th - lion). Earl Percy, UP tTiwaaarer of Um Houbc4dL Lord Henry Somerset M.r. (Controller of Um Itoosaneld), Viasonnt BarringWo, M.r. (Vkw - CUialMrlaia), th Earl of Hard wick (Master of tb BuckbotrndiL, HaJorOeneral F. 1L l'onsonbjr (Privit focretary), Iintenant - General Sir Thomat M. Biddolph, K.11R (Keeper of Um Prity I'm), Lord liajot (Lord i Waiting), tJir Edmund Commertdl, K - QIi. (Oroom in Wait - big), Maior - CMneral Lord Alfred 1'agtt (Clerk Marshal), CUomJ bn Hat and Colonel M"NtU, V.C. (IViuerrits ia Waiting), LUetenast - Oolonel Sir John Cow til, K.C.1L (Muter of Um Household), Mr. IL D. Ertklne, of CardroM (Groom of Um Kobe), and Count A - uincbea ana nr. L h. Itawtsatand ll - ana of Honeur in WaitiazL The Queen wore a black silk dross, with a train trimmed with crapo and Jet embroidery, and a long white tulle TeO, urmoonted by a coronet of diamond. Her Majesty also wore a necklace and stomacher of iT" the Riband and the Star of the Order of the Uarter, Ui victoria ana Ainert Order. Ac. Her ltoyal Highness the Princess of Wales wore a dress and train of paille poult - d - oi. richly embroidered in peille and nacre, with draperies of tulle embroidered to correspond : guerianaes Of Marguerites, buttercups, field daisies, and poppies. Head - dress, a tiara, of diamonds, feathers, and veil. Ornaments of diamonds, pearls, and eapphiros j orders, Victoria and Albert, Catherine, of Russia, and the Danish family orders. Her Royal Highness Prineeaa Louis of Hesse wore a pale la render dress, with riolet relret, t 1. 1 4 i.t . - a . 1X1IHUI imxy SU1U. IWW MStS Willi ssvwua bracelets of diamonds ; orders, Yictoria and Albert. Louise of Prussia. St. Catherine of Russia, St. Isabel of Portugal, and the Prussian, Bararisn, and Hes sian Order lor Uare of tne wounded tn IS7U. The Diplomatic Circle was attended by : Hot Tho Turkish ' - I - A" sad Mdll. Mruurus : th Aastre - Honguiaa AmUnrsrlor the Honduras Minister and Madam OaUrrs Um Sadredor and Guatemala Minister aad Madam Karreto Um Daxdtn Minltter and y.n da Siklewj Um Hwadiah and Korwagian MiniaUr sad Um Baronest neehachudi vheFortagneM Minister and Ute IhufctMof HtUxafca) th NaUMrlandt Minister ; th United BUte' Minister and Miat Julia Sahenck th Bri - gian MiaUtar and Um Baronets Solrras Um 1'ormUn MinUUraad the PrinoaM MakatnXluas UiBradlian Miniatar. Um Fararoaraa Minister. Um Japan MinUtar. Um Spanish Minister, the French Miniiterjoa interim), Um DomUlean Chsrg i'XStirm, th Italian CWg d'Affairea. Um Earl of Derby (Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of Stat for Fordga JLffairs), Um Connte of Derby, Qcnml UmIIou. Sir Edward Cost filer Majesty's Matter of Um GaramonieaL Colonel Bacot (Her MaiestTs Astiitant Matter of the OeruaonietL and the Hon. tSpcnear Lytteltoa Jller Slajtatys aiarsaai in uraaoaietj. Hi Excellency the German Ambassador was trerented by indisposition from attending the Drawing uoom. The Greek Eutot and the Baroness da Pen ado. wife of th Brazilian Minister, were prevented by family benarement from paying their respect to Her Matestr at this Court. The Foreign Aiubassadors and Ministers hating been introduced tn toe order of precedence, tne following presentations were made in the Diplomatic Urcl i St Madame i BUow, wif of the Danlth Enroy. V"' la Baronne Beolts - Thora, danghtar of Um Danish Earey 1 Madsm la Baronn d HDgcL widow ef th 1st Austrian Enroy at Brsaseb ; the Baronets raalin d B&nl, daughter of th foregoing Madam de Borneo and auu. Jtanei idBaata. Br th Deshtas of SaManhs. wif ef the Fortcra BToy. jioiM. atan a nampayo. Br the Tarkish Ambaaiadar. AVdol Knuu EStadL AdstaBS - Majer of the Staff, and Military Attach to the By the Danish Zarey. The Baron d Beedts, Us sea - (a - law. By the SwcdUh and Iforwegian Enroy. M. 1 Comte d Sal to. Grand Msltr d - Osreaonies a & M. 1 Bot, and M. la Oomte Ham WachmeUUr. Attach ef th Bwadkh and Korwecian LmUoa By Um Fortsron Enroy. M. 0 attar de Mlrns Boama. a Portan mUeaaan. By the United State' Enroy. Hit Excalltntr Q. S. Orta. AnMrlcaa Enroy to Um Auttro - Houaiian Empire. and his Excellency Horn Maynard, imairWmn Enroy to th Ottoman Porte. By th BratOisa Enroy, L Chcralbr Caraleaati d Laocroa, ana ia unm a usmuo - juto, Attaaa to va Braanaa Legation. The iron era! circle was attended by : Th Bight Hob. B. DitraaU (First Lord ef th TreararyL Um Dak of Richmond (Lord Freatdrat of the Ooaaell), the Bight Hod. B. Atahctoa Crett (Secretary of BUte for th Hob DtpartnMntL Um Dnk ef KerfoBt (Sari Msrahalt. Baron Btenber (Chamberlain to Um Orand Dak ef Mecklenborg - StTelitx), Admiral lAnreranti, isaroa aiacamborr, Mr. Ooar anekton. th Hon. 8. FotMonby Faae, U.B. (ConirolUr in th Lord Chaatherbia's DrparWoMtt, Mr. E. HasaUtoa Anton, Mr. JanM BooUia, Ma)or - Gstral darcmonv, Mr. Uopold Cntt, th Hon. Chart Eliot, Ooknal Howard Vyae, Mr. F. KnoUyt, Mr. AlFrad Montgomery, Captain Bemsmt, CaptaU w. J. stopford, Mr. Wilbrabam Tar - lor, and Mr. Charks WjU (Gentlemen Utben to the Qna) 1 the Earl of Shrtwabary (Captain of th Gentlemen at Arms), Lord SknlnMrtdal (Captain ef th Yeo man ef th Goardi. General Lord StraUtnaim. O.G.B. (OoU Stick iaWaitinc), Llrataeant - Oolooel Keith Frater (Surer Steak U WaiUarJ. Uoloawl Uinpt (r iakl Uffiotr Urlsad Waiting). LWaUtMaVOolotwl i'lU - Kor Fntnantl (Captain ef th Qotaa'a Guard). luuWaut - Coloocl Sir WlUiaa Topham (Um Lwatonant of Um Hon. Corpa of OenUten at Araat), Captain Campbell (Adjutant in Brigade Waiting), LIatonanMn. bir Chariot EUioa, K.C.B. (QnartrBMtereaeraI), UraUnaat - Oalonel William MVau (Um Staadard - Bearer, Hoe, Corp of Gcntla. mi at ArmtL Celeaal Oeodlaks. V.C. Colonel the Uea. Fredart Theaiger. Captain F. H. Stirling. KK, and Colonel Sir Robert Gerard (A.kU - d - CamB to Um QoeenL Oolonel th Hon. W. J. Col rill (OontrolUr and Treatorer to his Royal Highness th Dak ef Edinburgh), Major W.irBrrm raTMT (Clerk of the Cheek and Adjutant of th lloa. noma of aenthenen at Araul. and LlWnaat - Oolool John a H (the Buh - Omeer of the Uan. Ourps ef Oentle - atenatArau). The following presentation to Her Majesty fnMrtw 250 in number) wen made, the name karing been prariously left at th Lard Chamberlain's Ooe and submitted for Her Majesty' 'Mrs. Edward AddarUy, oa her saarrlac, by th Count - zLanneMala Mr. Kaahtoa Adamaoa, by Um Lady Mary Erertaa. firs. Aagotto Addedcy, by the Ceantctt of Derby. Lady Arohibali. by LaoV Pant. VU. Imw Wm WmtW. Ladr Arrow. - Mrs, WiBiaas a Asdrtwes, by Mr. Caarks jrAgaOac. Vint Aaaly (ef Jloetonl, by me uouieas ec xieroyi c Mrs. 8rram,V Lady Annora WIHiasas Wyaa. MiaBrrcasbyaermoUer, Mrs. Byrsn. . Mr. Sanabury lUawadsle, by UeuteesatOaloDal Six Joha wu, a.UD, t lira. nlliWt Ml,k lv T.aJ fVmlL "Mr. Lrwit Dhrs Breaghtea, by Mrs. Kewley Inbrt, , ara. nuuaat wowa, by tne lion. Mnoaaerran. tJIU Brewa, br her ssother, Mr. WUusa Brmra. f Mrs. Arthur XJ4tnUy BUir,WrTleoaat4ts Strsagford. - Mi. Balfour, by ar motaer, Mra. aUonr. m.nm ruaaop, cr aira. uaoon. Mia FtotenM Btrmal. brSdy 8tlaa Bid wad Mia EmOf Barratt. hr Let anas. Lad BwrralL Mra. Bythca, by Mra Chaio. 