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The World from New York, New York · Page 6

New York, New York
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Tuesday, October 3, 1893
Page 6
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Great Test Kacc Proposed by The World Meets with Favor. BREEDERS, OWNERS AND TRAINERS DISCUSS THE NOVEL IDEA. UNCERTAINTY AS TO THE WINNER. INDEXED SUMMARY OP THE RACES. ttRls PAIIK. Oct. 2. -Tlilnl dny o( thi- fall merlin* ot the Now York .Tnckey Club; wrathrr track fft.«t. '.BI linn-. -A vwprtkfnfSI" cnch. with fVXl ndilnl. (or malilon two-ymr-otilii: llvi- f tn,l"i.' Nnmpofbor HMtl Itnlln. US 174.-. Anntmmm. U 17.-.7 IKiilli'M. US... - Viminii. tin.. Tim,. <l.r-7V stnrt. mill*, lull", mil. " 1U, M inn?. J II.J !» ft II Flnt«h| .Inckor. ••! iNntilP. «lt, i|t,.rcrn. 4 isiniiii-.' .7i™ n u n •i Oo«e. ft n H n f , I'lncr 2 (1 •J . iS.lnnki'1. 111! 'Kiln; 1 * linuclit, Illc MM. Ill' . 11(1.. - 4 :ih I a* H in ift 10 H It. A. H 1711 17111 174" 17.111 17J7 _ rh , |i,.] r - 17.'*! 17H'.' (lll'idi The novel Idea, nunrntfd ^T The World, of A contest between a MeyelM nnd n thorough- fared rmoe.homj In training uas universally discussed yc^Urtlny by turfmen. U wiu n«nvd on all haml< that the match wcmM !»• nm-nf tbo most lnterv*tlnE In tho history oftbnturf. It WAS ulwi admitted that thr question a* tn the Improvement or iletorlomtlnn of our prvsont race of thoroughbreds would l>c effectually KUIcd. Mia A. Morris, tlic proprietor of Mnrri« Pftrk, and ft corvful studctitof brcwllnc. thinks that tho racc-horw of to-day b better than the raco-horse of the |>o*l. "I am convinced," said he In dL«ru«inn Tbe World's SUKKC^HOU, " thnt a rnco-borw n run for nn Indefinite te trait. That Is the theory I * I' 1 ' 11 " 0 of the hunter. If the MrrvIM rnn do no letter i |7y() th»n 2.VJO the horse will l*nt him sure. The World's suggestion Is a mo-t IntcivstlnK one.'' Mr. Morris when n youns man superintended his father's hones In KtiDlun.l, nnd now owns one of the largest stables on tbe turf. Ills opinion b worth pomethltiK. Philip J. Dwyer, who has made a large fortune on the turf and who with bl.s brother ho* owned many of the grrntivt lioraw In America, takes an entirely dial-rent vlrw from Mr. Morris. "In my opinion," tald Mr. Dwyer, "the bicyclists would win. sure, thnt Is. if the distance, as The World suggests, l« mailo twenty mile*. I don't hellcvc there Is a thoroughbred In the world that could beat one of tho crack bicyclists twenty m!lc.<. Green I). MorrU, who Is regarded a* one of the best trainee In America, who ha* owned any number of celebrated ran.*-hows utul . sUuaMcd n fortune in the buMnosjt OK'recd with tbe owner of Morris Park. "I believe," Mid he, "thnt the raco- norscs now can run lust as fnr as they e\er cnuld. Why, they take our old. broken-down tprlnten and ran them In two- mile races: \Vi- oon't train lor lone races; that's the only difference. If uutmlmxl for four-mile bean you would ftnd our running just as well la they did yean ago. "As to the sugxcstlon In The World ol a twenty-mile rare. 1 think the bor«e would win it ami would win It «ure. A hors-e r,m:ht to run the distance in forty-seven or f<irty->even and a half minute?. The Meyelht would have tills urciit disadvantage: He winilil have to maku thu pace. All the burn- would have to do would I*) to lay K-himl him and run over him at the. linlsh. In my opinion it would be a very easy thing ior the horn.-.'' Edward Kelley, «m ol the well-known tanker. Is n breeder of thoroughbred." and a close student of jicillKixv und blood Hues. He nI*OOWlls II MU-(V>>ful ruelln; f-Uble. "The test race Hiiasotwl in The World," wild he, "would IK- extremely Interesting to nil breeder.. I don't bcllevr you could find a horse in tho Ka«t. however.' that could run twenty miles nciiimt a hicyclM. We huvc not only liecn brinllng (or ^,;\, but we have, Utn training for speed. From the time u thoroughbred is a year old he is prepared with that Idea predominant In bis trainer's mind. A horse might l« n>ecliUy trulne<l nnd win Hit 1 doubt If an ordinary nice-horse, under the present conditions, could do it. "I believe, however, thnt while an Kastem none could not go such u distance, that a California horse could. You know they arc closer out there to the old- fashioned Maying strains Uian we are, and there have l«cn more long- distance races In recent years.'' James Galwav, • • the master of ITi-akness,'' who breeds and races his own hor>c..s and takes *. *?*!" lnl<"»*t in the thoroughbred, thought tho bicyclist would win. "It would be u novel race," said Mr. Galway, "and I am not quite sure that the thoroughbred might not surprise us by his staying power. I remember some time ago when Larchmont ran off at this tmek and covered four miles before the little l«iy on his back could check him. Phil Dwyer'timed 1-nrch- raont for tho last quarter of a mile and he ran Ittn twenty-lour and three-quarter seconds. You never can tell what a thoroughbred won't do In the matter of courage and endurance. Ball I doubt very much if be could heat a man on a machine Hku a bicycle twenty miles. William Ijikelamt, trainer ol Domino, who stands at tlie very head of American trainers, wis very sure the bicyclist would win. "We have been breeding for sprinters," •aid the great trainer, •' nnd we have got them. When 1 was a toy riding hones wo hud thoroughbreils that could stay and show you speed as well. Now It It Is nothing hut speed, and nolxxly cares whether they can stay or not. It Is a sure thing that the bicyclist can win—that Is, over a distance of twenty miles— as The World suggesli.'' Major Wyuii, who has been matching hones all his life, and who was standing by, agreed with Lakeland. .."Why," mill he, "those English homes they bring over hero can't run four furlongs without their owners fearing they will drop dead. Breeders on both sides of the water nave gone crazy about speed. Heat a bicyclist twenty miles! They couldn't beat an ice- wagon. '' "The bicyclist would win sure," Bald David Gideon, one ol the shrewdest judges ol horses in the East. •' 1 don 1 1 think tho horse would have a Chinaman's chance to beat him. It would be a "cinch" for the wheelman. The World's suggestion, if carried out, would furnish a great race, however. Only I would like to take the bicycle end of the betting.'' And so the opinions went. Close observers, careful horsemen, trainers and owners were al. divided. While the majority were convince' 1 that the bicyclist would win, the minority Included some of tho wisest horsemen lu tho East. There la only one way to settle tho question, and that la by a race. It would be a contes •worth travelling many a mllo to sec. RAMAPO WINS THE PELHAM BAT. Interesting Booing and a Big Crowd at tin Morris Park Track. Another perfect afternoon yesterday drew a big crowd to Morris Park. The racing wu Interesting from flret to last, the most notable feature being the Pelham Bay Handicap fo three-year-olds, at a mile and a quarter. There were nine starters, among them Rain bow, who has not been seen for several mouths Although Sir Walter carried tho top weight 126 pounds, he was made tbe favorite Gideon 4 Daly' s Ramapo and Richard Croker' Prince George being tho most fancied of th others. Ramapo won quite handily, beating 81 Walter a length. Bir Walter was Interfere! with and cut off In tho race, or he would hav won. Herald, who was on extreme outside i at SO to 1, finished third, only beaten a hcac bySir Walter. Raceland, who was leniently treated In th handicap, beat