The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1933
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXX—NO. HO BLYTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOHTHEAST AHKANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST MIMlOUItl HffiR MWS WyMievllle Daily, Now*. Blylhevtll* Oo-lrtct. l* H«»M. BLYTJIKVILUx AUKANSAS, 'i'UKSDAY, AUGl.'ST :>!>, 1!>;!;i HOME EDfflON SINd'I-K 'COPIES FIVE CEN'i'S Photos Accuse Star us 'Low: Tliic Practically All Basic Indus-' tries Already Under 1 Codes Outlined. WAFHINOTON, Aug. '23 (UP)—j The nntiona 1 recover; 1 administra- ! lion was within striking distance: r r Its first objective loilav. virtu-j ally ngsurcd of having nil basic in- | rliistrlc-i under the blue eaele by Labor Day. Recovery Administrator Hugh K. Johnson announced a settlement of one of the nation's most Ion 1 * standing disputes between labor and capital last night when he revealed nperaiors of non-union ?<ifl cool mines and leaders of the United Mine V/orkers had reach- r' J a hasK of agreement on a code for (be bituminous coal industry. Codes for the oil. steel, textile and automobile Industries already have been promulgated. C'uurt (o Rule NEW YORK, Aug. 29 'UP)—A New York supreme court ruling on whether the national recovery act suspends a state law giving labor the right to picket, was expected to set a precedent of nation-wide importance tcdi?/ in df" fining the status of labor under' codified industry. Directly involved were six members of the Shoe arid Leather Workers Industrial Union who were arrested outside the plant of the Elco Shoe company. Affidavit's charged that they conspired to prevent the shoe company from carrying out the terms of its N agreement. Flaming Gasoline Truck Tr.ips Driver These photographs are oli'cred as evidence by Mni. .Marian Yoimg Reed. Oakland, Caiil., society wo:nan, in hci 31CO.OOO suit against Claire Windsor, blond movie actress. :'.t Los Angeles. Mrs. H^fjf' accusc-s 'Miss Windsor of alienating the afl'ections uf Al Read. 3ft- Francisco broker end former University of California ittiili-ie. ami "iubmits these pictures of Read and Mi.ns Windsor in supjinit ,}a' her charycp. Electric Rates Cup 1 ^,1.1 Per Cent at, Hayti li r Jlo;—T:>.e A'rkansas-Mis- souri Power company announces a new electric rate schedule no-,v effective in Hayti. The cuts here amount to approximately 11 psr cent and will be effective on the nexl billing. Caruthersville and Kennett have new stales also, but Haytt's new rates are still ;ib:ve ti:e new ones in those toiviis. However, both Kennelt and Carutr.ersville ha-J been on lower schedules than nev; rate cut. Hayti tefore the 1IOIE fl[PEH: Dry Minority Hope System Of Voting May Give It SEATTLE. Aug. 29. (OPi—W-?ts hoped to make Washington the 24th -jstate to repudiate national prohibl- Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 128 7-8 Anaconda Copper 18 3-8 Bethlehem Steel 40 Chrysler 45 5-8 Cities Service 31-8 Ccca Cola 92 General "American Tank 39 General Electric 25 3-4 General Motors 34 International Harvester 41 5-8 Mlddlewest Utilities 1-2 Montgomery Ward 21 3-8 New York Central 52 1-4 Packard 51-4 Phillips Petroleum 153-4 Hadio 9 Simmons Bee's 26 3-4 St. Louis-San Francisco 5 1-2 Standard of N. J 39 3-8 Texas Corp ".. 25 3-4 | NRA Considers Plan to Put Two p;i!ir,n Dolhvs in Business Channels. WASHINGTON, All;.;. 