1 TUm liuo. ilt. lUirrall, un her marriage, by Lady EarrrU MUt A. Y - ISrosdre, by bar nwther Uut M. E. lWtjJeo, by bcr aunt, Mra. A Brogden. Mra. rultrard Uoyo, ly ber mother, Mrt. Urtngton. Mitt Mar lienton. by bar mother. Un, lUuoo. Mitt Ikaaon, by btr mother, Mra Bcnion. Lady IlaxalfetM, by LaJr l'astt. Mia Baulgatte. br her toother, Ltdy Baialgttt. Miaa Ulagrav. by btr titter, ilra. Patrick Ikiyl. UiM Ada liaukot, br lier muther, Mrt. Banket. Mi Edith Weld BlaadclL br ber titter, th Hon. Mra. raaer of Lurat. Miu liuileau, by the Hon. Mra. Mannert Sutton. Mra. John Dtry Brett, by the Hon. Jin. ArmrUge. Mitt Wilnelmino Urttt. br her mother. Un. John Darr Brett. Miu Blood, by Mn. Henry Willouktr. MU. (Jertrade Bluod, by Mra. Henry Willougkby. Mrt. Henry Blair, by Lady Knkine May. Um i.'iire Hay ley, by the CounUM of .Nurl.ury. Mitt iorriana Clire Btvltr. br th Cuuntett of Xor - bonr. IIim Alice Cut Barley, by the CounUu of i or bury. Xiu Bland, by Mn. BianX Mra. Frank Hoi too, by l.ady Falluer. Mitt Alice Hyde Baker, by lion, lira, Edward Coke. Madame lUltttii, Cemtew Vjtne, by the luchett siaBciietler. Earl of liaadon, on hit tpiiointmeut tt Lieutenant of th county of Cork, by the Mariuit of Hertford. 31 ut jury Louuc UamUDeU, by tue lion. Mrt. liiundeU. airt. Luunsirouu, vj uuj A.ainenne J"annerman. Mut Winnurcd Collijifwood. by her niotber. ila Collingwood. Mrt. nulUDi Ubtmbret, by lion. - Mn. r - Coke. Mn. Ueorxt AtkiLtun CUrk, on Ler marriaiie, by ber titWr, Vitcuunteu Auduver. Mrt. Joun Uuokc, on ucr marruge, by Ltily Suuitld. Mra. LAniiocll ClarSe, by Mta. lAlwarU Lery. Miu Uana Cave, by Mn. Thoruat Care. Mn. Luoiold C'utt, by th CouuWi of I erby. Mrt. William Candy, by Mn. G. It tttcourt. Mrt. William Southwell Cunon. un her mtrriact, by Lady Burrell. Mra. V andeleur (.Take, cr Mn. Ktr bbututworln. Mitt Cumberbatch, by ber mother, Mrt. Curuborbatch. Miu Louue Clartaiout, by Mn. Stopfcrd Sackrill. rt Kona Uabbell, Dy Jin. Ueorr Marcn. Miu B00J Cabbell, by Mra. Bond - Cabbell. Miu Mary Bond Cabbtll, by Mn. Hood - Cabbell. Mitt Cauuy, by the Hon. Mn. Candy. Uounteu CadOfc - an, by tne Uounteu or BelMn. Miaa Culebrooke. br Ladr Colebruuke. Miu Gertrud D'Agailar, by her mother, Mn. Charlet Aeuuar. Mut Conttano D'Agnilar. by her mother, Mrt. Charlet V Agmlar. Mut IXuby, by bcr tuter. Mn. uoyd tugnan. Miu Alio Dathwood, by Lcr mothtr. Lady Dathwood, Miu Drton. br Lady Edwarda. Miu Georgina Dwkinton, by ber ait tar, Mn. Charlat Tyrel Carendlth. Mitt Marearet inesinaon. by nr auter. Mrtr uaariea Trral Uarcmliao. Tn Conntcu of Donoughmort, by Um Dowager Co un teas lJoaoufbmor. Mrt. Louia Deaang, by Mrs. Lock. Miu Detangei, by ber mother, Mn. Louit Dtngea, Miu Violet Dodd. by Mn. Atbley DodX Mn. Maaimilian Daiiaoa. oa her mania, by tht Hon. airt. irettoa limoe. Mn. A. d (iretier dt Fcahlanioe. by th Counteu of Uetby. sliu a Uremer a ronbUnan. by ber motner. Hr. A. a urenier a tvnblaaqu Miu tbi as unmcr ae ronbisnaue. by ber motber. Jan. A. a urnur a sonoianao. Mut d iraSord. br bar mouier. Ladr Annette d TraUoni. Mrt. Nioolai Uphinttone, by Lady Hal per. Th Hon. Mn. Enkine ol Mar. br Um Counteu of Lsndcrdala. Miu Ellen Knmontton. by bar eouain. Lady Edmon - ttooa. Mrs. Archibald Eden, by Mn, Ward Hunt. Mn.Gare Brisco Eyre, on ber marriace, by Ladr Henry Scott. Jin. William rlts - Uogb, by sn. Alexander Uorla. Mb EiUa Mary Fanthawa. by lira Charlet Fanahawe, Mra, William jeawick. oa her marriaea. br Um Coun teu D U Warr. Mrs. Edward Frswan. on her mtrrian. hr tke Counteu ef Abergarenny. Captain John Arbuthnot Fiahar, K.N., by B tar - Admiral Bowlty Lambert. Mra. joba Arbauao liner, by sin. llowley Lambert. Miu Ames Falkner. br Mrs. Kioulai EtDbintton. Mrs. Edmund Fottcr. oa btr marruse. by her mother. Lady Qrere. ant rcnwiclc, or Jan. Jranwick. Mrs. Craig, of Clencaraa, by Lady Franoe Warbnrten. imj Mary uore, oy car motner, uit uounteu of Arran. Mn. Olbtoa, of Boston, by th Counteu of Derby. Miu Gibson, of Boston, by Um Countvu of Derby. Miu Qrimiton, by her mother, Mn. Grimttou. Miu Mary Gage, by Um Hon. Mrs. Edward Gag. Th Hon. Mrs. Murray Gladstone, on ner marriac. br Mrt. W. E. GUdttona. Miu Goulborn, by her moUter, Mra. Goulbum. Th Hon. Mrs. Pasco Glya, by Lady Wolrerton. Miu Qlra. br her mother. U Hon. Mra. St. Lesar Glyn. airs. W ebeer Harris, by Mrs. Adamaoa. Lady Hill, by Mrt. Uarill Unity. Lady Alice llarelock. br tht CounUu of Effinzham. Mitt Ethl Adsad llood. by her mother. Lady Acland uooa. Miu Mary Ann Henduton. br Mrs. Cubitt Mrs. A. Doexlas - Tftmirtfln. on bar marrian. hr her nrar, tun, onutx iwinoT. Uua EUieldred Ucrwood. br her mother. Ladr Liar. - wood. Miu Ertrard - Hutton. by her mothtr. Mrs. Ererard - llutton. Mn.Townnd Hall, by Lady Bote. Mrs. Frank Henry, by Mrs. Goorr Ettcourt. Miu Annl Hatgieares, by bar mether, Mr. Hargrearcs. xr, uutton, uj bit i, tjeweii. Mrt. HutUtn, by Lady CWL Miu Umtftoon, by Mn. Alexander. I Miu Ann Heustoun, by Mrt. A It under. Mrt. Hicks, of New York, by Um Csanto of Darby. Lady Ann Fitialaa Howard, by Lady FIy. Mb Harrer. br Um Counteu of Lauderdale Miu Mary JC Dalrrmnl Hay. br Um Hon. Mrs. Hnb - Dtra. Miu Clemency Habbard. by her mothar. th Hon. Mrs. uuboara. Mrs. IUIL by htr aoat, th Hon. Mrs. Walrond. Miu Hunter, by Lady Soott Douglaa. Mn. F. A Lnderwick, by Mra. Locke. Mr. Jackson, by Mr. Ward Hunt. Miu Jaekaon, by btr nother, Mn. Jaekaon. Miu Elisabeth J ask ton, by her mother, Mrs. Jacktoa. Mn. Alexander Jenkint, by Lady NeeXd. Lady Ktlk, by Lady Juliana Walker. Mrt. Alexander A. Knox, by the Ducheu of Beaufort. Lady Kannaway, by her auat, th Hon. Lady Grant. Mn. Edward E. Kay. by Mrt. Ear Skuttitwortb. Miu Marion Kay, by her motber, Mr. Edward E. Kay. Miu Era Kay, by bar mothar, Mra. Edward E. Kay. Mra. Saiux Lennox, by th Ducheu of Richmond. Mr. Langanback, by Lady Fanny Fits Wygram. Miu Editb Login, by bar mother, Lady Login. Miu Floreae lamb, by Mra. Heron - Maxwell (of Heron). Mn. Henry BlnndtU Leigh, by Um Hou. Mra. Blundeli Mitt Leigh, by her motber, Mra. Hanry 1'Jundell Leigh. Miu K. K. Lawrence, by th Counteu of Lauderdala. Mra. Uartpol Lucky, net Baronn d Ddm. br th Counteu of Derby. Mut Lam, try tn lion. Mrs. Kortb. Miu Conttano Lathe, by th Hon. Mrs, North. Mra. Walter LawnU, on her marriage, by Lady Edmonstone. Mrs. Arthur S. H. Low, by Lady Belper. Miu Grace St Jkn - Mildmayt by Mra. Edaond St John Mildmay. Um ruannsat aianoa, by aer atetber, Un. Fakenbam Mahon. Miu Oliria L. UscCall, by Lady Adtla Larking. Miu Iubel Maepbenon, of Toronto, by her mother. Mn. Mtcpherton. Mra, Magee. try