Illume without the least troubl by three parts of a length, which he could jus W well have mode three lengths. Loudon was a bad third. Kacelond was a heavily backed favorite nt 2 to 1 on. The other lour races were for non-winners •Helen Nichols slipped into the third race wit , nicli a very bad lot that she was mode favorite , with 0 to I on. She won hard acid by a length W. B. ivas second, three lengths before B Jove. At the post, W. B. throw Tnral, whose too caught lu the stirrup on he fell. Fortunate! the horse did not attempt to runaway, an Tirol was able to extricate htnuelf unhur from his dangerous position. Mary Stone, at a to 1 on, had no trouble 1 beating Madrid, Annie Bishop and Florlnda 1 (be tilth race. Annie Bishop, almost as Btron a favorite for the place iw Mary Stone was to win, Just beat Madrid by a head, Tom Harding looked to be BO sure a wlnne , in tbe last race that ho wot heavily backed a 0 to 3 on, with ten fast ones starting. H 'Justified the'confidence of his backers by win mug very easily In 67K seconds. Frog Dana wan second and Minnolmha third. Tbe UnJen Association te trying to get up iwoepftakes for Dot, 10 between Tammauy — rand Rudolph, Tammany tocarr Lamplighter 110 and Rudolp nt indication!! are that the race I'. ItnuT W. Mlil< 17A7 llleMI.I. Ilii :• »" »Mi •"• »" r I'"-;" 1 '"' i—ii i-imiicM ito -- -- — - " !r\lim. UA" : ii,!rt!ord. ii'v.: 1 ::":.:::.: - - - _ - . - i» :I.™M.V. ~ One Tno Ttir.*»' !t*.ttllic-lt'>lln, H toT,; Anivvnniliv :l to .V Knlli-M. I t'» . r Ili'lln •• l.'v r.i.lhiThlll M«TTV MnliliMi: Kmplrc stabli' 1 " Ii. c. Annw-nliiln. '-'. I'V .Mmr.ivy Mn.ll""i sinl.v'' 1. " rnlli.1.1. 'J. by 1'lr.ile ,'f Ivninniv llluilli.ln. Muliiols |:nlil: Mrnlitht. for ii iiliuv. $l:l.)Vi: Aniiwnnila. plniv. JIII..W Slftrl [ulr: \MIII rn-llv. I ~-^ Srenn.l Itnrc A hnmllrnp s«c, |istiikr*of Jlnrnrli, wltli $l.l!0ll»ililr<l: nnc mlli ' ' ^ ftirlnjie. Timc--l.. r >;l4. mile, nill'f. mile. Vllllsli.' Jockey. illpcij.Cl. 'J :i H r> •i 4 i tif. ImloT. .l.iihl. 117 in,.. 10 ,1,111. HIT .ti.ll. IIIO.... in. Tlir,-, Sinn. mile. r. r. 4 ill .) II 1 4 Ml ?i" I" n 4 W.MIilsle. ; Irving. ; .i. r . 4 in . 4 THE WORLD; TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1893. Princeton Head and Shoulders Over Harvard at Football. TIGERS HAVE BEATEN THE CRIMSONS THREE TIMES TO ONE. IS THE CAMBRIDGE TEAM AFRAID? presented a summary of the plne ............ . "iini-i'-iiiiiirniitTilliiiiS'l'tnT:" I ..•I.\mi.l~io :i. M. r. li-.vv,;r>hrq.TtjicHlin,!. i hesltntlnff or refusltiK to play Prin n l: 4"^^^^ h "™ ]C '" " vcry """"viable '* Mnit g\*Ml; won >-a«lly. I *-*-|fc Thlnl lUrr. - A swerpstnkrs of $11 e.irh, with SiHHI iwlilc, t t «' oni- nut> In tSlct: sU liirl.iiifs. Tim*.- l.liuv ^ il: tor ann-n-lnnen of more limn 1 Snnii-of hurtc. Hi-li-n Mi-hols. 1O7. \v. ll.. IIS llv 110 riin mIt. 1 lo Mhltiktit. 1H> (1771 > jislali. 10;>..." Two. Tlireo--llMe Slnrt. 1 .'• n i 1 4 "« ! lie. lull, 1 , milt". I'lnKh. .Tockry. llrllT. Tumi. ll-nnUM Liilntily. b !t t.v In~in..l» ' IlivVle I1.-II: M. M. Alle'irih. ••. llv Jov. : W. ii.,4tii.-i: Hy .love. :t to .'.. Mrfalferty A WHImnl's plian liltl: II. Slci'lellnml's h. Ii. W II., lllenenrrv- . :i, hvi-yrns ..Miircelln. Miilnels pnlil: Mtrnlght, $.">.7ll: (or Nftmo of horw*. imro ll'J •.iV'Wnlter. l'«> — lllTI.1'1. "7 lili'tllllliVIII''. i 111.....'.'..' ll.-i stim. tmlo. i r. 14.MI lllntiiNiw. 1011 U 177'^ 'Commirll*'. UNl 1 ^ 1 tini 1 . 'l\vo. 'I hr,.''--l'am!ipo. " !lnnni|M>.jl. l.v'or 1' Ilh II r, 4 II H II KIllNhl Helow 4.:, fnuihnll unini'M played by Prlnce- ! ton, Harvard nnd Yale olnce the (Mij; three collcKcs tlrtit met. Harvard by ceton (lOBl- tlon before Iho lovers of mutily pportfl, 1 n.i will bo Been by a comparison of the K;imca plnjcil iiy llnrviinl nnd I'rlnceton. i I'rlnceton has beaten her Oimbrldijc ; rival three times to one, nnd thrci; of these times hy very large scored. In the face of tin- followlni; figures fnlr-mlnded inen will n.'ik how Harvard can claim s ! superiority over Princeton—how Bhe can refu:-'(.. to piny her thla year without mihjcclliiK herself to the chnriic not only I of narrow-nilnileilnes.H, but of cowardice, wiciistnkoiot *•» I'rlncctdii ha» not hurt hnir the number — . . . I of students to draw from, nnd nhe hus np™.r'iiV«e!'i 1 luV'e7 i also relied more on undcrffrartuntoR than TO SUCCEED QEORGE QOLDIE. " Count" Oinnnlnl WiU Initruct the Wlngod- Foot Athlotos. Olnnnlnl, the populnr all- "Oene" around ntlilete of the New York Ath- VIOTORIOUS. Australian Cricketers Beaten by an Inning and 68 Runs. (Sperlnl to The World.) PIHLAIiKM'HIA, ()«•!. 18. - I'lillndelplila paliu-d a most (U'oi<*lvc virton- over the Au«tm- M'BRTDB BROS. TIRED OF WAITING. Think the Owners of the Norwood and Vamoo«e Do Hot Care to Baco. The McHrlde brothers, owners of the stei-m yacht Yankee Doodle, send the following letter to the Sporting Editor letle Club, linn been delected to till the vacancy of athletic Instructor to the j'">" clrrlivtunt here to- day. defeating them by I of Tne World, as regards their challenge Winded Foot athletes, caused by the "" Iniili'K mi'l <W nm«. The; ilny wni nn Ideal | to rncc Norman L,. Munro.H ynchts rcslKimtlon of (Jcorsc Ooldle. No con- | " ll(- tor 'Ticket, anil ne:irly 7,OI)O pcniilu went Vamoose mid Norwood: tract has yrt bi-en aliened, but the : ""''" llu ' Ifc'lmont Kmimil*. matter will be decisively settled next! T ' m ^'"'Tlniiis1'tit up ti'limdld rrlckct, Ink- 1-4 III It in in •jii 'JO in in 411 •in Tuwilny evenlliB, when the N. V. A. «.', Board of Governors will convene nt the regular monthly meotltiK. It Is understood Ihiit Olnnnlnl will receive the same, salary ns his predecessor—M.r.OO. Goldlc returns to hln old love, I'rlnce- ton College. It |y rumored that there IK a Mory bnck of his resignation. Imt this cannot be confirmed, lloldle'n homo Is In Princeton, and nil his Interests are centered there. The. famous trainer has amassed n competency, and as Mrs. Goldle Is mnnuplns two we.ll-pnyliiK boarding-houses In the Jersey town. It Is probable that the veteran prefers to be ni homo on a smaller salary. A prominent member of the elnb 1st authority for the statement that (lolille will, in ull probability, look after the ' i,,'IT i,ye« ..........!;!'.; N. V. A. C. track nthletcM during the j 5V''! 1 '".. summer months. wh»n the colleijK liiKadvaiitiii;e ot the AuMrnllims' weakness, while Cnpt. Patterson "linwi'd udiinralilc Jinlz- inent \\lih lik lowlepi and lleWrrs. whom hi> rhiiiiKed rcp,>:itivlly to answer the rei|iilre- inenls of Ihe neiuiliin. Alee. Hiiimernmn i':i-lly i-arrleil ofl'lhe lionorj of tho ilnv. (iolni; in HTM In thesei'iinil ImiliiR, he rnrrlefl his but tlimnKliniii fur 77. The M'oie: I'lIIfjADKI.rillA. (». H. ratlerson, run nut fid 11. 1>. llriMvn, c. mill b Inckhirn Ii I riimlilc '.'I \V. hcoti, run nul.... h A. M. Wiunl. h. HrilM 411 K. II. Iliililvti, e. Troll Ii llrucp 11H W. W. Nukle, b. 'I'miulili 77 f. Cii»li<«, »r.. Ii. llruii in .1. \V. Mulr. l>. C Ini lnun n II. I. Ilrnwn, not nut Mi .1. W. Hiil'liin. niniiul 17 J. It. liliiK. e. II. Lynns, h. Iliuim/rinnii :ill rhlUvk-lphla. Sort. 30. 1J03. Tn tlic H;iortln« 1-Mllor of (ho World: nn Sept. 1> we went you ISM &» forfeit mfnrr In Ihe 1'iintomtilnti'il threo-roniercd race, vl7... V«nuH»se. NonMto-l nn'l Vanki-e Itomlle. nt J:,.00i) H rnnii-r. \Ve were iiKBure'.l by a teleRram Ih^t "in h ii ra»-i! i-Diild lie nrrnnRod. We nrr mitist''- iinrnlly Inform.