The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1933
Page 5
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MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 1933 BLVSHEVILLE.- (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WYE :.fl ciASSifiED SECTION - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally r«le per line ror coafeca- H»e inMitSoni: (Five titttte *ord» to a line) On« time per line .......... lOc two Urn" P« Unc i*? *** ° 80 TSrr-i timef per .line per dw 08? BU time* per Uae per d»J . . 05o r»t« per line ........ Mo WO Ail Itcd's Place—111 E. Main Call 308 for Auto Painting Body and Fender 8«vk« Formerly »iih SuonM-Uttle Co. AND USED AUTO PARTS JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. Phone M 2c k9-a| Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lamber Co. 10-ck-O-IOl IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWHA DJiS- TniOT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Mary Miller, I'lalntirr, vs. Jiimes M. Miller, WARNING OUDKIl The defendant, James M. Miller, Is warned to r.ppcur in tills court ivllhln thirty clays and answer (ho complaint of the plnlutlff, Mnry Miller. Dated this IMPLEMENTS . Mlh, Ittl3. L. UAIfiES. Clerk of the -Slate uf AvktnsAS arid 'ap- lirovcd by'the'Governor AufWst H 10J3. '.. '.. . . ' The lerin "retail distributor" pr 'rclail denier" menus uny person who sells to the consumer light wines or bMr -In-quantities of less than sixteen U6> gallons. Section 2. Before my permit authorized by this ordinance sln.ll lie issued and delivered to »ny ap- such applicant ex- ariy vlo- 00 und by hdprlsotunent Hoi ccotlliig six months. Ahd If person so conv|ct*d or found luting Ihe terny> of his , ., T , us*] out'In Secllon 2 licrroi shull 1» ilii> holder .of any permit Is- iinilrr 1 authority. of Uiti oril- Innncc sileh shall then und SAfldbarr M*de Boy's Husky thereafter be void, and the holder 1 thereof shall not thereafter for a liorlod of one year be entitled lo nny penult (or any purpose uulh- orl/.ed In thb ordinance. KEYSTONE, low* (Ul>>— Wiil'-.i Hllbcrl, nine, probnbly will K» ll.rouijli life with » rather tin-only. liUky Voice M a rcfllll o( :ui ox- ixrlcncc with A aatiilbur liiat |j:ick«l Ills thumb. Ads ordtred lor three or rix iitntt and stopped before expiration will to charged (or the number of time* the ad appeared and adjustment at bill mtde, CUulfled Advertising copy , by persons resMlni out- »ide ol the city must be accompanied by cash. Rites m»y be nilly computed from above table- Kb responsibility will be Uken lor more than one Incorrect In- •eitlou of any clutlned ad, Adrertlslnj ordered for Irregular Insertion* Uke the one tune rate. Phone 306 or 307 Cirload at Wajulib Get Our 1'ricfs First Byrum I'roducf Co. Across From Post Office 21c k9-21 TN THE CHANCFRY FOK SALE DOUGAN CAPE on North Second. Will SACRIFICE on account of sickness. 25-pk-29 MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Taylor Roberts, Receiver of Travelers Building A: Loini Association (Perpetual, Plaintiff, vs. No. 5538 Mrs. Minnie McMalian et al, Uc- •pllrant therefor, slmll nuke ami subscribe to an oath that he. will not allow uny Intoxicating liquor us deduct! by said Act No. 7, of nny kind or] character, Including beer or ll«ht, ...._ ._. COURT I w| rics and distilled spirits, having u u ,y ur e being sold throughout ikt I'lliCT a " alcoholic content in CXCCB.