an uarrcy uooawin. Miu Jane Eleanor Mage by ber mother, Mn. Magee. Miu Ethel Warn Malct, br ber aunt, Ltdy - WUlooghby. Mra. Maekenxio. br Mrt ElDnlnttoBa. Miu Marruct Mackanxi of Kin tail, by Mn. Vv.Ht of KiataiL Mrs. E. Madden, by th Counteu or Lsuderdala. Miu Miller, by Lady Alexander l'.uaielL Mn. Frederick Charl Maltland. by tht Counted of Laodardala. Miu Alio Emily Maude, by ber matber, Mrs, Frederick Maud. Mrs, Dusham Matty, br Mrs. Hadaoa. Hon. Florene Milne, by her aunt, Viteountett Gal way. Miu M'Murd. br Mn. M'Murdo. Miu QottUnc Marny. by th Ducheu Dowater of Atholo. Miu Julia Gottling Murray, by Um Ducheu Dowager of Athele. Mjor - Gnerel F. T. Manda, V.C., C&, on appointment to a eomnund la Ladia, by bit Uotal Uignnau tb rleKl - jtaranai vammaaaing - m - vbiei. Miu Mart barUl Oaley, by her mothar, Mrs. BariU unity. r.. T..W. V. r t rs Miu Ellaa Coaitanot Fmrker, by Mr. Pft ef Cras - mor. Urt. Ilerrey PechalL on ber marriage, by Lady BurraU. Miu Pariah, by hat titter, Un. Kay 8hutUeorth. Curtain Alexander F. I'owalL br Lord Headier. Tb Hon. Mrs, AUisnder Powell, oa her marriage, by laaj xiuin. Mrs. Fraderiak W. Pary, by her sbter4n - Uw, Mrs. Moan ivaiui oa. IUt. Batil l"opoT, on apprintmn at Ckaplain to ber Koyal and Imperial Ulghneu th Ducheu of Edinburgh, ey us noyai uignaea u iwit 01 tiinbtirgb. Mrs, Charlet Paaley, by the Uoa. Mrs. Blundtll. Mn. Bamtay, of Klldalton, by the Dachu of Argyll. Miu lUwlinton, by her mothar. Lady Kawllnaon. Mitt BariU Bow, by htr rittrr Mra. J. Clifton Brown. Mrs. CharU Stonor, by Ladr ContUaee LWUingbam. Mian Smnecr StaaJtoDe. br Mrs. Sseneer Etanbona. Mrt. SackriUt 8topf ord tJecknll, on ber 'marriage, by atn. otopioTH ttunua Mra. K W, Shaw, by tha Counteu of Derby. Miu Victoria Bayer, by Mrs. Chain. Miu St Quintln, by th Hon. Mra. Edward Gag. Mra. F. H. Btirlla. on her marriare. by Mrs. Guthrie. Mn. GrotTtnor btepford, on her marriage, by Mrs, Stooford Sack villa. I r The Hen. Mrs. etlrUsg, en her nurriage, fay her sttttr. ' Um Hon. Mn. Uadj. Lady Tempett, on her marriage, by Lady Annatt d TrIT,nl. Miu Turner - Turner, by Lady Frances warburton. Mist Ttplin, by Lady Login. Mrt. Charlet Pitt Ttylor. on ber marriaga. by tb Ductless of Clereland. Mitt Themsoo, by Mn. Tbomton. Lady Torttna, by Un. E. Hamilton Ann. Ladr Elizabeth Graham Toltr, by her mother, th Count - Mi of Norbury. Lady Mary Graham Ttler, by her mother, th Counteu of Norbury. Mra, r. Uu l"re 1 corn ton, by Mr, iecu loretter. Him Tyler, by the Hon. Mrs. Itluadtll. Mrs. Albert Tell, cn ber marriage, by Lady Kennaway. ( ountett Uuidobeni Vitconti, by Lady Y.of LoTelL Mra, Lloyd - Vaughan. by the Couatmit of Derby. Miss bth Wtjiitr, by the CounUu of Abergarenny. Mist I'.lsjiche Wrlman, by Iiy Constance Beilingbam. Miss Nina Eanller - Wilmot, by Mn. Ward Hunt. Mrs. Thomas Lades Walker, on ber marriaga, by her, Vrs. Allsopp. Mun Waueliope, ly her titter. Lady Ventry. Mrs. Kobrrt Wtlht, on her niarritge, by Lidy Fairbaim. llrr. Wrougbton, on her marriage, by ner mother, Lady ee!L Mrs. Gjrg Willi, on her tnermge, by her mother, Lt!y Ntclii. Mus Carter Wood, by the Hon. lira nenry AnnyUge. Mrt. Krnctt Wilberforce, by th Hon. Mrs. Kossld Cti.,i.Ull Miss Edith Walrond, by htr motber. th Hen. Mra, Wtlrund. .Mut Wilton, by Mn. A. Kennard. Mrs. Cyril Wilson, by Lady Conttanc Belliaibam. Ily oung, by Lady Kose. Mrs. Kirdrnck Young, on her marriage, by th Dowtger Duchess of Northumberland. The following ladies and gentlemen attended the Dr;iiiii - room : Alien iusiior. York. DcciiEflrtEK. liouufert, Cleyeltnd, Jlsnchesier, Newcastle, Dowager Northumbt'ilaud, lUcbmoud. Maw uion ex. Lansdowrus Eakia Carytfort, Elrngharn. CoCNTEssix Abergaveony, Arran, Carytfort, De La Wair, Dowager llonoughmorr, Eilingham, Lauderdale, Norbury, ltothes, Kt'ftoo, Wilton. V ucof NT. Hawardrn. VieoLKTEiMiji. Andover, Canterbury, Gal way, Monck, MouiitgArrett, Htrangford, Stormont, LoKies. Cuttetloc, Htadley, Houghton, Howard of Glossop. Lauiks. Arbutlinott, Airow, Katherina Basnerman, Couttance lVllingham, l!c)K r, Emily Bernard, Kathleen LWraaid, Selina lUdwell, Brett, Burrell, Carew, Cochnse, Culrbruuke, Colquhouii, Conyen, Cowell, Montgomery Cunnicghamc, Dtshwoud, LKi Hogbton, Annette de Triroru, Scott Dnuglat, Harriet Dunoombe, Edmoxutone, Kd wards, Mtry Egcrton, Villiam Osborns Elphinstone, Kiskine, FairUdrb, Fanny Fit Wygram, Foley, Victoria Fuller, Elizabeth Gore, Grore, Haamer, Uaringtou, Flora ILutingt, Hey wood, Acland Hood, Howard of Glottop, Alice lloward, Louita Howard, Mary Fita - Alan Howard, llulsc, Adela Larking, Carolina Gordon - Lennox, Florene Gordon - Lennox, Iogin, Hot Lovell, Mackenii (of Oairloch), Margant Majendic, Enkine May, Louita Monttgue, Neeld, Edith Noel, U'Hagan, Alice Packe, Pagctl'alliter, Eleanor l"ntt, France l"rtt, Mary Irimrraie, Edith Wyndham Quin, Emily Wyndhain (Juin, Bagtan, UawUutun,Bucbanan Kiddoll, Hose, Botebill, Alexander ButtelL Buthren, Uandbunt, St. Cvorge,Hvnry Scott, Louita Tighe, Ventry, Juliana Walker. France Warburton, Bote WuigalL Whitworth, Willoughby, Wolff, Wolverton, Wrottealey, Annora t illiamt W yuu. Kicirr HosoCBABLsaL Sir Hamilton Seymour, O.C.B. andG.CH. Ho.nol - kaeles. Gccrg Waldrgrar Letlie, Digby Willoughby. UonoI'uacli Mesuames axd Hisses. - Mrs. Henry ArmyUge, Mra. BlundeU, Harriet Brodrick, Mra, Preston Bruou, Mrs. Charlet lxnnox Butler, France Butler, Mra, Koaald. Campbell, Mrt. Candy, Mn. rater of Lorat, Emily Fremantle. Louita Frt'manUe. Mrs. Edward Gace. Mn. Oarnier. Mra, St Lrzer Glyn. Lady Grant Urt. Herbert ol Mucarou, Mrs. Ueorgo Hope, .uic FiU - Alau Howard, Mra. HubWd, Mrt. Stuart Knox, Clementina Maude, Flurence Mtudc, Amlcia Milnct, Mr. Pircy Mitfurd, Un. Scott Murny, Urt. Audley Iteeld, Mr. North, Mn. John Paley, Mrs. A. Douglas pennant, Marraret Pitt, Mra, AthU - y l'onsonby, Mrs. Sanderson, Mrt. Mannen button, Mabel Manuen Sutton, Mrs. Frederick Waluole. Mn. V alrond. Mra, W llloughby. Sins. Humphrey d Trsflord, Philip Urey - Kgerton, iLV., Jonn Kelt. IMNOXA H. JL Birch. Dr. F. W. Parr. MceKs. Aumistut Adderlcy. Edinond M. Blood, Charlet Tyrol Carendlth, Du Pre Thornton, Jame Farmer. Henry Forester, Darby - Griffith, Abney - Hattinga, Moak.M.P., Guy Paget Mzsdaubi. Alexander. Allom. F. B. Alston. E. Htmilton Anton, J. W. Armstrong, Frankland Butaell Attley, Balfour (of Townley - hall), John Balfour, Ban kea. Ilerrey uauiunt, iienson, lucaentexn. nenry ml. uircn. Bishop, IUajiJ, T. W. Jloord, Boutflcld, Edgar Bowriog, Alexander Boyle. Patrick Boyle, Henry A. Braaa.y. Alextndcr Brugden, Jainea Chiton Browne, Studholiu Bruwnrixg, Ignace Cahn, Cape, Heaketh Case, Tbonia Care, Chaile Tyrel Camxiith, Chaine, Thomas King Chambcn, Stanley Clarke, Clifton, Maxwell Cloe,llicbard It Combe, William Cookton, Cubitt, Mrt. Cumbcrbatcb. Chariot d'Aguilar, Ashley