-'! tliat Mr. IMvles. the linrrhaiiT ,n Ul,f,. Vumn.iS". who In rnnne-tcil. In l.iiMiira*. wllli Mr Mnnro. nulhnrlie'l The World In sw llm Hie Viu:n,nne and Norwood woulil compete. AKuln:it thr Vnnkeo Doofllo In OIK said thr'e- '•nrin-reil rare. However, now that our mnn'-y IUIM 1,1-,-n ill' for tthout three wrrka. flnco Sent. \1, and nellher Mr. lliivlei nor Mr. Munnj havliiR coven-d It, we rrnpei'tfully ank you to return It tn UK, H» wu feel natlsllod that nellher nf tht Kenilemeil named rare to rare any of tlielr hi'rtU nuahist our prw Yankee. Itomlle. With th-iiikH to The World for kind Interest In trylnc to bring on a rare, we are, ve.ry truly, youra, M'llltlUt: lllttlS. Mr. Mnnro was not In the city yesterday. Mr. Davis.' who purchased the Vamoose for Mr. Munro, when shown tb" letter had this to say: If In ilnlibt buy nt: n'erroat. $10 ^ENGLISH TWEED Overcoats H-fi Harvard, notwithstanding her Inferiority Islmnn. !W. Ml.lEli.y. Ii il '. T<> 4 1(1 in •HI K f, 4 B-ft It in i ; sir Wiiltrr. 1 lull: Ili-nild. :lln 1. (iiili'nii ,t Iliily'n Vh* <-. nllne -Annie r.: ilm-ek sinhle's Ii. e. sir Wnll.-r, :l,-by .Mldlnthliui viinrs b. r. IIi-r.iM. n. liyKlilKhtnf Kllerslle.-Liiey.Ini'k«in. Mlllui-ls (mill. . $lj.t«ft;!«lr WitlU'r, |il»ei', *M. Ift. stun K ,MW| ; VM.II liiiiullly. In numbers. To consider Harvard's present attitude without thinklni; of her , past record one would suppose she had won the football championship very often. The truth Is she never won a championship while she won In the In- tt milieu-late bengue with I'rlnceton. I'rlnceton has won several champion- Klltb>. —A swecpstnkes of $10rncli, with $S(HlmMo<l: seven furlungs. ii?l». nin Index. Nnin*. nf horse, stnrt. mllo. m 117'iin Mnry stnne, UK* 4 4 4 17114 iSl'i'i'li'ul.' ll'iti.'.' '.'.'.'.'.'. 'l V i» — •Flnrlniln. Ml 1 1'4 H \V. Ji'iinl!iT«'f.lir. m. Mary stone. Bishop. 3. by Mr Mmltvd-KI« Me Q . Ilpttlnir open, cloif. I'l :i in i-f, . .. In Ibo piutuels tlit* Mrnlcht poul was otT; for it pluo. o " start «ooil; noil t-a.slly. mile. Finish.! .!tK.key. :U lh l\ fiocEi'tt. •jli -Jh ah 'it. ItnrrK 4 -I :f 'Slinins. I 7 111 lliil_;tl 4 Ivei-fe. ' illl mi ,7 t.y sir Moilri'd—flosrmarv; H. ^vViTrtike. r,r.'n, b. f.^A k-k; 1". .!._ Imyi'r.t sou'i'br. i¥ _ ships and stands well up with Yale. And *" i Princeton stands ready now to i;lve Har:-, j vurd a chance to win lost honors. H r, 10 I'toni the llgures ulven below It will bo seen that Princeton 1ms beaten Har- vunl nine times and Yale four times; while she lost up to 185!) (when Harvard campus Is a deserted spot. There were several prominent trainers anxious to step Into Goldle's r,noe:>. and for a time It looked as If .lohn T. Crohs- li.-y, tho famous professional athlete. Instructor of the Columbia Athletic dub, of Washington, had nn excellent chance for the position. Although the professional had us good backlnpr as old "Father Hill" Curtis, the Athletic Committee decided that Cllannlnl would be the best choice for several reasons, the most prominent being that bis Intimate knowledge of his comrades' ability would offset any superiority that a stranger mlcht possess. Then his long rowing experience makes him a most competent coach for crews, a fact which had much to do with his selection. Taken all around. It Is doubtful If the club could Improve upon the "Count, as Qlanninl Is known. It Is a hard task to Illl Qoldle's position. U "Mr. Mnnro Is perfectly willing to! I , rnee his boat, the Norwood, uKalnsl the- 4 Yankee Doodle, for $2<),uOO, one race, \V1I1 u tnnt yenr'n overcoat ilo? Not for tin, wo. hnven't one in the store (we never rrtrry nnyllilnic over). <)nrn nro nil new. full, derp nnd ffrnrelul niul f!O« Here's n lot of ^enlch.v-looUhljt Heoleh Suits for 91 £..jf), very rnstlillnlln Its to slvlr. Very sinnrl. Then «-e hnve iioltlo Niunrter one*, inn, nt n little higher ID price. Total ......................... IIOWMNO ANALYSIS. II. it. HI IIU (llfTon. Trnmble Trolt. t'oiinlnxhani II'HI (ii: }\ V i'. i.vniis ',-, ;ii 4 ii limn iso im n :i Illeilorj (}|| 'J7 || H JtiliilK'niillil HI 1 'J 1 WUIcs Mrnee. il; (.'onnlnKliiitn, 1. No llrlls- Trmnlilf. 4. , , , , t , the dlntance to be from one to fifty '•' nilli-H. Mr. .Mnnro wants the race to Im ... i doflded In New York waters and pre- "•'fers to race on tho Hudson. This Is !,ian acceptance of the Mcl.irldu Brothers' u | sweeping challenge made some time ago." . AI.'.STIlAI.fANS— F1I1ST I.NN'IMl. Is one man In a million as _... for In an athletic instructor. But his successor has the advantage of eight years tuition under him, and has developed Into a splendid gymnast. It Is not every good performer that makes a good teacher, and Olan- nlnl's efforts In this direction will be curiosity. H |s A. f!. lliinni'rninn. e. H. I. llrmvn, .],.!. Lyiins.c. Hidili'ti b I'liltiTsi II. ClllVn < \\oi,,l b hlliK (I. M. S 'iriltl b Mnc N. Hrti'-c. e. U'noil. b. U'lnir. II. timlmin. ma nut. H. K. llni(»r> i MIIK b II II. Trilinlili I ttnn.r b II N. (Illlin IK) mil A. (Vinniiiirhuin, b. Klnir. .1. .Mcf. lllnikbiini b Hi nu llyes ..... bvis Ii. Kln.t.. No bulls Total.... „ llOWI.l.Nd ANALYSIS. M. W. urysio nruucd thnt hlB Intimacy with his pupils i'^YTin'm-n iu ill may retard his effectiveness, nut aoidio \ v . scon ::":::::::::::::::::::::::::: \" •"> ^iv kii^.KoV :?r is "" \° pliiy wlth her) ' two Bame9 io ^ot^ c r r iht, I z 0 £ l ^ in ^-*°°- «•»•»-» •-« » ' ^ ' '' ! Harvurtl uiul six to Yale. Six Kumcs I much. not count for of $10 cixrh, with f*WO ivldcd: f In.lox. I Nnnio of hop**. 1(11 'Torn }lnn.iiiK. t'l ;;i7> ! Kn»k* l>uiuv. v\ 1774 ' I reunited In draws. Harvard In the same i (-'IwnnlnPn weak point will be track , 111( __. , ' " Ill " Bi nthlotlc.1. He haB had nome practical ox- biit one same from \ale. in i pcricnce In this branch, having been a fnlr runner and walker, although hardly • ' Hut, as HKCOND IXSIXtJH. A, C. nnnnornmti, nut out J. .!. Lyons, c. ItiilMon, 1>. Patterson U. flllli'ii, c. Ilolitt'ii. h. llnnvn ... (l. H. S Trult, c, Ho»tt. h. Mulr. N UriKi < Jlohhii h Mulr II., c. .Mulr', Ii. IviliK H 1" (In Lorj ( t «nt( ^ b MK H Inunhl* b Kin:, Princeton and Harvard did not play I netting Open.Uine. I-l mile. mllo. tnllo, KlnlMi. i .Torkoy. •' 1' 'IlrltT. '8.1. Yale and Harvard did not play stated, it Is probable that he will hiivi M. W. r. '2 4 1 Tho Vnrnna'B Opening Show. The Vitnma It oat Club will hold a. fcrloa of monthly boxIriK totiritamcnU throuKlmut the whiter at Itrt AtlnnMc avenue. Urooklyn, club-hoiinc. TUOH- ilar. Oct. 17. lias biMin Fct .i« (ho oponlns nlsht. nn'l ttirct- rlnht-ro'iml boiili tin? on the ran!, 'flit* most inimlnt'iit (if tlm cont''«tH In hftwrrn Ullly \Yrnon. the IIav<>rKtrnw lad, und Jack Alkcn», of tho Nimpitrio! Aitilctlr f'l.ib. Thry will ni.'c-t id UK piuiulF. An rxi-ci-llni;lv llvrlv fcaHiirwi-leht flxht t« prnmlflt'il In Ihe mrotlnR of IM Curry, of N'f-w S'ork, nnd Tom (.'nniify, of I'rovldfnr*. Th- 1 nthrr rlKht-round nrRiimi?nt Iks bptwocn KA UHtman. .Mm t.axdlo'H l-r,-|»f>und«r, und Jim Carey, the Ilroohlyn lightweight. Spcrtiuj Miscellany. Bavoy Club.—I'mlor thr cnndltlonn H'a fount U if) nnd ho In out. It would save dispute to ntlck tho rpRiilar pnnio. PlRylng th(He Irregular gnmrs T/H>-S lpad« to contention. PKINCKTUN. N. J., Oct. 2.— Figures obtalnod i-nlght from tb« t T nlvprslty Tr^n.iurcr nhow that in rcrclptH of the Prlnrnton liaKPball Aanoclatlon nl f.\cri?d.>d $11.000. Of thl.i rum moro itm 1S.OPO went to provide tratnlnB lablcn, coach- r«. and mi Ha And bain for the men. Travelling i*cn foot-d up more thjn $'J,100. and yuaran- CH (o vlattlnR nines took about 11,700. 245 BROADWAY, llct«crn I'nrlt I'liirn un<l Murray «t. . 