3fl. I IIP) — A plan to itijert two billion d'oilais wot Hi of new business inlo Aincrl : r-a's commercial life lhiou}:h a concerted "liuy un'.v" campaign *'k' consWcrea W;l:w by tin: N.Ulanul Recovery Administration. The pljn would be carried oul on a ;iuc'.a basis, with t'e amount of new. purchases allocated Lo cities and towns in the_ manner of war-lime nllcl-. mcnts for liberty bond sales. '' The buyers army would din Into bank saving.; or earnings from' rc- emp'.oyment agieciiiciu. jobs far their pledged purchase, which might range Irom prombos.. [or'jx- ample. to buy SIO \v<jrl: ul yoi>0~. or $100 worth. Tlic actual buyln 1 ,' would begip when the enllrc two billion. Jcllan had been underwritten in mr;c- mcnts lo buy automobile;;, clclhci. furniture and hundreds of other commodities whose sales have decreased during Hie depression. At a signal from Washington an army of volunteer purchases would trcon to the stores lo buy and start the wheels of Industry''turning. The purchasers would receive double benefit. They would have *,b -advantage of present low prices'I ir, most fields, and they would "hnow that a tremendous volume ct ] purehnsen .such as this could not but < bovftT" conditions through industry Is a 1 whole. •*;' , . . ^' .Doublf-Barrcl PrAgnim iltb ci!M-lu|]>.il C.ilif.. ci-st il this llnr lunik and trailer wlien Iho truck cr:ishi'd lili- <il Hie dilvci. E. RdmomJsOn nl Onkl::ii!i. Tin' loarliu blaze. fed Uy 7.5CO gallons of Hfsollne. In!') a -tnt 1 pholo Nhm'..s Checkup Reveals $3,620.- j 60 Added lo Monthly ' Payrolls In This City. Local Man Falls From Train, Dies Tlit-re are 132 business establishments In Blyllicvlllc displaying the] b! d;iv of Hie check-up campaign' by Elmer J. Tnlum, a former resident of Blyllicvlllc, wns futnlly in-! jured when lie fell from a Mis- j touil-l'aclflc train near Charleston, Mu., yesterday It wns learned today. , | The. Injured man wns rushed to | Health Officers • Gird Slrenuous Fiqrlit Againsl Sleeping Sickness. WASHINGTON, Aug. 29. (UP)—| the local NRA committee yestcr- A double barrel program to provide., day revealed, business with additional bank cred- | A summary of' the' Information It to finance the recovery program' withered by the local coinmlttee will b? adopted by the that a total of $H,K>O.W) has j eminent, the Unllcd Press was In-! been adilcd to the monthly pay- formed tcday. | rolls of Blythevlllc businesses dls- ST. LOUIS, Aui!. 2!!. (Ul'l—S»ur- . , -id nmviird by a mounting I'.ruth ue eagle of the NRA, the first j a Calto, 111., hospital where lie toll, medical science was owan!z;U succumbed. i rere tnday under Surgeon General Railroad officials found a note Hugh 8. Cummlngs, head of the U . , . In his pocket-.containing the jmmc 3. department of health, for a con„-..,. „,....._...„_ .... ,.,.,. ... Hubert Davis, Blythevlllc, by which .nek on sloping sickness. loo;) .Weakened Structure Gives Way; Eight Killed in Plane Crashes, TUCUMCAKI, N. Mex.,. Aug. 20, • i UP)—Tlic ease bound rjoldcn Slate. Limited plunged through u Hood-., t'iiiinig?!! bridge near •licrc-^carly to- '-. I day, killing,, at least seven pji£5ns .-'..'. I unil injuring more lhan two sc^re. "•• T]:e scene of the wreck was up-. 1 ?. pi'OxImiitely five milts west of Til- - V cimicarl.. ,-,-••The train plunged through.a bildgc at Harris Switch wlilcli-aad been washed oul by a sudden flood. C. J.- Cio3l, engineer, was the only" • daij vlcllm lik-iitllled immediately. ' lltxilesi of six passengers were hrauglil liere. James Randall, fire- ' . num. wns miislng. The engine was . submerged in the wnler. . - . T(;c- engine and six cars of tlic Iratn, enruule from Lcs Angela eastward, plunged Inlo Ihe sv:ollcn (cicek shortly bsfcre diuvn.^ A bul- 'otln sent, to division headquarters n'i D^ilmrl, Tex., falj 25 vevrc known to have been Injured.-- ' • Tlic-lntured were brought to this lltlle village of 3.000 In the New Mexico mountains, ISO miles cast '•• of Albu(|iierquc. 