-I ot stale, and if operation of thta or ' 2 per cent by weight, to be Kept. " •• -'-...-... ,.- —.-.>. (i. H \K found iis n fnct that since Dm Congress ot Ilia United Stales lins authorized lh« iiianufacliirc and snle of light lines anil beers as herein defined, The IIUIT cluiiB to the lluimb nnri he tiled to remove 111 Ills teeth. The burr sHyy (.own his throat nud lodged Iniclicn. .Surgeons wlio worked an entire night In nil cITorl ii'inavc It rtnnlly were obliged iidnilnlilrr luu'fillielii's und o\ MU. • The bun 1 probably would ii'iiclvjd the" boy's lungs with i mills had the operation Doy'* delayed. Ihry fnlil. ills Th« btalest inteijectlon Cinind Rapids.:Mlch.,Jias no trsf;l flc "light, officer nor "any trafll'cJ signal of liny kind, and yet jn| 1632 wlih n,M3 automobiles pas-l Mng cvjty U hours, It chnUed upl n record of-no liiaJoV iccldenls." • iwc OUR BOARDING HOUSE Neighborhood GROCERY. TJG rent in town. Good business. ^ • talks. Make offer. "X" Courier ews. 25pk29 The defendants, unknown heirs FOR SALE Used Trailers^ Used Trucks and Used Truck-trailer Bodies. It You Plan To Make Money Hauling Cotton und Cotton, Seed lie Siire to See Our Trucks and Trailers At Once. NABORS MASTEK SPRING TRAILER, A-l TltB, 5lh Wheel, 16 Ft. Solid Side Body, *10C ReidytoGO *!«»•' O M C. i',4 TON TRUCK. Closed C*b, Tires Like New, '33 License, E*crl- Itnt Condition • JSABORS MASTEtt SPRING TRAILER, Dual Wheels, 18 Ft. Solid Side Body, A-l Condi- lior. Complete X8 FT. COMPLETE TRAILER BODY, Has Solid Sides. A Bsr^ * ,|Ij gain ™ SEE OUR NEW FORD V-8 TRUCKS ALL MAKES OF TRAILERS tc BODIES. PHONE 811 TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY AUlhoiiied Ford Dealer Opposite Hospital R 3ALE~Electrlc like new, cheap. Phone 930. OR SALE — Four wheel trailer with bed, suitable for nny purpose. Also 12 foot lightweight nsh boat. Call W. L. Crafton at 69 or 465. warned to appear within thirty d»ys In the court named in the captioi hereof and answer the complain Teakettle, I of the plaintiff Taylor Roberts, Re tf.|eelver of Travelers Building <fc Loai Assn. (Perpelual). Dated thU 7 day of August, 1033 R. L. GAINES, Clerk. By Elizabeth Blytne. D. C Jesse Taylor Ally, ad Lltem 7-14-21-2 Ock9-10 REAL ESTATE ORDINANCE NO. 360 Vill exchange 40 acres RICH LAND I AN ORDINANCE PERMITTlN for farm on highway. P. O. Box THE RETAIL SALE AND DIS 34 Holland, Mo. 23pk30 TRIBUTION WITHIN THE CIT ' I OP BLYTHEVILLE OP L1GH 1OT acres 40 cultivation on graded \ V i NES AND HEER, AND TO highway. Daily mall, fnir im- PRO VIDE FOR TAXING OF SUC provemehtc, large orc " nr(i '.,.i, 1 '^| SALE AND DISTRIBUTION, AN FOB OTHER- PURPOSES. BE IT OHDA1NED BY TH J1TY COUNCIL OP THE CIT OF'BLYTHEVILLE: Section 1. The term "beer" light wine" means aiiy icrmcnt- •d liquor made from malt or any free Special bargain. 5800.00 terms. 408 acre creek farm, 150 acres bottom. Trade. Joe Chnpm, Ravenden, Ark. 3j*8-3 FARMS and Homes, easy pny- hients. Ethel B. Thompson, CR- i-ulhersvllic, Mo. BpM-8 POULTRY WANTED MARILYN HATCHEEY 10-CK-^o FOB RENT i THREE rooni FTJRKISHED apartment. 1013 Walnut. Apply 700 Walnut. 25-ck-t: FIVE ROOM^housc. CHEAP. Gnoc neighborliood. 