115 , i ir, VXtnrtilctl; (or iinirs two yeanom; live • i; Fimrock, Ifio. :>i to l; Kspi fo»l Mine. 103 1-:. 30 to 1; jlaytirrry,' 97, ^0 to 1. nactvrn Jolm. 97. 10 tn 1; MnrnlnR Glory, 07. 3 IM 1. Motitla'>-. l«3. I 1 ) to I. also run. Tlmr— 1-0.1. MiinteU paid: r,lurlan:i. IJ.OJ; place, J5.70; li.i.idhurnt. I.I.---P. $7.'.-. iJ'iUrntnTK fdtrlc:i for to-day: l*!rst Han—I'lvc f u rl 11:11; H; h<-nten hnrnon; Kcll- ln(*. —DPI roll, i Anx.i-in. i;udUt<»r, Jim Fn^ln. liliif^H'i k. Plenty iiri'l l.cinon HloK^om, Hio jiouiuln cai-h; llljch r an.l MM^'t, M2 fin-*i. Htft-nnd Hare— ;Mx fiiMimn*.—Appoinattox MH'l Sir KnlKbt. US ra:-h: Ccmicmlst, ll;!: 1'aimry Iilrd. 110; Ibaway Ull nnd Hlndoimr.', IO-'nM>-h; KIliMt. (,'lani.i an I (iraittihoppfr, 1"»3 i'H-h: Venus- burg. Starllns an 1 Mabel A.. IPu each; Thf Kult, 9S; itappbo and ''.irric II., &5 cara. ITT-Jj Mc< r att..'rtyA\vVstiarU'hHuKb pptmy. !<«> ,. Tb1 ,^ 1 «««-*^~ "** mil*; nelllni;.—Wallace, 110: 1T54 \V. »'. DMy'tKlfU-llu t« \ 0( '» n "'..J l>t ' : . 1<cl .* h : .> M ^ Un ' M " llct Rni) . lll'X. I.b. J'J \V. II. Forties's Fair stnr lift — Ultima £ Imly'KNt-lgli'ii 115 17:«l J. A.. A. II. A Ii. II. Morris's Iji MlSITC 11177 Wiu.lilnitlnliMlulile'sliiiliIi'11 Vnllcy... .1. K. Mi-l'iiliul'l's Muinlc It. filly lUitniip'* Miiblf's Antl|«''l*. !!."> l.inulutliin ll. r > llscl Itiun'orits s.tnhl,.'s Iiorlui' ll. r i 70 Mi-riillvrtvA Wlsliunl'" Ar"ii:i.. 11.1 17.1:1 MiViilIerty ,t Wlhbanl's Ili'lli-swift... US 17:HI W. II. Su'iuli'sOn th.. Wuv ll.'i il llju'v. -A MM-i'pslakfsol $1,1 each, with drtl: hniulU:up: out- mil*.. 1.115 W. Jcnniuifs's llnller 1O7 17(10) McCalTerty A Wli-lmnl's Ni-ni 177'2 r. Flt-ischtnan <t ssm'itsjmih luiraey- U5 .. .... y~ ir: Thlnl Jlftct-.- FJ-S<-X M«kf«« for two-year-olds, f\tf*) rnch. with il.'.'.'iOiuldi'd; -Ix (nrfoiitri. 17U7 r. Klfhrhnuin.t^ni's si. Mnxltn US S U.Ira*, in: irth IM ach; Jn I--OT],' I). ,101. unp-Mx t.Tntn mllc't.— November that tlie Crimson and the Tigers met fur championship honors, and Ihe Tigers beat the I'rlrmioiM. The score was Princeton one i;nal. ono touchdown; Ilar- vitr.l m> goals, I wo touchdowns. In isxo "l-'nlr" Harvard's colors were again dragged In the mud by I'rlnceton, t!h> latter winning by two goals and two toucliilxwiiH to one goal and one touchdown. Tin- siifi<tlPH stood l! to 4. but us tliey did not count then, an- of no slgnltli-unoo. In 1SS1 Vale :unl I'rlnceton tlwl again. Vale and Harvard played a close Kami-, but the safely wan now worth two points, and as Harvard was forced to make four, Yale won. Princeton could not score against Harvard and the result was a draw, 'out the to excel In, and the new Instructor has abundant material to work on. It Is almost certain ho will make n succeas of this department, whatever else he may fall In. Having not yet signed the contract which will take him from the arnatettr ranks, Cllannlnl will compete at the championship meeting of the Metropolitan Association of the Amateur Athletic ITnton, which will be held at Hergen 1'olnt on Saturday. In late yean* the - "('omit" has devoted his athletic efforts • to weight-throwing und with some suc- - - . -- ..... - - ---- Rtrathmr-Mh. 112: pellna P.. 103; Ilpul Brand. 107; i Championship went to Yale. ! " ' 17-t'J J.A...\.II.uiul H.H..MorriVsMi-loily- J15I KUih 171H J. Itujn'crt, jr.'n, Uin^di.U* lift Hrsirtlni. H.tnty and Kt-v dc! M.T. Mt .M.-JI: KM and \\Y*i- | chfutcr. 102 eft'-h: Tom Skldmnrr, 93. . . ., HJI17 s. W. Mn-«-t'sHulll!-i- "Ti:i A. (•uviiirssiiim-ui-nii- ......................... irj 17117 Mannn liiilv'ssiiin LIK-JU ..................... Ill 17H7 II. r. Hrilli-y's IJI'i-niint ...................... Ill 1TJ4 J. McUiUKhl'In's Ucriiln-nt .................. Ill ' 14K*> OiiK-kSt.Upli-'H Fusil.- 1««8 I'rfitkiicsH stuhl.'-^I.iijhtfo lit t ............... KM " " • F!v*> rurlor.RB; lolllnR. — Rlnfax. 115: Str.ithmnld and J. V. l'., 110 raclt; .ra«l iind Polyilnra, M7 ouch: Ilnnjanln. Kan Klnn. l.irkln, Nativity. ll<inrnt Tinn, FldiZf-l. HiTndon and Sholly Tuttlc, 10. r i each; Mtnnli' J.. PIxth Ha.--*—Seven furlonRn; nelllnK.—Cnnlrlbu- tlfni Hiid Lonely. Ul .'.t.'li; Kr. e 1-im und lidrcfo'U, II 1 * ca.-h; T-:c.i»l-. I.on! Mntl*y. Joe I'urt.T. KlnpE WEEK AT LATONIA. 1773 Jtuvl.'A LlttUMU-ld'stialloplnif Klni; .. IfKl (.Tab. Marcus. I'adre and IVrallo. 115 earh. 174il J. K. MoDmmlil'HUublciiii ItMJ Fourth Kiuv. -Thi- Sprlntt-n' llumllnip; n viM'pstaki-H of f JO cucli, with fl.OOU mhlwl; six 17«W IB W. M. Harriet's Dr. Hathrouck I'M 17">lt) U. Cniktfr'HStuufiiLdl 1'JS 1700j J. A.. A. II. & It. II. Morrbt'a t'or- rfCtfoti IM 1270 \V. J. SpiMn's Llzettii la" Hiirvard jrot a victory from Princeton In ISsi;, but like Princeton she wont down ln'foro the blue and Vale hud tho clmmpionslilp uKiiln. Now tin.- scores bepan to bo tndlcatod by u moro intclllRunt Bynt'Mn, namely, \ points, IIH follown: A tnuclulown four p;ilnln, 11 Koal rnHiilttn.? from a totich- tluv.'ii two points, a ^onl fnim the lU'lit llvt> points, nnd ti Hafety two iiyainHt thu nmklntf It. In iKSTi Ilarvnrd thought ahc could not bent I'rlnceton, and would not pliiy never approached 17S-J M. Morn'HTciigiillitnt 117 17711 M. SI. Allen's My Jnvrt 1« Klllh lliiee. —A swci'|«>Uikw of #11) eiirli. wltli , ufxl itd'lod; for thni'-yi-ar-olds; ftyven furlnliK-.i. i KWI1 \V. ixinohu.-'s KIK:!R- Ill) 174H J. IluhtMTt, jr.'n Younu Arlon 110 177'J Ii. K. bllllth's Wunnmir Ill) ' A. Heavy Track Made tho Racing Tame nnd Uninteresting Yesterday. (t-'perlal to Tho World.) LATONIA. Oct. ;•.—Tbn track was licavy nl I.o- j tonl;* to-day nnd the racing was of itK- turnout jllon. Thy favorltua and (Udders mudn an 17.V1 \V. Hcndrtv'H Cotiiioti* K I'.'H'J \V. J. Snelpi's Llsclg 107 177'J) SrcCftfTt-rtv*: WHhunl'B Hmcli I'cnny 1O7 1771 J. A., A.ll. A lJ.lI.5lorrl.Vs Hudiator HW 17IW N. HtmusVslti-KlimlU H« f-lxth Hin.'e.—A cwf«-|wtakH)» of 910 t-ach. wltli F7A*)iulded: setllnz; out- mile ant) u slxtot'iith. 17tW W. t. iJ.-1/VlVrrWfr 10/J ' nl « ht - l>«tall« of th i raco« follow: 17«1 C. Wnlki-r'»>"ow or Never 10'J First Ilaci— Solllni;; pur«* S350; (even furlongs. 17tMl C. I.ltllelleld, |r/H L Thc InijiiuuMtor... 1)0 —Fk-ttwoM SiabUi's Merry KycH. 91 (ilralimn). 1770 Brown i even division of the races, ai thrcp of each won. Secretary Hopper ofllolally announced to-day that the meeting here will end next Saturday, ami that the fUukf*. of the LaulHVille Jockey Club will not be run ofT nt thla track nixt week an stated In (lifpatclicrt ft-nt out from LouUvllle Saturday . Muy Win « m 17O4) C. J. Kclly'H Ktrkuver .13 1IMU J. K. McUonoM'ii CUIof Justice IJ-J 12K2 W. J. HrH-lni'B LlHfltf - , W> Hovcnth lifter.—A Hwet-patukes of $10 each, with $tii)uacti.b<l; OIIP mile urn! u mmrter. 17M-J J. A. A./H. iH. JI. MorAtt'HMlnne- haha 110 11770) McCaffcrtyA Wlnhard'8 Helen Nichols.- 110 17M D. MIller'HCharralon 110 1740 11, Cruker's lu-d Uanner - 110 LORD HARRY'S $700 PURSE. He Defeated a Good Field of Sprinter* in > old Easy Style at Clifton. • "" Th« fleldi at Clifton were CTCO larcer than usual yesterday and the Btartera had no eaiy tblnif of It to get the hones away. There was largv crowd present and the track was Kood. Thirty-four books furnished the betting for Iho croud, and M only two favorites won they did not fare badly on tho day'i pUy. ! Lord Harry won the feature event, a five fur- loon d&ah In tbe fourth racn, easily. Play or I'ay made the runnlne to the turn out of the won handily by two k'nRtha from llanhfurd Munor'K MfKtor, \t\ (A. Clayton), who wan a hf>ad btfore Kar.diLlI k TUoinpion'H Cudot. 