1'lvr Die In Plane- Crash AMAKILLO. TCX., Aug. 28. (UP).' —A wrecked Irl-motorcd plin°. If Ins Transconllnenlal and Western : Air Lines wns lound-near. Quay, N". ' M.. loilay with'all aboard dead. Three )Ki!S!ii|5crs, llio pilot and ' I lie co-]illot had been.killed. Ruperts of tho wreck were received al the locnl offices of the air Hue. . . • Officials of Ihe. lines here .'.an-..*-? nounccd that two passengers g»ve •* The prcgram embraces, first, lib- leralizatiou of federal reserve cred- v 1 Ml' I r> i i in D ". nna second, loans by the HE l\e\Vly .mined LiOld IVlaV Bej struction Finance corporation. Accepted for Sale Thru Federal Reserve. piaving the blue eagle. The checkup has also revealed n HYDE 1'ARK. N. Y.. Aliq. 29. (UP)—President Rocscvclt tsiav is « Wl / nUOJU-Ml, *\U*iS\-VL.1L L^.li;V IJ- I T- I .. sued two executive orders modUj- ,^™««»« B ^ ™, P™P^. It, and second, loans by the Recon- number of vlolntions _of Ihe ein- ' ployer's agreement with the president which must be corrected If the employer desires to continue, a p.-.rly to ihc recovery program [ most frequent violation of Ihe | ainecnieiH discovered by (he com-; mlUee is Hie working of employes l|(e,v traced his former .residence., •It Is understood that Tatuni lived with His D.-ivi; family at 'a Frank-. ly health expert laid plans for lln slrcet address several months ,. 0 , lr mmt V |,,or0iis light" on f.y: " B °- „ , ,, , mysterious malady, eight new slccp; Dctalls of the accident were not [ny s | ekl , CM piU | C nts were reported' here, bringing the total ot known discs to ;H8 since July 30. To augment, this city's dsalh toll their names as Mr. nrid'Mrs; Ralph District Files Suit On Taxes of lion tcday as voters passed- on Ihe 21st amendment. Prohibitionists hoped tV.c state's system ot electing convention dele- mined gold, gates from 40 congressional dis-1 Th? first order autliori/es tricls might be a nndvantage to the secretary of tile treasury admitted dry minority. j newly mined geld on consignment ' for sale throng.-! fe-rlera Irescrv? ! Missouri Casts Formal Vote I banks. JEFFERSON CITY. Mo., Aug. 2!) I The order provides specifically' (UPl—Missouri ralificil national that such sales may be marc by suea i»o c.\ecm»e otuers moaiiy- j u t in 1932'navinV- and curb-: ^ excess of hours permltlcd nn-j • mgilic gold embargo «ml promul- ! j,,^ t ™ s , ^ ^ Wed n clnn-! <ier ' the agreement. Some viola- gating regnb.ion, lor estabh.h- J rv "^ by c "un, Issloners for! tlons were also found of the mini-! o ment of a regular ,,m-Kel for nt-wlv | j^'j ^ ^ amll mum pay provision of the agree-, ^ Oil of name of not revealed. - : ~ The chief pilot u-ns Howard Morgan of Los Angeles. Tho co-pllot was \V. O. Barcus, n new man ori the line. . • -'•••< ., SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Aug. 29i of 11. n survey by the Unllcd Prc-ss IU |» ) _ T hfcc iirmv flyers were'killed . revealed that at icasl !•! deallis hadh,, „ |, lU ]. alr nlrplaiio callUion noar- ";•' occurrrd Irom sleeping sickness In sections of Ihe Unllert Stales. h e r n Aencultuval, Woman First to Swim Channel in Three Years Sewer District Number One. I monl. , , . The action was liled through C. lo accept| M .-Buck, attorney for the dls- prohibition repeal at n formal .slate convention teday. expert - to forsign purchasers. The second order provide.? for t Sixty-eight delegates, elected 10! registrationi "throiigir the" 'in"terria"l! days ago when the state voted \ revenue collector of all gold hold- i against continuing prohibition by a i ings, both coin and bullion. [ Tafrs Relative Escapes Abductor To 1'rolic ComiilainU ! i MEMPHIS. Aug. 2fl. (UP)—Plans I for invesllgatio]! of coaiplalnls af' margin of more than three to on?, \ ' . cast tlicir ballots In favor of the j f n< ...ll ] new 21st amendment and certified i " N "" ' mrlnix-ln Snoop«;t I'imit' LONDON, Aug. ao. HIP)—Miss Deaden, to o«<;gesi ^imii| gimny ^.