The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 27, 1934
Page 3
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, fcfedl&ilBEft 27, 1934 (Continued From Pneo One) broken Us levees u number n! times in reeeni. years, bin, it will also benefit, dlrretly from work on ilie fnaln stern or tho St. Frauds, and on tho Tyron?.i river. Control iif Ilir: si. Franr-ls will pro- vltlo security for jifh tawing ureas in Clay, Greene, Crairjlieail, Mis- f.L'Kipjil, PoliiseU, CriUt'inlen, Cross, St. Prancts and U:e «mmir>s, In Arkansas, nml in Pfmiscot, Duni-- lln. New Madrid, Biillnr. .Staid-nil and other southeast Missouri With the. project already Vip. proved by the department of the interior and [he armv engineer,-' Mr., Driver docs not Ij'c-lievo' there will be .serious difficulty In .Main- lnj( an rdlolmcjit. of the Jincmsaryj funds from ihe j>WA. Should pf- TCTts in that direction fail, how-' vti he i.s prepared to take ihs lill*r directly to congress, where ' »c is eonlideia a .sufficient nii- propmlion can 'be obtained. Vienna Coup Produces Grand Slam al JNo Trump for Woman _BLYTHEVILJ,S (ARK,)' COURTS?. NEWS Solution to Previous Contract Problem liV \VM. K, MeKEK'N'F.V . , Secretary, Anurlr-an l)r> you believe, (lint, I really be- eague liad to gel tlie nee of spades out of her hand so that, sho could ilLwunl her two sinnll spmles on Hie two diamonds in dummy. TJii> ace of oinniomis VMS played next, followed liy Iho jock, which was overtaken In dummy with the tun i* * i k.»iuj ij(;» " >••' vn. i ii'r.i Ji MI iMLiiiui y VVIl/l IJH. there arc more' points lost'king. On the iiiiren or dlntnnniLs, nn tlio ir.O-iieo linnds than nve Miss White dlscntjfd a spade and made? You dr-al tlw ataiijc piny- |Wf.rt hdil in let (jo Ills queen of er four aces a)id n few picture'guides. Now llm ten of diamonds ranis on I lie side, and 11 Li n[ cashed, the jncl: of spades pifrlty mifft ijeL to Efiy Hint, thoibeliii,' by ilie dwlarr-r and West WIIK helpless. If he (ILsffinlr-d a diib, Miss While's thn!« dubs would be liood. If discarded the of Siberia's first moss settlements In 1590, ftooorjlni? to docu- or inn Hm/o-Ariierlrnn company imincl In Vologda. TOO 1.ATR TO cl,ASSIFV ladles' Wci-lf-K/ui RACI, i-ontitiii- lii;; Hill's H«tliin>{. i.uiRKAli HK- WAfil). reitirn 10 John H. Godwin, iJlytlicvlllo, lioiile •> m Wes (liiy. Wil.'un, Ark. 2ip k31 , cojiiract will get (oo hif>h. How- KVPI-. boW bidding )ms l.iiislil many plnycrs -Din liner points ol Die piny of Imml. wntcl "' 11 Mlss . • r . sKM ln, one of mir women's my'.i ten or sjirUlos for the iinmlnile Tllnu In n >.„!,. |I,[_, ____ ,,. . ,',. champions, play'in n rubber l>;iinc recently. Miss Willie's bill of fcven no trump mny be termed optimistic, bill ns tho re- Fen (H Neg or Welcomes tigi'c Conference In S(;ssion Here 4 10 9 i; :j »KJS 4 KQlli.1 *KQS C Ally. Oscar Petidlcr represented Mayor Cecil Shane In an address of welcome- last evening at the African Methodist annual conference that convened here Wednesday morning. Ho welcomed (he conference for the Christian and moral influence it exerts upon the race nnd spoke optimistically con- 3 X « 0 8 r, * J10 08 N f S DM!,, 10C4 2 7 m 2 r, 12 4 AJ 4 V AQ7 5 Souih West I N. T. 1'ass 4 A 1'ass + AQC3 — -All vtil. Xorth .1 N;T. 4 N. T. Double -J'ass Openins lead— 4J Easi Pass Pass Pass .