016 Holly. Ca orcd, secreted In or upoil the remises described In such pennll. id the applicant will not other- Isc violate any law of this Stnle r kriowlligly allow any other pcr- on to violate nny statute while in r upon such premises. Section 3. Bi'iore any person, r or corporation shall be author- to offer for sale at retail such Icniors ns prescribed herein, he hall apply lo and secure from the City Okrk a permit or llcenAo tor which a fee of 115.00 slmll be paid no such permit shall be granted or Isiied by the City Clerk un- 111 said retailer shall exhibit, his, ttnlc permit granted or UsucjJ to him by the Commissioner of Revenue or hifi agent. And any shall specifically and" accurate!; describe the premises arid place of business of the retailer, A sep arnte permit or license shall be required at encli place of business or location of a retail dcalre. Section 4. No permit shill be granted to a retail dealer not a resident ot the State ol Arkansas for at least two yenrs, nor to any litrson who wns not n qualified elector in the last preceding cral election. It shall be unlawful for nny (ii millcc !4 delaBdl will be l*ner- nlly sold, with proper policing Im- policing mid H i Is further fount that (he tax revenues provided li tills ordinance are needed for the operation and tlnuBiicc of the city Government therefore, nn emergency Is hercb declared, and Ls liecewarT 'c the preservation of the ptibl! :cac«-lieaHh and safely thM til nm-e sllall become etfccth without delay, mid It shall eflect and he In force at onco. I'ABSED AND APPROVED th Itcan News Wnnl Ads Since the recent opening of the! UoliiB-to-lhc-Suil highway through i O)acler National park, the number I of vlKltors to the park has li> ] ci'eiiscd 28 per cent. By Ahern titstitutc therefor and having nn lcoholic content of not In exce&s of 3.3 per cerit by weight, nnd as 7 passed by ATTRACTIVE bedroom close' in. Mrs. M. T. 850-W. ' 'for "BLSINESS DIRKCIORY EXFERT type^ritine arid AddinS Machine Rrpuirins. U. b. 116 E. R«c. Modern 3 room famished or un- hrt apartments, ire* . nrattd, oter Rirby Draj Co. Also store building adjoining Roxy Theater. F. Simon, 120 W. u *. vis>k ™i Reasonable. 811 W. Walnu 313-J. > Frigidaire-Delco Onlv authorized I-tlgldalre and nelco light service. B. A. Miller, office phone 67 - r€sidc STORE BUILDING and residence combined with complete fixtures for meat and groceries, 640 S. Lane See Dr. J. A. Salita.•TWO Nicely Furnished Bedrooms. Mrs. Kd Hiirdln, 1017 Walnut Ktgistertd Mrs. J. J. Spcnctr mvl, Corsetierc L. G. Moss ft cut raU • ,EAN fcSS. TAILORS Have jour sucdc Jacket »nd other clotht, made new ty our cleaning proeess. Fall For Rent—Fiirnishud 108 West Kentucky, Attractive bedrooms for young men 518 W. Main. Call 3M. l«cM->6 Mechanic's |arage anrt halldln? soluble f«T Rrain. coal nr h«r storage. Frisco siding. Sternbcrj Cotton Co. Call 2*- Leus CLEAN and ^you Fm- HAT. We arc sure you will like our «nte. OLEANEHS. Phone 180. ONE or two rooms on North Railroad street, suitable for cotton offices. Will fix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courici 1 Ncwr. SPORTING GOODS MICE LARGB bedrooms. CLOSt IN. 310 W. WWnut. MODERN furnished apartment INQUIRE about our Goli Ball Sale 1 Good location.'Call 135. —You will be surprised at the offer, llubbird Hdw. Co. lOck 9-10 BATTERIES NEW FORD BATTERIES Rental-Recharging-Rcpalring in TIRE & BATTERY STATION 24c M-M II your battery Is weak call 833 lor quick battery service. We soil New and Rebuilt Batteries. Shome-Little Chevrolet Co. 8-lc 1(9-1 AUTOMOTIVE Have that broken glass Installed