^ ssram llle Ellgll5 ,, Oil Lotion binning. ! channel from Capo Orh Nt-. . I France, to St. Margaret's Boy, Eng- BIRMINOHAM. Aim. 1->. (UP)— j ltlntl . totl «y In 15 I'Olirj nnd 3D mill- violations of the NRA code were : A committee ot southern planters} "tes. She was the first swimmer formulnlcd here loday by repre- j nll(1 agricultural commissioner:; will lo mnke the crossing since lf)30. i prreont within the u?xl days , to Agricultural Sccretni-y Wallace a Enyllsh coast Miss Lowry pp.nsed a ii action to Washington. U. S. Steel 56 5-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Aug. 29. (UP)— Cotton closed very steady. open high low- clcse Oct 904 965 938 963 Dec 984 984 957 992 Jan !h,3 994 967 933 Mar. ...r 1008 1009 983 1007 May .... 1024 1029 1001 1028 July .... 1035 1039 1023 1039 Spots clcsed quiel al 9£5. un- ch.'.nged. "kes Administrator For Oil HYDE PARK, N. Y.. Aug. 29. UP)—President Roosevelt today appointed Secrelary of tte Interior Harold Ickes as ac-rmihistrator for the nation's oil industry. Ickes will head the planning an;l j coordinating committee for the industry In administering the code it recently signed, nnd also supervise price fixing. i High Greek Court Holds j ATHENS. Aug. 29. <UP>—The Sll-! prcme court tcnlny ratified as legal! Ihe arrest cf S.imuel Insull. Amcri-] can utility magnate. Insull was ar- ! rested at the request of the Amcrl- | can government. Farmer's Home Run Ended in Bull's Death New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 29. (UP! —Cotton clcscd very steady. open high low ctcse Oct ...... 962 962 929 Dec ...... 983 983 951 Jan ...... M2 978 975 Mar . .. IBM 1004 1004 May ••• I 1322 102S 997 July .... 1037 1035 1035 Spots closed steady aM unchanged at 946. PITTSFIELD. Vt. .(UP)—When an infuriated bull bolted for him. j intent upon goring him to death,! _ -'Farmer Ch.irlcs Colton E(ar!?dj Snake Poison Not Fatal [iinning.nrcuud the house, mean-' •p A*L D tit I'• v! ' |l -e yellinj to Ills wife, "Get the To Other Reptiles [.«nr ' On one circuit, as he passed the !rck door, his mfe passed him a rifle. Anr! al tin 1 end of th? sixth own venom, according to tncirit Farmer Colton turned ab- rrof. M. K. Gloyd of the Uni- "iptly to confro-it the bull. A vfrslty of Michigan. I fii g!o carefully aimed bullet Prof. Oloyd recently rcport->d i 1'daed ill t!-.e i-.aiinal's head, and HARRISBURG, Pa. (UP)—Poi- i-cuous snakes arc not harmed ov their 955 077 985 1004 1023 1035 Chicago Wheat open Sept. 83 3-8 Dec. 921-8 hlph 88 1-2 923-8 low close 82 6-8 84 1-8 863-8 877-8 Chicago Corn open Sept. 50 1-3 Dec. hlph 50 3-8 low close 46 5-8 48 hat he had seen a rattlesmkc ink its fangs hito its o\Mi body. : aw another rattlesnake bile <•>»? of Us own r.pecles, nnd also wit-I --—•* a copperhead strike a rat-' ?. and In no case •*.« lliere any ill effect. He rcporlcd. however, tjiat l:i another Instance, the venom of u celtonmonth moccasin was fiul 'o a rattlesnake. it died in I!.- 1 racks. Penny a Mnal Wi« Aid Diocese Finances CHICAGO (UP)—X novel plan to relieve economic difficulties In church dioceses here was revealed by Bishop George Craig Stewart The program, the bishop 'hopes, will include each of the 1M churches in llio diocese here, and enlails Ihc distribution of a mlnl- aturo bank lo each family in the 0 .,..._. " , diocese. Into ihis small lock box ..u-dents of tee senior high school each family will deposit n penny 1 register Thursday and Friday a meal. This amount to about prior to the opening of-school Mon- $n 'a year per family, the bishop rfn ° " ~ '—- J todijr by believes. principal. Under the plan it will