1)1 (J. FlMher). Time—1.3 p i<i. lluUlna—2 to 1, Merry Kve«; plare, 7 to 1!>; Mcatnr. placn, 2 to 1. Tlie other fiarttra were Ada llehitn, Trenton, Detil- zetle, Tom Daly nnd Early Hose. Second ICace— Piirstt J4t>0: ono mltr.—Ilashford Manor's CJaacoii, 112 (A. Clayton), won 1 eanlly by a length from A. I*. Kermi8on'« Probuaco, S3 (Gnthani), who wait two length;. In front of O. n. w«st. Jr.'n. Kins David. 87 (Psrklnn). Tlm*v— 1.47?i. Ufttlng—7 to 10, Gascon; no placu betting; [ I'robRBt'o, place, 8 to 6. Tho o'.hor Btartera were I Krontmun, Hcadlna, Jennie Ml tun uud 1'artah I Queen. Third Itace—Selling; puree I3SO; for two-year- ; llvt- .furlonRS.— Equitable Htahlo'u LH<i Crlpplit.&T (J. Ktahcr). won In a driving ftnlah by ' a length from Pan time ti(«bl«'n Volt, 9' (Per- * kins), who wa? r. lonpth before Uata Uron.' ' King Howard. 1J9 (Fryman). Time—1.07. Llet- tlng—7 in 1. I.tttlu Crlpplo; place, 3 to 1; Volt. plac*j, oven. Thn other utartcru were Valiant, Moto, firatB Hanley, I^nKPOrt, Twin, l,eo M., fur- Prlnceton wullupfd Uurvurd, IS to Ii. In 18S8, und -11 to 15. in 18S9, the Harvard niL«n aay that Princeton la "small fry." THK KKCUUD: 1H77- Princeton, 1 goal: llurvnr'1, '2 touchdowns. 1H7H—I'rhux'ton, 1 loiu'nilnwn; Uurvurd, 0. 1H"U— I'riiicotiin, 1 giiul, 1 Muft'ty; llurviml, 5 1S8O— Prllii'i'ton, '2 mn\l«, '£ touclulitwns, 0 wifc- tli;^; Hurviml, 1 trool, 1 touulidown, 4 wife- tl.-s. 1881~Prliic(tton, 1 safety j Hurvnrd, 1 Hftfuty. IMH'J—Hurviinl. 1 goul, I touchdown; I'rlncoton, IKWJ-l'rlucHtoii, 'Jtli'mintH; Hurvunl, 7. lHN4~I'rliHTton, U4 iHilntH; Hurvunl, 0. 1KW5—No irunu*. 18H(1—Prlnci'tun. lUpolut.Hj Hurvunl, 0. 1HH7—lli.rvunl, lUnolntH; Prtncctoti, 0. IKHM-Prtnci'ton, Ihpolntif; llurviml, H. . although he clmmp.onahip form. SANGBR, THE FAVORITE, LOST. Windlo Won tho MUe Invitation Race at Waltham. (Special lo Thf World.) \VAl/ni.\M, MttBs., Oct. 2.—Over five thousand ponions wltncmtpil Iho full racca at tt« \Valth.ini Cycle 1'ark to-day. Th« rac^n wore good, but mu<:ti faiitor time should h:ivu been inu-k'. Blow time may be accounted for by th* noRlcct to put a lime limit on each event. All the "big OI.PB" ivpre out. Including Zimmerman, Sander, Bliss nnd Ithodea, of Chlcaxo; Johnson, Haiti. Hanker, McDatllo nnd the Clarks. lU-tw^en tho third and fourth racen Zimmerman rode un exhibition mllu, to boat thu track record, liiul two Hindus and a tandem to p*co Mm. Altlioti(?U hlH time on quartern averaged about IHW1 -Princeton, 41 points; rinrvnnl, IB. Jhb7-'KJ—Tutnlti; 1'rlnceton, a KOU|«, 4 toiic tlnwiiH, 10 fiud'tlcs; Hurvnrd, 'J goults, touchdown!!, 1U siifeth-.i, SfKl-'lHi-Priiieuton. lai notnta; Ilnrvanl, 4«.,,, Nov. T fcSSSgtf$$$!£• lh "*" "" I OuoffttinutlHl. Ex-Capt. "Harry" Bcocher, Yulo'a great quarter-buck, said yesterday: "Of cournc I am not In u position to ex- prcHH Ynlc'H undergraduute opinion re- KurdlnK a Princeton-Harvard game, but I can tell you what I think about it, and It la also the opinion" of every Yale, Harvard and Princeton alumnus with whom I have discussed the matter- Harvard should certainly play Princeton thtH fall. "Iloth are representative colleges, and tho tfume between them was for years u feature In football. IL' Harvard should ,. v f i manage to defeat Yale It wouldn't make c* Hot-por's Fyelet S6 (A Clayton)* ^ ier Champion until she had also met and won" eaaiiy by two lenRtha from R. ' E. tlrou- defeated Princeton, as tho history uf nmr/a Iteiwln niflUnrt. 100 (F. CnrrJ. who wa» a! football shows that the only way lo lenuth boforu Oat» Hros.' Aurora. !*» (Oruham). ! Judge positively the relative merits of Time— I..JH, Jleiitnn—-1 to l. Eyelet; place, none. I two toamu la to have them settle It on Ueesla Upland, pi ice, none. Ihu othvr startorn t {lift Held ^Tfif'^^'puri^'lMo" ""J mJ).i*"°"^« .... I. "'Httrvanra great effort Jor jiho past it. (HI 48 •II II 14 t) ROBERTS_LEADS IVES. Little Interest Manifested in the International Billiard Hatch. TTnilor mo.'it unf;ivonililo clrcumstnncsa tho International mutch ut modlllcil Knu- llsh lillllurilH between Frank Ivra, of ClilciiKu, and John Roberts, jr., of London, for u stake of 51.(MO und the net (tnte receipts, opened at Lenox Lyceum, Fifty-ninth street and Madison avenue, last night. The rival champions were to have begun their 10,000-polnt game dur- !nif the afternoon, but It wati discovered that one of the Hlate slalis which form the lied of the big table had been broken In transportation. It did not require a groat deal of time to cement the slab with piaster parts, but It took some houni for the cement to dry. It lacked a few minutes of 9 o'clock when the table was found, upon examination, to bo In Koud order. Budd Scho- fleld, the veteran marker, Introduced the players, who were well received by a very small crowd. lillly Sexton, who consented to referee the match, was warmly welcomed. Ives won the bank and missed. Roberts led oft" with a mlH.s, und Ives missed after scoring seven points. Home excellent shots were made by both, but there was no real excitement until thy eleventh Inning, when tho Chicago man got the balls on the mil and started tn for a long siege of straight carroms. "It's all over now," exclaimed a young man who, despite the fact that his trousers were rolled up, appeared to be puzzled nt the method of counting. "Why. (,-lvlng two points for a carrom, this fellow will close the game right here." IVCH nursed tho balls and retired on a irlss from the spot aft"r the balls were frozen. Roberts, who was then leading. Horses, Carriages, &c. CLOSING"DOT"SALE In order to reduce our present larK<' htock, THK WIDKNINll OK KLM ST. compelling us to vncate our present ware.rooms, \VIC OFKKIl AT COST, HKTWKKN NOW AND .lANL'AHY NEXT, rouRhamft, llockuwayti, extension-top Cnbrlo- '!*, I'lmotons, Surrey^, combination Traps, Jji- k-s' I'hiH'tons.tnp Iloixd WaKOnl, Two-Wheelera, luckboartU, 1'ony Carts anil linn Harnctis. A nunibpr ot above SliCONI) HANI), t. n. IIAHCOI'K CO. ,400,4(M,410,412 Ilrnomo st. oven, hln la^t (.uurtur a^oincd to lie at Int KBlt. "/lin'H" time was for first quarter, lit.; half, 1.02 :i-5; thrco-quarlt-rs, 1,38 2-5; md mllo tn ^.07. Thla lowers thu track record by j;ht Heconds, Uetween the fourth and fifth events Harry C. Tyler rode on n-third of a, mile and broke the world's record. Tyler made thu distance In 28 li-Dn. The nurpriue of the day was In tho one- mile Invitation race. Out of nine enlrleti only four men appeared for the start—J. P. lIllHtt, of L'hlcaBo; Sanevr. Wimlle and H. C. Tyler. Everybody looked for a walk-over for Sangcr, but the beat ho could do wan third. IllUn, evidently, wati only In to pace the crowd, ua after leading -, -- - -------- -~. •--,-, humllly to tbe three-quarl«rs ha dropped out, ! appeared to be Retting Into his strold.. leuvlnic throe men to finltth. Banxer was fourth ! lie followed lip a run of 4G with one of wbnn ItllHs dropped, but watt clone up. Ho rode j 106* In the thirteenth Inning, Ives brought a hard race, but could not win out, Wlndle j them bundled again and piled up 72 crossing the tape a winner by thrco feet, with before the balls crept dangerously close Tyler second, ttn feet ahead of SaiiBer. The lo one of t i lft K ^ ( poclteta, making It "aSSSfi M, L e. ppe,-H, C, Tv...r, jB, rt ,tf.,U {'.f^'^J'te^.Jh'l^.n,? uSl-Vs'^Sce^i his opponent's bull enrly In the play, aiiO made moat ot Ills run of 54 irom the red. "What do you call that?" aslcod pray-bearded man of his nearest neighbor. "Tl'al's losing hazards," was tho reply. "Well, this Is a losing game, anyhow,' remarked tho old