Dodd, Dodton, Edmund Frederick Du Cane, Wellt - Dymoke, Edeeworth, Ellioott, Cuthbcrt Ellnon. Eirinston. Georce liucknsil Ettcourt, Goorgo Erans, Salisbury Ewart, Charlet Farubtwe, Jame Farmer, Farquabar (of Corlogie), Fen wick, K. M. Fcnwick, Ferrior.Cecil rorctter. Gladstoue. Gerald GoodlakeJIarrey Goodwin, ltouert Gordon, Goulburn, Graham, Darby - Grilhth, Griuutoe, Guthrie, Halaey, Baillia Hamilton, Hardy, Hargrearea, Harrcy (of lekwcll Bury), Casar Hawkins, Usury Hoare, llodaoo, Hollond, Hortman, Ward Hunt, Ererard - Hutton, Kendall, Adam Kennard, Arthur C Kennard, Hegan - Kennard, Kowley Lambert. Paulett Lane, Law, Uannlng - Lee, Lcask, Edward Ltrr. Leslie. Lt strange. Locke, William Jonet Lord. Daxdel Lyaona. Maclean of Glencarn, M'Hanly, MMardo, Macpherton tot Torouto), Pakeaham Mtbou, George March, Edward Marjoribankt, Marriott, Frederick Maude, Heron - Maxwell (of Heron), Kdmond St Jobn - Mildmay, Frank Morrison, Motley, Campbell Munro, NairhWn. SbexUeld Neare. Charlet Needhaui, Sarill - Unley, Paget (of Cranmore), Guy Paget John Bamtden, Stuart Keith Kea, Bichardson, Kota, Stop ford Sackrille, Albott G. &andeman, J. G. San de man, Philip Sclater, Leopold Semiour. Kay - Hhuttleworth. Silencer Stanhope. Francis Sloan Stanley. Btoughton, Doegiai"treight, Crich ton - Stuart, M. A. JS. Tbackeny, Tbomton, Jonn lbyane, Tilley, Frederick Vilier Walter, Arthur Walter, Henry Willjuehby. Jtuet Wilson. WoUatton. Woods. MLSitix Alltopp, Armytage, Nina Balfour, Herrey Tt.k..n 1ti,V.r.t..h I' 1'r.rxv. lta,U Elizabeth Bnbaaon, Violet Brett, AugutU Bulkeley, Cahn, I Claremont Close, Minnie Cochrane, Cookton, Emma Cook - sou. Cubitt Datent Daabwood, Florence Lhineombe, Edmonstone, Sophia Lvdmomtone, tgerton, Georgian Egcrton, Enkine, Henrietta Faniukaraon, Gamier, Gerard, Catherine Gerard, Gladstone, France Wycliffe Goodwin, Marr Mackenzie Goodwin. Graham. Grant Beatrice Harvey, Louita Hcathcote, Uenderton, Holland, Caroline Hollond. Gertrude Holland, Lucy Hope, Acland Hood, Winifrede Howard, Bote Hubbard, Hulse, Lauzhton, Luroden, Login, Alma Lorelt, Edith Loyd, i r . . t 1 i. i t c.ii. i.i lock, Uarjonbankt, Monk, Alice Monk, Scott Murny, Julitn Ogilry, Erehno OgUyy, Catlicrine Paget, Lucy ltoso, Buu, Margsret Stoptord Sackrille, Lucy Sacda - rtun, Mina OU1UVIIISI1, iisuciu wjiuuur, SSlUCiO IITISU, II UWU,UUJ Matilda W llson, Mary IV uliami ynn. ADMIRAL. Kowley Lambirt. Gexikals. M'Murdo, Clare moot Harrii, Lyton, C.B. Colonels. Jamea Baker. Colliazwood. Goulbum. Sir Henry Uarelock, V.C., C.U., M.f., Art bur 3. 11. Lowe, Pryte. LlscTMAifT. Uanniag - Lee. SPOBTiyO JSTELLIOESCE. CHESTER RACES WtDxuDAT. THE CUP DAY. The elements were kind to Chester's great holyday, and a more agree ib'.a afternoon was of a slight lead of the Production colt, st the same time Maiilment brought up ).uklou wide on their right, the three running nearly in a line to the distance, where Lord Aylesford's colt was beaten. At the same titae Newhoaae made a rigorous effort to !es4 Freeman, who, howerer, defeated the chal - never passed on the Moodee. Of course then was ; the usual great crowd. eather has in reali.y but ! wx5 ourln Poionii4a fi,th uv. Watch Uttle to do with the numbers tiiat nock miu me oia Uth th - suventh wlth Ucrbert and IVo - city on this day . ltain cannot damp nor cold d i d!?jJ orT. Time, BenW. chronograph, them, and we think some of the Tery largest st - j T - T.u rVu . VC .r l 1 .Il T k1 i The Dxr WILTnt Ccr. a handicap of 3 ton. each. AU .!. .,,L - .L - ,n - , it Iv m. nf ' with 50 added ; 7 farlongt ; tuba, Mr. W. H. Hill s Zaecbsras. by StoekweU Fm d Jim, LA W REPORT. COURT OF CHANCERY, Locoutoxr, Mat I. Stfwrt tXt LonL Jrmcn or ArrxAt.) a xi rax lovdos aid ruta axrrxi cemm (LDrrrtD). This was an appeal from an truer ef TiesChzaotCc. Malint, ca the 12th of March, for tb emspnltory wbdhr. cp of this eoupany. Tha ccmpaay was formed bzlia for tb pcrpotw f estabUthieg a chain of betal seewamZ datiun for tb ute of tnTllen bttwen Loadoo Lad Paria. sal in pemanc of this object th foCcrviig propers wrre tcuuirvi by ta corapuiy, at a sort of about iSfcjS rii,. Crock ford's, in St. Jamea't - rtrtxt. for ri'miVT? th West VK3 H.teJ. at Foatone, for ra,0W;l4 umbrella, and the horses calloo fettock - de - sp in " "it1" """T'V mud. Hut to - day the sun shone on a Tery pleasant , in!., - , lke .f ButlajiJ.3 yn, lbtt (CWaneej scene. ' Mr. U D. Lye . lm,.lene. 4 yrs, lOtt SKb. (O. Cook) A tamer Cheater Clin. Iioaevi r we do not remem - Lord Wilton's Carmelite. 3 yrs. lOtt Wb. iF. Arcbeii . r,., unnlol f..r 'r - .ttmrr ,r i Mr. E. Stct'tcnsun's f. by Adrent urer Bb - at - tb - Buw - the littlo interest the race ha excited in racirnj 4Jrh - 1T,t - !': - 'f:ra;it,b4.w' ber, for the littlo interest the race ha excited in raciiig circles. A tiortmi' contemporary lina observed that old timet, with the single exception of the Derby, it was the most important race of the year a a medium for speculation, and that before the weight appeared, or even before the entries were known, horses were backed to win 30,000 or more, liut those dsys are past, and, as we remarked yesterday, one does not hear the race mentioned in earnest until after tho e:irly Spring handicaM liave been uecjdeu ; ami this yar the comparative few who " iiioidlnd," as the phrase goea, early cannot congratulate themselves on their judgment. lno lavounic ol six weeks or two months ago, Chivalrous, I iebeian, the Truth gelding, Ti - njan, Activity, Uleneajjle, doc, have all disapjicared, and fresh ones have taken their places. Chivalrous was pounced upon Mr. W. K. Walker t Keepsake. J yrs.9tt Mb. (Macktey) I !unc i, in Paria, for l0fXl. Tb eootanr bad not iZ. successful in its operations, which Lad been pracScaB. di scon tinned for ten rears, and at the rmni ti .v Tue eusupany wat now at length struggling from intolvej. into toUency, utd tb effect of granting a coapuhm or ter wutil.1 b aerixualr Vj preioilac Um adrantsA rrakjatlon .1 the St JaiMtVttreet property. Mr. HUxint. U.C.. Mr. Crouler. Mr. Nor br tho oublfc direcUr the wcuhts aorared. and ! Mr t. sur. - . l - atriek. 3 rr. (MM. 8.x. Tib (F.ArexMrl & "r! ir - ':: ." - ,i.f!f' ?TU? aUUI certainly ho looked the best handicapped horse in Sir E. Buckley! f. by WynasUy Th Witch, 3 yn the raco ; but lor reasons wo explained yesterday be was struck out, ana tne black and gold was presented by Polonaise. 