- - —•-— "f.u..v u^villlJOMLilllJi LUJI- jo ceming the government's program lt' hc ,,, imM ,, of recovcrj', • i-imoie. ward for a vulnerable grand slam bonus under the present scoring is 2250 points, it was well worth the conference. Clay- . . . . . - >jom spoke for the bishop. "President Roosevelt has not vised th K'rent powers given him by ° r was certainly markert with Jour clubs and the king of spades by his double. Miss while sized up (lie. hand and could sec that, if .West held not only the King of spades, but, also the queen, she could employ the Vienna Coup .so.iie.ezc pluy. Bo she plnyed the hand as follows: thirteenth trick. Read Courier News Want Ada. Itch Is Contagious If any member of your faintly !ms the 11X3)1, stop it before all the family, is eifcctcd, UROWN'S LOTION is sold in liOo and Sl.OO Ixit- t!cv> for this pin-pose. First Ixittle sold mtl\ MONETS' BACK: GUARANTEE. Thousands of bottles have been field for the relief of ITCH, TETTER. IMI'ETICiO, RINGWORM, ATHLETE'S TOOT I'OIfjON IVY, and ECZEMA. Stops BAD.FOOT.ODORS in three applications. Don't use messy salves and bamlagfa. tVir wile l>y Kirby Drug Stores. Bond's K & B ends BLADDER WEAKNESS If ym>r bMdtr l« weak and you «u((ir trom imliiivil irrqiwni or buralnr niJiia-' lion, Inrimnmaiio,, iiigiiW Mlnrri: urine anil K( ,ill,,t '" nl ef'".. 1 ir"U«. nokiva K- AND JU. I'rcHirljiilon nt "lien unit «es wliat won. |!j-r(iil rtlloc llbrliiRs. 1'rlcu 00 ac,l jl.-.'O. JS.iM by nil PAGE THRBK DR. N. L. CISSELL CRADUATK VETERINARIAN Located at Bob Harris' Sales Stable Phone 4GO Blythevllle, Ark. for the aid of the suffering .,„„ the benefit og the American neo- P HIS-^- ^ZrV* ^ ,on in dummy with the king) Then four rounds / of He-nits were cashed, a sprtde being discarded from dummy, West discarding a spade and ti diamond. The nee of spades was cashed J\KL. deliberately setting up the king and queen in West's hima. Miss White for help for Shorter college at North Little Hock, and collected nearly $600 in n freewill offering. The conference Institute for tlie thening of young ministers tliis morning. Q\\ E. J. Lunon, of Newport, headed Hie faculty, and Dean Wells, H. T. Pritnm. L. S. Overall ore ossoctated with him in the "work. The conference was organized •wjth the following' officers, P. B Bin-ton, i.w;-D.::ynu Hyan, Wm. H. Quinn.-: secretaries; Remus Harris. H. M. Jones, D. L. Ryan, mar- fihals; comniittee - on filnance I, S...overall..V. M. - TgWrisend. Tlws.' Wray, E/ J. Lunon, p. H. Greene- reporters, G. i..Dykes, B. T..Scog- giris, : C. S; Stewart, AI. :E. Cum- inings, and Zofn .Anthony, to the church papers." and. "v! M. Townsend of Osceola 'to the daily press I)r. John J. Xforant, of Mississippi, candlilfile for bishop. . addressed the conlerence. L. A. Barr, woman evangelist, 'preached at'the early hour today.. . ......,'. Hornersville Society - — Personal Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Cope, and sons, -Edwin nnd Ralph, Mr.* and Mrs. O. J. Cope and Mr. and : Mrs. Charles P. Kcmiett, spent Christmas Poplar Bluff with Mr. :ind Mrs. L. E. Tedrick. _Cllnt Tinnin, who is nltcnding *!K. &, M. college and Misses Cleo Kmpf and Ruin Marshall, who attend Baptist, college in Joncs- boro, are here for the Christmas holidays with their parents. xr.JI. H. Kcnlcy and G. R, Kenley jxtrc culled to Hnlls, Tcnn., Sunday to attend the funeral service of their father, who died rather suddenly Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Langdo nnd children, Dorothy and Edwin, left Saturday for their home in Amarillo. Tc.