fellow, Klanclne around the hull, "und I'm not going to lose any second; Time— u. C., Oral; U. F. Taylor, Waltham U. C., K. U. llald. Uutfalo V. C. C., third. ft 2-5s. Olio Mllo (2.15 clu»-U. F. Taylor. Waltham C. U., Unit: Ii. C. llald. UufTalo I*. U. U., second; K. A. Nelson, Sprlngtlcld II. c., third; time, 2m. 44 2-Ss. Ono-Mlle Invitation— \V. W. Wlndle, Sprlnifleld D. C., llrst; H. C. Tyler, Bprlnntleld U. C., second; W. C. SaliKdr, third; time, 2m. 15 4-ba. Two-thirds of a Mile (handicap)— U. A. Ilankor, Plttsburr, 1'a., nret; K. l'. liald. Duffalo 1'. c. C., S3;ond; K. J. Tltua, lllversldo W. C., third: tlino, 1m. 31s. One Mllo (handicap)— B. A. McDadle, Maiden il. 0.. first; J. C. wctterKroen. Maiden II. ('., second, und F. 8. Elliott, Harvard A. A., third; time, 2m. 21 2-5n. WBSLBYAN'OAN'T PLAY. Unable to Get Up a Team to Meet Yale To- Morrow. "' lr ''- Tlmc-O.MV,. lietllnK-2 to'1. Connie cr;"pTace', Ad«)« filly won tbe four and i, half furlongs 4 to 5: Shuttle, place, n<— "" for two-year-olds Sy two lengths. Sadie W. was «" Uaulile. Mcsnalla, S secona .nd Qeorge Dl.on third. Summaries as. su'lh Race-Condltlona same as Hrsl race; seven Allows: furlongs.—P. Phllllps's W. I,. Munson, IDS First Race-Purse »(00; selling; one nll«.— ffl! r ?»?.'..* 0 ?.!!»?' ll j![. b ?'..*..'. a ."« l A. l ™ m . . J - K «"«- IIK 9 *« i /w mm ft.... v. ™ ,i» ' er ' a I'lttte Annie. 103 (Meux), who was a neck 106, 8 to 1 (N. Hill). Int; Van Dyks, be [ oro in, slar t cahuln' ' 10J, 4 to I (C Jjbnson), Kecond; Uoncuhier, 105, -- — — ___ ....... . _ . . . ;port ... . from ones eml of the country to the other ions. Tho other starters arc aroused at the Injustice of Harvard's lusle D., Voiantress and , position. Consequently a possible vlc- :ory won through Harvard'R present policy would not counterbalance the impression she would give tho public, and dletown stating that Wcaloyan was unablo to got , more slee|i. Good night." The game moved along slowly up til the twenty-first Inning, when Ro run 101. Ives appeared to forget foi some time the presence of the pockets and conllned his play more than ever ti carroms, with indifferent success. Roberts depended upon thu hazards nnd played a steadier game, apparently, thai pli thi C to 1 (Uraztor). tblrd. Tbo Fop, 1(15, 7 to 1; Bpartaciu. 105, Co u 1; Adjourn, 101, 60 to 1; Signature, 105, 20 to ); Spring, 102, 10U lu I; Illil 1)., 102. 30 to 1, und Van Wort, 102, 5 to 1, alao ran. Time—1.45. Mutuels paid: Cbedder, IS.SO; , la-u. |>v.. Van Dyke, place, 13.35. Second Hace— Purse 1400; selling; four and a halt furlongs.—Adela filly, (4, 5 to 1 (II. Jones), first: Sadie W., H, 7 to 1 (J. Murphy), second; Little Ucort;«. 94 (Pen kins). Time—1.3IH. netting—3 lo 1. W. L. Mun- Hon; place, even; Little-Annie, place, oven. The other starters were Caroas, The Hero, Deceit and May T. Louisville Fooling. (Special to Tne World.) LOUIBVILLB, Oct. 2.—Pools gold at the Turf GeoriKi DUoa. il, 7 to 5 (Brooki), tulrd.' Marbla,' Hxcbange to-night on the races to bo run at 103, 30 to 1; The .General, 103. 16 to 1; Jiikli Joaepb, 100. 20 to 1; l-oatmald, 100. 12 to 1; Annetle, 100, 0 to 1; Honey l)t« colt, 1)7. 20 to 1; fajrluf Teller, 07. 8 to 1; Andrew F., 94, BO to 1, and Napoleon, 94, GO to 1, aluo ran. Time— 0.57. Mutuela paid: Adele Ally, I3.2&; place, (4.20; Bailie W.. placo, KM. Mori-la Park to-morrow as followa: Plrat Race.— No pooling. Second Race.—Hugh Fenny, S20; Sarah Ilamey, 112; Pldello, J10; Holler, 17; Nero, It. Third llace.—Qalllee, 125; Stononollle and Bam Little Nell, MM; place, 118.25; i-ou ituei place, 17.60; Mini Nannie vaa le(t at the post. Fourth Race— furao 1700; wlimlni; penaltlei; Are ' lo 6 <Henne«sy). furlongs.— Lord Harry, 107, 7 , , , first l Major Daly, 108, I to 1 (M. Hergen), second j Capt. Wagoner, .107, 15 to 1 (Dallard), third, lie! Demonlo, 107. 1 to 1:. Aftermath, 101, 100 to 1; Ulylhe, 105, 40 to 1; Early Blossom, 104, SO to 1 Mabal Glenn, 104, 30 to 1. and Play or Pay, lOi! Blxlh Race.— Now or Never. )20; The Iron- master and Llselg, 110 each; Ktrkover, SS; Tor- rlfer nnd May Win, 10 each; Chief Justice, 18. Seventh Race.— Helen Nichols, $30; Charralon, 120; Reil Banner, It; Mlgnehaha,' S3. o . 1.08. Mutusli paid; 12.80; Major Daly, , , C to, 1, «iu ran. Tim Harry. 13.10; place, 113.60. • Fifth Race— Puns SOOO: selling; seven place, fur- NHW STOOK BTORH. Lord Mahler Brother* Open Tholr Dry QoodJ Emporium. The grand opening ol tho Mahlor Drothera' «,oo.™». „,., » , (unmni. Btcoaa; unmix,!dry goods emporium at Sixth avenue and toi, a to i (Diaxe), third. Koiipao, 121, it to i; Thirty- first street drawn big crowd ywtcrday, BOMrjScJiiiB, w, 7 9 to i'°3uMn' 0 S'nid M «« :< 7 to il' Tl10 ft 1 ™ I'M but recently moved Irom Its old *-"™Wl<£' n ti £„L lU »«™i,'"»«'Ui .l«««*r» into the new tour.ntpry building and M.HOJ place. »«.W; j ^^ pu< ln ft pe ,y ^p^ | uo ] u dl ng J ttnoy flry «« a team together to play on Wednenday. AR Boon ' Uj'UU u. tiLLUUiui fjiiiiiv:, tiin^tii uii 11 j . nun ...o American. In tho thirty-sixth Inning IVCH added 109 to his score, but he la bored more maktiiK this run of "ca rons" BeemlnKly than Roberts did In two of his rune. The Englishman ran tho night's game out In the thirty-ninth Inning. Tho score; IVPH—0. 7, 10, S, 0, 11, 6, 0. 16, 3, 17. 28, 73, 10, 0, 2. B, 20, 7. 26, 10, 13, 6. especially the preparatory school boys, that she is not a fair factor In athletics/' To tho Editor of The World. As a Frinuelonlaii who witnessed the Curabrlilfie came lu 18B9, I wish you uucceaa in your odor IB to brlnK the Harvard and Princeton teams togethur again on tho football tluld. 'Tin noodleau to Bay that I would fnin nee a ropotltton of that soul- Ktlrrlng game of 13SO, but I would even bo willing to ace tbe Tlgertj mevt defeat If thut would soijuru a ro-eatabllathment ot tho old good feollnic. The Harvard management must, If they wlnh to maintain a reputation for the falrueim thnt tthould pervade all amateur and especially college ath- letlcu, yield lo tbe d«mHni)a of collouo ulumnl and the aport-lovlng public. Harvurd ban not advanced a Dingle tenable reason for refusing to play. Princeton and Yale both know that gamea with well-dlnclpltned trama Berve to uhow up their weak points ua nothing else can do, and the men aro far lo«» liable to Injury than In contests with tenma where brute Btrcngth und roughnesa takea th* placo of Kyutern and Btcill. Under the olrcumatancei, It U cow* ardly and babylih for Harvard to retuno to meet Princeton, eapeclally so when they boaat that the team that nha.ll repreient "fair (?) Harvard" U thli year the utrouffeot that they havo had for many oeaaoni. II. Q. Q.. Princeton, '00. Valuable Stakes for Trotters. (Special to The World.) LBXINQTON, Oct. 2.—Eighteen entrlei have boon received for tbo Transylvania* Stake and sixteen for the Stallion Representative Stake, worth 112,COO, to be trotted at the Kentucky Trotting. Hone Breeder*' meeting, bogl lining here Saturday, All the eventi have Ultod well, and the grentcBt meeting in the history ot the awocUilon ' ' o' 1' i 11*. ..... --Halton found that Wealcyan couldn't come up to tho scratch, he telegraphed to Hartford to arrange a gamo with Trinity, if passible. If Trinity cannot come down, he will try to got Amherat up here, and U bubtllnu to havo a game arranged by to-morrow night. WalllH, tho sturdy tackle ot last aeanon, was tn town to-day and coached the team. Murphy, tho crude Andovor tackle, who came here after it woo reported that he bad gone to Itrown, put up ii ruttllnit good game and IH a promising player. He welghu 178 pounds and knows the game well and ban lots of <Unh In his work. He played tauklu on tha flrst cloven during tho last half today. Armstrong nhowed steady Improvement at half- bacK und Hoemit to be tho kind of material Illnkey U looking lor. The faculty still has the _„ i n tnwl»w in ,lnv nnlrt- Bcliodole ot games under consideration, after keen- an interview to-day said. tn« It a wtuk. final approval. average, 14 6-19; beat runs, 109, . Ilobcrtfl-HO, a, 4, 2, 57, 10. 