11 lack Watch and Lhikedom were comparatively new favourites, and until Hollywood rsn so well at Liverpool the pretentions of lieu Battle were not regarded. According to public running last y ear, Den Iluttlo was quite 141b. superior to Hollywood, and though the horse has not gono well in the market lately, nor much pleased the touts sinco he crowed St. George's Channel, he went suck astrocg gallop this morning with Archer on his back that there was a revulsion of feeling in his favour. Dukedom, who took Coventry's place in tho market, had been backed for a good deal of money, though not to the tame amount at Freeman carrioa. Freeman had a great chance given hi in by the liandicapiier,bat some people objected to him as not being a nandy horse for the Chester turns. However, with (J lover to steer him, and a small field, this did not go for much. The Quail waa bound to be near, though she would have preferred softer goiic, and with her we have nearly exnausted tne cup neio. Nine runners a wonderful falling away, and the smallest field that ever ran for the great prize on the Rhoodce, though there were only ten in lb, J, Field - SIarshal's year. Freeman and Black Watch kept their places in the market very firmly, but Dukedom rather declined, partly owing to the support awarded to Hen Uattle, on whom there was something like a rush at the last. There wan not a better - looking horse in tho roddock than Black Watch, and no cantereu wen, too, as am r rce - man ana Lien xsatua, toe saner ceruimy not dcjerriny; all the abuse that had been heaped upon him sinco bo has been in Chester. Dukedom put up oil), extra to secure Maidment't services, which did not improve - his chance, and Tho Quail did not appear to go with her old dash. They were but a short time at tho post, and at the first attexnrjt Mr. M'Ueorge dcsiatched them, the colours of Herbert, freeman, 1 olonaisc, and Black v. atcUDenig in tne van as wier patacu tue ouuu., ; d thif. th with TheOuail. Lhikodoni, and Ben Ltattlo lying ; - ., v. k r. u. . - j.. next, and tho rear brought up by Prodigal. There j , 10,. - j,. , n. inn. Mtrm M11' miU . waa little chance in this order, except that Ulover ... . . . , . Tub German Ambassador. We regret to learn that Count M&ntter it tufferinz from an attack of bronchitis. He wat in consoqutnot unabi to attend Hr Majesty t Drawing Koom ycttenlay. His rtxTLUR i'eovle. air. carttar neid inquiry at Woolwich, yetUrday, touching th death of a child named Charles Downs, actxi two yean. ton of a member of the denomination known at tb Peculiar People. John Robert Downs, father of tb deceased, said tb child had been ailing eixht or mn months, and, with tb exception ol calling in medical assistance, ercrythine possible had been done for him. H had frequently been prayed over and anointed by tb eldtra, Witnest had tougbt no opinion t to th nature of tbe child illness, but had trusted in tb Lord, and ha blierd that tb child would haro died before b did if had not been for their trust in the Lord. Dr. Sharp said kt did not think that any father, however deficient in know ledge, could hart belpet noticing that th child wat watting to a thadowand horering between life and death. On making a poatHnorten examination ha found that death hadrosultad from loai - standinz acuta and chrome inflammation oi tn lungs, which in it earlier itage would unquestionably bare been menbl to medical treatment Ht wat firmly of opinion that death had been accelerated by th absence of such treatment. 1 be Coroner aaul it teemed extraordinary that these people, although they saw their children sinking day by day, would not tat a the adviot of those who pot - luted skill to deal with tucn cases, ine lamer taia tne child had been anointed by the Blden Hurry and Hinea, Tb Coroner taid these two men had been ia th tarn trouble before, and had been cautioned : and, if h nmm - bered rightly, it waa undtntood at I lurry t trial at th Old Bailey tbat in the cat ol children woo wen entirely in th hand of th parent th Peculiar People would in future take medical advice. U adjourned th Inquiry week, when it it thought probable that th eat will be re mitted to ta Ceatral Criminal Court CourvLsoitY CoavKBsioxj Tbe opening of bridge at Ariel hit been th occasion of sn extraordinary popular diversion, known' at the Btptttm of tb Bulla, vr tha loam it an immense nlain called th Camanrue. when multitude! of cattl usually grax in peace. During treat vublis f cttiralt, howerer , a Urge amphitheatre it formed of cart and hurdle,whkh sen to defis th half. eirela. A strticht line ia then drawn with a plough between th cxtremitie of th curve, and thia open space is toward th Caxnargae. A Dumber of bulls are then drirtn into th arena to formed. They instantly endeavour to lean it and return to their pasture, but they ar stopped by a body of horsemen armed with tridents. A few, howerer, xctnag (a break through tb lines, and then ana tbe real excitement ef th day. The plough - mark is guarded by men oa foot, who meet the fugitive bulls, teixo them by tbe Lornt, tkmo ihm down, and acelr th brtndinr iron to each f rvtn among thot bearing the names of tb cattltrownen ef th Camargue. As, )ewevrr, branding the bull it considered a great honour, tbe handtctnett spectatress of tb nitrts Is lad forward to rir tb unfortunate animal his fiery ''baptism.'' Such it th erne with which the penlnc of the bridge of Arle wat celebrated the other dar. 'I'he men liked it. tb women liked it and it ia to be Wed bell kkad it UxKfiMl MtUOfiaxttc only aTaiiabl attrt was tb lcatcbokf wuptity kntva at Crockfnrd'a, which had been kt to tb Jsafcrgt i J tract's Crab, and wat now under a csatract tm sale. Th Wett cliff Htl tt Felkeston bad been tJj i by the nwtgxgw in 1TU forlt.f, and Mrtiric't wits. Betting 'J to 4 tjst Zaochaas, 3 to 1 tgst Dak. of But - .tmcet, a petition for winding sn the coasanr land, and 100 to 30tt Carmelite. srnted by tare of th sharenoldcn, and bearj Wf waam s.i.v' With a clear lead Duke of Rutland made th running. W - CbanceUwr MaUna. Hit Honour, after advening ta ta lowed by Keeptak aa l Carmehte. with Zaeebtrut in wait - v r - - 7..a. exp ing until entering th straight Htr tke last - named came to tb front and won without being reached by three lengths, two lengths diTiding the toeoad and third. Car 't meute was fourth, with th LUb - at tbc - Bowstcr ally fifth, ; 1 heeptak beaten oru luocQusis nuvory oi in company, aaa txpnttug kit turpriw that gttito - n ia th pcemaion of tbetr faenlbai couki baye embarked their money in inch a aiisrrabl cuoecru, said that it wat th clearest cat for windiag ta he baI rcr smu, al mad tbe order for winding p t eordieglr. From this order tbe company now appealed. Mr. lIRISTOwe, U.C., and Mr. Cootsos. bi anMj Thnl'rrr STiinal r, son rrh with IfJO addej Bra i th tpw al. submitted that by allowing the eoosnos. l. sharebolden would b much ttor beneficial than tarttis .V.. ,1.1 V r.ij,ir,t ni.L MMm.nT , 'it furlout ; 7 tuba. Mr. T. 2. Cat - Walker t Khaioditt, by Knight of Kan Norsrt, 3 Tr (1XJ), Sst. lib. (GluTtr) Mr. Iryers I. by lb lUk Mnhrnx. 3 rn (tSOL ost Jib. (ConstaUtl Mr. J. B. Oerton s,o yrs (130). lOst lib. (Fox) Mr. W. K. Wtlker't Mediator, J yrt (LX)), 'At 101b. (Mackteyl . 