\., after spending two weeks here with relatives. itUss Myrl Anderson, a student !H Washington University. St. Louis, arrived Friday night lo spend the Christmas vacation with her navcnls. Mr. and Mrs. C B Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hicks, of Little Rock, spent Saturday night and Sunday here with Mr. Hicks' Eist«r, Mrs. C. P. Kirkman. Mrs, Bill Dempsey, Mrs. Webb KenneU, and George Dempsey left Monday for Webb City to spend Christmas with Bill Dempsey, who Is a ixiticnt in the sanitarium there. Paul Ray, who is employed nt Willow Springs in PER A work, fMnl Christmas here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Ray. Mrs. R. B Anderson and daueh- ««• ,Mis.s Knthryn, left Friday night for- St. Christmas with Welman. Louis to spend Mrs. Clyde n. Mrs. w. E. Hayes nnd daughter, Mrs. Verhie Ha teller, and Mrs Roy Sloan, drove to Monctte Sunday to visit, Mrs'. Clyde Mcrrltt. Jnincs Heynolds, n student at Teachers: college nt Cape Oirar- dcnu, nnd-Buford Hnn-is, who nl- fends Chillicothe Buslne.w college' arc sending the holidays at home.' Miss Augusta' Montgomery, Dexter, Miss Helen"Mayer, unit Jewell Mcdcnlf, Cape Oirardenu, Miss Liia Edgel-lon. Camthcrsville, Muss Elmer Di]|»rett, DeSolo, who teach in the locrd schools, are ; spendin» the vacation .it their homes. MILEAGE that counts iresiotte GUM DIPPED TIRES give you greater mileage Firestone Hi(/h Speed Tires 5.0(1 x Ht - - - - $ 9.75 5.50 x 17'- - - - sn.'Hl 5.2;"> x ]g - - . . jio.fif) x to - . :. $i;i.2f, Firestone Century of Progress ' Be sore id ask lor a Ladies nirth- nay Almanac before they arc all gone. At jour nearest drur store Correct calculations anrl nlmanac facts for 1935. Weather forecast.,. H the drDnhn supj.Iy.r, ,,i,aasl t d bffore J«u «l one, »,«,. | 0 Thi eh»u»co««» Mtdlcloe Co., ChUUnoon.- T.OD. j $ 8.JS •1.50 ..v 20 - - - - S 7.05 .1.75 x 19 ».25 x 18 - - - - § 8.<I5 5.50 x 17 - - . or superior to any first quality tiro built. Firestone Old field Type Tires •1.75 x 18 - 5.50 x 17 - - - - S 7.75 r>.25 x 18 - - SI0.15 ISO x 5 • - - - S 0.25 - - $21.30 Firestone Courier Type Tires •1-10 x 21 - . S 5.50 •l.i>0 x 20 § 5,80 'I.™ x lit 3 ( 01 her Si/cs 1'riwt Accorrtinsly PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 777 QUICK SERVICE STATION On Display Saturday, Dec. 29 THE NEW 1935 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER PIGGLY WIGGLY _ KROGER STORE PRICES FOR FRIDAY SATURDAY AND MONDAY PRIME BEEF Spareribs Those Caltk- Wcru l'r!/o Win-' HITS :il !ln. SI. LoniM Mveslocli K\<'iiu»sre Show '('"'ml, l.niti, OCC l'-H»nc. Lh. iW T sl " ) »'<i«>', 1,1). - 22c Thick nil), 1-h. 2flc Weiners (Niiinil Mackerel I'nnnil Ham Hock fjniokod SI//CBI) CAT, I'onml i:iIKPA!,(), I'ouml - - OYSTUKS, Pint - - LETTUCE -IS's me, ICiich I 2 HogHead'k.v for New Your I'minil Bacon Kwick Krl Slim! ("omul Sloiik nr Itoasl • I'oimd 1'rcsh I'ull Drosst'd Beef Roast 1AC 1U Hrisket, hh. •:•'• - Thick Hib, 100 1,1). --..-. 1J Koast or C'hopK I'oiind GRAPE FRUIT ill ONIONS s - im ,.a5 (; .liinilm n i ('. JELLO MARSH MAIJ S, S PUMPKIN APPLES ""S: 5' ; (MANGES '"' r "i£.3f RIM) """ Si ? ,„, 39 (: COFFEE Trench .U). SOc Value t,l». CARROTS lUiiieh r O .APPLES ^ cy ' Y< f. 6° Sill IP ''' l)niil(n - Uiit'bani 1QC Potatoes Butter Vaney CahWci' • Shoi'lenin); .S-1J). C.'irlon Scminole -I HnlLs Spring lironk Count! Pork-Beans Coillilry €hll> f-iirgc Z>/i Can 3 for 25c SOAP l.ifcimoy 4 Bars 17c No. 2 Ciin I'rem. int' Vi Mi. 11) FLOUR S:,iS CATSUP c - c - '• | -° i! - 9R C tifilOLir liotllc. 2 for Lt} SUGAR .o^K^sr A. & H. (i Pkj;s. SALMON I'in!( 'I'iill Can Seedless FRESH BREAD a 10 • CHOCOLATES i?-r GINGER, ALE 2 t,X 10 Kn ' nioro MOTOR OIL SQ Vsinry Florida Do/en Heinz All Kinds 2 for Cnuiilrv Club M). Can l!cl(v lilue ' I.RC. 21/2 Can Peaches Key liasin l.Se.'2Vi Can Crackers C. C. 2-1,!.. l!ox P. & G. 5 liars For Pure Cane 10 IVmmls Kiiycresf RC. 2Vi Can Apricots Searock 2^ 2 Can

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