0, 0, 3, 23, 46, 106, G. Gi, 5, I'l. 31, 30. 0, 191, 4, 44, 0, 0, 11 26, 42, .12, 12, .'1. 0, 11. 8. 36, 0. 16, 05, 37 total, 1,001; average, 2527-39; bast rum, 191. 106 Play will be resumed at 3 P. M. to-day PHIL DWYER ^STAKEHOLDER. David Blanohard No Longer Holds tho Big Sido Bot of Mitchell and Corbett. > ot gamos under consideration, after keep- Thursday U tho day now uct for Corbett Joins tho Harvard Squad. (ftlioclnl to The World.) CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 2,—Although John Corbett stated In tbe first part of tbo year that lid would not play football thin season, he turned up fqr .practice wltb tho forty or more candidates on Jarvls Field this afternoon. Harvard will now have on abundance of material for positions back of tlie lino, and U Is not Improbable that Corbott will play ono of the half-backs. Marshall Newe.ll also plnyed for the first time in his old position at right me bio, im Joo Upton, although on the fluid an a coacher, nas not yet decided lo I don tbe canvas, Howland llussell, centre on laat year's Freshman team, played opposite Lewis on mint. H",I Cftptt Power, ot th« Is not over swytuiBt — "-nawp-" linn Football Ing an eleven "" team, .. . B mw«nm ft . sptrltBQ. but as ft sscoiio team was composod in the main part of light players, Captain Wators^s ild> oarrlsd rt of list the lull dawn tbe Hold at will. It seems 19 be the s«n«ral wntlmsnt st Harvard that Waters should luard, return u his position ot lolt FtUpntrlok TWoy, (Special to Tbi World.) BOSTON, Mass., Oct. 2.—William A Brady, Champion Corbett'u manager, In "Tho money originally posted with David Blanoharc of thla city from Corbett nn Mitchell, to guarantee their appearanc , In the ring, has heen transferred, am will ba poated with Phil Dwyer to-mor row. This money will not be drawn down, but will KO as a side bet. Bot principals agroca to this." Baseball Brevotleu. UNIONTOWN. Pa., Oct. !.—The New York playud the Unlofitown amateurs bere to-day an wore defeated by the score ot ID to 10. TO],HIM), U,, Oct. 8.—The Clnolnnatls dofsated the Clevelnnda hero to-day by tbe score of to 4. It was the nrst ot a series of uamea to the State ohamplouehlp. DON'T BE CARELESS Don't ba ton oareleM to examine oloo»l_ when yon tn to buy a bottle of UAJi TKIt'iH MTTI-B MVBU I'lLLH. Ainu ii|il>rluol|il«d denlern will hand you Lott.e, put itn In KBI> wrnupwr. nn Imltathiv " C'.A-U-T.Ii-lt'H.' Auk for »li;A-U.T.E.U'a," jtui) b ««r» you «a( lh«n»i A Vo5iTjni,,ODBIt FOU HICK "' ' \fuBAI)AUiiB» n-i.. ; .,;'-}-"r ! i w,', , ,,.i3ls$®$8f?,. dis&tfe A C!OMPI,KTK CURE OUAKAN'TKK1> in tin two lo (Ivy weeks, o cluir«f for <xm.HuU.itlou orcxamiimtlon. » dcti'iitlnn frmn biiHitn"w or ploiiKiirf. iinpcnitlon. puln nr dmiifcr. JLIi;li(*Ht roforoncop. ull or m-nd fur imn.phtat. ItAIHCAI, UI 1'TUlti; CUKR CO.. RAT HrnaiHrny. Kntrnnrc on 17th Nt. Ofllrp hniint, l» A. M. to , r » I'. M.; Tursi.ny ami iiy i'v<MitntM, 7 to H. Pianos and Organs. One Timr, 15r. /nr liu>': *>->'>'nt[ Time, ?.V. ptff linr.; Tliinl (mil .-v^f/m/i' 7'n.ifv, ?0<: ]>cr liiiei !it'. prr Inir t'jrtrit nit Xiii:i[nit/t. PIANOS TO~"R"eNi\ ' I I.AKCK AXli l-:i.l'.l!AN'l ASM 111 I Ml .NT OTf BRIQGS PIANOS. Also liiinrtiliiH In -iccoml-harHi piutio.*: nixh orln- Ktulineuls; cn^v IITHH; tuning niul n-imli'lnr,'. C. II. JtlTHnS'itCO.. WIT llniiHlwuvdNtlisL)^ DO YOU WANT A PIANO ? Now. sprnnd-hrmrl siiiinn- or uiirijrlil: rush or «usy pnyiiirntM; lurirt' n-s^ui'imi-nt; special tmluconu'iitrt: rt-iits JJH*. Inift PIT innntli; Imr^uln; rlrcu- lar, rutiiliiviif. it.-., iiny iiddn-ss frcr. 1'KKIC A ..._. Jii[]j; - L . WISSNER PIANO (Miiily tlmt-i'liiss piano .snltt ou I'ltny monthly lytiKMits; '.viu-raiitfd ten year", l-'nrtorv utm irumoiiiM, ttM. 2fHl, lifts Knlinii Mt., Brooklyn. L.URCK~f*VA"NOr Tin- onlv ilftiifhubln ri'lUiiMT PIANO tlm* n be- put Into tin* SMAM.KST l-'f.ATri; ronLl . nnd npwiiril; [mrt tent a!lowed if ptivcliUKOd; nu-nl.H. -Ith HVI;. ,_r»micr'Jfrth ft. EMERSON "PIANOS, J/Sthnvo.iUMir Ml list. IlliiKlniludriituloffiicsfro* 1MAMIS T ) ICKiNT. Biir(riilnH._()tlu'r nuikes tiikt.-n In (•xc'lmiigo^__ < Is so superior tn nny _ ... . . nt her plnnu nf *mme prlira ut It will pny you t4t sec It; wry IHn-nd turms I InstulmiMits. Call at v.-itri'rooms, uintulrs, Maat Mth st.. southwest comer I'ltton Hipuire. (F'J'i m.ih. or $;t per Mionth. NKKDHAM PIANO OUdAN CO., I Knst J'lth »t.. Monthwost eornrr I'nlon Si.nuro, A N'I'KI.'IAI/ <H''I''i-;i.. " A choice of fifty uprlitht plitnns, various makes, OO. *rjr». $.l"»li ( SflT.'j; hiKood rnmlHInn, odilurt I'innii §140 nidbnrv I'luno 143 $."» monthly until paid; exo'lliMit planoH to rout, " P * \V. K. WHKKI/iriC * CO., ?:( unrt u/S Ka-st 14th st._ T-octuve ujirlirht, J?W; Wt monthly. II, V!M, *J!Mi, 'Jl)H rultoii st., Hrooklyn; __ _^ _ _____ _ Uincr, stool mid cover; I*K) Kast 'Jfith «t. _ ' V DAUdAIN* FOH SOMK ONK. A K*'t'tltjniun, having met \\ It humid inlsfortuno, i'lll Krll tils very ImndHnmi' roiul mid lauiily horse, i;ven years old; prlet 1 , $^(K>; I liavi? iievemt times een oiVered lour times that timutmt for him; Is rompt, tinlnml mtulstor of (on miles pur li<air; 1 vlll Ktiitratitee, him absolutely Hound and gentle nd to trol In •J.;*.'i or no nalu; be iHHiife for ladles drive aroiiml depots or uny plaee In tho city, iw e l« not ufruld of locomotiveHor cleyuted; an ex- tllenl saddle horse; bred In Ki-ntucky; Kutl.sfuc- iry trial Klven; hn must be seen to be appre- lated. its In? Is In (-very way us represente<l nnd escribed— fust, sitfe. Hound nnd reliable; also ut rent warrlllre,, netiny new lirt>w«tnr top btiK^v nd set buriieKH; hell Hepnnite, i:)7 17th t., bt'tween ilth nnd 7th IIVPH. i HOUND y«i'uiiK truck Imnt*, also truck niul hnr- ili'fis, two biiKlneas borweH', &4<l to ^7< r >; two top ;rm:ery wagons; banjuitin. 105 Fi-ee-iimu st., Iruenpoint. _____ !ii-:TJiu-:i) inwrNKss MAN (ffnicer) wiHiics o Hell blH horse. ~W PnclIlcHL. .i.uurHmlth Ht., IrooUlyn, lSINl-XS WAOONS—'iO innv WHROIIH, $iV) to ifHX); all stvk's; fully warranted; 10 Hecoml- jnnd, S'2<), $4O; wayoim taken In exchange. VASHlNUTON WAGON CO., 471 WushiuK- 'TitST-C'I.ASS STAIUiK iict'ommodatloim; ulso uood work bursw to let. WAlins, 4tfli to 4«1 Wi'Bt CJIARLKS M. E1J- Kt. •'OH HALl<;- r A it-year old coll, untrnlni'd; COHIOH of the bestntor.k family In this country; filrud by St. Put rich. vi,H87; ilmo '2.14; ulso ono uhiMtuut naro,Mlre<l by Ainurtcim,i;riintl damo by Abihilluh; ull her (uicerttorH fast piurora; lo bo sold wlthnui reKurve; cMtutn of Iholitlu Win.Hurley. OHHprlng M., llTtinlon, N. J. ^ill 8A1.K"— Th» InrKOHt Block of flrst-clnsfl inutelied earrlaifo horrtutttn tho elty coiiHtautl> n lumil: Novenil beuutlful palm of OKI hackney vpc.wlln extra high knee action,In til) colom and Ue«; also troltem and alnwlo drivers; trliU Kiven ind vo.terlnury InsnecUon. J.F.CHBMON, Htablt'H 2 17. '210, 'J'j:3. atffi WnHtfilHtnl.. Ncxv^orjt^CHy^ KOIt SAI.H—Pair chcsinut horHfis; Hoimd, K«ntlo well matched; IOUK talln; Jit hands; very liand- nome, Htyllsb, and KOOC! r\)attsters; now ut Henry ISyiitiH' H Mtihlo, Htf i51k_H£. i^JVjyyij. ?