1 IJ ...... til' i - rw.u. m. v' ,i who deairinl a compulsory wtnding - ap, Wtr net ajissi ssv iISih x.t 71k. iJ sodnil fl - u - usssc 4AJsa ssu usas is wat a men matters! Betting. - '.' to 1 tgti Patrick. 4 to 1 apt Rhpodit, I eour tfc cvmpany, which teemed to hat keen J to 2 tgst Lucernt, and 5 to 1 agtt tb Sphynx filly. , coutmaod during tU last Un year, for tb. . purpo r i , - n. w. i i i - . i pru - iuctng f.r ta trcnUry an ncom or tBi nest it Lucerne du of Th. itch filly and Rhaptoditt mad tece, M iaeotatt u wjund up. H. w. Z&1 the running into th straight, when th latUr cam to th pute - 1 in tdy way to differ from tb Viee - C'lneeQari front and won easily by a length from th Sphynx filly, order, aud tb. ippeal would be dismissed with costs, who finished a hoad in adranc of Lucerne. The winter ! Lurd Jnttie Mklusu concurred, wat told to Mr. T. Urttt for Z1U guinea. j TUB XXATn ctSAL coxrAST T. TUX TJIXAXWO rhDCKXof WlSTMlSSTUt'S I'LAIX of 100 SOT., for' RCBOLVU COLLIUIT COXrAXT. hunUrs, added to a twecpttake of 3 tors, each : h. f t bls . VV 'rom sn ordtr of TMe - rtataCor Two miles on the fiat 18 subs. Sir C. Kutbout't (Arbitrator, by Umpire Sappho, 4 yrs, list. 2b. (Mr. Oawtaasr) 1 Mr. J. M. Kicbardton't Whalcbons, 5 yrs, 13tt Jib (ute. 71b. extra) (Mr. RoUy) ... . 2 Mr.C. Walker't Matchlock ft yrs. Hit Ob. (Mr.Tbomat) 3 Mr. C. Koster t Adelisa, 5 yrt, 13tt 31b. (in. 71b. tx.) (Owner) 4 Mr. Vyner't Trttpttr, 4 yrt, 12tt SIh. (inc. 71b. x.) (Mr. Daronpurt) S Mr. T. Thomas's m. by Tb Droo Lady Lightfoot, 5 yn. Hit Clb. (Major BulkUy)... . ... ... 6 Mr. Dsrtnport't Lord Henry, 4 yn. Hit 101b. (Lord Willougkby d Brook) 7 Betting. 6 to 4 apt Arbitrator. 7 to 4 agtt W halt boo, and 8 to I tach agst Matchlock and Trespasser. Lord Henry, with log lead of Arbitrator, AdeHra, and Whalebone, mad running to th turn by th Crosrenor liridgt, when ha waa beaten and dropped away, learing the favourite with a dear lead of WhaJtbone, which he rttained to tb end. and won in a canter by three lengths ; a bad third, with the othen pulling up placed. Th CHisTiRnxu! Fltmo Stakes, a handicap of 5 tort - etch, with IU0 aJJtd ; fit furlongs ; 15 tub. Mr. F. Batet'i Blu Bock, by Nottingham, 3 yrs, 7tt (Millt) 1 Mr. W. . Carnett't Outlaw, 5 yn. Sit bib. (inc. lb. extn) (F. Archer) ... 2 Mr. (lerard'i Selborn. 3yn, 7tt (N'twhouatl ... . - 3 Mr. Johus lust's bwutcr Johnny, 3 yn. Cat UK (Thompson) 4 Mr. T. Green's Tommy Tyler, 5 yrs, 7tt 101b. (Brock - thaw) . . 5 Bitting. 7 to 4 agtt Blu Rock, 7 to 2 agtt Tommy Tyler, and 6 to 1 each agtt Outlaw and Salborn. Outlaw, on th Inside, mad play dear of Selborn and lilue Hock to th. distance, wben Lilue uock cam through and won in a canter by a length : a neck between tb Mr. F. Douglas's f. by Paul Jon Sst. 71b. (J. Snowdea) . - Mia Lixxic, w.o. LATEST BETTING ON THE COURSE. Derby. 3 to 1 agtt CambaHo I 100 to 6agttRepentance. 1 Galopin 100 6 8eymour 11 1 Holy Friar L00O 30 Farebam Ml 1 Incurabt c M.Ik 1 4 ( Q aub. I sub. I Zaecbsrat .. 1 I Msdlator .. I 2 Pstrlck lommr Tyler.. 9 Ktepsskt .. I S I Wrtek Rluiwtlsst . . 2 1 4 0. Th Badmlttos Stakes of 10 tor. eeh, with S00 added, for '.' - yr - old ; colta, 8st 101b. i fillies and geld - ingt, bit 71b. ; winnen extn. Fir furlong. 2U subs. My Vnodrr Ktiaschalk K.Uy Hrwra Mory Uvstst y br dwllut - Or1s7i Ldl.UsstUncrttf i Caltesti. Koaalil trUo - Loekkart T. by If searaaJ , Htspcr - SUM Altteni Cbj rriRoosler Abbna - Iroek Swsllw riehHsa UtTBUakhtnU. 4 JU. - ln. yoMBIRMERE BTAKES lUandlCap) Of 10 aor. - fT Z7"ull lil . ViTnrw - d kindofrtc - Yn. st. lb. 7 11 6 10 Th SIXTY Tra st. lb. Mlotdro ..1ST UaSua ..1ST O by Lorl CUMaa - Rad Mttrt ..1ST Hurt UaU. alsaid) Msmorl .. tiMkl MooUos. .. 3pudl hero Herbert, l'oionaise, aud Black Watch were the leaders. So well was Mr. Bowel's mare going the second time round that she ilattered her backers considerably, but coming to the (Jrosvcnor turn tho last time tne was uone witn, as was aiso iwn llattle. and ulovtr, bnnging f reematv to tho front, followed by the Production colt and Dukedom, lm 7 Breechloader camo into the' straight. Dir. zieneage s norso witn , the load, which ho inaintainod to the end, winning j Tho follow ing is the Programme with the Order rood race by a lcnvtii, DulteUom ueinit two ! oi luuuuig oi to - aay s racing : lengths behind tho Production colt. Ben Battle was 1 2 0. Match. fourth, but Archer was hanl on him a long way. the - ju. ine clsiriaj iiASDicAr oi a tor, each, witn ui Qusil ran badly, and so did Black Watch, who was mdd,a - tr. T.Y.C. (aboat six furSoagt). beaten at the nvo furlongs iost the last time round, z M "s'u I RbapsoUst .."r"? Itmcow .. .."Vl The form shown by tho lroduction colt was rather n. s bowsttr t suasiawa .. 1 12 1 Hun soH t 4 surprise, as was tho defeat of Black Natch, and aiajiaTT t rmi iuu guineas : j - yT - owt Aco people who thought that Fryman would not ; J. 42EfiJfL like the turns had conjured up vutn fears. o miiet). horse could have run better, while Den Battle per - this. liuUand rmau Marshal 8axe formed very unkindly. The time was 4m. Js. iiarrowvu. I iiisi I rroiswiioa soil. First Year of Eioirra Beacfobt Biessial Stakes 3 aO. - Th. Wijlral 8taees. a high weight handicap of 3 of 10 tovs - each, with 100 added. Half a mile. 12 tub. I TVTt T " 4 Ar. X. t oicert Newport, oy sjoru i.juu miss aaep - pard, (31b.), Mt, 71b. (conitaoi) Mr. Johnitone' Sitter to Tipttor (31b. ex.), 8t 101b. (O. Cook) Mr.W.S. Camett'i TuiqaoUe (31b.), Ssttlb. (Maidment) Mr. T. Stevent't Simplicity, 8st 71b. (Skellor) Lord WUtoni c by se. saw Honeymoon (Jin.), 8tt 71b. (F. Archer) Betting. 3 to 4 agtt Honeymoon coltM to 20 agtt Sitter iifSaa, toTTipster, U to 2 agtt Turquoise, 100 to 15 tgtt Newport lJrtr Simplicity waa th tint away, but wat immditly ',;u Slb headed by Turqaoia and Sitter to Tiptter, with th. J' favourite and Newport lying up. On rounding th Grosre - Th. tnui nor - bridg turn the Honeymoon colt rao into the third place, but wit beaten on entering tha ttraigkt, at tb tarn tima Sisttr to Tipsier, with Ntwport at her quarters, drew un to the leader, who tney nasi beattn ti in. uisxsnce. where Newport quitted bit companion and cantered home Oinalsn (la. the winner by a lengtn ; a ncwi teparating r.ue tecona ana u' i -third, with the othen pulling up at they cam putt the SJJ, pott , lilvDalosood Chester Trades Cur of 000 sots., added to a ",,7. handicap sweepstakes ol 2j sovs. each, lt ft, Vni. rom if declared, riew Cup Course, nearly two milus and a quarter. 81 subs., 'JS of whom declared. Mr. Ueneag'i Freeman, by Kettledrum Harriet C yn. 7st Ulb. (Glover) ... 1 Mr. Pallet's c by Diitin Production, 4 yn, 7it lib. (is. Clb. ex.) (Newhoute) Captain MachaU't Dukedom, 4 yrt, 7tt 101b. (car. 7tt 131b.) (Maidment) ... ... 