be possi- Tliursday We to add appro\imalcly J400.0M ssnteiivcs of stato NHA committees of Tennessee and Arkansas. « 0 ., t ..,^.», ^,^.,...,, .. _ . . Under the new set-up local com- p] nn f or co ntrol of cotton pro:luc- smnll parade of easl bound channel nittecs will report on cr.mplalnts to --' :he stnle coinnilttee.i. on? for Arkansas and one for Tennessee. If the stal? comml'.l-jc^ n:e unable to j f| llcn ilal coitcrTineirodciitf.! n plan arrived the c3innialnl t':ey 'will be O f Harry I). Wl!so:i, Louisiana ag-1 women passed on to the district commit- • -• - - -, inn. toes which will act as a court Of appeals. Allen Fisher of Mrmphls was I tlon next year by a limit on (jin- i "ing. meeting here yos'.crdny, As she fought her w.iy to 11: a elected chairman of the NRA district committee at a mes'.inc today. Roy Thompson of LUtic Reck wn* named vice-chairman, rcprfsentin? Arkansas. swimmers. Sr.c entered the water nt Cape Grls Ne/ at C:3C p.m. yesterday. She arrived well behind Hie record fcr made by Gertrude Ecicrle rlcultiirdl commissioner. w'.:fch j '» !»20. which wns 14 ham would place ncxl year's yis'M at 65! 21 mlnules. per cent ot the average for the last! _ - ' three years. ! rl3vh Has 43 Signers li.iitdoljih Fit 1 !:! toJtiy. killed 'were: Lt. Harley. Grater of Lebanon, Ind.; Cadet. William Pnsclic of Chicago, and Ca-. (let Harold Sandbcrg of'Danver. '. Allots $36,986,956 Oiil* River Flood Control WASHINGTON, Aug. 29 (UPY-A The public wbrjjs administration allotted $36,986,956 today for flood ' control work on the .Mississippi river in the Memphis, Vlcksburg nnd New Orleans'districts. ' . At Hie same time $13,000,000 was ] allotted to the navy department for construction 'and repair work .at" shore stations nnd navy yards throughout the country. Negro Is Fined $50 " i Services Held Sunday J For Sandy Ridge Infant Funeral services were .lield Sun- I rir »m in n _ Funeral services were .lield Sun- lanr K',\\ Kfi Tnpst? "' "MA Recovery Program ! ^y afternoon at the Saniy Ridge >.dp., Ml? -JU Vjuesi!. : ictmelcry for Alberta Link, 15, At Big Wedding Feast! HAYTI. Xlo.—Forty-three C. T. Tucker, negro, was fined $50 for resisting an officer and $10 for assault and battery by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham " yesterday. TV negro at first refused to accompany Raymond Bomar. dep- iitv constable, when he was taken' o «> p rx,.. . i into custody according lo reuorLs.' 33VS U. O. UltlCfirS ASK Ernest Blue, cx-convlcl. accused of grand larceny, waived preliminary hearing. Ikey Uodwn nnd Elmer Wright, accused of disturbing the were discharped. Andrews Bellows charged ness establishments of Hayti and I vicinity r.ave enrollc-1 as members i of the NRA this morning. During \vcidlnj'fcasVof"the"ban l iirie!idev| ln c P^st week a number of firms Chang Shan Hao near ^ere lodayj;* 1 ^ we holdlnsr up awalt_lng to slaying 150 ot MUKDEiV. Atanclmria. Aug. 13. (UP)—Japanese soHiers raided a the Chans henchmen. The banquet was attemirf by 300 guerillas who put up a stubborn rf- sl.;taii(T when siirpriscd by t^e attack. Japanese losses acre nil iui- n-.eciialely reported. learn more about the plan codes under which t^.ey were tc oc- crate, signed, which brought the majority of the Hayti business houses. Only a few have not yet signed. i ct-metery for Alberta Link, 15- busl-! months-old daughter of Mr.-and Mrs. Frank Link, who died Saturday following an illness' from c6- lilis. The Rev. Mr. Stanfleld officiated. Besides her parents the baby Is survived by two brothers. L. G. Moss Undertaking company was in charge of arrangements. Michigan Bank Holiday DETROIT. All?. 20. (UPl—Michl- :. Ban's banking holiday, forerunner j of th naticnil bank rtlstr.