**L_y: OUHXlJ-:—Oray'niuru; ~B-your old; warranlud Hound; would nmko a JlrHt-elusH coupe, horse, Apply at C'owperthwidt'H, iUH to itOTt Park row. OIi'sAIiK, uiu'iip. In iH-Vl'eof iTondlTlmr. » mall plneton. Apply T. At ANN, MuuDomud'n *t«- ble, _AUtli_Ht. i»'*| OK BALK—Horse, KOOI! WIVROII nnd tmriuwH, tpTO. jiu > K;UKuT47!l_Uinox uve. UoT), KINI» JIOIWK,Top platform aprhiff |JUH!< IIGHH wu«on und liurnuw._ji(K! II Hdwn at. HOUHKH IIOAUDICD ^ Muiulowbrobk Htooli l-'iirm, Nowtmrff, N, Y., onu mllo only frou bout hindlnf,' uud rut 1 mod; driving nua cout'l ,)on<tmK|H*cluUy; vcturltmry In uUcumuico; no ux tra cliurKts ^ TlIEJ.'M.TlORrONICKCHMAMCO. Will sol (it aucllun from u Mublo ut .1(17 ICitst '2m\t Kt., 01 WKDNKHDAY, Oct. 4. ut lO.SOA. M., fiilgooc 1 work hontes, welultt l.iiOOtol.-UH) pouudacueh BUlluhlo for trucks, curls or WHKOIIH. Hold ft) wnntof unoiliirhiR tho winter. Pomoits desiring uood, HCitKomul liorHM nro Invited to thla sulu Will be on exlilbltlnn nil day Tuesday. " - DOEHH, AnctloneorB. WANTKB—IJght coupe llockawiiy; utHO goo ucvnml-lioiul liroughuni; niuat bo cliuup. '•' box ilWJ World. ,..J5 FOH AI«L, buslnoss or family liorso HI: Uujegy; iU<m cnrrlaffo for four, Imruoss, Ac, 4o West l4tlth Ht., ntmr Amattsrdmn HVO, Sporting. MORRIS PARK. whoro »i)i)oliil trains connect direct to truck. Trolley cunt ovury mlnulo dlruot togruuU stau from «U live. ft»U l«tith Hi. . Vuro lOo. . HUDSON COUNTY JOCKEY CLUB Ituclng uvtiry Tucsdiiy, Thursday tuiil butnrdu at 'J I'. ^1. ,luy, 42U, (JlirlHtopltor, ilfiruluy (i l-ltlt st. ferrlet* evory 15 lulimtos connect wit stoaiu or olQctrlv can direct to truck. All tloke hsned during mimmur innothii! nro mill gooi IlookliiKjunjiU^ uveulB. B. WHfriOHiaAll. Buoy TtlUBK VVlNNKItM liVU tV I«AV I promlHeu; ypstorduy I aave ueven—ono 10to: one ti to 1. and flve otliera, >Wlnnorti to-day TUUFMAti, ' • _NTLKMAN, ouxoKed at CJloucntitor But Truck will exoeute oommMoiu! of $a and u ward, 10 nor eout.on net pronta. All lurormatli. oBBouilnl toHuccewi sent dally for$U per week Fronta remitted numoUoy If desired; references D. V., arket at., Cqmdeii. N. J. VIQWAM—Come on, boyBTTiva winners Hit 70 Bill i 81 dull Ull, vuf«, llva WIIIUUH lonlay; iret loiiff Bliots to ifor'D.iiMli m,,flroudw»y day 19 TUUP INFOBif ATJOK BUBBAU, OfHoM, 1. Uroudwuy-Call. luvestlmto; wlnnerai mo orrtera telegraphed | <l»y. Ipj; week, tip. W3STKD—aimflemun acoustonied to playln raee« to put u« W260 to carry out »y»tem prove to tie oertftlnty anrlnc past eight TnonlbB: half In terest after satisfactory Investigation,: Full Fa tloulars, Uo» 481 Wqrlq. NEEDHAM PIANO xl u I'M N Knu [sM>, CJIS]1 Ml' lllMtUlll N ASSUHTMKNT of Hi',i ; i'irid-irului~Si<>l~iiw1tr Ki-MTid. stiuan! mill upi'fjrht plains, sumc nearly •\v, nil fully Win-milt,M! ; also, (of fiilc, clii'itp, tho rj;''Ht stMi'K of si'Cond-hiin<l plunos of othtir nkiTN. turlmlltiK everv pniiniiiont nanu' In mt>rli-u niul Knropi 1 . lk>\viuv of bngus In^tru- iMits n-iirt'^cntod as Kenulm-NU'lmvay plnnos. l'K(N\v A VA SONS, su-lnwny Hull, 2.r\v York. , #i:;o; nil Improvements; warranted; Stelnway; \rK»hi. A.vrisKM.'S. l^ r >\yv st .'^ :1( lJi'- __ . L>Ios'! r NK\V *S(M»'uii"" peduls; Htaniltird make * " .. ; no olVer refused. i!14 __________ elecunt upright . Call all week, ________ _ T/MTiST NR\V handsome, uprlKht ptiino; la Improvements; (ln<* lone; must waerltlcu; esldenec, lilrt Kiwi lilst st. ____ ilKNTI.KMAN oilt-rM fcir$Ilio, piano, cost $UU<> K!.\ months UK<> » KasrJIid st. _____________ __ f.AHY LMlntf abroad, will soil her mtiRnlflcRiit uprlvhl piano for Sl-JOO; orinlnal cost SH.V), four lontbs a«o. Inciulre Private 3le:ilde,nco, 1-7 ^ast 1 17th st. ____ ^ V LADY mnflt RturrlHce $Oi5O upright phtno; nootl . llver-monnted, handsomely carved; a crv iKiwerful un<l n\veet tone; 7V c)ctnvis also. ';er's warruntee, £1 iHlllal. _ ___________ — MaKiillleent piano, brilliant tone,; stooC improvement; sacrl- tone; 7V c)ctnv ursaln, 7(1 Ku , br Stelnwav niirl'jiht; patent im «!. JUdillL-, 7'kast Utb. ______ lAllU \INH-KlschernprlKht piano, $100; beau- tlftil chlokorhiKi sacrlllc"; Hohmor burgatns. >'l NTIOltHOTM, J05 Kust 1-ltb tit. (adjolulnj llAHflAlNS-L'nrlRht pi anon, $50 and upward! i-xchtumed, reptitred, tuned. CIIKIHTMAN 1 , M ;a«l i:;th nt. , near llroadway. _ IKAUTIKUlj Ul'llKIHT I'lANO. $11)5, iiwutlilv; stnlnwuy: huwuln. WIHSNJSIl, !H m(."21>H Fulton st. ,_itn); opciii evenlr— UUCKKIUNO-A hiirfmln; new uprlKht, $2tifi| hanraln.f In seeond-hund plunoR; (uish or 11 mo; ent-s, $J monthly up. JACOU BltOTlUOUS, 11*5 Irond way , ItrooKly n. _ f fif^KOANT cabinet ^rand upriRht plnno uncrl- llct'd; Rtool, cover: Ktiuumteetl; privivtu family ( ilwn'yi*nIiiff.__lW*l Kiwi 411th at. ____ __ Cl.KOANT UPHH1UT PIANO, $175; few monihH used; Sohmer, harvnlu. 204, atKJ, tilW Fulton jit. . JirtViklvn. LKilANT "\M»HT(mT PIANO, monthly; C'lm-kerlnw. barKaln. ft'2. ft5H Htuto H t. ± jie •JI.HdANT lirltKIIIT I'lANO. nlnuni new, $l*J6;_(>ii.hhT,. biiwihi; n-nt.H $;! npwurd; or- , »fi»j \VfiSSN KSTKY O1UIANK: OUH.V payinenui: Mason A llunilln, *'«. WfHHN Hit, 'JH4, atKl 1'lllton at., Irooklyn; optMi^evciiliiKH. ^ „__ IKNTIiKMAN will sncrllk'o for $175 his grand upright nUino; In USD h^s tliiin six inonthn; tuuruutvocl for live years; cost $760. Inquire 44 Lexington u\'<;. MAONIFICKN'P nprlKht plnno, now on Btorago, will Unsold for SI-ID: cost new, #47fi. Address It.. hoxikiH Uptown World. MABON <fc HAMLIN, IBHfiTH AVE. A few decided bargain*) In Herond-hund PlunoS nnd Omuns for cush. J-'tw/ iwwnt-'nl* tmtl rental, MulJiir 11 hi_^rnte(ljL-atnjoKii es. ; PIANO-Prlvnte. family will well lino upright hinojit n harRiiln; *!"?:_ :lli l 1 ^'^l ^IL 1 ^ 1 *. * HKN'rs"maKiitilceTiI up'rlfhtH;" $Joo Htolo* uyM.Wuber; Kticrlllce; rentitiS-: ori,*a»nffiJMi. „„ iUDIltK'HV Knsll4th. $4TlKNT-Ne'\v~ip"rl»rht:t; InsUdineiits fB; bu> galn«; $100, 9PJ5, SlftO. $175. pl?Vl*f K lt LMSy* L-i 1 Enat 14th st *._ AHA—UI'llUMfT PIANO; Halimc>r.~$lAM! oilier muketi, $PJo; renting, $il. WLWKU 13UOS.. 103 WuMt 14th Ht. » Maohlnory. _ Htock"oT"Hhiiftluff, pulleyu, on hand; t:on- One Time,, 3&c, per line," Srcond Time, ft!<r. p*f line; Third and Subxqncnt Times, £0i\ pet 1 Una, Ab rj/ra chnrye on Xtiittlauti. _ FOll "" b tra . ower- transmitting nmchlnery. U 1,1.. » ItowiioHt.. Hrooklyu. , earhiKs, &c., \ engines and boller.i on hand; t:on- eloL- iV'r.fiU'nishliitf and L> root Ing nil kinds ot wer- transmitting nmchlnery. J'llJUl' JI, 8. . OAM KNUJNJ'M-Tlin liuvkUB, KUimuUiwil 81IUO- rior lu unyutht'C iimku; uspcclully -•-•--••>-- cluclrlo llRlitliiK. WAUUBN 11. AROlit, 4IU Clliifl Ml. , UAH lONGINi'ls—WocluiUotijfo alt DHL. _ lo cnmnutu with tho Whlttufe Mlcldlotoii oilBlni) for elltclotioy und economy. KUMUICUOICIV & J.U.15M KXTri, AKCillIn, 160 and I6H W.Hninilwixft n»"oji"~A'STr~\V'oow •--•-•-••--•- •••-•• •«••' TO-'liOHMBKcoiioinlnir boiler, AV 4 xT figef ciigliie, •. No. Vi lli'iui pump, llukor, Hunt uiiil Hturtoviinl ' blowers, Uxia luthu; uuiueruiiH otlior Ii.... JllUJ'.LOW, 4f.l . uyal. Yachts, Vessels, &c. FOR THE YACHT RACES. IjH-go, Buii.BoliiKpropclliinftocliimur; pdssongei license for flfty ivwuuiian each. Call or fulUruai Itoom 100, i'rodnuo Kxolmmru. Now York. • SIDK-WIfKKl, puwv'nffor uiul frulirlit steamer 110-foot kooh speed, 12 knots! druturht. at excellent Heabout; Is now ruiuilim (fi oomi order. AddresaLoclt Box IH. Prlncosa Anuo,^ VAOHTS bauliKl oiuTuul cured for liheanl and oyster bouts for null'. UUUOLAS'I? College Point, L, I. V

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