in vo'ir car while you wait. We cut »nd install class In any mate car. ShouM-LHtte ChtTtokt Co. RI;SSEM> ANDERSON In charge Chrysler Garage New Norman Boring Machine Work Guaraatted - . Phor* 88» Let us paint yo" r car b 010 " Ial1 Prices are still reasonable on pslntlng and body rcpalrins Wrecked cars our special^ Shw»e-f.illl« Chertolei C*. Bad circulation may injure you motor. We'll put your radiatb in sharfe for a small amount. W vcnalr any make of radlato: Shouse-Uttle Chewoltt Co. 8-lC k9- I WANTED I'D ilUY nGHEST PRICES paid for tires inner tubes, iron, metals, mag- zines hides, cars to wreck. Wolf \rlan 128 E. Main. Phone 178. 8-ck-9-8 SALESMEN WANTED EXPERIENCED man or woman with car to handle quick selling iroduct here. Hall Sisters Shoppe. 31ck31 HEM' WANTED SCALEMAN wanted to repair scale at 301 W. Walnut St. "~ ' " MALE HELP WANTED MAN WANTED—Supply customer.; v 1th famous Walklns Products In Blythcvllle. niuincss established, earnings average S2i> i'iy starts iinnicdlalely. Write J. n. Wntktns Company, 70-86 W. Iowa Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee. 28p SITUATIONS WANTED gET*rl,ED WOMAN wmte job as housckceiwr or practical nurse, !cod references. Mrs. R. 1^ Kllla- brew, 110 E. Rose St. 28p k?) TM6ttP.-7 GO AN' BOUNCE YOU NAE SNAP UKE A •BEKR TRAP? AN YOU'LL TH' SWELL&ST TAStE EVER TX)WN MOSQUITO I * ( \<1 J 2Glli day of August, 1933. ATTEST: S. C. Craig. City Clekr. 28-4-11-18 Heat Regulator SensM Changing Temperatures MINNEAPOLIS <UI'> — A licnt hns been duvclopod leic uliich It is clnimed not only »n '- rriis foont IcinpciiH. ircn In til 1 . 1 of Hie ordinary th 1 ". 1> nt- tlnl, but also has Ihe ability tc triis; teni|)crRllirc iwxuatlorn fore they occur. Tilt device I 1 , :i -train"- that tests out. thu u' n heating system autoina'l-.illv 13 limes a day. ami docs Is reeded to maintcln nil even ti-m- convicl- p rature. Ofticlsu of lies I»:J nerspn to sell the liquors prdscrlb cd herein without made application to a a permit from the City. Section 5. Any person rirovls- companies ed of the violation of any described and defined In Act No. Ion of this ordinance shall be Jpuli- the most tmpotl.m . the General Assembly l ished by a fine not exceeding t5QO- font of tho thcrr-.ostat BOOTS AND MftR By Cra HERE'S ft sit- swooreR. ^ WASH TUBES NM.RNTS*. SOU JUS AWKt-E. MAV, ftNO VNE'Ll - - " FOOD AUO PLtNTV OF AMD 6LONWE SAVS THE SHORE'S AUVE WfTH CLAMS AND SHRIMP. VJEYl &ET BUT STftl-t COFFEt N' CORM- apartment, Phone 683. FIER SI* WEARV MILES, WASH, E ASS, AND THE GIRL AT IfcST tfEftxH PW-DIRT PETE'S _„.,.-. __si THE SUl'ER HOKSK! CM(X(lv.eM l . WE'UU 3ii«iT CUT Trtaou&H To sio&i FRECKLES AND HIS FRIEXDS FHE VIO5I -I TOOK ALL CI6HT UWCLE JOHH-i OLD BUS GO1H'— WE'RE READY 61A.RT " HERE,COVEe> M166 PAT- 'iVELL,! GUES6 WE'RE READV TO,START " BE MI6HTV TWM3E MJ'JKTV DOWNHE(^RTED-I GUKA I BETTER TELL EMCNE.OFMV &TORIES,TO CHEtR "EM UP ! FACT, IT U6ED 10 FOLLOW {ME ALL ABOUND TUB PLACE AM' : 60 FOR WM-K5,UNTIL ONE CAV ' If FELL IMTO THE LAKE L MEVER &OT TO TELL YOU ^&O^JT FI6H.&D I HEAR IT? IT'LL UKF. JUST ' MIMUTE! USS /*»' USS.UMTIU KT LAST THE RNL W«2> CMPTV-.AN'BYTHKTTlMETri" ~ LEARNED TO DO WITHOUT WATER The navy has adopted, as stand nd equipment, parachutes which :e'iuln In the airplane to be at- 'ached to the hurness of any pilot entering the plane.

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