3 Mr. R. Forrmtcr'i Prodigal, 6 yrt, est 21b. (Constable) 0 Mr. M. Taylor'i Beu BatU. 4 yrt, 7st 01b. (F. Archer) 0 Mr. Etchtii Tl Quail, agt - d, 7tt 41U (MorUy) :.. U Mr. J. Lowe's Herbert, 5 yn. Cat 121b. (fc. Mutin, jun.) 0 Mr. Bowet'i Polonaite, 4 yn. Git lab. (Millt) 0 Mr. C. Samuda't Tb lilack Watch, 3 yn, Oat 111b. (in. Uh. ex.) (C. Wood) Indiau Ocean was struck out at 2 12 p.m. Bettini:. 3 to 1 agst I recuian, 4 to 1 agst Blsck Watch, 1) to 1 agst Ben Battle, 10 to 1 each agst Dukedom, The Quail, and Polonaise, 100 to 0 a;at rruduction colt, and w to l agst iTotiigat Precisely at one minute past J the number ct tlie nine runners were duly exhibited, and shortly alter Black Watch quitted "tho paddock for the Course, and was followed by Herbert, Production colt, and Ben Battle, to whorr succeeded the Mal - . Il.L - 1 v 'I'l Ik. ..I I ton IUly, xuaeuoui, r rwiiiAu, iuo iv'usii, sun Prodi"al in Indian file, and in which order they were paraded past the Stand. The preliminary canter then followed, and snoraea tneir retpecuve ouckers a favourable opportunity of judging of their condition and style of going. Shortly after they retraced their steps towards the starter, who immediately assumed his oflice, and at the first attempt the race commenced by Freeman at once Assuming the lead clear of Black Watch - next the rails, the pair being a length or so in advance of Herbert and the Production' colt, to whom succeeded Dukedom, Prodigsl, Ben Battle, and The CJuail, with Polonaise in tne rear, luese positions were re tallica past the Stand, but on rounding the Workhouse turn Herbert rushed through his horses and held a alight lead of Polonaise, who as tney entered tue Deo side had become second, closely attended by Freeman, Black Watch, ai.d The QtiaiL close in whose wake came the Production colt, Dukedom, and Ben Battle. Prodigal at thia moment was seen in the extreme rear. At the three - quarters of a mile stirting post Herbert w at beaten, and Polonaise then came on with a clear lead of Black Watch, Tho Quail, Ben Battle, Freeman, Dukedom, tho Production colt, and Prodiral. in tho order we have given them, and which positions were retained past the btand tbe second tune. On entering tho Doe side the leaden cionl no. and ran in company to the Urosvcnor bridge turn, whero Freeman, who had been somewhat hampered. was tot u drawin towards the front and aa they came along tho lowercrouud he was seen on tho whip of Polonaise, wlto in a few strides' fur ther cave way, followed in tne next tialf a doten strides by tbe retirement of The Quail and Black Watch,which left Freeman on the inaideinooa&esuioxi llacon. rraatiBZ an interlocutory order to rtttrths it. fUfcndABtt from laying down and making ca f trass, way art an accemgiodatioo bridg oyct tn caul of tb plaintiff (ompany, by which tho land of th L - f - vHnl company were intencctod, and directing then W tak r tb tramway, sc., irly laid down. Wnen th etati wat" made, in 17W, tb land through which it pasted wtj used for agricultural purposes, ana, pa rsn tut to tit pi. ntsou o ueir stu an accorosnsiaon orwg wa ncull y tb canal company for th us. f the landowner. Ctaltii wen afterward opad on th land, and tb andue wa for sum tim. conveyed by a tramway to th. caaai leak (without crosaiag th brtJgw). for th purpos f Witg shipped away in barge. Th .wntrt of tb. eoUieritt, wkta tb Val of Neath Hallway waa opened, being siiadtd t Uaatport thtir ol by rad instead of by ttitr, tad Its down a tramway bn the other aid of tb - - mliriu bridge, Indiig to th nilroadaad in 1S71 they rnrttwtil connecting th. two traawayt by laying a tramread scrow th bridge. Th rail and sleepers war remored by tb canal company, gta laid tWwn. and igain rcnMVtd, sa4 ia Decmbr, lb3, the cansl company commenced ta action t gainst the colliery ownars for damage is reiptrt tt th llgsd trespass, and for sn injucetio tgaiast it further eontinaaaee. On th UHh of May, 11C4, tt parti cam to terms, and on payment of 1 damage at taxed cost tb defendant undertook not to rtptat ta tretpatte compUined of, and forthwith to put tb icons modttion bridg and th pproaehe thereto a th ttat they wrr bef nr. th trtpat complained of. Tb defends company ha ring again bud down a tramway spun tb casal bridge, tho present bill was nld by the canal compasytvl on th. 23d of March Vioo - Cnancellsar Bacon granted an injunction upon inUrlocutory mutioa. Mr. SwAX.ro5, Q.C., ami Mr. Crosut, on bebalf tf th defendant, now appbalrd from thst ordtr, and rsh - mitted that no cat hast ln shown for th uttrpotina of the Court by inUrlocutory mandatory injttnctioa, wkta the damtge to the canal by withholding an u junetktx nhl th hearing would be to slight and. on tb other hand, tb injury to tne difeBdantt by granting an iajunctioa weak! bo mo tcriwot. With respect to ta umlerUkiag, it was given by the def adnata upon th assumption that they would at once b abl to compel th erection of a son evnitt bridge, but tb proceedings for thtt purpM prvrtd tt b very cumbersome they had in th meaatisa eotsudtrtd tbentelrea tt liberty again to lay down u tnmny, taking care not to injur ia any way th tUwctur of ta brvlg. Mr.Kay,Q.C, and Mr.ETeritt, for th plain tiffs, th ttaU ompany, war not called on. Lord Juttic jAMta taid that tb injunction was retSy almost quit a matter of court. Tb tarn questioa rat railed between th parties in th action for tretpatt - via, wb.tbr th. dafnidaat, having a right of wtjyer tkat bridg, wrr entitled to alter the bridgi and eonrtrt it iat a railway bridge. Tho defendants htl escspsj all tb tn - se - usuees of that action by consenting to sn seder aid giving an undertaking not to repent tb. trespass eomplrtsi of. It waa not luggcitssl, that they had been mtraseed into this order by surprise, aim, at all events, if thty kai any cat. for getting rid of lt, proir step ought to ta. been lakta for th purpose. The order of th. Tce - Cbsa - callor wat quite right and th. appeal would b il.llissll with costs, but th Usual undertakuig by th caaal comsaiy to b uuwerabl in damages mutt be inserted tn th order VICkVCHlNCKI.LOl' COCBTS, Lucu'SLrX, Mat X IBfort rxCkaetilor Sir B. MALCn.1 LTOS T. TDX rUBlfOXOERV COMFAJTr axd m CO sertators or tue river thajixs. Tht hearing of this cause wat bsgn on Wtdaudty, th 29th ef April last, when it wtt adjoumtd to tbtJl Inst Tfi cat it on of torn public interest, asd tf rest import tne. to th ownen ef w barret on th Birtr Than. Th bill in th luit wa filed by th phuauff, a wiarf owner, sad tb facta of tb ea. wer shortly thtt Ts wharf of th plaintiff, Mr. William Lyon, wa BtaatoS a th north bank of th river, between Southwuk - twidg ssd th Railway Bridge, and near to Upper Thamat - ttrttt, tad wa called Lyon' Wharf. It forts sd tort of corntrrg tw froaUge on th river, on facing south, tad txtsedisg far a siisttaea mf .haat .Vrft tk. otkaf facing Witt tt rigtt angle to tt south front for a distance of tUlt Th Tn. st. lb. Csmeirt ,.i(t St. Mut .1 I I Mary White 1(4 AiMlaoeus. 