-y;. was j Biliie Hesse First to Tropical Disturbance Porto Rico | uiii Gillie's WASHINGTON. All?. 29. (UP)—' Get City Beer License breach of the peace, entered a plea failure to pay city 1 of not guilty. A charge of High School Students Register Thursday, Friday flay, it was announced Miss Rosa M. Hardy, Freshmon will register license on nalnters against . Alley was dismissed. Scott • Renewed Enforcement of cap'.ive for four days by a Traffic Rules Ordered kidnaper who kept a vigilant guard on him tis he walked the streets.] Enforcement of citv traffic rtg- U'illian - " ' '" " ' declared by Governor the insistence of federal Arthur J. Lacy teiiificrt before the grand Jury today. Warning of a tropical disturbance of considerable Intensity but small in diameter, central about 5.00 miles northeast of PuertD Rico, wi.- Issued today by the weather bureau. officials, L T « disturbance appealed to be Old Wheat Quotations LAOTTO, Hid. quotations in two old newspapers n 11,11. 1.3 -•- •• — ...bu •.... ^v..-—.. Ulltul LCUIl-llL Ul CH* H.HIl^. '"O .- . ,t,n~ *l,f~ *V. i'llliaiii P. Wood, 45, cousin of the illations with renemxi vigor will| here, dated 1836 and 180.. gave he ite President William Howard! begin Ssptfnib'>r 1 Police Chief EdjPri" of wheat as S233 a bushel, 'aft. won his freedom after cry- Rice has announced Ths COD '- S lvcrc ° r tl:e Nob!a late Toft. --. « U ..^ WM inj for help in a crowded San According" to"The "chief all regu-1 County Journal, a Francisco market. The policeman latlons will be enforced --•'-'—'•""'"-' -' "-••who rushed to Wood's aid was shot j equal power and must nnd killed by the kidnaper. Other .bv motorists'. This weekly paper, moving westward. Japanese Diplomat Has New "Short Visit' Method Were $2,55 a Bushel TOKIO. (UP>—EIIJI Amau. new spokesman of tte Foreign Oflice, i UP) —Marksl has a simple method for forcin? unwelcome visitors to cut short their visits to his office. When cards of the unwelcome are brought In. Amau agrees to see them but before itey are ad- Hesse, proprietor of Uncle lunchsland and tourist cjimp on South Division street, was resident to to sell beer the first Blytheville secure n city license nnd light wines. Hesse paid the $15 license fee and secured his license yesterday. Mcorc's cafe, J. P. Livingston and the Green Beetle cafe also obtained licenses. An Incomplete check by city of r fM.-ils y&terday revealed that the new beer was being sold in 18 places In this city. A further check todoy Is expected to swell the number of beer retailers." WEATHER police then shot the , kidnaper,'latlons covering lights Identified as Howard Meek. \Vood j prohibited U here shows the scars on his wrist, restrictions .urns, and parting doim. well as the usual Butter nnd <:g£s were quoted at 551-2 553-4 517-8 53 3-81 'following day. , r .v 1 v »..« ........ --- o „ ..... „ ....... , ..-.,,^^, Jlla 11H „,,„ 1M% ,, lt 11J >,,.. ----- .. ., ...... b .., ---- ., ..... ana in« higher classmen on Hip jwr year to reinforce the financial from being lightly bound \vlth_iccklos5 driving and spmlinF! vio-' about the sninc njure as al us of Mie churches: wii re during his captivity. lations. __,; being 28 and 20 cents respectively. ARKANSAS. —Partly cloudy to cloudy tonight and Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity: cloudy to partly tonight and Wednesday. Llltle change In temperature. . • The maximum temperature here its to less than five minutes. Am»u | yesterday was 89, minimum -. .72, asserts, adding thai-he coos not.cloudy with 1.18 inches of r»ln, consider his diplomacy a violation according to Samuel F. Norrls, o!of the "open door i»lioy." i ficlal weatlie r observer.

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