4 13 n trim ..150 MuuurJoaaay ) S 9 rCUuos . . 3 & S 1 Ururtur . . 3 a 1 uiitn Dei .Staked of 10 ton. tach. ith 100 added, for J - yr oldt ; colta, ttt 1Mb,; filliet tmi geiaiags, Mt. Ub. ; tn; tuauleat allowed 41b. Crotvtn.r course (about on mil and a quarter). 12 tubs. O. by OIl.0 I Athkie Msnhsl 8al I Tratniesou. L'urfsr bell I MiisXrel I rrom I lulu) W I llraufort Ra - Ja Ait fpd.) Mrs. horalblew back I rvassut Coy I twrtaa UaUJ I Ipafclt, i Li. Tb. May Stakes of 5 sort. each, with lUU addssL for '.' - yr - olds ; colli, 9at 31b. , fillie. aad geldiaga, 'Jtt. ; I tio and also telling auowaneei. ntll a mile. Cycs USUI Swallow X3ll Trtatsthaat UC23) UETROl'OH TA y PA L PERISH. The following is a return of the number of paupers in MfiDastu, its riaamongerv vwur! " ownen of a wharf in tbat recess, adjoining sn. 1""" wharf en th. wett aid, and hariag a fronUg faettg Th bill allegisd that th plamtUt bad for a period exttw - ig 40 yean fre. scows to th. rirtr on both tb tttita and west aid of hi wharf, and sou - til to rsstrsialt Company frtst conttructing an tmbaakmnt to " "Jv forward th. south front of thtir wharf to lin th south bn of tb plant tiff i wharf, and from thartty inUrfenng with hit aeotta to th. river an th " his wharf; Th. eonUatioo of th. Fuhmougtn Compaay wa thai, under a lictnc. which they bad ' - ''"?" tb. Consryaton af tb. Kirr Thames, they had t . Bgsl W" toembaak th rirar and to brum lorwsrd tkur wasrt, iltSjuirh l thr tnr.k mt th Witt . fronttg. of tha pUinUiTa wharf ; an J f arthar, thai J ' lienc. did not ui. them that right, they had by P"! by custom th. icluii right el "1"J portion f the nili which ittild from th Vrwo of their wharf to low water mark, which wst sw JJ further to th. suuth than th south lie of the P" wharf, being that portion of the riser which wa sso" 0 (exclusive of lunatics in asylums and vagrants; on ' ailing with bargwt tb whole of th freh n tiJ,,J tliu last uay ot the lourtb week of April, 187a, and the total of the corresponding weak in 174 : rsucrs. Union. Wert Disraicx. KensUittoo .. la.UllDVjO .. .. 'netea L Us.n's W vstnUuslcr . . .4 u( tha Wsat Ws'rtct okTU IiitraicT. XL MsiUibuO .. UaJBl.tcaa .. .. M 1 - uoas IsUulo Hsu Or 1 Total of the North - lilstnct f.raat Dnrraicr. . Ulsss sad St. Usorx Mian - 1 luaburs i j or ixssooo .. IalutOiaCaatrsl - Duulet ,. East Dorrs i ct. hrtbnal rnen .. .. waitwhsiM bi. i ors - e la the Etat.. atri MiM - Mfcl ou - towa ptis .. .. .. Totsl of the East Lktbict .. Soctsi Dmaicr. M. tWstnoTt M. Oksvs't .. .. LstlbsU .. ,. Wu.lmrth siS - jj.. Caiabrrwcll (irouwieh Wuulwlch Lewhhatt ToUl of tb Sooth Ktstrict Iadoaw. Owtilooe. Total forrs - r . Fourth spntHUa j AdalU. ChMita Wort Tetal an4 Adults. u&dcr AfU. In U74. Cnilurns. IS. U7i 31 .. tl .. tX .. 2,ii, .. j,57S ' aa .. 17 .. ta .. LJ .. L464 1 WJ .. S97 .. ii .. L3M .. 1.1J4 I n .. 2j6 .. .. u:? .. i w L7U .. LM: .. S6i .. .. 7SQ .. Tt .. 1T4 .. 1. - 1S.. L1W i.233 4.413 .. 2.143 .. U3J .. UHJ ICS .. L!a .. 771 .. 4.S3 .. 5.0C3 14 .. It .. U .. 231 .. 311 2,464 .. 3.JU .. 2,2 - 4.. 1141.. LIU.. Lie.. U2S .. .. 4.US .. L4ol .. LOU .. 12 .. 4.U4 tlvS .. S.U1 .. &.I73 .. 2U.139 .. 22.C21 LWJ .. 152 .. SI ., LT53 .. LP1 7a9 .. 2(4 .. Lil .. LIU .. 1.S3 l .. 2..V6 .. LM .. .. 1M 2.2tl .. 2.401 .. L3W .. S.KS .. tilt 8.575 .. 4.231 .. it! .. 15,414 I7..U LOS .. iZl .. 297 .. LSS4 .. 2.13 L .. fl .. 554 .. 2. 9Ct .. tta LLS .. 1ST .. 12 .. LJb4 .. IMI L04 .. Kl .. 469 .. Ill .. 2,449 T41 .. 261 .. 55 .. L113 .. L2S2 T17 .. 3b4 .. 143 .. L27 .. L77H L0t4.. L272 .. fct .. LZ3 .. 3.477 7,u .. its! .. tan .. uia .. IsTjm ta .. i .. ibs .. s,7x .. ens L211 .. LJbl .. SMI) .. UU .. 1,109 lj .. lilt .. i.ew .. sji .. t.xs V .. L25fl .. LU1 .. 1.117 Xtto LuM .. 12 .. 7SS .. 2.SQJ .. i4 UtS .. I.TU .. LD5 .. Km .. 4,J7 652 .. Ll2 .. LoU .. 17 .. 3.UJ1 ta .. .. 2a .. su .. m U.K3 U5a total i - AL'rtuxsu o; the MCTSuruLU. Uiilstss la 1171. Lt31 Total of lb MctmroUt XE52 ,S4I , . 22.SU . Fonrtk work of Apr3. IaoW. Oaabwc 1175 .. H' - iJ .. 54.411 1174 .. ii.277 . . in .. a.711 .. 71,141 . lin .. XL5S9 .. 7S.22S TsraaU itM la th. Matropoll ess to ass day ta ksanh set ol A ni. UTS : - uaorwa as u. Total. 2S.2S7 .. ax SLSM .. LA444 Totsl SLOS4 m 10S.TI 111 114 Si FliKllKKICK FUKDT. RtaUttical Cpart Local tvtnnirtst ikasrd. star Sk 465 admit the latter riht. Aa a consuence uf t' ty tLumed to be jutUfled m rrmT' . tb whole of th. foreJi - t in tht i dirtts wharf and low wskr uuk, and th.y had dulia tt order to tett the plaintifl t title. Tbe ease wit "T tb. hnt iastanc. on tho question of law i'WT,ij. u., whether under the provisions nf tue ls - iort 1 vancy Act 17, tho t'outrtton ks.1 the Pr"l" the licence to th. tuhmougvn' Company for .Z. of th. tmbankment, whicU aeassitated tV51ilSt tioa, at tome length, .f the further qocico the plaintilTs ngi.U on whijii no reikd w r or pnr.t.: if tn. former, it wit urgi "JjJ Were subject to th. powers of th. t'orinstors, their Art of Parliament, and if the lata. th'.?I protected by the UIAh Section of tb. Att , in tke cat. wat very volauunou ; but for the P""". ' the legal argumeut it wm aU pat in, and rjTl, It comprised map and dnwicgt f th m fanJv Udath.r.i6n U Char W IL, sad ssrtrai plm. and pboWgr.pas ef th. locality. rmkin2 ilr. Cotton. tlC. Jlr. ttiilonck. Q.C aad pprd for tb pjaiatdl ; JU. UIm - . KLrV and ilr. Du - dat Oaidm.r w for li - ',iT?0, t.mpany ; ilr. J. 1'eanon, Q - C, and Mr. C. a. " war for th Ccnatrrratun of lb Krtrr Bw. , Th VlcOLJtcau stopped Hr. Cotton 0" ht had begun hi nply, and taid th " "Z! - . soms importanca, and hs auht had h. not a "! t unity sine WtdneaJay last of tmTfrwmt tuthoriti then nftirtd to. bar nternd h Ue had also constdend the srrumwnt s Jtr. thoM which had now ba all rd to hinv, and h thTrf or, dispas wf tht esse a toctv " " raton of th Tham propcacd to do was .rjtbtS th modvlt aad ulant m .ride. eltarly howwl yj - r. waa. Th plain tilf i a a wksxf th Tt. riahjnoos'Compaar w tw pf - I remises, ab a wharf. Th. difftrane J - " v lt ptrbet waa that tb. plaintilfa rl Jrtr. inrthar ato tU nrer than tb ?V lack - 1 Tb. eonteqnmc. wa that then wat a fT!,, tf ! wth's 11U., wbieb recUi - V Ttsl! fst, and foruvsd part of U. W W ft; Uowed over It, and such as iUiitsth w V - jJ. j of th plaintiff wharf. H alto wa. TZLt l iac bn. bonoaiu that of tb Company, ab j ! S. SI vSntl on tUrigttsof the Cotxtl i. , !TT7 TT. , . . .t iS w a mulatod what they might or might ft do. them very larg po - en, both at to thtm J STnr - - .mUakmU and the regnlatitw of the JoUe. Itytb. ITVth htion. hrsinf, it wat rV, tb ath pw - tn tWtrnd hy er aajthiag sealaa -

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